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Spearanha Hidden Ability Suggestion Post

Let’s get working on Spearanha’s Hidden Ability! Remember that it is a pure Rock type Pokemon based on a spearhead as well as a fish! Here is its info:

It sharpens itself on rocks along the riverbank to defend itself from predators. However, it is not much of a threat to those who catch it. Ancient civilizations used this Pokemon for cutting things.

Here are its Normal Abilities:

  • Rock Head: Immune to recoil damage
  • Sniper: Powers up critical hits

As always, you may suggest up to three canon or official Omnis Abilities. 

What do you suggest?

One thing I’ve noticed since becoming chronically ill is that fatigue is not just being so excessively tired you cannot keep your eyes open but that it’s physical as well.

Sometimes I think the physical fatigue is more debilitating than anything. It’s literally a form of tiredness that goes right to the bone. it can be as mild as ‘I can’t take a shower cos I’m too tired to stand’ to as severe as “I literally cannot hold my head up right now.”

And as I lay here too physically fatigued to take a bath I think it’s important that we talk more about this. It’s taking every ounce of energy to even type and be online right now.

But these are things the able bodied do not consider.

Never underestimate fatigue.

It’s more serious than it looks.

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Eyy could I get some headcanons for the gible line? With their trainer, or maybe a garchomp who was raised by their trainer from an egg? I love my land sharks and this blog is a blessing

Land sharks are cute sharks, my dude.


* They remember how warm they felt when their trainer held them as an egg, so anytime they’re feeling cold they’ll huddle against their trainer for warmth.

* Gibles are in that constant stage of teething so make sure it has safe things to chew on around. Sometimes they’ll  start chewing on things like boulders or building and this can chip a tooth sometimes. 

* Sometimes they’ll gently bite their trainers to show affection. They try not to bite too hard but will leave little teeth marks where they bit and can bite through clothes.


* Don’t be surprised if any of your jewelry goes missing. Gabites love hoarding anything shiny and will keep their stash hidden well.

* They’ll give you a little nudge with their heads as their way of saying thanks for caring for them. They’ll also do this whenever they need something, such as food or play time with their trainer.

* They’re pretty hyper and will jump around from spot to spot, especially when they’re excited about something. 


* Sometimes they’ll pick up their trainer and hug them to show their love for them. They’re always careful to not hurt their trainers when they do this.

* They’re fiercely protective of their trainer. They’ll show off their strength make loud noises at whoever dares to bother their trainer.

* They don’t like to be in their poke balls, they’ll want to stay by their trainer at all times. Garchomps only behave like this when they’ve been with a trainer for a long time.

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Wondering why Cait is wearing the same jacket that she wore to the T2? Also what about the gold ring? In one photo it looks like a plain band but in another photo it does not. What are your thoughts?

Hmmm…. That jacket is probably her basic go-to overcoat that basically goes with anything (lbh, her wardrobe is mostly black) while being comfortable and still keeping it classy. What I find interesting is that Sam has a leather jacket that’s basically identical (we’re talking on a buttons/zippers level identical) so maybe a wee symbolism? A way to keep him around on a night when he can’t be there? JMHO
As for the ring, I don’t recall seeing any pics of it. Can you direct me to the ones you’re referring to?

W101 location-marking headcanon

Hey guys so I was bored today and thinking about how marking locations worked in wiz so here’s my unnecessarily long headcanon on it


How it works: 

A wizard or general magic user takes a specially crafted item, called a mark, and saturates it with magic, giving it their magical signature for them to use it whenever that need to. 



