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A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

N ⇥ Nicknames

Buaji: “Sankadevi ka ‘S’ likho. Humaari bhateeji hai. Thodi pagal hai, par pyaari hai. Ek kaam karo, Parmeshwari ka ‘P’ likh do.”
Maamiji: “Very good. P for phati saree!”

Beginning of Swinging Lifestyle

Good morning guys.
Aaj mai(Archu) aap sbko btaugi ki kaise mai ek normal typical Indian housewife se fun loving housewife bn gyi.

Mai ek chote se family se belong krti hun jisme mere dad mom or mera bhai sath rehte the.

Mai apni 12th ke baad college gyi bahar padhne.
Wahan new new frnds bane nayi nayi cheezein sikhne ko mili.
12th tk mera koi bf nhi tha but jb mai college gyi tb sb mujhe propose krne but mai mana kr deti.
Mai hostel me rehti thi or jb mai hostel life dekhi toh bhut azeeb lga mujhe.
Sb girls apni apni bf ke baare me btati kaise sex ki…..kya kya hua sb kuch share krti thi.
Mujhe thoda azeeb lga but dhire dhire smjh gyi sb.
Fir mera bhi bf bn gya or mai bhi uske sath open hone lgi or starting me kissing sucking pressing hi hota tha or kuch nhi.
Fir mai bhi apni virginity loose ki ek din uske sath or fir daily routine ho gya hamara week me 3-4 days chudai krne ka.

College khatam hone ke baad meri job lg gyi or fir meri posting dusre city me ho gyi.

Fir mere parents mere liye ladka dhundh ne lge or fir 8 yrs phle meri shadi Sameer se hui jo bhut hi understanding loving caring person hai.Mere in-laws bhi bhut acche hai n open minded hai means no objection yahan tk ki job bhi continue krne diye mere in-laws n hubby.
Fir ek din mai apne bf ke baare me btayi or relationship ke baare tb woh bole mujhe usse nhi matlab hai but shadi ke baad jo krna hai woh bta ke krna or kabhi bhi koi bt mt chupana or jhuth bolna.
Yeh sunte hi I was like lucky women who got such an understanding loving n caring hubby.

Job krte krte mai pregnant hui n fir hamara ek cute baby boy hua n we were happy too much.

Issi bich Sam ko swinging lifestyle ke baare me pta chala unke college friend se or woh mere se discussed kiye but jaise other Indian housewife ki tarah mai bhi mana kr di.

Sam mujhe convince krte rhe porn dikha ke swinging stories bta ke apne friend ki but mujhe believe nhi tha ki yeh sb real me hota hoga.

Ek din raat ko chudai ke time woh bhut bole ki ek baar try kro pasand aaya toh thik hai nhi toh mt krna.
Mai boli mujhe sochne or mind make up ka time chahiye or 5-6 months ke baad decide ki let’s enjoy.
Fir mai ek din akeli apne room me soch rhi thi swinging lifestyle ke baare or fir lappy me search ki swinging stories n threesome porn n believe me mai itni hot or horny ho gyi thi soch ke ki bta nhi skti.
Fir mai raat ko chudai ke time unke kaan me boli darling m ready or yeh sunte hi woh mujhe itna chode ki bta nhi skti.
Chudai khatam hone ke baad mai boli ki first time hai isliye mai SRSP krugi first or jb pasand aaya fir swap woh bole thik hai.
But sbse badi problem yeh thi ki decent open minded n privacy cpl milege kahan se…???
Fir Sam ne btaya apne friend ke baare me.
Humne decide kiya 1st casual meet krenge fir decide krenge fun ka.

Hum dono mall me mile or fir casually bt hui fir decide hua weekend pe fun hoga.

