and no one wants to see their best friend like that

Mr and Mrs Skarsgard - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Mr and Mrs Skarsgard

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: Slight angst

Summary: Imagine your best friend, and love of your life, Bill is getting married to another woman and asks for your help in the preparations of the wedding, which ends up with you being the bridesmaid too. You have plans for once the wedding day is over, but what Bill confesses to you changes everything. (Happy Ending)

When imagining planning and going to your best friend’s wedding you always thought you’d be smiling as bright as you could while watching them about to start their life with their significant other. Hearing them exchange vows would make you tear up because of pure happiness and when it came to you making a small speech for them or simply proposing and congratulating them you’d be able to share their own bliss. You’d feel a small pang at having to say a small goodbye but you knew it wouldn’t be the end so it would all be more sweet than bitter. But then again you had never imagined that said best friend would be the love of your life, had you?

And so this day, which you had imagined sometimes, was completely different for you.

You had seen it coming, you had practically seen him fall in love with her and you had tried to keep the smile on your face mostly for him. You had endured it plenty of times before, with both the serious and non-serious relationships of his. You were the best friend, the wing-woman, it was bound to happen, much like you falling in love with Bill, but you had never thought it would turn out to be so hard for you. Just like your feelings for him. He always said you were the most important woman of all to him, the one he would never abandon and you were partially glad about it because he not once had made you feel replaced. But the thing was that your heart no longer ached to be just a friend to him, and watching him feel things for other women that he didn’t for you was a nightmare coming true.

To say it felt like a ton of bricks had been dumped on you would be a huge understatement when Bill, said best friend and love of your life, had not only said he proposed to his girlfriend but she had also said yes. Of course she had, you would have as well in her place, but for a completely different reason. You knew Bill in ways she didn’t and you loved him for more reasons that weren’t this obvious and were more true, but she once more obviously had no idea about. You loved him for him, all of him. And that was the only reason why you made yourself endure this as well, it wasn’t as if you could change it. He was happy, you couldn’t take that away from him when that’s what you always wished for him.

“Everything looks so great, (Y/n), my brother is so lucky to have you in his life.” Alexander breathed out as he took a look around him “He’s be so lost without you.”

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Eight Months (part II).

You had been with Harry for two years when things started to go wrong. Like all normal couples, you had petty arguments and they usually ended with the both of you apologising profusely to each other and buying each other small gifts for forgiveness, but that was it. It never went any further than that, until the night you broke up.

You knew things had been wrong for a while, even though it hurt to admit it. Although you accepted Harry’s career, it was hard to be apart for months at a time. You both struggled to fit time around each other because of work and studying commitments, but you could both decided that you could and would handle anything life threw at you. Skype and FaceTime were your life savers and you used them whenever and wherever you could.

But in time, Harry became distant. He forgot little details about you; he forgot the smell of your perfume, he forgot about the little strands of hair that you could never tie back properly, and it was like he forgot how much he loved you. He soon started to forget about events that were taking place. Whilst you knew and understood that he couldn’t attend such events including your swimming gala and dancing competition because of the tour, he never bothered asking how they went. Instead, conversations that were once filled with passion and love, both interested and eager to learn about each other’s days, soon turned into silence down the phone, the occasional murmur here and there, before hanging up.


The clock ticked and the kitchen tap dripped and the rain pattered against the window. The tears rolling down your cheeks however, were silent, and the only noise your body could muster up was the occasional snuffle.

To say you were upset was an understatement. It was your birthday, and whilst it had never bothered you before dating Harry, you were now absolutely gutted that it coincided with London Fashion Week. Celebrities from all around the world had flown in and much to your dismay, that included Kendall, who attended with Harry.

When you had awoke that same morning, you thought maybe Harry was playing a trick on you, and that he was only pretending to have forgotten your birthday and would soon surprised you, but nothing. You had searched the apartment from top to bottom but to no avail, you found no hidden presents or anything that indicated a surprise for you. If you were honest, you didn’t really care for gifts or surprises; to spend the day with Harry was enough for you. But here you were, sat alone in the kitchen, whilst he was being paid to spend his precious time with another woman.


“It was a bit of a dick move, mate” Louis tells his best friend.

Harry sighs and shakes his head. “You think I don’t know that?!” he exclaims as he leaves the shop with the flowers he had placed on order as soon as he realised he’d fucked up. “These are alright, yeah? They’re all her favourites combined” he adds, gesturing to the beautiful bunch.

“H, I think it’s going to take more than a bunch of roses and lilies and whatever else is in there to make it up to her this time. She doesn’t expect a lot from you, you know that. She’s the least high maintenance chick I know. Hell, even Eleanor expects more from me than what (Y/N) does from you! I take El away for her birthday every year, we always do something nice. I wouldn’t dream of spending it with another woman” Louis tells his friend firmly.

“Fuck off!” Harry spits. “Management are the ones paying me, not you!”

“Whatever mate, but it’s your funeral. Didn’t you spend an evening with Cara a few weeks ago, when it was supposed to be a date night for you and (Y/N)? If you’re not careful, you’re going to lose her. Someone else will come along and treat her the way that you should be doing it now. Is that really what you want?” he asks.


“I don’t know how many more times I can apologise, baby” Harry begins, but you quickly hold up your hand in protest to stop him.

“Don’t!” you warn firmly.

Harry throws the flowers down on the table after your refusal to accept them. He shrugs his shoulders at your harsh tone. “What do you mean, ‘don’t’” he asks, quoting you.

