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Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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ROOMMATES FIC REC | harry and louis share a place to live 
manip | other recs | rec page 

Autumn At My Window, 20k 
blind from this sweet, sweet craving, 31k
Carried Away Like Butterflies, 17k
I need home (our tangled bones), 68k
Jump Before We Fall, 113k
kiss me on the mouth (and set me free), 47k
Life as We Know it, 34k
Like You Hate Me, 6k
Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You, 29k
Play the Odds, 25k
Red Brick Heart, 98k
Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be), 58k
say i hate you but i always stay, 8k 
Searching For The Cure (We Found Us), 30k 
Skin New, Hands True, My Hands All Over You, 44k
Some Things Take Root, 50k
Spin Me Like A Record, 8k
That’s What You Get (When You Let Your Heart Win), 7k
through struggles, to the stars, 80k
we’re not friends, we could be anything, 115k
Wild And Unruly, 123k

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Jake and Amy desperately trying to find another couple to double date with but let's be honest they don't have friends outside of work and everyone they work with is really weird on dates.

ok!!! this Seriously got away from me…like almost 1k words got away from me but !! i can’t help it if these Dorks have such weird friends, thanks for this amazing prompt <3

  • charles is the first to suggest that they go on a double date with him and genevieve the day after genevieve is exonerated and by suggest i mean he reveals to jake a 17 page plan of how he wants the night going down. jake reminds charles that, no, that would be Weird and too soon. he also has to burn the plan in case amy somehow finds it and gets turned on at how thorough the planning is
  • nevertheless it doesn’t take charles long to wear jake and amy down with his relentless pestering and they eventually accept his invitation to a double date and even let him choose the restaurant because “it’ll be nice to go out to somewhere other than shaw’s” amy says
    • a big mistake. charles takes them to a Dinner in the Dark experience and it is only once he has very narrowly convinced jake that there is nothing overtly sexual about being blindfolded while eating dinner - “the loss of one sense accentuates the remaining senses bringing about the greatest physical pleasure the human body can experience, jake!” - that they even sit down. yet the first course hasn’t even been served before charles somehow inquires about jake and amy’s sex life and is recommending them positions; before he’s even taken his blindfold off jake knows that the tips of amy’s ears have turned bright red and that they have to escape this hell. charles and genevieve are too into each other (and also u kno. too blindfolded) to notice jake and amy quietly leave the restaurant to go have a beer at shaw’s instead
  • a more recent double date with rosa and pimento lasts a lot longer than the charles incident in that jake, amy, and rosa just drink in mostly silence while pimento regales of his time spent in the prison in uzbekistan. he only threatens to kill amy twice so jake takes it as win, even if amy is gripping his hand extremely tightly beneath the table and edging closer to him every time pimento raises his voice until she’s basically curled into him
  • holt and kevin invite jake and amy over to dinner to celebrate her passing of the sergeant’s exam. jake doesn’t think that going to your boss’ house for dinner remotely counts as a date but amy enthusiastically insists that it is and buys a new dress especially (she worries as they leave the apartment that it’s too low cut for such a Momentous and Formal occasion such as this but jake is quick to assure her that in his professional opinion he doesn’t think so). it’s only slightly weird when amy addresses holt as “sire” and not so subtly bows to him when he answers the door. it’s very weird when amy and kevin get so into talking about the hellenistic kingdoms of the ancient world that jake very seriously worries that amy is going to leave him for kevin 
  • late one night in bed amy compiles a list of potential double date couples because “i read it’s healthy to socialise more often with our friends and beneficial to see what the dynamics of other couples are like, babe!” and also because when she puts her mind to something, she puts her mind to it
    • jake says immediately says no to kylie and her gf because he says he’s already been roasted enough by amy for thinking that the sea of tranquility was a place on earth
    • he also says no to their next door neighbours because “gross! we’ve heard them boink through the walls, ames!” amy worries that that reason might work vice versa too and immediately crosses them off the list
    • amy contemplates writing down terry and sharon but then she remembers the whole telling cagney and lacey that ‘orgasms is another word for oranges’ incident and decides it’s going to be at least another month before she can look sharon in the eye again
  • amy promptly sets the list down on her bedside table and places her ShoulderNova in its protective box before admitting defeat with a sigh and settling under the covers. at that, jake turns on his side to face her because a Defeated Santiago Sigh is one of his least favourite sounds - even if it is over something as trivial as the realm of double dating - and, with an arm laying loosely over her torso, he tells her that they’re really only setting themselves up for failure because no date can ever beat a date when it’s just them, even if it is just a tuesday night on their couch watching jeopardy. amy agrees and her heart flutters maybe a little
  • amy doesn’t need to be reminded about their disastrous track record of double dates - what with their friends, and sophia and teddy, and teddy and rachel - but jake does anyway as they travel on the very romantic new york subway to the met where they are both equally and unashamedly excited to visit the exhibition Crime Stories: Photography and Foul Play as a date. amy holds her boyfriend’s hand as they walk up the steps of the met because she can and because none of their weird friends can inadvertently ruin her spending time with him
  • (maybe this is where they end up happening to have the perfect double date in the cafe with a certain knope-wyatt couple??? Who Knows)

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Ahhh! I've been looking for a blog with open requests thank you thank you! Can I have RFA +Saeran walking in on MC playing an instrument like really well? Like she'd been hiding it but they Caught her? Thank you! I would love you 5ever lololol

Maybe this isn’t as fluffy as you wanted, I tried to give MC some motivation for not wanting to play, and some of them are kinda sad, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC playing an instrument really well


  • You told him you used to play violin as a kid, but never showed him, alleging you were rusty
  • It was one of his rehearsals on stage, you were watching this in your seat
  • When there was a problem with the sound system, the pre-recorded soundtrack from one of the song wasn’t working
  • He immediately looks at you and tells somebody in the staff to get a violin asap
  • “Come on, babe! You’ve got this!” “Zen, it’s been too long! It will sound awful!” “So my melodic and soothing voice will muffle any bad sounds. Please? I just need something to set the mood for my solo!”
  • How can you say ‘no’ to his pleading eyes? You agree hesitatingly. The staff guy hands you a violin.
  • Zen starts to sing as you gently move the bow on the violin’s chords. It starts a little rough, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Everybody is staring at you, and Zen stops singing to watch you. Shit! Is it that bad? You stop immediately, puzzled.
  • “Babe, it’s wonderful!” he hugs you, and all the staff go “awwwww”.
  • Now he never rehearses his songs without your violin soundtrack.


  • You showed him photos of when you used to be on marching band at school
  • Yeah, he always wondered why there was a big tuba hidden on your closet, he never thought you actually played it, this thing seems so big for you
  • He begs you to play a little for him, you refuse telling how long has it been, you probably don’t even know how to do this anymore.
  • So he takes the tuba and tries to blow, it’s so cute because he’s so red and it can’t even make a sound.
  • He tries and tries, but bless his heart, he’ll pass out due to lack of oxygenation on the brain if he keeps going with this.
  • So you gently take the tuba and give him a few tips about how to properly breathe and how to place your lips correctly, showing him to do it in the process.
  • Then you realize you’re actually playing the tuba, and he’s watching you with all the attention in the world.
  • Did he just trick you to play to him? Oh, behind that cute face, there’s a mischievous brain…
  • “Oh, I think I got it, MC. Let me try again!” Nah, not really, he really just wanted to learn how to play.
  • He manages to make a very weak sound to come out of the tuba, and you aren’t even able to tease him as how much he’s celebrating to his little improvement.


  • She notices you have the tendency of drumming your fingers on the table, you always apologize if it’s annoying her
  • But it’s never annoying, because it sounds really rhythmical, as if you knew exactly how to drum.
  • She asks you and you shyly explain you used to play drum, actually, you were on a band in high school
  • You showed the photos and she loves it, you looked really cool back then, she would never say it out loud, but you looked “badass”
  • She wants to see you play so much, but you brush it off telling your old drum is at your parent’s place and you’re very rusty.
  • But she keeps begging, and you’re such a sucker when she pleads you just like that. Also, it’s a great excuse to take her to meet your parents lolololol
  • So there you are in your old room, she can’t hold back a chuckle seeing all the rock band posters, you were so different back then…
  • But yeah, probably not that different when you hit the drumsticks against each other says: “1… 2… 1, 2, 3, 4!” and start playing.
  • You even get a little cocky twirling one of the drumsticks in the palm of your hand before hitting the drums. You just really want to impress her.
  • Your father knocks at the door telling you to shut it down, and you immediately stop, he thinks you’re obeying him, but you just stopped to make out with your girlfriend.
  • Yeah, nothing much changed since you were a teenager, after all.


  • C & R just bought a record company, the fist artists to sign up are this rock band
  • Even though he hates it, Jumin is doing PR and meeting the guys, he brought you along to make this bearable
  • You’re trying so hard not to fangirl, you love this band and are so happy they are making a comeback under your fiancée’s label record!!!
  • Jumin is bored as shit, but he keeps smiling and posing to the photos with the band.
  • One of the photographers suggests he should hold the bass, he refuses and passes it to you. “Here, why don’t you do it?” you look at him, puzzled.
  • You awkwardly take the bass and run your fingers on the chords, it’s been a while… “Do you play?” one of the guys in the band asks.
  • “She used to.” Jumin answers for you “See how it feels natural on her hands?” you’re blushing hard, it’s too hard to handle this interaction between your fiancée and the guy you used to have this huge crush when you were younger, and they’re talking about you!
  • The guys keep encouraging you to play a little, and how wouldn’t you do it? All the men you love are expecting this from you! So you play a famous bass line from one of their band’s songs.
  • The guys are cheering you and Jumin smiles softly. You told him how you had to sell your bass to pay a few bills and how much you missed to play it.
  • Luckily enough, now you’re earning this bass with the autographs from all the band’s members a a gift. Jumin can’t hold back his own smile seeing you so happy.
  • But his smile fades away as the guys get too excited about you, telling they want to take you on tour and everybody would pay attention to a bass player like you.
  • You smile politely, step away a little and hold Jumin’s hand. He’s not the rock star of your teenage dreams, he’s just… something even better. And you’re more into private jam sessions right now, with just you fiancée as your audience.


  • Due to the background check, he is pretty aware of your passion for jazz and how you used to play the sax when you were a teenager.
  • He didn’t find any videos of you playing, though. What a shame…
  • But he knows you keep a sax on your closet, and he’s dying to watch you perform a little to him.
  • You are not sure what you’re looking at when he invites you to come over. He’s wearing a black beret, round shaped glasses, a black turtleneck sweater and black pants.
  • “MC, I would be so glad if we could inspire each other. I wrote this spoken word piece, would you play a little?”
  • “Saeyoung, it’s been so long.” “Oh, but what is time, MC? If nothing but this old man holding his pocket watch, watching us through his thick lens of despair, despairing at how much time he lost without living the fullest…” he talks dramatically, doing some contemporary dance moves with his arms.
  • Yeah, you have nothing to say, better put your lips on the sax’s mouthpiece and go along with whatever he’s trying to do.
  • As he keeps reciting something about space cats and salty and sweet flavors of HBC and Dr. Pepper dancing in his mouth, you just focus on playing the sax.
  • Why did you ever stop doing this? Yeah, maybe you couldn’t be a pro as you wished, but playing just for fun is awesome too, you shouldn’t have been so hard on yourself.
  • Saeyoung apparently agrees, as he’s watching you, mesmerized. He even stopped reciting his great poem just to listen to you and be transported to New Orleans, circa 1922.
  • When you finish, he’s applauding you. This will definitely be the main subject on his next poem.


  • He also has a background check of you, and he knows you play piano! He even managed to get some videos of you doing recitals as a kid and as a teenager.
  • He lost count of how many times he watched those, and every single time, he whispered to himself: “So… fucking… cute!”
  • He would love to watch you live, but how could he manage to get a piano?
  • You’re organizing a RFA party, the first one since he officially joined the organization, he doesn’t care about anything , he just wants a piano at the party.
  • As the party is happening, you keep watching the piano player, Saeran notices and observes your fascinated face, you look like you’re on a trance.
  • “You alright?” “Yeah, sure, it’s just… I used to play piano to my sister when she was alive. I… didn’t feel like playing when she left. Is this silly?” oh… now he feels like an asshole, this piano is giving you bad memories!
  • “No, It’s not silly, I guess…” “Yeah… so hey, let’s get back to work!” and then everything felt wrong about that piano there. Shit, what was he thinking? He really thought you would just see the piano and feel this urge to play it? Stupid! That’s what he gets from daydreaming so much about you.
  • When the party is over, you two are working on make sure everything turned out as planned. He sees the empty room, and the piano there… ugh, he feels sick! And he can’t even look at you.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong?” “I’m sorry about the piano thing, okay? I thought you would like to play as soon as you would see it, I didn’t know, I…” “Hey, it’s fine! Don’t worry!”
  • You chuckle “That’s why you were so insistent on the piano?” he’s blushing. And he’s even redder when you sit on the bench. “Any requests from the audience?”
  • “Hey! You don’t need to do this for me! Come on!” “Nah, I want to, it’s been a while I don’t play to someone who’s so willing to listen. So… got any request?”
  • He loves everything you play, and he catches himself sitting beside you, completely hypnotized by your focused eyes and your agile fingers.
  • But what he really likes is when you teach him to play a few notes of “Three Blind Mice”. Your sister always smiled when you played this one, it was almost like the smile you’re receiving right now from him. Turning bad memories into good ones is so overwhelming.

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2 and/or 12 for the AU + short fic challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(x) Two- Childhood Friends AU

Later, when they’re both older and grown, and proper detectives with proper resources, and with some composure and emotional maturity, Jake and Amy will cite the Great Book Hunt of ‘91 as their first case as partners to every new cop to grace their precinct. 

(And in both of their wedding vows. And in the scrapbook Jake will make Amy when she finally makes captain. And in their children’s bedtime stories.

Even Charles becomes exasperated by it.)

Their partnership began the morning of the Great Book Hunt, one hot July day, when Nana found Jake sitting in front of the TV for the fourth straight hour.

“Go outside,” she told him.

Which he did, and he spent a full three minutes kicking around a pebble down the street and around a corner before turning around and marching towards the Santiago household.

With eight kids under the age of fifteen and a horde of cousins and friends in the area - not to mention Mr and Mrs Santiago themselves - there was always someone in the yard, or in a window, or, on one occasion, on the roof. Most days, Jake had to only walk up the block before one of the boys called him over. 

The Santiago kids were truly a rowdy, welcoming bunch. He met them two months before, when Gina cancelled their plans again and he was hit by a stray spray from a Santiago water gun fight during a lonely walk. 

Suddenly, he had summer plans, too.

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ur smut is amazing could you do a malec or pynch fic where they make a sextape?

not gonna lie, as a film student i’m kind of proud of Ronan


It was possible that Ronan had come up with the most brilliant idea in human history.

Adam disagreed.

Ronan suggested it, nonchalantly and when they were with the rest of their friend group so Adam couldn’t outwardly freak out, almost a week ago, a month after Adam had cemented the date he’d be moving into his dorm and a little less than a month after Ronan had come up with the idea. Adam, let’s make a sex tape before you leave.

