and nomi's into that shit

  • 13RW: *all of the reasons why hannah killed herself has been said*
  • 13RW: *whole book finished in a season*
  • Netflix: hmmmmmm
  • Netflix: renew that shit for another season
  • Sense8: *nomi and amanita gets engaged*
  • Sense8: *the cluster finally meets irl*
  • Sense8: *the cluster bringing the fight to the bad guys*
  • Netflix: cancel that shit.

The last episode of sense8 was too much: 
-It was Sun seeking vengeance against brother on a motorcycle wearing a bra, sparkly silver hot pants and white cowboy boots
-It was all the other sensates hugging her when the truck rolled
-It was Capheus being visited by other sensates
-It was Nomi and Amanita proposing to each other 
-It was Wolfgang and Kahla saying ‘I love you’ for the first time
-It was Will beating the shit out of Whispers

Having just finished my Sense8 season 2 binge I need to gush, so here are some of my favourite moments in no particular order

  • Min-Jung impaling a motherfucker, and then leaving the prison with Sun
  • The look on the journalist bitch’s face when Lito was the most gracefully spoken human being on the planet
  • 58 MINUTES!!!
  • Riley’s dad playing Secret Agent Man on the ukulele
  • Amanita: “Did you come up with that yourself, just now?”
    The Guy: “Nah there’s an app for it”
  • Lito: “There’s just something about him”
    Riley’s ex: “Yeah, those movies are kinda cheesy”
    Lito: “I change my mind I don’t trust him”
  • The whole bus cheering when Capheus and Zakia kissed
  • Her dog whimpers when she’s gone and watches the gate hoping she’ll walk through, I’m not ok
  • Depressed Lito just showing up when Sun and Nomi were talking
  • Sun demanding Depressed Lito stop crying but then cuddling a pillow with him
  • “I think the fact that we all fit in the tub makes it ours.”
  • Mr Hoy drinking Irn Bru is just very important to the Scottish part of me ok?
  • “That’s the first time he called me daughter”
  • Detective Mun and the cemetry fight
  • Kala venting to Will about Lila
  • Kala threatening Lila
  • Kala blowing up a fucking car
  • “My sister’s a fucking terminator”
  • Riley and Lito screaming in the art museum
  • Will every time he fooled Whispers.
  • Will punching Whispers in the fucking face
  • Transphobic groomsman: says transphobic shit
    Sun: Did he just say what I think he said? Do you want me to hurt him?
  • Nomi: Well maybe just a little
  • Ah but England has great tea…. I watch a lot of movies….
  • “I think I just caught the sense8 equivilant of an STD”

There are probably a lot more things that I’ll think of later, and I’ll probably gush about some of these indivual points again too, but now it’s almost 4am and I need sleep.

People should totally feel free to add stuff to this though

Sense8 snatched my heart and won't let it go

I’ve been marathoning Sense8 this last week, sneaking in episodes at night after work, as many as I could watch before I got so tired I couldn’t see straight anymore, and fucking hell, what–A–SHOW!!

I had never seen Sense8 until just recently, and I’m kicking myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. Granted, I didn’t have a netflix account, and I wasn’t savvy enough to get the episodes on my own, though I finally got to use a cousin’s account and finally, FINALLY, got to see the show that I’d seen snippets of on my dash…it was the edits that hooked me, and after hearing that it was cancelled, and then brought back in a 2 hour future finale, I had to see what had drawn so many people in, and I was NOT disappointed. God, was I absolutely not disappointed in this beautiful gem of a show.

I’m still kind of reeling from lack of sleep and finally getting to see the second season finale–still recovering from that emotionally exhausting shit–so forgive my less than coherent ramblings…if nothing makes sense or doesn’t come out very pretty, please bear with me.

I fell in love with every single one of my newborn sensates. Every. Single. One. I expected to have my favorite characters and ships, I always do with every show I’ve ever watched, and this one was no exception (Kalagang all the way!) but all of them captured my attention and my heart and punched me in the gut with feels with everything they experienced, together and apart.

