and no one was happy to say the least

Not gonna lie, I re-watch the Dirk driving scene from episode 1 at least once a day. It is easily my favourite scene. The way Dirk weaves through traffic, utterly at one with the flow of the universe. The K-Pop. How happy Dirk is to have made a friend. And Todd, whose life has literally been turned upside down, is just this big precious ball of anxiety. If I knew the first thing about giffing, I’d gif that scene. Ten thousand times over. I’m not saying someone should do this, but someone should definitely do this.

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Hello!! I just wanted to stop by and say how wonderful your art was during the Colorado Anime Fest! I'm such an awkward person, but I wanted to stop by and at least say hello to one of my favorite artists from the con! I'm not completely sure if it was you also who drew that amazing linework with crayon, but it was absolutely beautiful to see two amazing artists at work! Have a wonderful day!

I’m so happy that you stopped by our booth and that you like the art so much ;A;
And yus, I’m the person who does crayon commissions!! :DDD

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Supergirl is one of the best shows and Karamel is so OTP and I love the club soda fam but the hate is getting out of control and antis dont even use facts like ?!? Tho I have noticed how many new Karamel fans have appeared since I jointed the fandom and I am very proud and how much love they get from the writers and the cw i am so happy but it makes me wonder if the haters will ever stop or at least not be so delusional idk they still say karamel is abusive and after this ep im like bitchwhe

you’re me nonnie, also im proud of the growth of the fam😍

Honestly I feel like Jack’s 15 mil milestone was one of the most meaningful milestones yet.

Especially the part where he was talking about positivity and how people shouldn’t be expected to be happy 100% of the time because

a lot of youtubers say stuff like “You just need to go out there and be happy like I did” or “Just smile and treat everyone with respect even if they don’t agree with you” because…I can’t do that. A lot of people like me with depression can’t be expected to be able to be positive 100%, and I feel like Jack understands this and wants to at least make us feel happy while watching his videos, even if it’s for a short period of time. If someone comes up to me and calls me a faggot who should burn in hell (which happens a lot) I can’t just be expected to smile and say “Hey It’s ok you don’t agree with me!”, that just raises the stigma and causes more hate to people like me. I should be allowed to say “Hey fuck you, man.” and go about my day without being walked on, you know? It’s a two way street, I can’t be expected to respect and listen to people who would never respect or listen to me.

I know youtubers mean well when they say “Respect everyone and things will be fine” and “just be happy.” But Jack is the only youtuber I’ve found who gets that sometimes I won’t be able to do that. I need to take things one step at a time and do what’s comfortable for me.

Anyway, I’m rambling, to sum up, I love my boy.

@therealjacksepticeye Thanks for being so understanding.

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Omg when i saw that previous photo I thought the very same thing!!! They or at least him don't look very happy when they are separated like generally. Where is that Cole's big smile and shining eyes in every single one of the cast photos? Or should I say every single photo where he can stand beside Lili :)))))))

It’s science. Lili makes Cole happy.


Liv: Grandma? What’re you doing in here?

Robin: I came to see you. I know you’ve been sitting in here when you miss Jaxton. I wanted to make sure you’re alright.

It was always nice to know that she had family looking out for her. Liv thought of herself lucky to not only have a large family, but one that cared about her.

Liv: I’m okay, thanks for asking. What about you? How’re you taking it?

Robin: Well. I’m not bothered in the least - I shouldn’t say that. I mean, I’m happy for him. I do miss having him around, but I’m not feeling upset by it. Like other people.

Robin nudged Liv gently with her elbow.

So on the morning of Valentine’s Day, these two girls came up to meet me at the school entrance. One of them surprised me by saying, “I hope your ships become canon,” instead of the usual greetings, and it made my entire day. I thought it was a very beautiful thing.

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone, and hope your ships become canon. (If not, then at least in your hearts anyways)

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I actually liked the episode (and I was very prepared for the worst). But tell me why didn't you, please, I really respect your opinion!

