and no not yet tho

Where do I see myself in 10 years?

“Fish are a way of life, dad,” I say, swimming up from my underwater house with a fish tattoo visible on one of my now-webbed hands, my tail fin flapping furiously against the current. My scales don’t look so good, so my husband dumps some aquarium salt into the water. “This is my world now.” My father protests. I flare at him.

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What's your red bubble name? I really want to get some stuff!!

Its the same as on here, but I’ve yet to post anything on there yet

Soon tho!

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So I read that she cried (or almost did, not sure) during the concert tonight, talked to the crowd a bit about loving themselves. Haven't seen a vid yet tho. But the MSG crowd is so big and loud and energetic and singing along to everything, she looks like she's having a good time tonight, more fan interaction & a bit more smiley than at the other shows. I thought she'd been a bit off the past couple weeks too but hopefully this is a sign she's settling into the tour and having fun :)

That’s so nice to hear :D Thanks for the updates!!!

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Have you drawn Luke Fox before?? Cause he is so hot my goodness no wonder his batsuit glows

I know I KNOW I hate myself I haven’t drawn him yet…..cause I suck. Tho I do have this doodle thingy of him in my drafts …mayb I’ll finish it soon. But honestly?? Luke’s attractiveness> dick Grayson’s attractiveness that’s FACTS . Have u seen tht man….

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hey meepers, does your gf like afterdeath too? also i love your artwork!

Thank you!, and yes she does from what she’s told me she just hasn’t drawn them yet :“) that’s ok tho💜

I just had a Thought like what if John was injured and his foot was in one of those boot thingies, he doesn’t have his crutches yet tho and they’re heading home so Sherlock helping him walk,, they get on the train (tube, whatever you call it) and suddenly they’re having a Moment and it’s v tense, v emotional, Sherlock thinks something’s about to Happen, so then the door opens and he bolts, powerwalking away from his problems like a boss. But John is calling after him like “sherlock!” And Sherlock turns around and remembers John’s foot and straight up runs back to help him idk man I just thought the idea of my emotionally compromised goose baby running down a platform bc he has so many feelings and he just forgets things sometimes but when he remembers he’ll be a runnin

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown