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@diorgalore/ @ofworstbehaviors: an amazing writer with amazingly developed characters. val was the first one i got to interact with ( she’s my favorite mistress. DFBIUJ ) and from then we have developed dean/juliana ( MY ANGST BABIES ) and beckett/chloe. i’m not sure why none of our ships can have happy endings and too many mf problems but i don’t really complain bc i love the angst tm. phone home soon baby. ur my fav camila. 

@prcud: julian/andy is literally both so fucking angsty and shippy at the same time. i love them so much. ur literally my favorite stas to write against and you are just one of the softest, cutest babies i’ve ever met. i enjoy writing with you dearly because i know i will always be getting quality content :’) and i love when you send me ask memes because i always get excited that you’re thinking about our ships too i love u sis

@maesterpieces: every time i read our threads i get a headache . BFIUDN our ships cause me so much pain and anguish i love them so much and i just want them to be happy. i just want caleb and lola to have a kid . and get a nicer house . and also lola to quit being a fuckin indecisive bitch . and i want julian to kiss ronnie on her head and snuggle with her and tell her he loves her . i just want fluff . except i fucking love our angst . you’re one of my fav people to write against baby. 

@brckenones: i always have so many threads with you and i never get tired of them. all your characters are a fresh breath of air and i love the fact that if i don’t feel muse for one thread i have others to reply to and we con constantly write together. you’re one of the sweetest people and you completely understand my riverdale opinions and agree with them which is so crazy and i love it and i love ben and meredith and i just want archiebetty season 2. you’re such an amazing writer and u always add fcs that i’m in love with and even tho we have os many i always secretly want more ;’)

@ofcataclysmic: you have given lola some of the best ships of her life and i love it because every time i write her against u i am hurting ( alex .. my baby ). i also love rocco and your writing bc i fucking . love angsty gangster shit and i just wanna strangle him but also hug him . we r truly the worst at im’ing each other like literally never get one another’s messages FDBIJS but it’s ok bc we’re still gal pals n i love u sis 

@safcri: bonnie and clyde literlaly have nothing on scott and kerris . but listen . we have the ugliest ships . CDBJSK i’m so excited to write blake against you and i love rory and i love when gunner calls her a child and i love your whole entire blog and i love our text threads and i love corinna and salvador’s messy ass annoying ass relationship and i just love . i have nothing else to say . BDFUSN except i want mORE . 

@wearyhands: WE JUST STARTED OUR NEW PLOT BUT I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED LIKE I CAN’T BELIEVE WE FUCKING WIVES .. n i can’t believe hunter is so soft for keila just like i’m soft for u and i just wanna protect ur muses and we have like 10 different text threads going on right now but it’s pretty great and ur just . precious

@saintedlys: callie and tristian . my original otp . your level of writing is still something i aspire to get to even now like you’re literally just so amazing and i’m in awe every time we write even if it’s been half a decade . also thank u for introducing me to dev patel. 

some people i have threads with and wanna get to know better: 

@prepaids / @comcta / @ofserein / @bcngerz / @maripcsas / @ofsycophants / @demcntia / @aimlessheart / @khcleesis

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Darkness Behind The Door

Request: Hi! I loved your oneshots and I was wondering if you could do like a depressed!reader where the reader doesn’t come out of her room for a while and something is really wrong. And could the reader be like 16? Thank you! 💜

Pairings: Sam x sister!reader (depressed!reader) ,  Dean x sister!reader (depressed!reader)


A/N: This was a lot deeper than I thought I was going to go with it, and I really hope you like it! If not let me know, and I will totally write you a new one and/or fix this one up to make it better! Thank you for being my first request! I really enjoyed writing for you!

A/N 2: If any of you ever need to talk, please message me, or send in an ask because none of you are alone! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY and I am always willing to help you all through your tough stuff! I love you all! Thank you for all the support, and make sure you know I am here, and ready to support you too! 😊

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list, or send in a request! Love you all! Thanks again!

The Winchester boys were on another hunt. Something simple, yet dangerous enough to make you worry. Usually, you would be pacing the floors of each room, waiting for a text message or phone call. The message from one of the two would let your heart ease back into its normal beating patterns and you would wait up for the familiar noise of the engine hum from the car. You would wrap your arms around them tiredly, but never letting into the drooping eyelids want for sleep. Your boys would return to you, and you would be at peace.

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Family tree - Jughead Jones x Reader

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: none, just the fact that english is not my first language so I apologize if there are grammatical mistakes, feel free to correct me!

Request: nope, I was just listening to the song “Family Tree” by Matthew West and I came up with the idea.

Word Count: 1271

A/n: if you like it, feel free to send me your requests!

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

»You didn’t ask for this, nobody ever would, caught in the middle of this dysfunction. It’s your sad reality; it’s your messed up family tree and all you’re left with all these questions.«  

Jughead was sitting in the old couch of his father’s trailer. After everything that has happened this few days he was slowly losing himself in the alcohol. Because that’s what Jones men do or at least that was what he wants to believe. That was his destiny, what he was meant to be.

With his father in jail, he decided to accept and join the south side serpents, because, once again, that was what he was meant to be.

He has been alone in that trailer since the day his father was arrested, he has pushed everyone away, even the only person he needs right now, the only one person that can tell him that everything will be alright and he will believe it, because he knows that as long as she was with him things will eventually be alright. But he hurts her, because he knows he didn’t deserve someone as perfect as her by his side. So it was just him and the pile of bottles of alcohol.

»Are you gonna be like your father was and his father was? Do you have to carry what they’ve handed down?«

It has been three weeks now. He didn’t want go out, because if he does he has to see people, and people is going to keep whispering things about his dad and how he is just like his father behind his back, and he knows he was still not ready for that and he doesn’t know if he will ever be ready for that.

He was staring at his reflection in the mirror after he took his regular evening shower. The dark circles around his eyes were darker than ever, but he doesn’t care. His hair was messy, his face was pale but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Nobody cares about him, he was just like his father, he was completely alone.

»No, this is not your legacy, this is not your destiny, yesterday does not define you. No, this is not your legacy, this is not your meant to be, I can break the chains that bind you.«

Four weeks and he was still alone in the trailer, refusing to go out. By 8pm he was drunk, and his head hurts like hell, and he miss her, he miss her more than any other day. He needs her there, he needs her hugs and her kisses, and more than anything he needs her to tell him that he will be okay, that all of the sadness he was feeling will go away.

