and nobody knows it quite like the doctor

Speaking of under appreciated mutants, let’s talk about Forget-Me-Not.

Out of all of the under appreciated X-Men, I feel like Forget-Me-Not has gotten probably the best treatment by writers. He actually has shown up as an important character in multiple series, and he has been pretty consistently written. He is just a nice dude who wishes people would remember him and appreciate him, but continues to do good even when people don’t cause he is genuinely a good guy.

He also has a pretty unique power- people literally can’t remember him. He is like the Silence in Doctor Who, the moment you look away, you forget he was ever there. Xavier had to literally set up a reminder in his own brain so that he would remember Forget-Me-Not existed and could say good morning to him (yah, I know, Xavier wasn’t an asshole for once. Small miracles.)

 He has been instrumental in several major conflicts, yet nobody can remember him even being there. 

It’s quite sad, really, but he manages to keep a sort of positive attitude. I especially like his design- it emphasizes the fact that he is a just a regular, ordinary guy. 


OH WOW, this is hilarious.

Broadchurch opening theme “lyrics:”

My name is Detective Alec Hardy .
I like to wear un-ironed shirts and stare at the horizon …and pop pills like Smarties.
I haven’t shaved properly since 1993.
I also like walking on the beach and not talking about my feelings.
My best friend is DS Ellie Miller, which is surprising because she does a lot of crying and frankly that’s quite uncomfortable.
Her wobbly bottom lip does win BAFTA’s.
Sometimes I talk really quietly,
It’s called “for dramatic effect.”
And it’s won us loads of awards. If it ain’t broke… you know what I mean?
Anyway, filming on a beach isn’t bad you know - and it was nothing like Doctor Who - so that’s nice.
Yes, it stars me - and Arthur Darvill who played Rory - but it’s NOTHING LIKE DOCTOR WHO.
And Nobody’s noticed Gwen from Torchwood because it ISN’T DOCTOR WHO.
Or that the young journalist was also once in Doctor Who.
As was the psychotherapist.
And Olivia Coleman.
But like I say it’s NOTHING LIKE DOCTOR WHO.
People say to me, hey, aren’t you that guy who played a transsexual Barmaid called Davina in the Scottish TV production Rab C Nesbitt?
And I say, yeah, Who’s asking?
They always laugh at that. I never understand why.
So I take more of my meds.
My name is Detective Alec Hardy.
Full time man of the law, part time line dancer and everyone’s favourite Alec - after Baldwin.