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Actually, I’m making a longer post about this later, because I’m sick and tired of Finn getting crapped on for microscopic things that ultimately helped his character arc and contributed to his own hero’s journey. (Not to mention that his fibs actually helped SAVE LIVES but whatever, let’s just vilify the black man, amirite?) 

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ur not a real jimin stan if you like all the members ✌️️

Isn’t it amazing how the universe cooled in such a way from the primordial soup it began as, to coalesce into dense enough balls of gas & dust to ignite fusion and thus becoming balls of hot plasma just floating around in space? Isn’t it also amazing how the the gas and dust in the disks surrounding those stars formed gaseous and rocky worlds that revolve around them? And that one such rocky planet was placed at such a distance from its host star that liquid dihydrogen monoxide could exist and life did sprout as a result? And that the single-cellular organisms evolved into beings capable of complex thought and communication? And that one such being just told me that I can’t possibly love Jimin because I support him AND the rest of his group members?

Science is wild.

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Bold the statements that are true for you!


I am 5′7″ or taller   
I wear glasses (but only when I’m in class or doing hw)
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing
I have blonde hair
I have brown eyes
I have short hair
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have or have had braces
There is something I would change about the way I look


My Hogwarts house is: Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
I am an introvert
I like meeting new people
People tell me that I’m funny
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges
I’m playfully rude with people I know well
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it
There is something I would change about my personality


I can sing well (apparently)
I can play an instrument (I can somewhat play piano)
I can do over 30 pushups without stopping
I’m a fast runner
I can draw well
I have a good memory
I’m good at doing math in my head
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch
I know how to throw a proper punch


I enjoy playing sports
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else (only if the running club counts)
I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week
I work out at least once a week
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months (well it’s florida, so theyre all warm/hot)
I have drawn something in the past month
I enjoy writing
Fandoms are my #1 passion (I guess?)

I do or have done martial arts (I went to ONE class but yeah sure lol)


I have had my first kiss 
I have had alcohol
I have scored the winning goal in a sports game
I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
I have been at an overnight event
I have been in a taxi

I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country
I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts


I’m in a relationship
I have a celebrity crush
I have a crush on someone I know
I have been in at least 3 relationships
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them
I get crushes easily
I have had a crush on someone for over a year
I have been in a relationship for at least a year
I have had feelings for a friend


I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”
I live close to my school (somewhat)
My parents are still together
I have at least one sibling
I live in the United States
There is snow right now where I live
I have hung out with a friend outside of school in the past month
I have a smartphone
I have at least 15 CDs (do dvds count? doubt it…)
I share my room with someone


I have breakdanced
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now
I have punched someone in the past week
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today
I know what I want to do with my life (those people exist irl?????)
I speak at least 2 languages fluently (eh, I guess haha)
I have made a new friend in the past year 

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I think its time to really stop and I mean stop with comparing and assuming people are ___ to what they ship. I really want to be believe people dont know what nazi are cause swear to god why are you comparing that to fictional things. Are they not aware what actually nazi do in the real world. Op is just ???? i think they need to step away from tumblr for a while

I dunno, its like a lot of them have been only tumblr for so long that they think fictional characters are the real issue here, its why I have such a problem problem with the anti mindset in general. 

Liking a Star Wars character does not make you a nazi or a nazi apologist. 

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RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue