and no i'm not talking of anyone in particular

so you’re angry on Louis’ behalf. We all are. Really truly we are. But I don’t think tanking Harry’s carreer is the wisest move here when we’re trying to support them as a couple. Because to me it all goes down to this: What would Louis want? ding ding ding. He’d want us to support his husband. Because that’s what couples do. 

I’m not attacking anyone in particular here (hell I’m not attaking anyone period) but let’s not forget what the big pisture is: We’re there to support Harry and Louis. Let’s act accordingly.

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who are your favorite people to talk to?

i’m gonna try and reduce this to single sentences or phrases bc i’m not trying to be too much of a sap ok. this is in no particular order! these are the people i talk to most often but there are other people who i cherish. there’s a blogroll on my desktop theme (sorry if i forgot anyone omg)

@jomhae my soul partner :*

@pastelminhyuks tbh the cutest person i’ve ever encountered 

@jungnoir @seoulscapes lumping these two together bc my grandkid and kid!!!! my talented writers :’)

@kongflower ;-; my bestie

@got7peaches tbh claire gives me so much strength 

@justwhatevermark an absolute blessing, always doing the most

@kae-popx she’s the best really, my rock and i can’t imagine not having her around

@syubnrg um light of my life tbh

@pbandj-hope my sunshine, we talk about everything and anything???

@leehongbin i just love her so much ;-; what an angel

@softseong she’s responsible for my love for sf9???? how dare???? my fave person to yell with tbh

what still baffles me to this day is that karamels talked shit about karolsen bc james Emotionally Cheated™ on lucy and yet they’re over there with a defense squad tag for a cishet white slaver?? you can’t look past “Dirty Whore” james but y'all are fuckin fine with a misogynistic, toxic af slaver?? all right, Brenda,

‘sorry i didn’t text you back, i just got bored and forgot about you and your entire existence’ a novel by me

i’m rewatching senate spy for…………..particular reason…….and anyway i gotta talk about something real fast bc like 

1. those birthing hips. look at those hips. look at her. no wonder she had twins. jesus fuck. 

2. why does this look like she’s about to strip tease for him. anakin why are you sitting like that. this is a children’s show. 


4. no but seriously look @ my girl her legs r so long and her hips are so wide and i would die for her

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Hey ladies! You've been costuming for a long while, so I thought I could ask you. I'm really scrawny and dark, but I wanted to cosplay as Rose Quartz from SU. I'm worried about getting hate from the community though. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve talked about this in the past, but the gist of it is: if people only ever cosplayed characters that looked plausibly like them, most people would probably never cosplay. As such, you should cosplay anyone you want.

That said, the SU fandom can be very contentious about cosplay (and, like, everything), and I thought I’d say something about her in particular, as this is very similar to discussion that used to exist for Korra from TLOK, and many other examples over the years before them. 

Look: there’s lots and lots and lots of reasons why Rose might be important to fat cosplayers, and chubby cosplayers, and however-they-identify cosplayers. Characters with Rose’s body type don’t come along often. I can completely and totally get why she matters to cosplayers who don’t find themselves represented very often, and it is a very special feeling when you find that character you totally love, that costume you feel at home in, and so on. I get it, I do. 

But you know what? Like any other character, Rose is not a finite resource. 

She is not a single casting where only one person gets to cosplay her, like how only one person would get to play her in a movie or something. Literally everyone can be Rose, all at the same time. You could have a convention of ten thousand people where every single one of them could be Rose and the world could still handle seven billion something more Roses. You could go back in time and show Rose to the ancient peoples and they could all cosplay her too. Everyone who has ever breathed on this earth could cosplay Rose, and it would still be stupid for anyone to stake a claim on her. Nobody in the world has the authority to tell anyone else they can’t put on those huge pink curls and that cupcake beachy-ballgown. Nobody. Not even Turner Broadcasting, or Cartoon Network.

And you know what else? Rose does not magically become less of a giant woman (ha ha ha ha see what I did there) when scrawny girls cosplay her. She’s pretty much always going to look like however she looks like in canon. You aren’t infringing on anything. Anyone who “hates” on you (which is probably not going to happen anyway) need only turn their eyes back to canon if they want to see Rose as-is. They don’t like it? Tough luck for them, I guess. Feel free to point out that they aren’t a perfect duplicate of their character’s body type, either, yet they still decided to cosplay. Maybe they could take that into consideration next time they decide to be the authority of who can do what in this hobby, huh?

So anyway. No matter who you are or how you identify or what you look like, you cosplaying Rose doesn’t take away from anyone else’s chance to be Rose. Sometimes fandom is ugly, but that’s on them, not you; you do whatever you feel comfortable with.

- Jenn

But seriously,

why do tv producers get mad when people leak their sneak peeks at conventions? 


So my life is like 20% uni, 40% internet (tumblr and YouTube in particular) and 40% gym ( if I could I would make it 80% hehe) so I’m happy and my life is perfect even tho sometimes I realize it’s boring but I don’t really have friends and I don’t like going out just for the sake of it esp if I don’t enjoy the company. Then I see my fucking ex going out with guys and having a good time… I mean that’s fine and also one should never focus on insta since it’s 99% of the time pure bullshit and never a true story lol but like I sit here and think omggg he’s so better off without me (I don’t wanna get back together ) and I’m this pathetic piece of crap
Then I remembered that after some time I’m gonna look BOMB AS FUCK bc I don’t drink on nights out all the time but try to eat as healthy as I can and I work out so YES BBY will see who’s gonna be on the top soon (das me) 😎😎😎😎

parties were where emma vanity thrived. she loved talking to anyone and everyone even if she hated them. but it was a new year, and maybe she could survive one night without getting into a big fight with a bunch of students that she didn’t get along well with. her eyes met a particular individual’s and her lips curved into a smirk. having fun yet? i know i am.

What do you mean this isn’t how this scene went? 

(I wonder if anyone guessed that it was this particular ship I was talking about drawing~) 

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I'm trying to figure out if I'm autistic. I'm trying to read the criteria. But like its all written in doctor speak and I'm dyslexic and I'm really struggling to work out what it says. Is there anyone who knows a version that uses normal words? Tnx

Here’s an attempt at an ordinary language translation. It’s a bit longer because of having to unpack some of the terms

A: It’s hard for you to talk to people, understand them, and/or make them understand you. This happens consistently in different places, with different people, and over several years. In particular, you have or had all three of:

  1. Difficulty sharing your emotions with others, which can mean gushing at strangers about interesting facts, hiding your thoughts and feelings, refusing to talk to people, or other things
  2. Difficulty understanding things that aren’t said in words, which can mean not understanding what other people’s faces and gestures mean, not understanding what your own face or gestures might mean to others, not making faces or gestures at all, or other things
  3. Difficulty making and keeping friends, which can mean that you don’t know how to act differently with different people, have a hard time playing pretend with others, or simply don’t care about the people around you when they’re not doing anything to you.

B: You do or think about the same specific things over and over. In particular, you have or had two of:

  1. Doing or saying the same thing over and over, without any obvious purpose, like lining up your toys, copying what someone says, rocking, or flapping your hands.
  2. Having to do things the exact same way, or it’s wrong and very upsetting. Changes to your stuff, your plans, or how you can do things are very stressful.
  3. Special interests in very specific topics that take up lots of time and energy.
  4. You notice how things feel too much, or not enough. You might not react to pain or heat or cold, or find a certain sound or texture very upsetting, or need to touch or smell or stare at anything new.

C: Some of this behaviour has to have been there since you were about five or earlier. It might not have been a problem then, or you might have learned to work around it since then, but it needs to be the same sort of behaviour.

D: These difficulties make it hard for you to socialise, hold down a job, or otherwise live your life. 

E: These difficulties aren’t just explained by the idea you might have a learning disorder or slow mental development. If you think you might have both, measure “difficulty” from where your “normal” is - for example, “difficulty understanding things that aren’t said in words” should be measured against how well you understand things that are said in words.

- Mara

The 100 Positivity

You know what would be great? A blog made entirely for people to submit positive things about The 100 and the cast. 

Like on of the confessions pages, or the one for the bellarke positivity one, but used only to support the show and the actors. People can just submit how great someone’s acting was in an episode. Or talk about how important a characters representation is to them. Or praise the writers for a particular story. Or even just gush about your favorite character. 

With all the negativity and hate going around the fandom and surrounding the cast right now, I just think it’d be super cool to just have a place for people to talk positively about the things they love about the show without hate. And it would also help to show that there is still a big fan base of people who care about The 100.

Does this actually sound interesting to anyone? 

(tagging y’all for opinions @thelovelylights @caitlynintumbl-rland @helpbellamyblake @glowingbellarke @ravenreyed @simplyslc)

i know we make fun of the herondales in particular jace for getting laid after 6 damn books while will waited 3 books but anyone wanna talk about the carstairs fam. jem had to wait like 2 centuries like damn
while here’s his descendent emma getting it on in the first book you go emma get that d