In that moment, Adam did not react except for a quirked eyebrow (and perhaps a fair amount of blushing). He was interested, at least. That was enough encouragement for Ronan; throughout the following week he gently wheedled and whined, preaching to Adam his deep interest in the subject and stoically enduring Adam’s refusals: You know I’ll visit often. What if Noah or Gansey sees it? You don’t even know how to use a tv, Ronan.

But he hadn’t yet said no.

It was Thursday night. Gansey and Blue had gone with Henry to a drive-in movie the local library was hosting, the invitation to which Ronan had turned down with an amount of scorn so lethal Gansey had banned him from being within ten feet of Henry until the foreign add-on recovered. Opal was sleeping over with Noah at Monmouth and Adam was working late, so Ronan spent the evening leisurely and lovingly doing his chores around the barns while Chainsaw flapped around him and he later fell asleep on the worn couch in the dusty moon-lit living room.

He woke to a text from Adam. You up? Ronan’s glaring phone screen told him it was just after eleven.

Ronan propped his elbows and chin on a pillow and typed out a reply with some difficulty, as his brain was still sleep stupid and his eyes unfocused. Always. you coming to the barns?

Adam’s reply was instantaneous. do you have that camera with you?

Ronan’s heart surged. Yes, he had the camera.

Adam must have assumed, because Ronan’s phone chimed again before he could type a reply. I’m on the way over

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Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's Funky Drummer, Dies At 73

Clyde Stubblefield, the funk drummer whose work with James Brown made him one of the most sampled musicians in history, died Saturday morning in Madison, Wisc., his publicist confirmed. Stubblefield was 73; his publicist did not provide a cause of death.

For most of his career, Stubblefield was better known in sound than in name. He joined James Brown’s backing band in 1965, one of countless musicians on an ever-rotating roster. As he told NPR in 2015, the ensemble seemed to have more than enough drummers already when he showed up to audition. “I went on stage and there was five drum sets up there,” he explained. “And I’m going, ‘Wow, what do you need me for?’”

Still, his recordings with Brown managed to rise above the competition: Songs like “Cold Sweat,” “Say It Loud — I’m Black And I’m Proud” and “Mother Popcorn” are now revered as a gold standard for funk drumming. A generation later, he would have an even bigger impact on hip-hop, as the pattern he’d played on 1970’s “Funky Drummer” proved irresistible to producers. The track’s distinctive break, a sixteenth beat punctuated by deft, delicate snare hits, has been sampled on hundreds of songs. [Read More]

sterek olympics au

I took the simone biles + zac efron thing (x)(x) and sterek-ed it (with a few creative liberties…)


“So, Stiles, we’re getting to the end of our interview now, and I just have one more question for you.”

“Shoot,” Stiles says, grinning.

“Is it true that you have a bit of a crush on a certain actor by the name of Derek Hale.”

Stiles blushes and he’s sure it’s picked up by the several cameras on him currently. “Oh man, I wouldn’t call it a crush,” he hedges, rubbing at his chin, “I just think he’s really good. I mean, who doesn’t, but yeah, um…”

The crowd’s laughing and Stiles turns around the see that the screen behind him is showing a compilation of seemingly every tweet he’s ever written about Derek Hale. He buries his face in his hands and groans, which makes the audience laugh.

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” he mumbles, though of course the mic clipped to him picks it up.

The host laughs good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Who here has a crush on Derek?” she throws to the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming, so at least Stiles can console himself that he’s not alone in his appreciation for Derek’s form. Acting form. Like talent. Not like, body form.

“Me too, me too.” The host turns back to Stiles, who has emerged from behind his hands, cheeks still pink (he can see them nice and big on the screens around the studio). “Well, we have a little surprise for you, Stiles. If you want to turn to the screen.”

Stiles turns, a little (a lot) worried.

His tweets disappear and there is a second of blackness before a video recording starts playing.

“Oh my god!” Stiles shouts, and actually jumps out of his chair before he can tell himself to contain his reaction.

“Hi Stiles, this is Derek Hale,” the video starts. Derek’s sitting on a couch in what is probably his living room, staring right at the camera so it looks like he’s staring right at Stiles. Stiles is melting a little on the inside and sweating a lot on the outside to show that.

On screen, Derek waves, and Stiles, like the giant dork he is, waves back enthusiastically. There are some laughs from the audience but Stiles is so transfixed by cataloguing everything he can see in the frame that it doesn’t faze him like it did a minute ago. “I just want to wish you all the best for the Olympics. I’ll be cheering for you, and crossing my fingers for a medal. Go Team USA, and good luck, Stiles.”

The video ends on a freeze frame of Derek smiling gorgeously at Stiles– at the camera.

“Do I get a copy of that?” Stiles asks the host, to more laughter from the audience.

“You sure do,” she says, “and I’d check your twitter when you get home too.”

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When I’m sick, got some procedure done or on my period I tell my clients that some guy flew me off to somewhere. Not in these exact terms but I just tell them that I’m abroad and they get the idea.

a) I don’t want them to see me as a human.

b) I don’t need their opinion on whether I should or shouldn’t get lip fillers/botox

c) I realized that they don’t care anyway (yes, men in this country are like that. I like how men in the US are inclined to spend money on you to keep you interested.)

d) It just sounds more fancy 😎and sets the record straight with them.

Dream a Little Dream (Jeller...smut. like, a tiny baby smut fic but still NSFW)

Jane’s been obsessed with Kurt’s record player since the moment she found out he had it. Something left over from a long time ago, he tells her, and you just can’t get the same sound from a CD or digital file. It’s new to her like so many things are, and she spends her days going through his records for a while, picking out ones she likes and setting them aside. She’s not a part of the team anymore, though it’s nothing malicious. She’s just not an agent, and there’s no need for her day to day. So, she tries to fill up her time until Kurt’s home, music punctuating the days she teaches herself how to cook something or accomplish a new task.

Today, she’s fallen back on a favorite hobby, sketching, and doing it to the tune of Mama Cass on the record player. She gets up to grab a glass of water and as one song fades into another she’s surprised by hands on her hips. She smiles, leaning back into arms that wrap around her. “Hi,” she murmurs once she turns around.

“Hi,” Kurt replies, a soft, fond look on his face as his eyes take her in while her arms wrap around his neck. As he sways with her, the first lyrics of a new song fill the air.

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper ‘I love you’.

Somehow, their kissing and swaying turns into clothes being tugged off, her body sinking down onto the couch while Kurt trails warm kisses across her neck and down her throat. Before he can get too invested, she tugs off his shirt and unbuttons his pants, pushing them down his hips. Then, she lets him get back to the task at hand.

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All is fair in love and war..

This is Part II in the Seth Rollins Series. You can find the Masterlist here: Masterlist

Seth x Reader
Languae: Fluff, Smut, NSFW
Word Count: 1,577

You woke up from the sleepless dream and slowly open your eyes. You flinch at the light in the room when you hear breathing next to your face. It took you a while to adjust to the reality and you try to sort out your mind while looking into the dark eyes of the face staring at you.

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Broken Records (Shownu)

It’s been three hours… On read. You understand that he’s busy, but this was serious. This wasn’t a casual “whatcha up to,” this was your first time saying “I love you”. You weren’t able to pay attention in class after sending it. The whole way home was spent fidgeting with your phone.

You were now at home, screaming into your pillow and thrashing around in bed. Why did you do that? His lack of response was sending your anxiety through the roof. Three hours is a long time. Three hours on read is a lifetime. Even if he was busy, he could send a short “I love you too,” right? Hell, even a single heart emoji would have been enough to calm your nerves. Did he not love you back? No, that wasn’t possible. He was never shy about showing his love for you. You sit up abruptly, holding your head as the blood rushes, and let out a heavy sigh.

I’ll see you next week! ^^ (10:00AM)

Shownu smiles. You’re cute. He begins typing his reply when he sees you still writing. He pauses.

I love you~♡ (10:01AM)

The heart at the end was the nail in the casket. If he remembered correctly, this was the first official “I love you” of the relationship. He’s elated. Granted, he would much rather hear you say it and get a kiss or something; the more his mind starts to wander the harder it is to reel himself back in.

“Yoohoo! Leader-nim, you okay?” Minhyuk stands before the taller male while waving his hand in front of his face. “We have to leave now if we’re going to make it back to Seoul by dinner.” 

“Right.” Shownu slips his phone into his pocket and rushes off. 

You look up from your laptop and lean back in your seat. Your eyes sting. You had immersed yourself in writing your paper to distract yourself, but now that distraction was gone. You sigh for the nth time today. There was no sense in dwelling on it. You shut your laptop. You’d just have to call it a night before your anxiety ate you alive. 

The boys all let out loud sighs as they flop into their respective beds. Their manager had paid for dinner and they took full advantage of that offer. Shownu tosses the contents of his pockets into his bedside table and prepares for bed. He returns to his room and picks his phone up. He checks his messages and realizes that he hasn’t answered you. His heart drops. How could he forget to answer something like that? He tosses his towel aside and quickly dresses himself before running out the door. 

You’re awoken by the frantic knocking at your door. Your groggily rise from your slumber and make your way to the front door. You’re too tired to even check who it is before opening it. You’re nearly knocked over when Shownu bursts in and hugs you. The force shocks you out of your tired state. 


“I’m so sorry! I saw your message and I was going to answer, but then we had to leave and you know we’re on a tight schedule lately. When we got back to Seoul we went to eat so I didn’t have a chance to check my phone and then I got home and showered and– I love you too.” You burst out in laughter.

“You’re so silly,” you put your arms around his neck and stand on your tip-toes to kiss him. “It’s okay. I’m just glad it’s not because you didn’t want to say it back to me.” You were so relieved. “Can you say it again?” You ask shyly. 

“I love you.” He showers you with kisses and tightens his grasp around your waist. He smiles and lets out a dramatic “muah” as he kisses you once more. “I’m sorry if I made you doubt yourself.”

“You didn’t.” He sends you a skeptical look. “Okay, maybe a little.” He continues to stare at you. “What?” 

“You know what.” You smile cheekily. You couldn’t help but get a little revenge for your suffering.

“Fine~ I guess I’ll spare you.” You move your arms and wrap them around his waist. You bury your face in his chest to hide your blush, “I– I love you.” You peek at him. He’s flashing his cheeky and adorable eye smile at you. 

“Again.” You lightly punch him in the chest and hide your face again. 

“I love you.” 


“Hey! I’m not going to keep repeating myself.” 

“Then just once more. I want to record it.” 

“No!” You wriggle out of his grasp and escape to your room, hiding in your sheets. He follows and crashes down beside you. 

“Last time, I promise. Well, maybe not the last time ever.

“Don’t you need to head back?” 

“No, as long as I get to the venue tomorrow on time. I can stay the night, right?” 

“I’m not saying it again. Go to sleep.” There’s a long silence and it sounds like Shownu’s fallen asleep. You turn around to face him. You wave your hand in front of his face to make sure he’s sleeping. “I love you… A lot.” 

“Ha!” He sits up and you see his phone recording. 

“Hey! That’s just cheap.” 

“I’m making this my text tone.” You fight to retrieve the phone from him, but he easily overpowers you. He sets his phone aside and grabs you, forcing you to lie back down with him. “I love you too.” 

“We’re starting to sound like a couple of broken records.”

“Coming from you, I could listen to that record all day.”


I still feel weird when idols have stage names. Do I use their stage names or real names? You wouldn’t call your significant other by a stage name. idk lol Sorry for all the short scenarios… I’m just really trying to get through these request so they’re not sitting for 3 years like before.

Amedot Bomb 9: First Dance

AN: Peridot’s first dancing attempt is pretty much autobiographical, honestly. I’m not very good at dancing.

#3: First Dance

The barn was rocked by a massive explosion, which would have been alarming had it not been the eighth time that had happened today.

A singed and dishevelled Peridot cursed loudly as she stumbled out of the cloud of smoke that had been Rocket Engine Attempt Seventeen, followed by Pearl, who had long since stopped pretending that they were going to make any progress that day and simply seemed mildly annoyed. From the picnic table nearby, Steven, Amethyst, Connie, Lapis and Greg watched as they walked over.

“It shouldn’t be this hard to build a warp capable engine!” exclaimed Peridot, “If Earth’s technological base wasn’t so primitive, I…gaaah!

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Control - Chapter Four

On Track

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

“William Howard Wright,” he flashed his pass to the evidence technician, “I need the Yagi-Rishi case files and evidence.”

The young evidence technician adjusted her large, round glasses and squinted at the pass. After a moment of consideration, she nodded and pressed the lock release with a polite smile.

The lock clicked with a loud buzz, and William yanked the heavy door open.

“Noriko Shuuka,” the technician introduced herself, bowing slightly. Her shoulder-length, tightly curled brown hair bobbed about her face, “You’re with the visiting team?”

“I am,” William echoed her bow.

“I figured,” she said, “You all are the talk of the precinct.”

“Oh?” William quirked an eyebrow at the small young woman. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s not that interesting,” Shuuka deadpanned with a shrug. “We just don’t get international teams often, and people enjoy a fresh conversation topic.”

William huffed but smiled politely. His quirk, Aura Sight, pulsed pleasantly at the back of his eyes. The black aura of truth overlaying the image of the woman remained constant.

A refreshingly honest person, he thought as he followed behind her.

“Just over here,” Shuuka said, turning around the last set of shelves, “Yagi… Yagi.. Ya- Ah, here.” She reached up, standing on her tiptoes, and pulled down a white, cardboard box. Something metallic inside rattled.

