and nobody wants to see that

if you support trump reversing the bathroom bill, unfollow me. get the fuck away. stay away. keep your bible-humping bullshit away. i don’t want your backwards logic.

  • if you’re using the excuse of “we don’t want men to be able to walk in and rape little girls!!!” guess what? that still won’t be happening. because they’re a woman. using the women’s restroom. and what kind of idiot parent is even letting a young child use the bathroom alone? are you that dumb?
  • if you’re using the excuse of “i don’t want them to come in and look at my dick!!!” do you get many other guys staring at your dick, pal? probably not. nobody wants to see it.
  • if you’re using anything along the lines of “god made adam and eve!!!” or “god makes no mistakes!!!” you’re also believing in a book with talking serpents and that promotes rape. but hey, let’s not nitpick right…. oh wait. that’s exactly what yall that claim to believe in a god that is supposed to “love all” are doing!!!!!

I think i want to start a new thing among people online with low self esteem. Shadow Dancing, 

The name is self explanitory. What you do is you record your shadow, as you are dancing to some music(played in the background). nobody can see your face, or other distinguishing features, so if you dont dance well, who cares, nobody can see your face!


Some will say I am stupid and crazy, I am probably both of those things right now. I am actually going to see Chris at his new place tonight, I did say for Liana to be with Joyce but if we was to do this then I want it to be so low key that nobody knows, not even Liana for that matter and we are her parents. I decided that I would wait until Liana is asleep and I will just go then, just for a talk and to hear him out. I am not even going to tell Cassandra because I rather hear my own thoughts, I want to go with my own heart. I am sick of everyone being on edge, we have a daughter for god’s sake, so of course we will be close. My side of people are dead against this, just reminds me of the meltdown they had when I fell pregnant, they kept asking me like is it really Chris’ baby? Everyone waited for him to fuck up, waited for him to not be there in the hospital with me. I won’t lie I was so nervous at that point in time just because he did come to the birth but late, my mom was ready to be in that room with me but I told her no, I wanted it to be about us and it was.

Smiling to myself lightly, it was a beautiful birth and such an experience that I had, I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be there with me, even though he was scared. This was something so out of his comfort zone but he was there, held my hand. Even when Liana came out, we heard her cry it was such an emotional thing, I was crying and then he was crying and then I looked at him and I cried more. The first thing that came out of his mouth was, she has my eyes. I have had some good times but I wish his stupidity didn’t get in the way, it is something that they waited on, they waited for him to fuck up and he did just that. I just get that feeling that my team will come down on me so hard, they really do not want Chris Brown near me. All I know is that I will be the judge of that, Chris has really changed in a way and I do see it, I just wish he didn’t do it in the first place. Blowing out air, all this Chris in my mind has ruined my show, I don’t even know what is happening “what am I going to do Coco, men” I said to the dog, she stared at me looking all sad.

Putting my massacre on, I want to have a little bit of make up on. Not too much because I don’t want Chris getting ideas because it is literally just a talk with him, my phone pinged at the side of me on my vanity table. Placing my massacre down and picking my phone up, the man himself texting me, unlocking my phone.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

You deadass got me a fleshlight?? Man, you got me back real good. Hate you

Giggling to myself, I couldn’t help it. When I thought about it yesterday I was like I needed to get him that, and it arrived for him. I guess he has his needs so he can use that.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Well I know you have needs, I’m just being a good FRIEND!

Pressing send, I know that friend part will probably annoy him because he wants way more than that, but I will not give in to him. I just wish he would stop with the gifts, even today he sent me a picture of him and it was signed by him, I was so annoyed to see it. Looking down at his text.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Baby how you doing? Hope that you’re fine want to know what you got in mind and I…

Pulling a face at the text he sent, how random. A voice note popped up, what is this boy doing. Pressing play on the voice note “Cause once you get inside you can’t change your mind. Don’t mean to sound impatient but you gotta promise baby Ooh!!. Tell me again my baby, that we’ll be lovers and friends. Ohh! I gotta know baby” he sang on the voice note, biting my bottom lip smiling so wide. He has a song for everything.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Sometime wanna be your lover, sometime wanna be your friend. Sometime wanna hug ya, hold hands slow dance while the record spins ……

Pressing send on the text, I really need to get dressed. Locking my phone and placing it back on my vanity table.

