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baeee rim im rly fucking deunk so u think u can pls make me a post of ur fac fav kaisoo moment s this year pls i beg you imiss u r kaisoo spams ahd ily v v much

omg hahaha of course mel mel ily💗💗💗

and because my memory is awful i hope none are from 2016 oop (i did check a few to be sure) as always if anyone wants credited or any removed just ask i’ll oblige and it’ll be under a read more cause people get annoyed when they’re long and it’s kinda long

the eve choreo

jognog teasing and trying to kiss kongsu and getting beaten up

the best selfie of all time tbh on a day of the year couples take photos together

when kongsu had to kiss bacon and jognog was super duper deluxe jealous

literally what is that face

when they had their jackets mixed up

jognog was singing and kept looking @ kongsu i dont have the angle of kongsu but theres a vid on @lovekadi

😍 😍 😍  actually


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there is a youtuber called swagkage and he made a video awhile ago on why people hate sakura so much (you should watch it!) , he's not very bias and explains well and although i LOVE sakura i think its healthy to point out character criticism because every good character has flaws.

Okay Anon, I’m about to go on a little rant here, because I refrained from talking about this topic before, but now I’ve been given an excuse. I saw the video you’re referring to shortly after he released it, and it was in fact that very video that made me remember why I was always so sceptical to try out new Naruto reviewers on YouTube in the first place.

He prefaced the discussion by saying how he apparently didn’t hate her, and that the video wasn’t meant to attack or defend her, and yet he spent the majority of the video attacking her and talking about her in a very hateful manner. You can very easily explain why you think a character may be hated without using language such as calling her ”pretty worthless”, which he did just a little over a minute into the video. He didn’t say how “some people” thought that she was pretty worthless, he actually said that she is pretty worthless. Now, in a video where you said that you don’t hate her, how it’s not meant to attack her, and how you’ll try and look at things objectively, how can the very first thing you say about her be that she’s pretty worthless? That is not looking at it objectively.

He then went on to completely misunderstand her “Now it’s your turn to watch my back” quote by insinuating that she wanted to walk in front of Naruto and Sasuke, as in catching up with them skill and power wise, and then he actually mocks her for it by saying how “she was never at any point even close to being half of the shinobi they were”. That entire criticism is null and void when you realise that quote was never about catching up with them skill wise in the first place, she simply wanted to stand alongside them in the battlefield and be the one to protect them for a change. But this guy’s unbiased right? This guy’s indifferent to Sakura right? Of course he is…

He then went on to throw shade at her “negligible” accomplishments relative to the amount of screen/panel time that she received in comparison to the support characters. And just from this, I can not only tell that he has a very limited definition of what can be considered an “accomplishment”, but I can also tell that on this point, he again doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he were to make a list of the “accomplishments” of each of the other members of the Konoha 11, and compare them with Sakura’s, he’d see what an ignorant comment that was.

He then throws more shade at her by saying how apparently the sound ninja in the Forest of Death made Sakura look “pathetic”, and would then have to be saved by Sasuke who took care of them with no effort, despite the fact that Sasuke was awakening with a Curse Seal activated, despite the fact that these sound ninjas took out Lee, who beat a normal Sasuke with minimal effort at the time - he went on to mock Sakura for having to be saved against those guys? You see, if this was an impartial video, like he said it was going to be, he could have at the very least given Sakura the credit she deserved for trying her hardest to protect her friends who were knocked out. Did he do any of that? No. 

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, he then went on to say how her “worthlessness” was truly put into perspective during the Sasuke Retrieval arc, and you know what his reason was? The ridiculous justification he gave can basically be summarised as “because she didn’t get to go on the mission, whereas the others did and they got to shine”. How can you be so short sighted as to actually bash a character because they weren’t able to participate?

I’ll put things into perspective for you Anon. I’ll reiterate that at the very beginning of the video, he said:

  • That he didn’t hate Sakura
  • That he was indifferent to her
  • That the video wasn’t meant to attack her
  • And that he’d look at things objectively.

And yet, the following juvenile nonsense where he paints Sakura as nothing but a stuttering fangirl, is what he put as the friggin’ description to the video. You know, the thing that tells you what the entire video is going to be about, a video which apparently wasn’t supposed to attack her:

And he wants to lie and make himself seem impartial, when as I said and have proved above, he spends the majority of the video doing the complete opposite - he used hateful terms, he definitely wasn’t being indifferent to her, the video attacked her at every opportunity, and he wasn’t looking at things objectively at all. I gave an example of how he could have, but not once did he ever in that video try and look at things from multiple angles. That’s how you look at things objectively, something which is a foreign concept to this person.

