and needing to step aside and let it happen without interfering

McCoy’s Dilemma

Request: a story about McCoy x Reader where McCoy ends up knocking put reader because she is Pike’s daughter and he is ordered to surrender himself.

(McCoy x Reader) warnings: action, violence, some swearing, sorry no fluff or smut. Alternate/added storyline to the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie.

Words: 1,202

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Summary: You are Lieutenant Pike assigned to the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Yes, Captain Pike’s daughter. You fought long and hard to get the assignment as Starfleet was reluctant to let you serve under your father to avoid the appearance of nepotism. While at the academy last year, you had met and started dating Leonard McCoy. You graduated last year but you were taking more classes while the Enterprise had not been given a mission yet. Until today when Starfleet received a distress call from Vulcan. With the primary fleet engaged in the Laurentian system, all officers and cadets were ordered to leave right away.

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Not Dead Yet (Part 2-final) (Natasha Romanoff x reader)

Part 1

Natasha stood with Clint outside of your room in the infirmary, waiting for you to wake from the sedative-tipped arrow that he had shoved relentlessly into you when you had Natasha in a death grip.  They had been silent for nearly two hours, watching the doctor care for your wound, monitoring your vital signs and waiting just as eagerly as they were. They all knew that when you woke to leather restraints, it wasn’t going to be pretty.

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anonymous asked:

hello dear, so i have this super angsty headcanon about before hux and kylo ever make a move for one another, Hux uses sex as a tool to get information from people who're high up in command, and kylo getting really jealous and possessive of hux. would you mind writing something small for it? if not, it' ok! have a great day, love. <3

The first time it happens, Kylo thinks he’s just come to the wrong conclusion.

Hux steps confidently onto the bridge, arriving back on board the Finalizer from a meeting with Admiral Dorvin, a strange red glow on his usually-pale cheeks, a single clump of red hair messy as though he’s missed it whilst grooming it back down.

Kylo stares at him awkwardly, thankful that his curious gaze is hidden by his mask. Hux looks radiant, the immovable blush on his cheeks giving away what his recent meeting with Admiral ‘Silver Fox’ Dorvin likely consisted of.

But he has to be wrong; Hux is so uniformed, so prim and proper, so above using sex as a tool to–

“The Admiral has informed me that the Finalizer has been chosen for weapons upgrades and hangar refurbishments,” Hux says to Lieutenant Mitaka, Kylo overhearing. “Something obviously swayed his decision.”

As Hux and Mitaka continue their conversation, Kylo brushes against the edges of Hux’s mind, finding waves of pleasure fading from his consciousness, that he’s dwelling on a growing ache in his legs and backside.

Kylo huffs. He doesn’t care. He does not.

But it happens again. And again. By the fourth that Hux emerges from a meeting with two of High Command’s finest officers, Kylo finds his blood boiling at the thought of Hux spreading his legs for someone just as a ways to get his own way. If Hux truly just wants information from these officers, then why not ask Kylo to manipulate their minds? Hux is aware of Kylo’s power; he’s seen it first hand.

From one of the control rooms, Kylo looks down upon Hux and the two Admirals, noting the way the man is staring at Hux and the way the woman’s hand is lingering on Hux’s upper arm in more than a strictly professional gesture. Kylo scowls, being unable to stop himself from imagining Hux lying on his back atop the large table in the meeting room, Admiral Laurent standing between Hux’s spread legs, fucking him relentlessly whilst Admiral Merz sits astride the General’s face, gyrating her clit against his lapping tongue. With a distorted growl, Kylo crushes the control panel in front of him with a single thought, sending sparks flying.

It shouldn’t be like this, Kylo thinks. He has the power to give Hux anything he wants, whether that be information from weak-minded officers or a rare tea from a strange planet. Kylo is untamed, free from the confines of the First Order, feared by all. Hux is his General, his cocommander. It should be Kylo who Hux is happy to serve, happy to give his lithe and beautiful body to. Having never seen Hux without clothes, Kylo can only imagine the sharp curves and contours of his General’s body, hidden away by his heavy uniform. It should only be Kylo’s strong hands to make Hux moan and writhe, not old and outdated Admirals with nothing to offer.

Once the two Admiral’s ship has left the hangar, Kylo storms in the direction of Hux’s private quarters, hoping to intercept him on his way back.

To Kylo’s delight, he manages to catch Hux before he can quietly slip into his rooms.

“General,” Kylo announces loudly. “A word.”

“Ren,” Hux greets with surprise, absently fastening the top button of his jacket, failing to hide a pink mark on his neck. “I’m tired after a day of long-winded meetings with High Command. Can’t it wait?”

“Meetings,” Kylo repeats sarcastically with a slow nod of his head. “Perhaps my definition of a meeting differs to yours.”

A startled blush creeps onto Hux’s cheeks, turning the tops of his ears an embarrassed shade of red. He clears his throat, straightening his back, and Kylo can tell that he’s trying his upmost to keep all of his filthy memories out of his mind.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hux says sternly. “Now. If you’ll excuse me, Ren, I need to rest.”

“Of course,” Kylo says, stepping aside to let Hux past, but when he feels Hux brush against him, Kylo leans into Hux’s ear and whispers softly. “My good General.”

Hux halts in his tracks with a gasp, clenching his fists, blush worsening. He spins around, scowling at Kylo with harsh eyes, nose turned up in a sneer.

“Don’t, Ren,” Hux says through gritted teeth. “It’s none of your goddamn business what I do in those meetings. Keep your interfering comments to yourself.”

But before Hux can turn back around, Kylo’s hands move slowly towards his mask, fingers feeling for the clasps on the side to release them. He watches Hux’s expression, confident that he’s going to be surprised by the fact that Kylo is entirely human underneath his menacing helmet; there aren’t any extra eyes or purple skin, no scales and no unwanted hairs. Completely human, youthful and pale.

Kylo lifts his mask away, holding Hux’s gaze, taking in his thoughts on seeing Kylo’s face for the first time.

“I want to make it my business,” Kylo says. He sees Hux breathlessly gasp at the softness of Kylo’s tone, entranced almost.

“Meeting Room 12C,” Hux says. “Be there in 5 minutes.”

And for the first time since they’ve met, Kylo smiles in front of Hux, knowing that’s sealed their deal.