Hi love :) Sorry it took me a bit to answer this…I read it last night, but I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

First off, I’m happy you liked it, I really am. At least some people should get some joy and entertainment out of it, but here’s some points why I just can’t…

  • It’s very sloppy writing. Things that happened earlier are being completely disregarded and explained away with like one line, if at all, e.g. the last scene of TLD (4x02) where Eurus/Euros (how the hell is it spelled? I’m gonna go with Eurus now) is revealed and she’s aiming her gun at John, saying she’ll “put a hole in it”, and it apparently was only a tranquilliser. Why? Why do all that? Have her pretend to be three different people, first flirt with John and apparently text with him, then pose as his therapist and go all dramatic on his ass…and then “Shot me during a session. Only with a tranquilliser.” is a throw away line in the next episode. That reeks of bad storytelling, like they wanted this big cliffhanger just for dramatic effect but then couldn’t be bothered to do anything with it. Same with the explosion at Baker Street - they are jumping out of a freaking exploding building, through the window! And then we get a cut and see them being fine on some boat.
  • Plotholes. John in the well: he was chained by his feet down there, which is why he couldn’t try to climb up himself, but then a rope is thrown down and the chains magically disappear? Sherlock’s ‘recurring’ dreams of water because of the well (those dreams have never been mentioned before btw, there was one line in TST (4x01) “You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?”): how can he make a connection to that well when he never knew it even existed? Sure, he suppressed the memory of Victor, but he had no clue what happened to him and that he was thrown down that damn well, so how does “Deep water, Sherlock, all your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters.” make sense?
  • Shit happening out of nowhere. The whole Eurus thing. They can’t expect me to be invested in something that came up during the last few minutes of the previous episode…that’s the first time the whole secret psychotic sister stuff came up. Sure, we got the line about “the other one” in HLV, but that was 3x03, three seasons into the show. And yet they claim it’s “the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to for the past six years”. That’s the final problem? Bear in mind that this might be the last episode of the whole show, and they’re telling me this was a story about Sherlock Holmes and his secret sister who apparently made him the way he is, even though none of that has ever come up prior to HLV. Even ‘Readbeard’ wasn’t mentioned before TSOT (3x02). But sure, “Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” Sorry, not buying it.
  • Same goes for Moriarty. He had a five minute conversation with Eurus, and she apparently brainwashed him because “It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us”. So everything Moriarty did to Sherlock and John was because of her, that’s it. It takes so much away from his story and his infatuation with Sherlock, and it doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense because all of S1 and TGG (1x03) took place BEFORE that “christmas day 5 years ago” when Moriarty and Eurus met. The christmas they met would be the one in S2 during ASIB (2x01)…timeline wise. Maybe I got this all wrong - if I did, someone please explain to me why he even was in that episode and why that five minute unsupervised conversation was put in there - but that’s how I understood it.
  • The episode as a finale for S4. None of the episodes really have a connection apart from Eurus being 294 different people in them. Without TFP explaining why everything prior to it felt so weird and out of context (and it did! even casual viewers picked up on that), the whole season seems messy and disjointed. I’m talking about TST (3x01) and Mary in particular here: her whole redemption arc was done in that one episode, and ofc they only have three per season, but there’s still a way to make that feel more organic. Because the way it was done I’m simply not buying it. She went from wanting to kill Magnussen and shooting (and actually killing) Sherlock and threatening him to shut up about it afterwards to being a lovely and nice wife and mother in the span of a few months? And she fully ‘redeemed’ herself by…sacrificing herself. (And let’s not even talk about how absolutely shitty Mary’s death was done and how it’s impossible for anyone to jump in front of a bullet like that. I’d forgive other shows for that, but not Sherlock, a show that only two episodes earlier explained how being shot actually works and that “it’s not like it is in the movies”.) It just doesn’t sit right with me. Neither does John actually forgiving her for lying to him on that big a scale and for SHOOTING SHERLOCK. I’m sorry, but if my partner shot my best friend, there’s no way in hell I’d just be like ‘okay, shit happens’…and this is John!, the guy who killed a man for Sherlock after one day of meeting him. After watching TST I still thought all of this was a plan, now, after having seen the whole season, I just think it’s bad writing and horrible execution.
  • The episode as a (possible) finale for the whole show. No, just no. Like I mentioned above, TFP and its plot doesn’t wrap up the show in a nice bow for me. It’s barely connected to the rest, and it’s certainly not the big final chapter of the story they have been telling before. I felt nothing. Season 4 as a whole feels ridiculously separate from everything else and not like the show I love, I can barely recognise it, which is probably mostly due to the fact that this used to be a story about John and Sherlock (not talking Johnlock here, though I will get to that), and this season didn’t really have that at its core. The heart of it were always the two of them - “the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures”-, but with these three episodes I can’t even remember them really talking to each other or having any interaction that shows the reality of their friendship/relationship/connection except for a hug and Sherlock saying John is family and, like, not wanting to shoot him.
  • Johnlock. What this show did was queerbaiting, plain and simple. I know there’s people who keep insisting it’s not because Moftiss once said they’re not telling a romantic story about John and Sherlock, but the show, its subtext AND text did, and that’s what I care about when I watch something. It was there, blatantly obvious even to someone like me who never used to pick up on those things prior to watching this show and who didn’t go into it expecting or looking for it. But I saw and noticed it before there were a million metas about it out there…and we didn’t just imagine it or make shit up. There’s a reason so many people believed in Johnlock, the show told us but didn’t follow through, and that’s queerbaiting. It’s a big fuck you to so many lgbt folks who truly believed they’d get actual, beautifully told representation - me included. It’s heartbreaking and so so cruel because they played us. It’s still there, in the show, and to me it will always be what John and Sherlock’s story is about, but it wasn’t made explicit. And that hurts, it really does.