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The Brothers Bittle
  • Jamie is the kind of person who needs regular doses of undivided attention or else he starts getting Weird.
  • Like, one time Suzanne had to leave town for a conference for three days and Coach got really overwhelmed with teaching and coaching. But then around nighttime Coach realized the house was suspiciously quiet. Too quiet. He even put Wicked in the CD player and turned it up, but his younger son didn’t pop out of the woodwork like normal.
  • He found him on a sidewalk near the center of town, covered in red body paint and holding up a placard. Coach was just relieved he didn’t have to go down to the police station this time.
  • So from then on, the entire Bittle clan makes sure Jamie gets regular doses of attention. Bitty calls him from Samwell at least once a week to check in. Suzanne teaches him how to garden. Coach takes him out back and they throw the football around for a bit. It’s good. Jamie stays out of the public lock up.
  • Sometimes, someone will say “Do you think Jamies is a little…funny?” And if Jamie hears he’ll whip around and say, “I’m not funny. I’m hilarious.”
  • It becomes a code for the gay underground at his school. More than once Jamie hears his friend Cow sigh to herself when Linette walks by. “I’m too hilarious and beautiful for this class.”
  • Jamie, Cow and Horace all go to prom together, and someone’s parent laughs and says, “Look at Jamie! A girl on each arm! What a ladies man!” And then when the three of them pile into the car Jamie will sigh woefully to himself. “I’m too hilarious for this town.”
  • “SAME!”
  • But imagine Bitty goes to Samwell for 5 years instead of 4. Maybe he double majors or something, but whatever happens Jamie ends up attending Samwell too.
  • So then you have TWO Bittles running around Samwell, and when people talk about them they’re like, “Oh yeah. The Brothers Bittle. One is super athletic—he’s captain of the hockey team. The other one loves musical theater waaaay too much.” And then someone meets them at a kegster and they look at Bitty like, “So how’s the theater department doing?” And Bitty is like, “How should I know???” Someone meets Jamie and they’re like, “How’s hockey?” and Jamie is like, “How can you think about hockey when Grantaire and Enjolras are so in love?”
  • Everyone thinks Jamie is going to join the hockey team for some reason, and it really pisses Jamie off. It gets to the point where he quits calling sports by their sports names. “Oh yeah. My big brother plays knife-shoe-Oreo-fight. My dad coaches egg-ball-hand-throw. My mom met him in high school, when she was in acrobatic-encouragement-yelling. Oh, I learned to dance like this when I took lessons in noisy-shoe-clicky-clack.”
  • Dex doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.
  • By midterms Jamie is on a first name basis with the campus cops. He keeps doing performative art on the quad and the police keep telling him to put on pants, gdi. Bitty dies of fraternal shame at least once a week.
  • Affinity Housing is this stretch of houses and there’s a theater house, a marching band house, two artsy houses, a house for psyc majors, the zombie apocalypse house, etc.  Think frat row but not for formal fraternities. Jackson is a senior in the theater department and he gives his dibs to Jamie.
  • The theater house is right next to the religious studies house, and they are mortal enemies because the theater house is always loud. Always.
  • Listen. If you think hockey players are superstitious, just know that hockey players look absolutely tame next to drama students. Opening night rituals include: the Passing Around of the Gummy Sharks, shouting “Thespian Lesbians” at each other at full volume, “Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boyt-FUCK!”, rubbing the top of Guy Monty’s bald head, and kissing the director on the cheek.
  • Bitty, being a big brother, knows this. He hugs Jamie tight the night before a performance. “Break a leg,” he says. “Oh, and Jamie?” He leans forward and whispers, “Macbeth.”
  • Campus police can hear Jamie Bittle screaming from across the quad. “Should we check it out?” a rookie asks. His partner sips his coffee and grunts. He’ll learn. They all learn.
  • After Bitty graduates and Jack is in the NHL for a season or two, they come out as a couple. Which wouldn’t normally affect Jamie but the reporters are super thirsty for deets and Bitty and Jack aren’t giving them anything. Jamie starts finding reporters in his yard, on his way to classes, lurking by the auditorium. It’s super annoying.
  • They catch him after an all nighter and Jamie is twitching with caffeine. He has his script and his astronomy homework out because he can’t focus on just one now and a reporter puts an audio recorder in his face and asks for a soundbite. His eye twitches. “How can you think about Eric and Jack at a time like this?” he hisses. “When dark matter and universal expansion ARE SO IN LOVE?!”
  • Jamie calls Dex “Dad” unironically. “My hockey dad,” he says when Nursey gives him a weird look.
  • Jamie for literally anything: “Hah, that sounds so gay. I’m in.”
  • Jamie kicks open the door of the Haus. “DAD I NEED YOUR POWER TOOLS!”
  • Dex is like, “Are you going to be weird?”
  • Which is how Dex ends up going to all the set building days for the Samwell Theater Department. He does it for Jamie, and Bitty sends him baked goods as an extra thank you. And the actors and techs keep giving Dex their phone numbers even when he explains he is in a happy, stable, monogamous relationship.
  • Dex needs a drink.
  • Bitty coming to visit is such a weird trip, both for SMH and the theater department. They learn too much about the Bittle household.
  • “Lol remember that time I told you serial killers lived in the Fruity Pebbles box?” “Omg Dicky you are such an asshole.”
  • “Lol remember that time I told you that you were adopted.” “Omg! That wasn’t funny!” “Jamie, you look almost exactly like Coach.” “Dicky, they didn’t have any baby pics of me! How was I supposed to know!”
  • “Lol remember that time I told you bats like to nest in people’s hair and then I dropped a squeaky toy on your head?” “Fuck you, Dicky.”
  • But then Jamie gets his revenge. He tells reporters about Jack and Bitty. Well, he lies.
  • “Jack is afraid of snow globes.”
  • “Eric Bittle is afraid of the dark. Also he wets the bed. Also he’s never kissed a girl!!! Also—wait, gimme back the recorder.”
  • “Jack Zimmermann has a tattoo of the Canadian flag on his lower back. So does Eric. They’re friendship tattoos.”
  • “When Eric was little he wanted to be a chicken. As, like, a career path.”
  • “Eric Bittle was adopted.” (“Sir, you and Mr. Bittle have the same face.”) “Are you saying all white people look the same?”
  • Jack, an only child, is really confused. “Why does your brother hate you? Bitty, stop—stop laughing. Bitty, I’m serious. You’re brothers, you shouldn’t fight.”
  • Jamie gets himself a Twitter account just so he can roast his brother publicly. Of course, it goes both ways. The chirping is relentless. Dad Bob gets in on it. Hockey fans are confused. Jamie is living.
  • There is a video on Bitty’s vlog, where he and Jamie are in the kitchen trying to bake something. Well, Bitty is trying to bake something. Jamie is being a huge pain in the ass. “I WANNA LICK THE BOWL!!!” “Jamie. Sweetheart. There’s literally only eggs and sugar in it.” “Ugh! Fine. Can I lick the spoon?” “…No.”
  • It devolves from there, to the point where Bitty and Jamie are throwing whole eggs at each other. There are drifts of sugar on the counters. The air is full of flour dust. Jack Zimmermann, professional NHL player, has is back against the wall, wide-eyed. “Why are you guys so violent?”
  • The video cuts to a pristine kitchen, and Bitty wearing a crisp, clean apron over crisp, clean clothes. He sets a perfect sheet cake on the counter in front of the camera. “And that’s how y’all make a sheet cake.”
  • Kent Parson follows Jamie on Twitter because they’re both sluts for absurdism. By the time Jamie graduates, the campus police know both him and Kent by their first names. Their performance pieces go viral. Jamie gets a spread in the Swallow. Bitty dies of fraternal shame again and he leaves Kent at least four angry voicemails.
  • Lardo finds Jamie at the Drama House. “You have zero respect for art.” “Uhhhh…” “I like that about you.”
  • Jamie calls everyone Dad. Bad Bob? Dad. Dex? Dad. The student director of the play he’s in? Dad. Lardo? Dad. The female lead and his love interest in the play? Dad. Lin-Manuel Miranda? Dad. Coach is frowning with the phone pressed against his ear. “How come I’m never Dad?”
  • Dex makes a face. “I seriously don’t have answers, Mr. Bittle. Why do you have my phone number?”
hunger - chapter 5

Hunger master post. 

The wolf’s boy is cautious for the next few days. He avoids contact with people, even the drunks he usually asks for change, afraid that any one of them might turn him in to the authorities. He also keeps his distance from the deputies who frequent the diner. He no longer walks by their cars, the blade of his knife digging into the paint.

The wolf is glad.

The boy’s recklessness has taken a back foot for once, and no longer feeds his anger in the same hot bursts it did. Anger, wild and misdirected, is dangerous.

 The wolf is not as glad when the boy’s newfound cautiousness manifests itself in a sort of quiet moroseness that has them trekking into the Preserve to stand and stare at the remains of the Hale house. Death accompanies them, her face pale and solemn. The wolf can feel her breath fluttering his whiskers and the sensitive tufts around his ears. He can hear her voice on the chill wind.

The wolf does not approach the house, even when his boy does.

Stiles is a thin, narrow figure, his breath rising like mist around him as he carefully treads back and forth on the blackened porch. The boards creak and groan under his scant weight. If it weren’t for the noise, he would look as insubstantial as a wraith. The house is a fitting place to find one. The wolf is surprised there aren’t more ghosts here, mouths open in silent screams, rolling eyes turned toward him.

Why, Derek? Why? How could you?

The wolf does not approach the house.

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How Daveed Diggs of ‘Hamilton’ Spends His Sundays

Daveed Diggs is still getting to know the city. When the 34-year-old rapper and actor, who grew up in Oakland, Calif., moved here about two and a half years ago for a little show called “Hamilton,” he probably figured there would be plenty of time for exploring. He was wrong. Over the past month, however, thanks to a temporary change in the musical’s schedule, he has finally been able to enjoy the city’s Sunday brunch scene. Mr. Diggs, a Tony Award nominee for his portrayal of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, lives in Washington Heights with his girlfriend, the actress Jalene Goodwin, and their dog, Soccer, “a Westie with some other thing mixed into it.”

MORNING AFTER I wake up 11-ish, hopefully before noon. It depends on the night before. I go out on Saturday nights, dinner, drinks, and if I’m feeling young, dancing. I make the energy to go out. You can’t let the Broadway schedule run you.

TRACK WORK In the last couple of weeks, me and my brother Malcolm have started doing really slow versions of sprint workouts on this beautiful track across from Yankee Stadium. I jog down there and I meet him, and we do the old-dude-on-the-track sprints. Soccer gets walked probably before I go.

BRUNCHY TIME Since we have Sundays off for a limited amount of time, I’ve been all about brunch. This is like a really brunchy city so I try a new place every week. I went to a place on the Upper West Side, I had a great French toast and oysters; it was, like, nautical themed. I went with a friend from the show.

MOVIE MAGIC On the best sunny days I try to stay out as much as I can. Go see a movie or play. I just saw “Purple Rain” at the AMC in Midtown, I cried the whole time. I went with my mom and my brother and my girlfriend. Me and my mom had been trading Prince stories all week. She was a D.J. in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and she remembers getting his first album in the mail. My favorite Prince album is “Sign o’ the Times.”

VINYL BABY I’ll visit a record store. I basically inherited my mom’s records, and my dad’s records too. And then I just kept adding to the collection. I partly buy vinyl more now because there’s a need for a collector to have something. Streaming is not satisfying. I feel like I didn’t do anything, other than supporting the artist. I have all of Kendrick Lamar on vinyl.

SURROUND SOUND I make music. I have a decent setup. I took out all of the clothes from one of the closets and put a microphone in there and put some soundproofing on the walls. It’s literally a regular closet, not a walk-in. I have the control room set up in the living room, and I wired everything through the wall. There’s a microphone and a monitor. I close the door, start the track, and just rap. If I’m really in the zone, I’ll put the headphones on and I’ll keep working until I fall asleep. Music is one of those things where it’ll take as much time as you give it.

MUSE I still write about Oakland. I’ve been thinking about that place a lot, particularly because it’s changing so fast. The gentrification there is just like on a whole new level. Both my parents got priced out; they live in Richmond now. It feels personal to me.

KEEP IT LOCAL Jalene will cook something or we’ll order. She cooks a lot of Trinidadian food, stewed chicken. We’ll get stuff at C-Town down the street, or once a week we’ll go to Trader Joe’s at 72nd.

ALWAYS WRITING I’m on the couch, with “SportsCenter” or music on, and when I have thoughts I write them down in Google Docs on my phone. I used to work in notebooks exclusively, but I lost so many of them. I don’t think that quickly. There’s no reason for somebody who’s good at writing rap to be good at freestyling. They’re different parts of your brain. You can develop both skills. I’m a much better writer.

BRITISH BEDTIME RITUAL I love detective shows. I’ve seen every episode of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot.” I never go to sleep before 3. Right before falling asleep I like to watch this old British court show, “Rumpole of the Bailey.” I find it comforting.

Left Behind (Tex x Reader)

Pairing: Tex x Reader

Reader Gender: neutral

So I have decided to leave requests behind right now and work on the stuff I have been wanting to work on for a while now and I hope you enjoy this.

Sorry it’s a little long


“Now are my words clear?” The director said, looking between the freelancers. Over the table, the only light in the room being the blue light from the holographic pictures that he had been showing before glowing on his face almost giving him an almost spooky sport of look.

He had made you all a new ‘mission’ of sorts. A simple capture the flag kind of setting. He was splitting you all in three teams. And each team has to find their flag and bring it back, whichever team returns with their correct flag first. Wins. It was a simple task that he thought would test you all. He had only selected a few of you to do this mission, mainly because you were top of the bored and he wanted to see strengths and weaknesses. The freelancers chosen were, Texas, Carolina, York, North and South Dakota, Connecticut, Washington, Maine, and you.

You all nodded, “Yessir.”

“The teams are as said: Team 1; Agent Carolina, Agent Maine, Agent Connecticut and Agent (state name).”

The four of you glanced at each other, you were happy with the team. They were all extremely capable soldiers. You were glad Tex wasn’t on this team. You two had spoken and actually got along very well but you couldn’t bare to imagine what would happen if her and Carolina were to end up on the same team. Then again, it’s still going to be competition city if she’s versing Tex.

The director had a slight smirk on his face as he continued, “Team 2; Agent York, Agent North Dakota, Agent South Dakota and Agent Washington.”

By now everyone have each other confused looks, if they’re on a team that means that…

“And Team 3; Agent Texas.”

Carolina actually looked like she was going to blow a fuse. You took a hesitant step to the left away from everyone, not wanting to be in the middle of anything if she were to go off her nut. One of the freelancers, North, stepped in and asked before she could start going off, “Excuse me, Director, is it exactly fair that Agent Texas to be on a team by herself? I mean the rest of us have four and it would seem an-”

“Agent North, if your meaning to tell me you’re worried that one agent will defeat four in a simple capture the flag then maybe you’re not cut out to be a freelancer.” The director cut him off.

“No I’m not worried about losing, I just-”

“Then you should have nothing to worry about. I know exactly what I am doing. Though you may doubt me.”

He didn’t continue on, he just nodded, “Yessir. I understand.” Completely and utter lie, but what was he supposed to say?

“Remember, this test is about stamina, speed, efficiency, and team work. By the end of this, I think we’ll know more about you than what you think,” he looked down at all of you, it was as though he was some kind of parent or teacher who had told you very strict and clear rules that he expected you to follow, “You all leave in 15 minutes, I expect you all to be prompt and ready.”


You had almost hit yourself when you soon realised that you and the director have different meanings to the word ‘simple’ and were ashamed that you thought that for once they may have the same meaning. For him, simple on this mission meant that there were hidden snipers who were constantly trying to fire at you and the occasional bomb would explode. Yes. Oh how simple.

“(State name) can you get it?” Caroline’s voice snapped on the radio.

“Yep!” You answered grabbing the flag from the side of the building while holding on to the grappling hook rope Carolina was holding you by, “I got it! Pull me up.”

You had almost wished you used different words, because apparently Carolinas version of 'pull me up’ is have you come up as quick as possible while most likely giving you server whiplash. You grabbed the roof of the building and she and Maine pulled you off and Carolina took the flag. It wasn’t too hard to figure out which flag belonged to which team, they were all labelled in small writing, yours was labelled 'Team One’.

“Alright now let’s get back!” She said, trying to avoid the bullets behind aimed at all of you.

You felt nauseous and light headed, having trouble standing up straight, “I’m not sure I can…” You said.

“(State name) we don’t have time for this bullshit we have to go now!”

“Carolina, (state name) doesn’t actually look well.” Connie said actually feeling concerned about you.