Robyn legit think she is funny, sending me something to put my dick in when I only want her. I am dying, like I want to get down and freaky tonight, I am dying inside. I know for a fact I am going to nut so quickly in Robyn when we have sex, it will be the quickest nut of my life, my god. I just want some sex, dear god let Robyn feel horny “daddy!!” hearing Liana shout my name, jumping off the couch “you get dressed for bed then?” Liana wanted to do this herself, she wouldn’t let me be upstairs. I don’t know why I trust her but she won’t listen to me if not, jogging up the stairs. Seeing Liana at the top of the stairs, she hasn’t even changed “what happened baby?” gawking at her “baby in bed” did Liana just waste my time and put her baby to bed instead, Liana ran back into her bedroom “so you put baby to bed?” Liana straight played me, I want Liana to go to bed.

How does Robyn get Liana to brush her damn teeth, it’s like a battle with her every night “Liana, you need to brush your teeth, stop being stank” walking back into her bedroom “you’re making daddy upset, I just want you to brush your teeth” I am sexually frustrated and a child does not help at all “Liana, come out from behind the curtain. I can see your legs” the curtain twitched, she popped her head out from around the corner “I not want too” she whined “you got no choice, come on. I will brush my teeth too, would you want that?” Liana nodded her head, she ran towards me with her curls everywhere. I love having Liana’ hair all out, she looks too damn cute “I love your hair baby” picking her up, taking Liana back to the bathroom. Standing Liana on the sink counter top “let’s try again, hold your toothbrush” holding it out for her “now you up on this top so you can’t run away” grabbing my toothbrush, she got me brushing my teeth for nothing.

Laying a top of the bed covers next to Liana “no daddy, you lay!” she whined, looking down seeing the baby under me “oh no” lifting the doll from under me “she cry” she held her arms open “liar, I can’t hear her” Liana mean mugged me, hugging the baby close “ok, I’m sorry. Don’t look at me like that” pressing a kiss to Liana’ head “I love you though, even if you get angry with me. You want me to read book?” Liana shook her head “what you want me to do then baby?” she squeezed her baby close closing her eyes, shuffling closer to me “you want me to lay with you like this, ok I will” she just wants me close.

This is so funny to me because I feel like I am on a date, like I am waiting for my date to come. I changed my clothes, shaved my stubble and put a hell of a lot of cologne on. I just want this to be good for Robyn, I want her to feel like I am making the effort. She should be glad I didn’t light some candles and cooked but she said not too so here I am waiting, she better come anyways. I feel all nervous because this will be the end all, there is no Cassandra or anybody here, just Robyn and I talking grown. The future and I hope that is us, looking at my Rolex “come on Robyn” I said to myself, the longer I wait the longer I am thinking on so many other things like sex. If Robyn does want to go further then I will need to work my magic, I will take it slow because I wouldn’t want her to feel obliged to do it, but sex is on the agenda, I have not seen a vagina in so long. Hearing the door open, I left it unlocked for her.

Pushing my sweatshirt down, placing my arms behind my back and walking to the bottom of the steps “hey” smiling up at Robyn, she is already smiling “you really should lock your door” Robyn started locking the door for me, she is fussing already “I was going to do it but I was waiting on you, thanks anyways” Robyn is looking so fine, watching her walk down in her knee high heels and a long tee “nice to see some leg” Robyn grinned, licking my lips as Robyn walked by me and towards the couch “you smell nice” she noticed “uhhh yeah, Liana must have been tired from walking around. We both went shopping, to get some food” Robyn sat down on the couch, rubbing my hands together feeling a little nervous.

Blowing out air with my eyes all wide, she is doing this on purpose, she must be. Clearing my throat stood in the kitchen “you want something to drink?” seeing the bottles of champagne lined up in front of me, looking at Robyn as she turned her body to see me. She looks so fucking beautiful “what you got?” she asked, tearing my eyes from the beauty in front of me “uhh we got Ace of Spades gold champagne, Ace of Spades Rose champagne and Dom Perignon 1983” I went shopping for this actually, I bought these for her “hmmm spoilt for choice, Ace of Spades gold champagne please” she always chooses well.

