and no one seemed to have her


So many of you seemed curious about how Twilight looked without her suit in this AU, soooooo here ya go!

The first one is just a headshot of Twilight without her helmet on. Twilight can manually remove her helmet at will, but she much prefers keeping it on unless Rarity asks her to take it off. Twi’s skin and fur is duller than it usually would be and her eyes have a glow to them, a side-effect of having a Tantabus. Her mane was shaved down real short in order to keep it from getting in the way when she has her helmet on, and when she’s connected fully to her suit it represses hair growth. If she were to leave the helmet off for long periods of time, though, her hair would begin to grow again. (The hair on the suit is fake; it’s colored the way it is to mimic Twi’s actual hair)

The bottom image is to show off what Twi actually looks like underneath the suit plus how she’s connected to the suit. The back image on the left is what she actually looks like: with the exception of Valkyries and Dogfighters, all Guardians get their limbs amputated to make way for large ports that connects to the legs and arms of the suit. The gray things along her spine are also ports, all directly linked to her nervous system. These things are how she’s able to fully control the suit as naturally as she does despite it being larger than herself. The connection doesn’t just allow control however; she can also feel, see, hear, and smell, experience her surroundings as if the suit itself is her body. And in a way, it is; she is permanently connected to the suit, with only her helmet being able to be removed manually. And even then she doesn’t remove her helmet unless Rarity specifically asks her to; removing the helmet is painful (it connects to the port at the base of her neck) and very disorienting; it would probably feel like removing your own head in a strange way.

A pretty basic thingy to help with the visuals of a Guardian’s make up. :3 

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My co-worker is one of the most beautiful women I know. She's black and have a big afro and people always compliment her (both for her beauty and personality) but some white people mostly middle aged women try to TOUCH HER HAIR sometimes even without asking. Its a "family" place so customers dont usually cross the line here, old men dont hit on the girls and stuff like that. But some white folks just dont seem to understand that is awful and disrespectful to treat my co-worker like that.

It’s disgusting period that people touch someone without permission but it’s grosser in certain ways, like this. It just has racist undertones, at least I think so. Then you get those people that touch AND don’t hide their racism by insulting your hair and trying to tell you ways to “fix it”. -Abby

Leather (pt. i)

SUMMARY: (Sweet Pea x Reader series)The only times the Serpents and Ghoulies meet are in three ways: street races, gang fights, or in the hallways of Southside High. Surprisingly, there’s a new face in town, and they grab the attention of a certain gang.

WORD COUNT: 136 words


NOTES: part one/teaser of a small series of tales. I like what I have so far, so if this gets notes I will continue posting! enjoy!

He was enthralled at the sight of this new person. As the girl walked past the Serpent’s table outside of Southside High, Sweet Pea’s eyes narrowed on her. It seemed the new being at the same effect on the others; Toni and Fangs exchanged looks while sneaking glances at her. This girl, dressed in yellow and red and crowned with ember-orange hair, baffled the group of teenage gangsters like no one else had.

“Fresh meat?” Fangs asks, bringing Sweet Pea back to earth. “We haven’t gotten anyone new in at least a year.”

“Anyone know who she is?” a voice asks. They shake their heads.

The bell rings sharply, pulling them from their thoughts. Toni pats the boys on their backs, and they all rise to walk into the hellish high school they call their own.

part ii

Study (Single Father!Yoongi)

Plot: Single father!Yoongi and college student!reader’s relationship

Part: One, Two

Word Count: 682

A/N: so here’s part three!! I am working on the next part of werewolf!Jin but until then, I hope you guys are cool with more single father!Yoongi bc it’s really fucking fun to write!! The link for this is single father!Yoongi (all of the father related posts are here but single father!yoon specifically is here)

Originally posted by hana-mori-posts

You knocked on the door of his apartment, hearing a high pitched squeal that definitely couldn’t have come from Yoongi. He was the one to open the door but a little girl was stood in front of him, a curious look on her face. Her hair was in a ponytail, a bow securing it, wearing a unicorn onesie. She was undoubtedly related to him in some way, either a little sister or a daughter. She didn’t seem to have the same shy personality he tended to have in class, more than eager to greet you.

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You know what I’m sick of?? Seeing so much hate towards Nancy Wheeler for realizing she loved Jonathan more than Steve.

