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Any suggestions for larry discovering they like daddy kink?

Maybe This Time - "I just want to call you Daddy sometimes," Louis says again, and his initial bravery has buggered off somewhere, leaving just the frantic beating of his heart and the rest of this bottle of Jack Daniels. - (Louis does top once BUT this is probably one of the best daddy kink fics ever plus there are two more in the series)

Call Me Daddy - In which Harry is so fond of how small and tiny Louis is and decides to take advantage of that by bringing one of his fantasies to life.

Take Me Down - Louis and Harry explore Daddy!kink and subspace - (Louis never actually calls Harry daddy BUT this fic is reallyyyy good)

Simmer Down and Pucker Up - At times, Harry couldn’t believe how positively obedient Louis was. Such as, at the current moment, where Louis sat with his hands clasped firmly behind his back and his mouth open wide, half-lidded cerulean eyes practically begging to feel Harry’s come streak his cheeks. There was a wanting evident in his expression that Harry had etched into his memory and that delightfully haunted him each time he and Louis would interact in the public eye. Harry and Louis would lock gaze across the stage and all Harry could see is Louis on his knees, begging for his come, or underneath Harry, begging to come, and he almost wished that the world could see this side of Louis because then it would all make sense. It was the missing puzzle piece to the impressive enigma that was Louis Tomlinson and Harry was almost reluctant to be its sole keeper. Almost. - (Daddy kink is already established BUT this is a good fic)

Sizing Up Your Storm Clouds - Louis has been looking after Tessa since he was sixteen. Harry’s a man in a business suit who has loved his daughter’s babysitter for three whole years.

Yes, Master - Or when Louis seduces Harry in lace panties and Harry really likes being in control

I Think I’m Running Out Of Oxygen (and It Feels Good) - So, Louis accidentally finds out what Harry’s been watching for kind of porn. It’s daddy!kink and lace!kink. He decides to fulfill that for Harry.

Bring Your Body, Baby - Louis is a uni student who works as a stripper to pay his way. One night, his English professor, Harry, is there and Louis panics, not wanting anyone to find out what he does. He agrees to a month of doing whatever Harry wants to ensure that the man doesn’t tell. - (The central plot is not really the discovery of daddy kink BUT this is one of my favourite fics everrrrr. And the daddy kink is really hot)

Drawing and Painting

You haven’t done a ritual in a long time, it isn’t really your thing. Scofflaw is usually the one who gets to do all the mystical stuff here. But now you’ve spent most of last night and since you woke up gathering supplies from a list that Eris had given to you. 

They seem weirdly content about this whole thing, but you suppose in this case it’s actually a good thing. 

You head over to Missy’s house and knock, waiting as patiently as you can with a heavy bag in your hands. It kind of looks like you’re just bringing her more art supplies, with all the jars full of swirling liquid in them, as well as the new paintbrushes you have (you needed special ones), and maybe you’ll leave this stuff with her if the runes ever need any freshening up

As a MLP fan art blog, i have to keep up with the daily art posts by all the amazing artists, every day i have to find and queue each one individually with links after sorting out the best from the rest. Every day brings in a lot of posts, and missing a day is absolutely the worst.

I forgot to queue yesterday. Ended up having 86 pictures that i grabbed today. Eighty. Bucking. Six.

People (don’t) ask me all the time “do you ever get tired of looking at all that art every day” today i can answer that i do. Ohhhhh myyyy celestia. I need a break from art and my computer.

To put into perspective how much 86 is in one sitting. My normal daily intake (which allows the daily post limit to stay so high. And may grow in the near future) is around 36. 86 is over two days worth.

Saying that, i love doing this, i love finding all the amazing art and sharing it with all of you, also hoping you enjoy them and go give the artists some love.

Just sometimes it just drains the life out of me.

Anyways. Rant over. (Yes i realize how terrible i sound)

Enjoy the art!


P.s. 86 is what i grabbed. I looked at over 2K pics. This fandom posts a TON of art. Its insane

100K!!! Woohooo!!!! Thank you for being the smartest, coolest, best looking customers/fans!!!! We love you<3 <3 <3!!!!

Our Spring 2015 line is dropping soon and you’re gonna want all of it so start saving up js :)

Here is a #fbf of one of our favorite posts ever. We really need to bring these back…

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No game should ever give me disposable minions. I’ll grow too attached. I mean, look at them. They put pumpkins on their heads (and rats, sometimes)!

tarlkhir gifted me Overlord last time I wasn’t feeling well, and I finally got a chance to play it today. I tell you, it is great fun being a beefy, brawny, ambiguous-gender lord of evil with a massive horde of squeaky goblins who run around bringing you treasure and beating people up for you.

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for the ship thing, I know it's not like a valid ship anymore, but Finn/Clarke? >>

immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on: Finn. Clarke doesnt laugh much so he takes it upon himself to be as ridiculous as possible to make her laugh.

wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes: Finn. Except, he’s already made the pancakes, so it’s really more like he’s waking her up demanding that she eat pancakes with him. Which Clarke always does because who says no to pancakes?

sends the other unsolicited nudes: Neither of them, really. Finn did once, but Clarke wasnt very happy about it because she was in the middle of a very important meeting and "anyone could’ve seen, Finn! Then what?"

brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt: Clarke. She likes bringing it up because she swears that she’d be the one to protect them if someone ever attacked them, since Finn’s a pacifist.

comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops: Again, they both do. The lady who owns the bakery actually knows them by name now.

blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit: Finn. Of course, Finn’s doing ridiculous shit all the time, so this happens quite frequently.

killed the guy (also, which hid the body): Clarke killed the guy and Finn helped hide the body.

wears the least clothing around the house: Clarke. She’s an artist, always getting pain on her clothes so the only natural solution is to wear as little clothing as possible, right? That’s Clarke’s theory anyway and Finn doesnt seem to mind.

has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason: Finn. He doesnt even try to hide how much of a romantic he is. He’ll bring flowers or other little gifts home on random days only for Clarke to find out later that it was actually the anniversary of the first time they spoke, or their first ‘real’ date, etc. 

Thanks for asking!!

Send me a ship!


“What I love about Louis the most is that he’s not afraid to turn it up for the red carpet. So the Louis that you see on stage or kicking a football is a completely different Louis to who you see on the red carpet. He will go out there in his double-breasted jacket and his loafers. He brings it to the red carpet, and he never ever says to me, “I don’t want to wear this”. He knows, when it comes to a red carpet, he’s gotta look sharp. And he comes and he turns it up and I cannot fault him. I love him to pieces and he’s just amazing to dress.” - Caroline Watson


o u r a l b i o n

How I fell for you rivaled the laws of the universe;
unseen to the naked eye but uncontested,
unchallenged as fact;
and yet, the sun and moon both
try to tell me you and I can’t be together.
They say we go against how the earth has always turned,
but I won’t fall in line with even tides,
not when my orbit will always bring me close to you.

Those stars are liars,
they try to tell us they still burn
but really, they’re cold and jaded,
yet here you are romanticizing them anyways.
I think the most beautiful thing under the starlight,
will always be you with your head tilted back in cool night air,
staring up in wonder.
You burn brighter than they ever could.

The sun and moon can choke on their opinions,
‘cause one day we’ll lay together
laughing at constellations and burning brightly,
cheeks flushed from cool night air.
They’ll teach about us in science classes,
point diagrams of our bodies sprawled close together,
projected onto ceilings.
“You see that?
That constellation is made of lovers.”
“Everyone doubted them but they knew they were meant to be.”
And we were right.

—  kamoetry, New Constellations

Labyrinth Recast Godfrey Gao as Jareth, the Goblin King [x][x][x]

No one will ever understand how much my father meant to me. I still can’t believe you passed away a month ago. What I would do to bring you back into my life just for 5mins just to tell you how much I love you. You did everything for me and its so easy to see that now. You did everything for the family. You never had a dad growing up really, he was never the dad you were at least. All the memories will live on forever. R.I.P Dad.

if you’re ever sad just look at this picture of ben fankhauser


kay re-watches teen wolf

   ↳ “She wouldn’t be the town whack-job if it wasn’t for us.”


You’re the best friend I ever had.

Confession contains minor manga spoilers. 

I honestly can’t understand the recent flow of the manga or all the hate on Akashi. He is seriously mentally ill. He’s not like other goms who just went a bit off the right track. He’s sick (he has DID). He should be off the court getting therapy instead of losing finals which will help nothing (rakuzan and his dad will only make it worse).

I’m so sick of the same five physics dudes being the face of popular science

do you ever think about j+d and how they’re pretty private but when they do talk about each other it’s always to gush about how great the other person is and how lucky they are?

do you ever think about how misha talks a lot but he never really gives anything away about his relationship with vicki because he respects her so much but he never passes up the chance to talk about how great she is? 

do you ever think about what it would be like if jmdv was public and everybody knew and was accepting and how great and sweet and humble they’d all be about each other and then cry????? ;u;

"I’d always thought I looked most like my favorite princess growing up but most people couldn’t seem to look past my rather darker skin tone which bummed me out. Then one fateful day I got to meet her voice actress and wouldn’t you know it, she told me I actually DO look like her (without even knowing my story)! It still stands today as the best compliment I have ever received and now nothing anyone could ever say will change my mind or bring me down ever again"

Universal Music BRITS After-Party | February 25, 2015

Emilio Pucci ‘Embellished Stretch Jersey Dress’ - $2292.00 $687.00

I really wish we had gotten HQ full-frontal pictures of Taylor in this LBD by sexy designer Emilio Pucci. 

Seeing Taylor in this design that she so rarely wears brings me back all the way to the humble beginnings of TSS when she wore one of Pucci’s designs to the 2011 BMI Awards — one of the first outfits I ever ID’d. 

Taylor’s LBD is a variation of the stock photo pictured as it features a zip-up front.

Worn with: Kurt Geiger sandals

Check out these sexy mesh LBDs for less: