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In person, it can sometimes be tough to jump right into a debate with someone who adamantly defends the status quo, someone who uses extensive bourgeois ideology and “common sense” to defend the capitalist mode of production. We all naturally get frazzled because it’s an uphill battle trying to win people over, away from the safe ideology they’ve grown up absorbing. Not only that, but there’s also a whole set of ideas and facts (noted in the above picture) that probably need to come together for someone of that nature to arrive at socialism. Trying to condense all of the above facts into quick little soundbites is a super uphill battle, and I wish there was some way we could have this process made easier for the lot of us. 

Most capitalism-apologists rely on a few basic ideological points, each of them off-base. Here are eight of perhaps the most important:

  1. Capitalism is about voluntary exchange and it’s pretty much any economic activity that doesn’t involve the state
  2. Capitalism is the end of history and the pinnacle of human development
  3. Capitalism is the same thing as markets
  4. The state is antithetical to the interests of the capitalist class
  5. Socialism is when the government does stuff; the more stuff the government does, the socialister it is
  6. “Small government” and anarchism imply laissez-faire capitalism
  7. There can only be top-down control of the economy by a bunch of separate capitalists (private capitalism) or top-down control of the economy by a concentrated state apparatus (state capitalism)
  8. Imperialism is caused by corrupt politicians, disconnected from an economic system that demands endless growth and capital accumulation among elites

I feel like the above picture covers most of these ideas in a very quick way and puts them to rest; further elaboration on each of the points is necessary of course, but that’s to be expected. Destroying these bullshit claims ought to be of paramount importance if you ever find yourself in some kind of political argument with a cappy. 

All being said, I can totally understand if there are those of you who just have no fucking interest in debating cappies. It’s a draining, disheartening process. Avoiding debate can be a self-care tactic, honestly. I generally only recommend it if you think there is any chance of converting them – if they’re running around in expensive suits handing out Cato Institute newspapers, then our arguments about capitalism being a particular historical development rooted in bloody conquest will probably have little to no effect whatsoever. There are, however, plenty of working-class and middle-class people who may be much more receptive if you meet them where they’re at, point to history, and commit some time and energy to talking to them about the topic; usually this works best with people you already know. 

Any further input on this topic is encouraged and appreciated.

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Would you ever consider doing a tutorial how you draw legs? I'm in love with your style and looking at your stuff really helps me visualize how my characters legs look.

I’m assuming this is more geared towards my critter legs than the people legs, since… people legs are people legs. Let me know if I misunderstood!

I’m not sure I have a whole lot to say, but I can make a few notes about the types of things I usually draw the look from, but it’s a fairly simple point A-to-point B I think (though if anyone has specific questions, I’d be happy to answer)!

I use the same “lightning bolt” shape for basically all of my fantasy / anthro legs, because I’ve found this ends up being one of the more believable ways of melding bipedal plantigrade and quadrupedal digitigrade while still looking kind of animalish. This shape can be seen in the hind legs of most unguligrades very easily:

But you can see it in other tetrapods too, as long as you start at the hip and end at the toes:

But you might notice there’s different proportions to those, which have to do with the kind of locomotion the animal is adapted to. For example, the exaggeratedly long distance between ankle and toes in the deer, horse, ostrich are adaptations for a cursorial lifestyle. Playing with these proportions in your design influences how we may view a character. For example of my own, Marco (left) is a much more high-energy character than Alex (right), which I reflect in leg proportions, even with the same basic leg shape:

Those leg proportions also affect what the most natural default stance looks like. As in the above, the left has to have a much more dramatic bend to look natural than the right. A general rule of thumb is the higher the ankle, the more dramatic the resting bend in the knee. This isn’t a hard rule by any means, but it tends to help me make things look like they’re neither squatting nor about to fall over.

There’s a lot you can play with and I always like reading into things, so it may help to look up which muscles do what and what shapes come out of those. Look up plenty of critters and look at how their legs are set up, there’s a lot more base shapes to play with than my “lightning bolt”!

Just write!

