and neither did she

i cant stop thinking about rogue one and the fact that jyn did almost nothing to gain cassian’s trust and he gave so much to her in return. the fact that she called him a stormtrooper despite not knowing anything about him OR the cause. the fact that cassian had every reason to kill galen or let jyn die in that platform but did neither of those things. the fact that after she stole his speech and gained a place within the rebels when she did absolutely nothing to do so, he still told her ‘welcome home’ like it was his job to reassure her. the fact that in his last moments he still found time to yet again offer some words of comfort, ‘your father would be proud of you’, when? it was not his job? to do that? to be there for jyn when she was never there for him? and anyway i don’t care for j/yncassian and cassian is too good for her


Boston Post, Massachusetts, June 5, 1921

In 1921 Bebe Daniels was cruising in her Marmon Roadster with current beau boxer Jack Dempsey (and her mother, chaperone for proprieties sake). When they crossed the into Orange County she was pulled over for speeding - she was going 56 ½ MPH. The judge in the case was notorious for giving steep fines to anyone going above the speed limit, as well as jail time for anyone going over 50 - and Bebe was no exception. She told the motorcycle officers at the scene that she’d been speeding because her radiator had sprung a leak, she wanted to get it fixed before more trouble ensued, but they didn’t buy it.. neither did the jury.

She was sentenced to 10 days in jail, although some critics were unimpressed when she was gifted a full bedroom set (including a rug and a phonograph) from a local furniture store for her Santa Ana cell, claiming that it looked like a boudoir scene from a movie. They also ridiculed the fact that her mother stayed with her for the majority of the term, and  weren’t impressed when she bragged about her guest book which she claimed had racked up 721 signatures from visitors while in the clink. On her first day in jail the judge who sentenced her welcomed her with a bouquet of roses. She was pretty upbeat about the whole thing though, telling the sheriff that “This is a comfy little place, anyhow. It will be sort of a quiet vacation.”

Judge Cox later fined former Secretary of the Treasury and future California Senator Williams Gibbs McAdoo and his son, William Jr, separately for speeding in his jurisdiction within a week of each other. 

the one where they cuddle (Jyn x Cassian)

Prompt: jyn x cassian -snuggling in that puffy jacket with the fur, because that coat is the cutest. ps. love your writing <3
Requested by: Anon
Characters: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor
Word Count: 838 
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Imagine Brian had been delayed going to the funeral when the redcoats arrived at Lallybroch on that fateful day.

The Prisoner: Part 1 -

The words swirled around her, a haze swirling behind her closed lids as she tried to stave away the nightmares.

She could hear his voice battling through the darkness; but only in intermittent bursts. Like light, it would shine and burst before dying out again, allowing the inky black to consume her.

“Ye should ha’ left me there, da,” Jamie whispered, his fingers entwined with Claire’s as she lay curled by his side. This was the only contact she would allow, and he would take anything she gave to him. “I ken why, but she didna deserve this…”

“Neither did you, Jamie. You,” Brain returned, a feral hint to his voice as he stepped out of the shadows and into the dim candlelit room, “are *my* son. My responsibility. No’ a…”

“No’ a *sassenach*?” Jamie spat back, his voice low –dangerous.

Claire felt Jamie tense, his hand clenching against hers as he tried to stem his anger.

“Don’t fight,” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

Jamie sat bolt upright, his ire forgotten.

She’d been completely silent since the rescue, not so much as a sigh.

He’d worried for her, of course, but Jenny had assured him that she wasn’t in any immediate danger from her wounds. No swelling or fever. Simply put; she would wake when she was ready to and not a moment before.

Certain that they’d settled, the sense of anger in the room dispelling at her words, Claire sighed and unfolded her legs.

Blood rushed through her veins, sending tiny shockwaves through her underused limbs as the pins and needles took over. Wincing, she kept her eyes closed as she allowed the feeling of discomfort to dissipate.

“Please don’t–”

“Claire, are ye feeling well?” Jamie interjected, too eager to be at her disposal in any way he could.

Brian folded his arms and leaned against the door watching as Jamie assessed Claire, his eyes darting over her cowering form without withdrawing his hand from hers.

Before giving her the chance to respond, Brian cut in, his cheeks flushing as he wiped the perspiration from his brow. He kent the look on Jamie’s face well. He had worn it all those years ago in the presence of a pretty wee slip of a lassie.

The Mackenzie brothers had been a formidable pair, however it was nothing in comparison.

No, he could not –would not– allow Jamie to embroil himself in this. Not if he could help it.

“She’ll stay until she’s well. Do ye hear, Claire? Jamie?”

Standing, Jamie turned on his father, a look of frustrated anger igniting behind his eyes.

Brian paid him no mind.

“She’s his, Jamie. Dinna be sae foolish. His by law, and he will come for her. Ye ken it well!”

Claire kept silent, knowing full well that Brian Fraser meant business. Gripping the thick bed sheets between her throbbing fingers she took a deep breath, holding back the tears as she nodded into the pillow.

She understood.

But Jamie didn’t.

Reeling, he wiped the spittle from his lips, rage filling him from head to toe.


“No, I said, Jamie!” Brian bellowed, the walls rattling as he thumped his hand against the open door, “she’s Randall’s wife, his property and I willna have ye tried and hung under the charge of treason.”

Tears of anguish and anger built in Jamie’s eyes as he clenched his jaw shut, his heart pounding as he held his father’s gaze.

“Do ye understand me, son?”

Assuming his forced acquiescence, Claire swallowed back the bile had risen steadily along her throat. Reality slipped away once more as she fell into unconsciousness, the fear pummelling her under –no longer could she resist its powerful pull.

Memories swirled behind her eyes, taunting her into a panic induced slumber as she remembered the moments that had led her here, to the sanctuary of Broch Tuarach and Lallybroch.

“Stay wi’ me Claire, please…” she heard him beg, his voice sounding muted and far away, as if she were listening him talk under water.

She wished she could obey, but she was too far gone to pull herself back.

“…you can’t ever leave me, Claire. I’m here. Always…” –a voice returned. A different voice. Not Jamie’s voice.

Her heart stuttered as the cruel lines of his face came into view, the glint of horror alight behind his eyes as he slapped his belt against his open palms, a smirk appearing across his lips as the resulting slap made her twitch and shake.

“No matter where you are, I -will- find you…Claire *Randall*”

The wind whipped through her hair as she stumbled and fell, pushing herself up, her fingers getting lost in the detritus on the forest floor.

She had to escape.

She *had* to get away.

Forcing herself to continue, she ignored the constant throb of her lungs as they struggled to pull in enough air. Her legs ached, but she couldn’t stop now. She mustn’t.

Black dots prickled in the corners of her eyes, making it hard to see as she ran and ran, the green and brown swirling around her in a strange heady mix. It smelt of bark and freedom. Suddenly scents she hadn’t smelt for years invaded her senses and she almost stopped to take it in.


She didn’t notice the great hulk of a man in front of her until it was too late. With an almighty ‘oof’, Claire smacked into his chest and nearly fell to the floor.

“Easy there, lassie,” he mumbled, keeping his voice low –for which she was grateful–, “where are ye off to in such a rush?”

Pulling her arms free with a strength she didn’t know she had left in her, Claire escaped his grasp, flitting to the side in order to get away.

‘He won’t be far behind you…’ she told herself, shaking her head as she tried to dispel the images of her pursuer.

But the stranger wouldn’t let her pass. Dodging to the side, he had hold of her again before she knew it and this time he kept a firm grip.

She would have to beg.

The thought made her stomach retch and she had to swallow back the acrid taste of acid as it rose up her throat.

“Please, just let me pass. I’m nothing, nobody…*please*”

Looking her up and down, the tall highlander appraised her, his lips twitching into a small smile as he checked her over, making sure she wasn’t a threat no doubt.

“Naybody, ye say?” He teased, licking his lips as he gently let her free.

Claire, taking no time to think, shot off, leaving the poor boy in the dust as she fled the scene.

If she’d turned to watch, she’d have noticed the small group of redcoats close on her heels. She might have even seen as they harassed the poor lad and dragged him off. As it was, she didn’t. Too consumed with putting as much distance as she could between her and that wretched fort.

As night fell, Claire busied herself with finding shelter for the evening. Not wishing to spend it out in the open, she quickly discovered a small logging shed and bust open the door. The faint whiff of wood rose up to greet her as she hunkered down, letting the mass of logs surround her, coating her in an odd sort of natural warmth.

Yawning, she closed her eyes. Leaning her head against the softest of the logs, she slept, her dreams invaded by Fort William and the horrors that had been thrust upon her behind those walls.

“Oi!” A soft masculine voice called, pulling Claire from her slumber. She jolted awake at the last second, remembering, only vaguely, how she’d come to be here.

Scrambling to her feet, she wiped the sleep from her eyes as she steadily grew accustomed to the dim light. Stepping backwards in an attempt to put some distance between herself and the man in the doorway, Claire tripped on a stray plank of wood, toppling the precariously balanced bulk to her side. Jumping forwards, she leapt free just in time for the heap of firewood to collapse.

The man, sensing a good opportunity, took her in his arms and forced her outside.

“Who are ye? And what are ye doing in my shed?” He barked, his whole demeanour reeking of fury.

“I’m n–” she began, her eyes watering as he dug his fingers into her forearms.

“Yer the lass they’re after, aren’t ye?” He shouted, clearly in no mood for her lies. “Did ye ken he took my lad, eh? ‘Perverting the course of justice’, or some such nonsense.”

“I…” Claire stuttered, her heart sinking at the image of the gentleman in the forest at the mercy of *him*. She couldn’t find the words.

Her shoulders shook as she tried to form an explanation, one that wasn’t going to be brushed aside as fibs and slander.

How many times had she tried to tell people? How many times had she been shot down, led away by the same guards who were under *his* payroll? Locked away in some squalid dungeon, she had whiled away the hours grateful of the loneliness that accompanied her. If she wasn’t alone, *he* was with her, and that was worse than anything solidarity could throw her way.

“Don’t take me back,” she pleaded, her eyes filling with tears as she tried to find something –anything– to use as a bargaining tool, “j-just go there…tell him he d-didn’t see me, please, sir?”

Even as she said the words, she knew he wasn’t buying it. She knew herself how merciless *he* was. If he wanted something, he was going to get it, and right now, he wanted Claire back in his clutches. For why, she didn’t know.

“Dinna make false wi’ me, sassenach,” he spat, tugging her in the direction of his stationary horse, “we both ken that isna an option! He willna let Jamie go wi’out ye back, and I am no’ about to gi’ ye a free pass and let my boy be locked away for treason!”

Letting her whole body go numb, Claire lost her will to fight. All she could picture was that poor man, bound and gagged, kneeling at *his* feet as he begged a reprieve. Something she’d been privy to way too many times to count.

His father was right, she couldn’t let an innocent man suffer for her.

“But nor shall I trust his word.”

Breathing in a jagged breath, Claire’s heart rose at his words. “H-he came to you, asking for me?”

“O’ course,” he returned, the anger fading now, “he said if I brought ye to him, he’d let Jamie free –wi’ a warning.” Continuing his diatribe in a foreign tongue, her new captor muttered as he readied them for the journey. Claire went willingly now, allowing herself to be tossed astride the horse. “But if he thinks I’m about to march ye to Fort William wi’ no further promise, he’s another thing coming. First, I’ll take ye home and send my eldest off wi’ word of yer capture. Then I’ll take ye.”

Gripping the pommel, Claire felt the cold prickle at her spine, the frigid sweat dripping down her back as she tried to remain calm.

They rode towards his home in silence, Claire clenching and unclenching her toes the entire way.

As the big house came into view, the sun peaked in the sky, it’s bright yellow glow blinding the pair as they rode.

“I’m Brian Fraser, and I’d say pleased to meet ye –but I amne, and I dinna lie.”

“Claire,” she murmured, tipping her head forwards and allowing her loose curls to cover her tear stained face.

“I ken.” He replied, with a grim sense of finality.

Hauling her through the front door, Brian thrust Claire up the wide staircase and into a tiny bedroom before closing the door and locking it behind him.

The fire was roaring in the small, intricate fireplace, making the room instantly like a furnace.

Wrapping her shaky hands in the soft ruffles of her skirt, Claire padded over to the tiny cot and knelt on the floor, letting her head fall forward against the heated sheets.

Sobbing, she clasped her hands together in sombre prayer as she whispered her apologies to the poor boy she’d led to the slaughter, tears trickling down her warm face and dripping onto her linked fingers.

“D-dear Lord,” she hiccuped, “forgive me, and k-keep Jamie safe –please…”

Curling up, she lifted the blanket a little, simply hiding her toes and leaving the rest of her to the elements, unwilling –whilst Jamie Fraser lay in a frozen cell– to allow herself any comfort.

Her fault, the voices mocked as she dozed, her fault an innocent boy had fallen into Randall’s hands. Her fault and she should never be forgiven.

Soft voices woke her as the door creaked open. Twisting her head to the side, Claire peeked her eyes open to survey her visitors. Twin sets of eyes stared back, neither of which seemed particularly unfriendly. Jamie’s siblings, probably.

Turning herself over properly, Claire waved. A small gentle thing that barely registered on the faces of the two people currently stood in front of her.

“I’m sorry…” she mumbled, closing her eyes once more, “I’m sorry he took your brother.”

Some beautiful female biblical names: 

Hannah - Hannah wanted a child and begged the Lord to give her one. In return she promised to raise the child dedicated to the Lord. He answered her prayer and gave her a son. She followed through on the promise -  and her son grew up to be Samuel, one of the most influential and godly men in the Bible.

Abigail - Abigail was married to a self-centered, wicked man named Nabal. He denied hospitality to David and angered him. Abigail went to David trying to calm him to prevent a fight (and thus protect her household) and was successful. After hearing that it was his wife and not himself who saved his household, Nabal died of shock and Abigail married David who saw her for who she was, a very strong woman. 

Esther - Esther was a Jewish woman married to a king. The King chose her through a contest and did not know she was a Jew, neither was she allowed to go before him without invitation. In fact, doing so without invitation meant death. The King’s right hand, a wicked man called Haman, planned to kill all Jews. When Esther found out, she bravely decided to go before the king uninvited to save her people. She did so cleverly by inviting him for a meal and was successful.   

Lois - see Eunice 

Eunice - Eunice was the mother and Lois the grandmother of Timothy. While they’re only briefly mentioned in the bible, we know that Timothy learned many things from them and can conclude that they were caring, loving women who raised him to be a faithful student of God’s word. 

Mary - You are likely familiar with her story: An angel appeared to her, announcing she had been chosen to give birth as a virgin and she gave birth in a stable - to Jesus! 

Ruth - Ruth’s first husband died before they had a child. She loved her mother-in-law and left her homeland to follow  her, declaring “Your people will be my people and your God my God “. Her loyalty to Ruth and to God brought rich rewards and attracted Boaz who marries her. Through her family line came King David and ultimately Jesus. 

Elizabeth - As a childless woman, Elizabeth prayed for a baby. The Lord answered her prayer and she gave birth John the Baptist, whom Jesus called the greatest of all men. Remarkably, she recognized the unborn Jesus as the Messiah while the pregnant Mary visits her! 

Hagar - Hagar was a surrogate for the infertile Sarah. After she gave birth, Sarah chased her away into the wilderness. But God provided for her and her son and she kept her faith despite her difficult life circumstances. 

Magdalena - Jesus delivered Mary Magdalena from seven demons. She became a devoted follower of Him and supported His ministry financially. Later, she was the first who saw Him after He had risen from death! 

Puah - See Shiphrah 

Shiphrah -  She and Puah were two midwives who feared God, and helped prevent the murder of Hebrew male children by the Egyptians, and thus the genocide of the Hebrew people! 

Keziah - The bible doesn’t tell us much about her except that she received a equal inheritance from her father which was unusual at that time, so many see her name as a symbol for equality as it’s likely that she was a strong woman who fighted for it! 


* Toriel sings a beautiful lullaby

* But Chara is already sleeping

If it ever feels like there’s too much joy in your life, just imagine Toriel digging her child’s grave and burying them, alone.

The lullaby Toriel’s singing, if you’re curious.


The story of Nymeria of Ny Sar, Princess of the Rhoynar and of Dorne
(requested by anonymous)

In the songs, Nymeria is said to have been a witch and a warrior; neither of these claims is true. Though she did not bear arms in battle, she led her soldiers on many battlefields, commanding them with cunning and skill. It was a wisdom she passed along to her heirs, who would themselves command the hosts when she grew too aged and infirm. And though none matched Nymeria’s feat of sending six captive kings in golden fetters to the Wall, her heirs succeeded in keeping Dorne independent against the rival kings north of the mountains and keeping it whole against the rancorous, hottempered lords of mountain and desert whom they ruled.

sarazzprime  asked:

OTP Challenge #93 w/Dean, if you're not too tied up?

Dean is happy.

Why? Well, as every good chick flick story, the reason is that he met a woman. 

It wasn’t exactly his purpose when he got into that elevator yesterday, he was just there to meet an eyewitness to the case he was working on. But then, for Chuck’s will, or the earth’s, or – well, it’s not important - an earthquake started, and the elevator automatically shutdown, stopping between the third and fourth floor, only a woman there by Dean’s side. He kept to himself for less than 30 seconds, then started talking to her, and it felt so easy that he didn’t stop. And neither did she for that matter.

