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Lefou’s gay.

Today Disney announced that Lefou will be an explicitly gay character, the first for Disney fairy tale films and films aimed at the all ages group from the company. A lot of people feel strongly about this on both sides, conservative extremists feel this is the utmost betrayal from Disney and think the film needs a new content rating. I think that is ridiculous for a number of reasons mostly that a gay man existing in a world where a girl falls in love with a beast is somehow the controversial topic. But on the other end of the discourse rainbow many feel that this is an insult to lgbt people and that Disney has insulted and made a grave mistake by having Lefou be canoically gay. I also think that’s a bit much. So here are some of my bullet points/thoughts on why I truly believe this is a good step for Disney and the LGBT community if you would so indulge me.

  • I understand many concerns revolving this piece of news, Lefou in this version is now a gay man who pines for his straight macho best friend/pack leader. Some are condemning that idea which I find a bit silly. I understand that a stereotype thrown upon our community is that we are unable to have straight friends because we will “always fall for them”. Which we all know is bullshit, that being said sometimes it also fucking happens but it’s no more different than the friendzone guy who is in love with his childhood best friend. Point is it’s an actual thing queer people do deal with so to prohibit as a storytelling device is just stupid and weird. A good lesson for lgbt people and anyone honestly is sometimes the people you will like, or even love will not reciprocate those feelings.
  • Not all lgbt people need to be portrayed as saintly or even good people to count as representation. For example one of my favorite things about the new Series of Unfortunate events show on netflix was that there was a gay couple in it. My favorite thing not being that they were gay, but that they were gay and just as bad as the rest of the adults in the show. Because I believe it’s important to show LGBT people as humans rather than amazing people with little flaws and great outcomes even though I understand the need for that. So Lefou can be in a bad relationship, he can be allowed to make poor decisions because he is blinded by love from someone who will never love him back, he is even allowed to be a bad person because him being gay shouldn’t excuse him from any of that. Because character flaws make for a interesting character shocking I know and can even be the payoff for character growth. Which leads me to my next point. 
  • This is a character arch Bill condon has even said it. Meaning Lefou will go through some sort of change or lesson in this film. Just because he starts following this awful person in the beginning of the film does not mean that’s where he story will end. Because again this is not the animated feature, we don’t know the exact context of their relationship nor do we have an idea of what will happen to Lefou through the course of the film. But for a movie about acceptance of those who are different and learning to love I have a hard time believing it’s going to end poorly for the now gay Lefou. Just remember Bill has said where they end with Lefou is something rather beautiful, and I personally cannot wait to see what that is.
  • Any bit of screen time in which a gay person is a person and given an actual story arc is something that I view as important. This is a company that for many years had to code in order to get away with anything. We are living in a day and age where they can openly say that a character is gay. Which I think is something huge and something I want to encourage from the company, so that we can get more of these kind of ideas. I am not saying you have to be inherently okay or accepting of this, but I am asking that you give the film a chance and watch it before having your final thoughts be a reblog slamming this from all angles. Because while you may disagree maybe some kid out there is going to watch what happens with lefou and feel better about themselves leaving that theater.

Herbs, flowers, fruits, wood: The substitutes you can count on!

You’ll probably be using at least one of the above things in most magical workings. Here’s a quick breakdown! 

ROSEMARY: Rosemary can substitute for any herb. Used for its own properties, it is a good component in cleansing baths, can be kept under the pillow to remember dreams, and things associated with memory: memorable impressions, recall, and enhancement of one’s own memory. In cooking, it makes a delicious addition to savory dishes and meats, while also providing a complex flavor to sweet applications. Rosemary infused in honey or tea is strong and tasty, and it adds a sophisticated edge to simple sweets like sugar cookies.

ROSE: Rose can substitute for any flower. Make sure to only get roses for culinary applications or grow your own, since those from a florist will likely contain pesticides! Roses are known for their uses in love spells, but are also used in many applications calling for happy, benign energy. Rose can soothe an angry heart, especially if the anger is due to relationship issues. In cooking, rose is a delicate floral note that can easily be lost under intense flavor, and is best highlighted in sweet or mild applications. Rose petals and rosehips make great tea, and can be jellied for a vitamin-C rich treat. Rose petals can be infused into oil, honey, sugars, and alcohol. Rose water can be used to enhance the flavor, but be sparing—storebought rosewater does not taste as light as homemade, and can overpower and ruin natural floral flavors.

LEMON/ORANGE: Fruit substitutions are less straightforward than others, but lemon, orange, and occasionally apple are considered solid go-tos. Pick whichever is right for the working or recipe, based either on intent or the other spell components! Lemon is associated with water and the moon, and used frequently in purifying and cleansing—both magical and non-magical. Lemon and honey in hot water is a great remedy for sore throat and indigestion, and the smell of lemon will perk you right up on a sleepy morning. Lemon (or any citrus) peel infuses fantastically in sugar, honey, booze, etc. Avoid using pith (the white stuff) and stick to the flavorful zest and juice. Zest is great in practically any baked good, and simply pouring hot water over used lemon rinds will make you entire house smell amazing.

PINE: Pine is regarded as a good substitute for most resins and woods. Pine resin is easy to collect, as are the needles, with a little reading on the species of tree. Pine is thought to banish sickness and bring in prosperity and luck, and often hung over doors or mixed into fragrant sachets to place under pillows. Pine needle tea is bitter, but rich in vitamins A and C; it should be incorporated sparingly to cooking applications, and you may want to enhance it with mint to avoid overuse of the bitter pine taste. In outdoor cooking, pine smells beautiful under a grill or in a fire.

CLARIFICATION: Some people have pointed out that pine can be dangerous to burn due to the high quantities of resin in the wood. This is not untrue! Pine can produce larger quantities of creosote and smoke, due to the resin and tar in logs. However, unless you cook with an all-pine fire regularly, it is not likely to reach dangerous levels (which you wouldn’t anyway, because all-pine fires will make your food taste like a BUTT). I also specified that it should be outdoor flame, since in a wood stove it can cause dangerous buildup. Also, not a great idea to use exclusively pine wood in a fire, as it won’t burn as well/won’t taste great; it’s best when cut with oak. Since pine burns hot, I like to start my bonfire/grill with it, and then pile apple or cherry wood on for the actual cooking an hour later. A few good pine logs/handful of chips will burn well, smell great, and be largely harmless. So like most spell components, research well and use in moderation! 

TOBACCO: Substitute for any poisonous herb. NOT FOR CULINARY USE. It is worth mentioning only in the case that someone is adapting a non-edible spell or ritual into an edible recipe that includes a poisonous herb—NEVER bring toxic plants into the kitchen, at risk of cross-contamination, and instead substitute tobacco by burning a cigarette near the pot (or, if you don’t want that in the house, burning it outside and catching a little smoke in a bottle to bring in). Do not add ashes to the cooking, as they are also poisonous. Don’t let this anywhere near your mouth.

QUARTZ: Not exactly a cooking ingredient, but stones are often used in magic and it is possible to bring them into the kitchen. Clear quartz is a good substitute for any stone you may not have, as it cleanly amplifies energies. While I wouldn’t ever put stones IN something you intend to eat, if you insist on soaking a stone/crystal in liquid recipe ingredients (water, tea, milk, etc), use quartz or another safe stone; malachite, copper, and many other minerals become poisonous when introduced to liquid environments. Don’t put any stone in something acidic, like juice, unless you are POSITIVE it will 1. not erode, and 2. not poison you. Don’t put crystals or stones in overly hot or boiling water, as this could cause them to crack and explode. And if they DO, don’t eat anything with sharp little crystal bits in it! Seriously, treat small shattered crystals like you would glass shards.

