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Weiss watched her sister over the rim of her teacup, the steam doing nothing to obscure the distinct impression that something was… off. She couldn’t put her finger on it, not quite, but it lurked just behind the woman’s eyes, like half of her attention lay somewhere miles away. She still seemed attentive to the conversation but… not, at the same time. A straight forward question rarely worked as well on the elder sister in comparison, so she’d need to ferret the answer out of her.

“How’s Mistral this time of year?” It seemed like work would be the most logical source of distraction for either of them, so she started there. “You’ve been assigned to that base for a while.”

“Ah, yes, though that might change soon,” Winter replied, offering a smile that verged on hopeful. “I’ve volunteered for reassignment to Vale to aid in the rebuilding efforts.”

“That’s wonderful!” She smiled. “Maybe then these tea dates wouldn’t be so sporadic.”

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// I hate this feeling of… wasting days. Wasting my life. I hate that society has tricked me into wholeheartedly believing that if I am not productive, I am worthless. I can’t ever relax, because if I dare to take some time out for myself, I’m just constantly tense that minutes are ticking away from me, minutes that I could be using to achieve something. I need to be constantly doing something to be able to feel like I have the right to breathe.

a hc list of keith painting his nails that no one asked for

  • when he was young he asked shiro why some people have cool coloured nails
  • shiro: some people are born with them like that
    keith: aw man why didn’t i get a cool colour i want red
    shiro, choking back laughter: ….  dam thats unfortunate,
  • keith just sloppily colours in his nails with sharpies
  • he later then learns that shiro is full of shit and that people paint their nails with nail polish
  • (which shiro starts doing for him when he’s like 9)
  • broganes nail painting party is lit
  • the first time keith tried (key word: tried) painting them himself he got more of it on his hands than his actual nails
  • having painted nails helps temporarily kick his habit of chewing them
  • and once it starts chipping he starts picking at it until it all comes off so he can repaint them
  • shiro: u know theres such thing as nail polish remover right
    keith: no nail polish remover we pick it off and die like men-
  • he looks bomb as fuk
From the proper bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything. Before we go, I’d like you to find someone in the crowd you don’t know  - we might need some light. Are we all paired up? I would like you to turn to the person you don’t know - alright, you came together - whatever you want, you know what whatever you want! If you want to ruin it for everyone… Has everyone got someone they don’t know? I would like you to turn to the person you don’t know, and I would like you to embrace them. Hold hands! EMBRAAACCEEEE! You know what’s not used enough is the word embrace when referencing hugging. EMBRACE! Speaking of embracing, I was told this was removed somewhere, I’d like to put it back [holding up the pride flag]. EMBRACEEEEEEEE!! MAKE SOME NOISE!
—  Harry closing Nashville

It’s 3:55 AM and I had this idea and I just HAD to write. Hope you guys enjoy it! xx


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He shouldn’t do it. He knows he shouldn’t do it and yet he’s here, downing a sip of his tequila on the rocks and hearing the ice clinking against the glass in his hand, watching you from the other side of the room. You’re deep into conversation with one of the crew members as you guys unwind after a show, the fourth one of the week, which had everyone in a tizzy with all the travelling and moving from hotel to hotel on top of bad nights of sleep on the bus.

He’d invited you over to spend a few days on the road with him after learning you were off from work and you had jumped at the chance, having not seen him much after promo had started. When you arrived, after a long flight, he felt like his heart was about to burst from excitement and the hug he’d given you had lasted for about five minutes until he was forced to leave you so you could settle in.

He shouldn’t be doing this but his feet are taking him to you before he can command them to stop. He shouldn’t be doing this but he’s settling in beside you in a bench in the corner of the big hall and his arm is around your shoulder the second you smile up to him, beaming with joy at the sight of him. He shouldn’t be doing this but his heart is thundering in his chest and he’s searching his brain for ways to convince you to just let him kiss you. From the second you arrived until now, it’s the only thing that’s been on his mind and he cannot, for the life of him, stop thinking about it and writing about and talking about it (even if just to himself).

You’re there, looking at him as if he’s the most important thing in your world and you’re having fun with his friends and you look beautiful and he just wants to kiss you. He shouldn’t want this, he shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t, he shouldn’t, he shouldn’t. And yet, here he is, with the words spilling out of his mouth as if he has no self-control.

“Embrace.” He tells you, sitting on the little bench you’ve retired to after spending almost an hour on your feet, chatting with different people on his crew. “Feel like we don’t use that word enough, don’t yeh?”

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7 Life Lessons

1. Let go of anger. When we erupt in anger we often feel much worse. Hence, it’s better to cool off and to work on staying calm.

2. When people treat you badly it’s rarely “about you”. More often it tells you how that person is feeling, or some other issue that is bothering them.

3. You’re not the only one who has struggled with this issue – so don’t feel so awful, or put yourself down.

4. Enjoy the good times and savour every moment as life is a precious gift to be enjoyed.

5. Work and be persistent as it’s worth the slog and pain. In the end it makes a difference as the pay off is success.

6. You need to find a passion and set yourself some goals if you want to go somewhere, and makes something of life.

7. All relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. Both the good and the bad show us who we really are. They reveal what we think, and how we feel, about ourselves – as well as what our values and our expectations are.