2 hours trapped in that small space, and he got some stuff off his chest even his brother didn’t know about. So, when the elevator started moving again, he asked her out to dinner.

Unluckily, she had to refuse but promised to meet him for breakfast the next day, at a local pie store she was fond of. 

Fond of a pie store. That’s right. A whole store full of pies. Dean was already in heaven.

So here we are the morning after. Dean enters the store and glances around, a wonderful smell hitting his nostrils, but she isn’t here yet. So he sits down and waits. And waits. And tries not to order pie without her, cause that would be impolite. And waits some more.

Finally, he sees her. She looks slightly different from yesterday, in the way she’s dressed, in the way she carries herself, but then again she probably just got out of bed, Dean guesses. So he stands up and walks towards her, a big smile already on his face.

“Hey,” he says, stepping in front of her. 

She looks at him, frowns, then turns to look behind her. Clearly finding no one, she faces him once more. “Hey, yourself.”

She’s acting weird, isn’t she? Definitely just got out of bed. “How are you?” He asks.

“Uh, none of your business…?”

Woah. Rude. The hell happened to her? “Are you okay?”

“Oh, God,” she starts muttering, “Why do crazy people always think it’s a good idea to talk to me? Listen, man, I’ve got stuff to do so, you know, vanish.”

Dean’s eyes are widening more and more. “You don’t remember me, do you? I’m Dean,” he says, unconsciously indicating himself. “We had a thing yesterday…?”

She starts laughing, and he starts to lose his patience. 

“We had no thing, ever,” she replies, wiping away her tears. “Nice pick-up line, bud, but I’m gay. So, get out of my way.” She’s shooing him away with her hand too.

“What? No, you’re not,” Dean states, convinced.

“Uh, yes I am. Man, you’re weird, you know that?”

Or you’re just basic,” he replies, offended, forgetting for a second the point of their conversation. Only one, though. “Listen, you flirted with me. A lot. In the elevator, remember?” There’s a hint of hope in his eyes, but it’s about to die because she’s looking at him as if he’s crazy. 

Of freaking course, he meets the perfect girl, and now she’s disappeared. That’s just his luck.

“OH!” She then exclaims in realization, and his hope comes back strong, as he waits with wide eyes for her to continue. Luckily, she does.

“The elevator, you said?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

She’s laughing again. Goddammit. He’s gonna punch someone, soon.

“You got the wrong person,” she says with a smile. “You met my twin, not me.”

“Your twin?” Oh, thank you, Chuck, there’s hope again.

“Yeah, she’s parking the car. Should be here any second. She didn’t tell me she was meeting you today. That explain why she was in a hurry, though. If she’s late it’s all my fault.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” he says, super relieved. Who cares about that?

And then the door of the store opens up, and he automatically turns to look. It’s you, already smiling at him.

“Hey, Dean,” you say, and he smiles back. 

He’s happy again.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

As Peter and walked and talked with (Y/N) he learned more things about the situation he was getting himself into by lying about who he really as.

She now fully believed that both Rumple and her husband Malcolm had died, that he had raised Rumple to be a great man. So he’d have to tell the Lost Boys to stick to that lie if it ever came up again. In fact he’d try to never have Rumple ever pop up in conversation.

He learned more about her travels and how exactly she was treated in her time of captivity. He felt strangely thankful it seemed to that this wizard was treating her more as a pet than a prisoner. She was well fed, kept warm and safe, and in a sick way her health was maintained.

‘So Peter Peter, tell me about these Lost Boys.’ she said.

‘You don’t have to say Peter twice.’ Peter smiled.

‘Neither did you.’ she grinned.

‘Plus its fun to say, Peter Peter, Peter Peter.’ she teased.

It took a lot of strength in character for Peter to not say how much he lover to hear her say his name.

‘My boys, they are…well they’re boys. So they are naturally wild, not too horrible if you like games that could cost you a limb or two.’

‘A camp full of wild boys won’t last without order.’ (Y/N) said.

‘That’s where I come in, I control the chaos, assign the chores.’ Peter informed.

‘Ah, so what will my task be?’

Peter took a moment and remember how (Y/N) had truly hated house work like cooking and cleaning, but with her health she did what she could to help. She spoke of how she wished to be out and how she wanted to hunt like her father taught her when she was a little girl. 

‘I think hunting is where you’d fit in best.’ he said nonchalantly, proud of himself for being able to give her a task she’d enjoy.

He saw her face brighten in excitement, and he had to fight his own smile when he saw her try to hide hers.

‘I guess I could do that.’ she shrugged.

Peter stops as they approach the camp.

‘It’s just ahead, now be ready to be crowded the boys haven’t seen a girl in a while.’ he said, mentally already killing anyone who touched her.

‘If they get handsy then so will I.’ she said raising her fist.

‘Atta girl.’

The Apathy of Meryn Trant

He did not hate her, Sansa realized; neither did he love her. He felt nothing for her at all. She was only a … a thing to him. “No,” she said, rising. She wanted to rage, to hurt him as he’d hurt her, to warn him that when she was queen she would have him exiled if he ever dared strike her again … but she remembered what the Hound had told her, so all she said was, “I shall do whatever His Grace commands.”

“As I do,” he replied.

“Yes … but you are no true knight, Ser Meryn.”  

Sandor Clegane would have laughed at that, Sansa knew. Other men might have cursed her, warned her to keep silent, even begged for her forgiveness. Ser Meryn Trant did none of these. Ser Meryn Trant simply did not care.  

I’m thinking about the specific way Meryn Trant’s character was changed on the show from someone who will beat a young girl because it’s his duty to someone who actively enjoys doing those things. And I think this misses a big theme which I’ve long thought was present in the series. It’s not that monsters exist within the framework of chivalry, it’s that chivalry itself is monstrous and upholds an institution where men are glorified for being monsters. I think this says a lot about how patriarchy works, and how men who benefit from the patriarchy or who are apathetic about it are often left off the hook because they themselves do not hurt women, or, like Trant in the books, are just following someone else, or simply don’t care.

I’m not as versed with the minor characters of the series so it could be that I’m forgetting Trant’s characterization and he really is a monster of the same caliber that he is on the show. But it seems to me that the show was setting him up as a straw misogynist for Arya to kill rather than the books’ much more subtle and insidious depiction of the way misogyny is perpetuated.

Unpredictable (Nessian)

This has been sitting around incomplete for a long time so I thought hey why not


Unpredictable, he thought, was probably the best word to describe Nesta.

Unlike her sisters during their cycles, Nesta was not snappy and irritated like Feyre, neither did she get frustrated easily and bottle it up, only to have it spill out at the worst moments like Elain.

It was as if all the walls she built around herself collapsed and left her in an emotional heap on the floor, or the bed, or anywhere else her hormones got the better of her.

Cassian thanked the Mother that the three sisters didn’t meet often, and so, their cycles didn’t sync up as cycles were prone to do. He didn’t think he could handle three angry, stubborn, weeping Archeron women at the same time for a whole week.

All these musings occurred while he pressed a hot water bottle to Nesta’s stomach, running his fingers gently through her hair. It had become routine for them to use the time normally spent on training towards pampering Nesta, routine for him at least, Nesta always appreciated his care and usually showed her gratitude by sniffling into his shirt and telling him how thankful she was…only to completely deny it once the cursed period was over.

Her groan brought him back to reality, he leaned his head down for better access to her forehead as he pressed his lips there.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Cassian asked quietly, mindful of the headache

“Mmmgrph.” Came the reply as she burrowed her face further into his chest.

Chuckling, he adjusted the water bottle so it rested wholly on her lower abdomen. “You’ll have to be a bit more coherent love.”

“More chocolate.” Although her words were still muffled he could at least make out her fervent demand.

He reached for the foil packet on their bedside table. Dark chocolate was a mutual favorite of theirs but during these weeks Nesta preferred a sweeter alternative, milk chocolate it was then.

As she nibbled lightly on the earthy bar of confection, Cassian thought it was time he revealed some…thoughts to her.

“Sweetheart,” He began gently. Nesta in turn regarded him with wariness. He was using the tone he often did when soothing her from anger, which meant that whatever he was about to say wouldn’t likely be welcome.

“I know you don’t trust medicines this side of the Wall, but we have a lot to offer.” Now she was curious, what on earth was he going on about?

“I know Feyre took a tonic for a while to stop her cycles completely, and Elain usually has Alis make one that lessens the pain.” His tone was sheepish now, “Maybe we could go to the pharmacy just down the street and find one that suits your needs?”

Nesta sucked on the chocolate remaining on her fingers in thought, oblivious to the darkening in Cassian’s eyes, before she was Made her monthly cycles were irregular and too spotty. A byproduct to the malnutrition that she had suffered in the hovel, even when they had lived in the mansion during Feyre’s time in Prythian she had always been on edge. Always vigilant yet, unsure of what might happen at any given moment. Her body hadn’t truly felt safe until the first time Cassian had wrapped her up in his arms.

“I think,” She paused, glancing at his hopeful face. “That’s a great idea.”

All Thanks To You

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they have a family already, an older boy and a younger girl. They want to help out another family who can’t conceive, so the reader becomes a surrogate. @coveofmemories


As Spencer came out of the shower in a towel, Junior ran down the stairs and Elia ran after him, Y/N wondered how she had gotten so lucky. Life was crazy. There was never a dull moment - not with an 11-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. She was luckier than most. Their family was perfect as it was. She didn’t want anymore children and neither did Spencer - they were happy, but she knew she could still carry a healthy pregnancy, and had wondered for months now whether or not she should serve as a surrogate. 

Originally, she kept the thought to herself. It was probably just hormones and that ever-present ticking clock feeling, but she couldn’t get the thought out of her head. After dropping the kids off at school and heading off to work, she decided to bring it up with him. “Hey Spence, I have a weird question for you.”

“Maybe I’ll have a weird answer,” he said. His dad humor had been through the roof ever since they’d had Junior. 

“Well, we have such a happy family and we’re so lucky, and I keep thinking about people who aren’t so lucky,” she started. “People who wanted to have their own children but can’t for whatever reason.” She hesitated, as if she wasn’t sure what he was going to think and maybe wouldn’t bring it up, but the thought had been nagging at her for a while. “How would you feel if I served as a surrogate for someone?”

Pulling to the side of the road, Spencer smiled, a surprised smile, but a smile nonetheless. “Why are you asking me? If it’s something you want to do, I think you should do it.”

“It’s not just me anymore,” she said, poking at her stomach. “You watched Junior and Elia growing in there. You became attached to them before they were born almost as much as I did. If you think it would be too hard to watch me all pregnant again and then have to give up the baby, I wouldn’t want to do it to you. I know it would probably be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I think I’d like to.”

As he leaned across the middle of the car, she craned her head toward his, pressing a light kiss to his lips. “It would be difficult, but I also think that being a surrogate is one of the most selfless things you could do, so if you want to do it, I’m with you.”

“I’m gonna think about it a little while longer, make sure I can do it,” she replied. “But I really like the idea of helping someone else get the family we’ve been lucky enough to have.”


After another couple of weeks, she’d decided to do it. She wanted to help someone who needed it, help them have the child they couldn’t have themselves. She discussed it with the kids, told them exactly what would happen if she were accepted as a surrogate. They’d watch her grow and then the birth parents would take the baby home. Both Junior and Elia asked if they would be able to visit the baby, so she told them the truth. Maybe yes, maybe no. It depended on the birth parents, but of course that would be ideal for their whole family. 