Most of these substitute ingredients are entirely edible (or at least mostly harmless) in some form, so if you’re trying to adapt a nonedible spell to baking or cooking, consider using some of these subs in the place of less…digestible…spell components. There are usually plenty of other subs with the properties you need, but these steadfast six are not only reliable, but pretty easy to acquire!

winter-wing  asked:

I looked up Chuck Tingle 'cause I had not idea he was. I had hopes that they were going to provide more books for me to read. And well...I went to his site and looked at the paperbacks....I've made a mistake and I don't think I'll be able to un-see some of his covers. x.x

Look, I know it’s weird and if you’re not aware of what he actually writes then it’s hella weird, but the novels are actually some of the best poignant and satirical commentary on current issues.

I forget which one it is, something like “Pounded in the Ass by Medical Debt” or something and he basically breaks down everything wrong with the American health care system and calls out the need for social reformation because we are literally getting fucked by the system. Like I don’t care if his covers are fucking insane. I’m writing about bisexual poly werewolves punching nazis with their cute vampire bf who can’t stop adopting children and their bad ass wife. None of this makes sense just go with it.

mythover  asked:

Hey there love your blog. Quick question I'm trying to write a fanasty book where one of the main characters use both swords & guns. A katana on his left hip & a short katana on his right aswell as carrying a desert eagle on his person but he lives in a world where technology & magic exist except firearms are illegal. Is it possible to write scene's where this combintaion works?

The “short katana” would be a wakizashi. It’s a distinct weapon in its own right and was traditionally part of a samurai’s accoutrements, though this is probably the least significant issue here.

The combination works in so far as you remember that real people make really horrible decisions in an attempt to seem cool. The Desert Eagle is a very flashy, somewhat terrible, gun. You carry one as an aesthetic choice, not because you want to actually kill someone with it. It’s big, bulky, unreasonably heavy, and stupidly expensive. The only point to owning one is to say, “look at what a badass I could be.”

The katana is a very flashy, somewhat terrible, sword. Stop me if this one sounds familiar; this is a sword you carry as an aesthetic choice, not because you actually want to kill someone with it, but because you want to say, “look at what a badass I could be.”

In both cases you’re talking about items that present the concept of a weapon far more valuable, lethal, and cool, than the real articles offer. With the katana, there’s also all of the associated cultural baggage. The katana is, literally, a holy symbol in Shinto. If your character is carrying one for religious reasons, that’s one thing; but, if they’re looking for “the best sword,” then, it’s a terrible choice.

It’s also probably worth pointing out that both the Desert Eagle and the katana require two hands to wield properly. Desert Eagles have a “floating mag,” meaning the magazine remains somewhat loose in the grip, while locked. If the operator fails to properly stabilize the pistol, this can result in the pistol failing to feed, meaning it won’t properly load the next round into the chamber, and forcing the user to cycle the slide manually. This isn’t an issue if you’re using the pistol as designed, but if you’re trying to fire it one handed, because your other hand is occupied with a katana, it could easily result in a dead man’s click long before the magazine is empty.

There’s a similar issue with the katana, the design works with the idea that the wielder will be using it with both hands. Specifically you use your index and middle ring and pinky finger on your off-hand to control the blade, while using your main hand for power. The problem with wielding one single handed should be immediately obvious; you can flail around with it, but you can’t really get much value from it that way. At that point, you’d almost be better off with a machete, simply because it would offer a more comfortable grip, and would be easier to swing.

While wakizashi are frequently matched with a katana and sold together, they’re not intended for simultaneous use. The wakizashi had distinct uses, mostly so the samurai would have a blade they could actually use in doors, but it wasn’t supposed to be dual wielded with a katana. Think of it like buying a kitchen knife set, sure there’s eight knives in there, but you’re not going to be using all of them together at once.

I’ll add, I’ve got nothing against a character that has a reason to use a katana. If it’s a badge of office, a family heirloom, a sign of their order or training, that’s fine. It’s the idea that “this is the best possible sword ever,” which I object to. It’s a two-handed sword. It’s not particularly great. It has a dedicated martial style, predicated on using very fragile blades, (and historical katanas are exceedingly fragile).

Finally, if you’ve got a setting where firearms are outlawed, there’s a few problems specific to the Desert Eagle. I mentioned that they were large and expensive, so let’s break those down a little. First, these are massive pistols. A Mark XIX Desert Eagle weighs just under four and a half pounds. For a pistol that is comically heavy. This is also a gun that is over a foot long. These are large handguns. They are difficult to conceal. If you’re living in a setting where owning a gun is illegal, this is the last thing you want to be carrying on the street. (They’re pretty terrible carry weapons in the real world as well.)

On the current market, with firearms that are legal to buy, a used Desert Eagle will set you back at least $1,200 ($1,400 to $1,700 is more likely, for a gun in decent shape). In contrast, if you’re shopping for a solid conceal carry pistol you can expect to spend somewhere between $400 and $500. Even high grade “tactical” pistols rarely break $1k, unless they’re collector’s items (or SIGs). Most “cool” pistols you see on TV probably cost between $600 and $1k.

If you’re wondering why SIGs manage to command higher prices, it’s because (in most cases) they’re remarkably high quality. I’ve had issues with the American produced SIG Sauer P226s, but in general SIGs are worth the money.

The Desert Eagle really isn’t worth the money. As I said earlier, these are guns you buy to show off, not because you’re looking for a carry weapon.

And, all of this is before you step back and apply the economics for a setting where getting a handgun is illegal. At that point, you’re talking about a gun that could easily cost more than an older model car. Those economics skew against you even harder every time your character pulls the trigger.

Desert Eagles come chambered in a couple different rounds. There’s .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and .50AE. (Technically, there’s also .41 magnum and .440 variants as well.) Gun stores aren’t going to stock a lot, but you can buy them if you’re using something chambered for it. Also worth noting, if you’re dropping the hammer on a .50AE Desert Eagle, it will set you back more than a dollar per bullet. (The current, actual cost in the US is ~$1.35 per round.) But, if you’re in a setting where firearms aren’t easily available, your black market’s going to need to focus on rounds they can actually sell. They may keep a little bit around (and would charge way more than the price I just quoted), but once it’s gone, getting your hands on more could be very difficult. In this sense, it would be much safer if your character was using a firearm that matched to the common calibers in their setting. The reasoning is, that your black market may not keep much .50AE around (if they keep any at all), but they probably will stock 9mm, .45, or whatever your setting’s cops use. It’ll cost substantially more than it would in the real world, but it will be something your character can buy. It also won’t leave behind freakishly expensive shell casings every time they open fire. A string of killings involving a .50AE pistol? That will bring the cops down on their contacts looking for someone who’s been scavenging around the black market for those 12.7mm rounds far faster than a few people who got plugged with a black market .45.

To a lesser extent, the katana and wakizashi have a similar issue. Yeah, sure, they’re cool, I guess, but they’re also memorable. If your character is using a sword (and that’s common in the setting), having the cops looking for someone using a guy with a katana will result in a much shorter search ending at their doorstep than someone with a random non-descript sword or even something like a machete.

If the katana is enchanted, then sure, your character is kind of stuck with it (up to a point), but it’s still a weapon they’d need to be somewhat careful about hiding, and more careful about using.

So, yeah, it’s entirely plausible that you’d have a character who thought all of these were a good idea. If you have a setting where they could actually get their hands on them is a different question.

If you’re thinking they could use the weapons together, then no. They could switch between them, but trying to use them all at once would result in wild flailing, and a malfunctioning pistol.

I can think of, at least, one legitimate reason why your character might carry around a Desert Eagle (or a katana) in a setting like you’re describing, and that’s to scare people. If you’re an enforcer for some shadowy criminal organization, then being able to shove a 14 inch, chrome, monster gun up someone’s nose is an effective option (and yes, the Desert Eagle is a model of handgun you can press into someone without disabling it). But, even then, they’d probably carry something far more practical for times when they were there to kill someone, and not just put the fear of Elmer Keith into them.

Depending on the setting (or the organization they work for), then they might carry and use a katana for that kind of intimidation instead. For instance: If they were Yakuza, it would make some sense. At that point, you might reasonably get a character who used that exact set of weapons for intimidation, and would actually use the katana or wakizashi when provoked.

In general, though, there’s nothing wrong with a character thinking this is all a good idea. It’s not. But, if they could afford it, they might go chasing after that concept anyway.


EDIT: As @fox-bright kindly reminded me, it’s the third and fourth fingers on your off hand that you use to control a katana, rather than the first and second. Sorry about that.

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Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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Truth or Dare ? Young!Sirius x Reader

Warnings : None

Words : 1770

Request : No, just a thing I thought about and kinda liked?? Hope you enjoy, and if you don’t.. meh, sorreh

Note : There might be some mistakes, tell me if you find some ! + GIF is not mine xx

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

It was nearly 10pm in the Gryffindor common room, the boys, Lily and you were sitting on the floor around the small table near the fireplace. The beautiful red headed girl was sitting on your left and Remus was on your right, facing Sirius and next to him, James. Peter had been really sick lately so he went to bed early, leaving the five of you alone for what was supposed to be a homework session which of course took quickly another turn, much to Remus and Lily’s disappointment. They always held the title of the « nerds » of the group, though they didn’t mind it and couldn’t even try to deny it.

« Let’s play a game ! »

James had said these words with way too much excitement, and the smirk that started to grow on his face was enough for you to know that he had a bad Potter idea, again.

The exaggerated eye-roll Moony gave him after that proved that he thought exactly the same thing, actually only Sirius seemed to be enjoying the idea because he knew that his best friend always had the best plans to have some fun.

« Which game do you wanna play, Prongs ? » asked the dark haired boy sitting next to him.

« Well I was thinking about Truth or dare, I know how much Y/N loves this game. »

He winked at you and you just sent him a death glare that only made him laugh harder. You didn’t like that game, in fact you hated it. The last time you played you had to ask a Slytherin guy out on a date, and he had had the great idea to say yes. It had been the worst date of your life and when you came back to explain it to the boys, they found it really hilarious and teased you for days. Well, all of them except for Sirius who strangely never said a single word about it.

« Do I really have a choice ? »

« Nope Y/N, I’m really scared you don’t.» answered Lily between two giggles, as you just laid your head on Remus’ shoulder as a sign of resignation.


You had been playing for almost an hour, and right now you were watching Remus and Lily coming back from their respective rooms, wearing each other’s clothes. Lily looked more cute than ridiculous, but the black skirt that was barely covering Moony’s thighs made you all cry from laughter -except him, of course-. His cheeks were red and he mumbled something incomprehensible before sitting down next to you again, waiting for the four of you to calm down and get back at the game.

« Well it’s my turn and since you laughed at my face so bad, I’m choosing you my dear Sirius : truth or dare ? »

« You are evil. Truth. »

On the opposite side of the table, Sirius and James were looking at you, both smiling slightly and waiting for the question. Your eyes met Potter’s first and he winked at you in a childish way, before meeting Sirius’ gaze. Merlin, those eyes made you weak. To say you liked him was an understatement, you always had, since day one. Well how could you not ? He was charming, nice, funny but yet, you never had the courage to tell him about how you felt. He was so popular with the girls of the school and even though he only talked about it with his « mates », you knew he had a lot of hook ups and assumed he just wasn’t into stable relationships. You got back to reality when Remus cleared his throat, before he spoke again.

« Are you in love ? »

The question was simple, but everybody in the room froze, staring at Sirius. If his eyes had been knives, Remus would have died ten times already. Lily gently hit Lupin’s shoulder, saying something about how it wasn’t nice to ask such personal things. You took a sip of your tea, acting as if everything was normal but deep inside you, you could feel your heart beating fast and you weren’t even sure you wanted to hear his answer. Your Y/E/C eyes met his again, before he looked back at Remus and answered with the most calm and clear voice you had ever heard.

« No, I’m not. »

You instantly felt dumb about thinking he could have given the opposite answer, and finished your tea, avoiding him for the rest of the night.


It had been five days since you played the childish game, and five days since you last spoke to Sirius. You were avoiding him and everyone could tell that, but only Lily knew why. She always knew about your feelings towards him and she tried to talk about it with you but you didn’t want to. Right now, you just needed to move on and concentrate about the essay you were working on. The library was almost empty and you were alone, now that your best friend had left you to go to one of her classes. You jumped when a hand found your shoulder, turning around quickly to meet a certain dark haired boy you knew too well. But for once, he didn’t smile at you nor did he seem happy at all.

« For Gordic’s sake Sirius, I nearly had a heart attack. »

Completely ignoring what you just said, he took a sit next to you, frowning and letting a loud sigh escape from his lips.

« What did I do to you ? » He didn’t let a single sound escape from your mouth and continued. « You haven’t even looked at me for days, don’t tell me you just need some time alone or one of those silly excuses, because you’ve been acting normally with everyone. Everyone except me. »

He spoke louder with every word, clearly mad at you and not giving a damn about the fact that you were in a place supposed to be quiet. You sighed, looking at him right in the eyes, something you didn’t think you were capable of right now.

« I didn’t think you would notice it, why does it matter to you? »

He gave you a confused look, while you were just praying that somehow he would just shrug his shoulders and leave, but you knew him well and Sirius was not gonna leave until he had a clear answer to his questions.

« Maybe because you’re my friend, maybe that’s why I fucking care about it ! »

This time he was shouting, half angry, half frustrated. You let out an ironic laugh, closing your book quickly before standing up, knowking that if he kept on yelling you would get just as angry as him and you didn’t want to fight. Not with him, not now, not here.

« Yes, I’m your friend. But you’re not mine. »

He stood up with a speed you didn’t think was possible, and your heart broke when you saw the deeply hurt expression on his face. His dark eyes were staring right into yours, and you could feel his body tense in front of you.

« If I’m not your friend, then tell me, what am I ? »

You opened your mouth several times, but words didn’t come out. You knew you couldn’t escape, you knew you had to tell him, here and now. You took a deep breath, staring at the ground because you didn’t have the courage to look at him.

« I can’t believe you never saw it. Maybe you didn’t want to after all but here we go. I like you Sirius. More than a friend does, more than Remus likes James. I always did and now I feel so stupid for thinking even for a second that you could feel the same. I feel stupid for thinking you, Sirius Black the great women magnet, could feel anything at all. »

In a strange way you felt released, but now all you wanted to do was get out of this place and that’s why you didn’t let him a chance to say anything and started to walk towards the great Hall as fast as you could. Before you could reach the exit, a large hand grabbed your foreharm and made you turn around, bumping in the tall chest of the boy you left just seconds ago. He didn’t let go of your arm, holding it even more strongly while you slowly looked up at him. There was a look on his eyes that you had never seen before, and you couldn’t tell if it was grief or anger.

« That’s the way you see me ? Like I’m some kind of monster that can’t feel a damn thing? Well I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong Y/N, just plainly wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have lied the other night during that stupid game, but I thought you knew me enough to know I was lying. I do feel things, and yes, I’m.. » He looked down for a second, closing his eyes while inhaling, before staring right back at you again « … I’m fucking in love with you. »

His words were rough, and his lips even more. He crashed them on yours as soon as he finished speaking, cupping your face between his hands. The book you still held fell to the ground and it took you a few seconds to realise what whas happening. You moved your hands to his hair, pulling him closer, as you felt him smile through the kiss, moving his lips against yours while gently brushing your cheek with his thumb. You slowly broke your embrace, your foreheads still touching and couldn’t help but smile, giving him a peck on the lips.

