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Dude, alright so first I started a new game at like 10 at night and made sure I participated in none of the first day chats. Second day rolls around, and you bet your buttons I was in every single chat. BUT! You have to make sure you get little to no hearts. VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you answer all three of Unknown’s texts correctly. I didn’t get the six o'clock call from him and I thought I didn’t get his route, but that’s okay! Just because you don’t get his call, doesn’t mean you don’t have his route! I believe there are other different ways to get his route, but that’s how I did it.

Can you imagine Jotaro having to go back to school after the events of SDC. Like, all the girls flock around him in an instant his first day back, and they are just shooting him down with questions. “Where did you go?” “We missed you, Jojo! What happened?” “I heard your mother was ill; is she doing better?” “Will you need any help catching up in your studies?” And Jotaro does his best to not snap at them or ignore them, though he’s too tired to even bother with them at all. He’s walking away and the girls follow him, clinging to him and still chattering away. He doesn’t have the energy to push them aside anymore and just blocks them out until he hears one girl behind him asking questions he would definitely rather not have to hear.
“Where is that other guy from before? He disappeared the same time you did. Kakyoin-kun, was it?”
And Jotaro wants nothing more than to stop time in that moment and he isn’t sure if he wants to use those seconds to run or just take time to compose himself and think of how to answer those questions to them. But all he can do is just stop in his tracks and tell himself he should have expected this but it starts to get to him and he almost loses composure thinking back on the trip, Kakyoin’s demise as well as his other deceased comrades and how he and Kakyoin will never be able to attend school together and Kakyoin will never get to complete his high school studies or go to college and. I don’t know just help him pls

we’ve been out of toilet paper for 3 days. 2 of my roommates haven’t bought any yet in the 6 weeks we’ve lived together. i texted them before we ran out and said someone should buy some. nobody did. i’m petty as fuck, i bought some for myself and i’ve been bringing it to & from the bathroom with me each time. i have no idea what the other 3 have been wiping their asses with but that shit aint none of my business. 

Bambam Imagine - Trainee (Part 2)

A/N - Someone requested I did a part 2 for this Bambam imagine so I hope you enjoyed! Keep sending in your requests~

Three weeks ago you had been struggling with a new choreography but had been helped by none other than your favourite member of Got7, Bambam. Since then neither of you had spoken to each other but you often caught him staring at you from across the room. Today was no different as you were sat in your makeup chair, getting ready to go on stage with your fellow trainees. Got7 were also performing at the JYP showcase and had been spending time with the trainees to help calm their nerves. Part of you hoped Bambam would come and talk to you but for some reason he wasn’t stealing a glance at you. Your heart fell as a voice came through on the speakers telling all of the trainees to head backstage for the performance.

Hopping off your chair, you followed your friends out of the room. Before you could leave, a hand grabbed your wrist and yanked you back. It was Bambam.
“Hey, sorry I didn’t come talk to you earlier. Good luck,” he smiled politely at you and let you leave. That extra bit of encouragement lifted your spirits as you did a few vocal exercises while walking backstage.
“Okay, trainees! It’s time!” One of the staff members shouted, causing you all to buzz with excitement. Composing yourselves, you and the others walked up the steps to the stage.

The performance ended with your high note and it couldn’t have gone any better. Singing gave you such an adrenaline rush and you were practically bouncing as you walked offstage.
“Congratulations!” The Got7 members shouted to all of you. Everyone was filled with energy from how well it went.
“Uh, (Y/N)?” You turned around to see Bambam who looked quite shy and a little awkward, unlike his usual happy self.
“Yes, Bambam oppa?”
“You did really well out there, your voice is amazing.”
“Thanks, actually I need to thank you for helping me with that choreography. If you hadn’t I still probably wouldn’t have gotten it done by today.” He blushed at your comment and looked at the ground. You guided his chin back up with your hand and smiled at him encouragingly. He gazed into your eyes and couldn’t draw himself away. You could see him slowly leaning in until your lips were almost touching. You moved, closing the gap between you and pressed your lips to his. The kiss was soft and gentle, but full of emotion. Now it was your turn to blush.
“Maybe we should go get coffee together later?” Bambam asked, his cheeks a rosy tint.
“I’d love to, Bambam.”