You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Baby? You really think that by calling me pet names that I’m going to run into your arms and forgive you for forgetting my birthday, and worse, spending it with Kendall, of all people! How many other girls are you calling ‘baby?’”

“Oh don’t be so ridiculous, (Y/N)! I’m in a relationship with you, not anyone else!” Harry exclaims. “I’ve apologised, what more do you want me to do? Get on my knees and beg for your forgiveness?”

“There’s more than just us two in this relationship, Harry, and you know it. Me, you, management, Cara, Kendall. And that’s just to name a few! You’ve let me down so much the past couple of months. Do you even love me anymore?” you ask, dreading the answer as you softly chew your lip.

Harry scoffs. “Of course I fucking love you! I wouldn’t be standing here having this argument with you if I didn’t.” He closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. “I don’t know what you want me to do or say, (Y/N).”

“It’s never going to change, Harry! Things will always be the same! You ‘forgot’ my birthday and you spent the day with Kendall. You ‘forgot’ our date night and you spent the evening with Cara. I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“You’re joking, right? That was a joke? You seriously think I want to spend any spare time I have with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this, if I don’t, I can kiss goodbye to my pay cheque! Half the things I do in this job is for you! How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses and shoes?! Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his words. He knew your financial situation at home and that your parent’s worked so bloody hard to provide for you, but it just wasn’t enough. Your future career depended on your qualifications, and those qualifications could only be acquired in higher education in which Harry had offered to pay for, before he knew anything about the money side of things.

“Really, Harry? That’s how you feel? You think I’m with you for the money? I don’t give a damn about the shoes or bags and purses or latest fashion trends. I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re Harry Styles from One Direction!” you spit back, your words truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me? Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two years we’ve been together and you really think that of me? When you guys broke up as a band, and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip. “Look, it’s not even just this causing arguments. They’ve been going on for a while and maybe having Kendall and Cara as friends is something you can’t handle. But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You’re making it sound like I don’t want you having friends, which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too. Maybe if we arrange some sort of schedule and arrange dates in advance to see each other?” you suggest.

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, (Y/N).”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question. “Are you breaking up with me?”

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.


The first few months after the break up had been tough to say the least. You continued to work and study for the first couple, managing to get by. Once you finished work, you would go home and tuck yourself into bed and shut yourself away from the rest of the world. You neither needed or wanted any social interaction with anyone. You only wanted your own company, reminiscing over the fun times with Harry, overthinking each night what could have been done differently so as you wouldn’t be in this situation. Unfortunately, you could never answer that question. Nothing could have been done differently. You would have always ended up here.

A few months passed and life was getting a little easier, but the beauty of social media portrayed it to be a lot better than what it actually was. You were able to deceive your followers and the public that your life was good again because you were taking selfies at nightclubs and you were going out and having more fun. But you were still going back home to an empty bed with only a teddy bear to hold at night, whilst thoughts of Harry plagued your mind.

Within four months, you met someone new; Tom. You both met through mutual friends and instantly clicked. Whilst there was no original intention there, you quickly became friends. You took a few selfies, posting them onto social media sites, happier with your life. Tom was lovely; he was a young, handsome man, studying Law at the same university as you. He had ambition, as well as being fun, kind and caring, and within five months of the messy break up with Harry, you were officially dating Tom. Coffee dates, pumpkin picking, country walks, the typical couple dates that you would go on together, sharing your memories online.

You had plastered pictures of the two of you together all over social media by six months, but you weren’t portraying your life to be something it wasn’t. You were happy, genuinely happy, and whilst you weren’t in love with Tom, you loved him and could see yourself learning to be in love with him. The more time you spent with him, the more you learned about him, and the more you wanted to know him.

By the seventh month, things had changed. Tom had changed, and not for the better. You spent most of your time at his university flat with him, yet he still accused you of sneaking around behind his back, cheating on him. You would never cheat on anybody, it was against your principles and besides, you didn’t have the time to see anyone else between dating Tom, and going to work and studying. Small comments soon followed the accusations; he’d tell you that you needed to diet and join a gym, that you weren’t pretty enough or smart enough or good enough and that he could do better. Then he’d apologise and take you on a date and spoil you rotten. He would buy you flowers and gifts. “Please forgive me” he’d say. “I love you.” The next change was a push and shove here and there, moving you out of his way when he was angry. One night, he pushed you into a glass door. Your eyebrow split and you needed stitches. He vowed never to touch you like that again.

He lied.

Eight months into your relationship and Tom was putting his hands on you almost every night. No alcohol was involved, just his temper. Nothing warranted it, violence can never be condoned. Dinner wasn’t ready he got home? A slap across the face. His flat wasn’t tidy? A punch in the stomach. You went out with a friend? A black eye.

By this point, it was very difficult to maintain the lovely selfies you used to take. If you posted anything, it would be a cover up of how dreadful and controlled your life had become. You weren’t sure you could muster up the strength to even pretend that life was good anymore. Any bruises photographed would raise concerns and there would be unwanted comments posted on social media for the whole world to see, and you neither needed or wanted that. The less attention you drew to the situation, the better.

But tonight, nearing the end of eight months since breaking up with Harry, Tom had gone one step too far. The physical abuse was dreadful enough to experience and nothing condoned his disgusting behaviour, ever. Once your horrific ordeal was over, you ran. You refused to succumb to the darkness that had surrounded your limp body only moments ago. You ran as fast as your legs could carry you. You needed to get to a safe place. Somewhere close enough to get to, but safe all the same.


He was all that was on your mind. How could he see you like this? Would he even be at home?  What if he was with another girl? Would he let you stay the night until things were sorted? Would he judge you? Would he pity you?