« I feel like an idiot. »

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you before whispering in your ear.

« Well now you’re my idiot. »


Hidden behind a book shelf, a brown haired boy smiled childishly to his lover, holding his hand out to her.

« Sorry Lils, but it looks like you owe me ten galleons. »

Baby Daddy: Birth

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


N/A - this is scene is so magic I just had to have it on this imagine, even though it’s not a gif. I’m sorry it took so long to be out, as I said, I was sick. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


Imagine: You and Klaus are chilling and talking at a large bed when you suddenly goes into labour. 

Word Count: 2817

Resting in a huge soft mattress, you thought about no one bothered to let you know how hard being pregnant was. The fact you had a little person growing inside of you was weird. Oh, if only that was it… The baby kicked, twisted and danced a lot, making a whole party in your uterus. Every. Single. Day. And Klaus, who should be helping and regretting for putting you through this, would only laugh, saying it was cute. Also, that she had his impulsive genes. God, you hoped he was wrong!

“Oh no, baby.” You whispered, feeling it move. “I know it’s tight in there, but try to stay still.”

“Are you in pain, love?”

“Huh? Nah, I’m fine. A little bit uncomfortable, though.”

“It’s almost over.” He sat straight in the bed and stroke your belly, which made you smile. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s daddy.”

The baby girl kicked, almost as if she recognised who was talking to her. Klaus let a genuine grin slip under the response of his daughter and your heart warmed up at the sight. It was wonderful to see him as his true version. No anger, no resentment, not anything, just the man you have come to love very much.

“Y/N? Are you in there?”

You giggled, stretching your arm to touch the wrinkle formed between his eyebrows from the frowning. Klaus grasped your wrist, carefully, then placed a kiss on the soft skin, making you shudder. Yes, it did not matter that you were nine months pregnant, the man still managed to soak up your panties.

“Not fair, Niklaus…”

“I miss you so much…” He hummed against your forehead. “Your silky moans when I go down on you. Or the mewls whenever a kiss you right here.”

Klaus leant in, nuzzling on your neck and letting your scent intoxicate him. The reaction came pretty quickly to you, for it made you clutch a lock of his hair and pull it as hard as you could. He groaned, tightening the grip on your shoulders. After a lot of teasing, the blond man finally kissed you. His plump and warm lips connected to yours in a perfect match.

“Hum, allowed to make a fun fact?” Your voice was merely a whisper, while you stared deep into his blue eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I know an effective method to help start the labouring process.”

“Like actually help you get that baby out sooner?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Share it, then!” 

You laughed.

“We need to have sex. Lots of it.”

"W-What?” He stuttered, surprised. “Sex helps?”

“It does.”

“So let’s get that started.”

The Mikaelson attacked your lips once more, only this time more wildly and lewd. You smirked between kisses, grasping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. However, before you could go any further, a sharp pain invaded your body, which lead you to stop everything.

“What is it, love?”

“Don’t freak out, OK?”

“I can’t promise anything when you say it like that… Come on, Y/N, tell me what is going on!”

“Alright.” You clenched your jaw, enduring the second contraction. “The baby is coming.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“What do I do?” Klaus looked lost and you felt sorry for him. 

“I don’t know!” You cried, feeling the pain crawling up your body again. “Go off to find Davina, she might have herbs or any knowledge that could help.”

“I won’t leave you alone.”

“Please, Klaus! I don’t think I can withstand this much pain.” Your voice was now barely a whisper. “Get Davina. For me.”

“Alright. But Rebekah and Elijah will be with you while I get the witch. Stay still.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” You retorted, sarcastic. 

Like you could actually move from where you were under such a unbearable pain. It was utterly awful, something like being torn apart from the insides. Again, a scream slipped, which made you realise that keeping it together was no longer an option. Heck, you needed your brothers so much… Damon would make the whole situation lighter, whilst Stefan could give you support. You sighed, hating the idea of them not being around. 

“OK, screw this. I’m calling them.” You reached your cell, which was lying on the nightstand and dialled the Salvatore mansion’s number. 


Urgh, hi, brother. I’m sorry I’ve been so… Ah! Absent lately.”

You sound tired.

“I am. That’s exactly why I called you.”

Because you’re tired?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“No, I called because your niece decided that today is the day she comes to meet this world. Oh, for God’s sake this hurts!”

What?!” His voice sounded like he was shocked. “You’re having the baby right now?”

“Sort of.” You shrugged and Klaus returned to the room, bringing two of his siblings with him. “Can you come?”

Yes, of course I can. I’ll be there in five.

He hung up and you were left alone with your new found family, which were incredibly silent. 

The Mikaelson siblings soon shook it off, splitting and begginning to work on making you comfortable. Rebekah sat by your side, cleaning your forehead with a warm white cloth, while Elijah brought some clean sheets and a towel, probably for the baby. Klaus, on the other hand, kept looking at you with desaprovement infused on his eyes. There was no doubt that he was acting like that because of the call. Your boyfriend developed a huge resentment towards Damon and Stefan and it did not matter what you said on the subject, the man would not cave in.  

“OK, do not give me that look. Get me my witch and don’t worry about my siblings.”

“You shouldn’t have called them here!" 

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I’m giving birth to your daughter. It’s no time to be fighting, alright?”

“She’s right, Nik. We need as much help as we can get." 

He huffed and crossed his arms. 

"This is not over.”

“I really don’t care, Klaus.” You sighed. “Just help me, OK? We can discuss everything later. After she’s born and safe.”

Since the Mikaelson could not bear the sight of you hurting, he agreed to your terms and left to find Davina. A second later, another set of labouring cramps came and, heck, you were so going to need drugs. 

[A couple of hours later]

“Bekah, this hurts!” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. 

“Oh, darling. I know it does.”

The blonde stroke your forehead, which by now was all covered in sweat. 

“Thanks for being here." 

Your mere whisper made the girl smile. Poor Rebekah. She was doing everything she could to make you comfortable, yet, as the time passed, the ache only grew worse. And nothing in that goddamned house was able ease what you were feeling. 

"Elijah, please, call out brother." 

"He doesn’t seem to be getting the calls at all.”

“She needs him, don’t you see?”

“I can watch out for her.” Stefan said, stepping out the couch near the big window. “I’m used to that by now, since she’s my sister.

Oh, yes. He had arrived a little after your boyfriend left, offering his support and helping hand. Yet, despite all of the good intentions the Salvatore had, he was definitely not allowed to come close. Doomed to observe you from a cold furniture. It was rather sad. However, there was not much you could do about it. 

“Oh, dear Stefan. I’m not sure my brother would appreciate if we allow you to do that.”

“And we certainly don’t care.” A sassy voice echoed, coming from the door. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to take my baby sister away from you guys.”


“Thank me later, sis.”

“Are you crazy?” Elijah questioned, eyes widened. “We are not letting you get Y/N away from here. Otherwise…”

“… Klaus will go oh so pyschotic and destroy the whole town? Yeah, I know. Save it. I’ll take her to Bonnie, she has some witchy stuff that will help.”

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PLL 7x11 Playtime - (long) thoughts

Overall, for a premiere episode, it was slightly underwhelming in the sense that it doesn’t justify the appearances on Ellen, GMA, Facebook lives, etc. But as a general episode of PLL, it was honestly great. Like I’ve always said, season 7’s episodes are incomparable to season 6 which was a total flop.

I am OBSESSED with this board game! What a brilliant idea for the reveal of the endgame. If every episode is structured by a couple moves on the game plus (somewhat interesting) filler, they’ve got a recipe for success.

The board game is so high tech, which unfortunately reminds me of LucAs. I hope not, but it’s likely. The board in general is great. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the tasks are.