He was slowly falling asleep in the old couch, with tears now falling down his cheeks when he hears a knock on the door. He barely stand up, thinking if it would be a good idea to open the door and let someone sees him in that way. He lets out a big sigh and decided to open the door.

He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing, it was her. It was Y/N.

She stands there a few minutes, analyzing the image of his ex-boyfriend from head to toe; she couldn’t believe he has destroyed himself that much. Her body was full with pain and guilty.

“juggie” she whispers “what had happen to you?” He was looking at his feet; he couldn’t even look her in the eyes, because if he does, he will break again.

She slowly makes her way inside the trailer. “what are you doing here, Y/N?” he managed to say “I was sure I made myself pretty clear when I told you I don’t wanted to see you again” he still didn’t be able to look at her. She turns around to face him “I just go back from Chicago, and I wanted to check on you, I was worried” she says with concern in her voice.

After what has happened with the Blossoms Y/N’s family moves back to Chicago, she told him that she was thinking about moving there with him, to stay with him and that was the moment when he realize that she didn’t deserve the life he was able to give her, she deserves so much more.

She looked around the messy place and then her eyes go back to him, “why are you doing this to yourself, Jug?” he let out another sigh “because this is what I am Y/N, this is what Jones men are, this is what I deserve” he sat in the couch and she does the same “Juggy, this is not what you deserve. Why are you saying that? You deserve so much more, you are not your father Jug” she took his hands in hers, he didn’t bother in took them away, he didn’t want to.

»I have a dream for you, it’s better than where you’ve been, it’s bigger than your imagination. You’re gonna find real love and you’re gonna hold your kids; you’ll change the course of generations.«

“I’m sorry I leave you here alone” she said after a while in complete silence “I shouldn’t left. I should have stayed with you, even when you ask me to leave, I’m sorry Jug” a tear rolled down her cheek and he couldn’t take it anymore, how could she be feeling so guilty when he was the one who told her that he will better off without her? “This is not your fault Y/N, I pushed you away because I was thinking about all the things I couldn’t give to you. I pushed you away because you deserve the world Y/N and I couldn’t give it to you” she was staring at, her eyes were full of tears now “I never cared about that, Jughead, all I care about was you, is still being you. I would never be happy with someone else. Please, let me help you Jug, we will get over this together. We will find a job and I promise you that all the dreams we had about our future will come true because we will be together. Let me be there for you again, please” He was crying by now, he couldn’t believe she was there with him “what did I do to deserve you, Y/N?” She smile a little and move closer to him “what did I do to deserve you, Jughead Jones?”

He just hugged her, he just hugged her and for the first time in these past few days he felt safe, he felt like nobody would ever hurt him again, he felt that everything will be alright.

»And I will restore all that was broken, you are loved.«

And just like that, things started to get better. Y/N’s family goes back to Chicago but this time she stayed with Jug. He has quit drinking and has started over. With Y/N by his side he felt alive again. The trailer was slowly feeling like home again, and after what looks like years he decided to go out. He took Y/N to POP’s, and then, a few days later, they decided meet their friends.

He was getting better and he was feeling happy again. Y/N always managed to keep him in a good mood, she mends his heart and with that she was actually mending hers too. Even though she never admitted that, she saved him.

It was a cold night and they were lying in the couch, all cuddle up. She was asleep in his chest and he can’t stop staring at her, he let out a sigh “I love you, Y/N”

Bitter, Then Sweet

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl

Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a reason to spoil people you love. Sometimes it’s more fun to surprise them just because. This morning you woke up with just such a desire. That’s why you’re in the kitchen early on a Sunday, already returned from a quick grocery run.

Ingredients and trays and molds and bowls neatly line the counter. Your book of recipes is open and securely propped on the windowsill in between cheery sprouts in terracotta pots, the beginnings of your indoor herb garden you started with Kyungsoo. You know the recipe and method of chocolate making by heart, but you always double check the page with its small and sometimes not so small notes on the process. Chocolate making is something you are well known for among your friends, gifting them for birthdays or special events. Or, in cases like these, not so special, but they’re always made with the same amount of love and care. That’s something you can never give Kyungsoo and his friends enough of.

Even though EXO is between albums, the boys are still working their tails off for the next one on top of individual commitments. They do enjoy most of their packed agendas, but if the fatigue in Kyungsoo’s smile when he returns home to you and how often he passes out the instant his butt hits the couch is any hint, they need a pick-me-up. What better way to do that than with a surprise sugar rush.

As you check the temperature of the bowl of melting chocolate on the stove-top, you hear your door swing open and hit the wall. Without looking away from the chocolate, you call, “Kyungsoo?”

Your boyfriend’s chuckle is rich as the sweet you’re stirring. “Were you expecting someone else?” He steps into the kitchen with a paper bag and two coffee cups in hand.

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Q&A Saturday!

(I tried to do as much as I could before my hand started cramping again LOL So again, if your question’s not on here, I will either answer it next week or I’m saved it as a prompt and will make an art piece for it! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!)

LOL, I can def imagine them doing that all the time, poor Cable bun <3

( ”It was 1 am, we were just kissing a lil and the kiddo didn’t stay asleep in the guest room. Not even that bad. We had to bribe her to make sure she wouldn’t tell his parents though.” )

It was a friend’s oc, Elliot! I’m not sure if you are remember from this lil picture LOL: 


Omg, I drew this so long ago from that same old question but I never posted it. 

I think Kathy might have platonic crushes? Not sure but the crushes they have on Cable and Jaleena right now aren’t romantic! They’re platonic friend crushes (meaning they want to be their bff for a long, long time)! <3


(Better her than Cable, I don’t think he would do it LOL)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my content! <3 And I use the Sai program! 

It has been a while, yes, I got heavily distracted with all kinds of projects and not to mention I feel like comics arent actually my strong suit ; v ; But I do hope to finish it eventually aaa! And I would have to do generation 2 as a prompt so look forward to seeing that in the future! C: Thank you! <3 

I use that color above for most of my linearts! (Sometimes it’s a dark blue for Garrett’s color themes, purple for Mei’s, etc) Once I’m done, I used lighter colors to blend in better with the colors they’re on! (Like Garrett’s cheek and hair lines being a lighter orange, and his hair being a darker color) It’s really it! Sometimes I’ll add a lighter overlay on where the light would hit but I think that’s about it!

