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The N word...

Let me just say this and then I’ll go back to that blog that just reblogs other people’s shit.

The excuse “Well nobody should say it. Not even THEM (black people)” that nonblacks use against the N word is well played out.

Black people reclaimed this slur. Like men calling females bitches and hoes, women began calling their friends the same. “I’m going out with my bitches”. We claimed that shit and put a more positive stigma on it. You can’t be mad at us for that. If I want to chill with my niggas, I will. Cuz that’s my nigga.

Now if I were an internalized racist and were to call other black people the N word negatively it’s a problem, but me referring to family or close ones this way isn’t an issue unless they don’t want me to (bc some black people don’t like it at all).

But don’t tell a black person “Yeah I know my ancestors called you that while they were beating, raping, enslaving, hanging, lynching and murdering your ancestors while they thought of them as property. I know racist people this day still call you that too. And you made it more positive. But I feel like if I can’t say it, Nobody should say it because somehow it offends me too”. The statement is invalid as fuck. And if you use this when I ask you not to say the word around me or at all, you might get socked.


slavic mythology moodboards: noonwraith [ południca ]:

Noonwraith is a female demon only seen on the hottest part of the day. According to the legends, noonwraiths were coming to life in air whirls, however, other stories say that they were souls of women who died just before their weddings. Noonwraiths usually showed up when the sun was at its highest and then danced in the light. In some stories, they have been known for assailing folk working at noon causing heatstrokes and aches in the neck, sometimes even causing madness. Noonwraith my appear as an old hag, a beautiful woman, or a 12-year-old girl, and she was useful in scaring children away from valuable crops. [x]

if you're thinking of quitting music, don't.

whether its choir or band or anything just don’t. i wanted to quit a while back because i had a horrible, rude teacher. i didn’t though, because the only thing i ever heard from former musicians was that they regretted quitting. and a while back, i heard a little girl say to our teacher that she wanted to take private lessons so she could be as good as the other first chair and I.

so if you’re thinking of quitting, just think about how there may be one day where someone, whether it be a small child or a peer, decides that they’re going to keep going because you inspired them.

keep your head up.

Europe continuously hates Romani claiming “none of us have jobs” or that we “only live off welfare checks” when it’s literally Europe’s own fault that a disheartening large % or Roma live in poverty.

Roma are systemically denied their rights to education & non-discrimination in primary education and are overwhelmingly segregated in “Roma-only” schools/classes. Even when Roma children get the chance to attend “normal” schools non-Roma parents usually end up remove their children from those schools, resulting in the faculties becoming “Roma only” too because of the large scale non-Roma departures. 

A lot of Romani children have also been purposely misdiagnosed with mental disabilities as a result of culturally-biased diagnostic tools and anti-Roma prejudice among psychology and pedagogic experts and send to special schools for children with “mild mental disabilities”, when there is no need for them to be there.

As a result to that they are condemned to low-quality, segregated education and limited opportunities for further education and employment. Even though under national European and international law, discrimination in the field of education is prohibited, in practice it’s still happening and the authorities continue to let this discrimination slide which has far-reaching consequences for thousands of Roma children who remain segregated in inferior education that traps them in a cycle of poverty and marginalization.

On top of that a lot of Roma cannot get jobs because of racism, traditional anti-Romani attitudes and a mixture of prejudice against Romani. It’s not for no reason that Romani are deemed “Europe’s Most Hated.” A lot of Romani literally have to look through trash and look for scrap metal and copper that they can resell for a little money to survive, not having any other choice because nobody will hire them. (x, x

Europeans can be quiet. They are literally the reason why a lot of Roma live trapped in the cycle of poverty and can’t get a job. Yet they despise us for something that wouldn’t even be a problem if they would just treat us like equal human beings.






Official description:

First Language - The Race to Save Cherokee chronicles the efforts of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to preserve and revitalize the Cherokee Language. The native languages of North American indigenous peoples are a vessel of subtle knowledge, folkways, and psychology at the heart of Native identity. Most indigenous languages of North America are critically endangered and many are already extinct. Cherokee is an Iroquoian language with an estimated 12,000 speakers living mainly in Oklahoma and North Carolina.

First Language is a production of the The Language and Life Project at NC State University, produced by Danica Cullinan, Neal Hutcheson, and Walt Wolfram. The film is made available in celebration of Native American Heritage month and will remain online for high-definition, ad-free viewing. The Language and Life Project is a non-profit, public education initiative founded by Walt Wolfram in the 1990s, with an ongoing mission to celebrate and promote an understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity.

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I’m gonna tell y'all the story of when I got my first period
So I was about 11, freshly in the 6th grade, and I woke up because I felt a wet spot on my bed. So I sort of just got up and blindly went to the bathroom thinking idk that I peed myself or something
So I’m just going my thing and I looked down to see that my underwear is completely covered in blood and I did what any sane 11 year old would do
I screamed as if I was being stabbed
I literally thought I was dying
And I went to catholic school from the tender age of 4-18 so our sex education was non existent, I honestly can’t tell you if we were even taught what a period was
So I just thought I was dying
So I’m screaming and crying and my mom runs out of her bedroom and into the bathroom with a look of terror on her face asking “what’s wrong????!”
In which I say, totally not dramatically might I add, “IM DYING!”
So she sees the blood and she just goes “oh honey it’s okay! You just got your period!”
Which of course I’m like “WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN??!”
So after that she calls my dad who just left for work to come back and bring me pads and let’s me stay home from school cause I was clearly traumatized and I remember for the longest time not telling people I know that I had my period cause it was meant to be this embarrassing thing, and being a preteen was hard enough and I went to a small school and everyone was actually the devil and just not needing that extra annoyance in my life
And looking back at it now I’m just mad that I had to feel like something my body naturally does is embarrassing when I have no control over it
So now I’m just so vocal about it and I really don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable or not
“Hey how are you?”
“Bleeding from my vagina, how are you?”
Like if someone is telling you not to speak about your period just talk about it louder who gives a fuck
Literally tell them you’ll bleed on their favourite shirt or something cause we all know how hard it is to get period blood stains out
So moral of the story: bleed on people who try and make you feel embarrassed about your period just chuck tampons at them till they shut up


Part One/Part Two, End Scene Mash Up - by Dodrio

I thought the parallel of Finn looking out to sea from the first and last parts of the Islands Miniseries did a wonderful job at portraying the wealth of emotion, growth, and new understanding Finn felt and gained from the start of his journey VS the end of his journey.

It does well to show just how much Finn has matured throughout the series, from a young and naive boy to a wiser, more aware young man.

Adventure Time is a children’s show which exemplifies what it means to truly “grow up,” that even in a world where the life of humans has come to ruin, where you sometimes feel completely and utterly alone, where real danger and real monsters are at every corner, you’re going to be okay. 

Adventure Time has taught children that while it may be trying sometimes, while it can hurt and be confusing, “growing up” is an inevitability - but one you should not be fearful of. It’s one that you should embrace, because its worth it for the lessons you learn, the wisdom you gain, and the love and friendship you find along the way.

Ultimately, this world is not so different from our own.

Growing up is a lot like journeying to multiple islands, each one has something of value, whether it is wisdom to gain, emotional growth, or better understanding and awareness. 

You may not always come to one on purpose, sometimes it may even seem like you’ve been thrown into a tsunami and washed out from the sea, but it’s all a part of your journey of life; And even if you don’t know your destination, know that your heart and your intuition already do, and trust them to lead you on your way.

Like Princess Bubblegum says, “If you make it to that island, you might find out some pretty heavy stuff. About the humans, and where you came from. About yourself.

Thank you, Pendleton Ward, Frederator Studios, and Cartoon Network for the blessing that is Adventure Time. 

DISCLAIMER: All rights belong to their respective owners and not me. This video is meant for non-profit educational and entertainment purposes only. I don’t own Adventure Time.


Maybe you’re a feminist, Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re not straight, Maybe you are. Maybe you’re transgender, Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re rich, Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re educated, Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re beautiful, Maybe you’re not.

What matter is, that whatever you are, don’t be an asshole. If you can’t stand to see a person, then look the other way. No matter the reason of your hatred, or disgust. Be human, accept others. If you can’t, don’t take their rights or voice. Let them be.

Gender Day.

I have the honour to organise an afternoon all about gender at my school. It’s gonna be about questions like; What is gender? How does the way you identify affect your life? Why is knowledge and education about gender so important? Is there inequality between genders, is this fair and how can we solve said inequality?

I, myself, find this to be a really interesting and important subject, but I need your help. I do not have as much experience with gender-identification as some of you have, and I want to paint the whole picture. I don’t want this to become a one-sided story, I want to tell the stories of different people, I want to show the diverse viewpoints on this matter. This can’t become a day of cis-people discussing gender, without telling the stories of people that have had the struggle of gender-identification and acceptance. I believe that this has to become a day of acceptance, where people can learn about the world around them and where the whole story is told.

That’s why I want to ask you to send me stories, viewpoints and ideas for subjects we can talk about that day (but only if you’re comfortable sharing that information.) and to share this post so that stories from people from all over the spectrum can be told.
I hope that at least a few people are willing to help me. I strongly believe that we will be capable of making this Gender Day a success. And I hope that we will be able to help people better understand gender.

To non native would be allies:

Let me tell you that we don’t need apologies. Making a grand, emotional apology on behalf of non-natives all but forces native people to do the emotional labor of comforting you and telling you you’re “one of the good ones” because you apologized. You are an individual and you act on behalf of only yourself; if you have done something harmful toward a native person, apologize to them and attempt to make it right. Be better. But don’t act as if you’re a representative of your race, apologizing to an entire other race. It’s a disingenuous and lazy attempt at allyship. What is needed is for you to learn about the history of oppression of indigenous people and to educate other non natives on it so that we natives don’t have to do the intellectual and emotional labor of explaining for the 100th time why your fave team is racist trash, or why Columbus wasn’t a hero, or why the white women gawking at the regalia and ceremonies of native women participating in the march on D.C. was wrong. Also, get out of here with your “natives are magic” crap. The majority of natives don’t live in the “traditional” way and most don’t even participate in our traditional religious beliefs. Most native peoples were forced to convert to Christianity and many of our traditions and ceremonies were illegal to practice until very recently. Not only is it dehumanizing and insulting to think of indigenous people as ~mystical~~ it’s also deeply hurtful because the aspects of our religions that you love to fetishize were stolen from us. Referring to us as “magic natives” objectifies us and reduces us to a stereotype. The “mystical Indian” archetype exists solely for the consumption of non natives. It also treats natives as a monolith; as if were all one culture of sage-smudging medicine men who pray to the oh so vague “great spirit”. Indigenous North Americans are hundreds of separate vastly different tribal nations and peoples with different beliefs and traditions. We are not a monolith. We are not your magic indians. We are not yours to objectify. Our existence continues despite the colonizers ongoing attempts to destroy us. We keep our cultures alive even as the boho dreamcatcher making, mass produced moccasin wearing set attempts to commodify our heritage. We continue to exist because we continue to resist, not because non-natives saw the error of their ways and decided to give us a free pass.

Millennial College Grads, Reblog if you:

Are unemployed

Underemployed (working less than part time or working on-call or seasonally)

Can’t find a job in your field

Are not working full-time but have been seeking full time employment for a long time

Are not financially stable or are struggling financially

Are drowning in student loans that you can barely afford to pay off

Have seldom received call-backs for jobs you applied for

Are under-qualified for nearly every job that you find (especially entry level jobs wanting multiple years of professional experience and skills with software you’ve never heard of)

Come from a low-income or poor background and only have financial support from your parents or parent 

Still live at home

Want to go back to school to pursue another major or earn your master’s degree but you don’t have the money

You know exactly what you want to do as a career but can’t get a foot in the door

If any of these apply to you, please reblog. I’m currently going through an existential crisis and I just want to know that I’m not alone. I have friends who are in similar situations but they are always somehow able to find jobs or some kind of help before I do and I have been stuck in the same situation since I graduated from college. I’ve been applying for jobs for 2 years and have yet to find anything permanent. I haven’t found a summer job and I only have one more month until summer if over and I am pretty much out of money. My mom has been helping me out, though. And my job as a teacher’s assistant during the fall and spring are usually 4-8 hours a week since I work after-school only. And I can’t survive on what they pay me. In the midsts of constantly hearing from older generations that millennials are lazy and that we have character flaws that are causing us these problems, I guess I need to be reminded that these problems still affects a lot of people in our generation. We’ve worked our asses off and we still are and we’re not getting the same opportunities and job security that the many non-college educated generation X and Baby Boomers have had.  

“My conversation with a monk 9 years ago.

Me: My mind tends to judge others and can often be quite critical of the way others behave, act, speak and interact. It can become quite negative.

Monk: We must learn to observe instead of judge. When we observe, we see the person and the behaviour as separate. Often we judge others by their actions and not their intentions and we judge ourselves by our intentions and not our actions. When we observe we learn, when we judge we become negative.”

- Jay Shetty

French fries are delicious. French fries with ketchup are a little slice of heaven. The problem is it’s basically impossible to pour the exactly right amount. Ketchup can’t seem to make up its mind. Is it is a solid? Or a liquid? The answer is: it depends.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan

Animation by TOGETHER