Whoever wrote the episode, kudos to you. This episode had some of the best writing. Forget plot progression, answers, and all that good stuff. I’m talking actual writing. The words and dialogue between characters. Holden’s comment about having a heart attack was a nice touch for long time fans and Veronica and Spencer’s scenes were tragically beautiful. “What did she tell you?” and “what do you think she told me?” - and all those comments about Veronica still being Spencer’s mother at heart; and Mona saying “too bad about Noel. Not really” (homage to their season 1 relationship) - the writing was overall great.

When I see people complain about getting no answers, I just scroll past it. I’m not going to let unnecessary negativity get in my head. I was actually shocked that Spencer confronted Veronica about this and that was an appropriate amount of answers for one episode. I’ve seen people say that we weren’t told anything we didn’t already know - but I think that’s our theory caps talking. We already knew everything Veronica said (and that there was a second shooter; AD) because we theorised it months ago. Seeing our theories verbalised in the show are probably coming across as if nothing is happening because we’ve “known” for so long. But things WERE answered. What a big moment for the PLL series - Veronica freaking admitted to Spencer not being her daughter!

Oh how could I forget: I GOT IT RIGHT!!! Peter and Mary are Spencer’s parents and Peter got Mary pregnant thinking it was Jessica. SO FAR, ONE THEORY IS CORRECT! Let’s see if I stop there for the rest of the season or if I manage to get anything else right…

(Please don’t forget that there was a 1 week later note on screen. Spencer and Toby didn’t get out of the hospital in all of 3 minutes. People complain over nothing.)

Yvonne will not make it out of that coma, no doubt about it.

During the episode I was kind of frustrated at the amount of time they spent on Mona and Hanna and the fashion thing. But, now typing this, I’m smiling. THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS. This fashion thing is just a symbol that the writers are using to show that every time Mona tries to help the girls, she gets treated like shit. Just like when Hanna threw out Mona’s bridal shower card unnecessarily. Also it shows Mona’s power over Hanna. This is just the beginning. This filler is going to blow up into something massive and it will reveal Mona’s true alliances down the line. It may be boring now to watch, but they’re going somewhere with it. Keep an eye on it.

I was shocked that Ezra is still staying with Aria without consideration of the circumstances. I thought Nicole would pose a bigger obstacle.

Holden’s return was too corny. “Oh you work here!?” His scenes were probably the most boring of the episode. Whilst it was absolutely great to see this friendly familiar face, I felt underwhelmed that they spent the highly anticipated return episode talking (very slowly and frustrating) about where they want the reception for the wedding to be. That should’ve been saved for a later episode, if not cut out completely.

Bitchy Ali. Hell yes. Welcome back. Please don’t go away too soon. But I did feel bad for Paige. That was just way too bitchy to bring up Paige’s history in the meeting. No one is the same person they were in high school. Paige should’ve slammed back harder because Ali was the worse person in high school.

I know Emison is endgame but… I do like Paige. Always have. Paige is always right about Ali and I won’t forget the accuracy of what Paige said to Emily last finale: call me when you decide to cut the strings with your puppet master.

ALI MIGHT NOT BE PREGNANT. Don’t forget Sasha said at Paley Fest “well Ali says she is (pregnant)” - she didn’t even let Emily come to her appointment!! She’s hiding something. Every time Paige gets in the way, Ali drops a bomb: a kiss, a “I’m pregnant”, “I’m broke and alone, please stay, don’t go out with Paige,” etc. She might not be pregnant after all.

Detective Furey can get lost. I just don’t like him. Is Tanner coming back? What about Holbrook? I liked them. Shit cops obviously, but they were entertaining characters. I hope they’re back before the end.

What was that tiny jigsaw puzzle piece Spencer got and put under the iPhone in the board game? Is that supposed to reveal a picture or something?

So did AD reveal themselves to Jenna - is that what the final scene was? And duh, the liars really thought Jenna and Noel were AD? They didn’t pause to think “where is the A and D coming from then?” I liked hearing that confirmed out loud though.

Overall - an underwhelming PREMIERE, but a fantastic general PLL episode. They’ve got a great formula for success with this board game. I want the girls to turn on each other (but know that they’re doing it because they’re forced! It won’t ruin the friendship.) I want drama. And despite what anyone says, yes we did get some answers and I can’t wait to see what piece to the puzzle we get next week. Another shoutout to the person who wrote this episode because the Veronica/Spencer/Mary reveal was beautiful.

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If u want to, could you recommend me some good Voltron fanfic? Angsty stuff and OCs are fine I just want some good fanfic

I… have absolutely no idea how long this has been here… I AM SO SORRY I literally just saw this because I didn’t get a notification for it? Whatever that’s about… i’m a mess haha i never get asks so I never really check oops


Disclaimer: I didn’t write any of these. I’m working on some vld stuff myself though, actually so… if anyone’s interested please let me know so I actually have motivation to post it. A lot of these I found just on ao3, but I’ll link the tumblr if I know it so you can follow.

I hope you like klance because that’s what I read and I’m cutting it off because it’ll be really long otherwise

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Keeping Quiet

Warnings: None

Rating: M

Word Count: 1049

“Mmm, Dan,” I moaned into my boyfriend’s neck. Dragging moist, parted lips down ivory skin, I chose to bite down. Dan groaned and the space he occupied between my breasts vibrated.  Large hands had a hold of my hips, which were currently bouncing on his cock. My thighs pressed hard into his sides when he brushed that oh so sweet spot inside of me. Sliding my lips back up his sensitive skin, I brushed them just barely against the shell of his ear. “We should-ah! We should probably move this to your bedroom,” I rasped. One of Dan’s sweaty hands braced itself against the center of my back, and he tilted his face upward. His eyes were molten and those delicious pink lips were swollen. A trace of a smirk was there. “You really want me to stop, princess?” I rolled my eyes but bit my lip at the nickname. “Don’t call me that! Unless you want me to call you Daddy,” I teased. The smirk was gone. He brought me down on him hard and I knew I’d gotten him. Whenever Phil wasn’t home we found ourselves having sex in all sorts of creative places around the flat. Hell, we’d gone at it on this sofa at least three times now. We continued our love making, the sun having set and the room getting dimmer by the minute. We didn’t need light, though, not when we were connected like this.

Phil wasn’t out as long as we thought he’d be though, and Dan froze us when keys jingled and the door knob shook. Dan’s palms got sweaty against my skin, and I started breathing quicker. We heard plastic bags being set down, and Phil was most likely listening to something with headphones. Dan, having realized this, started slowly moving me over him again. Even in darkness I looked at his face with wide eyes, and tried to stop him. “What are you doing?” I whispered. He started rocking me again, tilting me to the left so his cock brushed my spot. I squeaked, trying not to moan and traumatize our friend. “Dan! Phil’s home! Stop!” My boyfriend only suckled at my neck which would leave a lovely hickey for Phil to discover tomorrow. If he didn’t catch us tonight, that is. I felt him breathe against my ear, just like I had done, “We still haven’t cum yet,” he murmured, nipping my lobe. Fuck, was he actually insane?! He wanted us to keep fucking, while his best friend was just around the corner? The idea though thrilling could only end in disaster. Even as I thought that, the rush of possibly being caught made me tighten, and Dan smiled at the feeling. “Atta girl.” He slid a finger from my neck down to where we were joined together, and I gasped as silently as I could. “W-We could get caught, bear,” I whined. “I guess you’ll just have to keep quiet, babe.” He pressed harder against my clit before I could try to disagree more. Phil chose to walk by at that moment, and I had to yank Dan’s hair and kiss his lips to stop myself from crying out and exposing us. We muffled our moans into each other’s mouths, and I was trembling at the exhilaration of being caught. Phil was right down the hall, in the kitchen warming some dinner up! He could choose to come into the living room at any moment, and we’d be caught. Caught having sex in front of him with nowhere to hide. Fuck, why was this so hot? Dan was literally fucking me right here, on the sofa, the door was even open. I could feel tingles all over my body, even reaching my toes.