So … my latest fic has been a major flop. The previous several fics got dozens of notes within the first day after they were posted, ending up with close to 100 each, and this one has gotten almost none. Almost no notes on Tumblr, no comments on AO3, near radio silence.

I wondered what to learn from this. I like being a contributing member of the phandom community, but this story clearly isn’t what people are looking for. Did this mean I should only write the sort of stuff that gets lots of notes? People seemed to especially love my fluffiest stuff … should I stick to that? I loved the positive feedback I’d been getting and felt down about my work not being liked this time.

And then I thought there was a message in this that is bigger than me, a message for fic writers in general. Because I’d written something that I liked, something that inspired me, but it didn’t resonate with the phandom. The lack of audience support doesn’t change the fact that I was expressing myself in a way that was true to my own creativity, it doesn’t take away the joy I experienced in the writing of the story.

So I have a message for my fellow writers, whether your stories get hundreds of notes or whether you’re just starting out: write what you love. Write what is in your heart. Write what inspires you. Maybe people will like it. Maybe they won’t. What matters is that you’re true to yourself and that you feel proud of what you create. Don’t let your self-worth be determined by external factors like Tumblr notes or AO3 comments. You are a WRITER, no matter what anyone else thinks, and I think you’re amazing for having the courage and drive to create something out of nothing but your own ideas.

You. Are. Amazing.

Write. Write for yourself, for the pure pleasure of finding words for the thoughts in your mind, for the stories inside you that are waiting to be told. No one but you can tell those stories. Don’t wait for anyone else to tell you those stories are worthwhile, because I’m here to tell you they already are. So write them. Don’t let anyone stop you.

Don’t even let your own self-doubt stop you.

Just write!

Love At First Sight (V x Trainee You)

(NOTE: This was requested to me a while back on Amino. I thought why not post it here to celebrate my 100 followers! (might not be a lot for you guys but I really appreciate everyone’s support) 

Masterlist is now updated!

[requests are always open]

Summary: You’re the new trainee at BigHit and you meet BTS for the first time…by accident. fluff fluff fluff so much fluff

Word count: 1478

It was a pretty average day for you. You woke up in the morning thanks to your Mom’s morning call, cooked –or at least attempted to cook– some breakfast, ran some errands and now you’re walking through the BigHit doors.

This was actually your sixth month being part of the company. Saying it was an honor to be part of the company is an understatement, you were actually ecstatic and determined to become the best; You would do absolutely anything to keep your spot in the company.

The plastic bag that contained your take out moved alongside as you blissfully walked through the (for the most part) peaceful hallways.

“Good Afternoon,” a fellow employee greeted you as you passed by, giving you a smile and a little bow.

“Good Afternoon, Park Sajangnim,” you briefly stopped walking to bow, showing respect. Your boss (well, one of them at least) nodded in acknowledgement before continuing their journey.

A small breath escaped your lips, trying to calm your nerves down. Even though you were totally confident about your talent there was still a little doubt about whether you were cut out for the K-Pop idol life. In the attempt to calm yourself down you walk towards a white chair by the wall. You placed the take out on your lap, trying to regain yourself. Even little encounters like that still sparked a little anxiety within you; Even after six months and countless meetings with your sajangnim.

The plastic chair made a weird noise as you got up from it, your right hand once again hold the plastic bag. You forced a smile to your face knowing the endorphins would trick your mind into being happy again; Something you had gotten into the habit with ever since your science teacher talked about it.

Loud voices caught your attention before you’re able to walk off. A genuine smile stretched across your face as you spot familiar faces. It was the Bangtan Boys causing the ruckus, the same group that you had admired ever since you discovered them. Though after being part of the BigHit family for a couple of months now, you hadn’t had the honor of meeting them. With their busy schedules and yours as well, it was nearly impossible, but for some reason today felt right.

You could tell straightaway that Jimin was recording as Taehyung spoke to the camera. The halls were filled with the boys’ voices and laughter.

“Hey, are you new?” You felt your ears heat up as Namjoon acknowledged you. His eyes were intense, he payed attention, actually he gave you ALL the attention; It caused the word “overwhelming” seem like an understatement.

There was no escape now, so you walked closer to them. “Not really, sunbaenim.” You glanced down at your shoes trying to cool off.

As your eyes wandered to Taehyung you noticed that his stare lingered on you for a moment, sending chills down your spine and causing the butterflies in your stomach to flutter.

‘Is this what love feels like?’ You thought to yourself before dismissing your emotions. After all it’s crazy to fall in love with someone just like that. Right?

“What’s your name?” This time you had the pleasure of hearing J-Hope’s voice.

“(Y/L/N), (Y/F/N),” you bowed your head. Your eyes met with the plastic bag that you still had. You teeth sank into your bottom lip regretting to have waited so long to eat it.

'It’s probably cold now,’ you mentally groaned.

As your eyes once again met with the group you noticed the curious stare. “I’m a trainee,” you hope to have answered their questions, “And I actually have to go now…” you looked down at your shoes then at them, “It was an honor meeting you all.” You bow once more before walking away.

However walking away wasn’t enough, your mind replayed the look Taehyung gave you. Your brain had a way of over romanticizing the moment, though a tiny part of you enjoyed every second of it. Deep in your heart you hoped to bump into him a lot more often.


The steady clicking sound of your flat heeled boots created a steady beat as you walked across the empty hallways of the company. It was late and you should have been asleep but for some reason you were not able to go to sleep. So, with your friend’s advice to tire yourself out, you decided to walk around the building while listening to classical music. Even though classical music was your guilty pleasure it also made you sleepy.

Your eyes glanced to the top of the phone’s screen; 12:34 AM.

“Oh, come on,” you groaned to yourself. You stood in the middle of the hallway, your neck snapped back as you stare at the ceiling. “Maybe I should count tiles,” you thought out loud already getting bored.

“Trouble sleeping?” A deep voice interrupted your train of thought, gaining your full attention. In front of you stood a sweaty Taehyung, he looked tired just like you, if not more. He wiped the sweat of his forehead with the collar of his shirt.

“Y-yeah,” you stuttered, mentally cursing yourself. “I-Umm, should probably be getting back?” You purse your lips together once the supposed confident response failed.

Taehyung’s hand grasped your hand before you could walk off. “I know a good way to fall asleep.”

The feeling of his touch against yours sent electricity up your arm and sped up your heart rate, the sudden feeling making you pull your hand away. “I don’t want to trouble you.”

Even with his tired eyes he was able to present you with one of his boxy smiles, “It’s no trouble.”

He extended his hand to you, even with many reasons telling you not to do it, you placed your small hand on his big hands. You never really quite understood the infatuation fans had with his hands but the moment your hands touched and you noticed the difference, it all made sense. When his hand wrapped around yours you felt those emotions your mom talked about when you asked her how she felt about your father.

Taehyung led you to a room close to where you both bumped into. It was an office with a round table in the middle and chairs surrounding it. On the middle of the table a gray projector sat next to a laptop. Taehyung didn’t waste time setting it up with the computer, before you knew it a video was playing.

“It’s a documentary on cell reproduction,” he mentioned, “Namjoon mentioned it to me once and I got pretty bored so this might help you sleep.”

You couldn’t help but you stifle a giggle, “Thank you.”

You walked up to a chair, but your eyes glance to the boy whose stare made you nervous. He watched you with a smile on his face, it was a subtle smile, not too big not too small. As you sat down you patted the neighboring chair, inviting the curious boy. He didn’t waste time to join you. He moved the chair next to you, the armrests touching each other.

He was right. The documentary was boring. You two ended up falling asleep within minutes.


“Ya! I told you he would be here!”

“He works fast…”

“Hobi let me see!”

“He’s going to hate you all for this.”

“I can’t believe he actually watched this!”

“Ya! Stop being so loud! You’re going to wake them up!”

“Yeah, 'cause your screaming won’t.”

“Shut up she’s waking up!” You fluttered your eyes open to see the Bangtan Boys intensely staring at you. As you rubbed your eyes, you notice the weight of someone against your shoulder. When you looked to the left you noticed Taehyung who was still sound asleep.