There is nothing wrong with realizing you have feelings for someone else, obviously she didn’t end things in the most amazing way but making her seem like a demon for finally realizing she was meant for Jonathan is like a lil extra. Obviously Steve is amazing and had such good character development but like he will be happy one day and him being sad shouldn’t mean Nancy should be also. Sorry just ranting lol.

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HCs of the life of Amélie's cat-sized pet spider around Halloween that she HAS to have?

this request was really unique! i really love widow having kinda weird pets but loving them. uh. i also wasn’t sure if you meant widow or amélie (y’know, like pre-talon), so feel free to send me the request again if you wanted amélie?

Widowmaker her cat-sized pet spider around Halloween

  • Widowmaker doesn’t seem like the type to have a pet, unless the pet has a very specific personality. Most people would think she has a cat or a snake or something, but during Halloween, she’s got one pet on her mind. She has a cat-sized pet spider. To be honest, the spider is kind of an asshole.
  • Widowmaker likes to pretend that the two of them respect one another’s space, but honestly, the spider likes to spin webs on things to claim them as hers. Widow gets pretty mad. Why are you like this? No one trained you to do this. She rolls her eyes. Usually she feeds the spider a little too much, just to make sure she can be left alone for a little while without worrying about what her pet is doing.
  • If you asked her, she’d claim that the spider also loves watching television with her. Actually, the spider just walks along the screen while she’s watching. Usually, you can still see about two-thirds of the screen, but Widow still finds it annoying. Why are you walking like this right now? I’m trying to watchShe’s so tired. The spider never listens, anyway.
  • The spider has this strange ability to know when Widow is feeling down. She usually crawls into her owner’s lap. Then she spins a web. Now Widow is stuck to the couch and they have to cuddle. Widow is very tired of cleaning up webs. Sure, they aren’t that strong, but the spider is very tenacious. The spider loves spinning the same webs, making them stronger and stronger, until Widow literally cannot get out.
  • The spider is a huge asshole to anyone that comes to Widow’s house. If Widow forgets to warn you, the spider will know. Widow will be giving you a tour of her home, and suddenly a large, fuzzy mass is on your head. It’s really annoying for Widow to continue having to apologize for her pet ruining hair and claiming her possible friends as her own.
  • “The spider is just trying to ensure Widow makes a friend!” That’s what you think, right? No. Widow doesn’t believe that. She just thinks that the spider just does whatever it wants and doesn’t consider the feelings of others. The spider eats what it wants, when it wants, and involves others whether they like it or not.
  • Stop looking at them like that.
  • …Seriously, they’re nothing alike.

Dahlia: “A…Alex…?”

Time seems to slow around Dahlia and Alex as he slowly drops down onto one knee before her. Her hand flies up to rest on her chest, just above her heart that begins to race.

Alex: “I was talking to your mother earlier about being worried about the progress of our relationship. Everyone else seems to be getting married and having more children, or progressing so far into their careers. Everything seems to have just stopped for us. She told me not to rush in case I risk ruining a good thing. But…it made me realise that there is nothing that could be spoilt between us, even if this may be too much for us both. We’ve always lived in the present, never planning for the future, but maybe that needs to change. So…”

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lucien + jean / stranger things au. with matthew as Bob.

goes along with this fic ; this is jean/lucien

Matthew was the safe option: steady, caring, stable. He was exactly what she needed in her life after the chaos and terror of the last year. Despite his austere persona, with her and her boys, he was a teddy bear, offering kind smiles, reassuring touches, and solid words of advice.

The boys seemed to finally be coming around and she had spent an evening leaning against the doorframe of the living room, listening to Matthew and Jack talk about bullies and being scared and how to plant your feet (even if you only had one good one) and face your fears.

In the evenings, Matthew was attentive and never pushed for more than she was willing to give. His kisses were near-reverent in their gentleness, as if he thought she may break if he gripped her hip too hard. 

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise the day Matthew took her hands in his, face open and earnest, with his offer: Come away with me. Let me take you and the boys from this place. Please, Jean. Let me take care of you.

She should have been elated. She should have kissed him, murmured against his lips, Yes. She should have jumped at the chance to leave this darkness behind them all.

