and no 'oh god am i gay' nonsense

That’s for Me to Know and You to Find Out

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This is just something I wrote as an exercise, and to be honest, a lot of texting fics are really hard for me because of the use of italics and the bold to differentiate the characters. I find that terribly confusing and though I would take a much easier approach. I hope you all enjoy this cute and slightly angsty fic!

(866) 907-3235: hello

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: thats for me to know and you to find out(:

Castiel: Gabriel?

(866) 907-3235: no lol

Castiel: Balthazar?

(866) 907-3235: no
(866) 907-3235: the fuck kinda name is that

Castiel: I seem to be drawing a blank then.

(866) 907-3235: figured

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: told you
(866) 907-3235: me to know, you to find out

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Taken out of context anime starters!

souce: x
“You can call me daddy if you want!”
“I’ll now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.”
“It grows and shrinks at my will!”
“Throw away your common sense and get an afro!”
“I can’t get up! I am gay!”
“I can’t take anymore…!”
“Oh,crap! I gushed too hard…”
“Jeez… I was so nervous,I came early.”
“Maximize those titties!”
“I’ve found the way to counter attack your balls!”
“That Black person’s power keeps on rising!”
“The translater refuses to translate the nonsense she is rapping.”
“How many slices of bread have you eaten?”
“On the scale of 1 to Amercian, how free are you tonight?”
“Great! Its a book about drugs!”
“I hope to god you’re adopted.”
“Snowing? It always snows in summer.”
“I’m gonna be japanesiest!”
“I used to be harassed by people who wanted to catch me because I am white.”
“Kid these days run their mouth like they’re hot shit!”
“Is this a pigeon?”

*Incoherent Gay Squealing*

Good evening, gentle viewers! IT’S ALMOST HEREEEE, OH MAH GOD. I will not be recording my reaction to the Carmilla Movie as I do not know how to edit/nor post a full length video here on Tumblr or on Youtube, so I will just be reblogging this post with my nonsensical ramblings and musings about the movie. My hands are shaking as I type, I’m so excited. I hope you all have had a lovely day today, and are just as excited for the movie as I am! Chat to me here whenever you feel like it because I’ll be up all night. I have classes in the morning, but whatever, this is my priority right now. Can someone please hold my hand? I need a hug. Also there’s a high percent chance my pants will come off at sometime during the film. I’ll keep you all updated when the moment happens. 

anonymous asked:

I personally think that both Louis and Harry are bisexuals (but still predominantly heterosexual). Before X-factor (before they even signed anything that would control their actions) both of them had girlfriends. And both of them participated in heterosexual intercourse. Harry also made lots of innuendos about boobs and vaginas. Not to mention, he faved a picture of a vagina that said 'like if you'd lick me clean' on twitter (the pic was old so he had to scroll through that girl's profile).

Still predominantly heterosexual??

When Louis and Harry legit salivate when they see the other one pull their microphones as if it was a dick or when Louis licks his lips at the thought of Harry getting head.

And actually Harry used a slang for vagina when he was asked which food he hates so if you say that’s him talking about vagina then be it.

You must be new if you think that a Twitter account with 24MIL followers is ran solely by Harry Styles, even if he was fucking sleeping when the like happened. If that’s proof for you to his heterosexuality then you’re either naive or you’re hoping to be one of his conquests.

But you must’ve closed your eyes when he said just like HE already owned it right after that like and grabbed his dick for good measure. Were you out of service when he tweeted the shady warehouse video? Where were you when he tweeted it again? Did you have a nice sleep during the 4690 times he used gender neutral pronouns AND when he outed himself using HE?? Were you enjoying having your ears taped when he said the gender of his partner is not that important and that he’s not gonna go out with a dickhead? Dickhead wow how fucking rude of the ever-polite Styles to call girls dixkhead. Because he couldn’t have meant men here, right? You must have been hangover and don’t remember when Harry scolded Niall when Niall expressed his distate for gay sex and Harry said HEY DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU’VE TRIED IT.

Harry Styles the real-life Tumblr police, you say? Good guy with a golden heart wanting to please everyone, right? And joking. Defending genders, sexualities because God save him from actually meaning it and actually shouting from the rooftops that he “can’t think straight he’s so gay”. No, that was Riptide.

I didn’t know boobs is a taboo when someone is gay also I’ve never heard of stories when gay people started out with having girlfriends (because that was what was expected of them) and realize later that’s just not for them thank you. I never did. I truly never heard such nonsense. Because there’s no such thing as discovering yourself or your sexuality. Oh and there’s no possibility Hannah became a beard, and what am I even talking about? Girls cannot be facial hair. That’s something the Larries invented.

There wouldn’t be a fucking war if they were heterosexual.

Context. Actual words. Body language. For God’s sake.