(Coloring lineart is one of my favorite things to do omg…)

I’m sorry! Anyone who really knows me knows I have a lot of self-image issues, so this is honestly as close as you’re going to get as a picture from me… ; v ; /) None of my sonas will ever really look like me either, I just go with cool design choices.


JK, this was my first serious oc! <3 Her name was Huggy (and my friends later nicknamed me that too) and she was part teddy bear LOL

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3


Undertale Mobile Phone Backgrounds/Wallpapers 2

So here they are!~ the second set of my Undertale/Undertale AU cell phone wallpapers! this second set is all from the original Undertale they include Sans the skeleton, Flowey (a little bit of Omega Flowey), and Muffet!

They are 1080x1920 but if you need a resize or would like high resolution just shoot me a message with your email and I’ll send you which ever you like (no charge!) all I ask is that you do not remove my signature.

These are the darker versions of the originals. I showed my sis and she thought these looked better. I will be uploading the originals along with the none glass versions later on so look forward to that~

I do plan on doing more of these this is just the second set of many so if you have any ideas or want to see anything specific let me know! as always thanks so much for the support love you bros ♥ I believe the next set (3rd) will all be AU skeletons as they are my favorites to draw :D

BTW the front glass texture is not mine but I havnt been able to find the artist to give credit to so just know that someone else contributed to this~

if your interested I take commissions you can find info here or message me!

Okay, I debated even ever writing this because I know that that anon just wants attention from me, but considering the high volume of very sweet asks that I got from my friends (new and old) and the posts that people made about me, I feel like the anon has kind of already gotten their attention, so it’s out the window. 

I deleted every rude anonymous ask that I got, and I did receive some nice ones (which were mostly from my friend Alison) but I think I’m also going to keep those to myself. I don’t want to publish anything, because I don’t know which asks are from who. I obviously already published all the asks that my friends and mutuals sent me because those were sweet and I knew who those were from.

All I want to say is this - anonymous hate is not real. I don’t know what I did or who I pissed off to receive such terrible messages (which I took screenshots of before I deleted them), but I want all of you to know that I am okay (if you were wondering) and that none of it is real.

Anonymous hate is one of the worst things that can happen, like, ever, because someone can hide behind their computer screen with no real identity and write really, really terrible things about you that aren’t true. None of it ever means anything. Your friends do love you, and you should not kill yourself, and you are worth something, always. You are worth so many wonderful things to the people that love you, and you can ask them and they’ll tell you what those things are. 

All of my lovely friends stepped up for me tonight, even some that had no idea what was going on. All they saw were posts from other people, and they still stood up for me against this person who decided they were going to spend their night sending me mean things anonymously. So, to you, anon, if you are reading this - I hope that you find some people that love you and show you how wonderful life can be, because trust me, there are much better things in life than sending anonymous hate to strangers on the Internet. I hold no grudges, but I’m sending you love and light and happiness and I hope you realize soon that this is not a good way to be spending your very precious time on Earth. There is already so much hate in the world, and you do not need to increase it. Increase infinitely the amount of love instead, because there is never enough of that.

And to you, my friends - @curlyfrycarrick @fratboyhanifin @chaarmingly @leafsaremyreligion @joshhodang @captainmorielly @thatzimmermanncharm @thirtyfouram @wall-ewest @marnersixteen @bisexualnylander @claudesgiroux @zach-hymans @pbergeron @cantevenskate @damnwassup @buchplease @jo-drouin @jayteemillzee @pksubbandefensesquad @nilliamnylander @imaginarydaze @b-skjeis @ryannugenthopkns - you are a lovely, lovely group of people, and I love you all very much. Thanks for sticking up for me. 

anonymous asked:

You know what I love? When I fucking carry one of the worst team composition I've ever seen through hell and back, raise them from the dead about four times each while they all spam the "need healing" button (you're missing half a point, Hanzo, you're FINE), and none of them commend me in the end. Just. Love it. Maybe I should really send them a bill afterward.

Here try this trick

go to your system info and then uninstall overwatch and live your life in peace

- mod proxy

Early Morning Streaks

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Word count: 1,311

W/T: None? It’s honestly just a lot of Laf fluff??? Maybe some poorly translated French?

A/N: First Imagine! Ahhhh! FYI, these are unedited, so if there is some mistakes, I’m sorry! Hope y'all like it!


“Hey, Loaf, you awake?” You whisper, your eyes glancing up to your boyfriend’s beautiful face, which was passed out at the time being. You would be too, if you weren’t such a light sleeper. His quiet breaths and soft rising and falling of his chest on your shoulder comforted you to no end. In his strong, toned arms, a feeling of security washes over you as you snuggle into him a little more, ready to fall back asleep. Well, you would’ve fallen back asleep, if it weren’t for your phone buzzing in your pocket. Luckily, Lafayette didn’t stir from the vibration, so you quickly snake your arm around your own waist, retrieving the glowing electronic. You squint your eyes for a moment as you readjust your brightness before checking the time and notification. The white numbers read “2:45” across the top of the screen, and the familiar yellow square with a white ghost on it appeared directly underneath.

From Trash

Yes, of course Alexander would be Snapchatting you at almost 3am. You roll your eyes at the alert but swipe across the screen to see what he wants. The screen brightens slightly with the new white background, and the red button next to Alexander’s nickname sat eagerly, as if it were just wanting to be opened. You tap your thumb against it, and the white screen is quickly replaced with a timed imagine of Alexander, his face inches from the camera lens, squinting into it because of the flash. A single black line with white text ran across his forehead, reading the word “streak” before it disappeared, leaving the red box from earlier as only a white box with a red outline. Shoot, you still had to update your streaks. You swipe your thumb across the screen again and tap the shutter button at the bottom of the screen, the flash blinding you momentarily. You could clearly see Lafayette behind you in the picture, but you ignored it and clicked the screen once, quickly typing the same thing Alex had sent you before sending it to the people on your best friends list, mainly because those are the only people you keep streaks with. Almost instantly you can see Lafayette’s phone light up from the dining room table of your house, but you weren’t about to get up to turn it off. You quickly glance back down to your phone, seeing as how there were actually a lot of people still awake, considering the four quick buzzes your phone just sounded off in your hand, the lock screen lighting up with four new notifications.

