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Hey! I scrolled down your Wizard Tooru AU and I was thinking... do you have any designs for Iwachan and Oikawa's clothes when they're adults? (I don't know if you already had posted this but I couldn't find it) Also I want to say congratulations because this is one of the most amazing AU's I've ever seen. Thank you<3

thank you so much!! I’m so happy you liked it <333

they wear other stuff depending on the situation but the uniforms are like this

Tooru rarely closes his jacket. He gets a bit careless with his looks when he’s working (happens when you don’t get enough sleep).

Iwachan wears the same thing Akaashi did since he became the next Commander once Akaashi is promoted! He is usually in more ‘formal’ situations so he wears his uniform properly.

68# Soft Klance of the Day: Keith is a natural flirt, and with that it means he barely thinks before he compliments Lance. Like mentioning how he looks good when he tries out a new outfit without batting an eye or when Lance shows off one of his many skills and he tells him how incredible he is.

“Well time for beauty sleep, see you guys later.” Lance says as he gets up on the lounge.
Keith blinks and looks up, smirking, he says. “You already look pretty enough as it is, Lance.”
“There is nothing straight about my face.” Keith adds while Pidge is losing it.

To the one with the interview tomorrow: you’ll nail it. To the one studying for the big exam: you got this. To the one who didn’t get enough sleep: it’ll be okay. To the one waiting on the sideline: your time will come. To the one in the back: you’re going to shine one day. To all of you: I believe in you so much you haven’t faintest clue.

concept im kind of obsessed with right now:

eddie as a freshman at a serious performing arts academy, majoring in dance with a concentration in ballet. he goes to sleep early, wakes up earlier & takes nothing for granted.

he fucking hates his dorm neighbors, loud, obnoxious idiots who get drunk all the time. they don’t even know where the library on campus is. he doesnt have any idea how the three of them, especially the one with curly hair, even GOT into that school.

“piano prodigy,” the tall one explains “got magic fingers

eddie nearly punches him

& he doesn’t believe him, nobody on their floor believes richie tozier could be a prodigy of anything, especially when he forgot to take midterms & mixed up the dates for finals. when eddie hears the gossip he’s relieved, he’s overjoyed. eddie has been assigned a principal role in spring recital, and now he’ll get to prepare. he thinks they’ll kick him out & he’ll get some goddamned peace and quiet on his floor.

until, first day of class in january when his teacher walks in with an overzealous expression “class, we have a student who will be joining us this semester for an extra credit opportunity. please welcome your new rehearsal pianist, richie tozier.”


oh no.


Lots more dogs in Seminyak yesterday! The one at the bottom was sleeping by a mall and was happily coaxed to an alley by two ladies who gave him their fried rice. He seemed reluctant to eat it though and took about fifteen minutes to get through it!

We also saw quite a few dogs riding scooters but I could never get the camera out fast enough.

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what's your two cents on the whole trixie-pregnancy gate?

I sat for an exam this morning and barely got enough sleep, so apparently I missed “pregnancy gate”.

My two cents are this: First and foremost, it was cringey as fuck to watch. I got uncomfortable hearing it, because basically it’s a guy talking about women´s bodies in a casual, misinformed way. My mum struggled getting pregnant, and one of my dreams is to have a baby and at 24 I have already done my research on egg freezing just in case that’s something I want to do in the future. So yes, I will say it was misinformed, uncomfortable and pretty much unnecessary. You will not find me justifying something I don’t agree with just because one of my favorite people said it.

You will not find me crucifying him for it either. I can relate to speaking without thinking and spitting out words just to be funny, or starting saying something I know it’s messed up and carrying on because in the heat of time I can’t seem to stop myself, because I do the same thing. I put my foot in my mouth at least three times a week. I do that because I’m stupid and careless sometimes, but it never comes from a place of malice. And I think that’s the case with what Trixie said as well. I don’t think in a thousand years that what he said was meant to ridicule, diminish or call out women who can’t have babies. I honestly don’t believe that was his intention and he meant no harm. He was quick to call himself out and put that up on twitter.

