and no one seemed to have her

So for no particular reason I’ve been trawling through a bunch of shitty superhero movies/TV shows on Netflix and Amazon lately and it’s just really reminding me of the pattern cropping up in lot of big ol’ Hollywoodish productions that in theory seems to be following the “give your female characters meaningful connections with male love interests so they’re not just passive objects of desire” approach, but in practice these ‘meaningful connections’ are invariably “have your female characters take on the entirety of the emotional labor of the relationship”. 

Like, yes, please, let the female character make big decisions about what’s going on in her life and the plot and whatnot. But is the studly dude constantly coming to the female character for advice, is she pulling him back from the darkness, is she the one making all the decisions about what is and isn’t an appropriate response for him to have to a situation? Is the dude a passive reactor to his life, sitting back in baffled shock as his relationships fall apart around him, until an Emotionally Mature Woman comes to the rescue and explains to him everything he’s been doing wrong? 

That’s not reciprocal, man. That’s the grown-ass dude your best friend’s dating who’s never in his life done his own laundry. When they’re ostensibly prepping for a dinner party, he plants himself in front of the TV and says, “Hey, let me know if I can help with anything, I will absolutely help with anything you need,” or after a fight he very earnestly says, “Just tell me next time something’s wrong,” but he is never willing to put in the effort to be proactive about contributing to the relationship in any way. These dudes are blissfully ignorant that the effort needed for their partner to plan and manage and coordinate all these things on top of her own emotional baggage, not to mention having to work out how to communicate them, is practically a full-time job in and of itself.

Just, oh god, if you’ve gotta write dudes, please start writing dudes who are emotionally competent?

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MC living with saeran & saeyoung and adopting a kitten? Thank u for all the wonderful hcs all the time, they make my day ; v ;

  • The situation was perfect for MC… Saeyoung was distracted doing something on his computers, and Saeran was asleep on the sofa as a film was on TV…
  • She had thought that, because the twins had been doing so well recently, and their home had been tidy and safe for a good while… to do something as a reward.
  • Plus, Saeyoung was even being allowed to see Elizabeth the 3rd, because he seemed to have become a lot gentler thanks to MC recently…
  • So she knew what she had to do.
  • In her arms were two little kittens. A little black kitten, which she had named Cola, and a little brown one with beige-y markings which she had called Cocoa.
  • She had adopted them from a local animal shelter, because she had noticed an ad put out online saying that they were going to be put down if they weren’t adopted soon, because of both of them being abandoned and basically the runt of the litter.
  • They were just… far too adorable.
  • Eventually, MC settled herself in a spare room, which is what she had set up that morning for the two kittens to play in.
  • Cola was the curious one, going straight over to a little ball of yarn which was there. Cocoa remained on MC’s lap after she sat down. In a way, they actually reminded her of the twins themselves… Saeyoung was like Cola, and Saeran like Cocoa.
  • Once she felt she was ready to introduce the kittens to the twins, she then pulled out her phone and sent a text to the twins.
  • Saeyoung! Saeran! I need you in the spare room, ASAP!’
  • There was a sudden thud of feet in the hallway outside, and MC giggled because she knew that was Saeyoung.
  • Just outside the room, MC heard a yell for Saeran to hurry up, before the door opened with both twins stood there.
  • A smile formed on her face then, before she stroked Cocoa behind her ears.
  • “Hi! Now, I know it’s a bit late for a birthday gift… But I felt that it would be worth it! Meet the two new members of the Choi family! Cola, the kitty over there, and Cocoa, this little ball of fluff!”
  • Saeyoung’s eyes widened, before he skidded across the carpet and stared at Cocoa with wide eyes.
  • “Oh my God, MC… Our children! You never told me you were pregnant! Momma cat MC, papa cat Saeyoung, uncle cat Saeran, and the little kitties!”
  • Saeran rolled his eyes as Cola made his way over to him, and started nuzzling at his feet, which made his cold look waver, before he crouched down and began stroking the cat, and holding the kitten up to his face as he licked his nose.
  • Saeyoung, meanwhile, was cradling Cocoa like a baby in his arms.
  • “Ha… The best late birthday present ever, MC… Thank you. I’m sure that Saeran appreciates this too…”
Wild Thoughts

I think I’m in love with Rihanna. Seriously. She and her outfits in the Wild Thoughts video are the inspiration for this story. Well, her and Beyonce from the On The Run fake trailer. Hope you enjoy :)

The air is sticky this time of night in Havana, but no one seems to care. The bar is packed, the patio even denser with bodies. The music is loud, the drinks are cold, and the air smells of the finest cigars. The band is soaked in their own sweat but they’re having too good a time to stop now. The trumpet players dance along with the percussion beat, clapping their hands in enthusiasm before returning the brass to their lips. Bodies sway to and fro as their hands and fingers reach toward the ceiling. Men slink their arms around the waists of their women, pulling them deeper into their body as they wiggle and writhe to the beat. 

