and nobody can tell me any differently

You may think you’re being coy when avoiding using having a (bi) character openly label themselves (as bi), or you’re bucking the trend, or you’re just representing a different facet of the community, but let me tell you, when I see (non-bi) writers doing that, here’s what I get out of it:

1. Bisexuality is okay as long as we never talk about it. You can like people of more than one gender, but you can never bring it up, because then you’re shoving it in people’s face, and nobody actually wants to see that.

2. You should be ashamed of your bisexuality. Even if the character doesn’t act ashamed, the consistent unwillingness for virtually any bisexual character to ever actually refer to themselves as such implies that there is shame associated with holding that identity.

3. Bisexuality isn’t real. People may be attracted to or act sexually towards people of multiple genders, but eventually they just end up with one of them, and that’s what matters, so they’re not really bi, they’re just straight or gay and “experimenting” or “figuring themselves out” or “confused”.

4. There is no bi community, culture, or identity. It may be difficult for straight people to see that bi people exist separately from gay people in the queer community, because of the long-standing and still-continuing erasure of bi people from parts of the community (which people reflexively and obnoxiously insist on refering to as the gay community despite the existence of bi, trans, pan, ace, aro, nb people), but we do actually exist and interact with each other. We talk about being bi. We are not just gay people with that handy little extra of also being attracted to people of a different gender. There is a lot of overlap of community, but we are not the same and do actually have different experiences. And many of the gay parts of the community are so used to erasing/marginalizing us that this is just one more easy way to do it.

Even MORE Sportarobbie Headcanons

My self control and impulse control left for the war and still haven’t returned. I’m waiting for the letter that says they just ain’t coming back.

•Sportacus pulls his hat down over his eyes when he’s flustered and just laughs nervously before running off

•The first time Robbie found this out, Robbie had gone full on flirt mode with him and the poor boy just bolted
•Robbie now slowly hugs Sport while flirting and when he tries to run, he can’t cause he’s TRAPPED IN ARMS OF LOVE
•"Oh my gosh, Robbie please, let me go!“
•"You aren’t going anywhere! I’ve been thinking up these lines all day!”
•Robbie learns languages very quickly, due to some of his disguises needing him to speak a different language to be convincing

•Sportacus yells “HANDSOME!” in Icelandic and he goes to tell Robbie what it means and Robbie just says:
•"Right back at ya, hot stuff.“ in the same language without even looking from what he’s doing
•Sportacus is surprised and Robbie takes this moment to say “I love you” in every language he knows, starting with English and ending with Icelandic
•Nobody can find Sportacus for the rest of the day because he’s in his airship, dying on his bed under his blanket
•Robbie changes all the mean nicknames he had for Sport to sweet things

•"Sportadork.“ "YOUR Sportadork!”
•"Hello there, Sportalicious!” “ROBBIE!”
•Sportacus only calls Robbie “Robbie”, but it’s because he really likes his name. It’s simply and rolls off of his tongue easily.
•Even though he can jump high, there are just some things that Sportacus can’t reach.

•"Robbie, lean down, I want a kiss.“/"No, I’m busy.”/“Robbie. Robbie, lean down and gimme a kiss. Robbie. Robbie! ROBBIE I WILL CLIMB YOU LIKE A TREE GIVE ME A KISS!”

•"Robbie, I can’t reach the top cabinet. Come get me a sportscandy.“/"Jump for it. You’ll make it.”/“But I’ll break it if I grab it!”/“Then I guess you aren’t getting any sportscandy.”/“ROBBIE!”

•"Give me my hat back.“/"Jump for it. Or am I too tall for you?”/“no, I just don’t want to hurt you.”/*Robbie holds the hat higher over his head./“Robbie.” *small hop* “Robbie!” *slightly larger hop* “Robbie, give me-GIVE ME MY HAT BACK!”
•Robbie enters the ship while Sportacus is there and the ship automatically starts playing “Careless Whisper.” Nobody knows why.
•Sportacus can not, for the life of him, tell the difference between real and candy fruit, even when it’s PAINFULLY obvious

•"Oh, a sportscandy!“/"spoRTACUS WAIT NO-!”
•He can tell the difference between candy corn and real corn though
•"Robbie, if you every candy corn in this house, I will suplex your cake marker into the pavement without a second thought.“
•Robbie wraps his arms around Sport from behind and leans down to his ear, kissing it a little, and the elf expects a loving chant
•But Robbie just:
•"Eat all the frosted wheat thins again and we are through.”

