and normal people

imagine having a partner who tells you what to do/not to do (even for just trivial things). is that like a normal thing for people in relationships….. i feel like i would break up immediately

I cut way to deep last night. Normal people see blood dripping out of the skin and freak out. But I saw all the pain, depression, and anxiety leave me even if it was for a little while.
—  Morning after thoughts 12:37 PM March 26th 2017

Okay so let me tell you something about ingobernable, netflix New Mexican show. It’s the shit. So freaking good. So realistic. LGBT characters and the story does not focus on them they’re just normal characters and that’s amazing. Powerful female characters, Gorgeous man, and Kate del castillo looks good as always. It shows Tepito as it is. And shows normal Mexican people not the only the ‘white’ ones. Its freaking good.

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Kyuey, I'm so sorry for the negative anons you get for drawing trans!genji, you should just put a note on your blog to block you if they dislike it. I'm trans FtM and I love your genji because I see your comics more as McCree loving him and his body no matter what, you know? So thank you, your art is such a source of happiness for me!

I’m really glad to hear! I can understand why people is getting the idea that I might be fetishizing trans people. However, I feel like for some reason it is frown upon trans sexual activity, and I don’t understand why. It should be normal that trans people have sex, so why is it bad to draw it? Trying to prevent reputation on trans people will limited awareness of trans people. In this case, are we suppose to act like trans people don’t have sex? Drawing sex of a trans person with their love one in a positive light isn’t fetishizing, or any thing bad in that matter. Anyway sorry for the side track, but I really appreciate your wonderful feedback and your supports of what I draw! ❤️ thanks again😊

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I saw one of your responses to a post. And was just wondering do you think Jen and Darren are the real deal? Or do you think it's a business agreement and they are gonna try and sell Mother by doing this?

That post was DRIPPING with sarcasm. 

The very idea that Darren Aronofsky would consent to a PR relationship is ludicrous, and anyone who believes Lawrence would, shows a distinct inability to read people’s personalities. She would find such an arrangement repellent and laughable.

They are seeing each other for the normal reasons that people see each other. Anyone saying otherwise has no respect for either of them, and is operating on an agenda of their own. From what I can tell, that agenda amounts to being the same deranged insistence that Lawrence is (or was) engaged in a secret love affair with her Hunger Games costar, Josh Hitcherson. A love affair which has had to remain clandestine for a series of vapid and barely sensible reasons, which I have no interest in listing here. It’s nonsense.

We’d all do well to start abandoning conspiracy theories of all colours, and accept that the simplest explanation is almost always correct.

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“You know,” Fang drawled. “I think you look very good in my clothes.”

Lightning chuckled. She was wearing Fang’s sari and not much else. Her own clothing had met an unfortunate end at Fang’s hands, and she wasn’t in the mood for marching around naked, however much Fang might enjoy that. “I thought you’d prefer me in no clothes at all.”
“Well, yeah, but you in my clothes is good too.” Fang grinned. “It means something in the Yun clan, actually.”

“Is that so?” It was at times like this that Lightning envied Lumina. Her younger sister could simply create Aura construct clothing with her Semblance. Sure, it wouldn’t look very normal, but people were used to huntsmen and huntresses wearing weird clothing. “What does it mean?”

“It depends on who is wearing it.” Fang sat up on the bed. Unlike Lightning, she hadn’t bothered to put any clothing back on. She bit back a grin at the way Lightning’s gaze immediately snapped to her exposed body before the pink-haired woman looked determinedly at her weapon, which she was tending to. “In the Yun clan, you’re expected to let your family borrow your clothing if it fits. It’s a way of showing solidarity with your family, and it lets everyone know that you’re doing well enough to spare some of your clothing to your family. Vanille would have worn more of my stuff back when were younger, but most of it was too big for her.”

“Vanille isn’t exactly tall,” Lightning replied. “Although I guess she could make her own clothing.”

“She made her own everything, pretty much,” Fang said. “Half the time when I was earning money from hunts and missions as a student, I’d be giving it to her for whatever her latest scheme was. I was a bit sceptical at first, but…”

“Vanille knows how to make money,” Lightning said.

“Yep. You won’t understand why she needs to build a bigger, better robot or who even wants a bigger, better robot, but she’ll find someone who does and sell it to them for a truckload of money, which she’ll use to build even more robots as well as take care of everyone else.” Fang studied the weapon in Lightning’s hands. Gun blades weren’t exactly her thing, but it was interesting to watch Lightning work. She had such talented fingers. “I’m not ashamed to say that Vanille is better with money than I am. Oh, I’m not bad with money. I know how to save and invest wisely, but Vanille is on another level.”

