and no i'm not putting a link to her instagram

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Do you have any Saint Seiya blog recommendations?

Of course, the fandom is a bit inactive lately but there are some good blogs I recomend because they post good Saint Seiya stuff. 

If you are wanting blogs that only post saint seiya stuff I recomend.

- mas-de-saint-seiya (This is personally my favorite)
- saint-seiya-reactions
- sanctuarycolumn
- saintseiya-zone

Uh.. this is the moment when I notice that I don’t follow many things OTL.

But if you don’t mind other fandom stuff apart from the Saint Seiya one well…

- lightbriel 
- josephjoestar
- chibijinebra (she also creates amazing fanarts ♥)
- aquariusdegel
- la-uniceja-de-radamanthys
- hebihime
- notausername (Cute and funny art alert! ♥)

BUT If you’re looking up for fanarts 

- saint-paint
- sh-0t
- bruiuh (Post sourcered art)
chibigarabatos (chibijinebra’s art blog)
- comfeer
- atreegarten
- roomy528
- kaokki (She is more active on her instagram: kaokki_art )
- bananamisa (Even if she is not active on tumblr anymore :c but her art is still good ♥ She is more active on Instagram: bananamisart )
- nita-ss
- yzybilibili

I’m pretty sure I forgetting many MANY blogs but by the moment I can remember those. Hope this helps you ♥ and I’M SO SORRY FOR THE AMAZING BLOGS I’M SURE I FORGOT </3

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