Hello, @gracethecactus ! I know this is long overdue, since I had to read up on LGBT to understand this. But it was definitely an interesting read! When I looked and asked around (thank you, shy Korean anon!) , I realized that some countries in Asia still tend to be conservative towards dealing with the LGBT community in terms of rights and how society views them. It’s a slow process, but I’m hopeful that people will come to realize that sexual preferences shouldn’t really be a basis on how to treat another person. You take out those labels, everybody’s still human with the same body parts and bodily functions, even if their ways of thinking and preferences may be different.

I feel bad that you had to go through that, but please don’t mind those jerks. I bet you’re a better person than they could ever be! I have a couple of friends who are either bi, lesbian, or gay, and they are some of the most wonderful people I know (I’m straight, but they’re fun to hang out with)! I’m not saying that I’ve never laughed at a gay joke myself (what’s funny is funny but to a certain degree), but it irks me whenever people treat others like shit just because they deviate from society’s status quo. So please don’t be disheartened and be proud of who you are. Also, hey, I’m not a native speaker either, so no worries!

P.S. I couldn’t find the original ask d/t my crappy connection, but luckily, I have the screenshot!


RFA x MC who comes out as bi/poly/pansexual

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PART 1/?

 [ i put my spotify on shuffle & wrote down lyrics from random songs so there’s not really any rhyme or reason to this list.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ]

  • “ all I have is all that is gone. “
  • “ everything around me feels so much different than where i’m from. “
  • “ what a shame we all became such fragile, broken things. “
  • “ oh, darling i wish you were here. “
  • “ a year from now, we’ll all be gone. “
  • “ when she says she loves you, tell her you love her too. “
  • “ my baby’s sweet as can be. “
  • “ she gives me toothaches just from kissing me. ”
  • “ heaven and hell were words to me. “
  • “ i’m not gonna go home alone. “
  • “ you and me are the difference between real love and the love on tv. “
  • “ i’ll take the truth at any cost. “
  • “ you should know thing’s aren’t always what they seem. “
  • “ we’ll pretend it’s alright and sin for the night. “
  • “ i can’t see with all the weight of the world on my shoulders. “
  • “ i see nobody but you. “
  • “ i’m so used to being used. “
  • “ i love when you call unexpected. “
  • “ maybe we could stick around for just one more drink. “
  • “ we’re broken people. “
  • “ you were my conscience. “
  • “ don’t you ever wonder how we’d survive? “
  • “ i’m only human. “
  • “ i’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching. “
  • “ i’ve got this friend… “
  • “ i don’t think you know him/her. “
  • “ all that he/she really wants is someone to love him/her back. “
  • “ you’ve seen them all come and go. “
  • “ every little thing i do never seems enough for you. “
  • “ where do we go from here? “
  • “ i don’t bite but i heard you might. “
  • “ it feels good to be alone with you. “
  • “ i never wanted to say this… “
  • “ you never wanted to stay. “
  • “ but we always made it work. “
  • “ making love to you was never second best. “
  • “ there’s nothing you and i won’t do. “
  • “ i’m sorry if i seem uninterested. “
  • “ no, i’m not listening. “
  • “ tell me it’s nothing. “
  • “ i can’t help falling out of love with you. “
  • “ why am i feeling so guilty? “
  • “ i’m worried about everyone but me. “
  • “ and i just keep losing myself. “
  • “ seasons change but people don’t. “
  • “ don’t pretend you’ll ever forget about me. “
  • “ wouldn’t you rather be a widow than a divorcee? “
  • “ we don’t fight fair. “
  • “ you won’t remember this. “
  • “ this is how it feels to take a fall. “
  • “ don’t go breaking my heart. “
  • “ i couldn’t if i tried. “
  • “ you take the weight off of me. “
  • “ nobody knows it. “
  • “ i’m a goner. “
  • “ i want to scream ‘I LOVE YOU’ from the top of my lungs. “
  • “ i am finding out that–maybe–i was wrong. “
  • “ stay with me. “
  • “ this is what i need. “
  • “ you’re still a mystery. “
  • “ i thought i wanted to forget my past. “
  • “ you shine brighter than anyone does. “
  • “ i’m a little overwhelmed. “
  • “ this is nothing like i planned. “
  • “ i’m a little bit confused. “
  • “ can’t seem to tell what’s real or not. “
  • “ i won’t change for you. “
  • “ i won’t cry for you. “
  • “ we both know that you don’t really care. “