“Oh my,” you tried to carefully move his head without disturbing him. “Oh my,” you mumbled again finally moving his head as the group watched you struggle. Once you were up from your seat you bowed your head in embarrassment, “This isn’t what it looks like. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Suga asked with an amused scoff.

You lifted your head up just as Jimin spoke. “This is pure entertainment.”

“This is kinda sweet actually,” Hoseok thought out loud as his attention rested on his phone.

“Agh,” you furrowed your eyebrows, “I have to go.” And you do without Taehyung stopping you this time.

Once you’re gone Taehyung raises his head, opening his eyes to see his hyungs and Jungkook with teasing smiles.

“You like her don’t you?” Jimin teased, his short finger poking maknae (by two months) Tae’s cheek.

“So what?” Taehyung slapped Jimin’s finger away.

“You met her yesterday,” Suga pointed out.

“It was love at first sight,” he joked, but deep down he was right. Though he had yet to discover it.

I feel like if I lived in a house with my two friends, there would be a lot of passive aggressive notes left around the house.

INTP would leave sticky notes on everything that seemed displeasing or easy to make a pun off of.

INFP would get upset and leave an even more aggressive sticky note, stuck over INTP’s sticky note.

INTP would leave a pun on top of that one using INFP’s response.

INTJ would leave a single, well written note on the fridge to everyone, but mostly to INTP, to stop leaving sticky notes everywhere.

Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (15/15)

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AU Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to save Y/N and destroy the oncoming HYDRA resistance.

Notes: im making this the last one of the first book because the chapter after this one will take place AFTER cap:civil war so yea bucky will be on the next chapter but yeah i hope you guys like this one and would keep on reading more. this means a lot and yea. here goes. “)

Part 14 | Part 15 

(next series coming soon)


“All engines running. Departing from Stark Tower in 5 minutes.”

“Control motors fully operational, weapons system engaged and ready. We are a go, Captain.”

Steve nodded back at Barton and Romanoff at the pilot seats. Then he turned around and saw Dr. Banner recalibrating the device to track down Y/N’s location. Or at least the coordinates of the last known vantage point

“FRIDAY, run a search for any weird gravitational occurrence, unusual magnetic pulls, and gamma ray signals on a 20 mile radius.” Stark commanded the AI as he himself got into one of his suits.

“Yes, sir.” The voice responded.

“Gamma ray signals?” Steve asked. Bruce looked up and explained it to him.

“Since the other guy responded to Y/N’s powers before, we figured there must be at least a hint of gamma radiation on her since it’s somehow connected. There’s a chance but it’s a small one and we’re taking every resources we have right now.” He said. “We’re gonna find her, Cap.”

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honestly my favorite thing about opening wip’s and looking through all my notes to myself like

  • (what are connecting scenes what whatwhatwhatwhat)
  • fck fuckufck razzledazzle give em)
  • he[NAME] can tell she[SOMEKINDANAME]
  • “I Present [SCREAMS INTO VOID],”
  • [some shit about titles and shit and whatever the fuck else I dunno figure it out] 
  • [sex? Sex goes here.]

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R is a marine biologist and spends a lot of time in the water, and in tropical places, and one day, Kara decides to be romantic and write a poem. "You're down to Earth, and I'm in the stars. So show me the sea, and I'll take you to Mars."

Originally posted by karaozorel

For when you start to miss me too much ;)

You smiled down at the hand-written note left in your bed, and the fact that Kara had actually taken the time to draw an emoticon.  Doing a long-distance relationship with her wasn’t hard by any means, considering she could fly to wherever you were doing research in mere minutes, but every so often she got extremely busy and you found yourself a little lonely until she could make time.