All of the above didn’t even cover half of the things he said about Sakura, and I could have easily gone on and on debunking each one of his points and giving him a lesson on “impartiality”, but honestly it’s not worth it. I really wanted to though, because the levels of stupidity and hypocrisy only increases as the video goes on. Case in point - he calls her “stupid and selfish” at the 10:10 mark because she apparently tried to take on Madara, the Juubi and Obito by herself “to satisfy her own ego”, despite the fact that she never tried to take on the Juubi or Obito, and she wanted to act as a distraction against Madara so that Naruto and Sasuke would be able to catch him off guard - Sakura had no intention of taking him on by herself. And he’s meant to be objective? Sure. You’re right that it’s healthy to highlight character criticisms Anon, but you’re wrong about this person; he is not unbiased, at least not with regards to Sakura.

Fake Chats #235
  • Yoongi: you two have been staring at each other for a while.
  • Jungkook: they're probably just having a long telepathic conversation.
  • Taehyung: just admit it. We've both thought it a million times already.
  • Jimin: okay, so we both lose.
  • Yoongi: so what were you two talking about?
  • Jimin: nothing.
  • Taehyung: we were having a "stare at each other to see who cracks and compliments the other first" contest.
  • Jungkook: really?
  • Jimin: we both think the other is really handsome-
  • Taehyung: so it wasn't a fair contest anyway. We had both cracked before we even started.
  • Yoongi: you kids are so weird.
  • Taehyung: yeah?
  • Jimin: so?
  • Jungkook: like you aren't?
  • Yoongi: I am not having this conversation with you.

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Today I was on twitter, and I saw one thing about how liking Draco is tasteless/bad, and that pairing him w Harry is bad bc they have no chemistry anyway. And I know it's all been talked about before, there's lots of opinions, its just silly pairing stuff, but for some reason it made me feel so.. upset. I like the pair, it makes me happy, for a bunch of reasons, some even personal. Idk. Just needed to share this with someone it felt weird in my chest.

Um….rude?!? Like, first off, any movie or show you watch where the main female and main male character hate each other at the start, you just know they are going to get together at the end. Even if there’s no chemistry. It’s such a widely accepted trope for straight couples but clearly less believable when it’s same gender couples.

But despite the fact that the enemies to lovers trope can sometimes be harmful, especially if there is an unhealthy power dynamic followed by no redemption or apology or forgiveness element in between, I still much prefer it to the common - love at first sight bullshit, or let’s loop these two characters together because they’re both unattached and of the opposite gender.

With the enemies to lovers trope, at least in my mind, there has to be development on the part of both characters before you get to the romance part. They have to learn to understand each other first before they fall in love. And in my mind this is a deeper love than falling in love with the idea of someone or someone’s looks and then the rest falling into place later.

Anyway, I agree that the pairing could be distasteful if presented in the wrong way - if Draco never got over his prejudices, if he continued to bully Harry then of course that would be unhealthy. But the way I view Draco as a character, and the way I like to write him is always remorseful, maturing enough to grow out of his family’s prejudices and making up his own mind. And in the process understanding his own feelings better. And of course falling head over heels in love with Harry James Potter (or finally realising he already did long ago).

Sorry long answer.🥃 Tl;dr I love drarry and you shouldn’t feel bad for loving drarry. Sorry that it made you feel upset. 💜💛❤️

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Do you agree with the notion that Varys & Littlefinger have a truce, possibly unspoken, not to directly interfere with each other? Varys passes up several opportunities to rat him out (to Cat & Tyrion), even tho he isn't pleased at his haste (talking to Illyrio), or is he using Petyr & letting LF think he's got one over on the Spider? Is LF clueless about V's Targ agenda?

No, I don’t. It just so happens that Varys’ goals and Littlefinger’s short-term goals have been quite compatible thus far, and we’re only now seeing the hard divergence at the end of AFFC and ADWD.

Book one, they both want the destabilisation of the Baratheon-Stark-Tully-Arryn coalition. While Littlefinger got the action under way by killing Jon Arryn (leaving Arryn power in Lysa’s hands) and pointing the Starks at the Lannisters, the level of chaos Littlefinger instigated was what Varys needed to soften Westeros up for a Dothraki invasion. This is the principal reason why he let Littlefinger’s lie about the dagger pass - if he let it go, he could be sure that the Starks would pursue the Lannisters straight away. Catelyn threw off the timing when she arrested Tyrion.

