and none of you understand why


You asked my mother why she hasn’t been able to contact me to update you on how I’m doing. Even after years of this, it still catches me off guard. Your excuses have changed over the years. You didn’t have my number, you didn’t have time to talk to me yourself, you didn’t know when I was free. You sent me a happy birthday text though, so that must make up for it.

I’ve never understood this. I don’t know that anyone but you can understand why. And it isn’t like I’ve avoided the topic, I’m no stranger to direct confrontation. However you always had a way of skirting around the topic.

So you want an update? I’m fantastic. I have done what none of your children have, I finished high school, I married an amazing guy, and I’ve gone to school in pursuit of a career. I finished my program top of my class and obtained a position days after finishing. I am good. But of course, you don’t want this information from me.

My husband has been so supportive of me. He’s pushed me when I wanted to give up, he learned and studied with me, and now he can’t stop telling me how proud he is of me. He deserves quite a bit of the credit but won’t accept it. He’s amazing.

His mom takes care of us in the way a mother of adult children does. She makes sure we have everything we need no matter how much we fight her on it.

His father is man-child. He disappeared for years, and when he came back, he pretended that he never left. He’s petty and expects gifts on holidays and won’t let any kindness of his to be unnoticed. He doesn’t like to be involved, however he won’t let his presence be forgotten. He kind of reminds me of you.

I’m nothing like you and that fact makes me happier than you’ll ever know. 

-Your daughter


ok so basically i saw a post on my dash and it was someone being like ‘wtf i just saw donghyuck smut’ so i was like???????? is she kidding lol????????

i searched nct smut and wow oh boy i saw hell with my own two eyes

it was written by @angelina1004 so could you all please go over there and explain to her why shes wrong with that mindset???? she doesnt seem apologetic AT ALL and i know, free speech, whatever, i dont give a shit but???? the sexualisation of minors is????????????????

if you’re reading this, please understand that i’d never wish death on you! it’s just that none of the nct stans like to see minors, especially those as young as nct dream being sexualised! this isnt coming from someone taeyong’s age, but someone jisung’s age. how do you think we’d feel seeing boys barely older than us being sexualised?

i understand that in your society it might be fine, and i respect that, but please. having strangers write smut about you is already weird enough as it is. but having strangers write that sort of stuff about you when you’re a minor? thats worse tbh???? i think everyone would appreciate it if you took down the posts.

Batmom x Damian Wayne Drabble

A/N: I’m pleased with this one.

Warnings: None but it’s a bit longer than the others I think.


He’d never had someone quite like you in his life, the only mother figure he had was Talia, your opposite apparently. You’d often ask about his day, night activities, offer to stitch him up, make him snacks, take him places whenever he wasn’t quite himself - he secretly loved all the things you did but couldn’t understand why you did them. Did he owe you something? Did you need him for some evil master plan?

It was a Saturday morning and Damian was graciously finishing the breakfast prepared for him by Alfred when you walked in, dressed in a way that suggested you were going somewhere.
“Morning Dami, how’d you sleep?” You chirped reaching for a snack on the top shelf.
“Well. Though patrol was particularly strenuous.” He monotonously replied looking to you, green eyes filled with curiosity.

“I hope you kicked butt out there, do you need any injuries taking care of?” You asked with a smile.
“No.” Rather blunt, with a hint of obnoxiousness.
“Alright, call me if you need anything.” You grinned walking over to the boy and playfully ran your fingers through his hair before leaving the kitchen.

Damian froze, this was odd behaviour - you’d never done that to him before and he felt slightly agitated that you were now treating him like a child. Dick walked in just as you were about to exit noticing the cold frown his ‘youngest brother’ wore.

“Hey Dickiebird.” You greeted and again tousled his hair too, to which left Damian thoroughly confused - so you weren’t treating him like a child?
Dicks eyes lit up significantly and he sent a pout your way as you left, immediately fixing his hair afterwards. Damian’s hair was also in more disarray than usual and realisation hit the older hero.

“It’s her way of showing she loves us, (y/n) does it to all of us from time to time.” Grayson grinned before grabbing some orange juice and presumably going to the Batcave.
There was no way you did this to all of them right? Damian decided to check this out for himself through the art of skilful observation, or maybe he was just determined to prove Grayson wrong.

First it was Tim, a couple of days after the 'incident’ and Tim had come to the Batcave under the alias of Red Robin, pulling down his mask and looking completely exhausted. You sat at one of the desks pushing a cup of coffee toward the returning vigilante while Damian leant on the railing above watching the scene unfold below him. Tim walked past the coffee and over to you who was now standing, he took you into a weak hug and rested his forehead on your shoulder allowing you to run your fingers through his tousled locks.

“Aw, you must tired Timmy.” Again you gave a meaningful smile and handed Tim his coffee which he graciously accepted.
Damian continued to observe,  believing that Tim was just soft and you had only gotten to ¾ of them meaning Dick still wasn’t right.

Damian was confident you wouldn’t do it to all of the Robins, apparently just most of them - Jason being the one exception, since he was always grumpy or sarcastic, he didn’t think you would dare touch him in fear of getting yelled at. However, he was proven wrong much to his distaste when Jason had arrived at the manor for goodness knows what and was leaning on the wall waiting for Bruce (he assumed anyway).

Thats when you walked past, noticing the absence of Jason’s helmet you briskly went toward him and rustled your fingers through his hair on your way past.
“Nice of you to visit Jaybird, you better tell me how you’re getting on once you’re done here.” You grinned heading down the hallway while Damian awaited the harsh reply from the Red Hood. Which never came…?

Instead Jason ran a hand through his newly messed up hair and smiled, it was a genuine smile too, one which was rarely even seen on him. Did he like it?
“Was that a smile Todd?” Damian arrogantly interrogated making his presence known.
“Shut up Demon spawn!” Jason remarked, a hint of happiness detected in his rude tone.

Upon returning from vigilante duty with his father, Damian was still considering his findings - why did you do it? Grayson was not right, it couldn’t be a sign of affection since he’d only been living here for a few months maybe he just refused to accept that you actually did trust him so quickly or it was denial.

He stood in the Batcave pondering all the possibilities, meanwhile you happily greeted Bruce with long kiss and a hug then made you way over to Robin with Bruce carefully watching your actions.
You ran your hand through his dark hair, ruffling it slightly which recaptured his attention.
“Welcome home Dami.” You greeted cheerfully but in a calm manner then began to make your way back up to the mansion.

You completely missed the look of shock that crossed Bruce’s face in a split second as you interacted with Robin. Robin on the other had finally accepted it, he enjoyed your little act of affection and it made him feel welcome, safe and happy even - this brought the smallest of smiles to boys features.

“Thanks… (Y/N).” Damian finished, turning to you as you left - you smiled and nodded in response while Bruce was just speechless due to Damian’s sudden change in attitude.

I own 4/5 of these lovely doujinshi, the piece with blue colored cover in the middle belongs to my kouhai. Of course she bought another copy of each pieces for herself too (gurl why you so rich?)


Title: Live*Love
Circle/Doujinka: Tadano she’s someone with lovely artstyle you can not ignore.
Sample: here
Link to purchase: None, SOLD OUT already after just a few hours of open selling on Toranoana_(┐「ε:)_ 

* Note: I will spoil only the last short-story
All Images taken by my kouhai, she also did the JPnese to VNmese translation. Here I just translated a few lines to English so you guys could understand. *

Summary: Victor and Yuuri went out to celebrate their first day living together, however Victor was too excited with the thought of making love to Yuuri for the first time and got drunk so Yuuri had to take him home. And then…

Victor: Starting today we’ll be living together for a year so,
I definitely must have sex with you tonight.

Victor: But I went overexcited (about it) and got so tipsy.
Aah~  What should I do now Yuuri?
I smelt your scent clearly. Despite this, I still didn’t get hard.
Yuuri: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Laughing his ass off* 

Yuuri: I will do, okay? (he means riding him ò w ó)
Victor: No.. I…

Victor: I want to make love to you, Yuuri.
Aah~ I want it so badly.
Yuuri: W-wait…
Water! I..I will bring you some water so, get sober soon please…

*LOL* Victor you drunkass :)))))))))))))))))))

I understand.
We met each other at an unfortunate time at an unfortunate place, and even though that might not be why you’re not in love with me – I’ll take it as that to make myself feel better.
It’s not your fault you fell for her before I even crossed paths with you.
It’s not my fault I fell for you when all you could taste was her lips and vodka and blood –
But it’s my fault that I let myself believe something would come out of this mess of a crush, that maybe – just maybe – we would end up together, with you in my arms and me on your mind.
I understand why you don’t love me;
There are a million reasons why we shouldn’t be –
But none of them are stopping me.
—  think of me before you go to sleep (Apr 14 // 8:54pm)
Check, Please headcanon

Okay so I’m Canadian and let me tell you, when you go to the states, you can tell when other Canadian people are around because they just look,,, softer?

So I imagine that Jack and Ransom wouldn’t even have to be introduced they already know that the other is Canadian and get along swimmingly.

B u t Jack starts speaking French because he just assumes Ransom knows French because it’s the second language of Canada! Why wouldn’t you know French!

I’ve been learning Frech since grade four, and I don’t know a lick of French. Everyone I know (friends and family in Toronto) none of them know French. Not unless they’ve been in the program- daily- since senior kindergarten.

Something Ransom was not in. So he just smiles and nods and when Jack is done he just, laughs.

Ransom only knows little phrases, like “je ne comprend pas” (i do not understand) and “je m'appelle Justin” (my name is Justin)

And because Québécois French is different from the French we are taught, Ransom can’t even understand Jack, and vice versa.

Anyways, their first meeting is a train wreck.

Best Friends

Request: Can you write jughead imagine where he is clingy and the reader loves it but it’s just weird because it’s not him so she asks him why and he says that she has been spending to much time with Archie

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Okay, i’ve been very excited to write this. This is just such a cute idea. Thank you for the request!

Remember, requests of all kinds are closed.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warning: none.

Originally posted by stydiaislove

Your two best friends, Jughead and Archie. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been best friends with the two (along with Betty). They were your protectors, the boys you looked up to and the only two who seemed to understand what you were feeling before you even knew what you were feeling.

You three were so close as children, you three were inseparable. But as you grew, and days became less play-related and more school-related, your two best friends drifted. It had been fine, though hanging on thin strings, the three of you were still quite close. But it had been more you hanging out with one than the other one day, and then switching the next day. It was very rare for all three of you to be together anymore, but it still happened.

That all changed though, when the road trip you had set up for the two of them, got derailed. You had been sick of this ignorance and complete ‘pick-sides-thing’, so you had practically ordered them to go on a road trip the weekend of July fourth, refusing to join them. You thought this would help them rekindle the friendship that had dwindled the few years previous.

But then Archie had ditched Jughead, and Jughead came to you. You, of course had been mad at Archie as well, but eventually when school started and you saw how frazzled he looked, you’d forgiven him. You’d always been soft at heart.

Then the regular routine picked up again. Some days with Jughead and some with Archie. You became use to it, but you still hated it. Especially since Jughead had been acting out recently and you weren’t sure why.

Closing your locker, you shook yourself out of your musings, locking your lock and turning. You nearly jumped in spot when Jughead appeared beside you, and you held your hand against your chest with a sigh. “Seriously, Jug, you need to stop sneaking up on me.”

He let one of those few, rare smiles reserved for you, slip as he shrugged his hands into his pockets. “Pop’s?” He suggested and looking at your phone, you shrugged. 

“Sure.” You agreed and soon you found yourself sitting in a booth at Pop’s, a chocolate milkshake in front of you. Though, instead of Jughead taking the seat next you, which it seemed like he had originally planned, he suddenly scooted you over and sat beside you. 

It wasn’t that you minded. But all your life, Jughead had never been one for physical contact but if his side pressed up against yours and his arm around your waist had anything to go by, it seemed maybe you were wrong. Though you knew you weren’t. Even if you were his best friend, you were not an exception. Jughead just didn’t like physical contact.

So then why was he so close to you now?

“Juggie?” You asked, looking at him from the side of your head. He said nothing, instead huddling a bit closer and taking a bite of his burger he’d ordered. You shrugged it off, as you two fell into a soft chatter.

Soon enough you heard the bell chime and looking up because of curiosity, you saw Archie and Betty walking in. You smiled and looking down at the boy next to you, you saw him sulking. You shook your head, “Arch! Betty! Come here!” Their gaze fell on you, and immediately smile they began to walk over.

You faintly heard Jughead grumble next to you, but you shook it off. “You’re gonna have to be his friend again, eventually, Juggie.” You whispered just as Betty and Archie slid in in front of you. You easily fell into a conversation with Betty, missing the way Jughead fixed Archie with a glare.

As you talked on, you faintly noticed Jughead’s position became more straighter and him scoot even closer to you. He poked you constantly, (mainly when you spoke to Archie) and tried to gain your attention, but you only gave him a sideways glare.

You weren’t sure why he was being so clingy. This was so unlike him. But, thinking back you had to be honest and mention that this kind of behaviour had been happening a lot with him. And you just couldn’t figure out why.

“So, Arch, I heard that you’l’ be taking Jason’s spot of the football team?” You asked, staring over at your redheaded best friend. Betty immediately smiled proudly and you giggled silently in your mind. 

Archie shrugged, bashful. “Yeah, well… coach said they had an open spot.”

“That’s awesome!” You cheered, clapping your hands. Turning to Jughead, you smiled over at him. “Isn’t it, Juggie?” He looked up from his lap, glaring at Archie before turning to you. His arm was still around your waist and he practically had you leaning against him. You weren’t the only one odded out by this behaviour, Betty and Archie constantly threw you confused glances to which you could only shrug.

“Sure.” He mumbled.

You sighed. “Well, hows your music going?” You remembered him speaking about an interest in music and remembered how enthusiastic he had seemed. 

“Oh! Yeah, Ms. Grundy offered to help me, so that should be good.” He immediately perked up at the mention of music.

“That’s grea-”

“We should get going.” Jughead suddenly interrupted, snapping all of your gazes over at him by he only focused on you. Narrowing your eyes at him, you silently asked what was wrong. He just looked at you urgently. “Right, Y/N?” He asked again.

You shook your head, “i do-”

“You do.” Was all he said as he stood up and practically dragged you out of the booth. 

“Wait, Y/N…” Betty tried and you threw an apologetic gaze over at your two friends, just as confused. 

Once outside of the diner, you ripped your arm away from Jughead’s grip, stopping him. “What the hell was that, Jughead?”

He stopped, turning to you but not looking at you in the eye. He said nothing and you crossed your arms, frustrated. “You’ve been acting really odd lately, Juggie. Clinging to me and pulling me away from the middle of conversations, what the hell is going on?” You demanded an answer, confused and frustrated.

“You’re spending too much time with him…” He mumbled.

“What?” You blinked.

“You’re spending too much time with Archie.” He repeated and you blinked, confused. His answer only left more unanswered questions rather than answers.

 “What do you mean? He’s my best friend.”

“I’m your best friend! He ditched me, remember! I am your best friend…” Jughead began yelling, but by the end it ended in a whisper. Suddenly you felt guilty, understanding how this must have made him felt. Uncrossing his arms, you sighed, walking over to him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about how this made you feel.” You apologized, smiling apologetically up at him. He wasn’t made, instead he looked as if he was sulking as he sighed too, allowing a small smile to slip.

“It’s okay.”

Pickup Lines (Jumin x MC)

After being given numerous bits of advice, Jumin tries something new.

Word Count: 534

-I just happen to know a lot of pickup lines so perhaps this was an inevitable prompt but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!


You sat beside Jumin on the sofa, cups of coffee held in both of your hands.

You glanced at him, finding his eyes already locked onto you.

You smiled, taking a quiet sip.

He lowered his drink, clearing his throat awkwardly. 

You didn’t quite understand why his cheeks already seemed to be sprinkled with pink.

“Are you…a magician?” 

You thought for a moment, wondering if you even heard him right at first.

You furrowed your brows with clear confusion. 

It didn’t seem to help his flustered composure.

“B-Because whenever I look at you…e-everyone else disappears.” 

You nearly choked on your coffee. 

Your face exploded into a bright shade of red, barely able to speak.

You stared at him, noticing how the smallest smile crept to his lips. 

“It looks like it worked. I’ll have to do that more often.” 

You lowered your coffee, managing to sputter a response. “Since when do you try pickup lines?” 

“Luciel advised it. I typically don’t listen to much of his advice since it’s not serious most of the time…but he seemed adamant that most people liked them.” 

He gave a nervous look. “It did work…right?” 

You gave an amused grin, unable to hold back laughter. “Yes, but you already ‘wooed’ me, you didn’t have to. But, I think it was sweet.”

“So you liked it?”

You nodded. 

“I’ll be sure to try out more.” 

Your face flushed at the idea, but soon a spark went off in your brain. “Well, if it works for most people, why don’t I try it on you?” 

His eyes widened. “What?” 

“I want to try it out on you.” You said. “I think it’ll be fun.”

He was uncertain, scrunching up his nose.


He melted.


Your mind ran with possibilities, but you eventually settled on one.

You looked at him, barely able to contain your snickers as his face was already reddening despite his cool expression.

“My love for you is like dividing by zero…” You began, watching as Jumin raised a curious brow. “because it can’t be defined.” 

He coughed, clamping a hand over his mouth from shock. 

If he was just blushing before, now he was arguably the same shade as a strawberry.

It did the trick.

He stared at the ground, trying to regain his usual collected self. 

You leaned against him, chuckling softly. “I think that worked too.” 

He simply nodded, muttering through his covered mouth. “Yes, it did.” 

You waited for a moment as he calmed down, unable to wipe the way your smile stretched from ear to ear. 

He let out a deep breath, setting down his tea and instead entangling you in his arms. 

“I can understand why so many people like..pickup lines.” He admitted. “If you couldn’t tell, it had an effect on me.” 

You turned your head to look at him, cupping his face with your hands. “And you know what the cherry on top is?” 

