and no raids

Well, she isn’t denying it, either…

/On a more serious note tho, it shows how her feelings for Kaneki must have been very well notable for the others who have witnessed her and how she dealt with the losses the past few years after the Anteiku raid.
Nishiki is very heavily suggesting things between her and Kaneki and she’s merely retorting with a “shut it”. it’s like as if she’s ok with him affiliating her with Kaneki in a romantic context. otherwise I’d expect something more irritated like ‘what the hell I don’t even feel that way about him.’
(Or maybe she has really just given up on arguing with him because she’s got teased so much already she’s so done with him. Or maybe she’s too deep in thought and not in the mood to bother feeling irritated that he suggested her and Kaneki should just get married already. (what do you mean that’s not what he said?)

ok but

Princess Tutu, ep. 3, that one with Ebine-san and the restaurant

And the shard says: “…because having your fill of every kind of delicious food is pure happiness”

Does that mean that Mytho is actually that type who`s eating his troubles away? 
Like, after he gained his heart back, he`s just nervously consuming every bit of food in sight if anything bad happens? A fight with Rue - go eat a piece of cake. Prince`s duties are hard - have an extra greasy meal. A kingdom attacked by a next door country? Raid the castle kitchen! 

The meeting of two trains in England, 1941. The first of these carries infantry tanks Matilda II and Valentine II, Covenanter III cruising. Unlike Matilda and Valentine, Covenanter on England and did not go. By the way, is connected with the railway and the only loss of the tank this type. As a result of night German air RAID on the city of Canterbury in Kent bomb landed in the tank, part armored. This tank was from the 1st Polish armored division.

“Because I am used to it” - Seidou`s huge pain endurance at the stomach area

I was re-reading Tokyo Ghoul :re a few days back and got to the Auction arc. There Seidou made his appearance after a long while and what was striking is that he seems to be rather resistant towards pain. It was speculated from his white hair and black fingernails that he has gone trough some form a torture too. I think that is still a possibility, but what if majority of the resistance or numbness to pain became from Kanou experimenting on him? I think it would make a few instances make more sense. 

Let me try to explain. When we saw Kanou doing things to him with a saw, the damage and pain seems to be done to Seidou`s stomach area:

If most of the damage by Kanou was done to Seidou`s stomach area, maybe it means that area is most numb or resists pain the most? What lead me to think this is when I was re-reading the Auction Raid, Sasaki pierces Seidou`s stomach with his kagune, but Seidou basically just brushes it off, saying that he is used to this

There are other cases during the auction where Sasaki wounds Seidou to the stomach area and he is not affected by it much. When Hinami attacks Seidou to his limbs, this causes a different reaction:

In here it seems that the attack is more painful. 

With this in mind I think it would be interesting to take a look at the Seidou vs Tooru fight. Now, I agree that Seidou was probably also tired after fighting Tatara, Houji and other investigators, but I think this also might act as a factor to why Tooru was able to defeat Seidou. You see, Tooru landed blows to other than the stomach are, which might the most numb area if my idea is correct. First Tooru threw a knife to Seidou`s eye, which really seemed to be painful:

This makes sense since for 1) It is said that eye is a weak point among ghouls and landing a hit there is rather painful 2) this is not the stomach area which is rather numb because of Kanou. The next attack seems to hit the stomach area which gives a much smaller reaction from Seidou than the knife attack to the eye. Tooru then proceeds to spit blood onto Seidou`s eyes, and to kick him to his private parts. He then proceeds to crush them, to which Seidou reacts to very painfully. I think I don`t have to explain why especially these two last attacks were so painful. 

So the point of this small text is that  because of Kanou`s experimenting with the saw around Seidou`s stomach area, he might have become most numb to pain there. This would explain why attacks to the stomach won`t affect Seidou much and he can keep on fighting. However, attacks elsewhere than the stomach area, like example to the eye and his private parts, give a much more powerful reaction, and he actually feels pain. This, combined with the possible exhaustion of the previous fights, might explain why Tooru was able to win. Seidou was tired, Tooru landed the most critical blows other than the stomach area, and he also used rather dirty tactics. 

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What do you think would have happened if the griffin hadn't been there to catch Edmund after the raid on the castle in the Prince Caspian movie? I don't think he would have jumped off anyways and trusted someone to catch him.

I think Edmund would’ve probably allowed himself to get caught momentarily. He probably thought through the situation and would play along, knowing he probably wouldn’t be killed but interrogated, and waited for the opportune moment to escape. Considering…it probably wasn’t the first time he’d been captured by an enemy or been outnumbered. But like, I also think he totally planned the griffin thing as well. Maybe he told the griffin to wait or keep watch overhead or secretly follow him(cuz it was pretty foggy so it could stay hidden)?

He was probably a spymaster in the Golden Age, so he probably got caught way more often than Peter would’ve liked in his early stages;) The boy has skillz.

The second quarter of nineteenth century Thailand Bangkok art
Sandalwood statue High: 21 cm
Russia ’s Hermitage Museum Collection Long Day compilation
Sculpture is about the snake king in the storm season to protect Sakyamuni Buddha, from the torrential raids of the Buddha story.
      It is said that in the sixth and seventh days after the enlightenment of the Buddha, the meditation practice was unmoved in a dark storm and the serpent Naga was drilled from the bottom of the lake, and his body was curled up for the Buddha to sit down. But also from behind the Buddha raised its huge snake head to the Buddha head, open into five or seven snake head, for the Buddha shelter from the rain.

source:  Russia ’s Hermitage Museum

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First of all, thanks a million for your list of dalmatians. I really don't know where to find them if it's not from you. 6 remaining in my list, the unfound 2 yet, and 4 from raid bosses.. Any advice on how to chase them? I had no luck of finding which quests where the rare guard armor, rare darkside, and spider are..

this is not my list and i haven’t tested most of them but i hope this helps!!

mushishitposter replied to your post “What’s up with these anime military icons?”

What the nyan did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you knyow I graduated top of my class in the Knight Academy, and I’ve been involved in nyumerous secret raids on The Witch’s Cult, and I have over 300 confirmed heals. I am trained in cat warfare and I’m the top cat in the entire Crusch army. You are nyothing to me but just anyother target. I will wipe you the nyan out with precisinyan the likes of which has nyever been seen before on this Earth

what irks me the most is when visiting Palestinian Americans ask me in the most patronizing manner “how do you even live here?”

And no, not because of the settler colonialism taking place, not because of the checkpoints or raids or mass arrests…but because of the culture and way of life here.

I’ve been asked this question so manyyyyy times, with disgusted facial expressions. Like no, don’t feel sorry for me.

But once they’re back in the US, they flood their social media accounts with how much they love it here and how they miss the motherland. It honestly makes me want to stab my eye with a fork.


Local conservative news reports on the Women’s March are hilarious bc right now they’re conflicted between their hate of peaceful protests as “an excuse of violent people to riot and raid” and their sexism saying women can’t achieve anything and must be protected from said raids and riots.

…so right now they’re saying “police fear violent riots may spring up throughout the women’s protests, which pictures by our news crew reveal is NOT consistent of peacefully protesting women, but instead violent-looking men looking to earn a quick buck or hurt and rape somebody.”

I’m sorry honey, your crew must have accidently snapped a picture of our new president, not any of the protesters. Easy mistake to make when you see a bunch of men where a woman should be.