I found it funny that it wasn’t edited out, cause you know he’s said shit before they cut out (at some point he goes “I’m not even gonna say it because it’s so bad you are not going to use it”). It clearly made Pete uncomfortable, it didn’t add any comedic stuff to (an already kind of weird) episode, and it could have save a bit of trouble. It wasn’t said in a live interview where you can’t take it back. It could have been left at that, and for some reason they thought it was okay to keep. I find that strange, that’s all.

I am glad that as fans we can step back and say “hey that’s not cool” and still love him and support him, and give up on the idea that this people are perfect and can do no wrong. They are humans like us, and are constantly speaking publicly and having a magnifying glass on them. It’s our own fault as fans to put them up so quickly in a pedestal, and just as quickly be willing to burn them at the stake for a mistake. I’m glad this started a respectful, mature conversation in a subject that is sensitive to many and personally close to my heart.

(on a lighter note, my sleep deprived brain read “Trixie pregnancy gate” and thought for a moment “is Tallulah having a kid?”)

Sort of sentimental and i don’t mean to be dramatic but seeing posts saying how certain characters don’t get to be redeemed makes me really sad.

I get it, I definitely do. I’ve been a victim to certain things and I understand the hate that starts to manifest for your abuser. I understand how it literally eats away at you for years and years and sometimes you can’t sleep because even though it’s been 5, 7, 10 years you still hate that person for doing what they did to you.

Until one day I spoke with one of my past abusers, someone who really ruined and crippled me emotionally. And they had been in a very successful relationship after getting the help they needed and apologized for everything. And while an apology sometimes isn’t enough, knowing that they’re better, and felt the need to be redeemed at all meant a lot to me.

And I realized that as much as I hated these people and wanted them to suffer, the idea that they’re out there still doing all the terrible things they did to me to others is even worse. I’d rather them get better, I’d rather them recognize what they’ve done and become better people. Because no matter how much you want them to suffer, it probably wont happen. But not wanting them to have the chance to change puts more people in danger as well.

A lot of people might not agree with me on this, and I absolutely understand and your feelings are still valid in every way. And there’s still definitely exceptions to this, people who have just done the absolute worst and probably deserve the death penalty but, on a smaller scale, I do want redemption for bad people, so that I’ll be the last person they ever treat that way.

Knowing that they can be better has brought me a lot of peace.

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omega dick getting pregnant and being too busy to notice it until he's showing? (maybe wally gets a 'congratulations' before dick does, since dick's been so busy and no one mentions it directly?)

Gonna be honest this was kinda hard/awkward to write but im okay with it

It took a few days for Wally to finally notice it, he could tell there was something different with his mate’s scent but Dick had barely been around lately that he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. It was one of the rare mornings that he woke up while his mate was still asleep, still peacefully wrapped up in Wally’s arms. He takes advantage of the moment, careful not to wake Dick, since he was barely getting enough sleep as it is, and pulls the omega closer to his chest, burying his face against the man’s neck. The alpha stiffens when he catches the omega’s scent undiluted, noting that there’s definitely something else clinging to his mate’s scent. It’s not a different scent entirely, still subtle and immature, instead woven in with the sweet blueberry vanilla his mate emits. The realization that Dick’s carrying, that they’re going to be parents, causes warmth to bubble deep in his stomach. He’s at least two months along, since it takes that long for the pup’s scent to show itself.

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To my favourite person in the world,
I know things are over, and I know that means I don’t get to create any new memories with you. I know I have told you not to talk to me again, but every day I talk to you, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in sobs, but every day I do. I know a lot of things now and one of them is how incredibly I miss you, but how that alone is not a great enough incentive to get us to talk again anymore. I know what we had was special and invaluable, and I know it because I know a lot of people, a hell lot of them, and still nothing makes up for the fact that we won’t get to stroll around aimlessly together anymore. I know I am sad, I can feel it every day as I lay my head down to sleep, and I know why I am so, but I also know that I have tried with all my heart for the both of us and it went in vain. I know what would feel good and what is right to do, and it aches me that this time they are two completely different things. I know I had you. I know I lost you. I know things are shitty. I know it’s already been a while. I know I should’ve been feeling better. But I am not. And that’s okay, or at least that’s what they say. The one thing I don’t know is whether this will end up being just a break or a good-luck-in-another-lifetime kind of thing. And it’s scary how I don’t even know which of them would be a better option. I don’t know why I’m writing this as well, but I guess if I ever figure out why I still talk to you in my head every day, I’ll figure out the rest of this.
Love, always.
—  far-far-awayy 
possessive/needy Pennywise Headcanons

these aren’t that dirty but let me know if you want that

  • gets jealous if you hang out with your family or friends for too long
  • expects you to make time for him whenever he wants to see you
  • drools when he sees you after being away from you for a while
  • appears out of nowhere and wants kisses nOW
  • gets jealous easily and only one thing can cheer him up: your mouth on his cLOCK (clown cock ;)
  • gives you red trinkets, toys, gifts etc/red anything he finds so you don’t forget who you belong to
  • protects you (watches you) while you sleep
  • his nicknames for you: little girl/boy, darling, doll, sweetheart
  • pouts and whines when you don’t give him enough attention
  • if you ignore him for too long he gets upset and bites you a little :(
  • not that hard, just enough to make you squirm and finally pay attention to him
  • you’ll be mad at him at first but then he’ll pout and be all cute and try to kiss you even though you’re still angry at him for biting you for no reason
Dialogue Prompts
  1. “Surprise, I have feelings and you just hurt them.”
  2. “In the least creepy way possible, I know where you live.”
  3. “A onesie is not an appropriate gift for my mothers birthday!”
  4. “Why would you even suggest that?”
  5. “Emotions are a luxury I don’t have time for.”
  6. “Can I borrow your pencil, and your homework.”
  7. “I just want to start over.”
  8. “I’m sorry, can we just pretend I never said that.”
  9. “You hurt her, I stab you, okay?”
  10. “I would kill for a slice of cake right now…literally”
  11. “Well this got incredibly awkward incredibly quickly.”
  12. “Woah, hold the fuck up, you did what now?”
  13. “I love you, I always have.”
  14. “Take a deep breath and please calm the fuck down.”
  15. “I miss you, but then i remember what an asshole you are and the feeling fades.”
  16. “Tell me everything.”
  17. “What happened to you?”
  18. “Hey honey…did you seriously adopt another kitten?”
  19. “How many times do I have to tell you, we are not getting a bouncy castle for my dad’s 60th.”
  20. “I know it’s hard, but get over it.”
  21. “I am not dramatic, it was a very big spider.”
  22. “How to kill the mood 101.”
  23. “You left me with no one, sorry doesn’t change that.
  24. “This is a joke right?”
  25. “Clearly I did not drink enough for this.”
  26. “I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it did.”
  27. “You only want to go because there’s free food.”
  28. “This song is so us.”
  29. “It’s too early for this, just go back to sleep.”
  30. “If I tell you I love you will you make me pancakes?”
  31. “If you sing that song one more time I will kill you.”
  32. “Honestly, I don’t want to know.”
  33. “Hold up, she said what?”
  34. “You are so sweet, and I am so sorry.”
  35. “You don’t deserve this.”
  36. “Poke me once more and see what happens.”
  37. “Ghosts aren’t real for God’s sake.”
  38. “I need to punch something, preferably their face.”
  39. “You are so extra.”
  40. “Why did you think that was okay?”
  41. “When did you become my mother?”
  42. “New drinking game, drink overtime you’re a dickhead. Oh wait I already have alcohol poisoning.”
  43. “I trusted you.”
  44. “Don’t talk to me, I need my coffee first.”
  45. “Remember that time I thought you were stalking me?”
  46. “I hate that I still love you.”
  47. “Of course it’s not your fault, it never is.”
  48. “I am this close to calling my ex.”
  49. “Maybe this really was a bad idea.”
  50. “Jesus Christ I forgot how much I hate exercise.”
  51. “Baby, please tell me you can explain why there is a hole through the window.”
  52. “Wow I can’t believe he said you were ugly, hun he is clearly blind.”
  53. “Sorry I’m late.”
  54. “I don’t know why I bother.”
  55. “I’d rather do a lot of things than eat my vegetables but you gotta do it.”
  56. “That was so romantic.”
  57. “Out of all the things you could have said, and you went with that.”
  58. “I can’t wait to see you.”
  59. “I don’t want you, I need you.”
  60. “Stop laughing this isn’t funny!”
Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 9/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Intimate make-out session, hickeys, parental abuse, angst

