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mamamia niel's trip withi his mother quick summary

There was someone asking about translations, but kbs is going to do it so I don’t translate mamamia. But I did write a quick summary in twitter a few days back. It’s just copy pasted ^^;; too lazy to rewrite it. (thus the hashtags lol)

#niel calls his mom “seoyoung.” (by her first name). Teentop members teased him that she’s his girlfriend.

#niel hates kimbap very much. (probably ate a lot b/c of busy schedules)

#niel teased his mom, saying “I should have gone to vacation with my gf.” when his mom asked him, “r u ok going to vacation with me?”

after #niel forgot his wallet, his mom bought them coffee. But she saved the receipt to force Niel to pay her back later ^o^

“mom, don’t eat too much today. You’re on a diet, right?” - #niel (cause he doesn’t want to spend money(?) LOL)

“Niel, you scheduled our vacation great. But it doesn’t look like it will be fun at all.” - #Niel’s mom

kimbap lunch kept getting abused. 1. forgets it at home 2. #niel hit it accidentally, rolling it to the floor @ train -> mom gets angry lol

#niel’s dad is detailed. He was doing the dishes and spotted the lunch so he drove all the way to the train station & delivered it to them.

#niel is the type of be kind behind the scene when mom can’t see. he kept opening/closing the door for his mom the whole day ^^

when Niel’s mom wanted to go into the church to look, “we don’t have time to look inside, we have to go eat lunch” - niel (cause no time)

#niel and his mom kept getting lost the whole day - mamamia