There is such a space between us in the middle, I didn’t want to get in Robyn’ space at all. A quick glance at Robyn, her deep maroon lipstick make her lips even more alluring then they already are. Turning my face away, rubbing my eyes. This is so hard, I am getting turned on by legs and lips “what is wrong?” moving my hand away from my face “just rubbing my eyes” playing the whole thing off “tired then” Robyn placed her glass down at the side of her “possibly” I am horny, not tired “you be singing to me on text and now you’re all mute and quiet, did you use your toy yet? I picked the tight one for you” Robyn is so annoying and smug, she knows “I said a pussy like yours, that one is a little too tight” Robyn squinted her eyes at me “yet you’re feigning for me, looks like you’re about to bust a nut just looking” shaking my head lightly “I’m a little nervous ok, in person you kind of throw me off. I just can’t help it” this is so embarrassing, she is throwing me off.

Shuffling off the couch, sitting on the edge and turning a little to face Robyn “what will your excuse be if Liana comes down and sees mommy?” I would actually laugh if she did “that mommy is waiting for her to wake up, what else. I actually hope she doesn’t because then she will expect to come home” now I hope she don’t, rubbing my head feeling the tension between us “you’re actually struggling with this aren’t you? You was dying to talk and now you got me, I am here” laughing to myself “dammit, where is Cassandra when you need her” I said laughing “well it’s just hard, I know what I want but I don’t know what you want, I was the one that fucked up so this is all on you. I mean for all I know you have made your decision” sighing heavily “I know I am not the best guy in the world, a guy that I would hate for Liana to ever meet. I know you’re thinking why now and what happened to back then but you didn’t want to know and you didn’t speak to me, you cut me off. You worked though my mom, I came back home to you that night and that was it. I left because I was making it much worse, but I just want to move on from that because then we are going over the past, I want to look at the future and I am hoping that is with you.” Robyn is not even saying a word, just staring at me which is making me more nervous.

“I want to wake up with you, I want to grow old with you Robyn. I know you have had a lot of shit from me and I know a lot of people are gunning for me and you don’t need it, man. Actually I’ve not really sold myself well” I am such an idiot, Robyn let out a low chuckle “Monica would have kicked yo ass out of the room from being a potential husband for me” she is right, even I wouldn’t marry myself “forget what other people are saying, forget the background people” nodding my head “I apologise, I am so sorry for fucking up on you. These past weeks have been the best, you know just being with you guys, my family and I was missing out on this. I love you so much, you showed me love and I messed that up, you make me happy. I want to make you happy Robyn, I promise I won’t fuck up on you and I mean this” I am so damn nervous, shit “you know what makes me sad, is that I love you so much. Your words alone just break down my walls, you know when I try to close you out you just come back and I let you in. But I am just thinking, do I think my heart can take another heartbreak, my mind is telling me no Chris” looking at Robyn in sadness “what does your heart say?” I mumbled “that you mean it, I love you Chris and that will never change but you hurt me. I don’t want to go over it again because it needs to stay in the past, the future is what needs to be looked at right now” swallowing hard, she doesn’t want me.

Sitting back on the couch “I just want you to know that I do forgive you, I know you mean it and I do accept it” resting my head back looking up at the ceiling, she doesn’t want me and I have to accept I messed it up “I’ll always fight a nigga for you” I said feeling defeated as fuck “does that mean you’re fighting yourself?” Robyn retorted, lifting my head up looking at Robyn confused “what do you mean?” Robyn grinned “I know I seem like a fool to others, maybe they are right but what can I say. I can only trust you and I do feel like you have changed and you have learnt your lesson, there is so much more we need to do but I will give us a try, but my way” biting my bottom lip trying to not jump on Robyn but I am so happy “forreal?” is the only thing I can say “yes, really” breathing out a sigh of relief “we will do it your way, I won’t let you down” I don’t even know Robyn’ way but I accept.

“This, us. It doesn’t exist, I want us to be so low-key. I don’t want nobody to know until we are strong enough to take on the world, the world has seen everything. They know everything, I just want to keep us to ourselves, not even Liana will know. We will meet up on the low, I want you to get rid of that home. The past, kill it. Try and keep this place a secret because I am hoping to use this as a place we can spend time, seems like a quiet neighbourhood that keep to themselves, if we going to do this then we do it my way” nodding my head “your way but does that mean your my girl?” Robyn smiled “yeah we will take it slow, rebuild us.” I want to kiss Robyn but I am pushing it “I want you to start acting right, start trusting me and start telling me things. This will be hard because we won’t be always together, I want to keep this secret to make us stronger. If you are willing to do this and be patient and can accept the long time away, then I am more than happy to be your girl” this is going to be a long process “Chris I will be going to New York to do my album and I am not sure how long for, you know how I like to zone out” frowning at her “can’t you do it in Hawaii? New York is wack, how am I supposed to see you then?” Robyn snorted laughing “you’re Liana’ dad, you can be around. We will just have to be mutual, this is why I said it will be hard” she got a point, I am. But I don’t like the sound of New York, nodding my head “your way” I said holding my hand out, Robyn looked at my hand and then took it.

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"Why is it suddenly purple?" With Steph, naturally.

Steph was never known to be a great chef, but then again nobody in he family was (spare maybe Jason and Alfred, obviously). So when she and Cass decided that they would make dinner for themselves and whatever brave soul wanted to try some of their concoction, they were already planning for it to turn out with disastrous results. And boy oh boy, were they completely correct. See, they had been trying to make some type of stew out of a cookbook Cass had found in the kitchen, and it sounded easy to make in theory but when put to practice, turned out pretty badly. The two of them had been fairly confident when they started out, they had done everything that the book had told them to do and then when they started adding everything it all went downhill. “Why is it suddenly purple?” Steph, who was tasked with mixing the stew, looked over at Cass, who was cutting up some carrots, with a mixed expression of impressed dismay. Cass shrugged and added the carrots to the somehow purple stew. With that, the stew was done. “Hey Tim, want five bucks? All you have to do is try some stew!” Steph called to the unsuspecting boy who (unfortunately) agreed to try some “Better him than us, am I right? What a shame that we made something that may or may not be poisonous. I was looking forward to trying some.” 

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how does the gang spend their Valentine's Day ?? do they all get each other gifts or what ?

Ooc: Finnick did the honor of smacking a big wet kiss on everyone’s cheek, seeing how he has been too distracted lately and totally forgot to make gifts.

Melody scurried through the trash outside and managed to find some boxes of chocolate half-eaten! Nobody really wanted to share with her except for Terry. They’re both really gross.

Sid managed to write a small song about him confessing for Finnick and almost had the guts to sing it for him before panicking and tossing it into one of the animatronic suits. Who knows, maybe next year he’ll try again!

Terry absolutely hates any holiday, especially one that mainly promotes Hallmark cards and cheesy pick-up lines. Though I’d be lying if I said the man didn’t construct a thoughtful poem for Melody.

Pablo couldn’t afford much except for some cheap candies and a bouquet of daisies from his garden for them all. They were all very happy and gave a big group hug by the end of the shift!

Just a thing

Sorry for not posting art or generally reblogging stuff lately…..Tumblr has just stressed me out too much the last couple of months, so i also want to start posting stuff on other social media/platforms too so I don’t feel like i have to be here all the time (since it is where i have the most solid base for showing my art to people). I’m mainly thinking of posting on twitter, insta (more frequently cause god knows when the last time i posted there was…) and quite possibly start my own yt channel bc that’s been a dream of mine for a long time.

I’ll still post here, but I just need to distance myself from tumblr for my own mental health. In addition i’ve been really unhappy about my art in general and been trying to figure things out… Keeping my art to myself and knowing that nobody else had to see it and think anything of it was a nice change of pace, but i don’t want that to be the case forever ofc! idk when i’ll be back for full, but it’s gonna be soon! I just have a small ‘project’ that i want to finish before anything ^^

So, take this doodle of Kent while I continue to enjoy the rest of my little ‘semi-hiatus’?

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How would 2p Switzerland react to his s/o when she gives up and turns emotionless

It finally happened. She was broken. He didn’t think this day would ever come. But all his methods had worked on her, and now she was emotionless, just like he himself was. She should have never revealed such toxic feelings inside of him, and now this was her punishment.

He walked closer to her and stared down into her eyes. Nothing. He could see nothing. She had no emotions. Her look was just completely blank. She looked beautiful.

Now he could start reshaping her. She would be perfect. She would be finally what he had wanted her to be, and once that perfection would be his. Nobody else could ever have it.

As Far As You’re Concerned, Brother, You’re Dead To Me!
—  This Is Why Liv Set Ava Up To Take The Fall For Her Crimes. She Wanted To Tear These Two Apart.
She’s Probably Jealous And Resentful Of How Much Julian Loves Ava. How Devoted And Protective He Is Of Her.
She Planned This Whole Thing To Turn Ava Against Julian. And It Worked.
Except…. The Truth Will Come Out Eventually, And Not Only Will This Pull Julian/Ava Closer Together,(Ava Will Absolutely Understand When She Realizes That Sam and The Baby Were In Danger. Ava Gets Protecting Your Babies.) Ava Will Be Pissed.
If Liv Survives This Fight On The Bridge, Ava Will Make Her Wish She Didn’t. Nobody Comes Between Ava And Julian, And Nobody™ Hurts Her Family(except her).
Sam And Ava Might Not See Eye To Eye On…. Anything. But That’s Her Niece And She Does Love Her. And Want Her And Her Kids To Be Safe/Happy/Healthy. And Leo? He’s Just A Damn Baby. Liv Hurting Him To Get To Julian Was Just Sick.
Ava Will Make Liv Pay.

i kinda wanna get my cloud redbubble video up for tomorrow night but i feel annoying bc i’ve been promoting my video that i only just put up yesterday and i don’t want to keep spamming people and i don’t wanna upload too frequently even though i’d upload whenever i have the energy if i wasn’t paranoid nobody cares/gets annoyed seeing my vids so often

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This one is perhaps a scary question, but #16!

16. If there was one thing you could change or have happen in the craft community, what would it be (if anything)?

Hmmmmm. I guess, the weird anger you sometimes see. I don’t encounter it a lot, and I think the witchy community is really open and lovely and full of amazing humans who want to help each other out and better the world. 

But every once in a while, you see lengthy, vehement arguments about something that’s not really worth debating? I do resent when people try to use logical arguments to take down opinions they disagree with just for the sake of arguing. Obv there are things like racism/homophobia/transphobia that aren’t up for debate, but things like “Christians are bad” or “Your Path Is Different Than Mine So I Hate You” or those weird fucking futile moral arguments. Yeah, i’d delete those unnecessarily rude, nobody-wins argument threads for sure.

Get to know me

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Name: Mina

Nickname: Disgrace lmao okay I don’t really have one, sometimes MJ I guess

Gender: Female (kinda androgynous tho? idk)

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′9

Sexual orientation: Girls are cute, guys are cute. Everyone is cute.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav colour: Blue and red

Fav animal: Deer

Average hours of sleep: Either 4 or 16. There’s no in-between

Cat or dog person: There is no right or wrong. Both.

Favorite fictional person: Changes every second but currently probably Will Graham

#of blankets I sleep with: Just one? 

Fav singer/band: Sticky fingers, San cisco and the wombats

Dream trip: I really want to visit New zealand and Scotland

Dream job: Okay, so I’m a really indecisive person, but what I do know is that I want to go into the field of something creative. Either I’ll strive to be a writer or an artist but then again I have this really gross sappy dream of opening a little book cafe that is basically a library with pastries and every pastry is based off of a novel. The dream gets funnier once you realize that I can’t bake :) jokes..I got ‘em..well basically I am one, just like my dreams. That got way too real but yeah, either way all of them would be pretty cool

When was your blog created: I think december 2016?

current # of followers: I think like 20? idk man I have a small family but I love ‘em all, it’s cozy! 

