and no one seemed to have her

something i’m still so thankful for is the fact that skam didn’t show us people with religious beliefs having negative reactions to isak’s sexuality. sana didn’t reject isak, didn’t even think of doing so because isak being gay wasn’t a valid reason to stop being his friend, it didn’t change how she felt about him. and isak’s mom who seemed to have pretty strong religious beliefs as well also didn’t have a negative reaction, although isak thought she was going to have one. when he texts her to let her know he has a boyfriend, he expects her to be upset about it, tells her “i’m sorry if it makes you sad”. and i think at this point most of the viewers don’t expect her beautiful, loving, positive response. i know i didn’t, not because religious people all react negatively to homosexuality, but because that’s the image we’re always being fed. characters come out and their religious relatives and friends have very strong negative reactions, and they’re met with rejection 

but that’s just not right. it’s not right to lead us to believe that religious beliefs and homophobia and intolerance go hand in hand. it’s not right because there are so many lgbt people who have religious beliefs. and it’s not right because religious people who are indeed intolerant and hateful aren’t because of their religion. homophobia is hatred, and as sana so rightfully said, hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear

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Do you think Ashi died like the other Daughters or survived?

OH MAN…I’ve had my eye on Ashi since the first episode when she showed how different she was from her other sisters. In her training when they were younger, she showed happiness at the world outside, and just seemed to be presumed the weakest out of the Daughters because of this.

I can only imagine what that kind of training can do to someone, and she must have only continued on out of fear of course. Still, I knew that they just wouldn’t show this sense of reluctance in her and not bring it again, which I’m glad they did in this episode! Especially with this scene:

All the Daughters are just so confused by this act of kindness among animals. One of them even states they don’t like it, while Ashi (I assume it’s her, it’s hard to tell when they all look the same lmao) is just more less asking questions. She’s curious and I think that’s what makes her so different from them. The rest of the Daughters either see the deer as a symbol for Aku or they hate the show of affection. She even assumes watch when they settle down for the night, which I think show’s her different from the rest too because she’d rather be alone.

Now onto the fight with Jack at the end of the episode, it was interesting to see that despite Ashi being deemed the weakest, she was the last one to go down among her sisters:

She didn’t hold out for long of course, and Jack easily defeated her.

But this part sort of threw me off. Her dialogue sounded forced, “Die you worthless scum…you won’t escape Aku’s grasp yada yada” And I thought this could be to make the situation a little funnier, but she honestly didn’t sound too into it. Like the villain in a school play just reading his lines in monotonous tone. Now to answer your question: Did she die like the rest of the Daughters?

Ehh I don’t think so. The other Daughter’s were stabbed or had an injury to the head that caused them to die right away (or the one who was just launched over the edge), but Ashi just fell like her other sister. I think either she is the only survivor or the other Daughter who also fell somehow survived too. Now they were trained for anything, so it’s likely they/she survived I don’t think they would kill her off this quickly, especially since the show had already introduced her as the deviant of the Daughters (and she’s the only one with an actual name I think lmao). It’d be bad character development to just kill her off, unless it was to fuck with Jack even more (the Daughter’s were all victims of Aku as well). 

I have a feeling the show is going to bring her back to either A: Finish off Jack, or B: Help Jack (or C and Aku comes into the picture and does something to her). Overall, I really hope Ashi survived because it’d be interesting to see where the story takes her :D

Post Season One Character Analysis: Jasper

Jasper came to Earth with a grudge and a chip on her shoulder. She’s proud, narcissistic, egotistical, and unsympathetic. She’s more of a warrior than a soldier, really - she seems to be looking for ways to prove herself and get into a scuffle.

She’s got some serious beef with Rose Quartz, and I have to wonder why - is it only because Rose was the enemy, or is there more to it? My prevailing theory is that Jasper lost people closer to her during the war, fellow comrades at arms, and so she blames that on Rose. As the only gem we’ve met who took an active role in the war and was on the enemy’s side, I suspect that Jasper will later serve as a way for us to sympathize with the other side.

Jasper also serves as a representation of the ideology of Homeworld, namely concerning fusion. According to her, fusion is a filthy war tactic, the easy route, a cheap trick for lesser gems to get the upper hand. It’s likely that this distaste for fusion is indoctrination pushed by Homeworld, which further points to the idea that Homeworld is purposefully keeping its population in the dark - if they see fusion as an acceptable practice, they’ll learn how much stronger fusions can be, and that’s a threat for those at the top. Jasper probably also harbors some ill-will about fusions due to her involvement in the war; “I respected your tactics” tells me that Rose encouraged her troops to use fusion to get some leverage on the enemy. 

Jasper ends up showing her hypocritical colours later on, though - when beaten by Garnet, she turns to fusion herself rather than taking her personally declared “high road.” She’s manipulative, and when push comes to shove, she’s willing to do whatever she has to do to prove herself. Personally I feel that the fate she’s bound to for now isn’t deserved, but I am interested to see how Malachite further fuels her hatred and anger. All that said, Jasper is a wonderfully complex character already, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

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Diabolik Lovers and Seduce Me seem to have a very, very strange resemblance. Would you care to explain?

One is about demons respecting a woman who takes care of them and shelters them with the possibility that one of them would fall in love with her.

The other is about violent and sadistic vampires who quite literally have no sense of respect for the female MC and use her because she is weak.

I see no resemblance other than the character types.


Alright, so seems the message didn’t wholly get across last night, which is irritating to be quite honest. But it seems everyone has alarmed my mate and spirit doctor/energy doctor Healer. He is going to break down his conversation so it is easier to read. In which case, I now give him the floor.

Healer: A brief background on myself. I’m roughly 17,000 as a human, which makes around half a million as a spirit. A fair amount of books on healing in the astral I have written myself. I have known Boo in several lifetimes, and met her in this one around the age of five; for those of you who don’t know, Boo is now 27. *takes out a stack of 5 thick leatherbound journals then pats the top one* As Boo has said in several posts of spirits, I am thorough, and there is good reason she knows this: because I have kept a log of Boo’s health energetically as well as physically because Boo’s soul is so old and contains so much energy that her human body could barely contain it as a child when we met. My sister, her spirit wife, under my supervision helped her build up her body so she could survive in this lifetime.

Healer: Which leads me to this point, the physical body’s health is closely linked to the health of the energy and of the spirit/soul and vice versa. I don’t expect many of you to understand as many of you are beginners or haven’t yet looked into healing along your paths. I’m not going into any detail of the attack on Boo and the history behind it, but I will discuss the effects it had on Boo and the severity of said effects.

Healer: Think of the body as the inside of an orange, if you will, and the outside rind/skin of the orange as the aura, if you will. Most attacks on the body and energy tend to be minor as they’re done by more common, not so powerful spirits. Those attacks are like when you try to peel the rind/skin off the orange and a little piece comes off. Those are no big deal, just fill them with extra energy and give it an hour or two to heal. What happened to Boo, however, was far more extensive and the spirit who attacked her was old, far less common, and powerful. By the time the attack was resolved, Boo was a nearly unpeeled orange. Her aura was essentially fileted into thin cuts of ribbon, which left her in a state of shock. I called on one of our spirit allies to help me heal her as he’s far older and taught me some of what I know about healing. Together we managed to essentially sew back some of the energy that makes up Boo’s aura so she has something passable for an aura. Her aura, however is really just an inner aura right now. She has maybe 3 inches of her outer aura, which is really nothing for her as her aura is quite large- almost 2 miles when completely extended. My point is, Boo has a lot of healing she needs to do.

Healer: The next 72 hours are critical for Boo and her healing. While I continue to sew back her outer aura together, Boo needs to rest and maintain hydration with lemon water, as the lemon juice will help cleanse her aura of any bad side effects, and nourishment, as the food will help keep her main energy points balanced as well as provide her extra strength while she heals. Boo will also be carrying and meditating with a rose quartz piece and green aventurine piece, which will help her aura heal. She will also be smoke cleansing with sandalwood incense while she meditates with the rose quartz and green aventurine as the smoke from the incense will help cleanse her aura during its healing. She will also be taking herbal baths with herbs that will help heal her energy and body.This wasn’t something myself or the other healers I work with could just fill in. This attack wasn’t minor.

