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Eric Fanfiction Pt. 3

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Warnings: One guy beginning to be an ass…

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The first day of training was hard, I’ll give it that. But Erics constant presence was what got me the most. He was always there to correct me if my stance was wrong or I wasn’t using my whole body to punch the sandbag hanging in front of me.
“How many times do I have to tell you to use your whole body when you throw a punch?” Eric was standing behind me again, his hands placed on my hips and his chest pressed against my back.
“It’s the first day, I can’t do everything perfect.” I rolled my eyes while mumbling. Immediately his grip on my hips tightened and he pressed his body even closer. “What was that Initiate?” Hi breath fanned against my neck making me shiver. “You might want to repeat that, I think I didn’t quite catch that.”
“I will try better from now on, Sir.” I greeted my teeth. I hated him. Yes, that’s right. Hate him and everything’s going to be okay.

“(Y/N)!” Four came running to me after training, right when I wanted to leave the training hall.
“Yes Four?” I stopped in my tracks and turned to face my trainer. “Yesterday you left so quick, we had no chance to give you your card.” He handed me a small plastic card with my name and a photo on it. The photo was taken last year in school. The day before was the only day, my father didn’t beat me. Just in case someone would notice something.
“Thanks Four.” I pressed my lips together in an attempt to smile. I turned to leave, but Four put one of his hands on my right shoulder. “Can I talk to you? Later? Maybe at dinner.” Four had an uneasy look on his face, as if he had to tell me that my cat died. “Ahm, sure.” I nodded and turned around, this time finally able to leave and go to the dorms.

“Where were you, young lady?” Xavier waited in the dorms, sitting on his bed.
“Four stopped me from leaving. He asked me to talk with him at dinner.” I explained, reaching under my bed for new clothes. “I’m so jealous! That guy is seriously hot!” Xavier exclaimed, gaining my attention. “What? Don’t look at me like that. I mean, sure, Eric is hot too but he is a bit to buff.”
“Look at that. You learn new things every day, don’t you?” I had a smirk on my face as I eyed my friend. He just laughed and hit me with his towel. “Let’s take a shower before your dinner date with our hot leader!” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t hide the small smile on my lips.
Together we walked over to the open, unisex showers and took our clothes off.
I was washing my hair when I noticed someone entering the dorm.
“Not Eric! Not Eric!” I prayed to whatever was up there in a whisper.
“For a bookworm you’re quite sexy.” Tyler stood behind us and studied my body.
“Come on Tyler, stop being an asshole for once and just let us shower.” Xavier turned around, exposing his body to the other transfer from Candor.
“Sure, but I’ll join you two. Someone has to watch over you kids.” Tyler smirked at us and pulled his shirt of.
“You know what? I think I’m clean enough.” I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my body before making my way to my bed. Xavier followed me, and to my sorrow, Tyler too.
“Are you serious (Y/N)? You sure you are an Erudite and not a stiff?” He smirked again and grabbed my waist from behind. “Let go.” I gritted my teeth and tried to pry his hands off of me.
“Why? I quite like this.” He bend down and I could feel his breath against my ear. Enough was enough, I turned around and slapped him. Xavier looked at me as if I had slapped God.
“You little bitch!” Tyler recovered fast and tried to grab me.
“Initiates! Stop fighting!” I never thought I would be happy to see Eric, but I also didn’t want to fight in only a towel. “You’ll have enough chances in the ring. Now go.” Tyler growled, spat in my face and stormed out the dorms.
“Are you okay?” As soon as Tyler left the room, Eric walked over to me and too my chin between his thumb and index finger. His gaze still cold as ice studied my face and wiped Tylers spit away.
“Sure.” I nodded and turned around. I could hear Eric sighing behind me, but I didn’t bother turning around. Quietly, he too, left.

“We still have one hour till dinner.” Xavier and I were walking around without a destination.
“I think I’ll take a quick look in the training room.” Xavier shook his head. “Are you serious? We could go get a tattoo or something like this and you think about training?” In the distance, you could hear the rushing of water from the chasm.
Xavier tried to convince me to come with him but in the end, he went alone.

I walked through the halls till I found the training room. It was dark and almost completely abandoned. In the right corner, Four was punching a sandbag that hung from the ceiling.
I thought about leaving while he didn’t notice me, but maybe we could have this talk, he wanted to have at dinner, now instead.
“Care if I join you?” Four spun around, surprise written all over his face. As soon as he saw me though, his gaze softened and he nodded towards the sandbags. Taking his invitation, I moved to the sandbag next to his and began training.
“So…you wanted to talk about something?” After ten minutes without talking I just had to ask him.
“Yeah, you’re right. But maybe we should sit down for that.” He stopped punching and wiped the sweat from his forehead. I also stopped punching and sat down on the floor.
Before he began to talk, Four offered me a bottle of water which I gulped down in one go.
“Do you know Eric?” I started coughing on my water as he popped the question. “I mean, you’re both from Erudite, but he knew your name yesterday and today at training he only helped you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that he is nice to someone after all those years, but I can’t help but wonder about your relationship with him.” By the time he finished, I started to calm down again.
“I…do know him. We were both in Erudite before that, so, yes, I know him. But not all too well.” I had to lie. If I tell Four about my relationship with Eric I would also have to tell him about everything with my parents and my older sister. And I didn’t want that.
“Okay. Oh, and if he ever bothers you, you can come to me anytime.” Four stood up and smiled at me before he left.

Now I sat alone in the big training room, the only sound my breathing and the flickering of the lamp above me.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 8

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They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later…

Aaand new part for Chara Origins comic! Well, at last Chara actually makes it to the mountain…perhaps things will get better? Well, hopefully so…

Next part will be along whenever I finish it! Only 1-2 parts left, depends on how long they are.