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We were asked SPECIFICALLY to not say anything about ATW by Taylor and by TN so why anyone is saying any different is beyond me. And I don't get why us SSers aren't allowed to be happy we went. It's almost like some of the fans are trying to take that away from us

Nobody is telling you you can’t be happy but when you guys say “omg something soooo special happened but none of you will ever know because it’s our secret” um I think a lot of us are gonna feel idk a little excluded and sad???? Especially when there’s literally no purpose to posting that. How can you guys seriously not see that and understand that??? A few days ago you were in their same shoes, please show some empathy.

They all have little things from their subconscious reminding them of who they are and Fitz is calling himself The Doctor because of his and Simmons shared love of Doctor Who AND NOBODY CAN TELL ME ANY DIFFERENTLY, DO YOU HEAR ME?!


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The fandom has become so toxic, Matty. I don't even know how to stay here anymore without going berserk. Uttering a single word gets me such backlash it makes me weep. I've blocked and muted and everything in between. Nothing works. I don't know why I'm telling you this but please help me. I don't know what to do anymore.

Oh, anon. I’m so, so very sorry to hear this. Have a hug, first and foremost.

I’m nobody to tell you what to do but since you left this in my inbox, I cannot leave this unanswered. 

Trust me, we all have our moments. I did as well and I took a break because sometimes that’s the only thing you can do. So, you do you without any hesitation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the thing is that the fandom is sentient. It’s something that I realized a while ago but this fandom is sentient. It holds so many people within itself, from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and what not. Imagine every difference you can conceive and put it all together under one blanket. So many thousands of people with so many different energies. And all of it feeding the fandom. Nobody is a nobody. Every single one of us is important. Everything is symbiotic.

For me, fandom is a sentient being. When there is a great moment (think the teaser for 3x20) it thrives and lives spectacularly. When there are hard times (think entire season 5), it slumps and sighs in weariness. The fandom lives because of us. We hold the reins of its life, and as so many different people, it’s inevitable that the lows will come with the highs. It is also inevitable that there will be people who disagree with you, people who’ll never like you, people with whom you’d never mix. But there are also people who would. Those are the ones I focus on.

I love Oliver. I love Felicity. Together and as individuals. I love them because they are not perfect. I love them because they are flawed human beings who make mistakes and learn and persevere through situations that break people. They inspire me and I love them. 

I may not agree with the show sometimes. (I definitely don’t) 

I may think the story sucks sometimes (I definitely do) 

I may think the characters deserve better most times (I absolutely do) 

I may miss the old way (I really do) 

I may want to smack Oliver on his head or shake Felicity sometimes. (I do)

I may want to invade the Writers Room and change the scripts (a lot)

But that does not change the one basic fact underneath everything - I connect to Olicity. (Even when they’re going through the bad times, I connect to them)

And that’s the entire point, anon. All of us are here because, despite our numerous differences and stands, at some point, we connected to them. We are united by one simple thing - Olicity. 

It’s not just a ship or a phenomenon anymore. It’s a way of life. And life has a way of being harsh sometimes.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and they should - that’s what makes everything dynamic and stops us from being sheep. Sometimes it gets rough, sometimes it’s smooth. But the most important thing is that this fandom is here because of the connection each and every one of us feels to Oliver and Felicity.