Healer: Boo can barely bi-exist in the astral and physical, can barely use her psychic senses to interact with the few of us who are around her, and cannot channel. Channeling takes energy, which Boo cannot spare. The reason she is channeling me is because I provide her with energy, so I replace what I take; it’s not something many spirits know how to do as it is tricky to learn.

Healer: So, to reiterate, Boo will be healing the next 72 hours. Boo will not be interacting with the refugees about reverse adoptions. Boo will not be asking other spirits posted about working with someone. Boo will not be doing rehomings. Boo will not be doing bindings. Boo will be resting today, Monday, and Tuesday. Her companion Ever, her mate Holy Demon, or I may help her make some posts on new spirits and she’ll answer inbox questions and chat if any want to chat for sake of chatting, but that is all Boo will be doing. Everything else will resume Wednesday.

Healer: For those of you who have been understanding and have prayed or sent healing energy to Boo and checked on us all out of genuine concern, I thank you. For those who have been less so, then I hope this makes you understand the severity of what Boo endured.

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I want to thank those as well who have been checking on us as well as doing what they can to help us. I greatly appreciate it. The shop will be running normally Wednesday.

Deaf (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Harrassment, assault

Request: sherlock x reader where the reader is mute or deaf and she uses ASL to communicate but she is having some problems with some ignorant people and sherlock jumps into action to help and defend her

Originally posted by imaginesherlock

Your hearing had always been a problem. You had Grommets when you were only 5, since your hearing was already bad, but it only seemed to get worse, and by the time you were 18, there was no point in having hearing aids anymore.

So when you witnessed a murder, you didn’t know what to do. You hadn’t had speech therapy and you were basically mute, so you couldn’t go talk to someone. You tried signing to police but they couldn’t understand you.

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This means we will see him again.

Jet-packs are Breakable?  –  When I watched Boba Fett’s death, I thought jet-pack is unstable and easy-breakable. It made me feel somehow natural, and I like it.

So when I watched Mandalorians flying freely in The Clone Wars, I was shocked. It was cool, but they even seemed more powerful than Jango or Boba.

But Jet-packs still break. When Pre Vizra was kicked by Maul and fell down, his jet-pack went wrong. In Rebels, Sabine and Gar Saxon had fought twice, and both jet-packs had broken twice.

Sabine didn’t have jet-pack in her early appearance, maybe she had broken her former one.

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Do those dumbass tattle tales from the dark side realize that absolutely nothing will come of the ratting out those IG accounts? I have seen the most horrendous, racist, disgusting tweets and posts everywhere of American Presidents - Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. Nothing happens to those posters. What in the hell do they think will happen to a shipper in Bumfuck, USA? Get a grip and get a life. All they have accomplished is to make themselves look more ridiculous.

But it makes Tattle Tits feel important. Sad that a seemingly mature , educated, supposedly “successful” woman in her twilight years who has said more than once that she works in the mental health field and would , one would think , be secure enough in herself that she wouldn’t need to seek public approval from a total stranger on the internet . Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not surprising really all one has to do is read one of her apology posts that somehow always end up being less an apology than another passive aggressive attack on the person she says she’s apologizing to. A certain Fringe boy said it best she insinuates herself into situations to feed her self importance.

Okay so I said some nice things about mass effect yesterday, here’s my critical one:

Bioware, did a lesbian kill your father or something? I believe I’m owed an explanation for Suvi.

I mean, I like the other lady romance options for Fryder, but the one Fryder-only female romance’s first words to you out of her bubblegum pink glossed lips are “ISN’T GOD GREAT?? YOU BELIEVE IN GOD, RIGHT??”

While my square-stanced undercut-sporting vaguely handsome ASARI COMMANDO lady squad mate is dudes only???

mass effect has some incredible lady characters, but I don’t like playing male characters when I don’t have to and frankly a lot of the mshep romances seemed kinda creepy and exploitative to me. Tali’s infatuation with Shepard, or Miranda’s slow-building respect of her, could have been awesome romance arcs. Having a slow-burn romance with Ash like mshep apparently gets to have with Kaiden would have been hella satisfying.

