and never use my hands again

i was 16 when you first told me
not to hold your hand in front of your friends
you were always too you were always too punk
you were always listening to better bands
but i was pretty dumb and i was pretty young
because somehow you convinced me you were great
but you’ll never get that ugly sweater back
and btw that was a really shitty mixtape

i hope i never see you like that again
in the front of my car in the passenger’s seat
oh you look so ugly when you cry
learn to use your left hand in the middle of the night
so you can get to work on time, no more early morning mess
you say that you’re an anarchist
but you’ll never quit your day job

well i guess i gotta say i’m glad you moved on
because those drunk texts were getting really lame
and yeah she’s really pretty and yeah she’s really funny
but she’s just a less curvy version
of me myself and i, we’re so over it
me myself and i, we’re so done
me myself and i, we’re so over it
so done, so over it, so done, STOP CALLING ME

whoa whoa whoaaaa

i hope i never see you like that again
in the front of my car in the passenger’s seat
oh you look so ugly when you cry
learn to use your left hand in the middle of the night
so you can get to work on time, no more early morning mess

i hope i never see you like that again
in the front of my car in the passenger’s seat
oh you are so ugly inside (womp womp)
learn to use your left hand in the middle of the night
so you can get to work on time, no more early morning mess

I can’t delete your messages. Even how much effort and strength I put in my hands to delete those remnants of us, I just can’t. My hands shake every time I do that, seconds after I’m crying and my heart is tightening. I do miss those kinds of messages, but you see I have to accept that things would never ever be the same again. So I should learn to say goodbye. But, I can’t.
—  for it still hurts too much // p.k.

babewardkenway asked:

Okay you may get asked this alot and im sorry but I wanted to know if you had any drawing tips to spare because your comics are really nice and adorable and I hope to one day draw things like you, but thank you for your time :) *hides away*

uhh well i would say like okay tracing is okay if you can’t get it right or if you really really really need some help but dont trace EVERYTHING and make sure youre only doing it for practice, it can really help your hands learn the lines especially if you’ve done it good before and you’re tracing over your own drawing that’s okay dont be afraid to do it at all

also use LOTS of references YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH and SAVE tutorials also make LOTS of color pallets and draw the same thing over and over and over again trust me it WORKS like okay this is my first alistair i made like 2 weeks ago

and this is my most recent alistair




hey brother, do you still believe in one another?
hey sister, do you still believe in love i wonder?

top to bottom, left to right -  muriel, joshua, michael, uriel, zachariah, lucifer, ephraim, raphael, gabriel, naomi, hael, gadreel, samadriel, inias, annael, castiel, rachel, balthazar, hester 

the only thing you need to know about this drawing was that it was titled kill_me_now.psd, also i like to think heaven has a lot of flowers~  also the print is available on society6! (also working fanmix)


favorite badass moment: claire drives her rapist’s car to a wall, with him inside it.

you should let it go, claire. there’s nothing you can do about it.

 I can do this.


Melinda May | Beginning of the End { “I’m ready to kick some ass." }

Strength In The Blindness

I have been sketchy at best with posting fic of late for which I apologise but at the eleventh hour I have 2x13 fic which a few people have asked me for my take on and I was determined to get posted before the episode itself aired so here we are. 

Title: Strength In The Blindness 

Rating: T 

Summary: Following the missile attack by Mount Weather Abby descends into a torn and tortured Tondc refusing to give up on Marcus until she knows beyond doubt whether he’s made it out dead or alive, whatever the risks and whatever it costs her to discover the truth. 

TeaserThere’s a strange sort of hope in this darkness that she doesn’t want to lose with light.

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what if
i never
what if
this sore on my belly
never closes
black bile
a whirlwind of hurt
ceaselessly being prodded by the world

My body is an archive
the histories of my sisters
writ on my bones
and heart
legends living through my life
they were giants
women whose strength was measured
in tons
Fate spun them a cruel thread

my life is so full
love light and soft bellies
hands clasped tightly with my lovers
will they remember my fullness 
in death
or will I be flattened
remembered only as the tranny slain
again and again and again and again and
the same story repeated endlessly
since the Columbus first laid his malevolent 
gaze upon these shores

I sit at my desk
rip open my veins
using my blood to write 
a new story 
a new day 
a new ending
something to steam the tide
genocide cannot be the only answer
a senseless death
sentence given 
at birth

but what if i never heal
what if my words
water against the meat grinder
ineffectual and mean
the ocean of sadness in my breast
beating uselessly 
what meaning do i give to my 
own existence
when death is everything

you can only heal what was
alive in the first place


Another childhood mystery being solved. Those melt in your mouth coconut tapioca cookies that I can gobble up by the handful. A little research on the internet and turns out they are easy to make provided you know what you’re doing. Thanks to great folks like Lisa over at My Lemony Kitchen for trying over and over again to arrive at the perfect recipe, my first batch* looks promising.

*I did not have pandan leaves so a vanilla bean was the stand in. The scraps did look like they would re-roll well but the wooden cookie mold I received as a Chinese New Year gift one year that I’ve never used came in handy. It’s actually for another type of cookie which I need to explore later.


