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We’re back! New hosts Hank Green and Rachel Calderon Navarro share some tips to keep in mind when you’re starting a new job.


This Will Change The Way You Watch ‘Big’

With ‘Big,’ director Penny Marshall crafted a timeless classic that is just as enjoyable today as it was in the ’80s. But no matter how many times you’ve seen it, there’s still a ton of behind-the-scenes stories and trivia you probably didn’t know about. This will change the way you watch 'Big'… forever.

Thoughts on CPD 4.17 "Remember the Devil"

1. Totally amazing!! They need more episodes like that. The action and the acting moved seamlessly throughout the entire episode. Everything flowed so well.
2. The funny banter between Ruzek and Atwater was priceless. And I totally want more of them. Oh, PJF it’s an honor to have you back!
3. Jay married??!! I’m so happy they went this route. It allows more things to be explored and it’s was so cute to watch Jay hide her from Erin.
4. The case was totally relevant and it had purpose. I want more episodes like this.
5. Erin driving like a maniac was priceless to see. And Jay’s look at her! Lol Jesse and Sophia play off each other so well!
6. I loved badass Voight, he’s returning slowly but surely! And I’ll be there every minute of it!
7. This episode was potentially the best episode that season 4 has done and the continuity was THERE. so props to the writers.
8. Elias played Olinsky’s grief so well that I couldn’t help tearing up. Hopefully it goes on for a while.
9. The end scene was beautiful. I loved that Jay left to get his head on straight and to be honest I’m glad they’ll be spending time apart. He needs to sort out his stuff and so does she. Props to Derek and the writers.

miubebe  asked:

"I have something to say. Three words, eight letters. food." w/ hank pls ♡

“And I thought you loved me.” He says, grabbing the bag of takeout from your hand and pressing a kiss to your cheek.

You laugh, flinging yourself down on the couch and flicking through the channels, trying to find something appropriate to watch on your night in, settling on an old monster movie. “I brought you food, Hank, therefore I love you.” 

He rolls his eyes, sitting next to you on the couch, pulling you up against his side and hands you the carton of curry. 

“I love you too.”

“Good, now shut up and eat.”

Hank chuckles, stealing a bite of your food, earning him a light smack on the hand and a pout. 

“You have your own food, Hank!”

“Sharing is caring, sweetheart.” He leans forward and kisses the tip of your nose, “Besides you aren’t going to finish all of that.”

“Well, I am now.”