and no not yet tho

hey i havent drawn this weird ass thing in a while

The collector’s edition of the novel. There are 18 volumes and one volume is released every month. Currently there are 10 volumes which cover around chapter 900+ of the web novel. It also comes with a poster and different freebies for each book. 

Volume 1-  Ye Xiu Cover. Comes with Happy web cafe notebook, ‘special’ receipts (lol)

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I guess I should start looking for a new job bc Applebees is screwing me. When they hired me he told me I would get full time hours, like 35-40 a week.
The most I’ve worked in a single week since I started working there is……27 hours!!!???!??!. I get I’m still training but…ummm…i have bills?? Yesterday I was scheduled to work 10 to 2 30?? Then I get sent home early like around 1?? WHAT’S THE POINT IN EVEN LEAVING MY HOUSE FOR THOSE HOURS. They have sent me home early from almost every shift I’ve had. They don’t even ask they’re just like “let’s get you out of here”. UM OKAY FINE.


Oh when you’re near me 
I see the world more clearly
Hold me and I’ll hold you too
I want to spend my time with you. (x)

some swing dance batjokes because i’m really diggin electro swing music lately…


“The album title… Vices & Virtues, came after the lyrics were written… it was so spontaneous… I guess this record was really a study in human behavior—mostly for us personally what we had been going through, and noticing all of that.”

Happy Birthday, Vices & Virtues!

March 18, 2011