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[a van stops by, the 7ft stranger gets out, showing his face.] *get in, loser. [the stranger was none other than mercer himself] *did i stutter?

((Bc i cant get to my tablet at the moment im gonna respond in text

[Bask, equipped with what looks like b ras s knu c k l es?? approached the van, not saying a word, but glaring at M. Hes wearing a black trench coat rather than his usual getup, for whatever reason.]

Home Sweet Home

Jungkook x Reader 

Author: Ki

Word Count: 1,284

Genre: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

A soft buzz caught your attention, ripping it away from the pile of clothes that were sitting on your bed. You picked up your phone and unlocked it, seeing that the message was from none other than your neighbor and best friend, Jungkook.

From: Kookie

Are you still coming to the movies tonight?

A frown slipped onto your face as you looked around the room, observing its current state. Unfolded clothes were covering your bed and various types of studying books were sprawled across your floor. Other odds and ends had to tied up, also. You picked up your phone and quickly opened up his contact, calling the male so you could converse while you worked.

“Hey.” Jungkook’s voice rang through the other side of the line. “Did you get my text?”

“Yeah, about that…”

“Uh oh.” Jungkook sighed, making your lips purse.

“My parents said I can’t go if my room isn’t clean. “

“Y/n! I thought you said you were cleaning it the other day!” You could overhear the sound of him flopping back onto his bed.

“I was! Well, until I ended up getting in a six hour video call with Hobi. But, it’s going to get done. Better late than never, right?” You chuckle was enough to break the frown that had formed upon Jungkook’s face.

“I guess. I’ll come over to help, if you want.” Helping each other around the house had turned into a common occurrence for you and the young male.  If anything, him helping you with small chores and  you helping him clean up the leftovers of one of his brother’s parties before their parents got home had managed to strengthen your bond as friends.

“That would be nice, yeah.”

“Good, because I would have came over anyway. I’m dying of boredom over here. Plus, the thought of you not being at the movies and me dealing with the seven hyungs is killing me.” You chuckled lightly, picking up a tank top and folding it in your lap. “I’ll be there in a few.” With that, you ended the call and continued with your chores.

It was only a matter of minutes before you heard the doorbell ring downstairs, causing you to get up and rush down the steps, in hope that you could get to the door before your mother.  Sadly, she had beat you to it. When you reached the end of the staircase, your mother was holding open the front door to speak to Jungkook.

“Jungkook, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but y/n isn’t allowed to go out until her room is done.” Jungkook just gave your mother a large smile and nodded his head.

“I know. I’m here to make sure she gets it done.”  Your mother’s lips pursed as she looked back and forth between the two of you for a moment.

“Alright, if you say so. Just make sure you let me see it before you leave, alright?” She stepped to the side, allowing Jungkook to step inside. Without wasting another moment, you and Kookie headed up the steps and went into your room, closing the door.

“Ew, it’s a mess in here.” His face scrunched up as he went further into the room.

“It’s not even that bad, shut up.” You playfully pushed him, rolling your eyes and sitting down on your bed. While you focused on folding the clothes, Jungkook began to pick up the objects that were on the floor. Silence seemed to overlap the room, the two of you hard at work.

After you had finished the laundry, you looked up to check up on Jungkook’s progress. He was currently sitting on the floor, attempting to put your textbooks back into your backpack in an organized fashion. You couldn’t help but smile at his current facial expression, your heartbeat quickening when you realized you had been staring at him.

To be completely honest, this had been happening for awhile now. You often found little things about Jungkook would cause your heart to flutter and your cheeks to glow a bright pink. But, in the end, you decided not to disturb him and go onto shoving things into your closet.