“I know.” Lightning sighed. “The first time Lumina got to see how much money Vanille’s little company made each year, she fainted.”

“Little?” Fang shook her head. “That little of company of hers is already big, and it’s getting bigger every year.”

“It was a figure of speech.” Lightning tested her gun blade’s transformation. Perfect. “Now… about wearing your clothes…?”

“Ah, right.” Fang got up and sat behind Lightning, wrapping her arms around her and leaning her head on Lightning’s shoulder. “Basically, the only time someone who isn’t already a part of my family would be wearing my clothes is if they’re a very, very close friend, or if they’re going to become a part of my family.” Fang kissed Lightning’s cheek. “Essentially, if you went outside in my clothes around the Yun, not one of them would try to hit on you or flirt with you. Those clothes are a statement: you’ve agreed to be mine.”

“Yours?” Lightning nudged Fang with her elbow. “That’s a possessive way of putting it.”

“You’re calling me possessive?” Fang tightened her hold on Lightning. “Was I the person who pointed a gun at someone at a bar and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t back off.”

“They were hanging all over you.” Lightning frowned. “And you’re the one who threatened to spear Summer if she didn’t stop hugging me.”

“She should stop.” Fang scowled petulantly. “Because you’re mine now, not hers.”

“Yes, yes.” Lightning sighed. “So… if we go back to Oerba, and I wear your clothes, everyone will know we’re together.”


“Okay.” Lightning shifted, pushing Fang onto her back and straddling her. “Then I’m going to hang onto this sari. I’ll need it the next time we head back to Oerba.”

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(Sometime after leaving Little Garden after Nami gets sick.) "Hey guys, it is normal for people to stand in the sea?" "Yeah, 'skua does it really often" "huh, ok then"... meanwhile Wapol is wondering why this crew didn't fall for his trap.

“Well, I’m not the point where I can stand still, so maybe it’s worth asking this guy how he’s managing that.”

“Hey! Funny-face! ‘Skua wants to ask you some questions!” And Luffy pulls him onto the ship.

One thing that no one ever really talks about with depression is how self care is practically nonexistent. I’m talking about showering, brushing your hair or your teeth, like normal everyday things that people do. I struggle with that aspect so bad and I feel like it’s more common than most people know.

So if you showered today, I am proud of you. If you brushed your hair or your teeth, or did anything to take care of yourself today, I’m so proud of you.

And even if today was not a day where you felt capable of caring for yourself, I am still proud of you for even being alive. If the most you did was wake up today, that is still enough.

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your writing and your face are shit. just stop. rid us of the ugliness that is you and just disappear. tumblr doesnt need your filth.

Two words: Fuck. You.

Honestly, I don’t get hate often, which is great, most people here are amazing. But the few of you who have sent me hate, which honestly I normally ignore, yeah you people suck ass. The ONLY filth I see on this website right now are you assholes who decide to send hate to people who are just trying to have fun or be themselves. 

So no, I’m not going to stop writing, and I’m not going to just disappear. If you want the filth gone from this website, I suggest you close your browser. 

Also, fuck you again because…just because. I don’t need, nor will I be taking, your shit today. Seriously, I DO NOT NEED YOUR BULLSHIT. I put myself down enough for anyone, I don’t need you on top of it, or the person last night who told me to kill myself after I posted photos of myself. You people are part of  the reason why my self-esteem is so fucking bad. So no, fuck you, I’m not going to let you bring me down. 

Fuck off, leave me and other innocent people who don’t need your bullshit alone. 

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I could definetly see Prussia as a musician. Maybe more classic music, since he is good with flute play, or maybe some metal and hard rock, since is also good with en electric guitar. I could definetly see him as a musician of some sort ^^ For Russia, writer maybe. There are many well known, very good russian writers and I could see him coming up with the softest romance or darkest horror, both could work with him! Poland, considering his social anxiety, maybe rather something with animals? (1)

As said, Animals for Poland. I could see him spending a lot of time with them, caring for them and talking with them more then with normal people. Probably similar to Greece (who would definetly care for cats) and Japan. For France (thats also based off a friend) a florist! First I wasnt sure between florist and therapist, but he would probably love flowers, love the people getting them for their loved ones and chat a lot with young couples on Valentines day ~ As for America: PROFESSIONAL HERO!