Oh, Harry.

You needed him. You weren’t sure that you could ever bring yourself to trust any other man in the world again, but Harry, you trust him with your life. He’s the only man you could ever trust, and your heart shattered into millions of pieces because the one man you really can trust, was also the same man who broke your heart eight months ago.

You pant hard, your heart threatening to pound out of your chest, but the adrenaline pumps around your body harder when you see the apartment alight. So close, so fucking close. As soon as you reach the door, there’s no hesitation in knocking hard and repeatedly. When there is nothing, you bang harder, your fists pounding at the door as tears stream down your face.

“Alright, I’m coming!” you hear his voice yell from inside the building and you know he’s getting closer to the door and your heart pounds harder and faster than ever before. He sounds angry, probably because it’s late and he’s probably working tomorrow but you need a safe space and right now, he’s the only person who can provide that for you.

It seems to take a lifetime, but the door is swung open and Harry’s demeanour changes within an instant. He goes from seemingly pissed off to looking like he’s about to vomit at the sight in front of him, with anger and pity and fear and worry evident in his eyes, emotions taking over his body.

“(Y/N)” he gasps out, catching your petite frame as you collapse into him. Wrapping his arms around you and embracing you tightly, he takes in your features, swallowing the lump formed in his throat. He know’s what’s happened to you and you know that he knows, and he knows that you know he knows, but for one split second as he holds you, no dialogue is needed.

Why Do You Build Me Up?

Summary: Tom has, unknowingly, been stringing Y/N along. Making her feel like there could be a chance between them.

AN: this is based on build me up buttercup by the foundations i suggest listening to this song because the plot of this fic is based on this song and also because it’s amazing

Tom Holland x Reader

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Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“You’re here? As in you’re home?”

“I am. Just for a couple of weeks before I’m off to shoot another movie.” Tom’s smooth voice rang in my ear.

“Oh, um, wow. That’s great! I-I’ve missed you.” Tom and I have been close friends for years. I can’t deny that, in those years, I started to develop feelings for him. He and I would flirt sometimes but nothing ever really came from it. No matter how much I wished there would.

“I missed you too, Y/N.” I blushed. “How about this? I’ll come over tonight. Just you, me and a movie. Sounds good?”

“That sounds amazing.” I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling so widely.

“Great. I’ll be over at 10.”

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Venus signs as men I’ve met. 👨🏻‍🍳

Venus in Aries: pretty calm! Extremely self aware and confident in themselves and their actions-very honest and upfront and pretty direct with what they do not a lot of beat around the bush-that being said they’re complex and not very easy to read on an emotional level. They have nice hair! And they can have piercing eyes.

Venus in Taurus: slow moving and very smooth. They no what to say and aren’t big on talking for the sake of it. They’re fairly curious and love intimacy be it with friends or lovers! They like that aspect of closeness. They’re not confrontational and like to avoid overly emotional situations in the beginning but once things get serious they’re very compassionate and sweet. Usually have nice lips and soft necks. Ohhhh and they tend to be slow about flirting as well and can be evasive in the beginning because they need time to process things.

Venus in Gemini: talkative and very media influenced. They’re usually kind of recluse and have very high octave dialogue and minds to match-they’re charming and captivating but out of reach somehow-they’re actions don’t ever match up and what’s even more they’re very perplexing emotionally! They run hot and cold and at times the cold phase last the longest-punk rock and kind of indie with a whole lot of twist. They have like nice arms like seriously

Venus in cancer: athletic or homebodies no inbetween, tend to be very easy going and quiet not super into loud or conceded types and they’re also a bit conservative but they’re usually not aware of this. They can be traditional but they also have a very independent vibe about themselves that clashes with the nurturing nature in them. They don’t like forced commitment and steer clear of relationships unless someone’s really winning them over! They love simplistic things and warm smiles and hugs and some of the sweetest guys you’ll meet! I usually notice their muscles or stomach region

Venus in Leo: COCKYYY and I mean this in a good way but boy oh boy they honestly like showing off :) they feel like they’re in a horse race with everyone and love to make sure everyone knows about them. They’re pretty lighthearted and innocent and actually have huge hearts. They tend to dive all into their relationships and get taken advantage of a lot because of this. They’re very old school romantic and will usually be kinda mean and extra when they like you! They don’t usually dress flashy but they do have expensive taste. A lot of them groom and are big on their body features. So don’t be surprised if he mentions his “member” a lot. I usually notice their backs or hair

Venus in Virgo: sweet! Passive aggressive though. They aren’t the types to be loud or in your face and actually like to be lowky-like underground type of lowky. They’re very soft spoken and tend to be sort of on the brainy side when I comes to their interactions! They value connections and good conversation. They are also very sensual and love hugs and being touched so if your interested in one-don’t be scared to touch him from time to time and they’re very committed guys and once they know you’re interested they tend to drop everyone else if they take you seriously enough. They have routines and hate hate hate having that interrupted! They usually just put people in little categories and boxes to make there life more organized. Very clean!!! And often dress nice when there around someone they love but if not they dress casual. They have cute little bellies though!