From the beginning, Spencer was behind her. He was amazed at his wife’s selflessness. It would be hard to watch her pregnant again and not be able to keep the baby, but another family would have an incredible amount of joy brought into their lives. She ensured he was okay with everything before filling out the form for the agency she chose. 

There were a few stipulations, including living area, reliance on government assistance, BMI and age, but she fit them all, so she assumed she would be accepted as a candidate - and then she was. “Oh my god,” she said as she got off the phone. “Spence, I’ve been accepted.”

“What do you do now?” he asked excitedly. “Do you choose the parents or do they choose you?”

“They express an interest in me and then I can accept or not,” she said. “So they said they’re going to put a profile of me on their website and if someone needs me, they’ll match us, we’ll meet via Skype first and if we click, then we sign all kinds of paperwork and get the whole process started. I’m really excited.” She started clapping in the middle of the kitchen as Junior and Elia came in. 

“You gonna be a suwwogate, mommy?” Elia asked.

Y/N laughed at her daughter’s attempt at the word as she picked her up. “Yes, sweetie. Mommy was accepted, so one of these days I’m gonna help another set of parents have a baby.”

“Good luck, mommy,” she said, patting Y/N’s stomach. 

“I wonder when you’ll get called,” Spencer said aloud. “I get to meet the parents too, right?”

“That’s preferable, yea. Hopefully it’ll be soon.”


Just three weeks later, Y/N had two different sets of parents interested in having her as a surrogate. One of the employees from the agency contacted her and asked if she had any problem carrying for a lesbian or gay couple. She said she would carry for anyone who wanted to care for a baby, it didn’t matter who they were. “Then I’m going to send you their files so you can review them,” she said.

“Fantastic,” she said before picking the kids up from the school. “I’ll go over them with my husband tonight.”

Later that night, Y/N and Spencer sat in bed after putting the kids to bed and went over the files for the two couples. First was Christine and Nathan Roberts. They were in the mid-30s and had been trying to have a baby for nearly ten years, but she’d suffered multiple miscarriages so they decided to turn to surrogacy. The other couple was Lucena Ramirez and her new wife Jennifer Gordon-Ramirez. “I know which one I’m leaning toward,” she said, leaning her head on her husband’s shoulders. “You have a feeling toward either one?”

Reaching over, he pointed at Lucena and Jennifer, which was the couple Y/N was leaning toward as well. “They had a surrogate back out on them once before. Plus, her name is Jennifer, so she reminds me of JJ, which makes me want to help her,” Spencer laughed. 

“Then it’s settled,” she said. “I’m going to call up the agency tomorrow and see if they can match us.”


It was only two days later when the agency matched Y/N and Spencer with Lucena and Jennifer. The four talked for hours - all about why their last surrogate pulled out, their plans for the baby or babies, their hopes that the surrogate mother and her husband would want to keep in contact. “We want our baby or babies to know who helped them into the world, so we’d love it if you wanted to stay in contact,” Lucena said. They only lived about an hour and a half away, so staying in touch would be fairly easy. 

They were a match.

For the next four weeks, Y/N started on medications to increase the probability of one or more embryos taking to the IVF treatments. Before she knew it, she was ready for her first transfer - three embryos.

And then there was a 12 day wait before a pregnancy test.

“Spence, I’m about to look at the test,” she said excitedly, turning the camera toward herself so that Lucena and Jennifer could see too. As she turned toward the bathroom, the expecting couple heard a gasp. “I’m pregnant! You’re having a baby!”

Both women dissolved into sobs and ensured that they could be there every step of the way. People weren’t always so lucky to live so close to their surrogate, but Y/N wanted them to be a part of every step of this process - it was their baby after all. 


The first 12 weeks were always the scariest. It’s when the most can go wrong, but being responsible for someone else’s child when your own body could decide at any point that it didn’t want to cooperate was intensely scary. As Y/N, Spencer, Lucena and Jennifer walked into the OBGYN’s office just two weeks later, the intending parents were joyously nervous. “Well, Lucena and Jennifer,” the doctor said, “I hope you two are ready, because you it looks like you’re having two babies!”

“Oh my god,” Y/N said, now even more scared. Two babies. Two human beings she had to keep safe. “You’re having two babies!”

“You’re having two babies!” Jennifer exclaimed, bending down and kissing her stomach. “Thank you so, so, so much.”


Over the ensuing months, Y/N blew up to a size she never thought possible. They had one scare, she felt a pretty intense pain which she thought could be a miscarriage, but thankfully it wasn’t. Her OBGYN said it was most likely a badly pulled muscle in her stomach. It was also the middle of the night, so she and Spencer didn’t called Lucena and Jennifer until the next morning, when they knew everything was okay.

Other than that, everything was going smoothly. Although as the months passed, Y/N truly realized how hard it was going to be to give these babies away. Whether or not they were biologically her own, they were a part of her and she wouldn’t be able to take them home. “You okay?” Spencer asked, watching as Y/N wiped a tear from her eye. She was nearly 4 ½ months along now.

“Yea,” she said, rubbing her stomach. “I’m just starting to realize how hard this is going to be.” She choked out the end of her sentence, a wave of sobs rolling through her. 

Spencer pulled her into his embrace, rocking back and forth as he did his best to comfort her. It was hard for him too, but he couldn’t imagine feeling them in there every day, knowing that in about 5 months they were going to go home with someone else.


“Okay, I think I’m ready to be done now,” Y/N said, walking into Lucena and Jennifer’s home to take a peek at the nursery they’d just finished decorating. She was now 7 ½ months along. They were having two girls, which the doctor said likely came from the same embryo. Identical twin girls.

“Illaria and Emma,” Lucena said. “You’re ready for them to come out of there?” She put her hand on her stomach and one of them kicked. 