Book two, they both have an overriding interest in keeping Stannis off the throne. Should Stannis win the Iron Throne, neither’s keeping their job, and most likely neither are keeping their heads. Varys allies himself with Tyrion; Littlefinger works with the Tyrells.

Books three and four, they both want the Lannister regime in place and off balance. They want people on the Iron Throne who can be knocked off at will, and relief when that person is gone. Littlefinger’s toppled his financial house of cards and is standing back from this arena for the moment while he works in the Vale and the North; Varys kills the key people between Cersei and power. Both take steps to ensure there is zero chance Tyrion ever works with House Lannister again (Littlefinger by framing him for murder, Varys by recruiting him; compare and contrast their actions re: Ned Stark, where Littlefinger almost certainly had him killed while Varys took steps to tuck him somewhere out of the way).

Their overall goals are definitely incompatible. Varys is one hell of an extremist, but he’s also an idealist. Littlefinger’s out for Littlefinger alone. They can’t work cooperatively due to these differences, and their mutual ignorance of the other’s endgames makes a truce undesirable, but they can avoid stepping on each other’s toes so long as they’re working to those similar short-term goals.

Evan x reader who likes outdoors and plants (hcs)

Taking a break from the smut to write a bit of fluff! Hope you enjoy despite it being rushed!


- both you and Evan adore the outdoors 

- you plan to visit every national park together and you have a cute little scrapbook of all your adventures (like the one from Up which is one of Evan’s favourite films)

- your dates are always somewhere outdoorsy - parks, forests, lakes. You both just feel at your most calm and most comfortable when you’re outside in the fresh air. 

- maybe you met at ellison state park where he worked as a ranger (maybe you found him after he broke his arm) (or maybe thats too sad and we should just focus on the happy stuff rn)

- you just love going for long walks together. They always have the perfect mix of talking and then just enjoying each other’s company in silence. 

- you definitely have your favourite places to go but once a month you go somewhere new 

- you both love this time spent together 

- You and Evan totally have matching walking boots - it’s so cute 

- not only do you both love the outdoors, you both love plants and gardening

- you buy him some succulents for his birthday and he just loves them?? Like he reads up on how to make them flourish and he does everything perfectly and soon he has so many of them and he loves them ok??

- (he has names for them all and its super cute, I’ll fight you)

- he always buys you lots of flowers and you have so many of them that soon you run out of things to put them in after you no longer has any glasses to drink out of since all of them are holding flowers

 - When you send cards to each other they always have plant puns 

- or you stick little notes in his locker with puns on like ‘Aloe you vera much ❤️' ‘I love spending thyme with you’ ‘We’re mint to be’

- (Evan adores them and every time he finds a new one he giggles and his nose scrunches up and he’s literally the cutest person ever)

- (and all of the notesl saved in your little scrapbook - I’m dedicated to this idea ok???)

- (Jared just sends you texts like “You two are unbeleafable” - he loves the both of you really despite his protests)

- Heidi often comes back from work to see you both in the garden with matching gardening gloves planting new flowers together in the Hansen backyard if you’re not being distracted by sharing a few kisses

- maybe your pet name for Evan is petal

- and maybe it makes him blush every time you call him that

 - ok so when you move in together your garden is beautiful and has so many plants and flowers and a little bench and you just love it

- like when you are looking for a house your only criteria is that it has a big garden

- you love to go round garden centres together and pick out your favourite plants and if you didn’t set a budget the two of you would literally end up spending hundreds on flowers and shrubs for your garden

- I’m getting so carried away but I just love this idea so much and I’m sorry these were rushed I just got excited

I’ve been obsessed with the idea that one day Shepard and Garrus have an argument and stop talking. Like really, they have this huge fight (maybe the reason for the fight is ridiculous, who knows) and they just spend their day ignoring each other.
Of course, this all ends well. They kiss and make up. But for one day, everyone is on edge. They all have this sort of “something is not quite right” impression, like the one you get when something you believe is strong enough to endure anything suddenly falls apart in front of you. Like the universe feels all wrong when Shepard and Garrus aren’t talking to each other?  
And what if it’s more than one day? Everyone will feel the tension in the air and will want them to reconcile asap so life can get back to normal.