You’re down to Earth,

and I’m in the stars

So show me the sea

and I’ll take you to Mars


NOTE ;; hey there!
so remember me saying this was supposed to be a shared acc? well the other girl is able to now write more, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of her imagines as well.
any imagines written, we’ll put in the lil ‘note’ here if it was by 'J’ ( og girl ) or ’D’ ( co owner )
ignore the bio until i can get to a computer to fix it (;

—————— • ——————

“y/n!” shawn yells through the apartment.
you can hear his loud footsteps getting closer to the room you’re in. “y/n.” shawn whines as he enters the room, his tall figure standing in front of you.

“what, honey?” you hum, not moving your eyes from the laptop screen they’re currently focused on. he sits beside you on the couch and wraps his arms around your frame, attempting to pull your body closer to his.

“are you okay?” you laugh, ruffling his hair with your fingertips, giving it a messier effect. he looks up at you and gives you a sad glare,

“there’s a thunderstorm coming in..” he murmurs.

you smile to yourself and place your laptop on the floor. you lay down on the couch and he shuffles into your arms, letting you be the big spoon.
“you big baby.” you giggle, placing a soft kiss behind his ear.

“you know I don’t like thunder, okay? no need to make fun of me for it..” he mumbled.

“I know,” you smiled. “would you like to watch something to cover up the sound?” you asked softly.

just then a loud clap of thunder rang through the apartment. shawn gasped and slightly gripped onto your arm as if it would protect him. “I would love to watch something.” he sighed.

you laugh and get up to put the tv on netflix. you both decided on watching tangled - as it was your favorite movie to watch together - and you make your way back to your previous position with shawn.

“you take such good care of me, love” he whispered. his voice sounded small and fragile, a side of shawn only you got to see.

“well that’s my job, is it not?” you smiled, tracing small shapes on his arm.

he let out a sigh of content, relaxing into your arms. “i love you.” he hummed, taking your hand and placing a small kiss on the top of it.

“i love you too.” you whispered, letting him doze off in your arms.

a couple hours later the movie had ended and it became silent again, aside from the rain still pouring down outside.

you sighed and pushed yourself away from shawn, grabbing your phone to check the weather.

apparently the storm was only halfway through, the worst part not even passed yet. you huffed and laid back down beside shawn, trying not to wake him.

failing, his eyes fluttered open and he started shifting around. he turned his body to face you, noses brushing against one another.

“hi.” he mumbled, his voice deep and raspy.

“hi there.” you added back, placing a kiss on the tip of his nose.

he smiled, “I don’t want a kiss there.” he huffed.

“i’m sorry, where would you like a kiss?” you giggle.
he brings his finger up and taps his lips, smirking.
“okay” you smile, leaning in to kiss him.

another loud clap of thunder cracks through the air.
“AH!” shawn yells as he falls off the couch with a loud thud.
you burst into laughter, grabbing your stomach out of pain from laughing so hard.

“this is not funny, y/n.” shawn growls, standing up from the floor.
“i’m-im sorry baby. that’s just- that was really great.” you say, pausing often to laugh at him.

shawn huffs, rolling his eyes. “you’re such a jerk..” he scoffs.
you let out a deep breath and stood up, “i’m sorry.” you whispered. your hands ran up and down his arms soothingly.

“i’m gonna make some muffins, do you wanna help me?” you asked sweetly.
he perked up and grinned, “yes!” he exclaimed like a little kid.

you laughed and placed a peck to his lips, you start to pull away but he stops you, pulling your body into him.
“i’ve waited for a long time for that kiss and I don’t think that’s quite enough yet.” he smirked.

you smiled and leaned in again, placing your lips on his more passionately this time. you two sat there for a few minutes, letting your lips move together in sync.

you pulled away, both of you out of breath. his cheeks were flushed to a light pink color, he rested his forehead on yours, taking you in.

“how about those muffins?” you breathed.

he smiled, picking you up and letting your legs wrap around his torso.
“that sounds great, darling.” he said softly, carrying you to the kitchen.