And yet….

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I feel someone was force Ohataka to finish magi faster.I mean she thinks about fans she reply for the white day and post weekly in her BS. final arc show main issues ignoring details about other characters.I don’t think she wants to disappoint them.I love Ohataka’s story,Sumomom ending was satisfying.I hope she get chance to cover the missing part.If she could take character showing how the world looks after magi gone.Judar is good choose, he was magi,that how he lives,How is he live(I dreaming

There definitely was a significant amount of executive meddling, probably courtesy of the new editor. That said, it’s unlikely we will ever know exactly what happened.

On happier things, even though it seems vol.37′s omake was quite disappointing, I still have not fully despaired of eventually seeing extra material. There is her blog and Sinbad no Bouken for one, and it wouldn’t be the first time extra material comes out after the series ending - for example, Shaman King featured the actual ending of the story in the kanzenban edition, after the series ended early.

(Speaking of which, I’d absolutely love a kanzenban edition).

RWBY Star Wars Au

Sooo…@texanredrose wanted a thing, so I did a thing. It’s probably pretty rough, but I had fun starting it and might even do more. Who knows! Anyway! Here it is:


A young woman stood at the center of a large circular room. Her hood keeping her features hidden as she bowed respectively to the 12 individuals which sat in a semi-circle before her. She was mostly still, gentle drumming of her fingers against the metal staff in her hands, the only tell of her anxiety, or excitement.

One man cleared his throat, his shaggy white hair seeming to defy gravity as he leaned forward slightly in his seat resting his arms in his knees, looking over the glasses perched in his nose as he started. “Padawan Ruby Rose, you are standing here today after completing your trials to find if you have what it takes to be the Jedi Knight you hold in such high regard,” he said, his voice smooth, wise. The young woman nodded, peeking up from under her hood, silver eyes scanning the men and women of the council, she couldn’t help the upward twitch if her lips as she did her best to contain her enthusiasm.

“That is true, Master Ozpin, I have been traini-“ before she could finish, she clamped her mouth shut as a large, round fellow to her right let out a boisterous laugh. “Hold that thought, young one, what is that staff you have, that can’t be the lightsaber you crafted as part of your training is it?” the man, whom she recognized as Master Port, stroked his beard curiously as he eyed the staff.

Ruby smiled, nodding enthusiastically, “It is! It’s rather unique, I’d say!” she twirled the device in her hand before aiming the top of the staff to the floor, “However, I wouldn’t call this a saber per say.” Watching the surrounding masters, she gently pressed the switch towards the center of the staff, and in an instant a curved blade nearly half the length of the shaft poured from the device. A low hum of energy emitted from the pale green blade, “I call it a lightscythe.”

Master Port let out another laugh, though Ruby could sense he meant no ill, “You can’t be…” as he spoke she took a slow, deep breath, lightly kicking the head of the staff from the ground and twirling it behind her. She felt a calm wash over her as she twirled the scythe about her; first at her side with the blade barely missing the flooring by fractions of an inch, then she spun it on her person, the staff dancing around her as her body twisted with the motions. For several seconds she danced this way, twirling her unique weapon effortlessly, without fear or concern, with complete confidence and mastery of this weapon she called hers.

When she stopped moments later, she retracted the blade and returned to her initial stance, a respectful sentry before the council with her eyes fixed on the floor.

“Uhm…” Master Port started after the proficient display of this new style of lightweapon, “Right….well, please continue.”

Ruby couldn’t hold back her smile.


“YEAHA!!” Weiss cried out as she was thrown back by an invisible force, clutching at her left eye as she slammed into the ground. The searing pain left her stunned, even more than the concussive blow shed received afterwards. “Get up you foolish girl!” her master yelled, stomping over to her before she felt invisible fingers squeeze around her throat, lifting her to her feet. She kept her eye cover, clenching her teeth as she glared daggers into the eyes of her master.

