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Imagine someone takes Steve to see Hamilton, and he absolutely falls in love with it. Imagine he meets the Broadway cast. Imagine he's almost shaking he's so excited.

The requests, nay the demands, for Steve to see ‘Hamilton’ started up as soon as the show opened. Right from the get-go everyone from talk show hosts to internet anons had sent out the fervent call for Captain America’s attendance at his earliest convenience.

And yes, it was vital for Captain America, the living breathing symbol of all things patriotism to see this show. Just the phrase ‘America then as told by America now’ was enough to pique Steve’s interest. When he got around to researching the ideas behind the musical choices, the revolution of Hip Hop as told as the revolution of America, he was absolutely set on going.

But even with the title of Cap none withstanding, Steve Rogers needed to see this show.

Bucky had knocked on his door around his third time through the cast recording. The sound of muffled sobbing leaked under the gap and while he was fairly sure Steve would have let him know if something was actually wrong, he was beginning to worry. “Steve, buddy, y’alright in there?”

A few sniffles followed, then the shaky voice of a broken man. “It’s just so beautiful! She- she put herself back in the narrative.” Bucky wasn’t entirely sure what was said next but it sounded vaguely like ‘Eliza’.

He exchanged a glance with Natasha who was trying her damn best not to snicker. “Maybe we shouldn’t tell him about the tickets,” Bucky whispered with genuine apprehension. “What if he’s too- I dunno, fragile?”  

Nat waved him off at the mere suggestion. “Do you know how sold out this show is? I don’t know what string Stark pulled to get us all prime seats but you can bet he’s going to be doling out favors for the next decade. Rogers is just going to have to pull himself together.”

And he does. He doesn’t question Tony’s methods, just thanks him profusely and cries a bit more.  

They blast the soundtrack all the way to the theater. Steve’s enthusiasm had always been as infectious as the flu and despite only knowing half the words, the entire car sings along with him. Or they try to at any rate. No one can actually rap along with Lafayette in ‘Guns and Ships’ so they settle for fisting the air and chair dancing.

“Should we wait to tell him about the backstage passes?” Sam asks under the din of noise as they enter the theater. They have to enter through the back as to keep the press coverage to a minimum until after the show. Steve is more than willing to go on air extolling Lin-Manuel’s brilliance but he refuses to be detained by the paparazzi.

Bucky watches as Steve practically vibrates in his seat, anxiously waiting for the lights to dim. “After the curtain call,” Bucky agrees. “We don’t want him passing out from excitement.”


during spring break my junior year of college, i sold my flute and bought my first electric guitar, a fender stratocaster. while i miss my flute, i don’t regret selling it because at the time it was 100% the right thing to do. i needed the money, and didn’t want to wait to be who i wanted to be!

to celebrate my four year anniversary of owning an electric guitar, i decided to buy another one. it’s a kay vanguard. i’ve had my eye on it for a while but was hesitant to take the plunge because i already had my stratocaster, which still works perfectly after i’ve banged it around the country on moves and tours. this guitar isn’t quite so perfect (it goes out of tune pretty easily, even after being set-up, and there’s no way to put a whammy bar in), but it’s light and sounds bright and… special. super excited to record new tracks with it. even if i didn’t “need” to buy it, i think it’s important and fun (!) to mix up your gear and set-up every now and then. so go buy that guitar/keyboard/etc from craigslist (and then let me borrow it)


Seriously though, this movie is dreadful.

Again, I know, Shark Movies. But even for a bad Shark Movie this is scrapping the bottom of the barrel and then keep digging. This piece of dreck makes all the others look like “Citizen Kane”. I’d give the movie this, though. If these people can make a movie like this and get it out there, why couldn’t I do the same? I’m all set!

And now, if you excuse me, I have to finish my apple. The sound editing guys said they need to record the audio for the shark bites.

A beluga whale named Noc lived in captivity for 30 years in San Diego. While he was never made to do tricks (like the “Willies,” as they’re known in the whale community), Noc evidently felt that he needed more “alone time,” and he actually learned to mimic just enough English to verbally tell a diver to get out of his tank.

Divers reported hearing the words “out” while diving in Noc’s tank. Recording devices were set up and, sure enough, they confirmed that the beluga had indeed developed the ability to speak at octaves much lower than normal whale sounds and was parroting the same phrase that he had heard humans use.

6 Animals Who Think They’re Better Than Us


Frankie sat quietly on the fire escape steps outside her apartment. With the window open enough heat flowed out onto the scaffold, so that Frankie only needed the covering of her silk robe, and little else, besides her boots to save her feet from the icy sting of the chilled metal beneath her.The soft sound of her record player could be heard, filling the air with one of Frankie’s favourite bands, The Honey Trees. The collision of warm and cold air set a smoky scene, as tendrils of white curled around her and disappeared into the night.

She had taken her sketchbook out with her, and figure she would let whatever happened happen. More often than not, Frankie had a clear image in her head when she sat down to draw, but tonight was the exception. Her head was far from clear with recent events being what they were. Art had never failed to help her through before, and this time she was counting on it being what saved her. As pen touched paper, the image of a city skyline appeared, and the faces of the people she missed most followed above it. Her parents, her aunts and uncles, her cousins, her best friend Grey. As the picture took form, Frankie softly sang along to the track playing. “You said you’re scared, but I’ll catch you if you fall. Don’t fear, I’m right here.”

The scent of cigarettes pulled her from the flow she had created. It wasn’t uncommon for the other tenants to come outside for a smoke, and if it were any other night, Frankie would have simply ignored it and carried on with whatever she was doing, but these days had not been ordinary days for Frankie. She peered down through the crosshatch landing, and immediately her stomach turned. Robin. No, she was not going to be weird with them. Not if she wanted to be friends. And she really did. Setting her things aside, Frankie leaned over the railing, fiery hair falling around her face, and called down to Robin. “Hey, I know you!”

The recording equipment makes small noises as they set up, and the sounds of Levi settling, the rustle of his jeans and the soft twangs of guitar strings under the pads of his fingers set Eren at ease. Eren shifts, nodding at Armin, who is set up across them, video equipment in hand. They’re doing a cover of a song they both like, barefoot and casual on the floor of Levi’s home. The first few notes ring out, and Eren looks at Levi, whose eyes are almost closed as he sings the first few lines, voice rasping slightly over the sparse notes. 

He loves looking at Levi like this; there is a moment where he settles into the song, and he relaxes, pale face beautiful in the morning light and the sound of music suspended in the air between them. Eren looks down to his guitar, at his hands wrapped around the neck, in position to join in with his end of the duet. He does, and the song gains momentum, and he is here, present and warm, and there are no dance numbers or choreography to remember, just the voice of him not more than two feet away and the warm solidity of Levi’s company. 

The song ends with a missed note and a laugh, and they decide that it’s more natural that way, so they cut it (Armin is majoring in Film and is therefore an editing wizard) and upload it to YouTube within a few hours. Its nice, Eren thinks, despite the fact that his manager would be annoyed at him for dropping media like that without approval. Both of their recording labels had kindly and exasperatedly allowed Levi and Eren to both do their covers and upload them for free as they pleased, perhaps sensing that it wasn’t worth the trouble to try and control them. 

“Armin, you are amazing,” Eren enthuses, admiring Levi’s profile singing in black and white with the light setting the blades of his face off in gorgeous contrast. 

“I need a print of this,” Eren says, laughing when Levi elbows him exasperatedly. 

Armin, perhaps sensing the impending romance, makes a hasty retreat. “I’ll see you guys on Monday!” he calls over his shoulder, as he slings his camera bag and hurries out.