From Trash

From Freckle-Face

From Demigod

From Pegsterz

Seeing as to you weren’t that sleepy at the moment, you readjusted you position against Lafayette and reopen Snapchat, awaiting to see what your friends were up to. You decided to open Alex’s first.

The picture was virtually the same as the one from before, except that the word across his forehead now read “who is that spooning you”. The picture disappeared, and you had to suppress a laugh from Hamilton’s question. You doubled tapped on his name and snapped a better picture, this one with you kissing Laf on the cheek, making his sleeping face much more visible. You quickly hit send and moved onto Peggy’s, somewhat confused why she was still awake. You thought she had a meeting early that morning? Quickly dismissing the thought, you open hers to reveal a very blurry picture of her face, lien she had moved quickly when she took it. In capital letters all across the screen, it read “I KNEW YOU TWO WERE A THING ELIZA OWES ME TEN”. It too disappeared, and you stared at the screen for a moment. Why is she so surprised? You could’ve sworn she had already known about you and Laf. You were almost positive she had been at the dance where he first kissed you. You raise an eyebrow and snap another picture of you nuzzled against Lafayette, drawing a bunch of question marks across the screen in red ink with the doodle feature before sending it off. Within seconds of opening “Freckle-Face"s, you knew that he was with Alex, because both of their smug little faces were pressed against each other’s, attempting to be in the picture. You could almost hear their cackling as you read the caption. "So, how like have you to been doing it?” Rolling your eyes, you press your middle finger against your lips and answer back “casse toi”. The picture shoots off, and all you had left was Herc’s. Well, Alex and John had screenshot the things you sent them and had already responded, but you weren’t about to deal with them for the time being. You press you thumb against the glass and, in the same fashion as the prior snapchat’s, a picture replaces the app’s home screen. But instead of a blurry photo of the tailor’s face, you are greeted with a well lit picture of a dashing grey suit on a mannequin. “Ask Laf if he likes this one better than the last one” was all it said before it vanished. But instead of just snapping Herc back, you decide to call him.

The familiar ringing of the receiver sounded in your ear quietly for a moment before it was replaced by the froggy voice of one of your best friends.

“What’s up, buttercup?” He yawned into the phone, his state of sleep now very apparent with you. “Herc, why did you send that to me?” You whisper quietly, making sure Laf doesn’t wake up. “Hm?… Oh… Yeah. Y-*yawn*-ou mean the suit? He asked me to have one made for him the other day. Some-*yawn*-thing about a date of sorts. Could you just-*yawn* ask him if he likes it?” You felt kinda bad for Hercules. Sure, you’ve encountered him in many different states of sleep deprivation, but none have ever sounded this bad. “Herc, I will ask him and have him tell you in the morning. But right now, you need to go to sleep.” You chuckle softly, feeling Lafayette stir behind you. “Yes ma'am.” He laughs sleepily, hanging up. You smile at the phone, loving how Hercules can always make you smile somehow.

“Who was that, mon ange?” The familiar French accent purrs from behind you. You smile and nuzzle your head against Lafayette’s chest, feeling his muscles tense as he stretches. “Oh, just Herc. He was asking about you and some suit that he made.” You mumble, resting your chin against his shoulder to look up at him, his face masked by the darkness of the room. “Oh. Should I call him back?” He questions, looking down at you. “Nah, I just sent him to sleep, so we probably shouldn’t bother him.” You respond, jumping slightly from your phone buzzing in your hand. Lafayette chuckles, lazily reaching for your phone. Keeping one arm wrapped around your waist, he hold your phone up in the air, blinking to adjust to the lighting. “Trash?” He asks, reading the notification. “Alex.” “Ahh.” You gently reach up and press your thumb against the home button, your fingerprint unlocking it for him, as he opens the snapchat for you. “What the…” He laughs, smiling at the screen. “What did he say now?” You groan, reburying your face in Lafayette’s bare chest. “Oh, nothing mon amour. Let’s just ignore them.” He suggests, tossing your phone to the end of the couch and rewrapping his arm around you. “Good idea.” You murmur sleepily, the warmth from his body luring you back to sleep. He gently plants a soft kiss on your forehead as you drift back asleep, hearing him mutter something under his breath about the constant buzzing coming from the kitchen table where his phone lay.

“Mon amis, just let us sleeppppp….”

Love Me Or Leave Me - Part 2


Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Based from the song Love Me Or Leave Me by Little Mix.

It’s been a week and you still hadn’t heard a word from Scott. You love Scott you really do, but after what happened these last few months was it wrong for you to question the relationship?

Laying in bed you flipped through the photos on your phone of you and him, each one of them showcased how happy the two of you looked. But people change while the pictures stay the same. Deciding you had enough of re-living old memories you got up and went to distract yourself with the tower of homework you had. However looking at the first assignment the words got blurry and you knew that your brain wasn’t going to stop thinking about Scott anytime soon. No amount of distraction could ever heal the ache that you were currently feeling.

A faint knock on the door altered you, “Come in” you said.

The door opened and none other than Stiles walked in, of course Scott would send his best friend to do damage control.

“Did Scott send you because if he did I don’t want to hear whatever it is your about to say”.

He starched the back of his neck in a nervous manner, “He didn’t send me Y/N. I just came by to check up on you. Maybe ask if you want to go out for a late night drive?”.

“A late night drive?” you repeated those words wondering if you heard right.

“Yeah to clear your head and all”.

Getting up from your seat you stood in front of Stiles, he wasn’t giving much away and if there was a plan to lock you and Scott in a closet until the two of you talked, you couldn’t tell since Stiles was doing a good job at hiding it. Having nothing to do here at home, and your brain wouldn’t let you concentrate you thought why not take Stiles up on his offer. Picking out your favourite coat, grabbing your phone you ushered Stiles out of your bedroom and followed him to his jeep.

There was no indication to where you guys were driving too, maybe there was no plan and Stiles was just actually taking you for a late night drive. His ringtone went off and Scott’s name popped up on the screen, your eyes lingered and you were overcome with sadness and a hint of regret for walking out on him so quickly.

“Scott’s calling” you grabbed his phone to hand it to Stiles.

“Just leave it, I’ll call him back later”.

You returned his phone to the place it originally was, “So any destination in mind or are we just going to drive around Beacon Hills all night?”.
Stiles shifted in his seat and cleared his throat, and it made you wonder why he was so nervous about the question you just asked.

“Um were heading to the school, I forgot something and I thought you wouldn’t mind if we just made a quick stop before I took you home.”.

“Wouldn’t the school be closed this time of night?” you asked him.

He parked his Jeep in the empty parking lot of the school, turned the ignition off and got out of his car. “No, a door is always open somewhere”. Getting out of the car as well, Stiles was no longer standing next to his car but instead he was heading inside the school. Running after him you finally caught up and noticed you were on the lacrosse field.

“Okay Stiles what are we doing? I thought you said you forgot something?”. It was cold, and the coat you had one wasn’t doing much in keeping you warm. All you wanted was to curl up in bed put a sad movie on and eat lots of junk food. But apparently Stiles had a completely different idea to you, one you weren’t liking by the way.

“Yeah I lied…I didn’t forget anything. I just needed to come up with an excuse to get you to come”. he said giving you a sheepish grin.

“Why would I need to come to the lacrosse field in the middle of the night, in the first place?”.

“To meet me”.

Scott…you could recognize his voice anywhere. Slowly turning around you came face to face with him for the first time in weeks.

“I’ll be going now, my job is done”. Stiles left and now it was just you and Scott, out in the open…alone. Who knew what would happen.

“I should of known you and Stiles would tag team” you said placing your hands in your pockets.

“I didn’t know what else to do, when you left mine you were quite mad. I didn’t know if I should call or text, my mum said to give you space so I did…but in reality I just missed you. I missed your laugh, your voice, your smile…I just really, really missed everything about you”.

His eyes showed that every word he said was sincere, and as much as you wanted to run into his arms and tell him his forgiven, the issue as to why you walked out was still unresolved.

“I missed you too Scott, but do you have any idea what it’s like to be in a relationship where you don’t feel loved. I understand you have werewolf priorities and that will always come first…I just for once didn’t want you to look at me like you didn’t love me anymore. The spark was gone, there was no more hello and goodbye kisses, no random hugs, no sign that you and I were together. You made me feel lonely despite being right there in front of me, do you have any idea what that feels like Scott?”.

You saw the guilt and the hurt in his eyes, and it hurt you to see him like this. But enough was enough, things have to change and even though this conversation was killing you it needed to be done.

“I told you the last time we spoke to either love me or leave me. I need to know right now which one it is. If you say you want to love me, than show me that you do. If you want to leave me than say it so I can start to heal and learn to live without you.”.

By now tears had escaped from your eyes and ran down your cheeks, it was killing you that this is what it has come down too.

“I’m not giving up on us Y/N. We can work through this, we can figure this out, I know that I’ve constantly put me being a werewolf first and I didn’t ever think about how that was affecting you or our relationship. But I am looking you in the eye right now and I’m going to promise you that I will be better, I will be a better boyfriend and I will show you how much I’m completely in love with you. I refuse to lose you.”

He wiped away the tears that were falling with his thumb. Every shred of doubt, fear and concern was gone. Connecting your lips to his, kissing him never felt better. Scott and you weren’t perfect and neither of one of you pretend to be, but from the start all you wanted was someone who would fight for you when things got hard. And Scott no matter what, didn’t stop fighting for you. He proved that tonight, and you knew that no matter what he would continue to fight for you and for this relationship.


I tried to stay away from all of this but at this point it’s disturbing the hell out me. How fucking dare you people who are putting one blog after the other and sending rape asks and asks in general that are making mun’s uncomfortable. Most, if not all, of the blogs I’m following are shutting their blogs down, or going as far as deleting them, because of all of this. I can’t pinpoint an exact reason why all of this started but I have an idea why. None of this should have ever started in the first place, and to those people who did start it, you should be ashamed. You should have grew up, and resolved all of this instead of letting this spread. You know who you are whether you read my message or not. This all started with you.

I’m so sorry and ashamed for the mun’s who are getting these rape asks and going through all this shit. I am ashamed of being in the batim fandom right now. For these reasons, I’m going on hiatus for a little while. Asks will be closed. I don’t want to be caught up in all this, I don’t want to answer something that will make people hate me for it. I’m sorry it’s had to come to this, and I’m sorry about everyone who started this. I’ll still be active, just not answering asks. I don’t want any gross shit in my inbox, I’m sorry.


Undertale Mobile Phone Backgrounds/Wallpapers

So here they are!~ the first set of my Undertale/Undertale AU cell phone wallpapers! the first is Underswap Papyrus, the second Underfell Sans, and the third is Undertale Geno Sans.

They are 1080x1920 but if you need a resize or would like high resolution just shoot me a message with your email and I’ll send you which ever you like (no charge!) all I ask is that you do not remove my signature.

These are the darker versions of the originals. I showed my sis and she thought these looked better. I will be uploading the originals along with the none glass versions later on so look forward to that~

I do plan on doing more of these this is just the first set of many so if you have any ideas or want to see anything specific let me know! as always thanks so much for the support love you bros ♥

BTW the front glass texture is not mine but I havnt been able to find the artist to give credit to so just know that someone else contributed to this~

if your interested I take commissions you can find info here or message me!

worldsentwined  asked:

Hehe, those drabble prompts are awesome! How about Otabek/Yuri for #18?

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” RAPA’Verse

Yuri blinks slowly at the six of them, all staring up at him with wide Viktor’esque puppydog expressions that threaten to send him into war flashbacks. “Stop looking at me like that,” he snaps. None of them budge. Fuckers. “You can’t seriously be asking me—”

“Aww, come on, Russia,’ Kadyr whines, batting his eyelashes. “When’s the next time you’re going to be down here, for the wedding?” 

Yuri is absolutely not fucking blushing, no way. “Shut up.”

“Exactly,” Dina presses, jumping on the opportunity. “You’re one of us, bud. You can’t abandon us in our time of need, not if you want me to be your Best Lady!”

“First off, you’re not my Best Lady,” Yuri accuses, jabbing a finger at her. “Second, this is really dumb. Like, I don’t think you understand how really stupid this idea actually is. The stupidest, actually.”

