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On Discourse

Someone shared with me on twitter today a really hateful ask sent to them from someone identifying as a “nerd fighter” that included racial slurs and was generally tremendously hurtful. The ask in question was anonymous, so I have no idea who sent it, but just to be clear:

That’s not okay. That doesn’t represent nerdfighteria well, and while I’m very grateful to people who like my work and like sharing it, being mean to people–attacking them with racist or hateful comments–does nothing positive for me or my work or the nerdfighter community or anyone in the world. It makes us, as a species, a little bit smaller, and a little bit worse.

We all (including me!) struggle to imagine each other complexly and generously, and to have listening-focused conversations. But the great gift of the Internet is not just the chance to share; it’s also the chance to listen. I would encourage us to find better paths to better discourse. When I’m angry or outraged or defensive (which happens all the time when I’m online), I try really hard to take a step back and to try to be empathetic rather than merely angry. I think we should try to be kind to each other, and generous toward each other. Hateful anon asks and trolling and baiting people who disagree with you accomplishes nothing in the end, except making us all feel worse about ourselves and the overall quality of discourse online. 

10 years of Vlogbrothers!!

Thank you for everything, John and Hank <3 Here’s to many more years! Hard to imagine what life would be like without the Vlogbrothers!

I’ve been wanting to do a nerdfighter collage for ages (I’ve started making yearly ones a while back)

Looking forward to celebrating Nerdfighteria IRL at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria next month!

(I was supposed to finish this a month ago, but…life, y’know?)

SciShow/SciShow Kids Video Maker Wanted

Missoula-based production company seeks a talented, smart, and creative full-time video maker to help us share educational content with the world through SciShow Kids, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psychology: a group of YouTube channels with over 600 million views and 4.5 million subscribers. We’re expanding and sharing more content with more people and we’re looking for great personalities to help us.

Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • Confidence in working with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere and After Effects 
  • Experience working on a film set and anticipating needs
  • Confidence in explaining and animating complex concepts
  • Familiarity with SciShow and online education content
  • Passion for creative projects, and for accuracy and clarity in scientific communication
  • Interest in writing scripts a plus
  • Local to Missoula, MT or willing to relocate to Missoula
  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Flexibility and ability to take direction
  • Sense of humor and willingness to share ideas
  • Ambition to grow as a video maker and animator
  • Nerds of all sort encouraged to apply

Accepted applications through April 15, 2017.

SciShow Is Hiring an Editor/Writer!

If you’re reading this, then you’re a member of the SciShow community. And now’s your chance to make the community even better!

We’re seeking an experienced full-time science editor/writer to contribute to SciShow, one of YouTube’s most viewed and trusted sources of science information.

Since you watch SciShow, you know how we talk to people: with intelligence, clarity, hopefully a little wit, and an abiding sense of wonder about the universe.

Applicants should have an academic background in a scientific discipline, and demonstrated experience writing about science for a popular, non-academic audience.

Experience in and understanding of online media and YouTube would also be wonderful. An awareness of both why people click on things and how to write things that aren’t mindless clickbait drivel are preferred.

Responsibilities include editing several scripts per week, writing occasional scripts between 500 and 1500 words, fact checking, assigning stories to freelancers, generating pitches, and being thoughtful and kind.

Your writing must be:

  • 100% bullet-proof and fact-checked accurate;
  • completely freaking fascinating;
  • entertaining, by which we mean “witty” more than just “funny”; and
  • passionate about imparting hard science to humanity in a way that is both educational and engaging.

If your experience hits these marks, then prove it!

Fill out and submit this application by March 31, 2017.

Inktober day 8
Hazel Grace Lancaster
“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.”


We proudly present EVERY NERDFIGHTER HAS A STORY, a collection of Nerdfighter stories from the last ten years. This film was originally screened at @nerdconnerdfighteria

“french the llama” poster design!

when I became a nerdfighter in 2011, the “french the llama” saying was one of the strangest things from the fandom (to me). I didn’t find any of the other crazy and weird things in the fandom strange, but I did find this strange. I’ve grown to love and accept the phrase in all its weirdness, and it is one of my favorite small bits of nerdfighteria.

Nerd: Something to be proud of

I believe my first Vlogbrother’s video was 51 Jokes, in the summer of 2009. I was immediately curious, and after going though their recent videos I determined I had to see them all. I had a flip phone, with a tiny screen, and internet access. I spent 3 days watching, on that phone, hundreds of videos that spanned two and half years of their lives. I woke up and did nothing but sleep, eat, and watch their videos. I was addicted.

I felt that they had so many interests similar to my own. They valued education and being smart. They loved reading, science fiction, fantasy, and video games. They cared about sustainability. They wore glasses. They were funny. They were caring. They wanted to make the world a better place and they wanted me to help them.

That is how I felt as a teenager who had spent most of his life feeling ashamed for being a “nerd”. I tried to escape it by not wearing my glasses, playing baseball, acting like I didn’t know anything about Star Wars, and turning my graded test over when I got an “A” so no one would know I was smart. There were two adults out in the world that were happy, successful, and married, and it wasn’t in spite of being a nerd; that had nothing to do with it. They were nerds and there was nothing wrong with it, in fact, it was something to be proud of.

So I watched all their videos. For seven years I have kept up with their videos and various other things that have put out in the world. I have submitted art. I have answered questions. I made friends with other Nerdfighters. There was even a period of time when I was a a forum admin on the Ning. I learned about sustainability. My love of reading resurfaced. I learned how the world does suck, but not as bad as everyone thinks, and there was a way to decrease that suck. 

I now am 24 years old. I am engaged. I have a degree in architecture. I work at an architecture firm that specializes in sustainable design. To my friends I know more about and love Star Wars more than anyone they have ever met. I read almost everyday. I love my life. I love who I am. 

The Vlogbrothers and the Nerdfighter community didn’t save my life, but they made it easier. They allowed me to accept who I was and embrace it. 

(via Geoffrey C)


Is an unwavering devotion to your Hogwarts House unhealthy, or a way to engage with the world around you?

Project for Awesome 2016 Perk Fulfillment

Hello! This is the post we will be continually updating as we start fulfilling all the perks, so bookmark it and refer back here to see if your perk has been sent out! As of right now, these perks have been fulfilled:

  • P4A Recap Video Shoutout (12/13/16)
  • A Very Gideon Christmas EP (12/21/16)
  • Themed 2017 Calendar (shipped 12/28/16)
  • Nerdfighteria Activity Book (1/5/17)
  • Flula’s Dope Personal Compliment Song (1/9/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s First Video (1/11/17)
  • LFA Fingerless Mitts Pattern (1/16/17)
  • Rob Scallon’s Album Sneak Peek (1/18/17)
  • John & Sarah TFiOS Commentary (1/25/17)
  • Destin Sandlin’s Cellfies (1/27/17)
  • Mike Rugnetta Edits Your Essay (Connected 1/30/17)
  • Exclusive Dear Hank & John (1/31/17)
  • Josh Sundquist Adv Signed Book (2/1/17)
  • Nerdfighteria Penpal Club (2/7/17)
  • Project for Awesome Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Thought Café’s Stream Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Cartoon YouTuber Portraits (2/17/17)
  • Crocheted DFTBA Decoration (shipped 2/21217)
  • Phil Plait’s Meteorite (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Dave Fish Balloon (shipped 2/22/17)
  • The Financial Diet Mug (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Grace’s Shirt (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buddy System Script (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buffering (Signed) (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Copy of Nightblade (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed P4A Polaroid (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Men in Blazers Jersey (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Craig & Joe Movie Commentary (2/23/17)
  • Dinner with Dr. Doe at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria (NCNF weekend)
  • Hank Plays Undertale (3/2/17)
  • Project for Awesome Coin (shipped 3/2/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s EP (Signed) (shipped 3/2/17)
  • BlinkPopShift P4A Zine (3/317)
  • Tessa Violet’s Shirts (3/8/17)
  • All I Know Now (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed Phil Plait Book (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed NerdCon: Stories Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed “Love Yo’ Faces” Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Grace & Style (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Grace’s Guide (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • You Deserve a Drink (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Custom Beanz Shotglass (shipped 3/9/17)
  • A Shaker (flask) from Mamrie (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Table Talk Wooden Sign (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Smarter Every Day Patch (shipped 3/10/17)
  • Signed John Green Book (shipped 3/16/17)
  • Hank & Fish Coloring Page (3/21/17)
  • Penny Passport (shipped 3/22/17)
  • Pressed Pennies (finished shipping 3/22/17)
  • Project for Awesome Tote Bag (shipped 3/23/17)
  • Sam Bashor’s Cardboard Cutout (shipped 3/27/17)
  • On the Other Side (Signed) (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Felicia Day Book (Signed) (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Project for Awesome Quilt (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Pizza John Cross Stich (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Sara Sandoval Pizza John Art (shipped 3/30/17)
  • GMM Prop (Signed) (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Buddy System Prop (Signed) (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Sara Sandoval P4A Skateboard (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Personalized Self-Care Bunny (4/4/17)
  • Private Message from Andrew Huang (4/11/17)
  • John’s Shirt (shipped 4/14/17)
  • Hank’s Shirt (shipped 4/18/17)
  • Project for Awesome T-Shirt (shipped 4/19/17)
  • Signed Hanklerfish Postcard (shipped 4/21/17)
  • Wizard School Uncut Sheet (shipped 4/21/17)

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