He tipped his head to the side. “What?” 

You kissed his nose, your fingers twirling through strands of his hair as they rose. 

“That they’re absolutely true.” 

He pressed his forehead against yours, gently sighing. “I couldn’t agree more.” 

Secret Santa: 2nd Place!!
  • Switzerland: ...
  • Austria: ...
  • Switzerland: okay, I give up! Why are you following me??
  • Austria: b-because you're a stubborn person and I can never hand you this with people staring.
  • Switzerland: why are you angry now all of a sudden?? Geez, I can never understand you.
  • Austria: shut up, you don't know how hard this is for me!
  • Switzerland: I don't even know why we were close when we were younger- ... hey, what's wrong with your hands? It's all bandaged up.
  • Austria: n-none of your concern.
  • Switzerland: why do I even try...
  • Austria: s-since you're not so keen on seeing me, h-here! It's a stupid idea anyways! *storms off*
  • Switzerland: he's as stubborn as always- what the... a present? *opens the box* ... it's... my old scarf. I thought that I lost it hundreds of years ago? He fixed it for me... and made it longer... *blushing*
  • France, England, Portugal, Spain: ... *smirks*
The Little Flower

Requested by: @potterhead236

Author’s note: I’m still new at this but I do believe I’m getting better. I have updated my prompts list and it only has prompts that I feel aren’t over used and go with the main imagines I do. Requests for everything are open and if you have any tips on how to run my blog better I would appreciate the help.

8. “Oh, so you think I’m cute when I’m angry?” Well, get ready because I’m about to be gorgeous.”

9. “I don’t understand why everyone believes I’m a sweet, delicate person. I mean, I’m violent, like all the time.”

33. “Remove your hand or I will rip you arm off and beat you to death with it.”

Words: 983

Warnings: None Draco Malfoy x reader


   (Y/n) was walking through the halls of Hogwarts on her way to Herbology when she heard that oh so similarly obnoxious voice. It stopped her almost in her tracks and she lifted her head to meet the eyes of the person it belonged to.

“Oh, look boys. It’s the little flower going right where she belongs,” Draco snickered as his friends and him walked past, clearly enjoying her reaction to the nickname he gave her. Little flower, only a name you give someone fragile, weak, and beautiful. (Y/n) was fragile or weak and hated the nickname, if it weren’t for the way he said it and how he implied it, she would have quite liked it. (Y/n) lowered her head back to the floor and kept walking, trying not to be late for class.

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Regrets and a happy Smile

Hi guys! This is a follow up to the short one shot called “Teardrops and a Mug of Tea”. It can be read as a stand alone too. 
Plot: Harry’s heart hurts when he realized how big of a mistake leaving Y/N was.
Warnings: none, but it’s not proofread so there may be some mistakes.
Pic isn’t mine, but I love it.

“I don’t understand what’s so god damn hard about remembering to pick me up from the airport,” Kira nagged, her slim fingers holding onto her wine glass tightly, “How many girlfriends returning from her holidays do you fucking have, huh?”

“Just you,” Harry muttered, his gaze had long lowered from her face to his feet, both of his shoulders slack in discomfort.

“Then why is it you couldn’t be there on time like you promised?”

Kira let the content of her glass drip into the sink. Harry’s tummy turned and his heart beat rapidly as guilt ate away on his insides. Her feet noisily walked over to where he stood and he quickly looked up, too afraid it’d make her yell at him if he dared avoiding her eyes any longer.

“What has that head of yours so occupied and distracted, Harry?”

Y/N. She had his mind racing and heart beating fast. It was her face he saw whenever he blinked and every girl he looked at, he thought for a moment to be her. Even in his sleep it was Y/N’s image who kept reappearing and haunted him. His best friend. The first girl he’d felt at home with. And also the first woman he’d left after three months of trying to be in a relationship, even though he couldn’t have ever cared about anyone as much as he did about her.
Harry didn’t dare saying so, though and kept his mouth sealed. Kira would have had his head as well as Y/N’s. She did not like any woman near Harry and should she learn of his true feelings for someone else, he feared of what lengths she would go. Additionally to that, Harry had left Y/N because he’d wanted to, regardless of how much he missed her and regretted his actions now. He’d left a woman heartbroken and couldn’t find the strength in him to do it again and go back to face the girl he loved.

“Nothing, Kira. There’s nothing.”

Kira’s clear eyes focused on him with such intensity it made his hands sweaty and a shudder run down his back.


She gave him one last glare before stomping past him and into the living room, where she sat down on the couch from which she’d ripped Harry from his sleep only minutes ago. A couch, where he’d had his first kiss with Y/N and where he’d touched Y/N’s beautiful skin for the first time. They’d taken their time and gone slow, and so when he looked back now, he could still remember every sensation, every sound she’d made and every inch of where he’d kissed her.
Harry lowered my gaze in shame as he was consumed with an aching pain.

He couldn’t go on like this. Not one more day did he want to spend with the dreadful woman in his living room, and the girl he loved absent. But how could he possibly tell Kira that he had been wrong to allow her back into his life? How would she ever accept that he wanted someone other than her?

Four weeks had past since Harry had walked out of his love’s life and back into Kira’s, and since then he’d lost at least half of his confidence and trust. She constantly dragged him down with all of the negativity she surrounded herself with. Never did she say something nice or do something kind. Even her kisses were cold and her hold felt more like a grip and sometimes almost bruised him.

“I need to leave,” he whispered to himself, his voice barely a whisper, “I need to go to her and beg her to take me back.”

Y/N could make it all okay. Only one touch and she could mend all pain Kira had inflicted on him would be gone, just like it had been when Kira had dumped him to the side for the first time. How had he ever been so stupid to think the woman who’d thrown him away like an old toy, could make him happier than the girl he’d called his closest friend for years? What insane logic had been messing with his head?

“Kira?” Harry called out, “Could you leave? Please?”

He didn’t need to wait long for an answer, soon her feet were moving quickly and she appeared in the doorway.


Harry swallowed hard, finding it difficult to look into her wide eyes. She resembled a woman gone mad, all flushed and distraught. She’d surely not expected me to try and kick her out.