“We can give you a check up when we get back now hurry up! The ship isn’t that far away!” She ran to the other side of the building and jumped off to a lower one, Maine soon following. Connie grabbed your hand and the two of you ran after them together, you didn’t feel as though you could keep up with your feet all you can remember was that you and Connie had let go of each other’s hands when you jumped off, when you landed, your leg was left in a stinging pain and you found you couldn’t run without a slight limp. You both had caught up with Carolin and Maine, and so far you had a chance at being first back to the ship Tex was jumping running on another building not far from you all. It was only a mile away on a concrete clearing with the loading door open for you all to enter in. You didn’t know when it happened but at one point the light headedness took over and you fell down unable to run, this time hearing a crack in your leg. You were incredibly dizzy, and everything was spinning around. You could see Carolina, Maine and Connie still running to jump down to ground level.

“Guys… come back, help…” You tried to get up but you couldn’t, you couldn’t even move your leg.

“Shit!” You snapped in frustration. How were you going to get up them, you went onto your radio hoping that at least one of them would help you, “Team One, I repeat Team One, I’m down, I can’t get up, I can’t move, I repeat I can’t move.”

No reply.

“Team One! Can you read me?! Shit!” You cried when a bullet shot near the leg that was already hurting. You tried to drag yourself away from the gunshots, you didn’t want to die on this mission, you looked down at the ground as you tried to drag yourself.

That was when you heard footsteps coming towards, a teammate? You looked up in hope that it was at lest Maine or Connie who had come back for you, but when you looked up to see who was running and saw it was Tex, holding the flag in her hand. Great. Even better. One of the best agent was going to see you while you were at your worst.

She ran over to you, “(State name)? Where’s your team?” She asked, confusion in her voice.

“They left, they couldn’t hear me.” You ducked when you heard gunshots fire near you.

“They abandoned you?” Her head tilted. It sounded more like a statement than a question.

“No it’s fine. They just… couldn’t hear me.”

She kneeled down, “Can you walk?”

“I don’t think so,” you said honestly. Feeling pathetic.

Without even thinking, she wrapped your arm over her shoulder and helped you up, “Wait Tex, what’re you doing!?”

“Taking you back.”

“I’m not on your team! You’re going to lose!”

She didn’t listen, she stood at the side where your leg was useless and put her arm around your middle, “We’re going to have to work together, okay?” She said.

There was no use fighting her, you nodded and started walking, she was replacing your hurt leg, “Hold on.” She jumped down the building, thankfully this one wasn’t as high so landing wasn’t too much of a problem. She let you try your hardest to run. So you didn’t feel as useless, it had soon turned into a walk/hobble and you felt so guilty for slowing her down this much. You looked at the ships entrance and could see that Carolina, Connie and Maine were already inside and were watching you two make your way over.

You heard Tex mutter what you thought was, “Mother fuckers.” You looked down. Thinking it was because she lost the race, you only felt more guilty for slowing her down. If you hadn’t have fallen or were able to walk and keep up like you should be able too, she most likely would have made it back first.

When you got inside, she sat you down on one of the seats, checking you were okay before walking over to 479er to explain the situation you were in.

Connie and Maine immediately walked over to you, Connie kneeled down while Maine sat next to you, “(State name) I’m so sorry, we didn’t know. We would’ve come back but we didn’t realise you were gone. We’re so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you said, slightly doubting the story because you had tried to contact the through their radios, “I’m sure you didn’t mean it.”

By now, Team Three was back and they also had circled you, “(State name) are you okay?” North asked.

“Yeah, just, my leg hurts.” You said. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Tex walking up to Carolina. Whatever it is. There’s no way that it’s going to end well.

“You have a lot of nerve for leaving your team behind.” She said, “I know you have some sort of competition thing against me, Carolina but you never abandon your team.”

“We didn’t know, it was an honest mistake.” She defended.

“Well that 'honest mistake’ almost got, (state name) killed.” She said, sounding as though she didn’t believe a word of Carolina’s reasoning.

When you all arrive back on the MOI you were to receive immediate medical attention. You hadn’t broken your leg like some others had though, but it was a dislocation, thanks to your armour, your knee stayed in place and didn’t need too much readjusting. You were allowed to use crutches and as soon as you were able to start using them, the director called another meeting to give the results to the test. No one knew but the Director had actually been recording it from cameras that he had set up around the city earlier.

Apparently everyone heard your help call including, your team just didn’t reply back to it, from the footage it looked as though Carolina was forcing them to finish first with the words of 'they’ll find their own way back’. You also managed to see that Tex, who had also heard you call, came to help when she saw that your team hadn’t turned back for you. She was just about to jump down to a lower level and run to the ship but as soon as she saw your team she looked over to the building where you had fallen and looked back at the ship. She completely changed direction and ran the opposite way to help you. You never knew she had deliberately come after you, you just thought that she had taken your building for a short cut and just happened to notice you.

The footage showed her talking to you and helping you up as the two of you started walking. The footage soon changed to Team Three who had been shooting the hidden sniper rifles, protecting you and Tex. You thought that maybe they had organised it but apparently North and York happened to noticed and decided to help, it was almost a silent agreement among them all. Usually South wouldn’t dare help Tex, but it wasn’t really helping Tex, it was helping you. And she was actually close with you and didn’t want you to get hurt because Carolina wanted to win.

The director stopped the footage, “I believe you’re all capable of filling in the dots of what happened.” He said and the lights in the room turned back on.

“It seems to me that some of you forgot one of the main aspects of this test,” his voice seemed frustrated and as though he was ready to shout, “As rules apply their first team to make it back wins. And Team One since you were missing a member you do not qualify. However, Agent Texas did make it back with (state name) so she by rule comes first, especially after taking a teammate that was not hers.”

Carolina crossed her arms, “I thought you said it was based on stamina and speed?”

He glared at her, “I did not believe that I would have to spell everything out for all of you, you’re all meant to be the best freelancers, common sense should have told you that you had to work as a team. And quite frankly, if you can’t work as a team I don’t see how you’re meant to do half of the missions we place here. And as far as anything goes I would call Team One’s mission a failure.”

“Wouldn’t it be a success? We brought the flag back?” She said.

“Leaving a teammate behind for dead is not what I call success, Agent Carolina.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Another reason I didn’t say that was because this test was also going to help sort out who your partners are going to be.”

Everyone looked around at each other, really? Put them in danger just to see who they would work best with. Actually no. You weren’t surprised anymore.

“Agent’s North and South Dakota, we are keeping you two together but we are going to try you with different partners to see how it works out.”

“Agent’s Maine and Wash, you’ll be doing the next few missions together.”

“Agent’s (state name) and Texas, I believe you two will be a very efficient team, Agent Texas may you take Agent (state name) back to their room? I look forward for seeing you back on the field.” He said.

You nodded, Tex stood beside you and you both walked through the halls back to your room.

“You didn’t have to help me you know,” you said, “You could have won.”

“Winning doesn’t matter,” she said, “You should never abandon your team.”

“I’m not your team,” you said.

“I know.” She sighed.

It was silent between the two of your for a while, the only sounds being the clicking of your crutches as the two of you walked to your room and her footsteps.

“And I care about you,” she said.

You looked up at her, “What?”

“You heard me. I care. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

You reached your room and opened your door, it was all sort of clearer now. Tex wouldn’t just go back for someone who wasn’t on her team. Never. If you’re not on her team she won’t care. She wasn’t angry with the others when she swore because they beat her, it was because they left you behind. You were finding it hard to believe. But it was true. It all made sense.

“Well, I look forward to working with you, I think we’ll make a good team.” She said.

You smiled, “Thanks, same here.”

She paused for a moment, “Take care and… don’t hurt yourself okay? Don’t want to have to wait longer,” she joked awkwardly.

You nodded, “By-”

“Oh uh, can you please not say goodbye, it just, I really hate them.”

You tilted your head slightly, “Yeah okay, sure, is I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

She nodded, “I’ll see you tomorrow sounds much better.” You weren’t sure, but you were pretty sure you could hear and feel the smile under her helmet.