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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20 years in the future
  • My daughter: Mom, I found this show called Voltron Legendary Defender on your Netflix account.
  • Me, in my Red Lion jacket, gently placing my Red Lion mug down on the table: *long, suffering sigh*
  • My daughter: Is everything okay?
  • Me, softly: So it has to be like this, huh...
  • My daughter: Mom? What is it?
  • Me: Katie, please go get your brothers Takashi and Keith and your sister Allura. There's something I have to tell you.

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🔥 Gravity Falls?

🔥 Not an unpopular opinion in the traditional sense, just one that I think goes unmentioned when talking about the technical aspects of the show.

Bill Cipher’s design is fucking brilliant and their animation team is really skilled to have handled him so well.

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They walk that line between “stiff and rigid 2-D figure” and “limp noodle character” perfectly and he’s so fluid and dynamic but you never get the sense that “a triangle wouldn’t move like this” and even though he’s stiff and sharp and 2-D you never get the sense that he’s flat

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Marichat Day 14: Aged-Up Chat Noir

“Marinette, stay behind me,” Chat Noir warned, keeping one arm thrown back behind him in her direction.

Older Chat leaned against the balcony railing, arms crossed and an amused expression on his face. “This really isn’t necessary. I’m literally you.”

Marinette peeked around Chat Noir’s back to study the older man. “Why are you here?”

“To see you, of course, Princess,” he winked. Chat Noir growled and the older man laughed, waving a hand. “Paon is learning how to use his powers of time travel. I’m the guinea pig. Don’t worry, my Lady will have me back in her arms  within an hour or so.”

“How do you know?” Marinette bypassed Chat Noir’s outstretched arm to his exasperated huff. 

Older Chat smiled at her. “Because it’s already happened for me.” He tilted his head in his younger version’s direction. “I remember it.”

Chat Noir furrowed his brow. “Why come here though? Why visit Marinette?”

“She knows why.” Older Chat gave her a knowing look. 

Marinette’s eyes widened and she blushed. Chat Noir looked at her incredulously. “What does that mean?!”

She put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, I think it’s okay. Do you mind if I talk to him alone?”

“What?!” he sputtered. “No. Absolutely not!”

“He’s you, kitty. There’s no one I trust more.” She cupped his cheek and smiled. “You can sit on my bed so you can still see us through the skylight.”

Chat Noir pushed out his bottom lip. “Fine, but I’m coming back up in five minutes no matter what.” He glared at his future self before dropping down through the skylight.

“I forgot how stubborn I could be,” Older Chat remarked, giving himself a finger wave.

“You know who I am,” Marinette said softly, stepping closer to him.

“You’re my Lady,” he whispered back. “I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to see you like this again.”

“Like this?”


“I don’t understand,” she confessed.

“I wouldn’t expect you to. Just know it does me good to see you like this…to see you with him.”

“Do I tell you…him…” she shook her head. “Am I the one who tells Chat who I am first?”

Older Chat pursed his lips. “I really shouldn’t say anything. You warned me not mess anything up when I came back…”

“Can’t you give me one itty bitty hint, kitty?” she begged with a pleading smile.

Older Chat put a hand to his heart. “Low blow, my Lady. You know I can’t say no to you.”

“My Lady? D-did you just call her…” Marinette spun to see Chat Noir’s head poking out of the skylight. “Marinette?”

Marinette looked at Older Chat in terror. He winked. “You bast–”

A glowing blue light erupted from behind Older Chat, cutting off Marinette. “Come on, love. It’s time to come back home,” a familar voice said as a slender arm reached through the blue light. 

Older Chat kissed the hand reaching for him and turned back to the young pair. “See you in a few years, my Lady,” he said with a grin to Marinette. “Enjoy tonight, Adrien,” he finished with a wink before disappearing into the blue light.

Marinette spun on Chat Noir. “Adrien?!” 

I’m a horrible person to fall in love with because I’ll introduce you to all these things I know you’ll love. And I’ll make you feel like a part of my family. And I’ll randomly send you candid pictures I took of you cuddling with my dog. And I’ll make sure you associate everything that makes you happy with me. And then one day, without much warning, but because I have to, I’ll leave.

↳ DAY 4: Lucifer

You people misunderstand me. You call me “Satan” and “Devil” but…do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that he betrayed me – punished me. Just as he’s punished you. After all, how could God stand ideally by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, Nick – either, he’s sadistic…or he simply doesn’t care.

Stabby starters
  1. “No. You buried your knife in my stomach, which means it’s mine now.”
  2. “I really didn’t want to have to hurt you.”
  3. “Next time I won’t miss on purpose, so choose your words carefully.”
  4. “Did I not warn you to never cross me again?”
  5. “You’re the one with a blade at my throat, so obviously you’re upset.”
  6. “I get that you’re angry, but is it really necessary to bring weapons into this?”
  7. “That could have killed me!”
  8. “If I wanted you dead, this room would be a lot quieter.”
  9. “I’m not trying to kill you, I just wanted to get your attention.”
  10. “It’s kinda hard to concentrate when you can slice open my stomach at any second.”
  11. “Please don’t stab me with that thing; I’ll get tetanus if I survive!”
  12. “I’ll drop the weapon if you drop the phone.”
  13. “Is-is that a real sword? Do you even know how to use it?”
  14. “If I get nervous I start stabbing things, so no sudden movements, please.”
  15. “Yes, I know how to use this, so I’d be a lot more polite if I were you.”
  16. “So this is why you’re not allowed near sharp pointy objects.”
  17. “I’m supposed to be afraid of a bread knife? It’s not even that sharp!”
  18. “You have about a minute to convince me not to bury this in your heart.”
  19. “I’m the one with the knife, which means I’m the one who gets to ask the questions.”
  20. “That’s not a toy, put it down!”