My only wish is that you have to be really patient because I have my graduation exam in 2 months and I`m learning really hard for it so I can go to university, this is why it will take me a lot of time

Let`s start

  • I don`t draw: -Mecha, Hentai. I don`t have anything against yaoi or yuri but please use your imagination and describe it a lot how you want it to be since I do not really draw yuri and yaoi so your ideas would be a lot of help!
  • How your message should look: Hey Ccrispy. My name is (your name) and I have choosen Category:….  Character/s:… Extra (optional):….
  • Note: This is only an example, you can write it however you want, but please be clearly so I can understand properly.
  • Contact: You can contact me via twitter or tumblr message. 
  • PAYING: Paypal ( You can send half of the amount before I start sketching or after I will show you the sketch
  • Slots: FREE

Notes: I will ask you a lot of question, if you like this, or that, or should I change anything and I will show you wips regulary 

For every question you have please feel free to contact me on PRIVATE MESSAGE so I can answer you!

thank you a lot @giushia for helping me with the prices and organize it right! couldn`t have done it without your help ♥

i want you forever (right here by my side) - chapter two

summary: Phil Coulson and Melinda May. Their story, from the very first day.

notes: thank you to everyone who left feedback on chapter one! it means a lot to me, seriously! a huge shout out to @marcuskaen and @agentsphilinda for beta-ing this one for me. 

songspiration: enchanted by taylor swift

read on AO3

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The lives of spies are nothing like those one might see in fiction. Yes, there is danger, action, mystery, betrayal and drama. There’s guns, bombs and explosions, missions and undercover. But there’s also a trail of death and destruction, the choice to fight for what you believe to be right, the people you save, the people you lose.

The people you leave behind.

The people you hold on to.

Even from a young age, Melinda Qiaolian May knows this better than anyone else.

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Send a music note to ask my muse about their taste in music.

Send ♩  to learn the very last song my muse listened to.
Send ♪  to learn my muses go to break up/down in out song.
Send ♫ to learn a song that my muse plays on repeat a lot.
Send ♬ to learn a song that my muse knows all the words to.
Send ♭  to learn a song that my muse absolutely can’t stand.
Send ♯  to learn what types of genre my muse prefers to listen to.


Blind OTP with @theforestprotector !!! Our themes were Twilight & Daybreak, and Darkness & Light! I got Twilight and Darkness!!

ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT SHE DOES WEAR CLOTHES but I have a lot to do ; o ; she also never covers her legs, she too proud of them LOOK AT THEM– but yes, she SHOULD be wearing something over her chest LMAO- this is sfw tho so nobody better complain >:C

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Puppy/Kitty Takeover 2017! :D

Hi everybody!

I know we’ve had a pretty tough few days here in our communities, but I thought about doing a little something that could cheer us up again!

I made a post where I put a bunch of adorable puppy gifs and it has received so many notes! A lot of people were telling me how thankful they were to see such a positive post for once in the tags and how it really cheered them up and got them out of the rut this recent drama has given them. I thought that we should all do the same thing!

The rules are pretty simple!

  • Post gifs, pictures, videos, anything that features adorable little puppies being their adorable little selves! Not much of a dog person? You can also post cute kittens as well! Or any animal if you so desire!
  • Put these posts in the markiplier, jacksepticeye and pewdiepie tags, along with the specific tag for this event as well so we can see all your lovely cute posts! #puppykittytakeover2017
  • If you wanna add some nice messages or the like, you are more than welcome to do so!
  • This event can go one for as long as it needs to be!

This event starts NOW! As soon as you see this post, go make a new post, look up cute gifs, pictures, ANYTHING with puppies/kitties! Let’s make the tags nicer again! And don’t forget to use the tag #puppykittytakeover2017, as well as the markiplier, jacksepticeye and pewdiepie tags so we can see all the lovely posts! Let’s do this! :D

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I'm gonna say this on ask to protect my partner, who is trans. I cannot stand seeing futa/cuntboy/trap on a search note. Its fetishizing. It is. If you want to play a trans/nonbinary/intersex character, do so. But use those words. The previous three terms are -specifically- sexualized. That is fetishizing a situation that a lot of people are unfortunate enough to find themselves in. My partner was assigned the incorrect gender at birth, it sickens me that someones getting off to that misfortune.

I’m sorry you both have to put up with it, I wish people would be more considerate :(