Venus in libra: SMILES. Wow they really have beautiful smiles and they have a easy beauty about them! They’re not super emotional when it comes down to interactions and I’ve noticed that they hare people that come on to strong or to interested and may even show this on their face despite their smiles. They like hanging out with friends and love peaceful things like bowling and even just going out to eat. They usually like to “hang out” with someone before they go and do anything beyond that. They’re pretty feminine in nature and intune with their more sensitive side. They can be indecisive and evasive when things are overwhelming them. They dress like a mix of casual and fitting clothing to dressy and classy. Oh they have nice buns 🙄

Venus in Scorpio: okay despite all those archetypes they’re super super super cuddly and huge ass babies(excuse my language) they act mean on the in set and have an intense demeanor but usually this is during the early stages of knowing them! Once you get to know them and they trust you they’re so childlike and bubbly-they’re intimating aura is still there but it’s redirected. They can be really insecure and do things out of spite when they’re hurt-they love really hard and though they don’t like to admit they’re deeply afraid of being rejected no matter how many times you say you love them. Just hug them a lot and smile at them-and give in sometimes when they’re having an episode. They’re like watery Aries venus in my eyes and have humongous hearts. I say they dress maninly in sweats and casual wear. They love black and red and are fairly ambitious and well off. They have watery eyes or really black or defined eyes. There crotch region can seem mysterious and hard to define.

Venus in Sagittarius: aloof-ALOOF-ALOOOOOFFF. They’re very cool in temperature and don’t usually express very many sides of there emotions unless they feel a need to. They have fast moving feelings which is why I think they come across this way. They either tend to be intense or calm and they are very free spirits no matter what. They love to explore and always see the big picture. They want love based on desire and crave something that challenges them but they are often okay with the single life. They can be soooo captivating and have a very earthy and wild look about them. They look amazing in beards and have wide hips! The best example I could do for this is Chris Pratt. He’s not a sag venus but the way his frame is kinda similar to sag venus men I’ve seen.

Venus in Capricorn: there weight fluctuates a lot from what I’ve seen and they tend to lean towards to the bearded look-at some point in their lives. They have very warm and cozy personalities and are way way wayyyy more open and easy going then cap moon or sun. They tend to take relationships with others very seriously be it their family/friends/kids/lover they see it as a duty and something that demands maturity. They dress kind of punk rock ish and a mix of business and well put together. They aren’t ones to play coy and have blunt personalities. They hate ignorance and don’t like people that don’t have self control and in fact that’s the quickest way to set them off. They can be ass holes sometimes(excuse my language) and have a dry humor. They are super sensitive underneath and unlike their sister sign they don’t freak out at the idea of a relationship so long as both people involved know what their in for.

Venus in Aquarius: interesting fellas! They are super deep and honestly you may never really get to know them because their inner self is changing around all the time. They can be a bit melancholy and sway between bouts of depression and bouts of over enthusiasm. From what I can see they are very happy people and honestly love meeting new people! They are also always doing something odd and have cool hobbies! A lot of the ones I’ve known love photography and music and blogging! They dress sort of trendy and grungy!. They are super humble and modest and don’t really like spotlight that much. As far as dating goes? UHM aha they’re so quirky and odd and love so hard and you’ll never know because they put up a detached front but similarly to aqua moons they are super dedicated and love love love their partners! They just suck at showing it.

Venus in Pisces: elusive and very turbulent. They can be very mysterious-more than Scorpio Venus from what I’ve seen and they have this affect that lures you into them like that fish net that caught dory and Nemo. They have very captivating body movements and can seem like they’re not really there sometimes. I call them the past life boys only because it can seem like they’re acting out patterns that have already taken place at times like they’re a walking deja vu. They can be disarming and have a very charming yet frightening disposition that leaves you vulnerable and confused. Romantically they don’t make sense and can send a plethora of signals that you may not be able to understand. They love with their soul and it can be a deep and overwhelming thing if you’re not ready. They tend to be quite and extremely humble. I can’t say they dress any specific way.

Now there’s a bunch of things to consider like aspects and house placements but this is just in my personal experience of men with these venus signs alone.

found a lot of love in this town

i,,,i don’t even know what to say here i wrote this thing on a plane and it’s incoherent fluff to the nth degree. i think i gotta blame @sergeant-santiago for this for screaming about peraltiago babies to me for like,,,all week now (title from city of angels, by the head and the heart)

Amy Santiago mutters a curse to herself. She’s in the back room of a wedding hall, swallowing down nausea and standing through dizziness, thinking to herself that the dark circles under her eyes most certainly don’t match her gorgeous powder-blue dress (she’s trusting that Gina will be able to fix it later, and that Gina will chalk up the circles to a perfectly usual lack of sleep). Her pantsuit had fit just fine this morning – maybe a little tight, but still zipping normally. Of course this dress, which had fit last month at the fitting, would be too small already.

Although, in fairness, a lot had changed in the last month, she reminds herself, a hand ghosting over her belly.

Rosa, leaned against a wall a few feet from Amy, looks up from the straps on her sandals at the muttered shit, and Amy regrets the noise immediately. It’ll probably zip with a little effort, after all. Or at least, she thinks with another tug at the zipper, her other hand stretched behind her to hold the dress closed, it had better zip. She can’t show up to her captain’s vow renewal in a work pantsuit (it would have to be a formal one, at least).

She knows rationally that Captain Holt couldn’t care less what she wears to his vow renewal, that he and Kevin would be proud to have her participate no matter what she was wearing, and that there are a million excuses in the world – other than the truth, which she can’t share quite yet – for why the dress didn’t work. But still, her breath is starting to quicken, and for some godforsaken reason tears are springing into her eyes because she’s only eight weeks in and has already lost control. Her body has always done exactly what she wanted it to, and she and Jake had talked about this eventuality six months ago when they first had this conversation. But now it’s real. There are thirty-two more weeks, and then the rest of her life, where she’ll never have full control again, but she thought she had time. She wasn’t ready for it to go to pieces today.

