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Words can’t express my feelings right now. Grieving doesn’t seem right as I didn’t know Jay personally, but saying that I feel sorry for all her loved ones doesn’t either because it doesn’t express the sentiment I want to convey. I’ve been around a lot of people who lost a parent either when they were young or just starting adulthood, and I’m still not sure what’s worse. Both are horrible experiences and I can only find gratitude in the fact that Jay raised beautiful children who will support each other through this all. I don’t want to make this a post about “I know what you’re going through.” or anything of that sort. 

I only want to say that I respect Jay for all she’s done for her family, and just people in general as she seemed like a wonderful human being, and I respect any decision made by their family no matter what it is. I hope you all find some peace with each other.

I’m not trying to be self-pitying right now, but unless you’ve been through it you really don’t understand what it feels like to be academically successful and praised for your intelligence your entire life and then suddenly start slipping, because you’re physically or mentally unwell, because a subject is finally beyond your comprehension, or because you’re just plain overwhelmed. Or maybe a combination of all four, who knows. There are so many (wonderful) narratives in human culture about subverting low expectations and proving everyone wrong. But when people expect the world of you and you prove them wrong, and you prove yourself wrong, it just makes everything you’ve worked for and everything you value about yourself seem pointless. It’s a form of pain that I’m sure can’t be too uncommon, but it isn’t talked about much, so when it does happen to you it feels like you are all alone and solely responsible for your failures. All in all, I wish people could praise students, children, for their accomplishments and abilities without sending them down a tightrope of constant self-imposed academic pressure and insecurity.

“After the final, let’s end this.”

Ok, so my emotions are still all over the place, I’m still not really sure what I feel about this episode. BUT. I was thinking about Yuuri’s observations of Victor during this episode and his little declaration in their hotel room. He’s thought before that he’s taken Victor away from the competitive skating world, and during the SP he saw Victor’s interest and focus on all of the skaters’ performances. I think, even with the rings, that Yuuri still plans to retire after this season and let Victor go so that he can return to his rightful place on the ice.

BUT, I don’t think Victor feels the same at all. After all, we just saw in episode 10 that at Yuuri’s side he’s found life and love. He talked about skating for 20 years and doing nothing else, and being tired. He also just saw Yurio beat his record. I don’t think Victor wants to return to competitive skating, so we can all relax. I think they left that cliffhanger to give us some angst and tension and make us freak out until next week.

I also still have really high hopes and faith that we will see Yuuri preform his best “Yuri on Ice” skate yet for next week’s episode.

I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to encapsulate or really communicate just how traumatizing and painful this election has been, there’s no way to describe how it feels to watch millions and millions of Americans stand up and say “we don’t give a fuck about you.” There’s no way to describe how personal that feels and there’s no way to describe the frustration when people tell you not to take it personally. I know it’s not just me, I think anyone who has felt like the target of Donald Trump’s rhetoric knows what I’m talking about and I know that right now most of us are feeling betrayed by our nation, angry at the situation we’re in, and afraid for what comes next. I’m not sure exactly how we heal our pain, but whatever form healing takes, I hope none of us will ever forget the lessons we learned this election. There will always be people who want to rob us of whatever progress we have fought for, people who are sickened by our happiness, and what we need to remember is that the people who make the decisions, the people who write our history, are the people who actually show up. You don’t need to be a full-time activist in order to get better acquainted with your state and local representatives or to volunteer your time a couple of weekends out of the month, but if we don’t start getting out there and not just defending ourselves but our neighbors then we are all truly fucked. I don’t want the next four years to just be us watching from the sidelines, blogging about how much Trump sucks, and hoping that democrats are able to block enough of Trump’s legislation, we need to get in there and see that our voices are heard and show the white nationalists that we aren’t just going to cower in fear or “go back where we came from.” We are going to fight and maybe then we can find some measure of catharsis. 

From the end of S2

More on the topic of this

So, I’m actually really upset we didn’t get any Keith and Lance scenes in relation to Keith being Galra.  I’m actually really upset on how few Lance scenes their were in general but overall I’m happy about the season, it was good.

Anyway, that doesn’t relate.  So in the first part i was talking about Lance being Altean/a decendant of the orignal Blue Paladin, but i made a comment about how Lance could actually be the last Blue Paladin and I wanted to talk more on why I think that its possible.   

I don’t have many points that could solely be read as ‘lance is the paladin’ but everything I’ve mentioned previously (on the other post) works to support this point.  Lance not being surprised in episode one, his defensiveness over his ears (because he’s hiding their real shape), the way he seems to know what he’s doing and the way he already has a strong bond with Blue. 

The main scene that really sparked this idea for me was the scene where Keith asks Coran about the previous Blue Paladin.  If Lance overheard that it’s more likely he overheard everything but his only focus was that Keith was interested in Blue.  To me that sounded alot like Lance was changing the subject.  Why change the subject?  Because Lance doesn’t want Keith to know who the previous Blue Paladin was.  

This makes only minor sense if Lance and the Paladin were related, because what could Keith really get from that?  But if Lance was the previous Blue Paladin Coran said something along the lines of ‘the blue paladin was altean, actually lance is a lot like him’ that could raise some questions Lance might not be able to brush off easily.

There’s also when Shiro reveals that Zarkon was the orignal Black Paladin.  Lance is the only one to be like ‘what wait’ and Keith’s response is to tell him it was obvious.  It could be another moment of Lance being slow like with Pidge’s gender however his reaction is incredibly tame, espically compared to that.  So I think it’s more likely Lance already knew that, he just didn’t want the others to know he knew.

And why?

We’ll get to that in a second.

First lets mention Lance the Actor.  In s2e2 Lance annouces he’s a great actor.  This could be a moment of bragging Lance or just a comment to make his failure seem funnier.  But if Lance really is the previous Paladin than yeah, he’s an awesome actor because no one can tell and maybe this line is him trying to show off to people who have no idea what the situation is and therefore won’t be able to reveal him.  (Although, really, you won’t want to hint at it to anyone but remember guys this is still Lance, just older).

But again, why?  Why lie about any of this?  Surely if Lance is an older Paladin than it would be better to tell the others so he can help them with his cool orignal Paladin tricks.  

The reason is simple.

You know, the original paladins fought hundreds of battles together, side-by-side.  They were like a pack of yalmors linked at the ears.

It’s stressed from the beginning that to be a paladin is to be close to the other paladins.  Lance and Zarkon would have been friends once, good friends.  They would have fought side by side, be sworn to protect each other no matter the cost to their own life.

Would you like to tell a bunch of people trying to fight an evil warlord and save the universe that said warlord used to be your friend?

I can think of another reason Lance wouldn’t’ve wanted to tell them and it explains why he’s not a total badass like Zarkon is.  What if Lance didn’t get to pilot Blue because he earned it in some Blade of Marmora style trail.  I give to you, Lance was the son of a rich and powerful family on Altea.  Getting Lance to fly the Blue Lion was a poltical move.  Lance was not at all trained to fight in such a weapon but he was able to bond with Blue and therefore more than suitable for the polictal task.

Lance doesn’t tell the others because he wants to earn his place on the team, not feel like a chess piece moved around the board to better the king. 

Except, Lance doesn’t feel like he’s earnt his place on the team, does he?  And that could certainly lead to an interesting situation.  

But more on that later.

If you imagine a man and a women, travelling miles to meet each other after public flirtatious and suggestive comments over social media, and then eventual moving in for a span of years, expressing deep closeness and intimacy, and no talk of alternative romantic associations, would it not be a silently confirmed relationship? 

Take PJ and Sophie for example, correct me if I’m wrong, but they have never publicly and bluntly confirmed their relationship, have they? With their (shorter) timespan of being together a lot, working together, living together, it has just been assumed that they are in a relationship. No questions, no “maybe they’re just friends”, it has just been silently confirmed through their actions.

Heteronormative culture, tied in with homosexual stereotypes, are engrained in us from social conditioning. A girl kissing another girls cheek is immediately assumed as best friends being affectionate. A man slapping another man’s ass is assumed to be ‘bro culture’ or apart of a sports team dynamic. Until one of the pairing includes a feminine man or a masculine woman that reflects the typical heterosexual gendered positions, no one recognizes certain acts as being romantic or sexual.

Taking Dan and Phil’s actions out of context, to me, make it very obvious that they are more than friends. Confirmation of their living together for years and years, with shared furniture, souvenirs and businesses, as well as discussion of a dog (which confirms at least a decade). Vacationing together, doing everything together, leaving no time for other romantic relationships for 8 years, which is a very unlikely dynamic (considering they’ve spoken about former sexual & romantic attraction I assume they are not asexual/aromantic). Endless affectionate behaviours, domestic natures, and intimacy that millions of people can see, is it really so unrealistic that they are together?

Story-time: Disneyland edition!

Anyways! There’s a few stories about yesterday that I really want to talk about, but I wanted to start with one of my favorite ones.

So I went to DisneyLand with my mom, her sister, and my cousins - one of which brought he wife and kids. I don’t have many Disney shirts, but I still wanted to wear one for the trip. The one I ended up going with is a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt, but with Jack and Sally as ponies (this one).

At some point after we got off the Haunted Mansion ride, we splitted up. They went to get a fast pass for the Indiana Jones Ride, while I went in search of food, and to get in line to take photos with Jack and Sally. After I had gotten a snack and waited in line, it was finally my turn.

I don’t know if there’s some kind of protocol that the talking characters have about how they greet guests, but I’ve noticed a lot of them will usually do things like shake your hand, ask what your name is, ask if you’re having fun (sometimes all three), things like that. Anyways, I walk over to Jack and Sally, and Jack goes to shake my hand and asking what my name is. after he say hello back to me, he stops mid-sentence, and quickly takes a step back away from me. This is because he looked down, saw my shirt, and stared at my shirt for a good long second. 

He then exclaims “What is THAT??” as he points and my shirt. Sally sees it too now, and she’s just staring. She hardly has said a word.

 Jack takes a closer look before going back and pointing at my shirt again, asking “What…what is this? Sally do you see that -what is that?” I’m already grinning like a doofus at this this point, and in between giggles I say “they’re ponies!”. 

Jack looks at me, then back to my shirt before looking back at me and saying something along the lines of “Well yes, a pony looks like me! And it’s like this pony-dragon thing cause of the wings, and look at the horn on his head! I could skewer someone with that!”

 I’m giggling even more at this point, and then Jack calls over one of the staff members that was stationed there (there were two of them - a guy and a girl). He calls over the guy, points at my shirt and says : ”Look at this! Don’t you think that horn would be perfect for skewering someone?”

The guy nods his head, and then says, “Oh definitely.” He then gestures to the Jack O Lantern cutie mark on Pony-Jack and says “I also like the little Jack-O-Lantern tattoo-thing it has”. Jack looks at where the guy was pointing, see the cutie mark, and says “Oh! You’re right! There’s a little Jack-O-Lantern there! I like that! Thank you for pointing that out. It’s so nice to have someone around with eyeballs” (he says even though Sally is right behind him).

Jack still looks kind of flustered about my shirt. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but it was something along the lines of how he was disappointed how he didn’t come up with it first. After that, he then starts to say something about how he doesn’t really know how to feel about the shirt, and then proceeds to telling me that I need to burn it.

 This is the point where I lost it and started laughing pretty hard. Jack continues on to say “Yes. burn it or cover it or something!” The girl staff member that was there - who’s been standing the whole time with my camera, waiting for us to stand still so she can take a picture - makes the suggestion that for the picture, I should cover the shirt with my Zer0 plushie (I bought a Zer0 plushie earlier in the day). Jack agrees to the suggestion (Sally too), and also chimes in to cover the shirt with my Zer0 plushie. 

Before he gets in position for the picture, he asks me where I got the shirt from. I wasn’t exactly sure how much detail I should have revealed about my shirt, so all I said was that I had got the shirt online. Jack then gives a rather annoyed, and slightly accusatory “Oh… Of course! You can find anything there.” after a pause, he asks “do you know if anyone else has this shirt?”. I told him no, and then he said “Oh, good,” following that with “Keep it that way”. I’m holding back laughter (still grinning like an idiot) and nod in agreement, while also making a little “zipping-my-mouth shut” gesture. Jack then says “Good!” rather cheerfully, and we all start to get ready to take a picture.

Jack interrupts the girl holding the camera two times; first time it was to turn to me and say something along the lines of “it’s good that no one else knows about this”. Second time is was so say “it’s just that it’s not scary enough! -sorry- (because he was apologizing to the girl with the camera) it’s not scary enough. If it were scarier, then maybe this could work”.

 So I then turn to look at Jack while saying - smiling the entire time- “What if the pony breathed fire?” Jack nodded and quickly said “that’s good! Breathing fire’s a good start! and not just fire. It has to be like, the giant, explosive, dragon fire kind of fire. And the flames need to be blue. Sally blue. If it breathed fire, then it might be scary enough”.

So we took the picture, hugged the two (Sally still didn’t say much. She just murmured a “you’re welcome” after I thanked them), got my camera from the girl and thanked her, and then went to sit down somewhere.

So, yeah. I don’t think Jack liked my shirt all that much. Still, it was great to see how Jack reacted. XD

Tumblr is actually not my thing. But i’m glad ppl here (even a little amount) still love my art and support me and my otp canfran. I really appriciated it. Like seriously really… not like everyone thought but canfran have really less supporter (and i’m not talking about fanmade lolo) BUT i still love them as hell, and if not bc of them i wouldnt be an artist.


and we viet actually have our main new year which is the lunar new year lol

Wish you guys all the lucks!

About that dinner...

SPOILERS FOR EP 10 OF YURI ON ICE! I tagged it spoilers but just in case you don’t have x-kit or tumblr savior (change that if you can btw, it makes the general tumblr experience so much better) sp-sp-spoilers!

I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of meta of the reveal that Yuuri actually asked Victor to coach him (granted he was drunk off his ass but still), the Otabek/Yurio scene (Otabek came through like a goddamn wrecking ball) and the whole rings bit but I want to talk about the dinner with everyone.

(Minako & Mari you are truly all of us)

This happens the night BEFORE the Grand Prix starts and it’s telling that even though they all have very intense rivalries with each other (then there’s Yurio and his galactic sized one) they not only get together when you could argue they shouldn’t, they are actively joking and enjoying each others company. Even bloody Otabek who no one really knows is there chilling and relaxing. It’s beautiful. There’s gentle riffing with each other, picture taking, Pitchit being the best and then the bombshell revelation that Yuuri basically turns into Christophe when he drinks. That leads to Victor and Christophe casually showing the others the videos & pictures and is a great lead up to the ring reveal which THEN leads to the oh shit reminder that even though they all get along, each of them still really REALLY wants to win:

Shout out to Otabek and Yurio’s matching stank eye!

They could have ended the scene perfectly right there and had Yuuri/Victor dash out but oh no. We are then treated to PISS OFF JJ (a study in 3 parts):

Even after all that blustering and IT’S GOING TO BE ME, they all either dislike or can’t be arsed with JJ so they don’t even bother acknowledging his threat and walk off together. 

Ah Yuri on Ice. You are truly one of the very very few great things that came out of the dumpster fire that is 2016. I am distraught there are only 2 episodes left. 

It’s over 1 am but I feel like I can’t go to sleep before I make a post about the incredible professor Hans Rosling who sadly left the world today. 

Most people might not know about him even though he’s a famous professor of international health who has contributed with a lot to this world, and I want more to know about him since he has inspired me. He had the ability to destroy prejudice and racism with the help of statistics and could explain things so that anyone would understand. 

We really need more people like him, especially now in times of fact resistance.

Here’s a video of when Rosling talks about how to not be ignorant about the world:

Rest in peace Rosling. We already miss you so.

Okay, we always seems to talk about how Yuuri is into Victor and has admired him for oh so long, but can we talk about how the tables are turning and how absolutely beautiful it is?

Like, Victor is a wanted man, he has millions of fans, he could get anyone and I am damn sure he knows this. Yet he has no one really close except for his dog. (at least that is what we’ve seen so far, we still barely know anything about Victor’s past, but I digress.)

So he sees this video of Yuuri and he sees something, something that sparks his interest and he drops basically everything back in Russia so he can travel to Japan to coach this guy he barely even knows. And my god, did he get more than he could have ever imagined? Because Yuuri is not like everybody else.

Yuuri, while idolizing Victor at first, allows Victor to be himself. He even tells Victor to stay the way he is and maybe this is the first time Victor is being treated as a normal human being and not as Victor Nikiforov; the ice skating legend. Despite how much and how long he has adored him, Yuuri truly sees Victor for who he is. And that is what turns the tables around here, because this is new to Victor and it only lights up the fire in his heart even more. 

To him, Yuuri is the real deal. Yuuri is so good, so sweet and so real. And you bet that is what is causing Victor to fall for him more and more. This guy that keeps growing, keep getting more confident. It is inspiring.

They bring out the very best in each other and only become stronger when they are together and I honestly think this is a gorgeously told love story; about learning to love yourself; about gaining faith in yourself; about giving yourself to another person; about seeing someone for who they truly are. <3

A very bittersweet Sherlock end

If you want to sit and cry for the remainder of the day allow me to present to you an incredibly sad/sweet way that S4 of Sherlock could end. This is Sherlolly related, so if you’re not here for that, no need to read.  I’m sure all the other ships have their own posts, in their own tags, filled with tearful speculation and perfect endings.  Here is mine, for my beautiful ship: Sherlolly.

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Queenie Goldstein is an empathe

Do you ever stop and think about it ? She can hear people’s thoughts ofc, but she can also hear their heart, aka know their past and their deepest fears and desires. Still she didn’t turn bitter and hateful. How amazing ?! So now, the headcanons :

  • It was a conscious decision to keep an open-mind towards anyone, in hope people would be the same with her

  • She inherited her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother before her etc. - much like Parseltongue in the Gaunt family comes from Salazar Slytherin, except she doesn’t know who it originally comes from
  • Her parents died when she was very young, before her powers really revealed their entire potentials
  • She had to teach herself how to control them. Tina helpedby supportign her and  letting her experiment with her mind as much as she needed
  • When she was at school, she suffered from chronical insomnia because she just couldn’t shut other people’s brains out
  • When it happened, she would go into Tina’s dormitory and they would talk for as long as was needed
  • Now she’s very good at speaking so softly that no one can hear her if she doesn’t want them to
  • Tina can organise her thoughts so that Queenie will hear them clearly
  • Sometimes she speaks to Queenie through M.A.C.U.S.A. this way
  • Queenie still had lots of sleep issues as an adult but it’s not as bad. However on days she feels poorly she has more trouble keeping control of her powers and NYC can be overwhelming very fast, so she learned spells to isolate the apartment

  • When she entered puberty she could hear men’s thoughts about her body and it terrified her for a while, then she learned how she could use it against them
  • That’s why she teased Jacob at first
  • She knew how sweet he could be, but she also reminded both of them she had to deal with other men before him and she wasn’t just a pretty face he could fantasize about
  • She fell in love with Jacob just minutes later when he stopped thinking about her naked and started imagining her working with him in his bakery, as his friend and his equal and his lover (in this order)

  • Her powers are potentially terrifying, she could break people’s minds if she wanted
  • She doesn’t want it though
  • But she still could
  • That’s why when she takes the decision to go look for Jacob she doesn’t hesitate for a second or even imagine that someone could stop her
  • She’s a force of nature, but really she’s such a nice person that she never becomes a threat to anyone
  • Except if you threaten people she loves
  • One of Tina’s exes-turned-bully from school will have awful nightmares all of their lifes

Other headcanons :


midorinohoshi  asked:

Main three and astronomer s/o


-Constantly takes them stargazing

-Wants to learn all the constellations

-Actually succeeds

-S/o is very impressed, because someone as forgetful as him managed it


-Finds it incredibly cute

-Often organises dates that involve astronomy one way or another

-Takes s/o to the observatory a lot

-Loves watching s/o’s eyes sparkle when they talk about it


-Isn’t too interested at first

-But gradually grows interested after hearing s/o talk about it often

-Really likes cuddling under the stars

-But to tsundere shy to admit

you know what really pisses me off? like super gets my goat? how like everyone always talks about how they want an alternative to disney animation and how they love dreamworks movies and want to make sure they don’t go under,

and then just totally ignore their movies and give them no chance. 

like. dreamwork’s advertising is absolute shit, i know, but like??? if people know that why do they constantly keep BELIEVING the ads? So many other companies make garbage advertisements (even disney. their inside out adverts looked like shit) and not going to see/judging the films they make on their own merit? Any company is able to produce a shitty advert and an amazing movie or a amazing ad and a shitty movie, but it just seems dreamworks gets a bad rap before anyone even sees the movie?

it just feels that like people are saying one thing and being a bleeding heart, but then totally ignore/forget about Dreamworks? Like so many of their honest-to-god great movies fail because people don’t go see them, and then they wonder why dreamworks is laying off so many animators and it doesnt do as well as disney does. its so frustrating??? like

im not saying they’re perfect, or that disney is some big evil, its just like??? people cant pretend to care about dreamworks and then when they make a product just completely ignore them. 

its the worst bc people are aware of the problem but think other people will do something about it for them. its like the bystander effect and I’m just angry that good movies get swept under the rug, and though Dreamworks has proved itself capable and good time and time again, people are still apparently SURPRISED when they make a good movie??? Even though they made amazing stuff like Trolls, Voltron, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madacascar, Spirit, Megamind, Monsters VS Aliens and The King of Egypt just to name a few??? like… i just don’t get it 

I’m actually crying over Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s friendship. Like omg??? They’ve been best friends since they were tiny? Like ??? And like… image them being like we gotta go to the same junior high and high school. We gotta! And imagine Oikawa really wanting to go to Shiratorizawa and he gets accepted, but Iwaizumi doesn’t, so Oikawa pretends he didn’t get in to go to Aoba Johsai with his best friend because omg how could he go to a school where Iwaizumi wasn’t? Who would he talk to? Who would put up with him? Who would look out for him and make sure he didn’t over do it? Who would shake him and tell him to stop worrying. He’s talented and good and he needs to stop worrying about other people! Who would keep him grounded? What would he do without Iwaizumi?

He does get bothered by being reminded he should have gone to Shiratorizawa. But he just has to look at Iwaizumi and he knows he made the right choice. Because Iwaizumi makes him his best. And he loves him so much.

Happy Birthday to the amazing, incredible, talented, sweet, kind, funny @the-flame-and-hawks-eye!!

Shay, I feel so so so incredibly lucky to be able to call you my friend.  No matter what, talking to you is so much fun, and I love hearing about your time with pups.  You’re an incredible human being, and I apologize for what I’ve done here…owo

a big thanks to @the-musical-alchemist for some inspiration as well as being my beta (is that the term?) listener!!

and another thanks to @pahndah for suggesting the title (I owe you one)

I kinda reference a few of your stories, in a way, but anyways…I hope you enjoy!

lyrics under the cut :’)

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So, I talked about my headcanons about Robin’s mother and her story a while ago, and I thought that draw her down could help me to figure her story better :D

(The tattoo on her back I think is an original idea by dekoart, and I think it’s a very cool headcanon, so I totally approve this detail.)

Shipping Bangel...

Ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about shipping the last couple of weeks because after reading some posts about ships and ship wars, I felt a sort of disconnect with the whole notion of shipping. It felt like I couldn’t relate to any of it. I since came to the conclusion that I don’t really ship the way most people seem to do. I don’t have that those 2 are perfect for each other! or I want them to be together forever! feelings when I ship something. For me, it’s usually about me loving the story and the characters, but I rarely think (or want) the characters to end up together. Maybe it’s linked to my bleak vision of love… but most of my OTPs didn’t end up together and I actually love that about them. 

So I’ll talk about Bangel because it’s the perfect example and this is a Buffyverse blog. I’ve been loving that ship since I was 12 years old and I’ll probably love it until I die. That said, I don’t consider it a perfect relationship nor do I want them to end up together. Even as a kid, I wanted more for Buffy and it seemed obvious to me that there was no possible future there. What I love is the story and the characters. I love the story because it elevated both characters and made them even more special to me. It took the star-crossed lovers trope and made it into something meaningful by allowing both characters to move on and fulfill their destiny. That’s my favorite part of their story and why I love that they don’t end up together. It’s also why I hate the Romeo and Juliet comparisons. Those characters did not let their love for each other define them. They still love each other but are so much more than that. They have to experience pain and adversity every day of their life, but they don’t give up. I love that relationship because it never made my love for the characters fade, only grow.

I’ll never say no to good Bangel interactions and most of my favorite Bangel moments came after Angel left Sunnydale. But I don’t need or want a happy ending. I actually want Buffy to be with someone she can have a future with. I also don’t particularly want Angel to be with someone who he doesn’t want to be happy with… because well… you know! And Angel’s story is infinitely more meaningful if he is never allowed to find happiness. 

In the end, it’s also because I find it nearly impossible to not love a relationship between 2 characters I love and Buffy and Angel are my favorite characters of their respective show. That might be as simple as that.

So that is my way of shipping.