And then there’s all the kinda… very gay-coded female characters that are pointedly straight like they’re heroically defying stereotypes or whatever. Like Jack, and Cora, and while we’re on the subject Cassandra and Morrigan

Traynor was pretty great, and the bisexual female romances are usually quality (I love Liara and Leliana and Isabella and Josephine and Vetra is stealing all of my heart) but there’s just something kinda… hmm, when you get characters like Suvi and Sera. Bioware does a great job with girl characters when they’re not trying too hard, but when they do it gets gross fast

Honestly if gay and lesbian romances weren’t so starved for positive representation I’d say the solution is to make all in game romances “player-sexual” and call it done. But unfortunately that isn’t the case, and unfortunately it seems like this is an area where the writing could really use some work

Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Day 7: Friendship
The full RAW list can be found here!

I choose Betty and Kevin for my friendship!

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 I think this show has a lot of amazing friendships and I really enjoy the dynamics between pretty much everyone, but I choose Betty and Kevin because I think they have such a solid, drama free, supportive friendship. The show has been highlighting Kevin’s friendship with Veronica recently (Which I am all here for) but I really love his friendship with Betty. It seems like such an easy friendship to me. It’s obvious they have been friends for a while and they really care for and love one another.

So…here’s a little Kevin and Betty drabble.

Originally posted by kevinkeller

Betty didn’t look up as her bedroom door opened. She assumed it was her mom coming to either put away her laundry or checking up on her. Whatever the reason, she didn’t even acknowledge her presence. It was her own private way of fighting back. Her mom could lock her in her room for as long as she wanted, but she couldn’t get Betty to talk.

Alice Cooper had figured out that Betty knew where Polly was staying and was punishing Betty for not telling her mom where she was. Betty knew that her mom would figure out that Polly was at the Lodge’s, but she wanted to give her sister as much space and time away from her mom as possible.

Betty yelled in surprise when someone jumped on her bed, half on top of her. She turned in surprise to see Kevin’s smiling face right next to hers.

“Kevin! You startled me. I thought you were my mom.”

“Well that explains the silent greeting.” Kevin rolled off of her and sat up. Betty followed suit and gave her friend a smile.

“How’d you get in here?” Betty asked. “My mom has me on lockdown”

“Honey, I’m the sheriff’s son. That opens a lot of doors.” Kevin said smugly and Betty gave him an unconvinced look.

“You’re dad isn’t exactly in my mom’s favor right now.” Betty said, thinking of how his dad was with the Blossom’s in the woods looking for Polly.

“Well, your mom is still at work and I told your dad I am here for a school project.” Kevin admitted. Betty reached over and pushed his shoulder.

“You liar!”

“Hey, I wouldn’t be complaining. I am here to save you from complete and total boredom!”

“You’re right. Thank you. It would’ve been a really long Saturday without you.” Betty said

“How are you doing?” Kevin’s grin faded and he regarded her seriously.

“I’m fine” Betty shrugged noncommittally

“Betty…” Kevin wasn’t believing that for a second. “Look, we haven’t really had a chance to talk about everything that has happened, it’s all been happening so fast.”

“It has…I just, I don’t really know what to think about everything.” Betty sighed and looked at her friend. “Everything has changed. I don’t know who my parents are anymore, my sister is pregnant with her dead boyfriend’s baby, Jason was tortured and murdered by god know’s who, and our friends, everything feels different with them, like everything has shifted. I think you Kevin, are the only thing in my life that has stayed constant.” Betty took Kevin’s hand and squeezed. Kevin smiled and squeezed her hand back.

“And that’s not going to change anytime soon. I’ll always be here for you Bets, you know that. And I know everything’s changing, but it’s not all bad right? Veronica is new, but she’s a change for the better.”

“Yes, she is. I’m glad that she entered all of our lives.” Betty agreed

“And Jughead…” Kevin trailed off, wagging his eyebrows at her which made Betty laugh.

“Yes, he’s definitely a change for the better as well.”

“You know that I was very pro Archie, but I have to admit, after seeing how you and Jughead are together, I think that you two are a better fit.” Kevin said seriously

“I agree. I think Archie and I are better off as friends. And Jughead…he just understands me in a way that I don’t think Archie ever could.”

“See? Everything may be all new and upside down and confusing, but it’s not all bad right? Plus you’re going to be an aunt. That’s pretty exciting!”

“Yes it is. I just wish my parents shared in the excitement.” Betty couldn’t wait to meet her niece or nephew. The thought of the adorable little baby made her extremely happy, but it also brought a sick feeling to her stomach when she thought about how her parents didn’t want Polly to keep the baby and how the Blossoms wanted to steal the baby.