“You are WEAK, Weiss! If you continue to hold back progress I WILL be rid of you and find a more worthy pupil.” He growled, squeezing her throat more before dropping his outstretched hand releasing the Force from her neck. She gasped, stumbling back but managing to keep her feet. She knew better than to protest, it would only lead to more pain…maybe even death. “I’m giving you one last chance, Apprentice…” he ground through his teeth, icy white eyes glaring back at her from under the drawn hood, “If you fail this time, I won’t be so kind…”

Weiss kept her eyes locked on the man before her, taking her breaths in rigidly before finally finding new, burning rage deep in her chest, a rage that she would harness in order to bring this man to his knees. She pulled herself upright, shoulders back, and chin held high as she lowered her hand from her freshly scarred face.


Protective Dean

Jack Kline X Reader

Word Count: 423

Requested: Anon

Request: Idk if you’re caught up with all 13 seasons of Spn if so can you do a Jack Kline imagine where reader is a young hunter and starts falling for jack

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Sam and Dean found you on a case that you were working, you were younger then and you seemed to have been on your own for a while, your mum was a hunter and one of her cases followed her home leaving you alone, she taught you self-defense and she told you stories of the things that she would hunt in the hopes that it would help you one day, she replaced the mythical remedies with the real ones and that gave you the ability to fight young. Sam and Dean didn’t think that they should leave you alone and so they convince you to go with them and you’ve been with them ever since.

Recently you had found Jack and you were all coming to terms with the new addition and his new powers you thought that he was really sweet and in most cases really funny, teaching him what he needed to know about the world was what had you falling for him though, everytime that you taught him something new, you saw the way that his face lit up and curiosity seemed to take over his features, unfortunately for you Dean seemed to realise the look on your face and the way that you acted around him and he didn’t like it.

One day he ended up pulling to the side in attempts to stop whatever was happening from happening. “(Y/N)can I talk to you please?” He asked and you nodded before walking over to him after finishing explaining a concept to Jack.
“What’s up?” You asked a large smile on your face.
“What’s going on with you and him?” He asked.
“What nothing, I’m just trying to help him understand what is going on, I know what it’s like to be thrown into a new world that you have no knowledge of.” You explained and he frowned.
“I don’t want you to get too close to him, we don’t know what he is capable of,” Dean explained and you frowned.
“How can you already be judging him?” You asked. “You’ve barely taken the time to get to know him.”
“No Dean come talk to me when he does something that warrants this because what your doing is just unfair.” You glared before walking away from him a smile immediately taking over your face when you looked at Jack who was looking through the pictures that you had given him, you sat next to him and smiled as you told him the stories behind the photos.

Requests and general question!

Confession #168

So I’ve been trying to come out to my mom for 2 weeks now and the problem isn’t that she’s not accepting or anything, I’ve already explained to her the concept a long time ago before i realized i fell under the nonbinary umbrella and she was confused, but accepting. I mean, it was new to her but she didn’t seem to even remotely doubt me. She’s a great mom, really open minded, she accepted my being aroace in a second. But enough of that. It’s not the problem.
The problem is I LITERALLY CANNOT GET HER ATTENTION FOR LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES WITHOUT A CRISIS HAPPENING. She’s a behaviorist, she works with a bunch of people, and without fail, if it isn’t one of her clients being wronged or having a crisis as soon as i get her alone, it’s a dog that has a tumor, or she has to work late, or my stepmother (they’re lesbians, harold) has a crisis of her own.
Like, they’re all legitimate reasons and i can’t really put this over the physical well being of one of her clients, but i just need like 20 minutes to start this off! Like, please? I feel like I’m living in a sitcom!

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The fact that fucking ANGELA AND SHAYLA had a kiss but not Tyrelliot

I know! It’s so frustrating that they spend an evening together and end up kissing. While Tyrell and Elliot have had all this tension between them for 3 seasons now, and still nothing.

But what really annoys me is that Shayla has been the only character to be confirmed bisexual and I was actually really looking forward to see more of her relationship with Angela. But Esmail killed her off.

So now we only have Tyrell, but his sexuality hasn’t even been confirmed. Plus he is an antagonist and his feelings are unrequited and unwanted.

Obviously I understand that this is a dark and depressing show and no one gets to be happy for very long, if at all.

But it seems a characters feelings are always requited when it comes to straight relationships, Joanna and Tyrell, Darlene and Cisco, Shayla and Elliot. So we actually got to see them be together for a while before one of them dies.

While Trenton and Tyrell feelings are unrequited and we have yet to see who Dom is dating, but we know she’s not in love with them.