Rick downs his brown liquid in one gulp, before sliding the short glass away from him, prompting the young bartender to hit him with another. He sits alone at the bar, Daryl leaving him hours ago with his favorite girl, Marcela. They weren’t supposed to be in Cuba this long, just a few days, but the food and drinks and women always prove to be too much for the duo. A few days turns into a few weeks, into a few months. Daryl lays his head with Marcela, while Rick lays with anyone that’ll take him. His flings will last a few weeks, a month or two maybe, but they always fall in love and he always takes the cue. It’s time to go once their eyes start sparkling for Rick Grimes.

He slides his crystal blues across the dance floor, looking for her. Three nights he’s watched her and her dark haired, fair skinned friend dance until they can’t stand. They accept drinks from most of the men in the bar, they laugh loudly, they even partake in the cigars. Two carefree, beautiful girls. Just how Rick likes them. He’s only managed to catch the green-eyed girls name, Maggie. But every time someone calls for the dark skinned, toned bodied friend, something manages to drown out her name. Rick reaches for his fresh glass of scotch and takes a sip, leaning against the bar with his elbow. A flash of peach catches his eye and he flicks his orbs toward the bright intrusion.

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HTTYD one-shot | Hiccstrid | Modern AU

One-of-a-kind Day

Astrid’s day had been going wrong all day long… and now, to top it off, her tire was flat. The only good thing about that darned flat tire was that it just happened to show itself right as she drove into the Walmart parking lot. So now here she stood, watching as one of the mechanics drove her car to the garage only meters away. With a heavy and frustrated sigh, she pulled out her grocery list and flung her purse of her shoulder, hoping they’d have the tire ready by the time she was done shopping.

               She stomped inside, getting even more frustrated when the automatic doors seem to jam slightly by her angry stomps on the sense pad. She growled and banged on the doors, and they promptly opened. She trudged through, dragging a cart out of the entry before rolling her way into the chilly building, not even acknowledging the woman who welcomed her.

               First item on her list was in the womanly area of the soaps and shampoos, where she collected what she needed before making her way to the grocery section. She first grabbed several bags of chips, then paused as she reached the freezer section before grabbing a carton of ice cream, dropping that into her cart as well for she figured that Netflix and ice cream was what she had to look forward to tonight. And it sounded heavenly.

               Next thing on her list was Gatorade powder mix, so she hastily wheeled to the juice aisle and hastily glanced over the shelves for the drink. She groaned when she caught sight of the object sitting on the uppermost shelf, nearly four feet above her.

               She moved as close to the shelf as possible before standing on her tiptoes, fingers barely grazing the shelves rim on which the item sat. And even then, she still had to get it off top of a box of some kind. Why the heck would anyone put something that high up!? And she wasn’t too short either, nearly 5’8”. How did they expect people to reach it on a daily basis?

               She jumped up and down, hoping to grab it on one of the trips into the air. Each time she came within inches of grabbing it, but always fell short one way or another. With an angry howl, she reeled back and kicked her cart, sending it skidding to the side slightly but otherwise nothing came of it.

               Astrid growled again before turning and facing her foe once more. She placed her hands on her hips, then returned to her hopping, she paused and grabbed the cart, pushing it up against the shelf and attempting to stand on it, but each time she tried it would start rolling away, until she slipped and collapsed to the ground, cart skidding away as though taunting her.

               “Dang it!” She shouted, slamming her fist against the ground as she scrambled to her feet.

               An elderly man who was inspecting a bottle of energy water glanced at her in concern, but Astrid just glared at him in response. The man hastily looked away, obviously trying to look as though he hadn’t noticed anything array.