She was more than ready. She was going to miss them intensely, but in the past few months since her original breakdown, she made peace with the fact that she’d done this for a reason - and she was lucky to be able to get to know the girls. Plus, as Spencer had pointed out, the two of them got most of the parental benefits, like pictures and just watching them grow, without the parental responsibilities of bills and disciplining them when they were being obnoxious teenagers. Y/N couldn’t imagine what she would’ve done without Spencer. He kept her grounded during this roller-coaster experience. “I’m so ready. Everything hurts. Even more so than with Junior or Elia, probably because there’s two of them. Especially the peeing,” she laughed. “I pee constantly. I really should just wear a diaper.”

“We can’t thank you enough,” Lucena laughed, staring down at her stomach. “We almost gave up when our last surrogate backed out, but you’ve given us hope again.”

Months ago, when they first found out they were girls, Spencer had asked why the surrogate backed out last time. Apparently, the couple was purely doing it for some extra cash and had an issue with being a surrogate for a lesbian couple. “That’s fucking stupid,” Spencer had said, eliciting a laugh from the sobbing couple. “Why? I don’t…” He truly just didn’t get it; it was one of the reasons Y/N loved him so much. To him, all that mattered was love.

“Well, they’ll probably be here in about a month,” Y/N said, massaging her stomach as one of the babies kicked incessantly. “Get ready for all kinds of poopy diapers and midnight feedings, times two.”


In the event she didn’t go into natural labor, Y/N had a c-section scheduled for 39 weeks along. But at 38 weeks, she went into labor. Having had two children before, the labor didn’t last very long, but it was intensely painful. One of the girls came out, and then she had to do it all over again. “I just had a baby, go away,” she remembered telling the doctor. Spencer was at her side the entire time, having his hand squeezed off as she pushed. The expectant parents were sobbing in the corner, watching as their little girls made their way into the world. 

After they were born, she took a nap, unbelievably tired from the strain of a natural twin birth, but before mommies and babies left the hospital, Y/N had something she needed to ask them. “Can I ask you two a favor?”

“Anything,” Lucena said. “What do you need?”

“Do you think I could have a moment with the two of them? Just me and them for a minute?” Both babies were placed into her arms, and Spencer kissed her on the head before giving them a minute alone.

“Hi babies,” she started, as the tears came to her eyes. “I’m gonna miss you. I hope you know that you have more than two mommies that love you. You have another mommy and daddy that love you too. You’re very lucky babies.” She cried and cried as she clutched them close. This was without a doubt the hardest thing she had ever done, but the next day, when she watched Lucena and Jennifer carry them outside to their car, their faces alight with the joy of new parenthood, she could feel that she’d done the right thing. 

“I’m so proud of you,” Spencer whispered in her ear. Junior and Elia had been brought to the hospital that morning. “Now we have our family and they have one too. All thanks to you.”

Food for thought

Now that I think about it,

when yato decided to keep yukine even though he was stinging him so badly was also probably because he wanted to give him another chance to live and be a kid, because he probably couldn’t do anything of that sort in his life.

Similarly, I was also puzzled when bisha showed so much attention to kazu a-little-nail ma. I mean, why did she single him out? Since I am sure, neither touma or the others got the chance to accompany bisha on her daily patrols. There could be two reasons though:

1. She thought he was hella hot mchotson


2. It could similarly be because, since kazuma too suffered a traumatic death, she wanted to give him a chance to prove himself? Like maybe he was constantly criticized and made to feel inferior in his life and she didn’t want him to feel like that anymore?

It really makes me afraid for him. For his life as well as for his hafuri status.

His punishment is till pending and of course that huge ass eyeakashi on his neck that is still stinging viina.
(Btw, how come no one has still noticed that???)

On a side note though, I still believe bisha will not reincarnate.

PS: I absolutely think yukine will be fine, as others have stated, I think being trapped in a immortality box is the safest way to ride out liberation without affecting his hafuri status.

Amaterasu is obviously running a show here, she for some reason cannot help yato and others in front of an audience, that’s why she discreetly helped in the izanagi arc. There’s some mystery here obviously. I am still not losing hope though.

PPS I hope she is kinder on kazuma
PPPS where is kuraha though???

That guy.

That guy.
Sebastian Stan /OFC (Camila)

Sebastian’s girlfriend made an impromptu visit while he was away filming the bronze right after the sex scene ™, he obviously had the tattoo (Which he haven’t mentioned about) and she couldn’t stop laughing at his junk. Hilarity assured

Warnings: Sebastian’s junk, a lot of gimme that gold references and some kissing, light smut. Fluuuuuuff-ish


“Hey, you come here often?,” Camila said leaning on the wall besides the table where her boyfriend was eating. Sebastian looked up and a smile spread wide in his face as he grabbed her by the waist and pull her on his lap and kissed her softly.

“I didn’t know you were coming,” He said as he place little kisses in her cheeks, she laugh and plant one final kiss and get up before people in the restaurant started staring. She smiled as she flagged the waitress.

“Neither did I, I missed you so I came.” She shrugged and Sebastian laugh grabbing her hand and moved his chair closer to hers.

“I’m glad you came, even though, babe” He said and kissed the back if her hand. “I just started my two weeks break, I was going to surprise you.” He said with a smug smile and Camila stared at him and then shrugged with a smile.

“I would had still come, like I say I missed my little cute dork.” Camila said leaning over and pucker him quickly in the lips and Sebastian smiled pulling her for another kiss. The waitress interrupted and Camila ordered a pizza, because she was sure Sebastian was going to eat with her after she noticed the chicken breast with a salad that he had been eaten for fucking ever all the fucking time.

He needed his pizza and she knew that.

“God, I love you.” He mumble while taking a slice to his mouth and she smiled while chewing.

“Are you talking to me or the pizza?”

“Both.” He smiled with his mouth full, his cheeks were full of food and he looked so darn adorable that she had to sigh like a schoolgirl.

“God, I love you too.”


As soon as the door clicked behind, they were on each other tearing down clothes outta the way and trying to get to the near cushion surface.