It wasn’t until you heard Jungkook’s voice, that you looked at him again. You were mildly confused to see him with an opened binder on his lap, his head tilted sideways as he looked up at you.

“Y/n-ah. Why do these have my name on it?” He held up a stack of letters, his name sprawled across the envelopes in your handwriting. Your cheeks felt as if they were set ablaze upon seeing this, the familiar feeling of your heart suddenly transforming into a hummingbird. As much as you wanted to go over and snatched the letters from his grip, you body refused to move. Instead, you simply watched him open the first letter, his dark brown eyes skimming the words that were written inside.

It seemed as if fate had already sealed a deal with your future, because the exact note he happened to pick up was once you recently wrote. You remembered the last line clearly, I think I’m in love.

After what seemed like a forever of heart-breaking silence, you finally managed to find your voice.

“Jungkook…I understand if you want to leave now or if you don’t want to help me-” Jungkook suddenly looked up at you, that childish grin you grew to appreciate wide upon his face.

“I had no idea you felt this way about me.” His eyes fixed on the floor while he stood up, stretching the back of his neck.

“Pretty dumb of me, huh?” The look on Jungkook’s face contorted, looking at you shock before turning back to a sheepish look.

“Well, it must be dumb of me to like you back then.” Your eyes grew wide as you quickly jumped in to erase your previous statement.

“I was talking about the love letters! Not the fact that they were to you, but because I was expressing my feelings with a pen instead of plainly telling you how I felt an-” It wasn’t until now that his words registered inside of your brain.“Wait…you like me back?” Kookie nodded, the grin on his face warming your insides.

“Yeah, I do.”

“For how long now?”

“A few months.” It sadden you that your feelings for him had lasted a few years, and his were fairly new, but the sight of pink tinting his cheeks made the sorrow disappear.

The feeling of warmth spreading throughout your lips made you blink and pull yourself out of you thoughts. For a mere second, you were startled to see Jungkook was standing so close to you, his rough lips pressed against yours in a sweet kiss.  

“Y/n, are you two done ye-” The sound of your mother’s voice caused the two of you to pull away. Jungkook’s eyes were adverted to the carpet below. Meanwhile, you looked at your mom with a very sheepish expression. The corners of her lips turned up into a smile a soft giggle escaped from her mouth. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt things. I’ll be going now.” With that, she quickly shut the door and the two of you were alone once again. During this time, Jungkook had fished his phone out of his pocket and read that 200 texts that he received in the course of an hour.

“Let’s, uh, finish cleaning up so we can go. Jimin is blowing up my phone.” With a wordless nod and the tips of your ears as hot as a teapot, you got back to work.

stalia week: day three- alternate universe:
road trip au:

Malia’s peaceful sleep had been interrupted by her phone uncontrollably buzzing. She pushed her blankets, more like the Stiles’ bedding, off her and rubbed her eyes awake.
She immediately noticed Stiles’ absence as her arm wasn’t wrapped around anything. However, she did hear quite the ruckus coming from downstairs.

She turned her attention to her phone that had continued with the buzzing. She unlocked it and opened the million text messages from none other than Stiles.

“I’m at a doughnut shop. But you’re probably still asleep.” Stiles, 4:30 am

“I can’t believe they have the shop open up so early” Stiles, 4:30 am

“Malia” Stiles, 4:33 am

“Wake up!!!” Stiles, 4:33 am

“Malia wake up!!! Pack your stuff and let’s go somewhere” Stiles, 4:57 am

“Nvm, I got it” Stiles, 5:02 am

Malia quickly got out of bed and ran down the stairs and imagined she’d find Stiles doing something ridiculous.

She was right. She had ventured into the garage to find him tossing camping gear into a duffel bag and then slinging that into the Jeep.

“What are you doing?” Malia asked, sounding amused.

Stiles’ head snapped up from his work. He hadn’t even noticed Malia.

“You’re finally up,” he said, walking to her to kiss her good morning.

“It’s five in the morning! This is about as early as I plan to wake up for the rest of my life,” she said. “What are you doing?”

