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My Miraculous Ladybug hcs that I will keep adding as I think of them:

•Mari is actually an excellent singer. One day she was singing to herself and Adrien overheard her and was all heart eyes for the rest of the day

•Mari and Tikki have dance parties. A lot

•When she avoids homework, Mari watches funny/weird cat videos because they remind her of Chat (especially the ones where cats fall off of things)

•In the future when Alya knows about their identities, she becomes their neighbor so when Chat and Ladybug have to leave, at least they have a babysitter

•Mari starts to get into anime after hearing Adrien and Nino talking about their favorites in the hall. She won’t admit to it though

•Adrien used to eat from the bakery when he was young/when he was homeschooled but neither him or Mari really remember that time

•Adrien orders from the bakery from time-to-time and Tom’s had Mari deliver for him, causing serious blushing from both teens every single time

• Mari isn’t the only one who fell in love during the umbrella scene