“That’s rather the point,” Kadyr parries with a roll of his eyes. 

Yuri turns to look at the building, a mix of anticipation and fear shooting through him like hot lead. He swallows thickly. 

“Well, Altin? Is it worth risking our fucking lives to do this?” he asks. 

Otabek looks up the building with him, eyeing the precarious handholds with the air of someone who’d probably jump off a bridge if his friends dared him to do it and Kadyr went first. Idiot. There’s a bright gleam to his eyes, though, the kind that makes Yuri’s insides melt into disgusting, goopy puddles. 

Fuck. There really isn’t another answer, is there? 

“Alright, dammit, of course I’m in.” 

anonymous asked:

NTAMW when you tell him you have a girlfriend keeps asking you about your sex life. NTAMW won't stop asking you personal questions he wouldn't ever ask if you were in a relationship with a man. NTAMW doesn't respect your boundaries and keeps asking even though you haven't answered a single question before. IT'S NOT HIS BUSINESS HOW OFTEN WE HAVE SEX. IT'S NONE OF HIS CONCERN IF I SEND MY GIRLFRIEND NUDES OR IF SHE DOES. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO ASK ME IF WE USE TOYS. HE HAS TO LEARN WHEN TO STOP.


400 Followers Celebration Challenge!

Hey guys!  Welcome to my new challenge to celebrate 400 followers!  It’s been one hell of a ride, let me tell you, to get to this point.

I wanted to explain first, that I’m using this as an emotional challenge for myself, I feel like I get stuck in a bit of a rut sometimes and that all my work starts to feel on the same emotional level.  In saying that, whichever word is picked will also set the mood for the story.  (Challenge the hell out of me, seriously)

So, pretty basic principle, send me a word, a quote and a character for either The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings (I will also accept modern requests for both of these, just include that in your request) or Supernatural.  I will be taking three for each word and quote before crossing them off (can be three from any fandom, I won’t be that strict) and you can of course make multiple requests!  I’ll keep this open till the end of the month (depending on how many I get), so it gives me time to get some more things out and time to start preparing the ones I receive as we go, but I plan to start posting these up on the 1st of June!  (Standard 10am Sydney time)  Of course, if other writers wish to use this challenge, then please free, but tag me in them so I can read what others get up to.  ;)

Yeah, so, take a pick, have a think about it and send in those requests!

Love you all!

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Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Two)

(A/N: So this is for @esparza-scanavino, who requested this such a long time ago and I completely forgot. I’m so sorry you had to wait so long. Though hopefully this makes up for it and while I was writing this I came up with a part three. Which is completely different to these two. So I hope you’ll enjoy that too when I write it. Which will be much sooner because I feel so bad for making you wait so long. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while either. I got my exam results on Thursday and let’s just say they went really well, so I was a bit busy celebrating. Anyway though, you probably don’t care. Hope you all enjoy!) 

Part One Here 

Part Three Here

Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Two)

“You know when I asked you to get me out of my dinner with the mayor. I assumed you’d ask me to a bar and not a police station.” you commented as soon as the doors of the elevator opened to reveal Rafael waiting for you.

You stepped out the elevator, waiting for Rafael’s response but he was too busy staring at you. Clearly distracted.

“Rafael.” you snapped hoping to bring him back to reality.

“Sorry, I just never seen you dressed like that.” he apologised, focusing again, and beginning to lead you through the station.

You had just rushed out of an official dinner hosted by the Mayor. It was a dinner for city administrators, politicians, council men and women and you the DA. Evidently, you were the youngest person in attendance. It was a black tie event, and you were dressed accordingly. You were wearing a red, off the shoulder dress with heels higher than what should be legal. Let’s just say you were more of a low key person. You only ever dressed like this when you had too.

“And don’t you expect it to ever happen again.” you shuddered jokingly.

“So was your mission successful?” he asked referring to your earlier conversation that day regarding  the dinner you had just attended.

“You mean the mission where are used more than just my powers of persuasion to ensure we don’t experience any more budget cuts? Oh yeah.” you chuckled.

“I can see why.” he commented string you around the busy precinct.

“I know right?” you chuckled, “I feel like a pimp, except I’m doing it to myself.”

“Have I mentioned, how great of a boss, you are?” he asked understanding what he was getting at.

“Not in this hour.” you winked, “Why did you call me down here?”

“Because of this.” he motioned as you reached the interrogation room window.

“Is that ADA Gavin Henderson from Buffalo with his nineteen year old son?” you asked taking a deep breath.

“Yes.” he answered.

“What is it with you and this department, arresting everyone who I have to be nice to’s kids?” you asked sighing.

“We don’t do it on purpose.” he reassured.

‘Sure as hell feels like it though,” you sighed once again leaning against the wall and watching them in the box, “What’s he done?”

“Rape and first degree murder.” he informed.

“What have you got on him?” you questioned filling threw the arrest reports.

“He and the victim both attended Hudson University. He liked the victim, victim rejected him, he got mad. The victim’s roommate said he was following her and sending her threatening messages.” he continued to inform.

“And you have evidence of this?” you questioned looking at him.

“Right here.” he said handing you the text log.

“You’re a filthy slut. You’re going to get what’s coming to you.” you read aloud, “Any direct threats?”

“Not exactly.” he answered.

“So, he can just say he sent this out of bad judgement due to the rejection. He can say he didn’t actually mean it and a judge will believe it because he doesn’t say he’d going to give her what’s coming. He just says she will get whats coming. Which could easily mean she falls and scraps her knee.  What else have you got?” you questioned.

“He hasn’t got an alibi for the time of the attack.” he said.

“What does he say he was doing.” you asked.

“Out jogging. Apparently, he does it everyday.” Rafael informed.

“Everyday? Okay, if we break his alibi. His father will plea out, for the chance for his son to see daylight again. What about the DNA evidence?” you questioned.

“He’s not in the system.” Rafael began.

“Damn.” you muttered.

“But I got the lab to test for a familial match for the sample his Father submitted to the State Bar Association upon passing the bar.” he continued.

“And?” you prompted impressed.

“It’s a match.” he finished.

“I knew their was a reason I hired you.” you commented.

“You didn’t hire me.” he corrected.

“Fine, their is a reason I keep you around.” you winked, “How do you want to play this?”

“Aren’t you going in?” he asked.