She’s growing a bit frantic, wishes she could go find Jake, likely standing with Charles and Terry in their suits in the reception hall, to hold her tight and whisper stories about cribs and stuffed elephants and toddler-sized Hogwarts robes and the sweet smell of baby shampoo like he did last time she panicked, staring at a positive pregnancy test and feeling this huge life change turn from hypothetical to tangible.

But then, she feels Rosa’s hands on hers, pushing them out of the way so that her friend can try the zipper from a better angle. She feels two gentle tugs. And then Rosa’s hands drop away, her clicking heels carrying her to Amy’s front, where she stops, arms crossed.

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If you survive First Impressions, you’re good to go.

Peter first met his daddy’s new friend when he accidentally crashed his motorbike into a wall.

In all fairness, a little bit of that might have been his fault. He’d been running down the road to try and chase after the important papers he and his daddy had been working on together, and might not have been looking exactly where he’d been going as he neared the corner of the street. It was a quiet road, though! There weren’t usually bikes or cars or anything! 

The first thing Peter thought when he saw the bike veering around the bend and straight toward Peter was ‘my daddy’s going to kill me if he finds out I didn’t follow all his rules about being safe on the roads’. The second, of course, was ‘this isn’t going to go well for me’ and then, finally, the third; ‘hm- I didn’t know bikes could turn that quickly.’

He watched, mildly curious, as there was a muffled yell through the helmet and then a sudden, loud scratching noise as the person slammed on the brakes and spun the bike around. Peter was close enough to get a few bits of gravel in his face, and he winced, shutting his eyes against the sharp bits of rock that flew off the road. He heard the bike continue to rev wildly, before there was an ominous crunching noise and the sound of tyres skidding over concrete.

Whoops. His daddy really was going to kill him.

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“His Wedding” Part 5

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3423

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open! also this part is a lil’ cheesy, but who doesn’t like that

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

gif (is not mine) has nothing to do with this part 

A week had passed away since my meeting with Bucky and Lilly in that Japanese restaurant. A lot happened in these days. Lilly and I were constantly tied up, we were texting, talking and meeting more than I did any of those activities with Nat or Wanda or even my mother. Natasha lives with me, so she is an exception, but the other two ladies in my life were surely disappointed. Although I kept texting them here and there.

Coming back to my week, it was not just Lilly I spent all my time with. Bucky often dropped by my office, more than ever. He said he wanted to be involved in the wedding as much as Lilly is (I was just considering myself lucky since I got to see him).

Apart from that, surprisingly Steve was also determined to help me in every possible way. We’d get lunch or dinner together. He’d share funny stories with me or just listen to me ramble about anything and everything. He’d constantly check up on me, even if it was just a quick text asking me how my day is going. Or something along the lines that made me feel like what I’m doing is not going to be half as bad of an experience. Natasha and Wanda were showing support in their own way, they liked making fun of Lilly. Sometimes it would get out of hand, other times it would also make me laugh. But Steve was here for me, asking what makes me feel better, what I like and what I want to do. He didn’t talk about how the wedding planning is going. After a long day I just want to forget about all of it.

Steve helped me do exactly that.

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REQUEST: drunk college!seb (or bucky) confessing his love for you at the doorstep of your dorm in the middle of the night. he ends up staying the night with you.

word count: 1,239

It was two thirty seven in the morning. You’d been asleep for a few hours now after a long study session. You had a test in a few days and always felt better when leading to the test you had a lot of rest. Your brain needed to recharge after a stressful few days.

You considered yourself a somewhat okay sleeper. You didn’t wake up at the sound of just anything. But that night, you did wake up to a rather unusual sound.


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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 3)

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Summary: The reader and Jared attempt to resolve their issues when a new one pops up…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: Everyone is going to be perfectly happy, right?…

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hubby - tom h.

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author’s note: wow okay I’ve never written for tom holland before but here goes nothing??? I hope you don’t hate this but on the off chance you do, pls hate silently (read more bar is added because I wrote out what come to mind for Tom’s proposal and it made everything look so much longer lmao) 


  • Okay but like
  • Can we all just take a minute to imagine what marrying Thomas Stanley Holland would be like
  • Just getting engaged to that boy would be magical
    • He’d have this whole big thing planned
      • Literally every member of the Holland family plus Harrison would be involved in putting things together because if we’re being honest they all loved you just as much as Tom did

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Can I just point out a theory that maybe Chloe doesn’t actually have feelings for Adrien?

Maybe she cares about him because he’s the only one she really has?

I mean we know that they’re childhood friends and DESPITE her behaviour, Adrien never abandons her. But it’s also extremely obvious that Chloe is really insecure and vulnerable.

If you think about it, Chloe has no one to rely on. Her dad loves her, he’d give her pretty much anything that’ll please her and more. But have you noticed they’ve had next to no emotional connection? It’s all materialistic? Not like you see with Marinette and her Dad, who show a really strong and healthy bond with each other. Chloe’s dad, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the kind of relationship that Chloe needs. Plus her mother seems to be ??? Gone ??? There’s obviously an unhealthy friendship between Chloe and Sabrina, so they’d never talk about anything with any depth. (Side Note: however, I do believe Chloe genuinely cares for Sabrina). I’m sure Chloe knows that no one really likes her, they just tolerate her (as you do in high school)

The only one who has literally stuck with her and always cared about her for as long as she can remember, is Adrienne. So, of course, she’d love him and want to be his world. He’s her world, she has no one else to love. And of course, she probably dreamed of being with him since they were kids. But it’s not hard to believe that Chloe’s confused platonic love with a sort-of romantic love. It’s normal as a teenager to do that. Especially the lack of genuine love Chloe has seemed to experience.

