and not a single chuckle was given as he destroyed everybody around him

Pietro Maximoff Imagine 2.5

Prompt: Can you do an imagine with the reader and pietro? Where pietro is blinded with love for another girl but the reader loves him but doest admit it. And they all go on a mission where the reader is killed pushing pietro out of a collapsing building.

I say imagine 2.5 mostly because this one isn’t really an imagine type of romance, but instead more of a tragedy type. Still, I LOVE the idea and it’s very refreshing to write something every once in a while that isn’t quite so mushy with a foreseen happy ending. It’s also 2.5 because it’s kinda short.

So, I’ve got my mug of tea and I’m ready to write you a kickass story, anon. (also my window’s open cuz it’s hot as HELL and it just started raiNING OH MAN ITS A SIGN THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD) Nope nevermind it’s thunderstorming fml

Unrequited love. I can’t tell you how much it hurts.

Having to go about your daily life in the presence of the one you love, the one you’ve always loved, but he’s only got eyes for another girl.

The funny thing about being in love with someone who could never love you back is that even though it hurts so badly, you can’t help but be sucked right back in just because of an impossible, fleeting hope inside that maybe, just maybe, they’ll change their mind.

They don’t change their mind.

I’ve been head over heels for Pietro ever since I laid eyes on him, from the first time we spoke and he flashed me that pearly white grin of his. I had only just joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and he was in my combat training group. We had actually become pretty good friends. Well, of course, I had always felt something much stronger than friendly affection towards him. But, unfortunately for me, it didn’t take very long to realize that Pietro had fallen hopelessly in love with Agent Hill.

The worst thing about all of this is, the rest of the team can clearly see how much I care about him, and how little he cares about me in comparison. So every time he ditches plans we’ve made so he can go train with, talk to, or even just linger around Agent Hill, everyone else in the given room just gives me these sad, pitying looks, as if their eyes are saying, “Don’t worry, he’ll come around eventually.” But even I know he never will.

Of course, if the rest of the team can tell I love Pietro, it didn’t take very long at all for Wanda to make the discovery. Granted, Wanda far prefers me over Agent Hill, but we both know brutally well that once Pietro sets his mind on something, he doesn’t let anything deter him. 

Currently, I was suiting up to get ready for a particularly risky mission; one that required the whole Avengers squad, including me. I was usually only ever dragged along on the really dangerous missions because of my healing abilities. Obviously, that wasn’t my only asset (I’m also quite skilled with a gun), but it was the only one that made me stand out from the rest of the agents.

After finishing putting on my protective armor-clothes, I went outside to board the Quinjet where a handful of the Avengers were waiting for everyone else. Once we were all ready, the jet took off and Steve faced all of us to describe the setting and mission to us. Apparently, some maniacal astrologist managed to contact alien life and, in turn, drew them towards Earth with intentions of world domination. Romanoff sighed, “Why is it always world domination?” 

Cap finished giving us the rundown and, to kill some time, I went to go check that all of my laser guns were properly charged. Several were running low on charge, which made me frown and promptly hook them up to their power source so they would be ready just in case.

When I returned to the main area, the first thing I saw was Pietro up front by (who else?) Agent Hill. He was obviously flirting with her while it looked like Maria was really just trying to focus on flying the Quinjet, but still wanted to be polite and not ignore him.

 Any brightness that was on my face visibly dropped. It never really got easier to watch. Realizing how pathetic I must’ve looked, I quickly glanced around and, once observing how everyone was looking at me and trying to gauge my reaction, I plastered a fake smile (or atleast indifference) and plopped myself down next to Wanda, pretending to take an interest in my nails.

Wanda leaned over and quietly said, “Y/N, you deserve someone who loves you, who could never think of putting anyone before you; not my idiotic brother who can’t tell a potential fulfilling relationship from a poor agent who genuinely is not interested.” I chuckled darkly, trying to accept her comforting words but they just bounced off of me like I was made of rubber.

Eventually, we arrived in what Tony mentioned was some city in Scotland, where all the fighting was occurring. And, let me tell you, it was chaos. These “aliens” wore suits of armor made from what appeared to be technological framework, but seemed completely impenetrable by the constant waves of bullets being rained down on them. Luckily for us, Stark Industries wasn’t dumb enough to equip us any old bullets.

After making ourselves known to the military authorities (and stopping the perpetual bullet shower), we all sprung into action. Pietro, Wanda, and Steve went to go clear the civilians out of harm’s way, while the rest of us got to work destroying as many of the alien-bot-things as we could.

Even with Stark weaponry, these little fuckers were tough to take down. I had to fire an array of shots throughout their body to kill one, making me less-than-productive when faced with numerous at a time. Suddenly, my left ear was flooded with what could only be Steve’s voice in my earpiece. “Guys, there’s a few more civilians than we planned for, and we need to get them out of here fast- this scientist apparently had a change of heart but is gonna blow the whole city, he has warheads strategically planted all over. We need to get these people out then get out ourselves.” 

I assumed everyone got that message, but only Clint and I sprinted out of the main conflict to help. After about 15 seconds of sprinting in a random direction, I realized I had no idea where these “more than expected” civilians were because it was a big city and the area surrounding you looked pretty well evacuated. 

Suddenly, you felt a gust of wind and there stood none other than Pietro. “Y/N, thank goodness. Come with me.” Without a millisecond of time to reply or even react, you were in Pietro’s arms and being transported at an unfathomable speed to the base of a building with what appeared to be around 50 people outside. “There’s more in the building, get them out. And be careful, one of the ships crashed into the building so it’s starting to crumble.” I nodded, for once completely forgetting my previous inner turmoil over the Sokovian boy to focus all my attention on saving these innocent people

Once I stepped into the building, I saw what Pietro meant when he said “be careful.” There was debris everywhere, not a single window wasn’t smashed (which also meant broken glass everywhere), and lots of men, women, and children’s voices could be heard from the floor or two above me, since it seemed like Pietro had done a pretty good job of clearing out the ground floor.

Cautiously, I walked up the stairs to see a sight similar to the one downstairs, but with several dozen people; many covered in blood. As calmly as I could yell, I instructed them, “Okay, everybody needs to get out of this building right now or else you’ll go down with it. My friend outside of the building will transport you to safety. For now I just need everyone to not panic and get down stairs. GO.”

Surprisingly, nearly everyone listened. But I could still hear over the vague shuffling, “Miss! I need help! My father is hurt and can’t stand up!” I quickly followed the voice to find a young boy in his early teens desperately attempting to hoist up a middle-aged man with a considerable amount of damage to his left leg and torso. Without a second thought, I threw the man’s arms around my back and slung him back so I could carry him on my back. 

We reached the outside of the building, where Pietro had moved the crowd that was there when I arrived and promptly got to work on the remainders. “Is this all of them?” He briefly paused to ask me.

I shrugged, “There’s one more floor I haven’t checked, but I didn’t hear too much commotion above me. I’ll go look.” I reassured him.

He gave me a slightly worried look and replied, “Be quick, Y/N. That building, as well as this CITY, doesn’t have much more time.” I nodded in understanding, my heart slightly fluttering at his concern for my safety, before sprinting back into the crumbling building.

I had to be a lot more careful going up to the second floor, for I could already feel the floor ready to give at any time. At first, I didn’t see anyone. For good measure, I called out, “Is anyone on this floor?!” Not a moment later, several small heads popped out from behind a pile of debris. Quickly losing the luxury of time to explain what would happen next, I snatched up all three children and ran down the stairs as quickly as their declining structure would allow me. 

Once I reached the outside of the building again, I plopped the kids down and took a split second to take a breath before turning right back around and going back in. I felt a strong arm grab mine to hold me back. “What are you doing? You can’t go back in there!” Pietro exclaimed.

