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Chanwoo has such a problem with people only biasing him out of pity. Oh poor Chawnoo no lines and bullied. Like unless he fits their narrative he's not worth stanning. It's starting with Donghyuk now too - people only stan him because he's pitiable. They act like ikonics don't love them because they don't bemoan how tragic their existence is. It's gross and needs to stop. Just because we treasure and celebrate dongchan's skills doesn't mean we dont care. Feeling sorry for someone isn't stanning.

I applaud you my friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This is one of the truest asks I’ve ever received. I 💯 agree! Also the image they have of chanwoo and dong is so totally wrong. They make it look like they’d be two introverted kids who get bullied by their teammates and never say a word. Like? You sure you stan them? Dongchan is the most savage duo lmao. And they get along with people the fastest. They are open minded and super lively. They don’t need anyone’s pity. They’re two strong individuals who work hard and are able to talk for themselves, what they also do! Don’t start stanning them if all you feel for them is pity or worry tbh. Look more into them.

This is something I learned was going on some time ago and it came to my attention today that it has continued. It disheartened me to the point I felt the need to make an attempt to address it.

Myself and those I rp with are fortunate to have a great number of followers who enjoy our roleplay and writing. However, I am aware that there are others being subjected to unjust and unfair comparison.

I cannot and will not condone this behavior. If you do not enjoy a player’s roleplaying, that does not give cause to abuse the privilege of anonymity to put down, attack or harass them. Roleplay is a hobby and is done for the player’s own enjoyment before anyone else’s.

Many of us do strive to improve our writing and characterization and are open to hearing out constructive, thoughtful and fair criticism. If you cannot offer a player this, the unfollow button is just as easy to find as the ask button. Please consider using it instead, leaving the player to enjoy their hobby in peace.

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What does Theo's voice sound like?

get ready to be more confused than you were before asking though..

so this is not a voice claim, it’s more of just the style of music i imagine her to make, so it’s like a “song claim”: boop

but her singing voice is a lot more like hope sandoval.

actual speaking voice is a mix of this and this

i can hear it so clearly in my mind, and mixing edie and brit is the closest i’ve gotten to finding it ;–;

the others i have:

luca  //  shiloh  //  dora  //  oliver  //  toto  //  codie


interesting look at vanessa ferrari

it should be “more or less finished lines” because it’s late, i’m tired and i’m probably gonna tweak it later.

Tryna showcase one way i do stuff because it looked amusing. There is no segment between these, i just do the line directly over the loose sketch, adding details from refs or from my head. 

This isn’t meant for any high art, just a way to get fun and quick ideas out, hence i tend to leave the linework at a just cleaned sketch-level. I am also very lazy so this is probably my most common methods.

Having a crush on somebody is the most irritating shit in the world and then your friends tease you about it so you think about it even more and then next thing you know you done fucked around and caught some feelings for the mf now you gotta worry about extra shit like the fact that they have a life and you needa give them space to live it cus they probably dont or wont like you back so now you stuck tryna suppress your feels during convos with them and they gon wonder why you actin weird and eventually the truth gon come out or theyll find someone else and you’ll feel stupid for not shooting your shot or having the will power to distance yourself from them when you started crushing in the first place.

Or lets say shit goes well and yall start talking and then yall move too fast and then shit gets fucked up

Or shit just gets fucked up because that’s the way your life is set up

Or you’re ugly

Either way issa L



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