Weekend aane pe mai bhut nervous thi 1st tha isliye.
Fir mai kuch shopping bhi ki or unke liye kuch gifts bhi li.
Fir woh din aa hi gya or fir hamare ghar drinks music dance ke sath soft fun shuru hua…..mujhe accha lg rha tha or mazza bhi….
Fir dinner ke time woh dono cpl mujhe comfortable kiye or bole enjoy krne liye bcoz mai abhi nervous hi thi.
Fir dinner ke baad SRSP start hua apne room me or dhire dhire mai bhi openly krne lgi or enjoy krne lgi tbhi mai Sam ko boli chalo aaj hi swap kr lete hai or enjoy krte hai.
Yeh sunte hi woh pagal ho gye or fir humne swap bhi ki.

Fir uss din ke baad hamari sexual life me bhi spark aa gya or enjoy krne lgi.

Uske baad humne bhut se cpl or single males n females se mile but fun kiye only few selected cpls n singles.

Ab toh hum dono itne open hai ki jb bhi hamara mood hota hai fun ka mai ya woh bol deti/dete hai or plan bna lete hai.
Sam ne mujhe freedom di hai jb bhi mera mood ho fun ka or jiske sath mai bta deti hun or fir woh plan krte hai or jb woh free hote hai toh join krte hai nhi toh mai akeli cpl ke sath fun krti hun.

Abhi recently mai akeli fun trip pe gyi thi Thailand 2 cpls ke sath.

So friends yeh thi meri story kaise ek normal typical Indian girl se slut fun loving chudakar Archu bn gyi….

Hope u all like it….plz like comment n reblog…
Next time i will tell u about our 1st group fun

Love u

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Con que dibuja? Y no me chotee con que la mano >:'c xd


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*skates into your inbox* who's your fave character so far in wuthering heights?

Oh. Hey. So sorry I didn’t respond to this in the midst of my fervor during Wuthering Heights week. WH has skyrocketed into my list of top non-Dracula books, and I have a ton of feelings about it, but I am also overburdened with reading and gleefully overburdened with Gothic/Sensation fiction reading, and I’m having a ton of feelings about everything these days.

Oh. Hey. Look at me. I wrote an apology about not posting this like… three weeks ago and then didn’t post it anyway.

In any event, my favorite character, hands down, is Catherine Earnshaw, and I’m probably in the microscopic minority of people who’d be willing to assert that she did (almost) nothing wrong. While I’ve stepped back a chote from my earlier belief that Nelly is an irredeemable flaming pile of human garbage, I think once you spot all of the inconsistencies in her narration, a picture emerges of Cathy where a lot of the seemingly wicked things she does are things she does of necessity.

As I’ve mentioned before, she suffers from serious abuse/neglect as a child from both her father and brother, and her marriage to Edgar reads very clearly to me as her way of escaping her dangerously toxic home where the family patriarch is quite literally threatening to kill those around him. It’s unfair that she assaults Nelly and marries Edgar on less than honest terms, but it would be more unfair, in my opinion, for her to subscribe to the Nelly Dean school of handling abuse and meekly endure while Hindley brutalizes those around him. She tries, as best her poorly socialized fifteen-year-old self can, to break free and to take Heathcliff with her, and the basic misunderstanding upon which so much of the unfolding brutality turns –Heathcliff’s departure before she explains her love for him– is just so soul-crushingly tragic. She escapes the Heights at the sacrifice of the single human relationship that she values above all else, and when Heathcliff finally returns, another series of miscommunications (almost all of which just happen to involve Nelly… :P) cut off any possibility of her negotiating a scenario in which she can keep him in her life.

I know people love to imagine her as crazy, entitled, selfish, and “wild,” – and given the we never have access to her story save through the hazy lens of two unreliable narrators, I suppose she might well be that way. Still, I just read her as being fundamentally innocent and trapped, and her narrative just seems all the more cruel and moving to me knowing how rare a position that is to take.