Maybe Chloe doesn’t want to be with Adrien, she just wants him to stay with her. She doesn’t want to lose her best friend and that’s why she’s so possessive about him (which is why I say sort-of romantic). She’s not trying to show off because she’s trying to prove herself- she’s doing it because she’s scared of losing her best friend. Her feelings aren’t romantic, they’re platonic.

Chloe & Adrien won’t ever happen, but they will always stay together.

After all, he’s the only one that can understand having an absent mother and a father with an important role, as well as Chloe herself.

Whatever It Takes: Chapter 2

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Azriel stood just a few feet away from boards waiting, watching.

He watched everything. He kept his eyes on the players around him, skating up and down the ice at top speed. He kept his eyes on the puck, watching as it was passed from player to player.

He watched everything, taking it all in. No one paid much attention to him. They were all too concerned about the puck and trying to get it in the net.

But that’s how it always was.

They called him the Shadowsinger - no one ever knew where he was or when he was going to show up. Even if they knew to keep a look out for him, if someone looked away for just a moment, he was there, sneaking up behind them. His blades seemed to not even make a sound, as if he appeared out of the shadows themselves.

Azriel hadn’t been too sure about the nickname at first. But after a while, he’d grown accustomed to it. He played off of it. He took the name and made it a part of him.

So he stood back. He let the other players do what they needed to do. They passed the punk between them, slapping it across the icy surface. They took shots on the net only to have the goalie deflect them. There was yelling - from between the players and the coach - mixed in with the sound of blades plowing up snow.

Throughout the chaos, Azriel simply stood in the shadows. Waiting. Watching.

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Words: 2k398

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ⚤ - s m u t  |  ☁ - f l u f f

Description: He was your best friend, but life wanted you two to be more than that.

Warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, oral sex, fingerling, curse words, dom!jungkook and sub!reader.

A/N: Well… it has been a long time since the last smut I wrote, so I really hope you enjoy it.

M A S T E R L I S T   |   A S K

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Headcanon: Peter x Tony Stark!Daughter

Here’s my first headcanon/writing on this site at all. I used to write for fandoms a long time ago, and I missed it so I’m back now because Thomas Stanley Holland has me whipped. Also sidenote this is long as shit, I kind of got carried away but I love the idea of Y/N Stark and Peter sooo yeah. Let me know your thoughts on this love it, hate it, whatever. Also if you want part two? Thanks for reading.

Warnings: language because I curse like a sailor (even though it’s not that bad in this imagine)