“We’ll figure it out, I promise Betty” Kevin tried to reassure her.

“Thanks Kev” Betty said. Although nothing had changed in her life, since talking about it with Kevin, Betty did feel better. He was right, everything wasn’t all bad, she had a lot of good things going for her. She was incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends who stood by her and supported her and were willing to do anything to help her. She was grateful for the boy in front of her. He was her solid, unchanging rock. Betty knew that no matter what happened, she would always have Kevin to rely on.

“Alright, enough serious stuff. Tell me all of the details”

“Details about what?” Betty asked, confused at the sudden change in topic.

“Tall, dark, and mysterious. Come on, I want all of the details about how that happened.”

“Okay” Betty laughed, finally catching on. “Well, it was after we went to see Polly…” Betty proceeded to tell Kevin every little detail about her and Jughead. For a little while, Betty forgot about her worries. For a little while, it was like she was just a normal teenager telling her best friend about the boy she liked. And for that, Betty was thankful for.

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“If… By the chance of his intuition, you are indeed a Camda. You should know them. That does not devalue our relationship. It does not take away your home here. This is your home. Your home can be more than one place. Because family… Well, you make your family in this life. The people you love,” Keldorin explained to quell the growing anxiety he suspected to lurk within her mind.

Phi seemed to consider his words for a long while. Slowly, as if coming to terms with a new concept, she started, “Have not felt like Phi Atsuho in some time. A lifetime feels like to have passed since last the name felt telling to my heart and soul… Does that make any sense?”

“Yes. Yes it does.”

“Was thinking. How Keepers of the Moon name the sons after the mother. I, I am not a son. But—If, the Camda are correct. If I am one of their blood. I would not be opposed to taking on a new name.” The tentative lit lingered in her voice still.

Keldorin quieted for a moment. “A Camda name?”

“Seya is a pretty name,” she admitted, “and it would be keeping in part to tradition. Taking the mother’s name just… not as a son." 

"I think it would mean the world to their clan. Their Matron is not an unknown entity to me. A Hearer of some repute. More wild than many of the more public hearers, Matron Bijna Camda. If they think you are of their blood, I can think of not more suitable gesture.” His reassurance brought peace of mind, and inspiration.

Phi folded her hands together slowly nodding. “—Braisaux is also a pretty name,” she commented and watched his reaction closely.

His head canted at the name drop. “Well thank you… But I sense you are after something. Not… Seya Camda, then?”

Phi shook her head. “Mayhap not Seya Camda… mayhap Seya Braisaux?”

Keldorin’s left eyebrow slowly ascended his brow. “You would take my name?”

“If redleaf one would bestow it. Would be wrong to steal,” she quickly added.

A rare, gentle smile grew upon Keldorin’s face. “It is yours, if you would have it.”


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What's your favorite video game? Or do you not have one?

Well, I actually have a great deal of trouble with technology. Most of my long-time readers know that my Siri and her counterparts all seem to conspire against me and very amusing ways. It is the same with appliances, televisions, and I fear that if I ever became too excited or upset with a game, I would do something terrible to the game system. This means that all my experience with said enjoyments has been rather rudimentary, done in shifts over long periods, and involves things that are not like to annoy me.

I have only played on game to completion, and that was Portal and Portal 2. I am exceedingly fond of puzzles, you see, and found the games entrancing. But even so, I did have to be cautious that my anticipation didn’t also fry the poor machine.

I have three MacBook pros, 5 iPhones, and spend an exorbitant amount on light bulbs every years. I have to be careful to make certain that no one electronic device spends any length of time in my company in the “on” position, and so alternate. But game systems are not so easy to shift between, as I understand it, and really, with two businesses and my publishing and investments to look after…

I can easily say I don’t have time.

But! Technology and culture provide! I have discovered the “LetsPlayers” phenomenon, and do frequently watch, so as to comprehend what the devil you lot are saying when you talk about things.

I hope that answers your question.

Guys, the search is over, I found the cutest fictional robots.  I’m watching GitS:SAC for the first time and the tachikoma are the most adorable things to exist.  They’re built to be personal tanks for the police but they have these cute, squeaky voices and they’re so peppy and they get excited about everything.