“If you’re going to cum,” Dan growled into my neck, making me whimper into his shoulder, “then you better do it now, ‘cause I think Phil’s gonna come in after he’s finished heating his food up.” I whined and yanked his hair some more until our noses were nearly touching. “Same to you, Danny boy. Come for me, unless you want Phil catching us.” We came together, like always, but this time I had to scrape my nails down his broad back while he bit down into my neck (nearly drawing blood). We were struggling to keep quiet as I was thrown under one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had.

We usually tried to bask in the glow after sex, but the sound of the microwave beeping made us remember our friend was, in fact, just in the other room. In record time I’d slid on shorts and one of Dan’s oversized sweaters. Dan had it harder, he was trying to force his foot through the leg of a pair of joggers while practically stuck with his shirt half on. “Here let me-” I helped my boyfriend into his clothes. Shaking my head, I didn’t know how this was the same man fucking me on the couch just minutes ago. When we were dressed, we situated ourselves so it looked like we’d been laying on the sofa napping together. Just as I shut my eyes, Phil flipped the light on.

The evening went as most of them did in the Howell-Lester household, the three of us watching some anime on TV. Dan and I were curled close to one another and Phil ate his dinner quietly. When the 3rd episode in a row finished, Phil placed his empty dish on the coffee table. “So just how long have you two been having sex all over the flat?” Phil asked. I practically fell off the sofa.


“I don’t-uh-ahem-”

Phil laughed at the two of us stuttering over our words, trying to come up with some dumb excuse. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m not upset or anything, just please disinfect whatever you’re doing…whatever on. And please try not to have sex outside of your bedroom if I’m home!” My eyes widened. “So you knew?” Phil nodded as though it were obvious. My neck was hot, just like my face. Dan couldn’t help but chuckle at the situation, and hugged me and my embarrassment to his side. Oh, we were never having sex outside of the bedroom again. I couldn’t take the shame!

A/N: *looks at requests I need to do* *looks at piles of schoolwork* Me: Aye lemme write some dirty shit since all I do is lovey dovey fluffy trash. Isn’t writing porn ignoring responsibilities great? Excuse the trash title by the way, I’m worthless at those.

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did u see shane's conspiracy about dnp???

yes the video was a little yikes and i know people are upset over the implications of some of the things he said like the fact that be believes dan and phil are just “fucking with us” or that they’re just “putting those things out there,” which implies that they are only doing the things that they’re doing in order to gain more views or that the “proof” that he brought up from 2009 was all a part of some scheme when in actuality dan and phil had no idea that the concept of phan would be as controversial as it is today. the concept hardly even existed back then. even though shane’s word choice might not have been the best, i’m not mad at him because i do like him and i know that he is unaware of the depth that phan holds in comparison to other youtuber ships. he obviously doesn’t care about the topic as much as an actual fan of dan and phil might but i know shane genuinely likes dan and phil and wouldn’t want to cause them any harm

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I don't think it's a silly idea that Touka is better at leading this stuff than Kaneki. I kinda get the feeling Ishida may be aware of this...

Hey Anon, thanks for reading! :)

And I say silly mostly because I have never seen a post about this possibility and I don’t know how to explain it really properly, but… I’ll try, since you’re bringing the subject xD

I mentioned it last week for the first time, but ever since ch117, I have a feeling that maybe Touka isn’t just supposed to become Kaneki’s brake, which is what I thought her role was supposed to be, mainly, ever since the end of the Rushima/Cochlea arc.

In any case it’s nothing new to anyone than Kaneki… Well, I wouldn’t say he sucks at being the OEK but…

It’s not because Arima gave him a temporary purpose and that Eto gave him a figurative throne that he’s supposed to believe in what these two expected he’d become.

I’ve said that before, like many other bloggers, but Kaneki is still depressed:

  • he wanted to kill himself
  • then he found the will to stay alive thanks to Hide and Arima (and Eto) giving him a purpose
  • but that doesn’t mean he has a reason to live nor a reason to want to build a better world so that he’ll live in it afterwards

which means it’s all… temporary, that’s how it always is with Kaneki, and the fact he describes himself as empty just speaks volumes to me about how contradictory it all is when he’s also constantly isolating himself, recently probably because he doesn’t even believe in himself being the OEK, even if he’s still fighting for the ghoul side “because most of his friends are ghouls”.

Anyway, what we see of his reasoning is selfish, illogical (*cough* the QS and Suzuya *cough*), insane, worrying and I want him to scram out of this business ASAP, because it won’t just take Kaya, Ayato or even Amon to fix him.
I used to think that maybe he’d be able to be back on his feet and to become a better role model once someone would call him out on all of his issues, but, besides the fact that it hasn’t happened yet, I’m not so sure he’ll get enough mental recovery to ever be a good leading figure.

Anyway, I’m worried about Kaneki, but him aside… It’s hard to find someone who’d fit for his role (leading the world towards a coexistence between ghouls and humans), which is probably why Arima and Eto went through all the trouble of preparing him in the first place.

An Anon last week proposed Amon as a better OEK, but to me Amon fights for the people he cares about, even if he knows and is angry about how uinfair the world is, so I just don’t think Amon is meant to carry that burden either. 

…Which technically leaves Kurona or Takizawa since they’re the only other two OEGs (people who once were humans and then become ghouls, which is one argument in favor of why Kaneki had to be the OEK).
However, Kurona probably only cares about killing Kanou and Takizawa is like Kaneki, so no can do there either.

Now Touka (if we go with my silly idea xD)… well, she’s a ghoul, so obviously having her as the leading figure fighting for coexistence is an initial issue, since she’s supposedly not the most efficient way to convince the human side of the conflict, but at the same time…

…Didn’t she just help Akira and allow her to probably start walking forward, even though she’s Kureo’s murderer and Akira used to hate almost every ghoul?

That’s just one example but you could include many others, like:

  • not trying to make Haise remember and letting him choose where home would be for him, no matter her own feelings on the subject
  • calling Tsukiyama out because he was being selfish and trying to get Haise back into the world
  • taking everyone in after the Rushima/Cochlea arc
  • talking frankly with Amon
  • mentioning how her dad was stupid because he was trying to get revenge for their mom, even if she used to be as rash as he was back in TG

Obviously, Touka isn’t perfect since she still has to keep growing up, but all her meaningful encounters/discussions with other characters depicted in :Re so far always shaped her (and these characters) in a positive way, which is the opposite with Kaneki, since Kaneki can’t help but describe himself as empty while still isolating himself, even though he was reunited with his old friends recently. 

Of course, in case Touka were to become the leading figure of Goat, fighting for the coexistence, it doesn’t mean that Kaneki wouldn’t be a part of it, on the contrary, but making Touka the leader and having Kaneki supporting her seems like a better option than the current situation (which is Kaneki trying to lead Goat and Touka awkwardly trying to support him while he’s isolating himself on purpose).

Actually, this silly idea came to me when I reread a specific moment of TG…

namely what Kaneki told his group after his talk with Touka in TG ch120. 
We all know the talk was supposed to have positive consequences, such as Kaneki finally admitting he didn’t want to be alone and that he wanted to go back to Anteiku, only for him to say…

And maybe that’s still what suits him best with all his current issues.

Looking at what Kaya and Ayato told him in the previous arc…

He doesn’t know how to delegate to others because many times, ever since TG started, he fought with all he had in order to protect the people he cared about (in order not to be alone).
Because of that it’s easier for him to fight and trust his strength rather than to imagine sharing the burden with someone else… 

…Which is how we even got to such a level of inward anxiety, depression and denial for Kaneki actually. 

Meanwhile Touka… well, she used to be the rash and impatient one, she wanted to get revenge for Hina’s mom, she fought to get stronger because she didn’t want to be left alone either…

but she also learned to grow stronger in a different way, she learnt to let go (of Anteiku for example) even if that was painful, which made her the woman we see in :Re now, someone who can help ghouls, OEGs and even humans who hated ghouls for a long time.

So, that might be a silly and cliché idea but for now I feel that Touka seems to be the most suitable to lead the fight for coexistence, even if the fact she’s a ghoul could be an issue when it comes to convincing many humans. 
However, if Kaneki, who used to be a human were to help her… maybe that could be how they could achieve true results.


  • either Touka is supposed to help Kaneki grow into a suitable leader, because they’ll talk and she’ll help with his issues before becoming his brake (or something similar)
  • or Touka will actually become the leading figure herself, because this role will never suit Kaneki, not even if he starts acknowledging all his issues right now.

Sorry that it got so long, I hope that it makes sense, but frankly I can’t say if that’s really what Ishida is trying to do xD So I’ll still call this a silly idea and we’ll see if we get more hints to add to it!

Thanks again for reading Anon, please have a nice weekend! :) 

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loins ! what are your all time favourite vmin fics ? like 11/10 would read again, changed your life, best of the best fics ? like there are alot of fics to look through and its hard to know which will be written well or have a good plot or good characterization or not and I just trust your judgement (sorry if this is over whelming you dont have to answer this if you dont want to)

So vmin fics can actually be kind of hard for me, because I think that I have such a specific idea of their dynamic and characterizations in my head that it can be tough for me to find fics that fit how I feel about them? Like, that’s actually why I started writing them myself in the first place. I feel like it’s weird that I don’t have a ton of vmin fics to offer you, because they’re my otp and all, but there ARE absolutely some great ones. I know there are some missing but again my fic organization system is just abysmal:


anonymous asked:

I just re-watched RWBY Volume 4, and I realized something (although it may be obvious). Do you think that Ruby blames herself for Pyrrha's death? I mean, her semblance is speed and she couldn't reach her in time. Poor Rubles really needs someone to talk to about it all.

I think there’s definitely a part of Ruby that blames herself. You see it in her reaction to Jaune listening to Pyrrha’s recording. Honestly, she probably blames herself for Penny too. Like you said, her semblance is speed but she never seems to be fast enough to save anyone. I think that’s why she pushes so hard in V4 and why she’s so upset that the journey is taking so long. If she’s not at her best, she thinks people will die. 

This is where she needs her team, because we saw it throughout the series. Ruby gets a heroic idea, wants to stop bad guys, and Weiss or Blake or Yang are like “okay, but let’s slow down and actually have a plan”. Without them, Ruby is kind of directionless. She needs her team to keep her grounded. 

I always find it funny when I see people say (and this has nothing to do with your ask, which was great) that they were upset that Ruby didn’t show more emotion in V4, yet everyone seems to understand exactly what she was going through. So isn’t that enough? Does it need to be thrown in our faces? No. It was very subtle, but we all understood and saw that Ruby was struggling. I think she will have a moment later on where it really catches up with her, but in V4 we didn’t need Ruby breaking down into a mess of tears to understand that she’s holding in a lot of pain and trying really hard to pretend everything is okay. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Kenzi! (i hope it's okay to use your name haha) I was just wondering if you have any writing tips, because I wanna improve but I'm kinda lost on where to begin...writing is hard...

Of course! (And I actually love when you guys use my name, it feels much more personal and not like I’m just a faceless blogger throwing words at the internet.)

In general:

  • Keeping a commonplace book, which is simply a journal to write down quality writing you may find, is the best way to learn by ‘osmosis’. It’s the same idea as ‘if you want to write better, read good books’, except I like this method better because it’s more concrete, and helps you narrow in on the single best parts of a piece, rather than trying to learn from the whole. Any poems, sentences, or even entire short stories that blow you away, should be kept in a commonplace book for future reference. (I write down a lot of words I like, too: all of the words I zero in on during this Oda piece are ripped straight from my commonplace book.)
  • While reading, look for both the best and worst parts in a piece. No, I am not telling you to tear apart other people’s work, and you should not ever criticize unless someone specifically asks you what needs improving. With that said, finding weak points (and yes, we ALL have weak points) can help you avoid, or find and eliminate, those same weak points in your own writing. When you zero in on a high point, or strength, analyze what makes that part so amazing, and try to apply some of that to create high points in your own writing. 
  • Cut it out with the self-deprecation. Staying humble is important, and if you think you’re the best that’s out there, you’re never going to improve; but saying ‘omgomg this is so bad I’m the worst writer ever’ about everything you write is just as bad a stumbling block. Think of it this way; if you want to make a sculpture, you’re going to buy clay, or plaster, not solidified shit. Even if you carve something magical out of feces, it’s still going to be disgusting because it’s feces. Clay, while it might not be gorgeous at first, can be fashioned into a masterpiece. So, think of yourself as clay-maybe not the best, but not garbage, either- instead of shit-literally the worst ever- and you’ll create a positive mindset that allows for rapid improvement.
  • Keep excellent books in your writing area. When I’m feeling stuck, browsing a page or two of good writing can get the creative juices flowing.
  • Beg for constructive criticism. Does it hurt to have your writing picked apart and deemed insufficient? Absolutely. Swallow your pride, though, and ask what needs reworking, and your writing will improve by leaps and bounds.

In Actual Writing

  • Show, don’t tell. You’ve heard this billions of times, but its importance never fades. If I wanted to be told something straight up, I’d read a textbook. When writing for entertainment, you need to let the readers draw conclusions by themselves. This engages and enthralls them, and they’ll be hanging on your words. If you need help with this: scan your writing for the word ‘feel’. This is usually an indicator you’re telling. Ex: “She felt like she was going to be sick.” Yawn. Try this: “Stomach churning, she leaned against the wall, silently praying for her breakfast not to decorate the carpet.”  
  • Avoid adverbs. No, I’m not one of the ‘death to all adverbs grrrr’ people, but usually an adverb-verb pair can be swapped for a strong verb. Ex: “He laughed scornfully.” Bland, at best. Try: He scoffed, He jeered, or He derided.
  • Go into a piece assuming your reader knows nothing, but is devilishly smart. Not only will this help you avoid telling, and not showing, it also prevents from showing your hand too quickly. Picture that you’re James Moriarty, and you’re writing to Sherlock Holmes. You want to give him just enough information to play whatever game you’ve set up, but not see through and solve it without diving in. You and your readers are playing a game in which you want them to have a hundred ideas what may happen next, but never one, solid prediction. As soon as the reader figures out exactly what’s going on, you’ve lost. (This is not to recommend plot points coming out of the blue. Anything that may happen, or be important, needs to also have a set-up or it’s a cop-out. Play the ‘game’ with your readers, and play to win, but play fair.)
  • Cut out any sentences beginning with ‘There is.’ That construction breeds weak sentences, which you want to avoid with fiery passion. Other things to eschew: ambiguous subjects (i.e. it, that; use a specific object!), passive voice (’The enemy was defeated’; change to, ‘The enemy suffered defeat’), and using the same word in consecutive sentences (Mary was a cat lady. She owned many cats. is your best friend when you’re struggling with this.)

Follow these rules, and your writing will improve by leaps and bounds. Keep in mind that the number one rule, even if I didn’t get into it, is to practice, practice, practice. It’s self-explanatory enough that I don’t feel the need to elaborate.

I hope this helps, and good luck in your future writing endeavors!

Girl Crush

A/N: im sad and tired and i wish i could have a mental breakdown but it’s 2am and im too tired for that rn. Also this is kinda creepy so I’m sorry if I’ve creeped anyone out with this one lmao

Genre: sad and creepy

Song(s) Used: Girl Crush - Little Big Town (this song is relatable af)

Pairing: Dan x reader

Word Count: 782 words

Warnings: swearing (as usual) and creepiness lmao

Your P.O.V

Have you ever been in love with someone who is taken? Well, it’s kinda like being stabbed in the heart every time you think about them and their significant other together, making memories and just being together; being happy.

Dan is one of my best friends, which makes this even harder for me. Yes. Dan Howell has a girlfriend, I know right? Big shocker, who knew? Well no one. Because everyone is either assuming he’s single or is fucking Phil.

One day, I was sitting at home, pondering and thinking about possible video ideas. I was actually thinking about doing a cover of a song, but I decided against it; because considering how I’m feeling, it’ll be an emotional song and I don’t want my viewers to worry about me.

With all the over thinking I was doing, I decided to just lay down and think about things. But the things I was meant to be thinking about turned into thinking about Dan and his girlfriend. His girlfriends name is Miah, and let me tell you, she’s absolutely amazing and beautiful. She’s everything anybody could possibly want and Dan is so fucking lucky to have someone like her.

It’s almost like an obsession in some sort of way, thinking about them; thinking about her. I don’t know if it’s normal or anything but I can’t help but want everything she has. She has amazing long blonde hair, I wanna bathe in the perfume she always wears because it’s Dans favourite.

And I don’t mean to sound rude or hateful but I’ve always wondered what she had that I don’t? Or what it was that caught Dans attention? Because whatever it was I want it, I need it.

“God what is wrong with me?” I ask myself, as a few tears fall down from my eyes “pull yourself together, stop being so pathetic”

I decide to put on some music in an attempt to stop feeling so pathetic and sorry for myself, but that didn’t really go to plan, in my opinion. The first song that popped up on my playlist was ’Girl Crush’. I never thought this song could be so significant in my life.

‘I’ve got a girl crush. I hate to admit it but I’ve got a heart rush, ain’t slowing down. I’ve got it real bad, I want everything she has; that smile and that midnight laugh, she’s giving you now…’

Maybe I did have a girl crush on Miah. Not the 'I want to marry you’ girl crush but the 'I want everything you have and I want to be everything you are’ way, as creepy as that sounds.

Maybe if I was like her, Dan would want me, Dan would want to be with me. It’s really pathetic, the way I’m thinking, but I actually lose sleep over this, I lose sleep, thinking about everything I could be. I lose sleep thinking about the things they’re doing together. I lose sleep, day dreaming about what it would be like to be like Miah and to have Dan. Thinking about her cuddled up with Dan under his duvet trying to keep warm and being happy. Not only do I lose sleep, I lose my sense of self worth.

It’s almost like, as I’ve fallen deeper in love with Dan, I’ve also fallen in love with Miah. I truly do have a girl crush on Miah. And I hate to admit that.

'I wanna taste her lips, yeah cause they taste like you, I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume. I want her long blonde hair, I want her magic touch; yeah because maybe then you’d want me just as much…’

I get up to look at myself in the mirror, with tear marks staining my face, I look at myself and think 'this is why Dan doesn’t love you. She’s so much better than you. Maybe if you looked like her and acted like her, he’d love you…’

I wish I could be everything that he has ever wanted. Why can’t I be like Miah? Why does he love her and not me? What do I have to do for him to love me?

“I’ve got a girl crush….”

Kirby Tilt’n’Tumble, 1-1; “Memories” - Vector

I already started humming the music from that level in my head; man did working on this take me back! Believe it or not, there are actually NO maps from this game anywhere online, so I had to find a video of someone playing it and watch it over and over again at the slowest setting, painstakingly taking notes. Fun times.

This was actually mad experimental; I wanted to do artwork for this game so badly but had no idea what would be most appropriate. Going through all the near-identical looking bosses? depicting that final battle with King Dedede? depicting a part of the game that gave me the most trouble or, alternatively, the most by-the-seat-of-your-pants thrill? All good ideas, but none really struck me quite like that wave of nostalgia from erasing a file, starting from scratch, starting at this particular level. I did actually recreate the entire level as best I could, right down to the goal which is now blurred beyond recognition. It didn’t look right without that tilt-shift, however, so…

Kirby and Kirby tilt’n’Tumble belong to Nintendo and Hal Laboratories. Artwork and composition by me.

jemchew  asked:

In your opinion, which relationships out of the main lords in SLBP do you think would realistically fail or succeed? And why? Have a great Easter, Frywen. Hope you get to eat a lot of chocolate! 💕💕

Nobunaga: success: their relationship is surprisingly even in the event stories. They respect each other and treat each other well. But sometimes they bring out the worst in each other, but that’s what you get when you know each other well and neither is willing to compromise at first. They probably need to learn how to be more honest and negotiate with each other.

Mitsuhide: fail: he needs to see mc as an actual person and not put her on pedestal so much. He really loves the mc but their relationship feels so uneven I don’t know how it’ll work in the long run.

Masamune: success/fail: the only way they get anything done is when Shigezane and Kojuro act as enablers and push them forward in their relationship. Their relationship is very sweet, but the difference between their social status will probably weight on it greatly.

Kojuro: success: I love the relationship between Kojuro and his MC. They seem to be on an equal footing and push each other to be a better person. Kojuro just has to wish MC doesn’t get tired of his messiness.

Saizo: fail: as much as I love him, I don’t think the relationship between him and the mc will work unless he starts to talk about things. Their relationship feels kinda one sided. MC tells Saizo everything and Saizo tells her nothing, going sometimes so far that the MC is uncertain if he even loves her.

Yukimura: fail: I still have no idea how those two extra virgin olive oils manage to get anything done. How did they even manage to get in the bed in the first place? One day they will make each other blush to death.

Hideyoshi: success: I kinda like their relationship. He seems to genuinely love her and constantly thinks what’s best for her. I think what their relationship needs is a little less self sacrifice.

Inuchiyo: fail: He needs to see MC as an actual person too. He has this idealised image of her in his head and he thinks she’s sort of untouchable and unattainable which leads to certain problems. The MC for some reason let’s him act like that and even encourages it. They both need to grow up if they want their relationship to work.

Ieyasu: success: while he does some things I would never forgive, he genuinely cares about his MC and is willing to change for the better for her. If he wants their relationship to work he needs to stick to that change and not slip back to his old habits.

Mitsunari: success: I kinda love the relationship between him and his MC. He’s so exasperated by her, but at the same time he needs the unconditional love she’ll offer and she needs him to keep her feet on the ground. They annoy each other constantly but in a good way.

Kenshin: fail: He’s such a child. While their relationship seems very sweet, I don’t think Kenshin is capable of having a long term relationship. The only way it’ll work is if they have Nannytsugu around constantly to keep everything together.

Shingen: fail: I don’t see their relationship working in the long run. MC adores Shingen like he’s a god and to him MC seems to be more like someone to be conquered rather than a person he wants to have a serious relationship with.


☆ K9 Patrol AU ☆

I BRING YOU ALL MORE SOU PUPPY!! There can never be enough Sou puppy nor Papa Kisumi so @mlim8 and I will drown you all in cuteness and adorableness and angst~ (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

Sou puppy is Kisumi’s little partner who helps him capture and arrest bad guys. He’s very determined to be the best officer at Samezuka’s Police Department when he grows up. His primary mission that he hopes to one day accomplish is to capture the ever elusive and mysterious Grand Mafia Boss, which is going to prove quite difficult when nobody has a clue as to who he is nor what he looks like…

…Sou puppy has no idea that he’s actually living with the Grand Mafia Boss himself, Kisumi. Kisumi definitely needs to be more careful now! (⊙ヮ⊙)  

More to come soon! After all, we still missing Rinrin~