“Yeah, we both are.” you answered “The only reason you haven’t destroyed him yet is because he’s Daddy asked for me.”

“So what do you suggest?” he inquired.

“Tag team.” you stated.

“Let’s do it.” he said opening the integration room door for you.

As you walked in, ADA Henderson, stood up. Obviously, Rafael had kept in here for a while. He looked frustrated beyond belief. Probably, knows his son is guilty. His son, Leo, remained seated. Hands clasped on the desk with his head down.

“ADA Henderson, it’s nice to see you again.” you smiled extending a hand to him.

“Likewise DA Y/L/N, though I had hoped it be under better circumstances.” he greeted taking your hand.

“Hmm, so what seems to be the problem?” you asked sitting down and gesturing him to do the same.
Rafael was waiting, behind you, leaning against the mirror.

“Didn’t ADA Barba, tell you?” he asked.

“No, I you could probably guess by my attire. I just left a dinner with the mayor but when Barba called me. I assumed you’d want this cleared up as soon as possible. And I knew you’d give me details anyway. So please, tell me, what is the problem?” you repeated maintaining the smile on your face.

You and Rafael,remained silent as he retold his son’s version of events. At the end you asked Rafael for the file you’d already looked through. Pretending you hadn’t.

“Well I can see why the detectives brought you in. It does look bad but we can get this cleared up quickly. If Leo agrees to answer my questions.” you suggested as you leaned back in chair, flipping complacently.through it.

“Yes, of course. He’ll answer whatever.” Henderson quickly agreed giving his a harsh nudge.

His Son seemed nervous, suspicious. Kept his head down. Only looked up after his Father’s agreement. You tossed Rafael a wink as you threw your head back at him when you tucked in your chair.

“Alright, Leo. Where did you meet the victim?” you asked casually.

“We have Geology together at Hudson.’ He choked out.

“So you met in class, you asked her out, she rejected you, you threatened her and now she’s dead.” you continued looking for confirmation

“He’ll admit to sending the messages in an error of judgement but that doesn’t result in murder.” his father interjected frantically.

“It’s okay Gavin. I’m not insinuating anything. I can understand the messages. Rejection is hard. I should know. I rejected tons of guys in college. It always made me feel bad about how upset they got about it. Though, I will say this. None of them ever got angry.” you speculated calmly.

“I was mad but I’m not anymore.” Leo whispered.

“Well she’s dead. It’s hard to be mad at a corpse,” you commented, “ So you say you were jogging at the time of the murder?”

“Yeah. I jog everyday.” he nodded.

“Really?” you asked in shock surprise, “You know me and Mr Barba here do too. Everyday.”

“That’s cool.” he nodded awkwardly.

“Yeah, it is. So where do you jog?” you inquired.

“The park.” he stated with fake confidence.

“Which one? Battery or Central?” you asked.

“Central.” he said quickly, too quickly.

“So you we. Don’t we?” you asked turning around to ask Rafael.

“Yes, everyday central park. The A trail.” he lied as he sat down next to you.

“You must know the A trail.” you smiled looking back at Leo.
“Or are you more of Luncheon hill man?” Rafael asked casually.

“Ugh. A trail.” he agreed.

“Right, do you do the whole trail or do half and cut through the Lincoln tunnel?” you questioned.

“Is this really necessary?” Henderson interjected once again.

“Just trying to establish where your Son was. If we can we could use security footage to support his alibi. So which one?” you continued to probe.

“Half and the cut through.” he quickly agreed once again.

“How long you lived in New York?” Rafael questioned.

“Just over a year.” He replied.

“Long enough to know, if you were really a jogger, that we just completely lied to you.” you smiled.

“What…?” he asked confused.

“You weren’t jogging in the park were you. You were busy strangling her to death.” you accused producing a crime scene picture from the file.

“And all because she rejected you.” Rafael added.

“Alright, maybe he wasn’t jogging. He was in the park, taking a walk. A claim that you can’t prove or disprove.” his Father interrupted.

“Plausible, but you know what you can’t explain. The DNA we collected from under our victims nails na drape kit, which by the way match your son.” Rafael countered sliding over the DNA profile as he leaned back in his chair.

“He didn’t give you any DNA.” his Father reminded.

“Didn’t need too. We have yours courtesy of the State Bar association.” you smiled.

“It’s a familial match.” Rafael elaborated.

“So unless you have another son or you’d like to admit to it. We have no other option but to charge your Son with rape and murder.”  you finished.

Henderson looked at his son in defeat, before leaning in.

“What do you want?” Henderson sighed, nursing his temple.

“What do we want ADA Barba?” you asked looking at Rafael.

“A full confession and maybe we can negotiate a plea. That allows your son the possibility of parole.” Rafael offered.

Henderson agreed, hoping to save his reputation. You left them after finalising the confession and sending the boy off to central booking. You were watching him being escorted. When Rafael appeared by your side.

“Thanks for coming down so quickly.” Rafael thanked.

“No need for that. You did save me from an incredibly boring dinner.” you chuckled.

“Still, it’s a waste of your time, really. You’ve got more important things to deal with.” Rafael stated sympathetically.

“Like I always say. It’s my job to solve my ADA’s problems. And anyway, I miss the ADA life. The mystery solving and prosecuting. “ you reassured nostalgically.

“I know you do. How about I treat you to a drink to console you?” he asked slightly hopeful.

“A drink? When I’m dressed like this? You’re taking me to dinner.” you corrected.

“At the bar?“ he tried again.

“No at an actual restaurant. We waiters and expectations.” you corrected once again.

“After all the things I been dragging you into recently, anything you want.” he agreed.

“Okay, so we can eat at one restaurant and go another for dessert?” you questioned skeptical.

“As you wish.” he sighed.

You chuckled and stuck your tongue out at him as you linked arms and began walking out the precinct.

Not Your Enemy 2/? - Cisco Ramon

Cisco Ramon x OFC (Lilith Queen)
Rating: T
Warning(s): None that I can think of.
Other Character(s): Barry Allen, Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow
Author’s Notes: If you wish to be added to the tag list like and reblog this, please. And send me an ask/message.

PS. I’ve started Part 3, but have hit a road block. 