Wow, you must have a lot of favourite characters! You’ve chosen really well for all of them, though, I have to say! All those jobs would really suit them, and for the exact reasons you said!

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Is it weird that I want people to know how sad I am? I want people to know I'm not okay and hug me and help me. This makes me feel bad cause I feel like a may be subconsciously making myself sad for attention. I want people to know, but also the thought of somebody finding everything out scares the bajesus out of me.

in my opinion, this is perfectly okay. like, literally just fine. it’s completely normal to want people to notice, help and care. i’ve had the same problem. i always felt like my sadness was ‘fake’ because it was such a relief when people started to notice and worry.

talk to someone close to you and tell them how you feel. it really helps a lot. if you feel sad it’s completely okay. even if it’s for some attention, doesn’t that already say something? if you feel lonely or left out, that’s okay too. don’t underestimate it, talk it out. you’ll be fine :)❤

wow ok well i never thought id be doing this but hey im abby, i live in north redington fl, and im 13! i like dogs and hedgehogs and writing letters to people. (normally i dont write with such little grammer but im tired right now) i also like drawing but im not very good so id like someone to send me their drawings!! id prefer someone 13-16 but anyone else is fine too, to teach me the ways of being old ahaha. i also hope they arent really mean cuz i wanna talk to happy people. i dont know what else to put so
snap/instagram: ask :)

That’s totally the kind of outfit normal people wear to a boat ride.

Are Jason and Cheryl all Lannister in this version because siblings that age don’t really hold hands usually.

My memories about Cheryl are kinda fuzzy, she mostly came off as “Veronica 2.0, EVEN MORE INTENSE” in the comics. Veronica, but slightly nastier! I guess the idea behind her introduction was Betty and Veronica were friends despite their rivalry, so time to introduce a girl they weren’t friends with and could go all out against for. They might have made her a more distinctive character in recent years, but I don’t really remember her as being one.

I do not remember anything at all about her brother, other than he existed and that Betty left Archie for him once or something.  

i feel like the characters that i don’t like are characters who do bad things and just never get proper comeuppance. 

komaeda essentially causes the first murder in sdr2, has a pretty harmful way of thinking (hope can only be caused by talent, talentless/normal people are worthless and shouldn’t be near talented people), manipulated fukawa throughout drae because he said he could keep togami safe if she followed his EXACT plan, and threatened to blow up a fucking school because his friends were depressed (newsflash asshole don’t do that).

yet, komaeda is given a happy ending and still has the same harmful thought process. he still believes in hope only being caused by talent, despair will lead to a great hope, and nothing changes. he’s still the exact same. he just got a happy ending while having an awful ova try to excuse any potential character development at the last second.

oleander, despite me liking him for other reasons, is also a victim of this. he gets off scot-free of kidapping twenty kids and making them sneeze their brains out. before you say loboto did this, oleander is still the leader of the mission and had loboto do that. we do learn about his sad past, but twenty kids were still kidnapped, strapped down, and forced to sneeze out their brains like that’s just really fucked up.

the narrative still has us forgive oleander because raz helps him with his traumatic experiences, but that doesn’t really add up for me. any trace of him being an “evil general” is eliminated in pitror, and no one really seems to take him seriously despite, you know, him trying to take over the fucking world like two days ago. it’s just an awkwardness for oleander’s character that’s like “oh just view him as a weird uncle! forget he did all that shit!” but for me, i can’t because it’s so blatant that two days ago, he tried to kill everyone, but now, he’s singing a pop song and then dicks around in a merman suit.

i’m sure oleander will get some form of retribution for his actions in pn2 (unlike komaeda who had like five years to learn in this hell franchise called dangan ronpa since he had a personal manga, an ova, two video games, and two animes to learn). i still like oleander has a character, but seeing him in pitror act as if he didn’t just try to take over the fucking world is a bit jarring. komaeda can go fuck himself.

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Hi. I'm a 23 yo woman and this year I finally got an medical diagnosis, I have the innatentive type of ADHD, anxiety and panic attacks and my life is a mess. I have no support of my family or of my boyfriend and no money. The worst part is my bf doens't think ADHD is real and he never understands when I say I just can't do things like "normal people". Your blog is helping me to figure out some of my sintoms and making me realize that I'm not a human trash. Thank you for doing this <3.

I’m sorry that your boyfriend isn’t understanding. I hope you’re able to get that sorted out as you learn more about why you do things the way you do, and that knowing this helps you find your way to success. And I’m so glad we’re able to help you!