- Thought you could get away from us so easily, brat?- 
- Put me down!-
- Afraid I can’t do that-
- Here, get back!-
- Ah!-
- Why don’t you just hand the brat over? You’re so pretty- I wouldn’t mind getting steamy with you.-
- Don’t say such disgusting things.-
- Fine! Have it your way, darling!-
- Gah!-
- *ruff!*-
- What the- where did this mutt come from!?-
- You should never turn your back on the enemy.-
- Argh!-
- Hang in there- you can’t die here!-
- This is all your fault!”
My fault!?-

Kuroshitsuji Sword of the Stranger au, continuation of scene 2 and scene 1.

Ft. Grell’s cameo (it’s up to you to decide what happened to Grell; Sebastian’s sheath never came off). You can tell this is hard-core because a puppy got hurt.



There was nothing worse than being in the one place you promised yourself you would never see again.

But here I was again, surrounded by inmates. To anyone who knows what it’s like in here, it’s pure hell in its most basic form. No matter how many times one has seen the insides of this place, there will never be a time of comfort or joy. You will never get used to this and no one honestly should. I folded my hands together and waited impatiently. The sound of the guards and inmates’ heavy footsteps along with the sounds of cuffs pierced my eardrums. Nothing could really make me nervous nor would I ever fear anything that I could easily change or work to my benefit. But just waiting was beginning to drain me and annoy the hell out of me. I had no patience. Never had and probably never will.

These past months have been… bearable. Things can’t always go 100% my way but I have to be okay with that. I was alive, my nephew was straight, my family, who consisted mostly of the guys, were all great and my dick was always in some tight ass pussy. Of course there has been a few minor setbacks here and there but I work through all of them, like I always do. Between setting my life straight and getting Austin to have some stability it didn’t seem like he had before, I’ve been doing a lot of things. There wasn’t a day when I wasn’t occupied with something. I was sacrificing a lot, just to gain overall satisfaction so I was hoping all of this was worth it.

A shove to my side easily snapped me out of my thoughts and I mugged Caiden momentarily before switching my gaze to the opened door, bringing in one inmate in particular. A small smile graced my face as I sat up, stood and waited for the cuffs to be released from him. “Brozay!” I said loudly, making sure that everyone in the room heard my obnoxious voice. It earned a few looks from the correctional officers but I easily shrugged it off. With a chuckle, he continued to make his way towards us, stopping only a mere few feet away and raising his arms so the guard could release the cuff from around his slim wrist. In seconds, daps, hugs and greetings were spread among us three and it soon followed with us being seated down at the steel table.

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anonymous asked:

There was really no reason to be sub a smartass. The other grey face friend was asking a question.

Son, I get 50 asks a day, on average, asking the same question. Literally the same exact question, down to the letter. This is why I have an FAQ. This is why I try to filter out all the unnecessary and repetitive asks. If it takes a little bit of humor and endless amounts of my frustration to get that to stick with people before they clutter up my inbox, you can bet your ass I’m going to own the hell out of it.

Another sUpEr NeAtO contraption on my blog that I use to filter out unwanted asks, is this little unfollow button in the upper right hand corner. That lets you never have to worry about how I run my blog again :)

I think you’re one of those things I’ll never let go. You’re the last fight I had with my first best friend who is now a stranger to me. You’re the can opener that I refuse to use since the last time I tried to open a juice can it opened my skin instead. You’re the chicken that gave me nightmares every night for a week after it bite into my hand when I opened my palm to feed it. You’re one of the many things I will never fully forget about, because if I forget the pain you put me through I could make the mistake to trust you too easily again.
—  I don’t get fooled twice

Gabriel: Oooh boy, I’m going to have to dig for this one…Hmm, before the stabbing, Michael being bossy, and Raphael pouting. Hmm, I’m going to go with when Dad allowed us to design at least one animal that we could release into the world. We each tried to create the weirdest looking thing we could. I made the platypus.

Michael: I remember that. Yours hardly counted Gabriel because it was a collage of animals that father already had in mind. I made the Giraffe.

Raphael: The giraffe was a result of the lowest and dirtiest joke you ever made! I remember you vowed never to stoop so low again. I thanked father that you didn’t. I tried my hand at the angler fish.

Lucifer: You just wanted to have a sea animal that could light up! Naturally, I refused to make anything. I just added my own improvement to one of father’s less frightening animals and made it a monster. I gave geese teeth.


So this weekend I had the absolute honor of meeting one of my long time artistic inspirations/influences leseanthomas. His art and career has had such an impact on my life and personal style as an artist that I couldn’t possible use words alone to thank him enough for everything.

So I did the only thing I know how to do and I drew a picture for him in honor of his series Cannon Busters!! I was thankfully able to hand it to him in person. Being able to talk with him and have him look through my works— this has definitely been a day I’ll never ever forget~ 
Thanks again for everything dude!!!


Now that I’m turning twenty this year, I really wanted to post a clichè 19 things I have learned for the past years but then I realised,  I already made the same blog post when I was eighteen. My appearance changed a lot but my values and perspective and life has changed drastically. I am very blessed that I made the right decision to be with the people who are very wise and open minded. They helped me become who I am today, no doubt about it. It’s really hard to act like I am a very mature person because deep inside, I want to stay like a kid without any responsibilities in my hands. As I grow older, my parents started to give me tasks that I never did before which was very hard at first but thankfully, I got used to it and I am starting to feel like an adult. I became more sensitive about others feelings and my circle of friends became smaller than before. I experienced a lot of things that made me never trust strangers again, specially men. I finally overcome my shyness towards other people and became more confident at making conversations. I am not afraid of doing things alone anymore and waiting became nothing for me. So, even though becoming an adult is very hard for me, it is molding me to become someone I have been dreaming to be since childhood. To be a better person with a big heart for those who need and love me.

All Too Tumblr

I downloaded the app with you; the gifs wouldn’t load,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I
Left my phone charger at your sister’s house,
And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.

Oh, your sweet little text posts and my wide-eyed gaze.
We’re blogging up a storm, checking Taylor’s likes page.
Tears of joy falling down like pieces into place,
I can’t believe she lurked me after all these days.

Now my chill is long gone,
And my dignity’s not here no more,
And I might be okay,
But I’m not fine at all.

'Cause there we are again hiding under your sheets
You never went to bed ‘cause you were leaving asks for me.
Hands in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Archive page on the computer, your cheeks were turning red.
You used to write bad wholock fanfic from your twin-size bed
And you’re unearthing old stories you wrote ‘bout your OTP
You share your tracked tags, thinking your future was me.

And I know it’s long gone
And there was nothing else I could do
And I’ve unfollowed you for long enough
To forget why I needed to

'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night.
We’re blogging in the kitchen in the iPhone light
Through the glare, you were there, I remember it all too well, yeah.

Maybe it got lost in my inbox, maybe I tagged you too much,
And maybe our blog was a masterpiece, ‘til you tore it all up.
Unprepared, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Hey you reblog me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of getting noticed.
I’m a crumpled up text post draft lying here
‘Cause I remember it all, all, all too well.

And Flash won’t load, Chrome is paralyzed by it
I’d like to reblog that one post again, but I’m still tryin’ to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you change your theme and I blog all alone

But you keep my phone charger from that very first week
I don’t really care, it’s for an iPhone 3G
You can’t get rid of it, ‘cause you remember it all too well, yeah.

'Cause there we are again, when I lurked you so
Back before you lost the one real follow you’ve ever known
It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well

Hands in my hair, you were there, you remember it all
Through the glare, you were there, you remember it all
It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well.

anonymous asked:

im getting really nervous about bobbi's secret. do you have any thoughts on what it might be?

I don’t know if this going be a very coherent answer anon, but I’ll do my best!

Well, for sure, something ominous is afoot. I don’t think Bobbi (or Mack) is evil or anything like that. Obviously, given the nature of the show I expect to be baited - for us to probably initially think that Bobbi is doing something bad. But, I have such faith in Bobbi Morse as an outstanding character that I cannot imagine them doing it for long. She is, and always will be, a superheroine.

I have two suspicions are this juncture. My first and more strong suspicion is that Morse is reporting to Fury. Nick Fury didn’t spend years building up SHIELD to what it was to just hand over the keys to Coulson and never have a say again. Especially given that Fury was aware of the results of the TAHITI experiment and had seen what GH-325 had done to Garrett. Also, in the break between seasons, we got a snippet of the Koenigs telling us that Morse was on standby waiting for Coulson’s orders. This means that someone contacted her and alerted her to SHIELD’s survival. Morse is a talented and loyal agent, and she has questioned (although more much subtly than Mack) Coulson’s leadership decisions. Especially given the Obelisk’s destructive power, I’m sure that Morse has orders on what to do with it specifically, particularly if Coulson’s decisions don’t coincide with that order. So, I imagine she’s in cahoots with Fury, making sure that his wishes for SHIELD (and the Diviner - I imagine this is a key point in this whole thing) are still being carried out.

Alternatively, as she did in the comics, Bobbi might be wanting to start the World Counter-Terrorism Agency, which is a SHIELD like organization that dealt with alien threats. 

Whatever the secret is though, I’m really hoping that they don’t try and turn the team against Bobbi and Mack. I’ve really grown to like their characters, and I think it would be a real disservice to the relationships that they’ve built up. (I’m also biased and I know it would devastate Fitz and Simmons, and Hunter, and I really can’t bear the thought of that.) Furthermore, I don’t think we’ll be able to trust any new characters going forward, and I think it would be very tiring to have that dynamic. 

(PS - I really really hope she’s not brainwashed because brainwashing Bobbi Morse feels like an insult on top of insult.)


Place your hand over every crevice of my body,
And watch as I melt,
as your finger tips mold perfectly to my skin,
Use your lips as a paintbrush
And my body as the canvas,
Because clearly we’re creating art.
Kiss my neck,
And I’ll kiss yours,
As long as you promise to not stop.
Pull me closer, as I pull you in,
Times ticking on the clock.
Your mouth is refreshing similar to your presence,
I hope this never ends.
Kiss me one more time,
And we can begin again.