Even though their memories all get synced, some of them still have preferences for different things like reading and video games.

They also seem to have the ability to care, since they worry about what would happen if their memories got deleted.

In one episode of GitS:SAC, they intentionally decide to “act more like robots” so that they won’t upset the humans they work with.

And in another episode, a tachikoma unit breaks out of the police’s facility just to explore town and ends up accompanying a little girl looking for her lost pet.

These are literally the cutest things ever, I can’t stand how adorable they are.  I want twelve???

Fed up. The last two days have been spent in bed/on the sofa because of bad Vertigo.

Missed therapy today. Could have really done with a session as well.

It’s my partner’s birthday today and even though she isn’t that fussed about her birthday I feel shit that I couldn’t do anything special for her.

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today. Our mum is abroad right now and is uncontactable. It’s stupid but its making me really anxious.

Messaged my sister and she’s not replied even though she’s answering others on Facebook. I feel like she forgets I exist sometimes.

No one seems to want to switch out.

Anxious. Denial bad tonight.

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Hey I found your blog today and I don't really get the point why people are mad that she did not inclouded a main lgbt couple into her books. I mean just because you write a book you don't have to write such a relationship . Also I personally think that she bases the books on her experiances and when she never experienced such a relationship why should she include one? In my opinion it would be worse if she would include one just to please certain people. 1/2

Because than it wouldn’t come from her own intentions. And if someone wants to get on this train. I am not homophobic or something like this. I really don’t care what or who or what you don’t love/fuck/kiss. Or as what you identify. I would really appreciate it if you would answer me. Thank you :) PS: I personally enjoyed the books really much but that does not mean that I don’t want to her other optinions. PPS: I am not a native speaker so I am very sorry if my english is not the best.

“I mean just because you write a book you don’t have to write such a relationship”
When you have such a large cast of characters, you could have at least one gay couple, you know? Especially considering she has a lot of forced relationships. Malide was already done, it wasn’t forced, they had a connection, they had chemistry. But what did SJ/M do? Pair Elide up with L0rcan, a character most people didn’t really care about until E0S, and pair M/anon up, a misandrist man-eating witch, with a man she barely knew. It’s forced and stupid.
“Because than it wouldn’t come from her own intentions.” Yeah, that’s the problem. She doesn’t think gay couples exist, she doesn’t care about them, but they exist. Bisexuals, gay men and lesbians literally exist and they have romantic partners. (And trans people exist too but you’re talking about lgbt couples and I don’t want to get into the transphobia her books show because it’s A Mess).
“But A/edion is bi” well, it’s a really bad representation, a character called “whore of Adarlan” isn’t good bi rep. She decided to make bisexual the only character known for his promiscuity. Not to mention it was compared with forced prostitution. That’s literally biphobic.
Some people just want to see themselves represented in a positive light in books, tv and movies. LGBT+ rep isn’t common at all, it’s more common now than twenty years ago, but still not enough. SJ/M’s LGB rep (because there’s no T) is harmful and tropey (the evil gay, the promiscuous bisexual, background pointless gay couple…). The thing is that she had a PERFECT opportunity with Malide, but she decided two forced hetero couples were better. That’s homophobic. (Not to mention she queerbaited us with Malide)
I’m being nice because you truly don’t seem to understand why people want more diversity or why we’re mad at her. Try to understand lgbt+ fans because not everyone is straight and/or cis. 

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sometimes i just wonder about how much time kenchan spends thinking of skits in his head and having the cast do them with him lmao

A not insignificant amount, I’m sure lol.  Then again, he really seems to enjoy doing this sort of thing.  

In the DVD for his fan event, he made his special guests at the donut conference do skits with him.  The afternoon event he and his two guests acted out a wedding in which Ken-chan was the bride, his one friend was the wedding photographer, and his other friend was the passionate ex come to convince him not to marry his/her new fiance.  In the evening event, his friend was an evil overlord trying to take over Akita prefecture (where Ken-chan is from) and Ken-chan was a magical girl come to save the day.  

They also pulled these prompts out of a tin so it was sort of a… Whose Line Is it Anyway feel.  

My point is: Ken-chan probably lives for this shit.