You smiled, “Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She nodded before taking a step back, I’ll see you tomorrow,“ she said, ”… sleep well.“ And with that she left. She looked like she was mumbling under her breath when she left. You smiled to yourself as you walked into you’re room.

You were definitely hoping your leg would heal fast.

edwardelricistheawesomeness  asked:

How about the two of them accidentally switching into item of clothing? Like, dressing really quickly in the dark after a fun night and they accidentally switching shirts, or boots before they run out to the others. And everyone is curious about what's different but can't quiet pinpoint what.

Have the Uke-iest Eren in existence, or y`know, check the AO3 vers if you want, Too Small

Levi hummed in contentment, snuggling deeper into Eren`s chest as he slept. He`d had an absolutely wonderful night and waking to this the next morning only put him in a better mood. When he dared peek his eyes open he couldn`t help but admire his young lover`s sleeping face, his chestnut hair was illuminated by the sunlight filtering through the windows, making a golden halo around his head. His adorable bushy brows were relaxed on his forehead, unlike the scrunched, angry look they had during the day, his pouty lips parted slightly to let out sleepy murmurs of nonsense and his pretty green eyes shifted under his closed eyelids.

Levi sighed, what had he done to deserve someone as gorgeous as Eren was? As sweet and loving and ridiculously angry? He could have watched him like that all morning, his soft body against his. But something felt off, like he really shouldn`t be doing this right now, like something was just begging for his attention…

“Shit!” He exclaimed, he was late, they were late! He jumped up from their shared bed, accidentally jolting a still sleepy Eren awake.

“Levi? What`re you doin`? Come back to bed.” Eren mumbled tiredly, he reached out blindly for Levi and made grabbing motions with his hands. Levi very much wanted to, with how cute Eren was being at this moment morning sex didn`t sound half bad either, but they needed to move.

“Eren, Eren get up. We`re late as hell and everyone is going to wonder where we are.” He said urgently, gently shaking the cadet awake. Eren`s eyes shot open at the word `late`, and he too jumped out of bed and went to scramble for the clothes he`d had on the night before. Levi followed suit as they hastily got dressed, truly they must have set a record because they were out the door in minutes.

Normally they would split off before reaching the mess hall, as to not cause suspicion, but this time they`d be heading off separately because Levi had a meeting and Eren had training, Levi was in such a rush he jumped when Eren placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around only to meet soft lips on his and uncalloused hands cupping his face, just as quickly as the late `good morning` kiss started Eren was pulling away, Levi wouldn`t lie and say his lips didn`t chase after his as he did so.

“Good luck, have a good day!” Eren cheered, and with that he jogged away, waving at him until he was out of sight.

Levi touched two fingers to his lips, still feeling the tingle of Eren`s affections. He was probably smiling like an idiot as he made his way to the meeting room, thoughts of Eren dancing through his mind.

Truly, what had he done to deserve him?


It was the middle of the meeting when he`d noticed it, Erwin had been quite annoyed by his late entrance but otherwise the meeting had gone on without a hitch. He didn`t really know what they were on about today, unless they were discussing a certain brat who was too good for this world, he doubted he`d be interested. But back to the point, his shoes were terribly tight, he stamped them on the floor quietly to maybe relieve the tension but they still fit oddly and uncomfortably. He didn`t even give himself hope that he`d grown too big for them, he hadn`t grown in years and probably never would again, so why on earth were his boots so damn small?

It was annoying but he endured it for the rest of the meeting, shifting and twisting his feet inside them in hopes the pressure would go away, but it seemed his shoes were going to be stubborn and put him through hell today.

After the meeting was adjourned, and after Erwin made it perfectly clear there were to be no more late mornings for him, he went down to the mess hall for lunch, as he`d missed breakfast completely and was starving for anything to put in his stomach. He inwardly complained he`d have much rathered Eren`s food first thing in the day, he usually made him breakfast in the kitchenette within his bedroom and it was always far better than anything he`d ever tasted, everything the mess hall offered was lack luster. But due to the rush of being late Levi had to face the fact that he wouldn`t be able to eat Eren`s delicious waffles with raspberries and sweet cream today.

As he finally made it down to lunch his boots were killing him, he swore they were squeaking now with every step he took, it was stupidly painful and no matter how much he moved them they were still the same. With an irritated huff he marched up to grab himself a plate of, something Eren didn`t make him and sat down alone at his table. Alone? His silver eyes shifted around and realized Eren was no where to be seen, and if his mood was sour before it was perfectly rancid now. No Eren, what kind of punishment was this? If Eren wasn`t here it meant Eren wasn`t going to ask him about the meeting he`d just left so he could complain to him, no Eren meant no soothing words of `it`s okay captain` and `just keep working hard`. With an awful scowl in place Levi angrily tore at his, whatever the hell they were serving.

“Man can you believe Jaeger today?”

The man`s head snapped up fast enough to give him whiplash, Kirschstien came trotting in with Springer and the rest of the 104th at his sides, of course what had really caught his attention was the mention of Eren`s name.

“Yeah what a klutz! He fell into everything.” Springer agreed, Eren? Falling over himself? Maybe around him but not on a regular basis surely.

“I hope he`s feeling alright, he looked really upset when the instructor sent him to muck out the stables.” Arlert added worriedly, Eren was being punished?

“Serve him right.” Kirschstien said firmly.

That was all Levi had needed to hear, standing from his mediocre meal and passing by the chattering cadets, he briskly made his way to the stables where his Eren was being held captive. Well perhaps he was exaggerating but without a doubt Eren was being wrongfully punished. He ignored the wince of his boots as he made his way in,

When he stepped inside he didn`t see his Eren anywhere,

“Eren?” He called, instead of an answer though he got a sniffle. He followed the insanely cute but heart wrenching noise into an empty stall, where Eren say in the corner curled up by himself. Levi`s eyebrow furrowed in worry as he disregarded the filth of the hay in the stall and knelt in front of Eren.

“What`s wrong?” He asked, if someone had touched him, yelled at him Levi would be sure to get revenge, all Eren needed to do was say the word.

“I-I`m sorry captain, I messed up in training all day and got in trouble. Even though you told me to be good today.” Eren whined, it made Levi`s heart break into thousands of pieces, Eren wasn`t upset he`d been punished, he was upset he`d let Levi down. 

“Eren I`m not mad, what happened?” He soothed, running his hand through Eren`s silky hair.

“I-I just kept tripping all over the place, my boots fit weird and they kept falling off.” He sniffed.


His boots hadn`t fit either?

“Eren, let me see your boots.” He told the boy, who looked confused but shed his boots immediately. Levi did the same with his own boots.

“Try these instead.” He said, shoving his, or maybe not his at all, boot to Eren.

Eren slid the boot on with no trouble and Levi took Eren`s, or maybe not Eren`s, boots and replaced his other ones. Just as he`d thought these boots fir him perfectly and the annoying pinch was nowhere to be felt.

“Hey! These fit much better sir.” Eren smiled, Levi shook his head, they must have grabbed each others shoes in their rush this morning. He could help but find it cute that Eren`s feet were so much smaller than his own.

“See? It wasn`t your fault.” Levi assured, patting Eren`s head as the boy leaned into his touch. Now of course this punishment was null and void, he`d not have Eren mucking out the stable for his own mistake.

Come on, you`re filthy, we should take a bath.

Eren raised a brow at him,


“Hm? What are you saying Eren.”

Maybe they`d wound up bathing together as Eren finally asked him about his day and he was able to moan about how much he hated meetings, maybe he`d let Eren pamper him a bit my washing his hair and scrubbing his back and maybe he`d pushed Eren down onto his bed and done the very thing that had made them both late this morning in the first place.