The only exception is Gideon, who was married, so we did get scenes with him and his husband together.

But just before he dies he reveals his husband has divorced him. Which makes us question whether his husband ever actually loved him, or just cared about the money.

So yeah, this turned into a bit of a rant. But I just want to see lgbt characters who get to be in love and are loved in return.

She’s presented in this movie as Cloud remembers her, and her spirit is still with him - talking to him throughout the film. ~Maaya Sakamoto (Aerith’s voice actor), pg. 58, Reunion Files

In Advent Children

Showing up in front of people feeling pained and confused,Her figure seems like a loving mother. ~Aerith Profile 10 anniversary

I think part of the reason we decided to have Kadaj’s base at the Forgotten Capital is because it’s the one place that Cloud avoids. But at the same time, perhaps he’s drawn to it. There’s a sort of hidden meaning to it, with the maternal essence of Aerith that lingers there~  Nojima, pg. 29, Reunion Files

Mother?” -Cloud in the movie when he feels aerith’s presence who lives inside him who he feels in his soul

clerith confirmed pedophilia yall!!! thank you cleriths for being so desperate to disprove cloti you disprove your own ship

my only Thing with the punisher, because otherwise this show is raw perfection, is the homeland security arc.

by the time the sam and dinah relationship reaches it’s emotional finale, i really don’t feel like there was much behind it. she didn’t really seem to care too much about him beyond getting him on her side until it was too late, and the show chose to spend more time worrying about the back and forth of power, duty, and justice in dinah’s homeland scenes than it did her relationship with her new partner. in getting justice for zubair, they should have paralleled dinah and sam with frank and micro, not spent ages having dinah hook up with billy.

the show also can’t seem to decide if dinah is a hardened professional or a naive idealist- characters making bad choices or stupid mistakes don’t bother me, but one minute dinah is admitting she lost the tape micro sent her, the next she’s behaving like the top of her class. she says ‘i lit a fire under him’ about sam, and all i can think is ‘you jerked him around about trust for your own justice, and never bothered to learn anything about him’. which isn’t dinah’s fault, this is a writing issue- quite possibly the ONLY writing issue i’m having with the show.

i know a lot of critics are complaining about pacing, but i thoroughly enjoyed every second frank, micro, the liebermans, billy, rawlins, karen, curt, and lewis were on screen. the unfortunate slowness comes from a sort of scattered/disorganized writing in the homeland security corner. everything in the punisher side of things adds up and connects really beautifully, and every piece of character development felt earned and textured. it’s when we get in the homeland security offices where things get kind of boring to watch. 

which is a shame, but if that’s the only complaint i have about the show? baby i will TAKE IT.

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In the ‘kidney shot’ you linked in one of your anon replies, why was Taylors eyes puffy and why was that an emotional day for her. Also what snapchat did Calvin make fun on Taylors breasts

(i.) I’m afraid I cannot link you to the snapchat (it was not posted by Calvin, but by one of his friends, and was, subsequently, deleted) and would not if I could. I must ask, as such, that you take me at my word.

(ii.) Why exactly Taylor had (it seems) been crying, I do not pretend to know. I would imagine that either she had quarrelled with her ‘boyfriend’ or perhaps her publicist (who may have stayed the night in her apartment; in a remarkable case of mistaken identity photographs were published by the Daily Mail of her departure the next morning with a suitcase below the headline ‘Poppy Montgomery gets caught in Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Chaos’). Alternatively, Taylor was simply exhausted by her promotional tour whirlwind romance with Calvin. (For context, see here.

Whatever the cause, however, Taylor’s distress was sufficient for Karlie to make an appearance at her apartment that evening (for the first time in 2015). She was not the only guest – Jack, Lena and Gigi were also present (as was Calvin. This was the origin of Karlie’s birthday post) –  but she was the only one to arrive and not be papped leaving later the same evening (x//x). Instead, she was seen in the near vicinity the morning after carrying the same brown paper bag (x//x).

NCT 127 Reaction: His parents don’t approve of his Tattooed/Pierced Girlfriend

Anonymous said:

Can you please do a Nct 127 reaction to his parents not approving of his girlfriend because she has tattoos and is a foreigner? Thanks~


A/n: Of my goodness I actually have a request what is this–

For Haechan and Mark’s, it’ll be piercings cuz they a little too young for tattoos I guess? Idk don’t question my logic.

