and nm always gives me these feels


The Senpai That Noticed You Is… Souh!

How He Fell:  Souh had first taken a liking to you when you were starting your first shift at the cafe. Your cute and shy like demeanor had captivated him. Although you did not speak much, it was your voice, way of structuring your sentences in unique patterns, and tone of your voice that always caught his attention. He was attuned to you and everything that you did. On the day of Valentine’s, Ai was once again doing his duty of matching up the entire Ikemen High- his highest activity being in the cafe. Curious to see what sort of couples would form today, Souh decided to relax in the cafe, observing everyone working on their love lives. In the middle of the cafe were two boys- one yellow haired, and the other orange. The orange boy pulled something out of his pockets and handed it to the other as he scoffed and turned the other way. It was a warming, yet also hilarious gesture, since everyone has been secretly wanting them together for a long time. Souh then turned his head and found that you, too, was observing the scene. You gave him a warm smile, and that’s when it hit him. There was a small pain on his back. He turned around to find one of Ai’s arrows sticking to his clothes, and took it in his hands. Perhaps it was the love in the air, but he couldn’t help but feel that he had truly fallen for you.

The Confession: It was very busy the day he confessed. Spring Fling was just around, and of course, many boys attempted to court you to be their date. You frantically looked around the cafe for a way to escape, but neither extra space nor a familiar face could be seen. Perhaps that is because of the over crowded circle everyone was making. 

“Please go out with me!” someone from the back exclaimed. He tried to push his way through, and fortunately for his bigger stature, he was able to. 

Finally being able to see you up front, the student took hold of you in a tight embrace. It was suffocating, really. Besides not having any room to breathe, this was someone you weren’t familiar with. You closed your eyes as your face began to turn purple from the lack of air, and soon you felt your hearing to be gone. You thought this was going to be the end of you until you felt someone tear apart the student from you. You opened your eyes to see Souh come in between you and the student, his arms stretched out to keep the other away from you.  “If you would excuse me, fellow gentlemen, but there seems to be a misunderstanding,” Souh said as his arms reached over your shoulders. “You see, we are… in a relationship already, and so I must ask everyone to please respect our being together.”  

  The cafe was filled with gasps and groans in response to the news. You, too, were shocked and couldn’t say anything. One by one, the students left the place in disappointment, and Souh continued to act as your lover until the cafe was empty. After ensuring you were okay and helping you close the cafe early, he took you into his gentle arms and thought out loud, “If only we were true.”

Life Together: Life together is filled with ease and bliss. The two of you decide to open up a cat cafe and became known to be one of the best cafe and couple. The two of you also hired students from Ikemen to be part time workers, and often they would awe at the two of you and how well you work together. During working hours, the two of you would exchange glances here and there to tell each other what’s going on as well as the occasional flirting. Souh would surprise you often with new clothing for you to try out as well because he loves to spoil you. Being a butler, he also loves to serve you well and treat you like a princess- especially on special occasions. He’ll cook you breakfast-in-bed when you have exams, or it’s the day of an interview, he’ll make sure your clothes of are smooth and comfortable, and he’ll even give you a full body massage after you’ve come back home through it all. Life with Souh will always leave you feeling like you’re in heaven.