and no i'm not hating on maggie


“Someone stole my pashmina from Lassiter’s wedding and I’ve been freezing ever since.”

“You remember how this started, don’t you? Hate sex. Great, angry sex between two people so completely different they hated each other the minute they laid eyes on each other. Anything more than that was never going to work.”

that’s all i need in my life tbh fave trope of all times i feel so alive rn

I love meeting new people for all the general, generic reasons one can list. I hate meeting new people because I worry so much and I want our meeting to become a friendship. Also another person you meet is another person you will loose in some way, shape or form.

Regardless today I smoked with a guy who has the name “Maggie” tattooed on his chest because that was the name of his three year old cat who died of cancer.