A/N: Sorry for the delay on this chapter, I hope it was worth the wait- if not then i’d be so disappointed sksk but hey ho, here’s an extra long chapter!

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) | …

Eddie continued to tend Richie’s wounds throughout the night, with the windows steaming up from the heat inside the room in contrast to the freezing air outside. After Richie’s warming words, Eddie barely formed words for an hour or so and solely focused upon fixing Richie up despite Richie’s protests to his cuts stinging and how he was being covered in superman bandages, but Eddie just rolled his eyes and chose to ignore the boy and his ways.

Richie had his head against the wall as he sat on the perfectly white carpet beneath him, he stared directly at his fingertips with a warm feeling in his stomach.

“So, you’re staying here, right?” Eddie asked, his legs folded upon his neat bed after cleaning away the first aid kit.

Richie drifted his gaze to Eddie, “I don’t have too, I just had no where to go.”

“You can stay!” Eddie quickly spoke, his words overflowing, “It’s just that I was wondering and, well, my Mom would flip shit if she saw you- so.. so I’ll have to hide you. We also only have my Dad’s old clothes, my clothes won’t fit.”

Richie managed to form a lop sided grin, listening to each melodic sound that came from Eddie Kaspbrak. Everything about the boy was phenomenal, overall outstanding. From his neat hair, to his messy mindset. From his soft brown eyes, to the crevice of his lips. Richie was in awe of what standards this boy had to even look in Richie Tozier’s way, never mind welcome him with open arms into his living space.

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What Lovers Do: Part 1

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You have a friend with benefits relationship with the Winter Soldier himself: Bucky Barnes. You two have gotten the routine down: wake up, train, mission, come home, have sex, then act like nothing happened. It’s worked for you for a while now. But now that Bucky’s starting to see someone seriously, you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Warnings: implications of smut, ANGST

A/N: I got too excited so I decided to just post the first part today! If you want to be tagged in the series, please send me an ASK. EDIT: Tagging is now CLOSED. 

You and Bucky laid on the bed, naked, sweaty and panting. You just went three rounds of your “bedroom exercises”. You stared at the ceiling still in the post-sex haze.

“I’m seeing someone.” Bucky sais breaking the silence.

You turn your head to look at him, but he continues to stare at the ceiling, “Oh?”

“I think it’s getting serious.”

Your mouth suddenly feels really dry. You knew this would happen eventually, but you figured you’d be the one to break it off. Not Bucky. You wished it was you to find someone. But no. You couldn’t. Not when the guy you just had sex with was the one for you.

“What’s her name?” You looked at him teasingly, trying to hide the pain.

Bucky smiled, “Melissa, but she goes by Mellie.” Bucky turns to you and props his head on his hand, “Y/N, she’s so beautiful, kind, and funny. She knows about my past and she accepts me for who I am. It’s-It’s so amazing. She’s so amazing.”

You have him a small smile, the smile not reaching your eyes, “I’m happy for you, Buck.”

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Hi! I was wondering whether you might have pointers to resources for gifted+ADHD adults, if there are any decent ones out there that don't minimize the disabling nature of ADHD and just treat it like a magic creativity bonus. I hope this isn't presumptuous to ask, but I'm really struggling with stuff like being able to go to bed in time to get enough sleep at the same time as holding down a career that makes people go "ooooo you must be ~so smart" and am incredibly frustrated by the combination.

Giftedness is such a frustrating thing to talk about, because there are all these cultural narratives around ~bragging and ~egotism and shit and like… no. Giftedness isn’t important to me because I want to be TEH SMRTST, it’s important to me because I had no friends as a child. Realizing, “Hey, I have this neurodivergence that means that OF COURSE 99.9% of the kids I meet think I’m weird” meant I stopped thinking that I was just uniquely broken and unlovable.

It’s about being smart enough to name all the moons of Jupiter, but not realizing the other 7-year-olds don’t want to hear them. It’s about being literally mandated by all the adults in your life to do work that they know is too easy for you for a dozen years, and having your executive function atrophy, and then almost drowning when you’re thrown in the river of work hard enough for you in college.

Soooo yeah. I care about it a lot. (For people who aren’t familiar with my extensive back catalogue: I’ve written essays before on giftedness as neurodivergence and how most gifted children don’t grow up into eminent adults)

Anyway, the term for giftedness+disability (learning disability, autism spectrum, physical disability, mental illness) is “twice-exceptional” or “2e”.  Twee as fuck, but whatever, it’s googleable. I guess parents don’t want to be like my friend Feather and call it “comorbidity”. I also find ADDitude magazine to be a perpetually good resource.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) a huge number of resources for ADHD adults honestly are aimed at Gifted ADHD adults, just because most things written about psychology and self-help are inaccessible to people who aren’t cognitively strong. So if you like reading tons of psychological literature, ADDitude has a list of classics in the field.

Can’t Sleep Without You

a/n: Not requested, but something that just popped into my head. A lot of stress and not enough sleep makes me want Shawn in my life so much. 



It has been a few weeks since your last solid night’s sleep. You honestly are not really sure what has been going on with you or why you haven’t been able to sleep well. You’ve spent so many nights tossing and turning in bed, unable to get a peaceful rest, but then the morning comes and you practically feel like a zombie. These last four days have been the worst, and it doesn’t help that you’re in the middle of midterms so you have a lot of exams and presentations. For some reason, no matter how tired you are, you just can’t sleep well when night comes. It could be due to stress, since these last few weeks have been uncharacteristically stressful, or because you’re missing your boyfriend who you haven’t seen in a month, and you’re just tired of having to sleep without him every night. 

The one good thing that has come out of the fact that you haven’t been sleeping more than a few hours a night for the past four days is that you’ve been awake to text your boyfriend whenever he has a free minute. He’s off traveling in Europe for work so the time difference is pretty big considering you’re in LA. Normally this would mean you barely get to talk to him much, since you’re both so busy. However, every night this week, Shawn’s texted you at about three in the morning LA time because that is when he’s been free, and you’ve been able to respond because you’ve been awake. He, of course, questions why you’re awake in the middle of the night, but you’re unable to offer him much of an explanation because you’re never quite sure yourself, considering you’re so exhausted, but yet sleep won’t come.

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The Five Times You See Bucky Barnes Shirtless

Word Count: 3,408

Warnings: Slight smut.

A/N: Another re-post! :D 

The first time you see Bucky Barnes without his shirt, you almost drop the steaming mug of coffee you’re bringing into the lab. Tony has him sitting back on an examination chair and Bucky smiles at you before his face contorts in confusion. Your eyes are wide and you look like the literal personification of a deer in headlights.

“Hey, Y/N, are you okay?” he asks.

You nod, gulping thickly and adopting a nonchalant façade. You send him a smile. “Tony tinkering with your arm? Be careful with him, Barnes.”

He chuckles as Tony directs a glare at you before he looks down at your feet.

“Did you just drop half of your coffee on my pristine floors?” Tony asks, absolutely scandalized.

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