What made you create a tumblr: Actually only to receive updates on my favorite shows but then skam came around, chuck norrised me in the face and now that’s all I care about tbh

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N, Y, W for the meme

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

I guess right now my main fandom is SWTOR? altho give that a month lol

  1. I always want more Vette. She does seem to be largely well received but nobody really seems to talk about her when they have…. other characters from SW to talk about but that’s a discussion for another day.
  2. More Andronikos content would also be neat! Another character I never see anybody trash talk but he never seems to be too high on anybody’s favorites list. He’s my favorite LI from the vanilla game so I just wanna see more people talk about him :<
  3. I can’t think of anything I want to see MORE of in the SWTOR fandom. We can talk about what I want less of all day but that’s me being a resentful shitstarting bitch and I am content to stay on my side of the fandom tracks as long as certain others stay on theirs and tag. their. shit. 

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Really only Overwatch.

I DON’T like grouping and I don’t like randomly being placed in groups, so nothing about the game itself is appealing to me but the CHARACTERS. 

So many fun designs and I love how interconnected they all are and my desperate little chicanx heart has prolly latched a little too hard onto Gabriel Reyes and Sombra.

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

*coughs* Woobified undeserving white boy invariably becomes the fandom favorite for reasons we all fucking know and it’s in every fucking fandom and I’m. so. TIRED of it.

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May I have a three sentence fic where Youngjae (or Jinyoung? Can't decide which would be better) is Cinderella

Loving these fairy tale requests haha~

“And you’re sure that nobody else lives here?” you asked, waving the shoe in the face of the woman who sneered at you and assured you that it was just herself, her two sons and a kitchen servant; you sighed and asked to see the servant, knowing that there was a very small chance that he would be the same princely figure you danced with at the ball, but not wanting to leave any stone unturned.

When the servant stepped out of the house, your eyes widened and you watched as his did the same; the boy ignored the old woman and walked towards you as if he was in a daze before stopping just in front of you and looking you in the eyes.

“Are you going to have me try one the shoe so you know it’s mine?” he asked, giving you a large grin and nodding at the shoe in your hand; you breathed in deeply before lowering the shoe and chuckling a small bit, saying “Of course not. We danced all night, didn’t we? I could recognize that smile anywhere,” and pulling him down to kiss him passionately on the lips.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

little things about my son that make me emotional pt 1

 - he has so much anxiety, social and otherwise, but still works to accomplish his goals despite that.
 - insecure, especially compared to his sister. mabel is successful socially, an area he consistently fails, and it hurts him to see her make friends with almost everybody while he struggles to find people he can relate to. because of his insecurities, he can be a bit cocky and rude about his victories – not to be spiteful, but to assure himself he’s GOOD at things.
 - wants to grow up way too fast. at his age, with his particular interests, nobody takes him seriously, and he can’t wait until he gets older so he can be taken more seriously. even so, he’s not immune to acting childish and immature, and indulging in fun once in a while.
 - he’s so tired, all the time. literally always has bags under his eyes, even when he’s in his sister’s body like what the heck. kid needs to sleep more
 - frickn raised the dead just so someone would believe him about the weird things he’s seen
 - survived the dang apocalypse for three days completely by himself, no idea where his friends or family were or what state they were in (except ford and. well. knowing that probably wouldn’t be very reassuring anyways). stayed determined through the whole thing and managed to bring everyone together so they could save the day. and the kid was just shy of thirteen years old like damn.

I think a fundamental part of online friendships that people ‘outside’ fail to understand is how comforting it is to have friends right there in your pocket who will keep you company in good times and bad, listen to your rants, let you vent, be supportive whilst offering outsider perspective…

  • Need to be alone but need support too? Pocket friends.
  • Something awful just happened and there’s nobody around for you to tell? Pocket friends.
  • Need to let your feelings out but don’t want people to see you ugly-cry? Pocket friends.

Keep being amazing, pocket friends. You couldn’t possibly imagine how important you are.

Behind the Scenes of SEVENTEEN’s Boom Boom MV

Pledis: Okay you guys it is FINALLY time! We are going to release a dark concept!

Jun: Thank God

Joshua: *quietly* noo

Vernon: *high fives S.Coups*

Hoshi: Wait…Why????

