and no one believe that thats true


Example of the clash between people’s external reads on Tony vs. The Truth.

(huge thank you to @knightinironarmor for inspiring this gifset)

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Once Hanzo starts living the way he wants to with no obligations to clan elders or honoring is not-dead brother, his impulse control goes to shit. Oh that's a nice jacket? Bought. I want some desert. Ate. Why do I want to play mini golf? IDK but im doing it. By the time he actually joins overwatch he has like 17 bags of shit that he bought just because he wanted to and could and no one could stop him.

and he just slowly does it over time, finally believing that he truly does deserve these things 

it’s freeing in a sense; probably the most control he’s probably had over his life

Hanzo treating himself and being happy is my Overwatch true ending

I want a highlight intro of him just eating that cake from Reflections and he’s the happiest damn man in the world

Taehyung told one of the international fans [this was all in English] at the fansign that she’s beautiful, and when she didn’t believe him, he replied “Trust me,” and then called her cutie at the end. (x)

so uh, i’m having an emotional crisis since voltron ended and i just?? want more??? i haven’t pined for a series like this in so long ahahaha

so now have that blade-of-marmora!galra!keith + altean!lance au that nobody probably wants feat. eventual mutual pining

Inspired by this art of rachelhuey (thank u for letting me running away with your ideas!!!)

ETA: fic (+the second chapter) is up in ao3 here

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new balance

most of us are angry
most of us are strangely
more alike than we’d like to believe

most of us are empty
most of us are simply
more alive in the scenes of our dreams

then there’s you

you’ve got something
I’ve been wanting

you’re so new

you’re my salvage
you’re my balance

you’re so new

most of us are hurting
most of us are searching
someone to love
someone to understand

most the time i’m fighting
multiple voices residing
in my head

then there’s you
you bring silence
to my violent truth

you’re my salvage
you’re my balance

you’re so new

it hit me like a tidal wave
knew that i was in love with you right away
turned all my days into brighter days
even when people say what we do is not ok

according to what the people say
who cares what other people say

man fuck what other people say

i'mma ride for you
baby if you gon ride for me

cuz i know
that what we share is real
and I feel so confident in

all you say

when you say

you’ll never leave
you’ll never leave
please never leave

yea, i believe you

most of all
i am thankful
you are just what i prayed for
you are what i was made for

yes, im for sure

most of all
i just want to mean the most to you
most of all baby im just tryna grow with you
i just wanna go with you

cuz you bring so much hope to the picture

some of us do find the one
to fall in love
and off of the
fucking face of the earth with

some of us DO deserve it
a love thats true and perfect

some of us been through it all before

some of us do still come back for more…..

so uh here’s my hot take. iceman is such a refreshing series in part because it’s written by a gay man who gets it. like before i hated all these straight guy writers seeping homophobia into bobby’s narrative whether they meant to or not and i know it’s because at the end of the day, they don’t get it. but sina grace is honestly writing a compelling and believable story. he’s developing bobby’s character –someone who historically rarely gets the spotlight and he’s doing a great job. Iceman is one of the most real and wholesome comics out there. To have a gay lead in 2017? thats extraordinary. to have a gay lead who is HAPPY and not used as tragedy porn? that’s incredible. To have lgbt writers infusing their own story into characters to make them believable and well rounded adn tell their story while sticking true to the character? incredible. as a Bobby fan iceman has gone far beyond being a good bobby book. It’s a phenominal comic book as a whole.

iceman being gay was never the problem. Homophobic writing and putting straight people in charge was the problem. Iceman (2017) rectifies this and it’s truly an amazing story with an incredible writer and i’m so glad lgbt kids have this book. i’m so glad gay kids can look up to bobby. i’m so glad sina grace is writing this story and i hope future xmen writers take note.

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” 

- Marion C. Garretty

arya + northerners

Back at Winterfell, they had eaten in the Great Hall almost half the time. Her father used to say that a lord needed to eat with his men, if he hoped to keep them. “Know the men who follow you,” she heard him tell Robb once, “and let them know you. Don’t ask your men to die for a stranger.” At Winterfell, he always had an extra seat set at his own table, and every day a different man would be asked to join him. One night it would be Vayon Poole, and the talk would be coppers and bread stores and servants. The next time it would be Mikken, and her father would listen to him go on about armor and swords and how hot a forge should be and the best way to temper steel. Another day it might be Hullen with his endless horse talk, or Septon Chayle from the library, or Jory, or Ser Rodrik, or even Old Nan with her stories.

