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I do get that Pearl being framed as being someone who's still worthy of love and admiration despite being clearly mentally ill and making mistakes is a good thing and an important part of representation - but as you say, too often the narrative frames Pearl as the primary victim of her hurtful behaviour because nobody ~understands~, and that attitude helps precisely nobody.

Especially since, like, Garnet is shown as being every bit as Neurodivergent as Pearl (although Garnet’s emotional state more closely mirrors a mood disorder) and what gets me is that people are more than happy to vilify Garnet and throw her under the bus for not totally sacrificing her own mental health so Pearl doesn’t have to feel bad about doing something truly almost unspeakably horrible to Garnet. Part of the issue we get with Pearl fans is that they’ll often claim “oh, you’re just demonizing a character coded as mentally ill” when, like, actually?? All three Crystal Gems have at least one (1) thing and all three crystal gems make mistakes and people get hurt, inadvertently or on purpose, but somehow Pearl gets to be the double-edged sword. 

In the minds of hardcore Pearl fans, It’s Greg’s fault she and Rose never got to be together because Greg didn’t end things when he found out Pearl had feelings for her. It’s Garnet’s fault she repeatedly manipulated her into fusion because Pearl has self-esteem problems that Garnet is going to solve whether she likes it or not. It’s Garnet’s fault their fight took so long to resolve because if she’d just let it go and hear Pearl out, there’s a perfectly cromulent explanation for what she did. It’s Amethyst’s own fault she also has incredibly low self-esteem because she should’ve known that Pearl’s constant stream of insults didn’t mean she disliked or undervalued her!

If someone hurt Pearl, it’s not Pearl’s fault. If Pearl hurts someone, it’s not Pearl’s fault. I’m all for characters making mistakes and growing from those mistakes, but honestly as a mentally ill person I’m tired of watching her walk all over her (also neurodivergent) friends and loved ones while her fans constantly prioritize her mental well-being over everyone else’s. 

Especially because I’ve met people in real life who pull that exact kind of shit and wreak a ridiculous amount of havoc on the mental health of other mentally ill people, and then try to use “your reaction to what I did is making me depressed and anxious so please just let it go, also I refuse to apologize or admit to any wrongdoing” to try and blackmail their friends and loved ones into letting them off the hook, like the damage they did to your mental health doesn’t matter because the knowledge that they hurt you is super hard to cope with so they’d really appreciate it if you’d just pretend they didn’t do anything wrong!!

Which isn’t really something I’ve seen Pearl do outside of the Sardonyx arc (where her explanation was basically “I couldn’t help it because I really wanted to do it, for my own benefit, on purpose”) but it is something I’ve seen her fans do, and it’s honestly why I’d caution people to give Garnet and Amethyst and Lapis as much slack for their mental illnesses and conditions as Pearl gets for hers. 

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  • ok so
  • the foxes live in south carolina where it gets cold and it snows but not nearly as much as it does further up north
    • they are in that happy medium between florida and pennsylvania
  • but it still gets cold
  • and kevin is a fucking dick so he still has them pracitce when its freaking freezing out
  • but neil, my buddy, my pal, he hates the cold more than the entire team combined
  • he has a weak immune system and he’s constantly freaking cold
  • nobody understands this
    • “neil you were on the run for how many years? didnt you get used to it?”
    • “fuck you, nicky. do you really think somebody can “get used to the cold”. no leave me alone”
  • his hands and feet are always freezing

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“Sorrel is an average squid kid, that nobody understands…”
Finally! The Fairly Odd Squids pics are done! So here they are your ocs as Fairly Odd Parents characters! (With the addition of Cap'n Cuttlefish and DJ Octavio as Doug Dimmadome and Denzel Crocker, respectively)
Some are obvious, Cosmo as Cosmo, Taloupe as Wanda, Sorrel as Timmy, Jonquil as Juandissimo (ripping off his shirt, of course) and Kirsikka as Tootie. Bella is Jorgen, Arnick and Tetrox are Timmy’s parents, Cyanthia is Trixie and Angelo is Dinkleberg. Vadelma is Vicky, even though she isn’t as evil and sadistic as her, I found it hilarious. Also, Vicky is Tootie’s older sister and works as a waitress in a place that serves cake.
If anyone is wondering why Arnick says Rollot instead of Angelo while pissed off at him, is because Dinkleberg is a surname, so it makes more sense to be called Rollot instead of Angelo.
Gosh, I put too much thought in this silly idea….
The first time I saw lil Arnick, the first thing I thought was that he looked like Contrarioni from Yo-kai Watch. Both are yellow, small and have an angry face, so.. It may just be me, though! Anyways that gave me a good excuse to draw the smol squib. He and the yo-kai don’t seem to like each other very much…
Hope you like it!

Oh gosh! so many lovely drawings! I am not familiar enough with the show to know all these characters but I trust your choices. Haha!

These are, again, wonderful. Thank you so much <3

In this town nobody understands
music, not a soul
but you—
you play the piano beautifully,
but there is no one to appreciate it— no one!

I’ll arrange a concert of fire
the moist inferno of my mouth, hot soul of flame
hungry passion surging through searing breath
like a rushing tide.

I whisper softly, “I have not known love.
I know nothing of such matters.
I’m stupid, heartless—
you’re only fifty-five. So!
A man’s not old at that age.
What a fool you are!
You are a fake, a fraud, a… I hate you!”

I loved you
heart and soul.
I’m strangely happy
I can still feel you
throbbing in the air as it caresses me.

All I can say is,
“Thank you.”

i know that sk8er boi is an anthem of a generation and all that jazz but that song really gets to me still, like i know she says “can i make it any more obvious” and tbh yes avril you could like i’m sorry but you leave a lot of questions unanswered. you say “5 years from now she sits at home, feeding the baby she’s all alone” but then she immediately goes to the concert with her friends. so tell me: what does she do with the baby? does she hire a babysitter? does she let the father watch it? i’d assume not, if she’s all alone. of course, she could’ve asked her friends, but they seem a little preoccupied with this concert. does she bring the baby to the concert because that seems a little irresponsible. you can’t just bring an infant to a rock show. why is the girl all alone in the first place? was the father a deadbeat or did he pass away? was it a one night stand? maybe she was in love with him, but something happened. i feel like that could change the story a little bit. does the girl have a job or is she wasting her money on concerts she can’t afford just to see a boy that she rejected in high school? i need answers avril this isn’t good enough anymore

I don’t wanna sound bitter because love is cool or whatever…but I’m not out here LOOKING for it. that’s time that i could be investing in myself and my own dreams, everything will fall into place naturally. stop trying so hard and doing the most.


A giant alien robot Supreme Commander opening up about his fair share of parental experiences raising a yellow scout shouldn’t be this attractive.