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it honestly makes me sick to my stomach to imagine the kind of pain that Leslie Jones is going through right now…like I cannot imagine being cyber bullied to the extent that she has been AND THEN on top of that have my private life exposed to the entire world…this is a person with real feelings….a lovely and talented woman who never did anything to anyone…my heart goes out to her immensely. I hope that there’s some way to catch the people who did this. there should be no more tolerance for this shit anymore

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Prompt: Regina wants to keep their relationship a secret and not make anything official. Emma goes on a date to appease her match making mom causing a jealous Regina to take a very public stance.

Thanks for the prompt :)

Emma sighs as she walks into the Diner before plastering on a smile as she walks towards her blind date. She really doesn’t want to be on a date but her Mom has been pestering her for months about trying. 

Truth be told she doesn’t need a date. She has a girlfriend. It’s just that her girlfriend still wants to keep them a secret. Emma understands why, they both have their fears about how people will react but Emma also knows hat she wants to hold Regina’s hand in public, and kiss her just because they both feel like it and have lunch together at Granny’s instead of hiding away in the office. 

Which is why she told her Mom to tell this date to meet her at Granny’s where she knew Regina would be with Henry. 

Her date already knows the plan for this evening. When her Mom had given her the number, Emma had called her to tell her that she didn’t want to string anyone along and that she wasn’t interested only for her date to offer up a potential solution. 

Regina spots her immediately noticing her dress and make-up before raising a confused brow. A sad pout appears on her lips for a few moments before Regina schools her features before turning away. 

Emma grins walking over to the booth where her date sits, “Thanks for doing this Sam.” 

Sam nods, “Trust me I get it, she’s noticed us.”


“Oh yeah, keeps staring at us when she thinks you’re not looking…she doesn’t look happy.” 

“Sad not happy or jealous not happy?” 

“We’ll find out in a minute, she’s coming over.” 


“Emma don’t panic…this is the point…”

“Hello Emma,” Regina says as she appears at the table, “And this is…”

“I was just leaving, it was nice to meet you Emma, we’ll have to catch up another time.” 

Emma nods flashing a grateful smile at Sam as she mouths, “Thank you,” before looking to Regina, “Hey Regina, I had no idea you’d be here.” 

“I come here every Wednesday with Henry, you know that,” Regina fires back. 

“And?” Emma asks, “Why does it bother you that I was out here with someone?” 

Regina sighs as she bites her lower lip before looking at Emma, “You know why.” 

Emma grins cockily as she counters, “Do I?”

Regina rolls her eyes at her before leaning down to kiss Emma tenderly to which Emma beams before deepening the kiss and pulling Regina onto her lap. “That’s better,” Emma declares, “I’m sorry I tricked you.” 

“I’m sorry you felt like you had to,” Regina replies, “And it bothered me because…I really…I love you.” 

“Knew it…I love you too.” 

“Does this mean I can stop pretending I don’t know about you?” Henry asks as he slides in opposite them, “Oh and can I get a sundae?” 

“You’re not surprised?” Regina asks. 

Henry looks around the Diner, gesturing to the numerous occupants, none of whom seem even slightly fazed, “Mom…is anyone?” 

anyways i h8 my brother

Welcome To The.....

Don’t ask why there’s flames in my banner, okay? There just is.

Welcome to The Cheesy Songs Decades Challenge!

This challenge is for anyone and everyone. Please send me an ask if you want to be involved.


1. Send me an ask with the decade you want, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or 00′s. I can pick for you if you prefer. Each decade has 15 songs I’ve picked, so also pick a number between 1-15 to go with your decade. Let me know who you’re writing about as well.

2. These songs are cheesy and crazy, so understand that the point of this challenge is to get creative and have fun! Anything goes! Drabble, Angst, Fluff, Wincest, Destiel, Reader inserts, literally EVERYTHING is welcome. Only rule is that it has to be Supernatural related.

(Edit. It doesn’t have to just be stories. If you want to create a gif or artwork, anything goes!)

