and none of those take anything away from her inherent innocence

Team Free Nougat

Some speculation about the future of Team Free Will regarding Jack

So far we have seen how Sam and Dean have reacted to Jack. They are not at the same page. Sam is convinced Jack can be good, that his powers can be used for good, with the right upbringing. Dean on the other hand thinks that Jack will end up evil, that he can’t hide from his true nature, which is being the son of Lucifer. Neither are entirely right or wrong, and both their judgements are clouded by emotions.

Sam wants to believe Jack can be good, besides being Lucifer’s son, that our choices define who we are, because of what happened to him as a child through Azazel. Sam sees himself in Jack, the boy who thinks he is a freak, but only wants to do good.

Dean makes Jack responsible for the death of Cas and the loss of his mother, even though he rationally knows that Jack didn’t kill them. He still blames him for brainwashing Cas and Kelly, and that someone as powerfull as Jack will abuse his powers sooner or later.

Because the fact alone that Lucifer is his father doesn’t make Jack evil (especially now that Lucifer is trapped and can’t influence him), at least not from a moral viewpoint. Jack didn’t inerit his father’s character after all (quite the opposite) but his powers, and as we know now he will become even more powerfull in the end than his father.

Power alone is not evil or good. It is neutral. But power can corrupt and can be abused. That is where Dean and I think heaven as well are coming from; they won’t take the risk to find out how such a powerfull being will evolve. They saw how power corrupted Lucifer and Amara and don’t want history to repeat itself.

As I said neither Sam or Dean are entirely right with their judgements of Jack. So far though Jack has been presented as pure and innocent, though perhaps a bit naive. On a surface reading it is Sam who to the general audience seems to be on the right side. If anything the last scene of 13x02 made that even more clearer. Telling the manchild who hurt himself repeatedly because he is afraid of himself,  that he doesn’t believe he can be saved and that he will kill him if that turns out to be right doesn’t make Dean look sympathic. Like at all.

I think this divide between the brothers was on purpose and that over the next episodes Dean will slowly come closer to Sam’s side, and not the other way around. Why? Like I said from a surface reading Sam has currently the moral highground. It will be easier to convince Dean that Jack is good than convincing Sam that Jack is evil. Because the only thing that could convince Sam of that right now is if Jack would do something that can’t be excused, an unreedamble act. Of course Jack will be making mistakes, but like opening the gate of hell in 13x02 it will be because he believed to do something good and/or is manipulated. We saw the reason why he did it, and even though it was wrong, we don’t question the morality of his character. The same way that Sam, Dean or Cas (and Mary) have done terrible things in the past, but for (what they believed) the right reasons. Those mistakes are ok, from a storytelling point of view, as long as the characters are still able to redeem themselves.

(and @postmodernmulticoloredcloak has explained in this post why Lucifer isn’t set up for a redemption arc)

Of course this only works if Jack is set up to be an inherently good person, which I believe he is. He will go dark side of course, because the show needs drama and tension, but not because he is bad, but because he is taken away and will go astray. We know that Sam supports Jack not for purely selfless reasons. He hopes that Jack can once again open the rift to bizarro world, so that they can get back their mother. There is of course nothing wrong with that wish, but I can see Lucifer twisting it in a way that Jack might believe the Winchesters only wanted him around for his powers/as a tool (which would be yet another Cas parallel). And then there is the trade Lucifer plans: Sam & Dean get Mary back, as long as he gets Jack. And though I believe Dean will become more sympathic towards Jack, he will remain wary, and given the choice between his mother and Jack, he will choose Mary.

This way Jack could go dark side, manipulated by Lucifer, believing the Winchsters and Castiel abaddoned him after using him for his powers. But confrated with them again, maybe even given the choice to hurt/kill them, he refuses, and Team Free Nougat will once be reunited again.