I no longer have the capability of adequately describing what each character and their personalities made me feel–my relationship with language has faded rapidly in the last few years–but I will say that they had me giggling, and crying, and fangirling, and losing my shit, from the first episode to the last.

I wish more people had given this show a chance…I wish I had started watching it when it first premiered and lended another viewer to their stats…I wish Netflix had realized what a precious, precious show they had on their hands and didn’t just carelessly toss it aside…I wish we were debating what season 3 would bring rather than simply getting a 2 hour special that may or may not wrap up everything into relatively satisfying conclusion. Not to say I’m unhappy at the opportunity at seeing what happened to my Wolfie, and seeing Whisper and Jonas (especially Whisper, holy hell I hate that character with a passion) get their asses painfully handed to them, getting to see my babies possibly (hopefully!!) be happy, I want all of that with a passion, but now that I’ve got Sense8 in my blood, I don’t want the stories to end…though I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be hopeful that with the success of the 2 hour finale, we might get to see what our cluster gets up to in a third season…

Anyway, sorry for the jumbled thoughts, I just wanted to get this down and pass out in my bed because I’m not young enough anymore to survive on such little sleep and still expect to function properly in the morning.

Long live Sense8, a gift of a show that we need more than ever right now.

amanita is the most supportive girlfriend ever, like?? she took all of this shit in stride and made nomi feel more secure in what’s happening to her and just drops everything to help her. i just wanna highlight that bit in season 2 episode 3 where nomi feels sun being captured and makes a complete stop on her way out on a date with amanita. she says she needs to help sun and amanita isn’t even upset that they missed their opportunity to go out, she goes right into supportive girlfriend mode and when nomi says she thinks sun’s captors might kill her, amanita immediately says “the hell they are” and is so determined to save someone she’s never even met! in conclusion, get you a girl like amanita

I want to take this moment to say that watching Sense8 Season 2 is/was an amazing experience. For those who are involved with the show from the creators, the cast, writers, directors, editing and production… I mean everyone. You should be very proud of yourselves because that was one fucking ride. That was (more than) quality story telling and I for one cannot wait to see what you’ve got in store for Season 3 👏👏👏

I realized now why Wolfgang and Kala were the first sensate to truly appear to one another; Why Kala saw Wolfgang first and why Wolfgang saw Kala first before the other sensates.

Wolfgang is courage.

He gave Lito courage when Lito was unable to have the courage to lose his career for Hernan and why he appeared to Kala during her wedding to tell her that she shouldn’t marry Rajan because she didn’t love him because she didn’t have the courage to cancel her wedding.

Kala, on the other hand, is faith; the light even.

She appeared to Wolfgang when he was on stage when he was clearly having a traumatic reaction. Kala then appeared in the hospital when Wolfgang was very upset about Felix getting shot, no doubt questioning if Felix will make it, yet Kala appeared and they talked about why Felix was such a good friend. She appeared again in the kitchen where she made Wolfgang a fucking bomb when Wolfgang thought he was really going to die due to the lack of ammunition he had against his uncle’s cronies.

Wolfgang is a contradiction; he gives her courage, but importantly, he shows her that life isn’t as pretty as it seems, and he gives her the courage to face it head on.

Kala, on the other hand, gives Wolfgang the faith that maybe everything can be better; she’s the light in his darkness, in his life.

✨ sense8 appreciation post ✨

I’ve never watched a show so beautiful that I’m having trouble coming up with fanfiction ideas because there’s no scene I have even the remotest desire to change…

It’s perfect. Everything… Perfect.

Need a reason to watch the show? Here, have eight:

Sun Bak? Perfect. 12/10 softie with ninja skills. shit brother i’d give my right buttcheek to TKO. terminator.

Kala Rasal? Perfect. BAMF scientist who takes no shit and gives a grand total of zero fucks about the patriarchy.

Riley Blue? Perfect. magical dj with heart of gold and soul of steel. in need of love, hugs, and more scenes with her father.

Nomi Marks? Perfect. beautiful gay, transgender baby with a shit mother I’d give my left buttcheek to be able to punch.

Will Gorski? Perfect. robo cop ain’t got shit on this Chicago detective, my sweet smol bean needs love and cuddles, free to good home, package deal with Riley Blue.

Lito Rodriguez? Perfect. mean, green, viral gif machine. queer and ready to take on the world with chiseled abs and a sculpted ass.

Wolfgang? Perfect. hella gangsta with a crooked moral compass. still cute. still needs hugs. can’t ask for help. needs help tho.

Capheus Onyango? Perfect. future politician. better president than douchebag trashcan. mad driving skills. runs best matatu in kibera.

I just love how my OTPS’ love is identified with something from sense8

like Hernando x Lito’s love is identified with art

Kala x Wolfgang is identified with water and faith

Riley x Will is identified with geography

And Nomi x Amanita is tied with brownies that can get them high

it’s so wonderful man

just imagine, Riley and Will are in the middle of London, desperately needing to talk about something private, so they speak in fluent flawless Hindi. Kala goes to Germany and speaks to Felix in German. Nomi and Lito want to talk shit in a cafe in Hollywood - so they speak in Korean. 

I Just Watched Sense8 Twice And Here Are My New Favorite Platonic Pairings...

I. Sun and Lito
1. They didn’t share much in s1 other than Sun’s period pains. But it was so satisfying to see Lito lose his marbles behind a little bloating while Sun just soldiered on. That moment in the mirror when they shared languages set the stage for an interesting dynamic that I should have known I would love.
2. Lito and his drama play perfectly against Sun’s emotional control. She wants to laugh at him so bad, and he just loves a captive audience.
3. Sun will never admit when she needs and deserves a good wallow. She fights to stay on an even keel; Lito, conversely embraces the opportunity to make his feels known to the world. He even forces her to partake, using stuffed kitty cats.

II. Capheus and Sun
1. Capheus is charming enough and all-around sweet enough to realize that without Sun he would be dead many times over. So when he spoke of her using reverent tones (Jean-Claude Korean Lady) in s1 I immediately saw potential for a very special friendship.
2. The Christmas special moment between the two of them illustrated Sun’s softness in a way we don’t see often. It’s almost like the writers gave us a glimpse of Sun’s sweet side, only because it meshes so well with Capheus’s. That smile gave me all the feels.
3. I love how Sun had to come through for Capheus in so many ways last season while he rarely had a chance to pay her back, only to have him play an integral part in her major plot this season. That getaway motorcycle scene was amazing and put them on more equal footing.

III. Lito and Wolfgang
1. This is where two polar opposite characters shown respect and appreciation for their differences with zero judgement. Lito saw Wolfie set out with the intention of killing his cousin and offered no censure. He just helped the man do it. In the same way, Wolfie could not care less that Lito thinks life is a movie. He probably thinks Lito’s hysterical behavior is hilarious. They rock.
2. I love how even a year later, Lito is still showing gratitude for Wolfie helping him beat up Joaquin. Those two have this delicious bond that almost feels like opposites attracting; the actors know exactly how to play it to the best effect.
3. These two are the men most comfortable during, and in the aftermath of the orgy scenes. That shit didn’t phase them at all in s1 as opposed to Will, who freaked out. It speaks to a free spirit that the two share.

IV. Honorable Mentions
1. Riley and Capheus. I love how they have so many conversations about family. Sharing the sad truths bonds characters, and they’ve done that since the beginning.
2. Kala and Sun. The two Asian girls are very like sisters, and it’s possible that the writers did this on purpose. Me likey.
3. Nomi and Will. They handle shit together in a way I find very satisfying. Also, she never judged him for his “little problem” in s2.
4. Nomi and Sun. The running gag of Sun breaking stuff and then breaking that dude’s finger was funny.

so I was thinking about how Capheus called Kala beautiful when he first saw her and now I reckon he would consider all four of his cluster girls the most beautiful creatures and would always tell them that

so when the girls have a sleepover night Capheus just sort of ends up getting invited and the other three guys feel really left out because Capheus is just being adored by Kala and Riley and Nomi, and even Sun tends to smile a lot more when he’s around

I just need a sensate girl sleepover with bonus Capheus there along for the ride and loving every minute like the sunshine child he is okay