I also imagine the sweet glances they would share once they do make up and for once instead of teasing them, everyone is just… too relieved to say anything.
“Their love is too precious” and all that, only it’s genuine and not mocking.
Tbh, I kinda associate the headcanon with life during the Reaper War.
I mean, not even joking, I would be the type to get overly attached to the “love stories” I see around me, it would be the thing I would hold on to. Like “yeah, life sucks, but look, those two. they make it work.”
It’s even better if Shepard and Garrus don’t notice it because they’re too caught up in each other. And perhaps the people who are invested in their relationship are also a source of hope and inspiration with the friends they make, the smiles they give others, the love they share. Who knows. We don’t always notice the impact we have on others.

Elisabeth Moss — who took home her first Emmy on Sunday night for her role as Offred, a quiet but shrewd rebel against a horrifically patriarchal society in The Handmaid’s Tale — was the belle of the ball at the Hulu after-party. After posing for photos on the red carpet and hitting the dance floor to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” with her TV husband O-T Fagbenle, the actress had a warm meet up with former Mad Men costar Jon Hamm.

The friends met in the outside area of the bash around 11:45 p.m., where Moss smoked a cigarette while they talked and laughed. At one point, the actress was laughing so loudly with Hamm that she could be heard across the party.

She also leaned into on Hamm’s chest while he held her head and whispered something to her.

Though the two stars mingled with others throughout the evening, they were never more than a few feet from each other.“

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You're obviously one of the protagonists in this story (and I write this as an NPCs who'd at best deserve a mention like "when she walked in, there were already several people in the room"). So of course you dying in the middle of a plotline would've ruined the story! (I just hope the story we're talking isn't about the new fall of Rome or something).

Well, one nice thing about existence is we’re all the main characters of our own story, and the world itself is like the Library of Alexandria flying around inside a constantly quaking snowglobe, books knocking their spines together and salaciously crinking each others’ pages. I’m not a believer in one universal story, so don’t you dare call yourself an NPC, Anon.

But yes, it’s nice I get to continue to pad this story out with additional chapters no one asked for like the latter television and comic seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


I haven’t seen nearly enough posts talking about how Victor and Georgi Popovich are literally the same age??? In fact, they are only one day apart. I’ve been putting this aside for months, but here’s some headcanons about the unlikeliest of friends/ the most extra students Yakov’s ever had.

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G came over Friday night.

It’s always nice when I get to see him.

I get a glimpse of the life I thought at 18 I’d be leading by now. It’s like my time spent with him is a bridge into an alternate reality.

He came over late at night, as he usually does, slipping into my bedroom quietly, trying not to wake me. I was still awake of course.

We talked about innocuous things for a bit…. How was the drive? I brought this down with me. Are you hungry?

Soon enough he was in bed with me and we kissed like addicts desperate to get a fix. It’s always like that at first. We are in a frenzy to join our bodies and once we’ve found release then we can relax and just appreciate each other’s company.

Falling asleep in his arms is one of my favorite things, and it’s even better when I dont have to set an alarm for the next day.

He woke me up at 05:00 on Saturday, with his lips on mine and his hands all over me. Sex this time was slower and more deliberate. Afterwards we vaped a little and decided to go have breakfast. On our way across town I changed our plans and pointed us toward something I’ve always wanted to do; watching the sunrise over the lake.

We grabbed something quick to eat at McDonald’s and went toward the lake. When we arrived, we still had some time so we listened to some music in the car and ate. A song played, Silver Soul by Beach House. It became my theme for the day.

I got to see the sun make it’s first peek over the horizon in the company of a person I love so much it hurts sometimes. I cried a little but I don’t think he noticed.

Once the sun was well and truly up we went to Walmart and bought some munchies and toys. If buying Wonder Woman’s sword because it’s one sale is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

We came home and had sex once again, the sleepy, slow kind of sex where you don’t care if you finish. We fell asleep wrapped up in each other and when I woke up around noon I went to my friend’s baby shower.

G and I then stopped by the local art institute for the opening of their Alphonse Mucha exhibit. I snuck a few pictures despite the no photography rule, but I probably won’t be posting them here.

After that we responded to a Craigslist ad and bought a typewriter. G collects typewriters. He’s a strange man, but I love him for it. I’d even go so far as to call him a hipster, which he denies. He’s not pretentious and he doesn’t try… It’s the lack of effort that makes his ‘hipsterness’ so genuine.

We had dinner at a local Vietnamese bistro and I introduced him to the deliciousness that is pho.

On out way home I drove him through the Hippy Capital of Ohio, Yellow Springs. We wanted to stop but both of us were so full of soup that walking around town seemed very unpleasant.