Part 1 l Masterlist

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Reveal Yourself

Journal Entry # 275

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Location: Central City

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My problem with Hi or Hey Records

In my opinion, Hi or Hey is arguably one of the biggest mistakes of 5SOS’ career so far, right up there with the infamous Rolling Stone article of 2015. 

Now, I’ve got absolutely nothing against musicians having their own record labels by any means. I think artist-run labels are a very excellent idea, but it only tends to work well with artists that have already been established and well-known, which generally takes several years. When 5SOS announced HOH in 2014, they would have only been a band for about 2-3 years. It was even before they released She Looks so Perfect, which is what really got them out in the world (besides touring with 1D at first). So, in other words, not really established at all. They were, and still technically are, a baby band.

How is a band supposed to help another band become successful famous when they themselves are just barely starting to get recognition and now struggling to remain semi-relevant? I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to give them their own label, when simply releasing music on Capitol would suffice. I didn’t even know about HOH until 5SOS signed Hey Violet in spring 2015 and made a big deal about it.

As for Hey Violet, they were obviously signed to HOH because they had magic ~*Hollywood connections*~ from their days as Cherri Bomb. (If you want to read more about HV’s enthralling, problematic history, you can check out an HV exposing blog like @heyvioletexposing or @licktheass-tonirwin‘s Hey Violet tag.) 5SOS and Capitol needed someone to sign to their label quick, before it got too inactive, so Capitol stuck them with HOH as a quick fix, in hopes the fans would love them and it would be all rainbows and unicorn shit.

As you all obviously know, that didn’t really…work out, per se. About 75% of people don’t really like Hey Violet, and I don’t blame them. Their past is shit and their music is mediocre at best. All they do is make 5SOS look bad. Not to mention, they Rena and Nia made it seem like ROWYSO was their own tour. 5SOS and Hey Violet also don’t seem to have very good chemistry with each other. None of 5SOS seem to hang out with any of them but Casey, and the only one in the band that ever seems to talk about them besides your standard “management definitely tweeted this” promo tweets but Ashton. FYI, I still cringe every time I think of when he compared them to Led Zeppelin.

ANYWAY, I think this little rant sums it up quite nicely. If you have anything to add or anything to ask, please do send me an ask! :-) 

i am so sorry to whoever sent the ask about Peter finding out that Kurt can purr and Kurt being embarrassed but Peter being like :0 i accidentally posted this fic prematurely and had to delete it. this fanfic was inspired by that ask, it was the best ask ive ever gotten im so sorry! please send me more asks with your amazing ideas!

pairing: nightsilver
level of sin: peter is the sinner not me i swear
regrets: none

“Ugh.” Peter flopped onto his back, violently slamming his hand into the snooze button.
“Oh come on, Peter, you know that means you must get up for the day! It is an important reminder!”
“Kurt, I know you haven’t been here for that long, but like, alarm clocks have a snooze button for a reason. That reason is so I can sleep longer than you let me.” Peter mumbled, still half asleep. He rolled over and snuggled against Kurt’s chest. “You’re always so warm, dude. I mean, I’m not complaining but…” Peter trailed off as he fell back asleep.
“Silly Silver,” Kurt murmured fondly, slowly stroking Peter’s long hair.
After a few blissful minutes of silence and the strange yet welcome feeling of Peter’s head against his chest, Kurt began to fall asleep as well. The peaceful moment was very suddenly interrupted by the blast of the alarm clock. Peter pushed himself up, fully awake now, and rolled less than gracefully off the bed, landing on the floor with a thump that made Kurt laugh.
“It’s your own fault, Peter.” Kurt taunted
“Shut your mouth,” Peter grumbled from the floor, “or I’ll shut it for you.” Ok, maybe ‘fully awake’ was a stretch. Peter was still very much asleep.
“Peterrrr,” Kurt sang, “get upppp! Or I’ll tell the professor about your very inaccurate description of him last night.”
“It’s not my fault he woke me up at midnight because I was sleeprunning. I would have inevitably run back to bed. How did he even catch me?”
“Didn’t you wonder why I was here last night? I was the one that had to catch you because I’m the only one that can.” Kurt laughed. Peter was so tired he didn’t even question why he woke up cuddling with Kurt. Not that Kurt was complaining. He wanted Peter to do that every day, but he would probably never agree.
“Dammit I’m late now. Kurtttt whyyyy?” Peter grumbled, slowly getting up. He sat down on the bed and reached out, running his fingers through Kurt’s hair. “Do you think the professor would mind if I were a little late?”
“Peter,” Kurt said nervously, repressing the sounds that were close to coming out, “you need to go.”
“Nahh.” Peter continued stroking Kurt’s hair, his hands impossibly gentle. Kurt’s face was impossible to read, and Peter was about to take his hands away when Kurt’s restraint finally broke. A soft growl came from deep in his chest, and Peter gasped.
“Kurt, you just purred!” Peter struggled to catch his breath, trying to control his thoughts. He knew he was furiously blushing as he thought about all of the ways he could make Kurt purr again. He wanted Kurt to purr for him again.
“Please, I am sorry, do not be angry!” Kurt gasped, scared that Peter would react badly. Peter hadn’t really moved since he purred, he just sat on the edge of the bed staring at the wall. Peter finally moved, and Kurt flinched as he stopped directly on top of him. Kurt didn’t know what Peter was going to do, but he wasn’t expecting Peter to lean down and brush a hand over his hair again. Kurt, caught off guard, let out another purr, and his eyes widened as Peter smiled. Kurt gasped as Peter’s hand traced from his hair to his face, circling the marks on his face. Kurt’s tail, which he had been trying very hard not to move because he knew where it would go, wrapped around Peter’s waist, and Kurt let out another long purr, closing his eyes. He was expecting Peter to continue stroking his face, so he was startled when he felt a soft pressure on his lips. He opened his eyes as Peter pulled away, grinning at the loud purr he had created. Kurt tangled his hands in Peter’s hair and started to pull him down again
“I don’t really think the professor would mind if i was a little late.” Peter whispered, a strange feeling in his chest. Kurt wanted him, maybe just as much as he wanted Kurt. He abandoned himself to the kiss, the feeling in his chest multiplying to cover every inch of his body. He could feel Kurt’s purr resonating in his chest, and it did interesting things to the way they were connected. They had both long forgotten about the classes they were supposed to attend, and the alarm clock sitting abandoned on the floor. There were more important things to focus on.