and no grace. we can't not watch it


Oops We’re All Humans


My #promproposal 😍😍🙈🌹💖🎳
My cards say this:

Hey, Princess! Welcome to your scavenger hunt! Each clue will lead you to the next. Your FIRST CLUE is…This is where we go to be with just each other, watch movies, & CUDDLE!❤️

YAAAY! You found it! Now, this is where we go to pig out now that you’ve gotten comfortable enough to eat in front of me.❤️

Even though you always cheat by stealing Yoshi, slipping on bananas isn’t the only way I’ve fallen for you.❤️

Now time for the real drive! Even though this is a little beaten up, it’s what took us on our first adventures together!❤️

Good job! Even though Black Friday is hectic, you’re the only one I saw in the entire store.❤️

Good job, Sweetheart. Gosh, I knew my friends would love you. I really rolled a strike with you!❤️

…I can’t explain how much I loved this and that you mean the world to me💖 Thank you so much Baby girl. I couldn’t have asked for anything better🙈😍😘