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I really don't want you to die so please take this into consideration- I was told a story about a thirteen year old girl who loved baths and she was holding her phone face timing someone and she was electrocuted and died. I'm so sorry ily Rin :((

This is actually rlly sweet!!! I’m actually rlly carefull with electronics around water bc I’m v clumsy,,,, like super duper clumsy. And nobody covers water damage it sucks™™. From my understanding that can only happen if it’s something connected to an open source of electricity, like hair dryers connected to sockets ect!! If I was to drop my phone in the bath nothing would happen to me except me needing a new phone!!! If I was to drop my phone that was charging and was connected to a socket that would possibly be a different story!! But probably not!!! I have no idea how phones work but I’m 99% sure unless I was to drop it without its protective coverings (like battery showing and all) and it was charging then ye!!! Prolly!!! I’m assuming it’s the same reason you can like fall into bodies of water with your phone in you and not die ect,,,, like fall into a lake or pool. Anyways the end of the story is DONT use electronics in baths bc if u drop it u will need a new one!! And nobody covers water damage!!!!!! Also don’t make toast in the bath.

Wakayama 10/1 video report (#1)

From. Takaki and Yamada sing very close to the audience and suddenly Yamada saw something and began to laugh. Nobody understands what happened. The girl who shooting this video did not understand what happened either. Report about this situation I not found. On the uchiwa are written standard inscriptions - “Wink me”, “Ryosuke” etc. What was so embarrassing Yama-chan?

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If you ever feel like you’re going through a phase that nobody else understands just remember in the mid 00s the director of Back to the Future and Forrest Gump decided to put everything in his career into making stop motion Christmas movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars

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do you know if theres any place to read 1honeypot’s little fics? :( i’m dYING to reread the badboy!kook but she’s disappeared

I hope there’s not, since Nanami requested that nobody re-uploads her stories. I understand your desire to read them, because I sure as heck miss Nana and her amazing stories too. But please do not support those re-uploads if there happen to be any lingering around the place, as Nana personally said she does not want them to exist.

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wait i thought cleopatra seduced antony at cilicia not humiliated him?????? did hollywood lie

hahaha fuck

i love this story


first you have to know that antony and cleopatra had known each other at this point for like…. shit almost 15 years? and had had a correspondence on and off throughout that time. they’d known each other through her exile, through his campaigns, through her first child, through his (failed) interim consulship. it’s conjectural to say they were on good terms but… i don’t know why they wouldn’t be. 

so when antony found out that cleopatra had funded cassius and brutus during the civil war? he was like, what the fuck. what theFUCK! (yells out window) OCTAVIAN DID YOU HEAR THIS! WHAT THE FUCK!  

so antony issues a summons: cleopatra is to come to him so she can Explain Her Self. to this cleopatra replies: what the fuck did you just say to me? 

(and you might be like, wait, why is that an issue? and i’ll tell you why, it’s because cleopatra, despite essentially being a (very tenuous) client king to rome at this point, vulnerable to invasion and just barely out of the woods re her connection with caesar, was a macedonian through and through: from language to looks to, you guessed it, ego. and she was fucking. insulted. HOW DARE HE! she probably yelled to charmian. I AM BLOOD! OF! PTOLEMY! NOBODY SUMMONS ME! charmian: i understand that your majesty can you please eat your dinner now)  

antony summons her twice more. finally cleopatra, personification of the upside down smile emoji, says, okay! i’ll come. see you soon!! (: 

now. cleopatra knew two things: 

One: that she was richer than antony, and antony wouldn’t be able to afford a reciprocal feast if she went all out, which would be hugely embarrassing for him

and Two: that a lot of people liked to say antony was a dumb hoe, impressed only by material goods and lavishness, and that he didn’t like when people said this.

so naturally cleopatra proceeds to sail up the river to tarsus in an huge fuck-off ship, plus her entire waitstaff, 12 dining tables, a feast that was lavish beyond belief, entertainment, probably some peacocks or whatever, all decked out in pearls and jewels.

antony: wtf! why are you being so mean rn!
cleopatra: mocking baby voice: why are you being so mean rn??? (normal voice) FUCK you 

antony didn’t ask her why she had supported cassius ever again. and that was the beginning of the most famous love affair in history  


Let’s be real for a moment shall we? The guy on the right eats healthy and works out regularly. The guy on the left does the exact same thing. Social media is a place where we all filter out everything but the best representations of ourselves and share it with others. Because face it we all want others to see us at our very best. What happens though is when you compare yourself to the very best version of someone else it makes it incredibly hard to be happy with any version of yourself. So here’s a comparison of a real world me and a flexed best version of me. Because let’s face it I don’t walk around flexing everywhere I go. I wear comfortable cloths, I lounge around, I like to relax and I certainly don’t always look like the best versions of myself I share from time to time.
Social media plays a major part in body image issues and even I can say I’ve fallen victim to it comparing my progress to someone else’s. There’s a constant pressure to look perfect and it’s a toxic mindset to fall into.
Don’t compare yourself to the person that’s posing in front of the camera and only showing you the very best version of themselves. You have to remind yourself of who you are and what is real.


The AU Nobody Asked For. (Samurai of Ga'Hoole) info below cut

Part 2

Yep. I did this. Guardians of Ga’Hoole for the win, my dudes

(The AU below has a lot of canon from book 7 and beyond so if you never read the whole series and don’t understand I’m sorry D=)

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  • them: what are you thinking about?
  • what I say: nothing
  • what I mean: is Jimin in love with Jungkook or is he just very affectionate? is Jikook real? of course it's fucking real, I'll fight myself over it - they went to Japan alone together so will they make love all night? will they cuddle? kiss? are they going to have romantic dinners? look at each other like there's no one else in the room? wake up in each other's arms? share a single bed even though their room has two? will Jimin caress Jungkook's hair when he's sleeping? will he wear Jungkook's sweater on his naked body in the morning? will Jungkook just die over how beautiful Jimin is? will he hug him from the back whenever he can? I NEED ANSWERS but I want them to be happy and not be bothered by anyone - all I want is one boyfriend selfie, Jimin - please, do what you do best and-