Pledis: Um maybe because you have only done cute concepts since debut, and Carats are ready to see you be mysterious, dangerous, bad and show yourselves as tortured souls.

Minghao: *looks up with puppy eyes* I thought we already were tough?

Seungkwan: *pulls out nail file and begins filing nails* Yeah our manly image exudes in every performance we give!

Jeonghan: *rolls eyes*

Pledis: Whatever. Look I want you to come strong with the action and charisma. We need mega sex appeal!

Dino: Pretty sure I’m not legal

Hoshi: Pretty sure nobody cares, SO! I have a great idea for the outfits!

Woozi:*under breath* of course you do

Pledis: Tell me

Hoshi: How about we wear these really cool jackets and we ta–

Pledis: TAKE THEM OFF AND SHOW BARE SKIN! GREAT IDEA! Usually that’s something Starship would do, but it’s not like that’s helped them one bit so we can do that most definitely!

Hoshi: I was going to say that when we take them off we reveal a track suit underneath!

Joshua: *raises hand* I second this idea.

S.Coups: Wow that is sexy! And how about we have a lot of spy and espionage type things, maybe even sho–


S.Coups: No…I was going to say we can show a bunch of maps and kind of stand out on in a soccer field or something.

Seungkwan: And I can even have a restless sleep with a ship in a bottle behind me!


Vernon: Wow, This dark concept sounds awesome. Move over BAP. We’re about to be the top dogs of darkness!

Wonwoo: I want to dye my hair blonde, I want to really show the bad boy look

Mingyu: And we did get the okay to dye my hair out of this ridiculous orange color right? It’s bad enough having one video with this color I DEF don’t want two.


S.Coups: Oh so you want us to suggest something dark to you?

Pledis: YES!!!

S.Coups: *gestures to Jeonghan*

Jeonghan: *flicks his hair back and walks over to Pledis*

Jeonghan: *puts hand on Pledis shoulder*

Jeonghan: *leans in and whispers* If you don’t let us do whatever the CENSORED we want to CENSORED do then we’ll leave you and your CENSORED company in the dust so fast you’ll be kissing Nu’est butts with chapstick to try and hit it big again. Got it?

Pledis: Wha-wha-what??


Pledis: *jumps* Y-yes Sir…I mean Sirs!

S.Coups: Good, now go. And don’t come back unless you have our paychecks and a–

Dino: bag of skittles!

S.Coups: *rolls eyes* Bag of skittles in your hands!

Pledis: *turns and leaves*

Joshua: So….when did we get so bold exactly?

Hoshi: when we realized our record sales were the only thing that was keeping the lights on.

Woozi: Finally.

Joshua: I’ll admit, it does feel a little good.

Jeonghan: *stands back up* I’ll be back. I want to go scream at him again and see if he’ll cry this time.

S.Coups: Have fun!

I’m posting this at 12am so nobody sees it

This AU got so dark so fast. 

Kwami swap with Papillon!Adrien (Greyling) and Chat!Hawkmoth (Tuxedo Cat). 

By some misfortune of the universe, Gabe ends up with the Cat Noir miraculous in the first place and Ladybug, dispensed as the yin to his yang, is tasked with getting it back. Naturally, he wants her miraculous too and wreaks havoc all across paris to lure her out. He is ruthless with cataclysm. Ladybug has to grow up a lot quicker to handle a guy with the power of destruction trying to kill her, so Mari ends up being a lot more serious but very in control of her double life.

Master Fu recognizes that she’s in over her head when one day Tuxedo Cat comes out to raise hell and Adrien, a civilian currently sneaking out to go to school, has to step in and help. Fu sees his potential and gives Nooroo to him. Gabe being Tux is like “Shit I put my son in danger” and puts Adrien on basically full throttle house arrest. No matter! The butterfly brooch holder is a distance fighter anyhow.  

Greyling is born. Kid, you are not subtle with your names. Anyway, the akumas now sort of work in reverse: whenever Tux attacks, Greyling asks civilians for their help sending him back to lick his wounds/better yet, get his miraculous.