3. Tag me @cici0507 and use the tag #cheesy songs decades challenge. If I don’t like it, I haven’t seen it.

4. Entries are due by October 8th, deadline can be extended if needed.

5. There will be a winner from each decade and 4 runner ups from each decade. Other than shout-outs from me, I don’t have much to give, but hey, that’s something, right?

Tagging those who said they’re interested: (It wouldn’t let me tag a ton of people for some reason. I’ll post a note or the original idea post.)

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One Piece Chapter 837 Reaction

Luffy Vs. Cracker.

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Cracker Slammed Luffy Through The Forest.

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Kid, Apoo, Bege And Urouge All Came Into Big Mom’s Territory And Got There Asses Kicked. Bege Joined Big Mom When He Knew He Had No Chance, No One Saw A Glimpse Of Big Mom And Only Urouge Defeated A Sweet Commander.

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Nami And Pound Escaped From Brûlee.

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Cracker’s Armament Is Stronger Than Anything Luffy Has Seen.

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Luffy Goes Gear 4 And Lands A Hit On Cracker.

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All I Ask of You is Love by @hartwinorlose

Starring Harry Hart as the Phantom of the Opera, Roxanne Morton as Christine Daaé, and Eggsy Unwin as the hopelessly-in-love, desperate-to-please hair and makeup artist who just can’t seem to get anything right. Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is more interesting than the performance. 

Summer Secret Santa Reveal (1/?)

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Your art is so lovely and aesthetic and I just wanna say that I get super excited when you post your amazing, adorable, and cute artwork. This wouldn't be an ask if I didn't ask anything so here goes: can you please keep making cute art?

thank you, I will!! unless i die. or lose my arms

And while I’m in a swtor mood and thinking about KotET, here’s something that I would potentially love (for angst reasons) yet be possibly horrified by. 

We didn’t see much of a change of any of the love interests that came back in kotfe. I understand why, but what if the writers decided to have some fun?

Andronikos Revel writes in his letter to the Inquisitor that he doesn’t think he could go back to his old life. So what if he doesn’t? What if after getting so frustrated by the Dark Council refusing to talk to him and do anything about the Inquisitor’s disappearance he goes back to the Republic? And the Republic, desperate for soldiers and officers give him is old rank back? What if the Inquisitor finds her husband leading Republic troops?

Or Felix? What if the datacron in his head starts to change him? Make him angrier? Prone to violence? What if he can’t stand yet another transfer after the Consular disappears and he goes AWOL, only to show up as a body guard for a Sith Lord?

I could see Elara getting so frustrated with the Republic, doing the exact same things she left the Imperial for that she decides to leave. And goes right back to the Empire, because if both sides are corrupt, she might as well be with family. 

There is so much potential angst in the reunions if the writers gave themselves permission to let the companions grow. It could be absolutely delicious. 

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About the whole Noel appearance in the dollhouse, I don't think it makes him AD, i just think he was taking orders from Cece as AD wouldn't walk a room with cameras& no mask. AD would probably send off his little helpers just like Noel by blackmailing them. Maybe AD is actually threatening Noel about the dollhouse footage that's why he's on the run? Probably he thought it was sara that's why he kills her?

Yeah I never assumed he was AD, ever since yesterday’s episode I’ve just taken it as confirmation that he was there in the dollhouse to cover for CeCe in case anything goes wrong. Think about it - the girls escaped the dollhouse in 601 but where did Charlotte go? Well, Noel was the one caught up in the fake prom electric disaster allowing Charlotte time to escape. Team work!

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What about them killing off Rey to complete Kylo's redemption if you see where I'm going with this

Nope. I doubt they’d kill off Rey. Star Wars is one of Disney’s biggest cash cows now and Rey is an extremely popular character. I just don’t see her dying at this point to complete the narrative coz the story is as much about her as it is of Kylo and the others. Especially her. We can go around it several ways but the fact of the matter is Rey is the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy.