So yeah. Even without taking non canon Johnlock into consideration I had a lot of problems with this ep and think it’s simply not good, the whole vibe of it didn’t feel right. There’s some other things I didn’t particularly like (what they did to Molly, the fact that Mary apparently knows John and Sherlock best, or that they summed it all up with a bullshit line like “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” - what kind of message is that?), but this is already super long by my standards, so I’ll leave it at that.
Here’s to hoping all of this makes sense; I started writing it right after waking up and my thoughts were still a bit of a mess and I also had to switch my brain to English. Maybe I’ll do a rewatch of the season and have some more to say about it then, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon because I really don’t feel like it. Which already says a lot because I’ve watched every other episode at least 12 times.

McHanzo Week - Day 7 - Holiday Season
This is as finished as this one is going to get since sai decided to crash and lose the original file, merry christmas to me~ I was happy I was able to finish all the prompts for this week at least before that.
Thanks to @mchanzo for organizing it, it was great seeing all the pieces people created, and Happy Holidays everyone~!

I just finished up a mock poster for Hamilton the Musical. So Hamilton has been my go to jam for the last few months so I wanted to do at least one cool piece. And by saying that there will be more on way. I’m not sure what else to say. But I am happy with it. Ahaha

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If BTS was a reality show Pt. 3

Jin: / in the confession booth/ So I’ve called some of the girls over for tea..since you know how us moms can be. I always enjoy spilling tea with my girls and also catching up with each other.

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Suho: /pours vodka into his tea/

Key: I see you’ve started drinking again

Suho: And I see you’re still fake af

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Jinyoung: Hey now..lets not fight..we’re here to relax and have a good time 

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N: Wow Jin you’re glowing whats got you all happy?

Jin: Oh me and joonies anniversary is this week and i’m just really excited thats all

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Suho:/ Triggered/ oh it must be least you still have a husband that’ll come home to you

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N :Oh honey /rubs his back/

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Suho: that bitch left me without saying goodbye

Key : /rolls his eyes/ every single time 

Jinyoung:/starts tearing up/

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Jin : oh whats wrong with you?

Jinyoung: one of my youngest…bambam…he dabbed for a whole year straight /bursts into tears/ that boy just won’t stop and its driving me crazy

Jin;/ hugs him as he cries/ my youngest won’t spend time with me 

Key: Honestly all of my kids are doing great…they’re either acting, modeling or singing /flips his hair/

Suho:/glares/ Well hoe your bank ain’t doing too good from what I’ve heard

Key: The way I spend my  money is my business  and only my business..the only thing you need to worry about is which one of your sons is going to leave you next

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Jin: Damn key you don’t have to bring it that far…not cool

Suho: No no Jin let the dog speak

Key: /chokes on his tea/ Dog? tf…did this bitch just call me a damn dog

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Suho: hell yes I just did the fuck you gonna do about it

Key: THATS IT /jumps over the table and tackles suho onto the floor fighting/

Jin: NOOOOO, NOT MY GOOD CHINA / gets up to check on his fine china/

Cameracrew:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Jhope :/watching from a distance smoking his weed/ Now that is what I call good tea

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N:/secretly shoving cookies into his bag/

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Jinyoung:/helping the crew break up the fight/

Jin:/In the confession booth/ And that was tea time…amazing wasn’t it…we plan on meeting next week for brunch

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Happy Birthday Leigh Daniel “Dan” Avidan! (March 14, 1979) → “Don’t make fame your goal. Make your goal doing what you do to the best of your ability, and that’s something no one can take away from you.” 

(MAGFest concert photo in the mid-right corner courtesy of @kawaiittrash)

“Dan is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life…if Dan says you’re cool, then you’re cool.” ~ Arin Hanson

“Danny is literally the worst person I know…one of the least talented and most selfish people I’ve ever met. I also think Danny is a total diva.”  ~ Brian Wecht

“Danny is a cute motherf*cker.” ~ Vernon Shaw

“He’s like 7 feet tall and a palm tree of hair.” ~ Barry Kramer

“I peer review Dan all the time. I look at him like ‘His thumbs look stupid’. I mean Dan looks like a big f*cking muppet, you know.” ~ Ross O’Donovan

“I would say Dan’s whole personality is badass positivity. He’s an awesome rock star, a hyperactive 8-year-old, and the world’s wisest oldest man, all living in the same brain.” ~ Phoenix Carver

Smooch the husband

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am with all the canon lgbta+ representation in podcasts? Almost every podcast I can think of has at least one lgbta+ person, and they’re main characters.
To all the podcast creaters: thank you. It means so much to me.

happy international break everybody! please remember to:

- wrap your players in bubble wrap at least 30 minutes before they take the pitch

- head to your nearest church/temple/synagogue/mosque/religious center and say a prayer that your teams’ players return unharmed and in one piece

- if you are a usmnt fan, go ahead and say another prayer (or five) 

- have fun!!

can you not do that to her? i watch her videos regardless if ian is in there or not and even though i found her through ian, saying that the ONLY reason, the ONLY way she could have possibly gained the female fan base she has right now is through dating ian is just a fucked up thing to say. she’s got a wonderful personality, she’s fucking gorgeous, she’s intelligent and she’s sweet and she’s funny. if you’re part of the cancer crew fandom, at least gave the decency not to go after one of the things that make our boys happy.

edit: this is also implying that girls who have the same kind of humor as idubbbz, maxmoefoe, filthy frank, etc. can never make content with said humor? as if girls /can’t/ have the same humor and make the same content????

So, I’m flying today, that’s…good.

Lots of protestors here at the airport; I wouldn’t say I’m happy to see them because I hate that this is necessary, but I’m happy that, since it is, they are there, chanting, with signs, cheering. And it certainly gets people talking.

Also I feel like the TSA, at least here, are reacting really well; they’re kinder than I usually expect (one agent offered to help my uke through the xray for me so it wouldn’t be bumped around coming out) and one of the agents said “I don’t mind them, they’re not protesting me.”

I think everyone is pretty much familiar with the Mr. Rogers quote about “look for the helpers” and I think it must have been ingrained in me young, that sensibility, because whenever terrible things have happened on a national level lately, I’ve noticed that on an individual level people tend to be more gentle with one another. I know that there are also people being horrific monsters to one another – I don’t see it as often in person because of who I am and where I live, but I read the news, I know it happens – and yet mostly what I’m aware of is that in the aftermath people are…tender, I suppose. They seem more aware of the humanity of others, less willing to injure that humanity out of impatience or their own personal unhappiness. Which gives me a great hope, even when I know there’s a fight before the hope can be fulfilled.

Anyway, I’m going home restored and full of good food, and I had a great time with my friends, so back to the fight we go.