Word Count: 1516

  • You just convinced your father to let you transfer from your all-girls private school to Midtown High.
    • He wasn’t thrilled about the change but he couldn’t say no to you.
    • Also, he knew Peter would look after you and make sure you were doing alright so he reluctantly agree
  • Your first day you’d show up a little late, making all the students in your homeroom gawk.
    • I mean you were a fucking Stark, come on that’s impressive.
    • Also, you were drop dead gorgeous. Curse your beautiful Stark genes.
    • Your wardrobe would be off the charts. Shopping was a sport to you and you knew how to make yourself look good.
  • While the staring made you uncomfortable, you’d never let that show. You confidently strutted in your black heels, to a seat in the front row and holding your head high.
  • “Y/N Stark.”
  • “Present,” You’d say raising your hand to show your perfectly black manicured nails.
  • After homeroom, you’d flood into the hallway with the larger student body still receiving stares.
  • You’d feel a hand on your shoulder and turn around to see Peter.
  • “Jeez Y/N couldn’t turn down the fashion for your first day?”
  • “This is a Louis Vuitton bag, not Chanel. That’s pretty damn casual.”
  • Peter was extremely excited you have convinced Tony to let you come here.
  • The two of you bonded over the summer while he spent most of his time training and you helping your dad with new technology.
  • You found comfort in each other both outsiders in a way. 
  • He felt like you understood the struggles of his Spiderman side in ways no one else did, not even Ned.
  • He was actually the one who suggested you transfer to Midtown so the two of you could be a support system also he had a massive crush on you.
  • Anyways he’d compare schedules with you. The two of you managed to have AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry, AP Human Geography, AP Langauge and Composition, and P.E. at the same times.
    • All the AP’s because you’re both smart lil’ beans.
  • You two would sit together in all the classes you shared.
  • You also became his backup whenever he had to sneak away for Spiderman business.
    • “Ms. Stark I see Mr. Parker is missing again.”
    • “I don’t know what you mean Ms. Johnson he’s just using the bathroom”
    • Meanwhile, in the corner of your eye, you’re watching Peter sneak in through a window with Ned’s help.
    • “He’s been gone for 30 minutes.”
    • “Oh, Ms. Johnson I think you dropped your marker.”
    • In the time it took her to look away Peter would fumble back into his seat and when the teacher turned around she’d be shocked.
    • “What are you doing here?”
    • “I sit here…” He’d trail off.
    • She’d scoff “No I didn’t hear the door open.”
    • “Ms. Johnson I’ve been working with my father on new hearing aids maybe I can get you some.”
    • She’d be shocked by your comment but would let it slide.
    • Under the table, you and Peter would fist bump.
  • You also were there to help come up with his afterschool excuses. Whenever someone tried to get him to stay late for a club you’d step in.
    • “Peter you know daddy needs your help tonight, you can’t let him down.”
    • “Yeah…can’t leave Mr. Stark waiting. Sorry guys”
    • And then the two of you would rush out of the door.
  • You’d always tell him to be safe because you wouldn’t know what to do without your Spiderboy before hugging him
    • you were the only one that could get away with calling him that
  • He’d swing by (literally) to come study with you.
    • “Okay describe the uses of SOMA in A Brave New World and explain what that tells us about the society.”
    • “Y/N I’m going to fail this test so bad, I haven’t even read the first chapter. I swear SOMA is some shop Aunt May dragged me to one time when I was little.”
    • “Petey don’t worry, that’s what you have me for.”
    • And then you dramatically act out the whole book
  • Tony would obviously notice this and have a chat with you
    • “I don’t appreciate you having him come over at all hours of the night. He has things to do.”
    • “Me! He comes over because he wants to!”
    • “Hmm, that sounds suspicious.”
    • “I’m a likable person!”
  • Flash Thompson would constantly bother the two of you.
    • It took amazing self-restraint to now take your Prada school bag and whack him across the head with it.
    • “Y/N, let me know what Penis is doing to trick you into hanging out with him. Does he have your dad hostage?”
    • “Flash, back away from me before I use my dad’s connections to make sure you never have a stable career.”
    • And he backed the fuck off.
    • Peter knew if he ever needed a break from Flash to just find you and it’d be like the asshole didn’t exist
  • Peter and you would take drivers ed together and it’d be great.
    • You’d have to take it in the mornings because he spent his nights fighting crime.
    • You’d always show up at his apartment with Happy to make sure he’d get there on time.
    • Half the time he’d be scrambling out the door, half awake before stumbling into the car.
    • Being the amazing best friend and hopefully soon to be girlfriend you’d hand him an iced coffee and bagel for breakfast.
    • The two of you would quiz each other on road signs and standard protocol.
    • You aced the writing test with flying colors because duh genius
    • “Coincidentally” when you two had to take the driving portion of drivers ed you happened to get put together. Totally coincidence, no bribery involved. Yeah…
    • “Parker, if I die in this car my dad won’t be happy”
    • The two of you pass!
    • Now it’s time to start begging Happy and Tony to take you both on driving lessons in custom cars
  • After the events of last year, you’d have to drag him to Homecoming
    • The whole time he’s feeling extremely anxious because the last Homecoming went so horribly wrong. It was the closest he’s come to death so it’s understandable why he’s so panicked.
    • You manage to convince him it will be fun, and you’ll be with him the whole time.
    • He’s still reluctant but you give him puppy dog eyes and he gives in.
    • You decide to do a “friend date” aka you, Peter, Michelle, and Ned.
    • Peter, Michelle, and Ned would show up to your penthouse waiting because you enjoyed making a dramatic entrance.
    • Pepper would have put out snacks for everyone while they waited (she’s such a mom)
    • Eventually, you’d decide to bless everyone with your presence wearing a long black dress with a v-cut and a shiny pair of diamond earrings. Your hair would be pulled up into a slick high bun
    • Peter’s jaw would drop. He always thought you were gorgeous but WOW.
    • “Y/N y-you-u wow-w um here,” And then he’d fumble to help you put on your corsage.
    • In the corner, everyone would be staring at you two.
    • Tony would give Peter his version of the talk: “Look after her, if you don’t I’ll take away your suit. I’m kidding…sort of.”
    • He’d offer Happy drive you guys but you’d rather not have one of his workers breathing over your shoulder the whole night so you take it upon yourself to get a car with a driver.
    • In the car, you and Peter are next to each other and he can’t stop staring. He’s not even subtle about it.
    • Michelle and Ned share a look and stifle their laughter.
    • Your hand rests on Peter’s thigh and he’s all sweaty and nervous and gently goes to grab it.
    • At the dance, you’d be dancing in a group and then there’s a slow song.
    • Subtly, Ned would cough and then shove you into Peter’s arms.
    • “Oh my God, I’m so clumsy sorry”
    • You’d shoot him a look and then look into Peter’s arms as he held you close.
    • He’d do a nervous cough, and help you regain balance.
    • You’d rest your hands on his shoulders and he would go to your torso.
    • The two of you would be quiet as you shuffled across the dancefloor.
    • “Um Y/N listen… I um really like you” He’d stutter.
    • “I know,” You’d say nodding. 
    • His eyes would bug out of his head
    • You’d giggle and just pull him into a kiss, your hands on his chin.
    • His lips were surprisingly soft. 
    • He would hold you tighter by the waist before pulling away.
    • “So…wanna go on a date?”
    • “Anytime you want, you know where I live.”
Notes | Park Jimin

Originally posted by parkjmzl

❁Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

❁Summary: After waking up after  a lecture ended, you notice someone took notes for you. On the bottom they left a cute message and a phone number. How will this turn out?

❁Words: 1700+ 

❁Category: Fluff

❁A/N: This took way longer than I expected oml. Hope you’ll enjoy ^^

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Either/Or: Single II


Previously on Single

The apartment was decked in all of the holiday spirit. Lights on every surface, sloppy snowflakes cut and taped on the windows, stockings hung with care and construction paper and cotton ball snowmen on the walls. The tree itself was modest in girth, but laden with ornaments, all kinds of handmade, hot glue gunned and glitter bespeckled entities.