               “Stupid- why the heck would someone put something that high up?” Astrid hissed and stepped further back, refusing to relent and go on without that drink mix. She’d come to get it, and she wasn’t going to leave until a can of it was sitting in her cart.

               There was an awkward cough from behind her, and she whirled about in all readiness to give that old man a piece of her mind, but she faltered when she noticed it was actually a Walmart employee who’d intruded. She gave him a quick look down, noting his tall and lean figure and shaggy auburn hair. His eyes were a bright green, his mouth quirked in a small smile to show slightly uneven teeth, although somehow, they only managed to make him look more attractive. He also looked to be around her age, maybe twenty or twenty-one. His left hand was tapping awkwardly against his leg, while his right hand tugged on his blue vest, which displayed a name tag marked “Hiccup”. Odd name, Astrid thought distantly in the back of her mind, although the thought was quickly pushed aside as he began to talk.

               “Um… I couldn’t help but-“ the man started, voice nasally and carrying a nervous tone. “d-do you need help?”

               She flipped her head, braid sliding off her shoulder and onto her back as she shook her head defiantly. “No- I do not need help. If you dopes would only place the merchandise in reaching distance-“ she growled angrily, jerking her head in the direction of the Gatorade mix. “Top shelf, seriously? Couldn’t put some of the bottled water up there instead?”

               Hiccup followed her pointed finger and furrowed a brow at the juice. “Huh, that’s not supposed to be up there… actually. Here-“ He stepped forward and grabbed a can, lightly tossing it to her. Astrid caught it deftly, not letting up the glare she sent his way as she slammed the item into her cart.

               “Thanks.” She said begrudgingly with another annoyed flip of her head.

               “No problem… uh… do-do you need anything-“

               “No. I’m fine.” Astrid called back as she exited the aisle and made her way towards the next, pressing her mouth in a thin line as she continued. All she wanted to do was go home, curl up on her couch, eat junk food and watch tv. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it?

               She hastily grabbed several more items from her list, along with a couple of others that weren’t included but she knew she needed. By the time she reached the cracker and bread aisle, she was nearly finished. It wasn’t until she was already finished at the cashier’s that she remembered she’d forgotten a very important item in her life: coffee.

               With a yelp of half alarm and half anger, she wheeled her cart towards the door, hoping that lady who was always standing by at the doorway would watch it for her. She agreed without a problem, and Astrid made a mad dash back towards the drink aisle, hoping it would be a quick trip in and out. She really wanted to get home.

               She skidded to a stop once she reached the aisle, pausing to catch her breath before noticing with disappointment and annoyance that the young man- “Hiccup”- was still there, switching out the Gatorade for a different shelf that had packs of bottled juice.

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Tht ask u answered about gal gadot was probably the most ignorant thing ive ever read, i cant believe u actually tried to justify the actions of someone who has actively voiced her disregard and hatred for Palestinians

I don’t think I even defended Gal. I explained the modern meaning of Zionism. I don’t know Gal all that well. I know she has voiced her support for her military, as do many Americans for theirs. I know she has called people out for hiding behind women and children, but no where have I read anything about her purposely saying she hates Palestines and wants them all to die.

I by no means support any form of warfare or violence. I’m not picking a side. By that other post I just merely wanted to explain that people need to stop following and believing the media who say Zionists (as well as Palestinians, etc.) wish death upon everyone. Sorry if that makes /me/ seem like the ignorant one.

Whoa, hey now! We’re actually about to learn some stuff. Ironwood sent Winter out of the room. This lot are about to discuss something very sensitive indeed.

The moment she was gone, Qrow informed everyone that the “little infiltrator” (Cinder, most likely) is not another pawn. They’re “the ones responsible for Autumn’s condition.”

Alright. Who’s Autumn and what did Cinder do to him or her?

Hello now… According to Qrow, the four of them aren’t actually professors, or generals, or headmasters. They’re the ones who fight threats the world doesn’t even know about. Yeah, that seems to be Cinder’s group to a T.

At this point, I would have guessed that these four were a Team once upon a time. But I know that Qrow was with Summer, Taiyang, and Yang’s mother.