Arya had loved nothing better than to sit at her father’s table and listen to them talk. She had loved listening to the men on the benches too; to freeriders tough as leather, courtly knights and bold young squires, grizzled old men-at-arms. She used to throw snowballs at them and help them steal pies from the kitchen. Their wives gave her scones and she invented names for their babies and played monsters-and-maidens and hide-the-treasure and come-into-my-castle with their children. Fat Tom used to call her “Arya Underfoot,” because he said that was where she always was. She’d liked that a lot better than “Arya Horseface.” (AGOT)

arya underfoot is one of the most important names for arya. she goes through numerous personas and identities but this is one of the first. and unlike most of the others it doesn’t chip away at arya’s sense of self. arya underfoot embraces arya’s true identity. it was given to arya by the smallfolk of winterfell, specifically her father’s men, but even jon and theon think of her as such. they gave her this nickname because she was always so close to them, literally underfoot. she would play, befriend, and socialize with all of her people. regardless of birth or rank or job. arya valued their existence which is more than most highborns who see them as disposable things.  

and while arya hasn’t been in the north for years her connection to it’s people has never diminished. arya often remembers the ones she loved from winterfell and even crosses paths with some northern characters both new and old

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to my fellow shawols, you guys rock!

  • Lance: *playing the guitar* Cows are better than people
  • Kaltenecker, don't you think that's true?
  • Lance: *sings for Kaltenecker* Yeah, people will beat you
  • And curse you and cheat you
  • Every one of them's bad except you
  • Lance: Oh, thanks buddy
  • But people smell better than cows
  • Kaltenecker, don't you think that I'm right?
  • Kaltenecker: That's once again true,
  • For all except you
  • Lance: wtf you can talk?
  • Kaltenecker: They'll never believe you ;)

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Stop saying that louis "cheated" on eleanor whit B when nobody said that. Thats not even the official narrative where the fuck you got that??

ohhh i summoned one, yay

when the story broke that briana was pregnant, it was said that they had been dating for a year… which was not true. and then it was said they’d been seeing each other since january, which was also not true… and i think even ashley said they’d been together since february… which was not true… and i even think some people believe that they got together on that random ass trip to LA for 36 hours during otra tour which was, also not true.,.. and it’s not true because he was still with eleanor. SO my point is, that if you believe the ‘official narrative’ like a lot of you do, then you would believe that the story has changed a bunch of times  and it started out with briana and louis getting together while eleanor and louis were still together thus believing that louis cheated on eleanor with briana… 

and if you dont believe he did, then you believe the latest version of the story which is that it really was a one night stand… but then you would also believe that he wouldnt get a pat test after a one night stand when they werent actually dating and were freely allowed to see other people including briana… you know what im implying here? so yeah, this will open up a whole new can of worms so to cut this short, you either believe louis cheated on eleanor with briana OR he didnt ask for pat test when it was a one night stand and they both were able to be with other people and if you cant see the issue here then i really cant help you any further.


AN: i told y’all that i was doing it and i have done it,, it took me three hours and its 2.2k long but i’ve done it

Pairing: Prinxiety

Genre: ?? who knows tbh

Warnings: it does mention alcohol and bars, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, proceed with caution!!

You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk

Virgil didn’t really want to be here right now. But Patton had invited him over and it was only going to be him and Virgil and Logan, so that couldn’t be too bad, could it? Well, Roman was going to be there too, but he could always avoid talking to him, right? Besides, Pat had compromised and allowed him to bring drinks. And honestly, getting drunk and watching Disney movies didn’t sound too bad.

They were halfway through Sleeping Beauty when he officially crossed the line from tipsy to full on drunk.

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Some shippers have been saying Andy and Danai are f*cking each other. Do you think that's true?

I cannot believe I’m having to discuss this at all: Of course it’s not true! AL is a happily married, family man; DG is a well-adjusted, classy lady. NOTHING is going on between them. They play two characters who are in love; this is their job, which they enjoy immensely. Just because they make con appearances together and are playful with one another, does not mean they are having an affair. They are actors who bring characters to life. Yes, their chemistry is amazing, but can we not get that mixed up for something insidious in real life? Please.

Now, in saying all of that, I haven’t personally seen any Richonne shippers say explicitly that they think AL and DG are effing. I’ve seen people excited about their recent panel, but I’ve not seen mention of anyone saying that outright (I need receipts). However, if there are real life Dandy shippers out there, I hope they don’t bring it into the Richonne tag like some R!ckyl shippers do with £eedus; it’s not the content I want to see and is disrespectful to the actors I really love and admire. I’m not the tag police, but there’s a place for RL shipping and RL shippers should congregate in said place. Also, this needs to be said: There’s a difference between Richonne shippers gushing over DG and AL being cute and Dandy shippers shipping. Just because someone thinks it was adorable that AL called DG his TV wife does not mean they are shipping them. AND, just because AL said DG is his TV wife does NOT mean he is stepping out on his actual wife with her. Come on people, we know these things!

Sorry to my followers who are blissfully unaware of this issue in fandom. I hope you all continue to enjoy the recent panel goodies DG and AL have blessed us with.


What if Fitz is already there?

Ok so i have a couple theories that are kind of intertwined and could be wrong but hear me out. (Also this is lind of long but please read all the way)

First off who is the best person on the team to invent time travel? Fitz right? Okay so what if he did but its not quite perfect so he got to them a little early, like a few years early?

Take a look at the evidence.

1) when Vergil first meets the team

“Alphonzo ‘Mac’ Mackenzie”

“Yoyo Rodriguez”

“Jemma Simmons biochemistry”

The way Vergil says all of their names and the little bits about them Mac’s first name that no one knows, Elena’s nickname only her close friends can use, biochemistry for Jemma sure a lot of people knew that about her but how many attach it to her name like that?

And his response when Mac asks how he know them “we’ve been studying you for years.” Why them specifically? Why not any other agents of shield? Why not the avangers?

Fitz is the one telling them about the team from first hand accounts

2) the size of this place

This place is huge but its not big enough to fit 7,000,000,000 people from earth or even one city full of people. Obviously most people died. But there could have been more than one location where people managed to survive. Chances are people tried to survive in multiple locations and some of them probably did. Even if it was in small groups here and there anyone with sense would have realized that to survive they were gonna need to find more people some probably ended up at the lighthouse. But what if others found eachother and started a second community run by humans? This next part is a bit more of a stretch but what if, to save the team, Hunter made sure there was a second place for humans to go when this catastrophe went down? That way Fitz would have a relatively safe place to time travel to. That could have been planned ahead if they knew what was coming. Like i said that one is a bit more of a stretch.

Seriously that thing is like a doll house’s doll house compared to the planet.

3) True believers

Tess: “The blues got rid of anyone who believed in the movement"  We know now from 5x3 that means that they were sent to the surface. What if some of them survived and either found or started a second colony of humans on earth where children are taught to believe that agents of Shield would come to save them. When Fitz tries to travel through time he either needs to invent his own way or find the monolith and use that. Monolith is probably gonna be impossile to get to which leaves invention. So when he transports he probably keeps the same relative coordinates meaning he is on the surface of the planet and could find or be found by this group of believers.

Also when Vergil said who he was with “Im one of the True Believers” the way he said makes me think proper name. Like its a group that calls themselves that

4) *garbled static* “This is Fitz”?

Okay the part that really clinched it for me. Everyone has been buzzing about this since it happened. If that was Fitz, then hes already here on the earth. Of course this could be wishful thinking on suggestible minds, or not.

Now the second part of my theory…

What if Deke wasn’t born on the lighthouse?


1) Defensive about his past

“What do you mean come here? I was born here!” The amount of indignation in that phrase implies defensiveness. Like he wasn’t born there. Like maybe he came from somewhere else and doesn’t want anyone to know.

2) Obsessed with hiding and is kind of an expert at it

“The only way to not die is to blend in and work hard” sounds like Deke knows something about that from personal experience

“Hide some people” its not “unheard of”. Why would Deke know about hiding people? What if he was once one of those hidden people?

“Remove the the children” this phrase before metric inspection implies that kids don’t have metrics and if everyone goes through terengenesis at 18 that could also be when metics are installed. Inhumans don’t get them cause there’s no point. They either die in the crater or they leave as slaves. If Deke showed up at the lighthouse around that time or younger he could blend in easily and recieve a metric at the appointed time. 

3) Education - theres a lot on this one so I broke it down in order of apperance/mention

a) space walk gear

Deke has this mask and gravity manipulater thing so manuvering in space isn’t all that hard for him. But we’ve seen no tech like that anywhere on the station except with the cree so either he made it himself from scrounged parts, he traded for it, and i doubt the cree would give him something he could escape with, or he got it somewhere else. If he made it, how did he learn how and if he brought it, from where?

b) roach flare deterent

“That should keep the roaches away for a while. Smell drives em nuts I think” Ok how does he know that? The level has been sealed off since roaches got in. No one ever goes there so how would he know specifically what to carry on his person to keep roaches away. We saw on the largest chunk of earth where the people who are sent to die are dumped that there a lot of roaches there. So someone living there would need to come up with a way to deter them.

c) the dark ages

“That’s the first peice of tech I’ve seen on this floor”

“…people living in the dark ages meanwhihle the aliens are so advanced.”