-cheap, easy to make w/ plentiful resources (can be made of wood, stone, etc. Anything goes as long as the key component is a magic crystal) 

-highly sensitive (see cons for more) 

-fairly long range 

-easy setup (you literally just… drop it somewhere and tada. Mark set) 



-doesn’t allow for inter-world travel (too out of range)

-can be disabled by another magic user by destroying it or saturating it with their own magical signature, so it should usually be hidden 

-the magical signature fades after a period of about 3-4 days 

-can’t have more than one active at once; if more than one is attuned to a person and they teleport to a mark, they are ported to the stronger signature (usually the newer one). It is said that if two marks attuned to a person have the exact same signal strength, porting could have… disastrous results, but such conditions are incredibly difficult to achieve as Marks are pretty sensitive to differences in magical strength

Destiel 50′s/60′s playlist! ^0^

Teddy Bear - Elvis
Twist and Shout - The Beetles
All shook up - Elvis
Don’t be cruel - Elvis
Great balls of fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
Hound dog - Elvis
Hunk of love - Elvis
Atom bomb baby - The five stars
The wanderer - Dion
Heartbreak hotel - Elvis
Stick like glue - Elvis
Anything goes - Cole Porter
Crawl out through the fallout - Sheldon Allman
Rocket 69 - Connie Allen
Love me tender - Elvis
It’s now or never - Elvis

@jimminovak MWHAHAHAH


So..Here I Am (Here Goes Nothing)

I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m all for taking risk. This audition is tough. People running out crying and yelling because they didn’t get picked. They had 324 people auditioning and I just so happen to be lucky number 224 😂. A lot of people didn’t even bother showing up so it went a lot faster than I expected. The whole time I was there.. they only picked one person before my turn. Thank you to everyone who has has constantly supported me and always had my back in time of need. I love each and every one of you 💖 I felt like my stomach was going to fall out my butt 👀 (Mean Girls reference)

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what food upsets their stomachs?

Norway: Spicy food of any kind. He just can’t handle it

Sweden: Bacon and too much citrus fruit

Denmark: Anything that’s really greasy or fried

Iceland: Maple syrup or cake with too much frosting

Finland: NOTHING. This man has a cast iron stomach. Anything he ingests just goes through without a problem

Mod Amanda


Ale’s “Nobody asked for this” breakfast tacos recipe. 

Little known fact: A taco can be made out of pretty much anything, as long as it goes inside a tortilla. 

(Yes, that’s true. Why do you think we have ‘salt tacos’ in Mexico?)

Anyway, instructions are in each image. 


- Yes, you heat up both tortillas at once. Otherwise you’ll end up with a cold taco and a hot one. 

- No, you don’t heat up tortillas in the microwave. They get rubbery and weird. 

- If you left your tortillas on the pan/comal/grill too much and they get hard, just commit to it and flip them again until they get harder. Put your food on them and call them “breakfast tostadas”.


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SSS - Skye has patented a treatment called "Security Cuddling." Go!

Skye didn’t name it that.  Not even Ward did.  Coulson was the one who titled it that.  But when it’s the third time this week that a certain super soldier wouldn’t stop crying until her boyfriend or mother-figure curled up with her on the couch, it’s kinda hard to call it anything else.

As time goes on, she doesn’t need it all that much.  But when she does, it’s really important, and useful.  Plus, no one really minds at all, least of all Ward.

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Yes! 11 plz? :D





Basically big school that takes in lots of exchange students and Sci is french and Edge is either spanish or colombian (was originally going to be spanish but i also quite like the idea of him being colombian idk)

They’re partnered up for a science experiment and it all goes wrong because  Edge won’t do anything and Sci doesn’t want to talk cause he hates his accent and it all goes to shit so Sci ends up swearing. in french. and Edge finds that really funny for some reason and Sci gets flustered  cause, holy shit, that’s a cute laugh damn

so they end up becoming friends, and when they become a couple their relationship consists of Sci braiding Edge’s hair (cause its long shh) and Edge begging Sci to say ‘omelette du fromage’

I used to love Laurel but now shes fucking annoying as hell. She was with Wes for like 2 weeks but suddenly she knows him better than anyone and she goes off on anyone who says anything bad about him. He is a fucking murderer Laurel! Annalise is working her ass off to keep Laurel out of jail and Laurel is ungrateful as hell. I’m done with it omfg.