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For the ask meme: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The first character I first fell in love with: Illya “It doesn’t have to match” Kuryakin
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Napoleon “Somehow it just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do” Solo
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Gaby Teller, mostly because of her slapping around Illya for no justifiable reason.
The character I love that everyone else hates: Um… Victoria, maybe? I don’t know if the fandom hates anyone in the movie in particular.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: ?????? No one?
The character I would totally smooch: Illya Kuryakin
The character I’d want to be like: Victoria. Life and wife goals, please
The character I’d slap: No one, why are we hurting them? Stop these questions.
A pairing that I love: Napollya :D
A pairing that I despise: Despise is a strong word but I’m not a fan of Gaby/Illya for the abovementioned reason


“Wait for me.”

The Doctor slipping these three words into Bill’s subconscious when thinking she’s still alive to hear them was, to me, an equivalent to three other words he used a lot with Clara: “Duty of care.” He said he couldn’t promise keeping her from getting killed, but like all companions, he does try to restore damage that seems reversible.

These scenes were both haunting and comforting with the latter only due to the fact that it was the Doctor calling out to her. For the record, I have a huge fear of a figure standing over one’s bed, but because it was the Doctor, I was fine in that scene. It was Mr. Razor who made me jolt instead, and for good reason when it was revealed who he was later on! XD

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Same anon as before! I say the writers care about what the audience thinks is because of the way j0neryz (the far more beloved ship) is set up in the leaks. It seems so fanservicey and d&d have always been eager to show how much they love characters like d@ny and tyrion who are so different and whitewashed from their book counterparts. Then again, I'm a pessimistic Jonsa shipper and have no faith in the writers, but I hope I'm proven wrong.

I really wouldn’t put so much faith in leaks, nor would I put so much faith in it being endgame. The trajectory of Jon and Dany’s characters are vastly different to one another. Either they aren’t endgame or Dany finally gets her heroic sacrificial moment by giving her life to save Westeros. 

But I don’t think the writers are catering towards the audience. They might amp up certain scenes based on previous fan responses, but like I said before, the story had a conclusion long before the show started. If Jonsa was endgame, they wouldn’t change that simply because the fans prefer Jon3rys, and vice versa. Unlike other shows, Game of Thrones was always meant to end and not carry on forever with convoluted plot after convoluted plot purely to please fans and rake in the dough. 

Don’t be so pessimistic ;) Just enjoy the ship fandom, join in the fun tinfoils and metas, and beautiful fanfic/fanart/graphics/gifs that so many people are making. 

Pessimism kills and that’s a fact. 

(No, it’s not but it would make for a nice motivational poster.) 

+ honesty weekend – ask/send me whatever you want about anything you want +

Jimin Is Away; Summer, Chapter Three

Summary: Jimin, despite everything the two of you have been through, is slowly fading from your life. But when you find someone to fill the void, Jimin starts to become a bit strange.

Word Count: 1664

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Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Y/N sat in the parking lot of her apartment complex that afternoon, biting her lip as her thumb hovered over the most frightening sight of the day; the send button. She re-read over the short message that she typed for what seemed like the 100th time and sighed.

Hello Hoseok-seonbae! How are you?

Y/N sighed in frustration, glaring at her phone screen.

“Why is this so nerve wracking? You’re just texting a guy for gosh sake.” She mumbled to herself, but her mind still spurred on as she contemplated the message.

Is it too formal? Maybe I should change…-no! Stop it Y/N! You’re worrying too much, just send him the damn message! Y/N thought before hitting the send button with her trembling thumb. She quickly got out of the car, waving to the door man as she hopped into the elevator when she entered her apartment complex. Once the metal doors closed, her phone buzzed in her pocket. Quickly, she pulled it out, feeling her face flush and her heart beat pick up.

Yoo! Y/N! Don’t bother with those silly honorifics, Hoseok is fine! I’m swell!

Y/N smiled as she typed, stepping off the elevator and walking towards her apartment.

I’d feel bad I didn’t use some type of honorifics though. Can’t I at least say Hoseok-ssi?

Y/N placed her phone in her pocket as she opened the door, sighing out loud when she realized that Jimin didn’t lock the door. Again. She heard smashing buttons and the rainbow road theme music blaring from the TV as her eyes found the two boys sitting on the floor, already competing against each other.

“Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to show up.” Jungkook stuck his tongue out at Y/N, briefly glancing up from the game to look at her.

“I thought you said you would text me when you were coming home?” Jimin asked, turning to shoot an inquisitive glace in Y/N’s general vicinity. Y/N cursed in realization.

“Oh crap, I forgot, I’m sorry Jimin. I’ll join in the next round!” Y/N apologized, plopping down on the couch with her legs folded under her. She pulled her phone out and noticed the messages that Hoseok sent.

Uggh, fine, but its gonna make me feel old.
What’s up?

Y/N smiled as she typed,

I’m just hanging with some peeps, how about you?

She glanced up from her phone to notice that the boys were getting violent, shoving and nudging each other to try and throw the other off course. Y/N chuckled and looked down at Hoseok’s response.

Just chillin, I’m about to help my little sister paint her nails. I can’t decide what color I want to give her though. Any advice?

Y/N smiled as she read the message; imagining Hoseok being all brotherly with his little sister made her heart swell.

For a little sister? Uh. Duhh, black. Is that even a question?

A reply came almost a few seconds later.

That’s my favorite color, great idea! What do you do in your free time, besides being unbearably attractive of course?

Y/N blushed as she read and re-read the words. Her heart was bursting in her chest. She hadn’t been with such a flirtatious guy in a while, and the affection and endearment made her body feel warm and fuzzy.

A whole lot of video games with my dorky roommate and childhood friend. And movies. A shit ton of movies.

Y/N hit send and looked up to find that the game was paused on the final lap, both guys looking at her; Jungkook with a furrowed expression on his face and Jimin with a look of wonder.

“What?” Y/N asked, looking at both guys. Jungkook suddenly shot up from his spot on the floor, leaning in close to grab her face with both his hands. Y/N blushed at Jungkook’s proximity, his nose was touching hers and his lips were much too close. Jungkook, her long-term childhood friend that she’s known since they were in diapers, (before Jimin came into the friend circle at age 4) didn’t seem to mind though.

“K-Kookie?” Y/N blanked, looking anywhere but Jungkook’s eyes.

“Dude, what’re you- “

“Shhhhh.” Jungkook hummed softly, turning Y/N’s face every which way under his scrutinizing stare. Y/N’s phone buzzed in her lap, but Jungkook didn’t pay it no mind. He stared at her for three long seconds before he let go of Y/N’s face with his eyes glowing and a wide smile on his face.

“Shut up!” he yelled happily. Jimin and Y/N looked at each other in confusion before turning back to Jungkook.

“You met a boy!” Jungkook continued. Jimin’s eyes widened and Y/N sputtered.

“What?! No! I, well, maybe…yeah.” She finished with a small smile etched on her face. Jungkook squealed happily, but Jimin’s stare became dark and downcast.

“Ooh!!! Details! What’s he like? Is he handsome?” Jungkook gushed, sitting up on the couch with Y/N, holding her hands in his. Y/N blushed and nodded.

“Very, very handsome Kookie! He has this chocolatey brown hair and the deepest, darkest eyes. He has this voice, it’s so smooth and he has this way with words that makes my heart skip beats.” Y/N gushed. Jungkook clapped his hands together and hugged the girl tightly.

“Jiminie! Aren’t you proud of our Y/N for finally finding a man?! And here I thought she was just going to die a lonely cat lady.” Jungkook teased, rubbing his cheek against her own in a motherly way. Y/N pushed him off and flicked his nose playfully.

“Yah! You’re so mean Jungkookie! Respect your noona!” Y/N laughed, but when she looked up and saw Jimin’s dark expression her smile slid off her face.

“Jimin?” she asked softly. He turned his attention to her and gave her a forced smile.

“Yeah, I’m happy for you Y/N! Really, good job, and to think that I thought we’d be stuck as roommates forever.” He teased. He pulled Jungkook up off the couch and back onto the floor.

“C’mon Kook, I still have to beat your ass before Y/N can join us.” Jungkook huffed and grabbed his controller. Jimin’s challenge to the younger man was clearly accepted as they continued with their game.

Confused and bewildered at what just happened, Y/N picked up her phone to read the string of texts Hoseok had sent her.

Lol, that sounds like me too!
Are you a mind reader or something?
Btw, my little sis loves the choice you made
She thanks you
But can I ask you something?

Y/N smiled and typed out a reply.

Lol, I’m glad she likes it. You already asked me something though, for this next one I will have to charge you.

Hoseok replied almost immediately, as if he was waiting for Y/N’s reply.

It’s worth the cost if I get to keep talking to such a wonderful girl
One: I need a decision breaker between two movies, wanna help a guy out?
Two: Where have you been hiding all my life?

Y/N giggled and squirmed happily in her couch crease.

That’s two dollars, y’know
But, yes, please! I’d love to help, what are the choices?
You’re such a flirt, the girls must be all over you Mr. Jung~

On the other side of town, Hoseok chuckled at his screen. He liked this girl. He liked this girl a lot. She was funny, sarcastic, yet cute and shy. She was so innocent, and Hoseok wanted nothing more but to help corrupt her. He typed his reply after a few seconds of pondering.

Final Destination 3 or The Descent?
And baby, I’m only a flirt when I talk to you. I can’t help myself. After all, you deserve to be ravished in compliments.

Y/N read the messages with a red blush on her face, and an excited smile as she pondered the movie choices.

The Descent, obviously, that movie is incredible! Even though FD3 has that awesome, cheesy quality to it like Scary Movie, you seem more like a serious horror lover to me.

Hoseok smirked.

Are you sure we haven’t met before? It’s like you already know me~
That movie creeps me out in the best ways possible

Y/N blushed and typed her message, worrying over her words before hitting send.

Trust me, with a face like yours I don’t think I’d forget you
Just don’t go spelunking and you’ll be fine

Hoseok laughed, she knew her movies alright. And her small attempt at flirting made her even cuter to him.

Lol, yeah I’m never doing that
But look who’s a flirt now~
What movies are your favorite?

Y/N was about to type but a controller was thrown into her lap.

“Pick your character and car Y/N, we’re gonna start a tournament!” Jungkook said happily. Y/N quickly typed.

Movies are like music, they’re all good. You just have to find the good ones out of the mix of genres

Hoseok nodded, liking her answer. She was such a free spirit in his eyes, and that made the chase even more fun to him.

Good point, we should watch some together so you can help me find the good ones

“Y/N? You ready?” Jimin asked her. He looked at her differently than normal. We have to talk later, she thought as she picked up the controller with her left hand.

“Now, now, Jiminie, let Y/N say goodbye to her little boyfriend.” Jungkook nudged her side playfully and Y/N blushed.

“He isn’t my boyfriend Kookie.”


Y/N rolled her eyes and typed out three words before setting her phone down and replacing her focus with a controller. She looked up at Jimin, not noticing the hints of sorrow and anger flickering in his eyes. She playfully stuck her tongue out at him and smiled. Jimin couldn’t help but smile back and let out an airy laugh. Ah. There was that smell of mint like usual, but it didn’t make her heart stop like it normally would.

“I’m ready.” She said.

I’d like that

It’s not my favorite ship for either of them by any means, but I do have a soft spot for these two together. I think it’s a shame that the writers dropped the idea so quickly.

I mean, Tucker taking the fall to keep both Valerie and her dad out of trouble is a pretty big thing. He could’ve gotten arrested or something, considering the damage Valerie and Danny did while fighting. His feelings started out kinda shallow, but he must’ve really grown to like her if he was willing to go that far.

For some reason, it seems like Tucker isn’t allowed to have a crush that lasts more than one episode. Valerie and Danny have good buildup. Paulina’s crush on Danny Phantom was something that developed over time and then stuck. And then, of course, Sam and Danny liked each other from pretty early on.

Not every character needs a relationship, of course, but Tucker really wanted one, and I’m kinda sad the writers never really took his crushes very seriously.


The Tower of the Swallow by Andrzej Sapkowski

‘We have you now, Falka! You were not expecting us here, huh?’
‘I was expecting you,’ the old man heard. He trembled at the sound of that voice. He saw the movement of the slender figure. He heard a gasp of horror. The muffled cry of one of the serving girls. He could not see that the girl called Falka had removed the hood and scarf. He could not see that her face was terribly maimed. And her eyes painted with paste of fat and soot made it seem like she had the eyes of a demon.
‘I’m not Falka,’ said the girl. The old man saw her move again, fast and blurred. He saw something glint in the light of the oil lamps. ‘I’m Ciri from Kaer Morhen. I’m a witcher. I came here to kill.’

ambiguouslyevil  asked:


Sexuality Headcanon: she likes anyone who’ll like her back

Gender Headcanon: trans girl

A ship I have with said character: canderemy owns my ass

A friendship I have with said character: LISTEN I…. i care a lot when candace and perry interact…..