Trying to break free of his hold, I grunted, “There could still be more people in the second floor! I didn’t have time to completely check!” 

“Y/N, that building is ready to collapse any second.”

I turned around and looked him straight in the eye, before declaring, “I’m not going to risk innocent deaths just for my own personal safety and peace of mind.” Slightly shocked, he loosened his grip on me and allowed me to sprint back into the building.

Somehow, I was able to make it back to the second floor. I called out to anyone else potentially on the floor. After a quick glance around, I turned to leave but was instead answered by a deafening crash and suddenly, the ceiling, the roof, and even myself were free falling to the ground.

The sheer impact of the fall knocked the wind out of me, but that was the very least of my worries. I was surprised to not feel any pain, but instead an overwhelming feeling of intense numbness, which was almost as dangerous as pain.

“Y/N?! WHERE ARE YOU?! YN!!” I was approached by a panicky Pietro who quickly began to unearth me from the mountain of debris that had accumulated on top of me after I hit the ground. 

Everything was becoming fuzzier and fuzzier by the minute and soon enough, Pietro got to the large piece of drywall that was concealing most of my body. He lifted it off and gasped loudly. “Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no Y/N, no.” 

I was too terrified to follow his gaze, but I could only imagine that I had received fatal injuries. He ripped me off the ground (and I felt something retract from my body) to pick me up and run away with me. Before we sped off, I caught a glimpse of the blood-coated area where my body had laid.

“GUYS, WE HAVE AN AGENT DOWN. I REPEAT, AGENT Y/L/N IS DOWN.” Pietro screamed into his earpiece. I could feel the blood gushing from my abdomen and chest and I knew I wouldn’t last long enough for the rest of the group to arrive. 

“Pietro,” I tried to get his attention. He looked back down at me and I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and leaking down his cheeks. “Y/N you have to stay with me. Please stay with me. We can get you back to the medics. You aren’t gonna die here.” He began rambling and I think he was more trying to convince himself of what he was saying than me. 

“Pietro, look at me.” He finally shut up at looked me in the eyes, lip quivering slightly. I began to taste blood in my mouth, but carried on speaking nonetheless, “Pietro, you and I both know what’s gonna happen here. But before it happens, you need to know that I’ve been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Unfortunately, this statement only made the leakage from his eyes worsen as he shakily responded, “But… But why wouldn’t y-you tell me?” I chuckled darkly. “You only have eyes for Agent Hill. I won’t be in the way anymore.”

He fiercely shook his head, “No, no, no, you have never been in the way of anything. You are such an important person to me and everyone on this team. That’s why you need to hold on.” 

I shook my head, smiling sadly, “It’s too late for me, now. I can feel my soul draining out of me. But I just wanted you to tell everyone that they mean the world to me and for you to know that I’ve always loved you.”

He bit back his tears for a moment and leaned in closer to me. What was left of my heartbeat sped up a bit as he brushed his lips onto mine. Feeling somewhat fulfilled and satisfied, I chose that moment to let go and free myself from the confinement of my battered and bleeding corpse in Pietro’s arms.

When the Quinjet finally showed up, the group found Pietro clinging tightly to my bloody body, sobbing hysterically. Clint, Steve, and Tony (all a bit shocked by the sight of me dead) dragged Pietro and thus me onto the jet before the city exploded. Wanda, Natasha, Steve and Clint were quietly tearing up while the only noise heard on the jet was the sound of Pietro’s sobs. “She loved me… She loved me…. I should have seen….”


Ok I’m ending it there cuz I’ve been working on this one for a day or two and it’s 10 minutes to 11pm and I have not only my French Oral Final Exam tomorrow, but also a Chemistry Quiz that I’m wildly unprepared for. So I hope you enjoyed it (it turned out a LOT longer than I thought it would) and goodnight!

PS was anyone else getting some serious Les Mis vibes from the death scene? Like Eponine/Marius vibes? No? Just me? Okay