and nichelle nichols that queen

The second Nichelle saw me in the Uhura outfit her eyes just glowed. I spent the whole week rehearsing what to say to her – this is my queen. I draw all of my strength from Uhura. From her. Whenever the obstacles in my life threaten to overwhelm me, I remember that her obstacles were more like brick walls. She inspires me more than anyone.

I took her hand and said “You changed my life. Thank you.” And I got to hug her, and take this picture. She’s brilliant, you guys. Her voice is just so musical and lovely. The second I stepped away I burst into tears on Juliette’s shoulder, all the photo op people understood. It was the most magical, amazing moment. I could see it in her eyes. I could see it all.

(Later, at her autograph table, she called me beautiful. So there’s that to hold close to my heart forever as well. And she wrote “blessings,” and so I have been blessed by my queen, and I am the happiest person in the world.)

Dorothy Dandridge was Black Hollywood’s greatest symbol. No Black woman in the history of films, not even Hattie McDaniel or Lena Horne, had garnered such attention. She proved that dignity, style, and class could be brought to mainstream movies by a Black performer in a serious role. Within Black America, there was a tremendous excitement and optimism about Dorothy. As actress Nichelle Nichols once said, she was quite simply OUR queen.

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Who's Nichelle Nichols???? And WHY is she in the Star Trek chair?

motherfucker you did not just ask me this question how dare you

respect the queen goddess of the Enterprise

Nichelle Nichols is the flawless beauty who portrayed Lt. Nyota Uhura in the original Star Trek series in the 1960s. she was a Black actress who stood up against ridiculous amounts of hate and prejudice to show us a world where prejudice has been eliminated

in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, she was Black on tv and portrayed a character who was nobody’s servant, who was a complete and equal person, treated the same way by the show as her white and/or male counterparts. the character was brilliant, intuitive, creative, funny, and talented, and on many occasions Captain Kirk, Spock, and other crew members deferred to her expertise and abilities to save the day, and she always came through because she’s flawless.

she also performed the first interracial kiss on television with William Shatner, just after interracial marriage first became legal.

she inspired the first African American woman in space to become an astronaut, and she inspired Whoopie Goldberg to become an actress. many Black women and other PoC have cited Uhura and Nichelle as their reasons for reaching their dreams.

Nichelle Nichols is an inspiration and a queen and there wouldn’t be a Star Trek chair worth having if it wasn’t for her

how dare you

you are unworthy of her

[pictured here: the flawless goddess-queen of the Enterprise and the known universe trying to decode a complicated communication as to how you could live your life unaware of this important and majestic woman]