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The dads of stranger things in order of parenting

1. Hopper. Good dad to El, will eventually be a good (step)dad to Will and Jonathan. Protective, helpful caring, definite father material. 9.5/10

2. Mr Sinclair. Gives romantic advice to Lucas. Eats breakfast with his family. Good relationship with his wife. Doesn’t help out with the main plot but can’t be faulted for not knowing about the upside down. Went to Will’s funeral but didn’t really show up in season 1. 8/10

3. Ted Wheeler. Useless, but at least appears. Made a funny dramatic irony joke. 4/10

4. Lonnie Byers. Doesn’t care all that much about his sons. Sees Will’s “death” as a way to get some fast money. Didn’t even appear in season 2 when Will was in the hospital possessed by the Mind Flayer. 0.1/10

5. Mr Mayfield. He’s still alive, right? Not enough information to go on. ?/10

6. Mr Henderson. Possibly dead. Possibly abandoned Dustin. Possibly a sperm donor not even named Mr Henderson. ??/10

7. Neil Hargrove. Awful. Abuses his son. Probably most of the reason Billy’s such an asshole. Doesn’t care that Billy abuses Max. -10/10

After Camp Camp: Nikkies and Dimes

(Bonding between Carl and Nikki! Do not tag as any ships!)

Friday night’s were always the perfect nights to Nikki. No school, no alarms to set, and best of all: No interruption to her after school nap! It was the perfect time to just curl up on her favorite puppy pillow and catch up on some much needed rest-

“There’s my favorite Nikki!” Within an instance, the green haired girl was snatched up from her comfy zone and into the arms of her second or fourth favorite guy: Carl. “You just walked right by me. Didn’t even say hello.”

Nikki stretched out her tired limbs, trying to shake away the need for a nap in favor of having a semi-conversation with her mom’s live-in boyfriend. After all, she had the entire weekend to sleep.

“I was going to take my pre-Saturday nap-nap.” She explained, rubbing her eyes for emphasis. “Sometimes when I’m soooo tired, I don’t notice people.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, sweety… Would you like to go back to sleep?” Carl asked, about to place Nikki back down when she suddenly wrapped both arms around him.

“No, silly! Sleep can wait!” Nikki laughed, swinging back and forth on the lanky man’s arm. “Its not everyday that it’s just you and me!”

That much was true, with her mom and Niel at a parent/teacher conference (Candy insisted on going since Carl was just too “ass-kissy” with ALL of Neil’s teachers). So for the next two hours, they had the WHOLE house to themselves.

Shaking off the rest of her sleepiness, Nikki’s brain switched to “destructive fun” mode, and she began to rake her own mind for fun trouble they could both get into.

“We should order a pizza, and get a scary movie, and- And- build another pillow fort and play darts!” She gasped, jumping out of Carl’s arms and running in happy circles.

“Now, hold on, kiddo.” Carl began, stopping Nikki with his hand on her forehead. “You remember last time. What’s our new rule with darts?”

“Don’t tell mom and if we break anything then we take it to our graves?” Even though last time WAS her mother’s fault.

“That’s right.” He said with a nod.

“Sooo, what do you think of the plan then?” Nikki asked.

“Sounds fun, honey! I’ll go order that pizza!”

“I’ll go get the dart guns!”


140127 Cafe Dani - Niel’s Cafe & Family

mamamia niel's trip withi his mother quick summary

There was someone asking about translations, but kbs is going to do it so I don’t translate mamamia. But I did write a quick summary in twitter a few days back. It’s just copy pasted ^^;; too lazy to rewrite it. (thus the hashtags lol)

#niel calls his mom “seoyoung.” (by her first name). Teentop members teased him that she’s his girlfriend.

#niel hates kimbap very much. (probably ate a lot b/c of busy schedules)

#niel teased his mom, saying “I should have gone to vacation with my gf.” when his mom asked him, “r u ok going to vacation with me?”

after #niel forgot his wallet, his mom bought them coffee. But she saved the receipt to force Niel to pay her back later ^o^

“mom, don’t eat too much today. You’re on a diet, right?” - #niel (cause he doesn’t want to spend money(?) LOL)

“Niel, you scheduled our vacation great. But it doesn’t look like it will be fun at all.” - #Niel’s mom

kimbap lunch kept getting abused. 1. forgets it at home 2. #niel hit it accidentally, rolling it to the floor @ train -> mom gets angry lol

#niel’s dad is detailed. He was doing the dishes and spotted the lunch so he drove all the way to the train station & delivered it to them.

#niel is the type of be kind behind the scene when mom can’t see. he kept opening/closing the door for his mom the whole day ^^

when Niel’s mom wanted to go into the church to look, “we don’t have time to look inside, we have to go eat lunch” - niel (cause no time)

#niel and his mom kept getting lost the whole day - mamamia