We came home finally and again holed up in my bedroom, engrossed in one another until finally my alarm for work Sunday morning woke us. He wouldn’t let me out of bed without burying his face between my legs for a bit and I arrived at work in a very pleasant mood.

Saturday was the best day I’ve had in a while… All of my problems faded away for a bit and I was able to enjoy G’s company like I’ve never been able to before.

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Luke headcanon where u guys have deep conversations in the middle of the night

Luke Alvez Headcanons, having deep conversations with you at night:

  • It would start by accident.
  • One night he’d just be lying there awake, unable to wind down after a particularly difficult case.
  • You’d wake up to find him reading a BAU manual (in very poor lighting because he didn’t want to wake you up) with one hand as the other was draped over your waist.
  • He’d urge you to go back to sleep and reassure you that he was fine.
  • But, you’d decide to stay awake with him and provide him with some company.
  • You’d just hold each other as they talked about everything and nothing.
  • Perhaps it would be the tiredness that meant Luke was more willing to share his emotions and fears.
  • But, whatever it was, it felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
  • It could even lead to him confessing that he loved you for the first time.
  • He just felt so safe and happy in bed with you.
  • So, it would naturally become a habit.
  • He’d never opened up to anyone like this before, but he loved it because he trusted you entirely.
  • You’d probably start inviting Roxy into bed to join you as you lay next to each other whispering softly.
  • Your deep conversations in the middle of the night would provide Luke with some of the favourite moments of his life.
  • He’d really miss you when he was away on a case. The cold and empty hotel bed making him long for your warmth beside him.

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Headcanons for when CP and Frost's kid start to walk and stuff and talk gibberish to each other? Like still babies because babies so cute!

Joker and Frost are both trying to talk to them and teach them to speak afraid that their daughters will learn before the other one and call the opposite man dad.

Joker tries to avoid looking at them while they talk and play together, refusing to form any type of emotional attachment. Seeing his daughter play with Frost’s would only make it harder to see Frost as just an employee and he refuses to sympathize with anyone. 

Frost has to silent keep his worry to himself when his daughter starts to go from gibberish to real words and those real words are “knife” “gun” and “puddin”

When they are plotting something big Frost stays over the house and the daughters share a room, Frost and Joker can hear them speaking their gibberish before they hear the thumps of them crawling out of their cribs.

Theory for Bull’s Chargers Backstories: Rocky

I love the Bull’s Chargers. I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone whose talked to me for about five minutes. I love their interactions with each other, I love their relationship with Bull, and I love how they’re so much more than just fodder fighters. They feel real, even though they’re only given a short time on screen. I think one of the other reasons I love them so much, is that it feels like we’re given some clues to piece together about who they were before becoming Chargers, beyond just their few lines. I’ve talked to @dichotomous-dragon and @scarletfoxtales, ( bless them for letting me ramble) and Dee suggested I write up some of the headcannons we’ve talked about, and share them here. I thought that’d be fun and it’s good for me to have concise write ups for myself as a reference to.

These are just my opinions and headcannons, but I’m trying to use my knowledge of the world, the timeline, and clues I’ve picked up from them personally to give an understanding of the conclusions I got. I’ll do a separate post for each Charger eventually, but these get pretty indepth so it’s best to break them.

Dwarves are my favorite to play as, and learn about, so I thought I’d start with Rocky.

Headcannon/theory: Rocky was originally from the Noble Caste before being exiled from Orzammar and likely worked at the Shaperate.

That might sound weird to say at first, because it’s Rocky. If you ever had to pick a dwarf least likely to be part of the Noble Caste, he’d really fit the bill. He’s comical, he likes explosions, and he got himself kicked out of Orzammar for blowing up part of the Shaperate. But I have genuine reasons to think he’s so much more.Theory and evidence under the cut.

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One thing I loved about Caroline and Klaus was that every time they talked they pulled a piece out of one another, a new layer of their "true selves" that they only showed to each other or called each other out on. They could read each other. TO tried to recreate it with Camille explaining Klaus but it was always wrong or felt like a cheap imitation. Plus it was always one sided, where as KC pushed each other to their accept themselves equally.

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Not sure if anyone has talked about it but my bias is Jin and it's obvious that he's one of (if not the most) traditional/conservative because of his upbringing, right? But I think Joon and Jin compliment each other so well, like Joonie challenges his already set ways and thoughts I think and over the years we have seen him become more and more open with how things should be in society. I think Jin brings order and structure that Joonie really needs. Also they are both under rated af so

i agree so much oh my goshhh. they really are so good for each other