And the important stuff: the love square. Ladybug, though grateful for the thought, is not a fan of Adrien risking his life to help her that first time, but after that doesn’t have much contact with him. Marinette and Adrien don’t interact much either to begin with. Adrien still obviously loves Ladybug (so selfless, brave, and kind). The mutually reciprocated ship is Greydybug: Ladybug slowly begins to fall in love with whoever keeps sending help to her when Tux attacks though she knows very little about him. Unfortunately, in this au, a reveal is a death sentence, frustrating any attempts at them actually getting together. 

Adrien has a lot less of a facade in this au since his dad is even more distant. He sometimes acts out in non-malicious ways to try to get attention and ends up anonymously forging a camaraderie with Mari. Since he’s more in tune with his emotions, Greyling sometimes accidentally ends up possessing his heroes in his desperate desire to help ladybug (which we see about to happen here). He’s good at it but is constantly horrified when his transformation drops and he realizes who he is again.

Anyway I fully support Papillon!Adrien and yall should too.

i love you, i hate you rp meme
  • “feeling used, but i’m still missing you”
  • “just wanna feel your kiss against my lips”
  • "i can’t see the end of this”
  • “it hurts me every time i see you”
  • "all this time is passing by, and i still can’t seem to tell you why”
  • “i hate you”
  • “i love you”
  • “i hate that i love you”
  • “i realise how much i need you”
  • "you want her, you need her”
  • “i don’t want to, but i can’t put nobody else above you.”
  • “and i will never be her.”
  • “i miss you when i can’t sleep.”
  • “i still got sands in my sweater from nights we don’t remember.”
  • “fucked around and got attached to you.”
  • “do you miss me like i miss you?”
  • “you wouldn’t like that shit.”
  • "friends can break your heart too.”
  • “i’m always tired, but never of you.”
  • “i got these feelings but you never mind that shit.”
  • “you’re still in love with me, but your friends don’t know.”
  • “i don’t mean no harm.”
  • “you ever wonder what we could’ve been?”
  • “if you wanted me, you would just say so.”
  • “you say you wouldn’t and you fucking did.”
  • “lie to me.”
  • “lie with me.”
  • “if i were you i would never let me go,”
  • “now all my drinks and my feelings are all fucking mixed.”
  • “i know that i control my thoughts”
  • “always missing people that i shouldn’t be missing.”
  • “i guess this is moving on.”
  • “i should stop reminiscing.”
  • “i learned from my dad it’s good to have feelings.”
  • “sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance”
  • “everyone i do right does me wrong”
  • “all alone, i watch you watch her”
  • “you don’t care, you never did”
  • “she’s the only girl you ever see”
  • “how is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?”
  • “you don’t give a damn about me”

*feel free to change the words to fit your muse!

  • ♈ Aries: Feeling used
  • But I'm Still missing you
  • ♉Taurus: And I can't
  • See the end of this
  • Just wanna feel your kiss
  • Against my lips
  • ♊Gemini: And now all this time
  • Is passing by
  • But I still can't seem to tell you why
  • It hurts me every time
  • I see you
  • Realize how much I need you
  • ♋Cancer: I hate you, I love you,
  • Don't want to but
  • I can't put nobody else above you
  • ♌ Leo: You want her, you need her
  • And I'll never be her
  • ♍ Virgo: I miss you when I can't sleep
  • Or right after coffee
  • Or right when I can't eat
  • ♎Libra: I miss you in my front seat
  • Still got sand in my sweaters
  • From nights we don't remember
  • ♏Scorpio: Do you miss me like I miss you?
  • Fucked around and got attached to you
  • Friends can break your heart too,
  • And I'm always tired but never of you
  • ♐Saggitarius: If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn't like that shit
  • I put this reel out, but you wouldn't bite that shit
  • I type a text but then I never mind that shit
  • I got these feelings but you never mind that shit
  • ♑Capricorn: Oh oh, keep it on the low
  • You're still in love with me but your friends don't know
  • If you wanted me you would just say so
  • And if I were you, I would never let me go
  • ♒Aquarius: I don't mean no harm
  • I just miss you on my arm
  • Wedding bells were just alarms
  • Caution tape around my heart
  • ♓Pisces: You ever wonder what we could have been?
  • You said you wouldn't and you fucking did
  • Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix
  • Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed