and no grace. we can't not watch it

Netflix and Chill
  • Regina: Zelena I have a day off!
  • Zelena: Fantastic.
  • Regina: Want to come over for Netflix and Chill?
  • Zelena *stunned*: What?
  • Regina: We can watch Netflix - Emma introduced me to it, it's amazing.
  • Zelena: You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?
  • Regina: Hanging out whilst watching Grace and Frankie?
  • Zelena *smiling*: Call Emma...she'll explain it.
  • Regina: Why can't you explain it?
  • Zelena: Because you'd rather Netflix and Chill with me.

“Can you be quiet for me, baby girl?” Luke moaned against your inner thighs, placing rough, wet kisses on your smooth skin. “Wouldn’t want the whole office to hear you, hm?” 

You moaned a response, your fingers playing with his messy blonde locks as he kissed up and down your bare thighs. It took every ounce of self-restraint for you not to shout his name in pleasure, after all, it probably wouldn’t look too good on his name if the company found out that their CEO was tongue-fucking his wife in the office. 

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Percy's favorite song
  • Percy: Don't I get a kiss for luck? It's kind of a tradition, right?
  • Annabeth: Come back alive, Seaweed Brain. Then we'll see.
  • Percy: Don’t believe me just watch!
  • Grover: The gods really don't appreciate people sitting in their thrones.
  • Percy: Don’t believe me just watch!
  • Thalia: You can't sit with Artemis' hunters.
  • Percy: Don’t believe me just watch!
  • Nico: We need music. How's your singing?
  • Percy: Don’t believe me just watch...Hey, hey, hey, oh!

letsdiscussrobots  asked:

Queen Bee I can't stop thinkin about... how graceful robots are. Like Whirl kills me cuz he twists himself (his WAIST Bee, his gorgeous waist) like a flamingo on a mission. Don't get me started on tfp Starscream he's like a pretentious ballerina like bitch. stop moving like you aren't made of knives. AND Drift just isn't fair at all. Excuse me??? Are you a pole dancer? Like the whole Lost Light probably follows the rhythm of his hips as they watch him walk.


fuckin… can we talk about tfp optimus tho, like… fuck me UP hes so yummy, prettyass long-legged hot piece of truck

like what the fuck?????????????

Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook
  • PJDF: Chapter One
  • -
  • Leo Valdez has updated his
  • status:
  • I have a cut on my lip and I drank lemonade.
  • Comments:
  • Percy Jackson: Thts gt 2 hrt
  • Annabeth Chase: That's* got* to* hurt* stop talking like an idiot, Percy.
  • Nico di Angelo: As an idiot, I take that as an insult.
  • Travis Stoll: You just
  • Connor Stoll: got pranked!
  • Travis Stoll: *Highfives
  • Connor Stoll: Travis*
  • Piper McLean: Who else finds it creepy that they finish each other's sentence?
  • -Annabeth Chase and 2 other people like this comment.
  • Leo Valdez: I
  • Travis Stoll: think
  • Connor Stoll: it's
  • Percy Jackson: cool.
  • Piper McLean: Ugh, not you guys, too!
  • Annabeth Chase: I agree with Piper.
  • Nico di Angelo: You better watch out, Stolls, I'm going to get you back one of these days.
  • -Connor Stoll and Travis Stoll have logged off.
  • Annabeth Chase has updated her status:
  • If we're on the computer, how come no monsters have attacked us?
  • Comments:
  • Jason Grace: Good point.
  • Piper McLean: JASON!!!!
  • Thalia Grace: Woah, calm down, Piper.
  • Piper McLean: ):
  • Percy Jackson: Haha it's a bipolar face! ^
  • Annabeth Chase: Bipolar is a serious thing, Percy! But seriously, why aren't we being attacked?
  • Leo Valdez: You know that chicken nugget smoke screen I had? I finally made that but modified it so monsters can't track us.
  • Percy Jackson: Best. Idea. Ever.
  • Hazel Levesque: Will someone tell me what a chicken nugget is?
  • Leo Valdez: Nico?
  • Nico di Angelo: I'm on it.
  • -Travis Stoll has changed his name to Travis is an idiot.
  • -Connor Stoll has changed his name to Connor is dumb.
  • Travis is an idiot: Revenge is
  • Connor is dumb: sweet! ~Nico
  • -Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace and for others like this comment.
  • -Nico di Angelo has changed his name to Nico loves Thalia.
  • Nico loves Thalia has changed his status:
  • Haha while you were on our cabin we snuck over your cabin! Point 2 for the Stolls!
  • Comments:
  • Travis is an idiot: This means war!
  • Connor is dumb: BTW it's still Nico.
  • Percy Jackson: Aww man, you're having a prank war without me? :(
  • -Leo Valdez likes this comment.
  • Nico loves Thalia: Sorry Percy, to just us vs Nico.
  • Thalia Grace: UMM, WTF?
  • Leo Valdez: *gives Percy popcorn*
  • Percy Jackson: Thanks man.
  • Travis is an idiot: Thalia, IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!
  • Nico loves Thalia: I love you so much Thalia I whish I could date you but that stupid Artemis girl won't let me because you're in the Hunters!
  • Aphrodite: I ship Thalico.
  • -Eros likes this comment.
  • Artemis: Stay away from Thalia, Nico!
  • Hades: Yeah, stay away from that scumbag daughter of Zeus!
  • Zeus: EXCUSE ME!
  • -Hades has logged off.
  • Leo Valdez: Who wants to log off? It just got awkward.
  • -Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Nico loves Thalia, Travis is an idiot, Connor is dumb, and Thalia Grace have logged off.
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  • How bad you liked the first chapter? I know you can't comment, but if you like it, give it a little heart and repost to expand the story!: )BTW, the original author is “Neige-”.
  • Jason and Will: *enter the room*
  • Niko: I don't know I just love both of them
  • Hazel: C'mon Niko, you have to chose one of them.
  • Niko: Well, Will is caring and always know what to say at the right moment.
  • Will: *Turns to look at Jason wiggling his eyesbrows with a smug smile*
  • Niko: And Grace, sometimes I want to punch that cocky smile but always make me laugh.
  • Jason: *Cross his arms on his chest and smirk proudly*
  • Hazel: It's not that hard Nico, just chose one of them.
  • Niko: But I can't, I love both of them. Why I have to chose one?
  • Jason and Will: Oh hell no!!! *they ran to the couch where the children of Hades were sitting watching tv.
  • Will: I know you love me more my Angel.
  • Jason: watch it second grade Zack Effron, Niko and I had been trough everything and we belong together.
  • Niko: *after sharing a confused look with Hazel* What are the two of you talking about?
  • Jason and Will: Tell this Doofus/Scrawny ass you love me more!
  • Niko: Wait what?
  • Hazel: Um guys, my brother and I are talking about Will & Grace, the Tv Show.
Jason and Annabeth saying goodbye after blood of olympus
  • Jason: Percy can't watch anything with swords and fighting in it before bedtime. It gets him too hyper."
  • Annabeth: If Piper gets cranky around noon, just stuff some chia seeds into a fig. Works every time."
  • Annabeth: Wow, we really picked some intense people to spend our lives with.
About Oscar's Hotel...

There’s a post dedicated exclusively to the phandom that says ‘please don’t upload clips of dan and phil to youtube’, but i just thought that there are a lot of other youtubers in the cast with their respective fandoms, and even if the phandom is probably the wildest, i think we should ask everyone in the other fandoms to not upload any clip of any youtuber or personality to youtube, bc it’s the same thing i guess