I know sometimes things become very bleak. Sometimes I get upset too, it’s unnatural not to. Thankfully, I have friends I vent to in those moments and they smack sense into me. And with that sense, also comes a reminder. About not just the bad, but the good of this fandom.

This is the same fandom that unites with a fierceness that’s unbelievable when faced with adversaries. This is the same fandom that put everything else aside and got together for a week during MTV Ship of the Year to grab that victory for our babies. This is the same fandom where Person A may not like Person B but they’d slay any outsider raising a finger at them.

I agree it has it’s hard moments, but it has those moments too that will remain with us for the rest of our lives, experiences that we couldn’t have gone through anywhere else. I like to focus on those usually. As long as people know what they are here for, that Olicity is the core of this fandom, it’s all good. I am not here for everyone who agrees or disagrees with me. I am here for Oliver and Felicity and my connection to them. This is my happy place, not naturally, but because I try my damnedest to keep it so.

So, do what makes you feel happiest here, anon. Take a break if that’s what makes you happy. Leave or stay if that does. Meet people or sit in your own corner, ignore what you don’t like or take a stand- it’s all on you. Choose your battles, as they say.

It’s like writing a story (and I’m using this analogy because this is who I am). There may be people who hate it, people who tell you they hate it, people who criticize everything harshly. But there are also people who believe and encourage and take the time to give you the best of their love. That’s who you focus on. That’s how you keep writing.

Have your own opinions. Stay strong to them. Respect what others say. They have a reason for the way they feel too. We don’t know where anyone comes from and being judgemental is the easy path, not the correct one.

Live and let live. Do you. Be happy. Try and make the most of the good bits.

Because we are in a relationship with Oliver and Felicity. And relationships are not easy, but then, 

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Are Elly and H&L related? What is H&L? Is Koo part of H&L too? I'm confused...

Alright, so like… ima n00b with this shit but leggo

So like first there was this big biker gang run by the Sad Gay Dads

K that’s more like angry gay dads but anyway

They just wanted to be happy and gay together and they created Mugen, this Harley Davidson product placement of a gang

Not everyone was about that gang life tho so the Anamiya brothers showed up and caused some shit

And uh… A Big Fite happened… *furrows brow* Listen I don’t have my shit together rn because this series is a violent thirst trap… literally, so my grasp on timeline and why shit happened is skewed so ima prolly make shit up somewhat

So uh ass was kicked, Mugen broke up and became like the Three Kingdoms era but instead of the land being divided into three it was like five, which is totally against Confucian tenants btw because there’s only one king under heaven and… sry I’ll stay on target

So these groups are like… lit and kick ass for different reasons n shit:

These mthrfkrs are the Hoodlum Squad and I consider them to be forever at the epicentre of whatever drama happens… like I wanna punch Dan, pinch Tetsu’s cheeks, sit on Cobra’s face but anyway I digress

These guys are the White Rascals who own this techno night club and pretty much whoop the ass of any man who abuses a woman. I nut extra hard when Koo appears because he is the Ignis of this show and nobody can tell me otherwise. Also, a transwoman is in this group named Kizzy and ❤️❤️❤️ and Rocky is so GODDAMN EXTRA but that’s @gorou-chan ‘s man and I respect him even though he’s… a little… crazy… BUT ANYWAY (they have the third most lit theme song btw) I’d visit this club legit and not just to see if I could bone Koo.

These guys are the poor parkour orphan squad, aka Rude Boys, and their theme song is like AUTO HYPE FOR ME LIKE OHHHH SHIT SMOKEY BOUT TO LIGHT SOMEBODY UP once he’s done with his seizure SOMEONE GET THIS BOY SOME MILK A DOCTOR but my bff @foreverythingisnotlost had like this whole thing she told me about back when we were in high school and it’s basically this gang, so I told her about it and BOOM now she’s gonna watch it too and we have Yet Another Thing to get on the phone and yammer about excitedly for 5 hours

The Daruma are insane in that they just don’t give a shit bout nothing but indiscriminate ass whooping on anybody that looks at them funny. Like, they’re just here to get revenge and chew bubble gum and gum chewing is a gross habit so they’re just on straight ass kicking now, son. Hyuga is so pretty (in season 1 at least, I don’t feel the facial hair thing he got going on later) but kinda crazy but I guess it’s understandable all things considered. Also, second most lit theme song in this series, I think I actually may play it more than Run This Town sometimes on the way to work.