So where did Deke either find or learn enough to build all his tech?

d) computer programming

Framework bartender: “You programmed me to”

Deke: “Really? Cause i dont remeber programming you to talk back to me!”

Sassy framework bartender: *sarcastic look*

Deke: “That was a joke I, I did program you to…”

He programmed his own person in the framework. Like where did he learn programming?

e) the framework

Daisy: “You’re pimping out the framework?”

His reaction to that word. His eyes widened like he was surprised she knew that word but if he knew she was from the past and an agent of shield why would he be surprised she knew the term?

“Thats the technology the hardware interface is based on” “I had to rebuild the hardware interface from scratch…” seriously where did he learn how to build transmitters and hardware and program characters?

f) Quantum physics

“Well not according to the multiverse theory. Look you probably never heard of it but according to quantum physics there are an infinte number of universes. So in my universe, you destroyed the planet. Maybe that just hasnt happens in you’re…”


Where does one find someone to educate oneself, or better yet the time to bother learning quantum physics in a post apocalyptic world?

Fitzsimmons spawn or not there is no way Deke could figure out the framework or comprehend the multiverse without an outside education source.

4) Secret past

“Maybe Vergil was right…”

“Just stop it! Its just a fairytale thats toxic. The morons that believed it were eaten alive!”

“I know Deke. I know what you lost.”

Ok i missed this the first time around but this is what really makes me think Deke had family or someone he cared about among the “True Believers” the way he instantly shuts down and gets in her face at the mere mention of the idea screams deflection.

And his past is what is really interesting to me and his reactions to memebers of the team especially Daisy. When he says “Quake. Destroyer of Worlds” there is so much awe in his voice like he used to be a believer. And the way he keeps reacting to her plan to save a friend and putting things back. The people who often object strongest to hope are the people who hoped to much.

I think he was raised in a place where that was the plan. Bring the team from the past to save us. And then a first attempt failed and someone he cared about greatly was killed in the attempt and he lost hope and hes scared to hope again. Scared to hope that maybe they were all right that there was a way to save the world after all.

Which leads to his seeming betrayal of Daisy. He’s either still fighting his hope and sold her out in an attempt to save as many lives as possible from the fallout of her potential success, or they have managed to convince him that hope is real and he has some ulterior motive for hurting her to help the team.


Fitz is present on the surface with a colony of survivors already and Deke probably came from that colony

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So belief is the driving factor in magic in EU, but what happens if someone believes something that's not true? Say that everybody knew that the Cthulhu mythos was a work of fiction written by H.P. Lovecraft, but there was this one student who believed that it was actually all true. Could they summon something from a universe that was fictional within the EU continuity into existence within EU just by believing *really* hard?

I think that the force of belief required to drag a world-breaking godlike creature from fiction into reality would be more than one student, or even a handful of students, could summon (although the True Royalty aren’t too far off, in the end of things).

However, they say that the library has doors to many, many worlds, and the librarians can help you for at least the first part of the way.

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I think it's really telling that every time a "skeptic" debates with an "sjw", they always feel the need to be nicer and tone down their opinions. I mean, how do they even justify that in their heads?? If anti-sjws genuinely believe that their videos aren't mean spirited and their opinions aren't hateful, why do they do a complete 180 in their debates? Especially if social justice advocates are supposed to be the sensitive, irrational ones. If that's true, why cater to them?

It’s definitely harder to be an asshole to someone when they are right there in front of you.

And to some extent, if we’re being fair, YouTube videos are a “performance.” My videos aren’t mean-spirited, but I’m way more animated in them than I would ever be in a real conversation.

but overall I really believe that “anti-sjw” content is mostly phoned in and disingenuous (which is why I tend not to take it seriously anymore). There are a couple that I think are honest (albeit often still uninformed) and there are some that I think are intentionally malicious. but in general, I think the emotions are intentionally drummed up because that’s what gets the validation and the views. It’s like Sean Hannity and Bill Oreilly, they have no desire or intention of being objective or reasonable, they say what they need to say to get the viewers and to advance the agenda they’ve set out to advance. And my guess is that probably both of those guys, like most anti sjws, are normal and civil when there’s no cameras around.