Something else I am interested to see is how Cas will react to Jack. Basically will it be before or after 12x19? I hope that both the brainwashing aspect and the vision Jack showed Cas will be adressed in the show. Before 12x19 Cas acted in a way Dean reacts now; that Jack’s powers are a risk they can’t take.

Cas: […]I am sorry, Kelly. The son of Lucifer this is a human/archangel hybrid. That power it’s beyond comprehension. Your child could bring the universe to its knees.

Kelly: Or lift it to its feet. This baby –  nothing is born evil.

Castiel: I can’t take that chance. None of us can.


Kelly: He saved me. He brought me back to life.

Castiel: Well, that was the pulse. We felt that in Heaven.

Kelly: His power his soul surged through me, and it was good. Pure. I feel I know he is good.

Castiel: Kelly, what your child did, that’s a testament to his power, but it’s not proof of some goodness. He needs you alive.

Cas struggled with his decision to kill both Kelly and her child, but he believed it to be necessary. Both scenes take place before Kelly took his hand and Jack’s grace took over Cas. We all know the rest of the story. So now that Jack is born he still needs a protector and we already that he choose Cas. So when Cas comes back will he still feel like he has to protect Jack? Spoilers from 13x06 indicate that he still sees himself as his guardian.

Castiel focuses all of this attention on Jack, pulling him out of harm’s way. “Cas really does see himself as guardian to this kid,” Collins says. It’s a relationship [Alexander] Calvert is hoping will translate to real life as well. (source)

This will certainly bring some conflict between Dean and Cas, because as Dean said Cas’s connection to Jack is what got him killed. Does Cas act because Jack still in some ways controlls him? Was Cas one with him the way Kelly was with her son? Or does Cas act on his own free will, protecting Jack because he sees potentional in him the way Sam does?

Azriel Meta - Shadows

I started replying to this post by @abookandacoffee but, well, I’ve been meaning to talk about this theory/idea for ages and it got…long…and it kind of started going beyond the scope of the original post SO NOW IT GETS ITS OWN (alo *apologises in advance because I’m going to disagree with a few points of yours SORRY*) 

I’ve seen the shadows disappearing/leaving him completely theory a few times and it’s always confused me a little bit? For a start I think it’s something that’s inherent in Az, like Mor’s magic or Rhys’s daemati powers but for another I could never figure out why people wanted them to go. Then I realised people figured that they were somehow sinister, that they might even whisper bad things to him, make him worse, that they were connected to his trauma and I never read them that way? (Which apparently makes me in the minority here but what else is new?) 

I never actually saw the shadows as a symbol of Azriel’s childhood trauma? (I think that the scars on his hands do that more than anything else and there’s soooo much symbolism in there especially given what he does now for his court but that is a meta for another day) 

As for the shadows I always thought of them as…Well the opposite actually?

In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadow and wind and stone.

I think the shadows are a positive thing for Azriel actually? I don’t want him to lose them, I don’t think he wants to lose them either. They’re a part of him. A good part. I think they represent something like freedom to him. When he was chained up in a dark cell the shadows connected him to the outside world. They told him what was happening, warned him about what was coming, probably made it far easier for him to protect himself and for him not to fear the darkness that surrounded him when it confided all its secrets to him.

I also think those shadows lead to his release. The incident with his burned hands happened when he was eight but he wasn’t released and allowed to go to the war camps to be trained until he was eleven. When he arrived he knew nothing - nothing of fighting, nothing even of flying. But he was a shadowsinger. Rare and coveted I think if anyone sought to use Azriel and his gift it was his father and that that was the only reason they let him out, let him go to the war camps to be trained. (That’s all very guessworky I admit that but it’s not too huge a leap.)

I don’t think the shadows are a result of of his trauma, not exactly, or that they were somehow caused by what he suffered. Maybe that caused them to wake sooner than they might otherwise have done (I don’t think the high fae for example come fully into their power before they mature (for Mor it was reaching 17 and her first period) But I don’t think it’s a manifestation of it - I think they’re a shield.

I think they protect him. I think they tell him things to keep him and the people that he loves safe. I think they’re a defence mechanism, they’re a kind of armour:

It was almost enough to distract me from noticing Azriel as those shadows lightened, and his gaze slid over Mor’s body: a red, flowing gown of chiffon accented with gold cuffs, and combs fashioned like gilded leaves swept back the waves of her unbound hair.

A wisp of shadow curled around Azriel’s ear, and his eyes snapped to mine. I schooled my face into bland innocence.

(Az’s shadows warning him Feyre is being an interfering little so and so is one of my favourite parts of this and I’ve been meaning to parallel it with Mor for ages but it’s coming out here so WHAT CAN YOU DO?)

This is obviously a fairly bland example since Feyre isn’t actually causing him or Mor any kind of harm - but it’s something Az clearly wants to know about and so the shadows tell him. I’ve never been able to see them as negative or bad in any way. I think they’re positive. And I think the only reason that they lighten around Mor is that he trusts her and that he allows himself to be vulnerable with her. Rhys has told us that Mor is the only one who can get Az’s guard to drop and get any real truth from him about how he feels. I think the response of his shadows is symbolic of that more than anything - it’s his guard dropping around her. He doesn’t need his shadows to protect him as much around her, it’s instinct.

So like on a personal level I think the shadows are good for him? And I don’t want him to lose them. But I also don’t think that it’s something Rhys uses and I don’t think what they offer Azriel is…Inherently negative. (This is…complicated…because in a lot of ways those shadows are tied to Azriel’s self-worth and the value he feels he has to his court because they’re a huge part of him being able to do his job. But I think that’s more…a personal thing than a thing that’s exploited)

I think Rhys definitely worries about Az and if Az were to say he was done with this/he couldn’t do it any more that’d be that no questions asked from Rhys. Whether or not he would is another story but I think…I don’t think it’s a result of power imbalance. I don’t think it’s because Rhys has made him feel like he can’t tell him. Rhys isn’t putting any pressure on Azriel here - Azriel is putting pressure on Azriel.

As with what we’ve discussed about Moriel this is something that comes from Azriel’s personal insecurities and it is not up to anyone else to ‘fix’ that for him. That’s just downright disrespectful of Azriel’s independence and agency as a person tbh. Rhys can’t take Az’s job away from him/lessen his demands on him for the same reasons Mor won’t go to him and try and force his hand about their relationship. It’s Azriel’s choice. Even if they think his insecurities and what he does to himself is unhealthy, I think it’d be more unhealthy if either of them (in this case more specifically Rhys as he has more direct ‘power’ over Az if you like as his High Lord) tried to stop. It’s not Rhys’ place to decide what Az can or can’t handle, that’s up to Azriel.

I also think that….There’s something of Mor and the Court of Nightmares in what Azriel does. I don’t think it’s exactly good for him (torture probably doesn’t do wonders for one’s mental health after all) but I also don’t think it fully prevents him from healing and moving on from his trauma. I think in a lot of ways it’s like Mor and the CoN and giving some control over something that was directly used to hurt them. (Azriel’s is just…a much darker, more twisted and uncomfortable and difficult thing to talk/think about version of that but there’s similar logic)

People often made the mistake of assuming Cassian was the wilder one; the one who couldn’t be tamed. But Cassian was all hot temper—temper that could be used to forge and weld. There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw.

I think this is a part of Azriel that is entirely his own and it’s not something that Rhys (try as he might) has any great influence over. There’s a darkness in Azriel that’s hinted at a fair few times and while I don’t think he relishes what he does I think he’s capable of it. In a way that say Cassian would not be, I think Az has the ability to…compartmentalise in a way.

I also think that it’s important to note, when talking about Rhys and Az which I’ll get to more in a minute, that Rhys is aware that Az has a support system in place? He knows that he won’t talk to Cassian about it and he won’t talk to him (which implies that they’re both concerned and have both tried, probably more than once) but Rhys knows that Mor will talk to him and that Azriel will (eventually) talk back. He knows that Az isn’t fully dealing with this all on his own and that he does have an outlet and someone he can discuss these things with and who will help him work through things if he’s struggling which is important. Rhys isn’t indifferent to what Az is doing or oblivious to it either he’s aware of it and he’s aware of the support Az has as well. (Also I think it’s important to note that the only thing we see Az torture in ACOMAF is the Attor. Which was….vile. Az isn’t out there torturing innocent servants for information and tbh I don’t think he had any great issue chopping the Attor into tiny little pieces)

Okay last point (I PROMISE) is the power imbalance thing you mentioned between Rhys and Az and Azriel maybe feeling beholden to Rhys and therefore somehow obliged to keep doing this. This idea makes me…Uncomfortable. It’s too Tamlin-ish for me to entirely happy with it but I also don’t think it’s happening? Not in that way. Okay this is also Complicated (goddammit Az) but I think it comes back to the same thing of self enforced pressures vs external pressures. And there’s basically none of the latter coming from Rhys in this equation.

Theoretically there’s a definite power imbalance between Rhys and Az (and Rhys and…..Everyone in the entire Night Court since he is their HIgh Lord after all) but….The thing with that sort of dynamic is like anything in these books. The thing itself is not inherently unhealthy or toxic or abusive. (This is also seen with Tamlin’s protectiveness: the desire to protect someone is not inherently negative. It’s only negative when it’s taken to the extreme where it starts to wear on their mental health and the protective person doesn’t take that into account because they’re too busy making themselves feel better to care. Protectiveness= not unhealthy Using that protectiveness as a way to control someone while dressing it up as caring about them = deeply unhealthy)

So yes Rhys has power over Azriel which creates an imbalance between them in a theoretical sense. Practically though…Rhys doesn’t enforce those ideals. He doesn’t pull rank. He doesn’t order any of his court to do things that they haven’t consented to. (Which is something that opposes what Tamlin does with say Lucien - he uses his power to force Lucien to do things he isn’t comfortable with) There’s a dialogue with them. When they’re deciding what to do it’s a group decision, they talk things over, they debate plans, they’re encouraged to offer their own input. Rhys isn’t running a dictatorship. He has the final say and his court will obey him I’m sure if he does give them a direct order but that’s rare.

I also don’t think Az is in a position where he feels he can’t say no to Rhys/challenge him. (This is…Something that we do see with Lucien/Tamlin which I keep coming back to because it’s a good parallel. The few times that Lucien actually pushes back or attempts to stand up to Tamlin and make his own view heard he’s belittled, intimidated and outright violently punished for it. That’s a power imbalance. That’s a situation where a person cannot speak up or say they are uncomfortable or unhappy with what they’re doing.) This is not what Rhys is doing with his court. Az can and has voiced opinions that Rhys flat out does not like:

Azriel pushed, “It’s a solid plan. The king doesn’t know our scents. We wreck the Cauldron and vanish before he notices … It’ll be a graver insult than the bloodier, direct route we’d been considering, Rhys. We beat them yesterday, so when we go into that castle … ” Vengeance indeed danced in that normally placid face. “We’ll leave a few reminders that we won the last damn war for a reason.”

Cassian nodded grimly. Even Mor smiled a bit.

“Are you asking me,” Rhys finally said, far too calmly, “to stay outside while my mate goes into his stronghold?”

“Yes,” Azriel said with equal calm.

Az is perfectly comfortable with, and capable of, disagreeing with Rhys even when it comes to Feyre. And this is a plan that Rhys ultimately accepts and agrees to (with Feyre’s consent) Azriel’s opinions are validated and properly considered and I have no doubt that if he ever personally feels like he wants to walk away from his job telling Rhys about it wouldn’t be the thing that stops him.

Which is important because it’s not that Rhys has set up an environment in which Azriel feels forced to keep doing something he doesn’t want to. It’s more like Azriel himself is an environment that forces him to keep doing this.  But that’s on Az to sort out and come to terms with. It’s for Az to set his own boundaries and decide what he can and will do. Mor tells us the lengths Az pushes himself are bordering on sadistic but I don’t think anyone in the Inner Circle ever even comes close to agreeing with this or encouraging it. In fact they do the exact opposite.

But there’s a limit to what they can do without imposing their own wills and agencies on Azriel which would then be a power imbalance because that would involve Rhys using his authority over Azriel to compel him to do something that he doesn’t want to that would likely damage him. (Atm I think what Az does (and does well) is important to him. It makes him valuable. It makes him important. It gives him worth. And obviously he doesn’t need to do that for his court/family to love and protect him and value and respect him but he needs it personally for himself.)

(I know you said you didn’t think that Rhys was expressly doing this but I think it’s more like he’s…actively avoiding doing so and I don’t think he ever would. Azriel has never and will never be put in a position where he feels he’s being forced to do something that he personally - for his own reasons not because he feels indebted to any member of the circle - does not want to do)

So…yeah. I think the shadows thing is…An entirely positive thing for Az. And…just because it means someone covets him doesn’t mean he’ll be used? Those shadows give him power - and power over people - since he can read their feelings, intentions and possibly thoughts (we’re not sure, we just know they tell him things he shouldn’t otherwise know) But that puts him in a position of power. And I suppose he could be exploited and used for it but…tbh I think the shadows would protect him from that? (We’ve already seen that they rush to tell him about Feyre being nosy which is an incredibly innocent thing to ‘protect’ him from. If someone was using him…He’d know it.


TL;DR: Azriel’s shadows are a positive force that do nothing but actively benefit him and protect him and why do people want to take them away from my shadow son/think he will lose them and this would be a good thing, I am confused? 

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Han Solo being an amazing husband and father headcanons please! ❤️

Hi anon! Thanks so much for your request—this is what developed in response. I hope it fits your ask alright! It’s got some mother stuff in here too for Mother’s Day, and a little dancing (though real dancing is upcoming) for @knightedrogue‘s belated birthday. Sorry it’s 40 pages long friend

Things Han Solo Built


The first, of course, was the maple crib. Both inspired and simple, each bar spooled smooth and spaced at flawless intervals. No menacing edges. Burnished just with beeswax because, Han said, the kid might chew the wood. Leia found the crib reassuring as time contracted to the baby’s due date of late June. She knew Han would be a good father; his parental viability had never concerned her. Still Leia appreciated this manifestation of Han’s own labor, painstaking taken to an entirely unknown level. Finished, sturdy, meticulous, safe, the crib seemed to give off its own light and warmth, there in the loft under a window, waiting for the baby who turned out to be their daughter.

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Prompt: super close to hooking up but not yet or super new Bechloe together. Drunken Beca (not as drunk Chloe) are in the kitchen and Beca starts singing/rapping "remix to ignition" complete with lewd hand gestures and sloppy body rolls. "I'mma take my key, stick it in your ignition..." "Give me that toot toot, let me get that beep beep!" You know. Also, this results in good things.

It started innocently enough.

If you considered entirely too much peach vodka “innocent” enough. 

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sastiel + cuddles, sam being upset about what demon!dean said to him about sucking the life out of his life and all that, and cas comforting him and telling him nice things to make him feel better

Sastiel + Hurt,Comfort cuddles

A/N: I saw the word upset and it translated into horrible, horrible angst.

When Sam comes back from the bar, he’s a wreck. He knows he’s a wreck. He doesn’t look Castiel in the eye. He shoves the angel away, brushes off his attempts to touch and talk and anything that could be considered mildly supportive. Sam doesn’t want to hear it.

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