OST Mann Mayal
Quratulain Balouch & Shuja Haider
OST Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal OST

Yaar day vere aaiyan tap tap galiyan
Labdi phiran main tenu malmal akhiyan
Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

Beparwah may tere ishq vich bandhiyan
Bas tera mukhra dissay baqi tay main andhian
Mahi main tenu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

Dil mein andhera hai shikwoon ka dhair hai
Teri diwani hoi tera qasoor hay
Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan

Patta patta boota boota janay sara haal dil e janam
Main hoon manmauji piya, kaise kiya tera mann mayal
Chote se dil nu samjhawan ki
Tere naal kun laiyan akhiyan
Tere naal mein laiyan akhiyan.

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why do u love KSG so much? what is the one scene according to u in which u think he has acted the best in? apart from the mangalpur sequence in qubool hai? for me it has to be the scene in which Asad cries in the rain after his marriage gets cancelled!

- Phenomenal actor

- AMAZING LOVER/HUSBAND (He’s PERFECT partly because he’s perfect for Jenny but still LOVE the way he is with her)

- Infectious smile (It can brighten up anyones day :D)

- Popular yet grounded and down to earth

- Says shit like it is and doesn’t filter much (MOOPHAT in a nutshell)

- Nobody loves his fans like he does

- Versatility at its best

- Sabke dilo ka Armaan



- Brilliant sense of humour

- Billion dollar dimpled smile

- Eyes which speak volumes

- Very well etched eyelashes & beautifully shaped eyebrows


- Incredibly kissable pinky pinky lips (GIRLS WISH THEY HAD LIPS LIKE THAT)

- King of Romance

- Well defined jawline

- Good bone structure

- Pretty ears

- Musclesssss

- Nobody’s hotter than KSG with beard

- Soft and smooth hands

- Nice fingers and nails (you cant see nails here but trust us theyre pretty)

- Gorgeous forehead

- And his lambi zulfein ufff (Only for Mehaki, Sahar lowweees chote baal :$)

- Tattoo King 

As for a scene we think he acted super well in umm we have LOADS of those but the one we ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE is DMG’s last scene! It never ceases to make us emotional. If you haven’t seen it we highly recommend it! Also the “Woh mera bhai hai” scene is one of our favs :)


Why is nobody talking about pakistan? So many children were just killed. SHOT. Some were actually shot in their heads and eyes. Why is nobody talking about this? Those parents prepared their children this morning for school like a normal day and by afternoon they were preparing to bury them . WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS? 

On television every heartbroken parent is saying, “ itne chote chote bacho ko kaun marta hai yr?” ( Who kills so small children?) 


Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh: Chote Sahibzadey

The two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh were Baba Fateh Singh, aged six and Baba Zorawar Singh, aged nine.
Guru Gobind Singh’s mother, Mata Gurjri, was captured along with the Guru’s two youngest sons at the city of Sirhind.
They were imprisoned overnight in an open tower.
The following day, the two children were taken to the governor of Sirhind, Wazir Khan. He offered the children freedom and wealth if they converted to Islam.
Both Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Zorawar Singh refused to convert their faith.
The two boys were then bricked alive until they suffocated, and then decapitated.


”Main tumse yeh kaise kahoon ki mujhe tumhari kaunsi baat achchi nahi lagti….Apne ird gird tumhara ghoomna,meri wajood se nahi hatne Tumhari gehri bolti nazren,tumhari har waqt ki tavajjum,tumhara jaan chidakne wala har andaaz,har baar jab tum mere maa baap keli aitaraman khade ho jaate ho, to mai tumhare samne jhukne lagti hoon.

..Aur kya kuch nahi …jo mujhe tumhare saamne moam nahi karta…ek chote se ghar ke is pankhe wale kamre mein tumhari yeh gehri neend,mineral water bottle ko doondne ke bajaay nalke ka paani pee lena, hand wash chodke ek saste sabun se haat do lena…”

Porsche Art Daily #birthdayweek #flashback - posting our favourite images over the last two years.

The New Zealand swag | Cr: Brian Chote

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