“I want you to leave. And I wanna break up with you as well. This… us… S'not good for me.”

Harry didn’t like how much his voice stuttered, but he couldn’t look away either. Kira’s mouth opened wide as her pupils filled with anger.


His feet were cold and Harry couldn’t stop himself from shifting from side to side, his nerves continuing to slip through his fingers and he feared that when Y/N arrived, there’d be nothing left of him other than a pool of sweat on the floor. The flowers he held tightly shook just like his hand did and his throat felt too dry to speak. Harry could barely make out the driveway to Y/N’s apartment building it was so dark and he shivered, the cold air hitting his skin easily through the thin material he was wearing. After Kira had finally stormed out of his home there hadn’t been any patience left in him. He had to go see her instantly.
But now that he was standing in front of her home, he couldn’t muster up the courage to walk up the short way up to her door and ring the bell.

What could he say to her? That he was sorry? That he loved her? That though he had left her physically, his heart had always stayed with her? Would it suffice after he’d hurt her so deeply without even blinking?

Harry’s attention was caught by a movement in the dark and he looked up to see his former best friend, lover and closest companion, walking up the her home. Her shoulders were relaxed and his heart beat rapidly when he heard the faint noise of her laugh. Sickness crawled up his throat and his eyes stung. His Y/N was healthy, happy and calm, her hand held tightly by a man Harry didn’t know. He was tall, looming over Y/N similar to how Harry always used to do and his hair was of a light brown. Harry observed how the guy smiled when he noticed that Y/N was laughing because of him, obviously proud as well as happy with himself. An ugly feeling of jealousy cursed through Harry’s veins and he wanted to scream. Who was the guy? Why could he hold her when that was just what Harry wanted to do himself?
Harry watched in disbelief as Y/N and the stranger continued to walk up her driveway, until they stood on the doorstep Harry had imagined he’d be kissing Y/N tonight. The blonde still held Y/N’s hand in his, Harry even noticed him moving his thumb over her palm in a gentle gesture. Y/N lowered her gaze as a blush rose to her cheeks, a smile still pulling at the corner of her lips. She looked so good. Not just in the sense of her appearance being beautiful, but in her health as well. Y/N truly seemed to be doing good and having found something that made her happy. Or someone.
All Harry could do was swallow hard and blink rapidly, keeping his eyes from letting the tears fall as good as he could. His heart sank to the bottom of his stomach when the guy leaned in, not to kiss Y/N’s lips, only to sweetly kiss her cheek.

He was delicate with her, treated Y/N as if she were the most precious thing he’d ever touched and as though he couldn’t quite figure her out.

He treated her just how Harry wished he had, but had always failed to. Harry hadn’t ever taken his time with her like that, had always tried to catch a proper snog instead of a small peck and had held her so tight she’d remember his hold even after he’d left.
Harry regretted not having been gentler with her almost as much as he did leaving her. He missed his best friend so much and wished he could somehow change the present and go back those few weeks, so he would now be standing where the blonde was.

But that was impossible and his feet still felt incredibly cold as he stood there watching her doorstep. Y/N had long entered her cozy, little home and the guy had long driven off with his car, but only after he’d squeezed Y/N and having buried his head in the crook of her neck, breathing her in. So similar to how Harry used to hug her.
Though he was long gone and though Harry knew exactly where Y/N was, he couldn’t find it in him to move. He realized that it wouldn’t have been fair, and fair was just what he needed to be for her. Just once.
Y/N was happy. And that mattered most, even if it tore Harry’s heart apart, that she was doing well, better even, now that he wasn’t in her life anymore.

Hope you liked it! Feedback is welcomed, requests are closed. In case you requested something, I’m so sorry it’s taking so long! 

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What’s annoying me the most about all of this discourse about season two is that none of you seem to understand why this is the way it is 

This show was created for those that consume it, like a business corporation creates content for the society they want to buy their product

Voltron was made for the fandom, and in this fandom, where Hunk, Lance and Allura are constantly undermined and made less content for, what did you expect for them to make?

Yes you can argue that Lance and Allura do have a lot of content, but a majority of it is shipping wise, and taking that away, it really narrows the numbers

Yes, I am angry too, they deserved better, but it’s not only the fault of dreamworks. In their time crunch that they had to make all of these episodes, this is what they thought would make them the most content, and if we want more Hunk, Lance and Allura? We have to start to ask why they thought this would make them the most money, and how we can work to change that. 


Tom Holland Imagine: Girlfriend? What girlfriend?

Summary: You and Tom are both finally getting some recognition in Hollywood. Tom also can’t keep is mouth shut so Marvel gives him a fake girlfriend so he has excuses when he goes places. That girlfriend being you.

A/N: Making this up as I go… as usual… bear with me (Also, I haven’t taken Latin in years so give me break if some of my mythology is wrong. Seriously, I will fight you if you try and be the smart ass the corrects me.)

Warnings: none


Tom’s POV:

“I don’t understand why I have to go on this stupid date…”

“You can’t keep your damn mouth shut, that’s why.”

I glared at Harrison as he flipped through the pages of his magazine. He sighed before closing it.

“Look, mate, it’s not even like Y/N is unattractive. She’s actually quite the opposite. She’s stunning, really. And maybe this "relationship” can put you on the radar of some more casting directors as well.“

"I just don’t like hurting my fans. They all support and love me so much and I don’t want them to be hurt when they find out about Y/N and I.”

“If they’re really your fans, they’ll support you. Now promise me you won’t be a dick and piss her off.”

“I promise…”


Your POV:

“This is so stupid. Why am I being forced on this date just because he can’t keep his mouth shut? How does this benefit me? All that’s gonna happen is a bunch of teenage girls are gonna send me death threats!”

“Y/N, it’s all about publicity. Tom is a very well respected actor and he could do you some good. He can make you look desirable which is what we want if you want to land that role.”

I rolled my eyes at my agent. I put in my last earring as I smoothed my hands over my dress.

“He better be pretty damn charming or I’m gonna kill you.”

“Trust me, once you see him, you’ll be thanking me for weeks.”

Then the doorbell rang. I looked at Kasey with wide eyes. She sighed and signaled for me to get the door.

I slowly walked over and opened it up to reveal who I assumed was Tom.

Okay, so Kasey had been right about him being attractive but that means nothing if he’s a total asshole.

“Y/N? I’m Tom.”

“Hello, Tom. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tom held his arm out for me to take. He led me to a cab and held the door open for me.

Okay, he gets a point for that.

I smiled at him as he helped me in before shutting the door and walking around to his side.

“So, what are we doing tonight?”

“Well, we need to be seen so I got us tickets to see Hamilton if that’s alright with you?”

“Hamilton!? Are you serious!? We’re seeing Hamilton!?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be fun. I’ve also only learned about the revolutionary war from the UK’s perspective so I thought it would be cool to learn about it from America’s point of view.”

“Okay, well I must warn you, they do kinda mock you guys in the play.”

“Yeah, I figured. Anyway, let’s get going.”

Tom lead me into the theater after plenty of paparazzi snapped pictures of us together. He lead us to the box where our seats were and we sat down as we waited for the show to begin.

Tom and I attempted to talk while we waited for the show to start. It was very awkward considering I could see all the girls below us pointing up at Tom and I, obviously recognizing him as the new Spider-Man.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the show began…

—Time Skip—

“So, did you like it?”

“Oh my gosh, I LOVED it! I’ve only ever listened to the soundtrack and it was so amazing to actually get to SEE it! Thank you, Tom! So much!” I said as I kissed his cheek… in front of the cameras.

Tom smiled down at me as he once again helped me into the cab.

Once he was seated next to me, he sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

I pulled out my phone to see that my notifications were blowing up.

I opened Instagram to see pictures of Tom and I everywhere and let me tell you, the fans were not taking it well…

“Ugly ass bitch”

“She’s such a slut, look at how short her dress is”

“Why would Tom EVER go out with her!? She’s so ugly and can’t even act… he could do so much better.”

I felt a tear fall down my cheek and I was quick to wipe it away in hopes of Tom not noticing.

But, he did.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“Umm, it’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. What’s wrong? You can tell me. I am technically your boyfriend after all.” He said as he smiled at me.

“This can’t happen again. We can’t keep doing this. God, just one date and look what’s already happened! And it’s not even like you actually care about me! We’re only dating each other for publicity and so you have an excuse while you’re in New York!”

I shoved my phone in Tom’s face as he read through the captions, comments and tweets that had been sent to me.

“Shit, love. I’m so sorry. I-I knew this was a bad idea. I tried to tell them- shit… I’m so sorry. This is all my fault…”

“It’s not your fault, Tom. If it wasn’t you, Kasey would’ve just put me in another relationship with someone who was probably rude and a lot less attractive.”

My face turned red as I realized I had just called Tom attractive. I saw a small smile form on his face out of the corner of my eye.

“So, you’re just as attracted to me as I am to you?”


“Well, if you’re declaring this as our last date, then why earth would I let it be over anytime soon? Driver! Take us to Central Park instead.”

“Tom, what are you doing?”

“The night is still young, darling.”

The cab pulled up at Central Park and Tom and I stepped out of the cab. As it began to drive away, Tom hooked his arm in mine.

We began to walk through the park before we found a bench that satisfied Tom and we sat down.

“I’ve always loved looking at the stars.” Tom said.

I looked at him and smiled, urging him to continue.

“Ever since I was a little kid, they always fascinated me. It amazes me that we have the ability to see something so far away. I mean, it doesn’t make since, does it? We can’t see some things that are literally on us without a microscope but we can still see balls of burning gas that are millions of miles away. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s very incredible.”

I scooted close to Tom and laid my head on his shoulder.

I looked up at the stars as he continued to point out constellations.

“That’s the Big Dipper, and there’s the Little Dipper… and that ones Ursa Major and the smaller one is Ursa Minor. And if you look over there, that’s Orion’s Belt.”

I smiled as Tom continued to point out other constellations.

“Do you know the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?” I asked, interrupting him.

Tom shook his head and smiled down at me.

“Long ago, there was a beautiful young maiden. The god, Zeus, began to admire her from Mt. Olympus. He fell in love with her. And one night, he disguised himself as a man and crawled into the maiden’s bed. The young maiden became pregnant and gave birth to Zeus’s son. Zeus’s wife, Hera, became furious when she found out that her husband had had an affair. And like she always did, she punished the innocent maiden. She turned the girl and her son into a bear. And Zeus, who was heartbroken by the discovery, decided that they should not be something that’s hunted like a bear, but should be something that’s admired, like the stars. He put the maiden and her son into the sky for everyone in the world to admire. Hera was not happy by this decision, but could do nothing to stop Zeus from making sure that everyone could see the beauty in the girl and her son.”

Tom was still smiling at me as I finished the myth that I had learned too many times in my Latin class.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type of girl to like mythology.”

“Oh, I love it. So much.”

Unfortunately, my time with Tom came to an end. He dropped me off at my hotel where we said our final goodbye.

I spent the rest of the night staring at the stars.

—Time Skip—

I woke up one morning to pounding at the door.

I cursed whoever had woken me up from my peaceful slumber and trudged over to the door and opened it to see a package.

I picked up the box and brought it into the room and placed it on the table. I picked up a knife and began to cut the edges of the box before it opened up to reveal a book.

Not just any book.

A book on Greek mythology.

I smiled and picked up the letter that was placed on top of it.

My name was written in cursive on the front. I sat down on the couch before I opened it and read it.

Dear Y/N,

I know writing letters is old fashioned, but so is Greek mythology so I found it fitting. After the night that we spent together a few weeks ago, you haven’t left my mind. In fact, the memories of the time I spent with you drove me to purchase this book and read it. You’ve now given me an interest in Greek mythology. Ironically, the last story in the book is the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. As I looked at the illustrations, it felt like they were screaming at me to write this letter and send it to you. I know you said that we shouldn’t be together, but that was before we really spent time together. I would like to take you out again. For real this time. No paparazzi and no negative comments. If you are interested, please call me. I would love to have a second chance with my girlfriend.



I smiled as I read the letter over and over again before I picked up the phone to call the guy who was about to change my world forever.

“Good” Regina and her lack of empathy for Zelena.

Empathy isn’t just about being nice… it’s about understanding another person.  It’s about knowing that you screw up to and that you could find yourself in their position.  Empathy requires pain.  That’s why Snow White had no empathy before she lived a life as a bandit and why Regina without the pain of the Queen has none herself.  

It’s the ugly side of the light.  It blinds.  

And I love it.  Regina needs the Queen because pain is part of life.  You can’t just cut it away.

Diamonds are Forever: Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of angst, drinking, fluff

Word Count: 2240

Request:  I was wondering if you would write something were the reader and Bucky fell in love, but Natasha was really horrible and told the reader to stay away from Bucky, Bucky doesn’t understand why until the reader breaks down to Steve and tells why, if that makes any sense I would love you forever, I understand if Not, your an amazing writer xx 

For my darling @melconnor2007 

Authors Note: So this is gonna be a small little drabble series, only two parts because it was getting too long, second part will  be posted tomorrow. This is a little different than how I normally write, but none the less, I hope you all enjoy it! 

Feel free to submit prompts or requests for drabbles and one shots!

“So are you just going to sit there looking morose or are you going to try to talk to someone.” You laugh as you sink down onto the couch next to Bucky. He had been sitting there, whiskey in hand, staring blankly at the wall for the past hour as Tony’s lavish party swam around him. The loud music and hum of conversation erasing any focus on him.

He jumps slightly at your sudden appearance, his eyes darting briefly to the champagne in your hand, before traveling up to the sparkling chain dangling around your wrist. His eyes focus on the glint of the diamond encrusted chain as you bend your arm, his eyes following the light to your face as you raise the glass to your tinted lips, taking a sip.

“No one I’m very interested in talking to.” Bucky responds plainly, shrugging his shoulders as his hand unclasps from the glass, moving to grab nervously at his knee as the metal arm raises the whiskey to his lips, “You took your time showing up.” He smiles, his eyes flashing up to you. You grin back at him, noticing the small implication of his words.

“Aww were you waiting on me love? Sorry to have delayed you.” You sit up on the couch, turning to face him more clearly, as your toes tap excitedly beneath you. “Well the wait is over Buckaroo,” You announce loudly, “Don’t call me that.” He groans, rolling his eyes.

“I have arrived and now your party can start.” You continue, laughing loudly at the horrified look on Bucky’s face at your ostentatious performance. He sinks back into the couch as he notices a few glances from the crowd around you.

“Will you knock it off.” He scolds, reaching for your hand to pull you back to the couch. You fall forward, both a combination of his strength and your slightly tipsy state, but your hand catches softly against his chest.

You steady yourself, breathing a little heavy as your eyes flick up to Bucky, noticing his own crystal blue gaze staring back at you. “Sorry” He whispers, his breath fanning softly across your face as he holds your gaze, the mumble of the crowd around you seeming to hush for a moment.

“Y/N” You hear Nat’s sharp voice from behind you. You pull back quickly from Bucky, his fingers catching slightly on your wrist as his grip remains firm for a moment too long. He glares up at Nat as you pull back from him, turning to face her.

“I didn’t even know you’d arrived; I guess Barnes stole you away too quickly.” Nat cocks a hip out, her eyebrow raised as she looks at Bucky before her attention shifts to you.

“Well I had to check in with my favorite guy,” You smile, gazing up at her as your hand pats Bucky’s forearm, the champagne glass confidently rising to your lips once more. Bucky straightens beside you, hurriedly pushing a few stray hairs back out of his face, smoothing them back towards his bun, as a small grin pulls at his lips.

Nat rolls her eyes as she looks at Bucky’s smiling face with clear dislike, “Come on, looks like you need another drink, let’s go to the bar.” She flashes a warning smile at you and you nod in defeat.

You squeeze Bucky’s arm, smiling at him briefly, a small cough sounding from Natasha, “I’ll see you later handsome.” You tease, flashing a small wink to him as you stand up, turning to head towards Nat, you throw the slightest bit of swing into your step, making your hips sway seductively as Nat rolls her eyes, grabbing your arm and pulling you forcefully towards the bar.

“What the hell was that?” She snarls in your ear as she shoves you closer to the bar, you pull your arm from her grip, rubbing the place where her fingers had cut in. “Hey, calm down. I was just talking. He was all alone Nat and he is our teammate and my friend. I don’t get why you’re like this.” Your voice rises as your annoyance becomes evident.

Natasha rolls her eyes again as she signals to the bartender for more champagne. “Stop rolling your eyes at me god dammit! Look,” you growl, dropping your tone low so only she can hear you, “I get it, you don’t like him…” Nat opens her mouth to respond but you keep speaking, halting her words.

“And you don’t trust him. I know. But you also don’t know him.” You look at her sternly, as she raises an eyebrow in annoyance, her eyes darting over to Bucky, alone on the couch. “And you do?” She asks, as she leans placidly against the bar, watching Bucky’s nervous hands as they fidget with his empty glass.

You glance over at him, following Nat’s gaze. His face is downcast as his shoulder’s hunch forward defensively, unsure of how to exist in the space. Your face softens as you look at him, a warm feeling spreading through your chest, softening your tone, “Yeah, I do.” You turn your attention to Nat as she purses her lips.

“Listen Nat,” You start, but she interrupts you, “No, you listen. We’ve known each other for a few years, you are one of my closest friends. I don’t trust him, and I don’t think he’s safe. And I am not asking you, I am telling you. Stay away from him. For your own safety,” She touches your hair affectionately, her eyes full of sadness as she sighs deeply her lips pouting slightly, “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

You bite your lip and nod quietly, glancing once more at Bucky. You knew that he had not been an avenger years ago. That him and Steve had battled in DC and then against Stark a year later. But you also knew all that was in the past now. That Bucky had become a team player and Stark had moved past it… so why couldn’t Nat?

“2 tequilas please” You speak quickly, motioning to the bartender. “That’s the spirit!” Nat chuckles, nudging your arm affectionately. You recoil slightly at her contact, still silently angry at her unreasonable demand.

The bartender sets down the two shots and you move quickly scooping them both up. Natasha goes to move to take one from you, thinking to do a cheers, but you move them both in succession into your mouth, shooting them back.

Natasha raises her eyebrow at you. “Well, someone’s in the mood to get drunk tonight.” She giggles. You look at her, annoyance evident in every inch of your expression. “Oh come on, are you going to be mad at me about this for the rest of the night?”

You nod, silently as you motion to the bartender for another champagne. Natasha laughs sharply beside you, her chuckle halting suddenly as you reach for your champagne.

“Y/N?” You turn to see Bucky standing there in front of you, looking nervous as his fingers fiddle slightly with his empty glass. He leans past you slightly, his movements deliberate as he sets the empty glass on the bar, “I was wondering if you would like to dance?” He asks softly, leaning into you and dropping his voice nervously.

Your stomach clenches at his words, wanting nothing more than to take Bucky’s hand and disappear with him onto the dance floor. He looks down at you, his sparkling blue eyes hopeful as he waits for your response.

Natasha coughs loudly beside you, jarring you back into your own head, forcing you to remember the conversation that had just taken place. “I… uh…” You stammer looking at Bucky as Natasha glares at you, “I’m sorry… I… will you excuse me.”

You push past Bucky moving quickly into the throng of people as he stares confusedly at you. You retreat into the crowd, daring to glance back at Bucky’s hurt and wounded expression, seeing Natasha’s expression soften as she takes in Bucky’s disheartened appearance.

You spin on your heel, turning quickly out of someone’s way as your eyes begin to sting. You smack into something hard, your eyes flicking up as you stumble backward, the alcohol making your movements clumsy.

“Woah… Hey, there.” Steve chuckles, moving quickly to grab you and pull you close into a dancing position, not missing a beat as he covers your clumsy moment with a smooth dance move, coming into harmony with the crowd around you.

“Thanks!” You squeeze his shoulder, your eyes flicking up to his as he pulls you closer, turning your bodies with the sound of the music. “You seem to be having a good time?” He snickers, looking down at you with a bemused expression.

You sigh, rolling your eyes, “Quite the contrary actually…” You inform him, your face flashing into an exaggerated frown as you roll your eyes. His face falls slightly, laughing lightly at your joking expression.

“Oh no sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Steve asks, worried about your sad expression. “It’s… it’s nothing… it’s…” You sputter, turning to face him, his clear eyes boring into you. “I don’t even know if it’s worth it.” You whisper, shaking your head as you break his gaze, leaning into his chest as he moves you effortlessly to the music.

Steve looks down at you, confused by your cryptic response. His eyes rise, flashing around the room, falling on Bucky’s solemn form, slumped over by the bar, drinking steadily. “Geez, Buck looks a little worse for wear tonight,” He remarks on Bucky’s defeated appearance.

You yank back suddenly from him, stumbling slightly at the sudden motion, “What so now you’re on my case about it?” You snarl, gearing up for another argument, the alcohol thick in your head.

“Y/N? What are you carrying on about?” Steve asks, keeping his grip firmly on you so you don’t stumble. “You! I’m on about you! And Natasha! Both of you, telling me what to do! I like Bucky god dammit! I like him a hell of a lot!” You raise your voice to Steve, your words vaguely slurred as your tipsy state betrays you.

“And I am sick of Natasha telling me to stay away from him!” You exclaim happily, finally feeling liberated from your friend’s jurisdiction, “I get she doesn’t trust him, but I do! I do god dammit. And I like him Steve…” “Yes Y/N, you said that part.” Steve smiles at you, pulling you closer against him as your feet stumble slightly more.

“How much have you had to drink kid?” He laughs, as you hiccup slightly slumping against him. “I guess a lot more than I planned on…” You hiccup again, looking up at him, eyes widening with worry.

“Ok champ, time for bed, let’s go.” Steve’s hand tenses around your waist as he pulls away from your grip, leading you forward. “I’m fine,” you insist as you hiccup again, Steve’s eyebrow raising at you. You hang your head in defeat, allowing his grip to hold you steady as you begin to walk forward, “I guess that’s a good plan…” you admit, “thanks Stevie.”

He chuckles as he moves you to the elevator, pressing the button to call it. “Hey,” You hear someone shout from behind. You brace yourself against the doorframe as Steve turns. “Hey Buck” Steve says, smiling widely as your stomach tenses making you feel nauseous.

“What… what’s going on?” Bucky asks, his voice on edge as he looks from your slightly slumped form to Steve. “Bucky,” You whisper quietly, “I drank too much so Steve is going to get me into bed… I mean put me in bed… help me get to bed? I don’t know. But I can’t talk to you right now.”

Bucky’s eyebrows raise at Steve as he tries to suppress a laugh. “And why can’t you talk to me right now?” He giggles slightly, poking fun at your inebriated state. “Oh no no no! You’re not gonna trick me into saying it. I know you want me to slip up and tell you that I like you, but I’m not gonna do that, I am not as drunk as you think I am mister…”

You wave your finger at him, his bemused expression freezing at your words as his eyes flash to a tense Steve who was trying desperately not to laugh. “Oh shit!” You exclaim, your eyes catching sight of your empty wrist, noticing the absence of the sparkling chain you had begun the night with.

“Y/N… it’s ok I feel the same wa…” “MY BRACELET!” You exclaim flashing a horrified look up to Bucky and Steve as you frantically pat at your body hoping in vain to find it. “Wait, what?” Bucky asks, confused as he glances at Steve.

“My bracelet! It’s gone! It was my favorite bracelet, it was my grandmothers and now it’s gone!” You begin to cry, the alcohol overtaking you as you look frantically around for the sparkling string of diamonds.  

“Y/N, we’ll look for it in the morning. It has to be in the building. Let’s get you to bed now, before you pass out.” Steve tries to steer you towards the opening doors of the elevator as you whine about your missing piece of jewelry. Bucky watches as you silently concede allowing Steve to hold you upright as quite tears roll down your face for your lost prized possession.  


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