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So who prefers playing DA2 as anti-mage and pro-Templar? I’d like to know about the experience.

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve only ever played as pro-mage because it seems like the game was basically designed around the idea of Hawke being pro-mage. Reasons? He’s either a mage, or his living sister is. He befriends Anders and Merrill. Many of the quests are about helping mages. I just want to know more about what playing as a pro-Templar Hawke is like before, y’know, I invest time into a playthrough.

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Hello dearie ♥ your edits.

Thank you soo, soo much, dear anon!!! That’s really kind of you. I’m glad that there are people out there who enjoy them! Thank you!!

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I’m 21 years old and permanently bedbound from slipping down a staircase on the last day of high school (medical evidence). I had hoped to study music and was also shortlisted for a $20,000 law scholarship, but now I’m destined to spend the rest of my life on a bed. Because I am not able to work, I’ve also been on the verge of homelessness for almost a year and my social security payment is only $200/week. I’d like to find some financial stability by seeking recompense for the accident that has caused my severe disability and every bit of misery it entails.

Given the extent of my condition, the payout could be potentially in the millions of dollars if I’m successful in the case. However, for now I need a lot of help to fund the medicolegal reports as well as the expert report assessing the staircase I slipped down. In part due to the complexity of my medical condition, I wasn’t able to find a suitable law firm that is able to fund these reports on my behalf. My solicitor suggested the reports would cost  $15,000 AUD to $25,000 AUD over the course of 1 - 2 years. For now, I will need to pay $5,000 AUD to $10,000 AUD for the expert report which needs to be completed within about a month (today is 5th Feb. 2016). Further details about the legal issues: 1  2

I’ve set up a YouCaring page specifically for these reports so that the donations can be counted toward the total needed. I know the goal is quite high, but donations will accumulate, and the case will last 1 - 2 years so there’s time to raise the total amount. I’ve deducted the $2000 that have already been raised from the approx. goal. Please consider donating any amount you can or reblogging this post. Thank you for your support!


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.


This is really quite hard for me to post but it’s pretty necessary. My dad passed away this past week and along with the grief of losing such a close family member comes the stress of money. My dad was quite sick for a while and consequently wasn’t able to keep a job. We don’t have insurance or the finances to pay for all of the services that we’d like to hold for him. He was such a well liked member of our community and we would really like to be able to bring everyone together for our last goodbyes and we need help. Any amount of money or even a simple reblog would help out so much. 

Pieced together the sneak-peak snippets for a WIP page-spread from Murata’s Twitter: ( @NEBU_KURO ). 

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I don’t know why being single is seen as such a terrible bad shameful thing, like, the implication is that you’re somehow not good enough, or to be pitied, or whatever… no. Just no. I’m plenty good enough. The reason why I’m single is that I haven’t met anyone yet who’s good enough for me.

If all I wanted was a boyfriend, I could have that. Pretty easily. It’s not like there aren’t guys around who’d want me. But it’s not about what they want, it’s about what I want. And I’m not going to settle for a compromise just because of some ridiculous social expectation. I don’t need a boyfriend or “other half”, I’m a complete person all by myself. So unless someone comes along who actually manages to impress me, I’m going to stay solo.

I don’t see what’s so terrible about that.