A NOTP I have with said character: one time i saw a candace/doofenshmirtz fanfic on ao3 and then i immediately died

A random headcanon: what if for every character, on this part, i just said “theyre autistic”… bc like, they all seem to be

General Opinion over said character: listen, i love her? i love u? wtf

I’m fucking in love with you - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,4k

A/N: Please leave me some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!!

Originally posted by lovingluke

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About the swimsuits, didnt one time Jinger wear a baggy shirt and shorts? I think that was while she was with Jeremy

Yeah, Jessa has as well! This seems to have relaxed over the years & depends based on the person. Anna wore one of the Wholesome Wear swimsuits on her honeymoon, Jill wore on in CA as I recall-the time they stayed in the hotel for a mini getaway. While I doubt we will see a Duggar in a traditional bathing suit (even a one piece) any time soon, It seems like the dress suits might be challenging to swim in

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“We know from the MonoKuma file that Aries died first, then Helen and finally Masae. So, figuring that Aries must have died somewhere between 10pm and 4:20 am, if we’re guessing that Helen died when she went to the pool area, and Masae must have died somewhere between 7am and up until we found her which I guess was like 8am?” Melissa worked out. “So… How’d it happen?”

“Wait, if we think that way, then the killer must have been up all night, so they must have been awake for more than 24 hours.” Elettra pointed out, glancing around the room. No one seemed as if they had been awake that long, or maybe they were good at hiding it. “Sorry, I suppose that was a bit of a tangent, wasn’t it?”

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It amazes me how ppl who stan girls who stand for feminism & kindness can be so hateful to each other. Maybe if this fandom wasn't so divided 5H would be doing better! Hell, maybe we would still have a happy ot5. I don't doubt for a second that Camila wanted out of a fandom that consists of half of the people hating her, & it contributed to her wanted to leave when she did. A fan said she saw a time at M&G when ppl completely ignored her. I know a lot of it was bc of mistakes she made... 1/2

But this fandom is so unforgiving. Lauren, Dinah, & Camila have all made mistakes for sure with things they’ve said. IDK about Mani & Ally, they seem pretty uncomplicated with that. We need to all stop this nonsense & just support the girls & help them to be successful. Whether that is LAND & C, or just one side of it, focus on that! There are plenty of shit songs on the radio, ‘Down’ could be doing better. Get your devices out & stream the hell out of it, put it on wifi & let it go 24/7. 2/2

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Ship ask game! 8 or 27?? Please?

8. How does one comfort the other when the other is in distress/having a panic attack/crying?

The two of them are not a particularly vocal couple (unless they’re really mad) so they tend to communicate in touches and caring gestures.

Karen has nightmares sometimes and wakes up panicked. If Frank is there he shushes her calm, holding her close so she feels safe. Karen’s distress is usually only caused by a few things (misplaced guilt, regret, or fear for those she loves) and Frank always seems to know exactly which one it is. He’s observant, and Karen has tells, so much so that Frank knows sometimes even before she does that they’re in for a bad night. Faraway looks, worrying at her bottom lip while flipping through her files, evenings that seem go go later and later until she finally drops from exhaustion. Those nights he lies awake, listening to her breathing so he can nudge her awake before things get too terrible.

Frank’s moments of distress are a little more unpredictable and he usually manages to keep the outward signs to a minimum, and yet Karen knows anyway. Like I said before, kastle cares in gestures. She makes him coffee before he can ask for it, the expensive slow roast she knows he likes but never mentions, pulls up their case files without being asked so they can go over them first thing, walks max during the day while Frank’s sleeping, makes him eat real food and actually enjoy it instead of treating it like fuel. And then there’s the touches, her forehead against his before he leaves, a brief pause so they can breath each other in, a silent I’m with you that he didn’t know he needed until the tension is rolling out of his shoulders and the strange heaviness in his chest is lifting.

And then there are the displays of bone deep grief, exceedingly rare, but unexpectedly barreling into Frank like a runaway train. Grief that Karen can’t even begin to touch, and she knows this, but still holds onto him for dear life, not letting him slip down into the dark. She’s never heard anything as heartbreaking as the sob of a man who’s lost his entire family. Empathy courses through her, tears sliding down her own cheeks as she cradled his head in her lap. They grieve together because there’s nothing else to do, and when it passes she doesn’t see him for a few days. It’s a distance he needs and she gives him that.