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Heya! I'm going to miss you in the overwatch fandom but it's your choice and I respect that! Just curious cause I love your art so much (and your a cool person of course!) what fandom do you think you'll be producing content for? I'd love whichever one you do cause I love your art style :> Hope everything goes better in the next fandom!

I honestly have no clue, I’m the kind of person that usually fixates on one fandom at a time tbh ahahah. I have been -very slowly- working on some original ideas for a webcomic but it’ll be a long while before I finally finalize something… I also currently have a little sideblog for a rather peculiar fandom I’m posting on -sideblog made because the fandom is at risk of High Level Of Bullshit and as you can see from these latest posts I am done dealing with this shit, I just wanted something on the side detatched from my main to dump my shit on and be done with it, something I could easily delete if I just wanted to (except now that blog has almost reached the same number of followers as my main how is this my life lmao)(jesus)- So idk if you’re interested in that let me know ahahah

Random reason I love my kids #4326537612:

S has way outgrown his winter jacket from last year, and none of N’s hand-me-downs currently fit. So he goes into the giant closet in the guest room, finds this effing *ancient* Land’s End coat that originally belonged to my nephew (for reference, my nephew is going to be 30 this March), tries it on, and announces, “Eh, there’s no point in spending money on a coat I’m going to grow out of by next fall anyway. Besides, this is vintage.”

I can’t with him.

Getting rid of nazis on your blog

Hey, if you’re sick of nazis on your Tumblr but you keep on having to block new ones, Tumblr’s most recent experimental feature can probably really help you out. It’s called Reblog Graphs and you can test it here

Basically, what it does is show you a network of how your post was reblogged and who were big influencers in getting lots of reblogs. That’s useful in general but extra usefull if you want to know who to block to get rid of shit on your dash. 

For example, this post that I wrote got a lot of notes and when I use Reblog Graphs is generates this graph:

I’m the yellow dot and all the other dots are reblogs, the bigger the dot, the most reblogs originated from that reblog. Next, I can click on the dots and see who they are and what content they added. For example:

When @thatdiabolicalfeminist reblogged my post the result was a lot of supportive reblogs, helpful feedback and conversations that I want to have. 

But check out the other cluster: 

When wogbeginatcalais reblogged my post the result was a stream of hateful comments by white supremacist, nazi blogs and nazi trolls. Not stuff I want and one reblog started all of it. 

I had blocked a lot of white supremacist blogs when the hate started, but according to Reblog Graph I missed out on quite a lot of the most important blogs that were causing my post to be noticed by these shits in the first place. By blocking key nazi dots in this chain, I can now more effectively stop nazi shits from finding my posts. Good to know!

That’s all. Happy Tumblring. 

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You can’t tell me Qrow didn’t win Baby Ruby over by making her a rose flower crown, and sequentially turning her into his biggest adoring fan, you just can’t ok!

Sorry for being a bit inactive lately! I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff and just needed to take a break, but I’m gonna work hard and make lots of new RWBY content if it kills me! Till next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

so imagine next season when theyre trying to figure out who should pilot the black lion

like it starts off w keith trying to but he cANT it’s not working and

they can’t figure out what to do anymore so they’re all like “well shit no black paladin huh”

but then there’s an emergency attack and they’re like “WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO”

and it cuts to allura looking at the black lion and she kNOWS WHAT TO DO


they’re all like “?????? wHAT DO WE DO”

allura’s like “you’ll stay in ur original positions,,,”

“,,and i’ll form the head.”


if there was a 15,000 pound (6804 kg) horse, holy shit…

let’s take the proportions of Sampson, the largest horse ever measured.

He weighed 3,360 lbs (1524 kg), and was 7 feet 2.5 inches (219 cm) tall.

If he weighed 15,000 lbs (6804 kg), then, assuming his proportions were the same, he would be 32 feet (978 cm) tall.

that’s a gargantuan horse. that’s a terrifyingly huge horse.

Here’s roughly what Sampson Original would look like next to Sampson Supreme:

That’s not a horse that crushes your foot if it steps on it.
That’s a horse that crushes your family if it steps on it. 

Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

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Gryffindor: *sits next to Slytherin*

Slytherin: What are you doing?

Gryffindor: I’m… sitting here?


Slytherin: I’m about to shove the definition of “go away, I don’t like you” up your ass.

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In general it seems wolfdogs are spitz/husky mixes. Is this something that is always a must in their breeding? Obviously a lot of these breeds have vaguely similar characteristics and behaviours, more so than say a yorkshire terrier, and breeding with such extreme differences like that would host a whole range of problems. Are there mixes of others, though? Like collies, or wolfhounds, or sighthounds or dalmatians? would they still be classed in the wolfdog breed?

With VERY few (and well-known) exceptions, wolfdog breeders produce their animals using only three domestic breeds: Huskies, malamutes, and German shepherds (and often mixes thereof). These canines are already rather lupine in appearance (which is why they are also a favorite amongst misreppers), and lend themselves well to the creation of an animal that is literally defined by its wolflike characteristics.

Even so, a few oddball wolfdogs do exist out there, and most are well-documented in the wolfdog community given their uncommon nature, and the novelty of their appearances.

Crossing a wolfdog with a breed like wolfhound or Dalmatian would still make the resulting offspring a wolfdog, assuming that they exhibit physical, biological, and behavioral wolf attributes. 

Here are some examples of strange wolfdog mixes:

The strange little pups above are (I shit you not) F1 wolf/Jack Russel terrier mixes. They were bred outside the USA (though I forget their country of origin now) as an accidental pairing between a captive-raised wolf and the wolf owner’s pet terrier. The two animals were raised together, but it was assumed that due to their size and behavioral differences, that they would never produce offspring. Oops. 

Next is everyone’s favorite oddball pup, Horton, a low-content Irish wolfhound/wolfdog mix saved from a hoarder in Canada. The hoarder housed several wolfdogs with her wolfhounds and allowed them to breed unchecked. Horton here still clearly exhibits some wolflike characteristics despite his unique heritage. 

Then there’s this strange-looking critter, who I believe was also part of a rescue situation. His father was a Labrador, and his mother is the white wolf pictured in the background. 

Similar to the situation above, this lovely pupper came from a high-content female who was pregnant at the time of her rescue. No one was sure what her pups would look like, but since the person she was confiscated from had other wolfdogs in the pen with her, they assumed that her offspring would be classic wolfdogs, as well. After the pups were born, it became suddenly apparent that this was not the case. The rescuers did some digging and found that the previous owner also had several bully breed mixes (claimed pit bulls) on the property. One of them is evidently the real father. 

I’m sure everyone also knows about the F1 wolf/poodle litter created as part of a German experiment on domestication. Many people don’t know that there is also an F2 litter from these same animals, created when the F1 were bred back to another poodle to make F2 25% mixes:

There are some other strange wolfdogs mixes out there, too, but I don’t know the stories on them as well as I do the pups shown above. Many are created outside the USA, in countries where ownership of pure wolves is less restricted, but where the people producing these animals are also less likely to sell to the general public. So don’t expect to see wolf/JRTs running about at the local dog park or anything (I suspect they wouldn’t do do hot in a dog park environment anyhow). 

Hope this helps!

keith is in the training room late at night practicing his shooting bc he can’t be bested by lance right ??? but he actually sucks pretty badly

lance finds him in there and kinda just watches him for a little bit but then lance realizes that damn keith is actually really bad at this i should go help him

so lance walks over and is like “hey keith let me help you with that”

and he does the whole “let me show you how to do it” and wraps his hands around the gun and his arms around keith subsequently

keith is like wtf why is he so warm what the hell and he’s super flustered

lance notices and says something along the lines of “hey eyes on the target sharpshooter” and then he’s got this super focused expression right bc he’s actually here to show keith how to shoot and not there just flirt (totally not)

and keith notices and is like shit he’s hot when he does that !! but looks away and at the target bc staring is bad

so lance is going through the works like here’s how you should be holding it. is that comfortable. you should be aiming with this instead of this.

and the entire time keith can barely pay attention bc lance is really fucking warm right but he’s trying his best

and then after a while lance backs away bc he’s tired and he originally just got up for some water and keith is doing better now

but keith kind of misses the warmth but he says thanks anyways

and then slips up and says “hey maybe next time you can teach me how to use your sniper rifle” and is like shit wtf @ self !! next time??? i barely survived tonight

and of course lance isn’t going to pass up the opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with keith so yeah sure keith will do, same time tomorrow?

Sinful Bastards: And So He Is

As mentioned in the original post, the Disney Princess incident occurred while the rest of the party was shopping. The sorcerer finishes next, and walks outside to see our raging alcoholic, traumatized, suicidally depressed, frequently comatose ranger prancing through a meadow, singing, with a flock of birds twirling around him.

Sorcerer: “…huh. Ed’s a tenor.”

((dakfsjbhdasfkjhd It’s finally done! Sorry if I’m slow lately this part is particularly out to figure out since drawing comics isn’t my strength yet it’s such a nice challenge ! Papyrus… the more I draw you the more I get into a love/hate relationship with you… why are you so hard to draw ?! Anyway ! Since I won’t be at home for a 2 weeks or so I wanted to draw at least an update so that you guys can enjoy the story. The next page is already sketched out but you’ll have to wait my return to see it~<3))

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I don’t like how in TNG they changed it from “where no man has gone before” to “where no one has gone before” because the TOS one implied that women have already done that space shit and Star Trek is basically the men trying to catch up, which would explain why there are so few female members of the crew.