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these are supposed to be headcanons but i write kinda weird so??

keith birthday week day one: friends/family

  • keith doesn’t remember a lot about his dad. he remembers generic things like the way he looked (tan, gruff, messy dark hair like him), how his voice sounded (deep and drawling, laced with a southern accent), what he smelled like (rain, dust, and cigarette smoke), but nothing else. when he tries to go back things are fuzzy and confusing. 
    • he legitimately doesn’t know if he’s better off forgetting but because of circumstances he tell himself he is.
  • by the time he gets into the garrison he can’t count how many foster homes he was in. he was moved around so much that people and places blurred together. 
    • some houses were better than others (some were bad some were really really bad) but whenever he was moved, regardless of what kind of home it was, something in him ached.
    • whenever he saw another kid leave the home, a shy smile on their face and a bright one on their new parents’, he wondered why his parents didn’t keep him. he wondered what it was about him that made him unable to be loved. he wondered what was wrong with him.
  • he meets shiro at the garrison and treats him like he learned to treat everyone. he’s cold and distant, maybe a little too much but he won’t take any chances. but shiro is kind to him. looks after him and mentors him. he’s proud of him when he does well on a test and even when he scolds him when he gets into fights he still patches him up. he’s the older brother keith never had and never knew he wanted but keith loves him so so much and would honestly be heartbroken if anything happened to him.
  • when shiro goes missing the garrison tells the world it was a pilot error. a mistake and a tragedy. keith tells them that it’s bullshit because shiro is the best damn pilot they’ve ever had and there’s no way that he would’ve messed the mission up. he punches iverson in the face in the middle of class a few days later when he brings up “the idiot pilot who cost us the kerberos mission” and leaves the garrison with a bloody nose and the small bag with his few belongings.
    • iverson (who now has a black eye) smirks smugly at keith from behind his office desk and as he hands him the official paperwork confirming his expulsion, asks him what his plans are now that he’s a dropout. keith rips up the papers right in front of him (he doesn’t need papers to know when he’s not welcome anymore), spitting at his feet and walking away without a word. he doesn’t deserve any.
  • finding shiro hurts. he’s barely conscious, strapped to a table, scarred, scared, and minus an arm. keith softly holds his face between his fingers and vows, then and there, that he won’t ever lose him again. shiro is heavy on his shoulders, and he’s ready to fight his way back out when he sees people in the doorway and someone making his way towards him.
    • “nope you no no no no you don’t I’m saving shiro”
    • the guy (”the name’s lance” he tells him but keith’s blood is pounding too hard in his ears and adrenaline is coursing through his veins so he isn’t really paying too much attention) supports shiro’s other side and together they get him to safety
  • “it’s good to have you back” he says when shiro’s finally awake and staring out into the desert with his arms crossed. he cautiously places his hand on shiro’s shoulder, waiting to see if he’d draw back (just like shiro used to do with him), and when shiro doesn’t, he squeezes it gently with as much comfort as he can muster. shiro lets out a breath and looks at him with the same fondness that he always carried for him.
    • “it’s good to be back”
The Remix (M)

“This studio is soundproof, be as loud as you can Baby, we need those moans for the next song.”

GENRE: Filthy smut, fuckboy Lee Jooheon
(y’all be warned, he’s really not nice lmao)

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*as described by the losers in two sentences or less*

Bev: Well, my boyfriends the one with a way with words, but,,,

Bev: I guess the best way to describe Stan is- he’s always so fucking quiet; he’s either planning world domination or preparing for the coming apocalypse.

* * *

Ben: What did Bev say about him?

Ben: Oh, haha, yeah, he’s pretty neat, and, y'know, smart. Although he does do this weird thing where, if he sees a bird, he drops everything he’s doing to just caw at it.

* * *

Richie: Stan’s like the human version of a carrot- if you give him cake he’s pretty alright, otherwise, he’s just shit Eddie makes me deal with …

Richie, tearing up: He’s a damn good friend.

* * *

Eddie: Richie said what? Okay 1- He needs to eat carrots because he’s gonna fucking die of a heart attack at the age of 20 if he doesn’t get his shit together, and I’m not dating a fucking corpse- don’t even think about it Richie. 2- what the fuck did Richie even mean by “if you give him cake, he’s alright”, Stan doesn’t like cake. And another thing-!

Eddie: The question? Oh. Well Stan’s obviously like a fucking bird? He’s quiet when he wants, looks angelic, will shit on people he doesn’t like (metaphorically), would kill for oats, good singer, gay, yeah, there’s a lot of similarities.

* * *

Mike: Stan’s a great guy; he always studies with me, and he’s a great listener! That’s kind of generic, so, ah, he’s the kind of guy you would take a secret to the grave for- not because he’s great, although he is, but more because I’m pretty sure he’s not above murder.

* * *

Georgie: Stan’s the best! He’s so nice and smart because he always gives me cookies tells me facts about animals, and he always asks about my day, and he has really cool hair! But I totally called dips on him being my best friend and Bill went ahead and fell in love with him anyways, which is so unfair!

* * *

Bill: St-Stan? He’s won-won-wondrous, an abs-s-solute ang-el. His ha-hair is golden in-n the su-sunlight, and his eye-eyes are endless ga-gates to the world’s eth-e-ether. His smile is-s the-the vast and end-endless cos-mo-mos, pushing won-wonder into the universe wi-with ever-every flash of b-bright white. He’s a-all of the com-com-comforting things in the w-world- sweaters in fa-fall, tea in the winter, l-l-leaves in the spr-spring, riv-v-vers in the summer. The-the person-son-ifica-cation of b-beauty and grace. He’s the light of my life. The love of my life.

Bill: What do y-you mean? That was t-two sentences?

* * *

Stan: um

Stan: I like birds?