Sebastian pulled her shirt off and he lay her down on the couch and lean on to kiss her collarbone while she bury her fingers into his hair making a mess of it.

“I missed your hair.” She mumble and he hummed against her skin and placed wet kisses down her breastbone. Sebastian had his hands spread under her breast and slide down her ribcage until they reached her back and unclasped her black lacy bra and take it off and throw it out behind his head.

“And I missed your tits, fuck.” He groaned and he squeeze them together and bury his face between them and kiss, lick and nip them making her let out a soft moan as she bite her bottom lip; that encouraged him even more and he gently nip at her nipples and then suck her hard.

“Fuck-take it off.” She urged him pulling the collar of his shirt and he do as she told, totally forgetting about the tattoo. She noticed—of course she noticed. The blue and red lines of a ribbon under his belly button catched her eyes as he kept ravishing her tits, she tilted her head and when he tried to move up and kiss her, she noted how the lines went under his pants. “What the fuck is that?” She asked dogging his lips and Sebastian looked down and groan putting his forehead against her chest.

“It’s for the movie, the-the sex scene.” He mumble catching his breath.

“You already filmed that?”

“We finished it this morning.” He answer and felt her hands on his shoulders pushing him off to see it better, Sebastian sat on his heels and Camila looked it better and bite her lip fighting the urge to burst laughing at the stupidest tattoo that she had ever fucking see, she put a hand on her mouth and Sebastian groan again looking down.

“Baby, you got a blue and red ribbon of a medal tattooed on your dick.” She said with a small voice barely holding it together, feeling the building of a laugh in her stomach. She looked at it again and this time Camila snorted and that quickly escalated to a full body laugh as she laid down back in the couch.

“Camilaaaaa!” Seb whined as he faked cry with a smile on his lips letting himself fall on top of her. “I know it’s fucking awful.”

“Oh my God,” She breathed out putting her hands on his hair again and tried to kiss the top of his head as an apology but she couldn’t stop laughing. “Show me!”.

“No way,” He mumbled against her skin and shake his head.

“Sebbie baby, show me. I want to see, hell I want to pose with it and take a picture.” She said laughing even more and pull her cellphone of her back pocket and Sebastian took it of her hands.

“Nope.” He said shoving her cellphone in his front pocket with a pout and lay his head back to her chest looking away from her.

“Don’t pout at me.” She smiled struggling with a few giggles still.

“You ruin the moment.”

“I don’t have a gold medal around my pussy.” She snap back with a smile and he groaned.

“Now I’m that fucking guy, the one that had a tattoo around his dick like a douchebag.”

“You’re not a douchebag”

“How I’m gonna get to the steam room on the gym?” He asked looking up and keep the pout going while he locked eyes with her girlfriend. “You don’t want to even had sex with me.”

“Babyyyyy,” She said and hold a laugh. “I want to have sex with you, when the thing is gone tho.”

“Are you serious?”

“Baby, it’s fucking funny. You know if I laugh I can’t stop,” She said already smiling and out of the blue she remembered that line that Mackie was shouting when they were in the press tour. “Gimme that gold.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can’t believe you tell Mackie about the gold now I understand.” She poked him in the forehead with her finger.

“Mackie didn’t sleep with me.”

“You knew this will happen.”

“Of course. I just forget about it when I saw you ‘cause I missed my girl.” He smiled biting his lips and captured her mouth his his.

“Give me that gold, seriously?” She pushed him off and started laughing again, Sebastian looked at her and couldn’t fight the smile forming in his lips.

“It’s silly, but it’s funny. You’ll love it.” He said pressing a kiss in her neck.

“I need to take a selfie with it.” She said and Bed sigh. “This had to go in Instagram.”

“No Instagram.”

“Yes Instagram. You still own me when you fill your Instagram with my burnt pizza and the time you posted the ugliest-”

“I love that photo.”

“photo that someone had taken of me.”

“You’re beautiful on it.”

“I’m sleeping with my mouth open hugging a pillow with photo of your face stapled on it.”

“The staple was in my forehead. I love it.” He smiled and she groaned. “I’m never taking that down.”

“I want my selfie.” She demanded and Sebastian agreed as he stand up and she grabbed his shirt and put it on. She started laughing when she saw it up close and tug his pants to see how far it goes and noticed something missing. “Where’s your hair?”

“The transfer doesn’t stick in hair.” He explained pushing his hair back, she chuckle and grabbed her cellphone out of his pocket and saw her struggling to take a picture because it just looked bad for whatever angle she tried to take it.

“This look kind of sexual.”

“It’s in my dick, of course it’s looks sexual.” Sebastian said and she laugh, again and kept looking at it and he grabbed her cell phone and snap a picture of her laughing.

“Okay, right. I got this… ” She laugh one more time and grab her boyfriend by the waist and pull her besides her, she make pointed a finger at the tattoo and snap the picture.

As she do her thing on Instagram, Sebastian sat down the couch and she snuggle right besides him, he looked at her with heart eyes.

“You’re one of the reasons I took this gig.” He said out of the blue, the smile still plastered in his face.

“You’re doing this for me?” She asked, amazed as he nod.

“The script was so bad that it got incredibly good and couldn’t stop imagining you laughing at it.” He said and she put a hand in her heart and frown a little with her lips pucker up.


“Really.” He answer and Camila grabbed his face and kiss him, slowly.

“Sebastian,” She Whispered against his lips.


“Why don’t you gimme that gold?” She asked with a smile and wiggle her eyebrows making him let out a laugh and kissed her and while pushing her against the cushion of the couch he muttered.

“Fuck yes, I’ll give you this gold.”

to be clear though Brittany is the most offensive stereotype of bisexuality I think I have ever seen and Santana skirted the line of being an offensive Latina stereotype but I don’t know if she ever crossed that line for me. Brittany though? I don’t think I’ve ever been that offended at a tv show character that wasn’t trying to offend me.