Scenario: He and his girlfriend were over at his parents house. It had been the first time they had met her and, at first, he had thought it was going well, until they pulled him aside while she was in the bathroom washing her hands after dinner.

“Are you sure about…her? She doesn’t seem…like the right one for you.” His mother cooed, trying to persuade her son.

“Son she just seems…like she’s going through something. With all those tattoos (or piercings). We don’t think you should see her anymore.” His father muttered.


Originally posted by nctaezen

Was not having it one bit. Although Taeil didn’t want to disrespect his parents in any way, he was old enough to choose who he wanted to date and love.

“I love her, and if you can’t handle that, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to deal with it for a long time. Maybe even the rest of your lives.”


Originally posted by nctaezen

He’d be conflicted to say the least. He loves his parents so much and respects the decisions they make, but does he respect them so much he’d break up with his beautiful girlfriend just to please them?

“I’m my own man, and I love her. Simple as that.”


Originally posted by nakamotens

He felt the need to tell his parents off about it, but he wouldn’t. He just gave them a blank stare, and pretended not to hear them as soon as his girlfriend joined them once again.

“My beautiful girlfriend, have I told you how much i love you?”


Originally posted by neotechs

Jaehyun would instantly disagree with his parents. He knew that they didn’t know her like he did, and he wanted to change their minds. No matter how long it takes, he wanted them to accept her for the way she i because he plans on having a long future with her.

“Get to know her better before you make a rash assumption like that ,okay? She’s an amazing girl and I see myself spending the rest of my life with her.”


Originally posted by dovounq

Doyoung respects his parents, yes, but to make an assumption like that just based off of her Tattoos and her origins? Now that’s something he doesn’t stand for.

“Well, if you’ll excuse us, we need to be going now, right Baby?”


Originally posted by nakamotens

Yuta wouldn’t be having it. They flew all the way to meet his parents, his girlfriend even bought them beautiful gifts, but they continue to disrespect her like this? It’s something he doesn’t stand for.

“I love her with all my heart, Tattoos and all. And you should start too, because she’ll be staying around for a long time.”


Originally posted by weyoungbynctdream

He wouldn’t know what to do. He wanted to handle them himself, but he wouldn’t know how to approach the situation. So, after dinner when everyone is starting to sleep, he’d bring it up to his girlfriend.

“I don’t agree with them whatsoever, but I want to change their minds about you. I love you so much and you don’t deserve to be treated like this.”


Originally posted by nctmark

Mark knew that his parents were coming from a good place, but it wasn’t their say in who he dated. He would be the only one who listened to their explanation fully and saw their side of things, but would also explain his point of view, telling them the things they don’t see.

“I’m happy with her, and hopefully she’s happy with me. That’s all I’ve wanted in life and now I have it. Can you please respect my decision and get to know her?”


Originally posted by haecha

He wouldn’t want to argue with his parents, especially about his girlfriend’s piercings. He didn’t see why they felt the need to tell him that he shouldn’t be with her. After all, it wasn’t like they had gotten the piercings; They were his girlfriend’s choice, and he respected that.

“Well, it’s not like you have them on your body. It was her choice, and we should respect it.”

Dating Melinda May Would Include...

Requested by @ladygray108: Dating Melinda May perhaps?

  • Being a fellow agent of SHIELD and hearing all sorts of rumors and talk about May
  • You were sure 90% of the gossip was fiction but you couldn’t be sure
  • It was your third year working of SHIELD and you finally got cleared to work on a top level mission
  • Everything was good until you realized that May was the one leading the mission
  • Being really nervous because you felt like May was going to be watching your every mood
  • After the mission (which went well) May told you that you did an exceptional job
    • This led you to be brought on to the team working with Coulson
  • Spending more and more time with one another
  • Coulson and Daisy finally setting you two up
  • May seems like the tough type but she’s really affectionate in private
  • Going on cute dates when both of you have free time (which is rare)
  • She loves sparring with you because you two love challenging one another
  • Being the only person who can tease her and get away with it
  • Daisy told you she’s glad you and May got together because May is giving a lot less death glares to other people
  • Being someone that May feels like she can be herself around