“We’re going somewhere, Malia.”


“Away,” Stiles said as he swept her off her feet and walked to the passenger’s seat, flung the door open, and set Malia in it.

Malia looked at him funny but didn’t move. “I haven’t packed anything.”

“I stuffed a bunch of plaids and some of your shorts into a bag,” Stiles said. Sometimes the fact that they basically shared part of their wardrobe came in handy. “I got doughnuts for breakfast. I have toothbrushes and essentials in another bag.”

Malia looked at him, not finding it in her to say no or even think about it. All she cared about was that Stiles looked incredibly hopeful and happy and she knew she would do anything to keep that smile on his face.

“Let’s go.”

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maknae line finding out you’re bi! for a nice anon

none of them really have a problem with it. they all love you for you. & really, if anyone did have a problem with it, fuck them. They can’t control you. You love who you love, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you other wise.

- admin e *:・゚✧

Three's Company.

The yelling between Erik and I persisted, growing louder and louder as we tried to outdo each other with our volume, fighting to be heard over the other. Was it productive? No. Was it working? No. I didn’t care though as I continued to counter every attack he posed.

What had started off as a good afternoon was growing into a rough night. We found a way to argue about the littlest things but this time the argument was about why my phone was going off at 7 p.m., revealing messages from another man.

Did that other man matter? No. He was simply my co-worker but Erik wasn’t willing to listen to that. He was too stuck in his own thoughts. “I just don’t get why you have some man texting you at night if it’s just a friendship?”

His statement sounded rather stupid but he couldn’t recognize that, simply pulling words from anywhere he could to try and make a point. So far, none of them were valid. I knew I wasn’t cheating on Erik but his ability to disguise himself as an insecure man was perfect right now.

“I didn’t know there was a certain time my phone just magically stopped working, Erik but thank you for the new rules. You’re always making me do something according to what you want.” I huffed, my cheeks growing red with anger and my foot tapping as an attempt to calm myself down and fight off the growing temper I was feeling rise.

I was tired and all I wanted to do was climb in bed next to my husband and sleep. He didn’t seem to share the same vision as he continued picking on the littlest things. “You’re ridiculous,” he scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest. “Let me have another woman text me right now and we’ll see how you respond.”

“Well I’m a little more secure in myself to know not to be intimidated,” I shrugged. Erik didn’t take too kindly to my response as he looked at me in disbelief, pointing to his chest as he referenced himself. “Are you saying I’m insecure?”

Once again, he was twisting my words…or maybe he wasn’t and I was just trying to avoid the fact my statement had seemed I was insinuating he was truly insecure. Admitting it would only light fire to the flame. “No,” I assured but he didn’t seem too certain.

“I’m just going to leave and save you your time.” Erik began heading for the door without another word. I gulped nervously, anxiously awaiting if he was truly on his way out. As he pulled open the door, a small figure stood awaiting him, rubbing his large blue eyes and his blonde hair atop of his head sticking out every which way.

“Papai?” the small voice of Jordan chimed. A look of guilt crossed over both of our faces at nearly the same time. Erik dropped to his knees and took the kid into his arms. “Hey. Is everything okay?” But he already knew the answer to his question. We managed to wake up Jordan with our yelling.

Those sleepily dull eyes managed to widen in fear. “Are you really about to leave?’ My heart could have nearly shattered right at that moment hearing his small voice tremble. The last thing I wanted was for him to think Erik was just going to walk out. It was already bad enough that we managed to wake him up but this was ten times worse.

“No, no. I would never do that.” He was trying his best to pacify him and whether it would work wasn’t clear as Jordan simply stood in front of his father. “You promise?”

Erik offered an assuring smile but I could see the layer of guilt that remained under it all. We had been in the middle of an argument but he always immediately softened at the view of his son. He represented the best piece of our relationship, the one thing that could unite us no matter what and restore our moods to the peaceful height they were supposed to be. “I promise.”