These Oya High dudes are reckless men who are nothing but delinquents that never graduated and kept getting held back but they kicked all the teachers/principle asses so ain’t nobody gonna tell them what to do, now. The leader, Murayama, is hot unstable because he had to survive 100 punches without passing out so I think that knocked some screws loose. Also has the biggest crush on Cobra from Hoodlum Squad but don’t say that too loud or he’ll drop kick you out of a window in a flash of tsundere fury

… Elly is rude and is in this series too, yes, but his hairstyle is stupid asf in the show and I hate his fucking face how dare he be so FUCKING PERFE- I mean RUDE

*stares at how fluidly he moves for way too long*

Anyway my gif Armiger has failed me in terms of a good H & L group shot, but he’s a part of the Mighty Warriors who think that listening to Wu Tang clan gives them special ass kicking powers or something, and I guess it did because these gangsta ass fuckers bought a casino with the money they stole from bad folks doing some human trafficking. I’m going to be eternally mad at Ice (Elly’s H&L persona) because I work in a casino so how dare?? Also, get the fuck out of my face being so hot

I’m angry again ugh Elly look what you did


Noctis: Sannoh (Hoodlum)

Gladio: Daruma Ikka

Ignis: White Rascals

Prompto: Rude Boys

Yes I already dreamed up some silly crossover shit, leave me alone, everything is @ka-za-ri fault, with her conspirators @gorou-chan and @mrsiwatatakanori , please direct any blog content complaints to them thx

Obviously I need to go to sleep now I’m sorry guys this post was all over the place… wait *squints at the clock* I GOTTA GET UP NOW FOR WORK OH FUCK GODDAAAMMNNIITTT it’s gonna be a long day

hannibal framing will and getting him put in prison is the in-universe equivalent to, albeit a slight dramaticization of, “once i had a crush on a girl in my class and didn’t know what to do about it so i sent a letter telling her to get out of my school” and NOBODY can tell me any differently

Okay, not quite clothing hack but a trick I have grown fond of is any chance I get to buy clothes: I buy something I already own in a slight different colour. I own 4 sets of identical shirts and no one has ever called me out on it. The fabric is the same, the feeling of wearing it is the same but nobody can tell. All of my jeans are the same but in a slightly different colour and no one has ever said a thing.

If you really need to wear The Shirt then put it on a hangar and hang it in the bathroom when you shower. Steaming the shirt helps smooth creases and diffuse smells. So if you have to wear The Shirt but you don’t have time to wash it, spray with scent of choice and steam. When hanging it up hang it inside out so that sprays don’t damage designs or create visible marks.

Try not to spray trousers as the skin between your waist and knees is more sensitive to irritants. If you need to wash a mark off trousers use cold water and a soft cloth, and when hanging them fold at the knees. Trousers can also be steamed.

Tag and edit as needed! I hope these are at least a little helpful!

Revenge (2)

Description: Part 2 of a (kind of) AU Marvel series

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, the works


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Last Time:

I shook my head, wishing I could forget. It all felt so real.

“I never even knew him…” I said, confused.

“Who? Who was the dream about?”

I looked up at Steve. “Bucky.”

“What do you mean, ‘Bucky’?” Steve inquired, face paling at the thought of his friend, frozen again. 

I paused. “I– That’s what my dream was about. I think he’s in danger.” I started panicking at the thought, and not exactly sure why. 

Steve pulled me closer to him. “Hey, hey, it’s alright Y/N. Don’t worry, okay?”

I nodded, beginning to calm down. 

“Now, why would you think he’s in danger?”

“I don’t know. I just know that I woke up terrified and the only thing I can think about now is him and that something’s wrong.” I rambled. Steve covered his worry with a calm expression. 

“We’ll go check him out tomorrow, okay? Make sure he’s fine.”

“No. No, we have to get him out of there.”

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