If they kill off Rey, I doubt Kylo will be redeemed. If anything, he’ll probably become even more unhinged. There goes the balance in the Force.

I've been there

Hello Tori, today I found out about what happened to you. I literally cried. You are a precious kitten and you don’t deserve that of anything that goes along with it. I was 17 when my highschool sweetheart and fiance at the time hit me for the first time. By the time I finally got free of that relationship he had broken both of my wrists and left bruises on my neck and scrapes on my back along with various other things. I’m 20 now and starting to be in a better place. What that man did to you was disgusting. I know it’s hard and I know there are going to be days where you feel like you’re going to rip apart at the seams, but you’re strong, and your strength will never faulter. He could never take that away from you. I am so proud of you for taking a stand for self. I am proud of you on the days that you are strong. I am proud of you for the days you feel not so strong. You are a phoenix and you will rise from the ashes. He is a sniveling fool at at the end of the day, you are so much better than he will ever be. I love you. We all love you. And you will be able to love yourself again. I promise

Chapters: 11/11

Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types

Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Bard of Laketown/Thranduil, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, Dwalin/Ori, Éowyn/Faramir, Melkor/Sauron

Characters: Thranduil, Bard of Laketown, Bilbo Baggins, Ori - Character, Bombur, Beorn, Balin, Faramir, Arwen, Éowyn, Radagast, Sauron, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, Galadriel, Samwise Gamgee, Tilda (Hobbit Movies), Sigrid (Hobbit Movies), Bain of Dale, assorted others will also appear trust me

Additional Tags: Bake Off AU, focus is on barduil but the others will get there screen time as well, i’ve never attempted anything like this before so i hope it goes well

That glorious time of year is coming around again, yes, it is almost time for the Great British Bake Off (5th of August 2015, get excited)

And because I am trash (tolkien, barduil and bake off trash) I have decided to write a Bake Off Au

So get set for a fic filled with innudeno, yummy sweets, custard controversy and competitive bakers…

But wait! There is more!

This will be no ordinary fic, oh no, this is a Bake Off fic, how on earth could it be ordinary!?

I will be writing a chapter alongside each Bake Off episode, and you will be allowed to vote off baking contestants, in the comments and tags and my askbox!

However, there is more; even though I am keeping Bard and Thranduil around for the long run as this is essentially a barduil fic, I will only force you to keep them until the semi’s, so you will still be able to chose the winner of The Great Middle Earth Bake Off!

Artist’s Note: Basically I read this Fic Last year in time with the REAL GBBO and it was A M A Z I N G I got SO into it I was just as invested in it as the real thing. 

I know that it is no longer 2015, and this is from the 2015 Bake Off you should STILL READ IT. 

Thank You to @barduilotp for letting me know the author was @obithefabulous <3

i love the dialogue between ana and widowmaker in game bc it really just reflects back to that comic that I Love So Much. like ana goes “gérard was a fool to love someone like you” and wm goes “you don’t know anything about him.” like ….. ana really got under her skin somehow with that remark bc widowmaker is supposed to be completely emotionless – she was created to essentially be this living weapon, why would she care what ana, of all people, say about her husband?

but it just…. idk. like i’ve been thinking about this. everyone thought this woman was dead. and here she is, suddenly resurfaced as this deadly sniper called the widowmaker and suddenly it makes sense to ana as to why gerard is dead, bc amelie killed him. but ana doesnt understand that widowmaker =/= amelie, and that it was widowmaker who killed gerard, not amelie. so when ana remarks that gerard was a fool to love her (insinuating that amelie VOLUNTARILY wanted to help talon) it angers widowmaker bc she’s been turned into this monster against her will who was forced to kill her husband like idk do y’all ever think about this like wm lowkey hates herself and who she has become

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The club I play soccer at she's like the head captain. Sorry about that 😅. I feel like we should just get drunk in the same room and take it from there. Cause if anything goes south then I'll just blame it on the a a a a a a a Alcohol.

Haha maybe you should do that