The little boy seemed pleased with the answer and wrapped his arms around Erik’s neck, laying his head comfortably on his father’s shoulder. “Okay.” He disengaged from the hug and gave a hopeful grin. “Can I sleep in here, maybe tonight? I don’t want to be in my room alone now.”

It wasn’t often that Jordan requested to sleep in our room, only when there was a scary storm outside or he was sick but Erik agreed regardless. “Of course. Go ahead and get in bed. I’ll be back in a second.” He was probably off to change clothes and Jordan now looked to me. “Can you tuck me in?”

“Definitely. Come on.” He excitedly ran over to the side of the tall bed, waiting for me to lift him onto the fixture. I grabbed him carefully, placed him on top of the covers and watched as he excitedly ran under the blankets to allow me to tuck him in tightly. “Are you getting in too?” he questioned, hoping to have a partner while his dad was off in the bathroom.

“I’d be happy too.” I smiled and climbed in next to him, Jordan moving over some to make room for me. I slid comfortably under the blankets and then pulled them over him as well, purposely tucking it tightly around him just like he liked. He giggled at my taunting and now at the slobber of kisses I rained down on his face.

“I can’t get kisses? Huh? Huh?” I teased, making him giggle even more. “Noooooo,” he taunted back. I finally returned to my side of the bed, noticing a now timid Erik walking towards the other side of the bed where he usually lay.

“Ready for bed, buddy?” Jordan nodded enthusiastically and sunk against the pillow, immediately shutting his eyes to try and drift off between the two of us. “Goodnight. I love you guys,” he sweetly sang out, causing me and Erik to laugh at the clever kid.

“Goodnight. We love you too,” I answered, lowering my head to my pillow as well. I turned off the light and lowered the volume on the television so it wouldn’t disturb Jordan as I continued to finish up the show. Erik had other plans as he reached over Jordan, still with his eyes closed, and held out his hand waiting for mine.

I looked reluctantly down to his hand before lowering mine on top of his. He quickly closed his fist and soothingly held me. I could make out him mouthing the words ‘I’m sorry’. I knew he hadn’t meant harm with our earlier argument and was simply frustrated. It seemed like lightyears ago where I was angry, now relaxed and calm lying next to Jordan.

“It’s okay,” I mouthed back. Erik smiled satisfied that I accepted his apology and raised his hand, mine still enclosed within his and kissed the area next to my knuckles. He dropped our hands down lightly on top of Jordan’s legs, not yet willing to let go until he drifted off to sleep.

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Show Business

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Your boyfriend Peter notices that you’re not yourself, and cheers you up using your favourite musicals

Warnings: None, other than the reader feeling a little bit down at the start

A/N: I apologise if you’re not into musicals, but you can probably still enjoy this if you’re not? I just used a couple of my favourite show tunes in this :)

Originally posted by deanskitten

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Y’all. Y’ALL. [Spoilers]

I was going to watch TVD 7x10 and do my review of it even though I was sure that TVD moved to Fridays but then my friend texted me what happened and I just couldn’t bother because holy shit did I not CARE. None of it sounded appealing. What she texted me: “Omg now I feel guilty for watching this instead of doing my work!”

Like, bruh. This is bad. I remember when TVD was like, “Work can WAIT. It’s Thursday and TVD is ON.”

So this was a Damon-centric episode. Shock. And it revolves around the fact that Damon has to admit to feeling guilty about being rude to Lily when she was dying for him to be able to wake up and get out of the Phoenix Stone because he’s reliving a moment in his history, the first time he got blood on his hands, and at that time he wanted Lily to comfort him. This is his hell, guys. This is what JP and CD saw fit to punish Damon with in a stone that’s meant to torment you with your worst experiences. Oh and Stefan is already out of his Phoenix Stone so we don’t even see what his experiences are because who cares when you’ve got Damon to coddle?

And then when he wakes up, he thinks he’s still in hell or whatever and he stabs Caroline in the stomach, snaps Matt’s neck, knocks Stefan unconscious and he slams Bonnie against a wall so hard that she bleeds. And when I read that my first instinct was, I don’t care because everyone is going to forgive him in some capacity anyway. Him stabbing Caroline is probably why Alaric is short with him in the flashforwards and why there’s tension but even that, there’s ONLY tension. I mean sure there may be more than tension in the episodes to come but I mean Damon put Alaric’s children at risk, he stabbed Caroline in the BELLY, there should be more than tension, there should be a constant “stay the FUCK away from me and my family unless you want to DIE” vibe happening, idgaf if he did come out of a hell dimension place, which he got out of because he admitted to wanting his mother (I still can’t get over this).

And Bonnie. Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie. She spends months trying to get Damon out of the Phoenix Stone. She manages to get Stefan out. And apparently Stefan is short with Bonnie throughout the episode for not being able to get Damon out and then when she manages to get Damon out, he’s ungrateful, and then later on he slams her against a wall and harms her. AGAIN. My friend doesn’t really pay much attention to Bonnie’s treatment but even SHE texted:

“N u know at some point I thought there was going to be some sort of break through in the show. Cuz when bonnie “brought him back” the first time he’s all ungrateful *again* to her. N she’s all like ur welcome … n I’m exhausted I just used up all my magic to get u out. N in the present stefan is getting snippy at bon for not bing able to get Damon out. N I’m just like umm… ok this is more bonnie bashing than normal. But it led to nothing.”

No one can tell me that JP isn’t illustrating some anti-black treatment toward Bonnie and that there seems to be some sort of conscious-subconscious vendetta against the character AND Kat because no one puts a character through seasons of being mistreated and used and hurt and put down and have that character NOT snap and break and turn against the people who did this to her. It just does not happen, if there is a character who has been treated like Bonnie has, there is a point where that character says ENOUGH and dipsets or explodes. If the fucking Mindy Project can have an episode in which Mindy feels like she’s being taken for granted and so leaves the office and the practice falls apart without her and people come running to her begging for forgiveness and for her help then TV-fucking-D can DO THE SAME THING. And I’m sorry, I’m just going to say it I feel like it’s some sort of jealousy. I don’t know. I pay attention to the way Ian and Paul act around Kat, I have posts about it, the dynamic these three have, the chemistry these three have, this need Paul and Ian seem to have to get all of Kat’s attention, this inherent competitiveness that happens when those two are together around Kat (no one is saying it’s romantic but it’s there), I just feel like Julie can’t take it and she takes it out on Bonnie. Or any time Kat has some serious onscreen chemistry with a male lead like Kai or Kol (not much of a Kolonnie fan but I can appreciate good fucking eye sex) that has to be shut DOWN immediately. NO ONE CAN TELL ME THAT THIS ISN’T PERSONAL.

Edit: I have just been informed that Damon stabbed Caroline in the chest. So I mean, yay for not doing something to deliberately harm the fetuses specifically but like dude, you have a thing for maiming pregnant women. You still put Car and the children at risk. So like.
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WHOOPS I DID A THING. Inspired by this post and some gentle harassment of upallnightogetloki in her inbox :)

Bucky was not here for blind dates. Not. Here. Especially when the guy that was so great, and so wonderful didn’t even have the nerve to show up. Bucky was crafting the angry text he was going to send to Natasha in his head as the waitress passed him again, that pitying look still on her face as she refilled his water glass.

Maybe, just maybe he could stay here all night so none of the other patrons would know just how stood up and pathetic he was. Sure the wait staff would know, but he never had to come back to this restaurant. He would just be another tale they told, that poor guy who waited all night for his date.

He was reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone to text Natasha (not admitting defeat, he wasn’t) when someone dropped into the seat across from him.

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The Youngest Children Of The Last Emperor Of Russia Were Anastasia  and Alexei. As Alexei Was Hemophiliac He Could Not Usually Participate In The Imperial Children’s Activities Like Roller Skating On The Standrat. He Would Be Able To Take Part In Some But He Would Be Under Great Supervision Of His Nanny, His Personal Guards And His Mother Alexandra. As He And Anastasia Were Three Years Apart They Had A Very Strong,Unique And Special Bond Between Each Other That None Of The Rest Of The Siblings Had With Each Other. Anastasia Would Of Done Anything To Make Her Little Brother Smile And Forget About His Sickness. Being The Imp Of The Family She Would Make A Silly Face Or Perform A Humorous Skit As She Was A Gifted Actress/Comedian. Even When Alexei Would Join In With Her Big Sister It Was Twice The Fun. Anastasia And Alexei Were Two Siblings Who Would Of Done Anything For Each Other And Even In Death They Were Not Divided.


When my dry AP Lang teacher gave us laptops to read about the history of the penny, of course I was going to play an online game. My school did not block an elementary school favorite site of mine, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a mini-Zootopia section! 


-Save Nick

Help Nick dodge various vehicles while he is texting. Win a little Judy who zooms by you when you click the spacebar!

-Weasel Chase

Don’t let Judy catch up to you as you purse a sprinting thief, none other than Duke. Jump over obstacles quickly and win a cute Flash who (slowly) follows you around.


-You can use the costumizer to wear Nick and Judy’s fluffy costumes! You can’t do Duke or Flash though. 

Background art

-The whole area is Zootopia themed, filled with animal ads and cleverly named stores. You can even climb buildings and see the unique skyline. It’s entertaining to explore!

This was a lot of fun to play, so you guys should check it out! Go to the main Poptropica blimp map and click the Zootopia ad. It’ll take you to a building with Nick and Judy in front of it. Enter the building and have a fur-tastic time :)

This is something i did for @kiacii, and all the other amazing artists, that help me to survive my everyday problems, who inspire me and give me hope, when there is none.

Thanks guys.

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mr. cocky pt. 3

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4

Genre: fluff, angst(?)

Word count: 2371

Characters: Jeon Jeongguk, OC/Reader (+ small appearances of the other members)

Warnings: None.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk was an arrogant guy who everyone loved. All the girls swooned over him, and would easily sacrifice their lives for this guy. But what was so special about him, and why did he always have the upper hand? That was still a mystery, but Y/N wanted to change that.

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Incoming call

I pick up my phone to see who’s calling me.

Jeon Jeongguk

I mean who else could it be?

I had been ignoring his texts ever since I got home from school so I should’ve expected him to give me a call.

I was thinking about ignoring it but then I remembered that he’ll probably call me until I answer, so I decided to just pick it up.

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Heroes and Villains


It would have been nice of Koz to at least help Jack with the groceries. Granted none of them were his, but the trip from Jack’s car all the way to their apartment on the third floor might not have been such a long one if Koz would have grabbed a bag or two. His text did send after all, so it’s not like Koz didn’t know Jack was home.

When Jack reached their door, he awkwardly fumbled around in his pockets for his keys, slowly pulling them out and trying his best to find the right key to unlock the door. It’s not like they were heavy, but they were certainly getting in the way. When he had finally unlocked the door, he slowly shuffled his way inside, hoping none of the bags other than the one he had brought from home would rip. Setting the bags on the counter in the kitchen, he looked around the apartment for any sign of his roommate. Their apartment wasn’t large, consisting mostly of only of a kitchen, living room, two separate bedrooms, and one bathroom, so there weren’t many places for Koz to hide. 

“Oh no thanks! I got it!” Jack called out.

Some of ya’ll so pissed that Emma let Kieran live like…do ya’ll not realize that to let him live and spend the rest of his life in prison, alone, means that he’ll be suffering until he dies? He wanted her to kill him, to make it fast, but she did the opposite and made it slow. He’ll have years (depending if the other killer kills him in prison or not) to suffer in silence and self pity and anger that he was caught. Emma literally chose the option that would make him suffer the most. But lmao that was obviously the wrong choice because Emma can’t do anything right.