My singing/karaoke head canons for class 1-A that no one asked for

Kirishima: The type who tries to rap but isn’t that great 

Tokoyami: Can actually rap and voice leans heavily on the visual Kei 

Kaminari: Passionately sings like shit on purpose

Bakugou: ‘Why the fuck am I here’ 

Midoriya: Tries to sing but usually sounds nervous 

Sero: Average joe trynna have a good time 

Mina: Would be the one cheering in between verses 

Jirou:  The only one who sings on a daily basis so she’s the only one who’s good

Momo: Insists she’s not good but really has the voice of an angel 

Aoyama: The type to narrate more than sing about himself 

Tsuyu: Sings like she has a completely different voice 

Iida: Constantly interrupts himself to tell everyone to behave themselves and not climb the tables/sofas 

Uraraka: Smoll cute voice

Hagakure: Would sing more duets than solos

Ojiro: That guy that insists not to sing but does it anyway (also average joe) 

Koda: Shies away from the mic

Shoji: That one cool, calm, collected voice


Todoroki: One of the notably good singers but usually doesn’t know how the songs go so he never really completes them 

Mineta: sings like shit 

So if you didn’t see in my university video, I asked Phil to like mug me while we were getting a book and it took about 9 takes. I was like “Phil, like, there’s like… you need to like punch me a tiny bit, so it doesn’t look bad but obviously, I don’t want you to actually punch me." And Phil was like "I’m afraid I'm going to punch you,” so he kept like putting his arm, like, in the air. And I was like “look, this looks really stupid.” There’s this video somewhere of Phil just attempting to punch me about a hundred times *fond laugh*

@danielhowell during his live show on the 19th of September 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (83/?)

Phil not wanting to hurt Dan while playing the sketch in Dan’s newest video.

“I said I wouldn’t cry!”

I was going to colour this but I feel like this looks a lot nicer as just lines.

The Vlog really got to me… gah………>>>…>>. I tend to internalise a lot of my problems and lash out when people try to ask me about them. I push people away because I don’t want to be the one who gets rejected. 

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.

Also, Dreamworks put klance in the tags. Dreamworks wyd :0

ALSO also, I really like the Korean Keith AU. Maybe it’s because I’m Korean. Idk. AAHHHh

There’s an AU where Haggar shows Lance his greatest fear (being ignored by the team and made insignificant and unneeded basically) but the vlog made me think of what Keith would see. Probably Shiro taking the Black Lion and him being sent back to his shack on earth because he’s not needed anymore. He probably sees himself staring up at the stars, trying not to cry, wondering if someone, somewhere actually wants him around.

“We don’t need you anymore.”
"I- I…”
“Go home.”


early morning tips

Hey y'all! As a someone who likes to sleep in until 12-1pm, adjusting to early morning hospital rotations has been difficult to say the least. However, I think I’ve figured out a few things that have made life easy in the morning and have gotten me a few extra minutes of precious shut eye. Let’s begin!

meal prep: I can’t emphasize this one enough! Prepping your meals has so many benefits, from saving money (because we all know hospital food is gross AND expensive), being generally healthier, limiting food waste, and most importantly saving time! Meal prep some pasta salad, overnight oatmeal, even sandwiches, and you’ll be thankful in the morning when you can just grab some Tupperware and run out the door.

make your coffee the night before: This one has been a lifesaver. You can put double the amount of grounds into your coffee maker the night before, so that in the morning, you just push a button and the sweet sweet caffeinated nectar comes right to you. Pro tip! Make twice as much coffee and then put the leftovers in a thermos so you can have cheap caffeine when that 2pm lull hits you.

lay out your clothes and supplies the night before: First, as long as you’re dressed appropriately, basically no one cares what you’re wearing. Make sure your day will be either surgical scrubs, med scrubs, or white coat/professional and lay them out the night before.

set as many alarms as needed and keep your phone AWAY from your bed: When it’s time to wave up, you need to make sure you’re actually able to wake up. Having your phone away from your bed (preferably somewhere you have to walk to), ensures you don’t easily snooze all of your alarms and ensures you physically get out of bed to turn off your alarm.

place “can’t forgets” by your keys: There is always random shit you can’t forget to bring to the hospital or to lecture, so to ensure you don’t forget these items, place them by your car/house keys the night before to ensure that you don’t forget them.

minimize/make your make up/skin routine more efficient: If you’re in medical school and still have time to do make up in the mornings I am officially jealous of you. To minimize time, try to cut out unnecessary steps and lay out your make up in order of use on you counter the night before. We often forget how long it takes to do make up!

play upbeat music: I was skeptical of this one, but it actually works! Play upbeat fast-paced music to help get you in the mindset of being quick and efficient. You’d be amazed how much time you lose being sluggish and slow in the morning.

Feel free to message me for medical school advice, and add you own little tips to this list as well! Happy studying medblrs!

anonymous asked:

Have you seen Caspar's new video interview in Joe ?? They basically talk about why they moved out even though they made two movies, have some sort of brand and stuff like that even though they're still best friends...I'm not the sort of person to relate everything to dnp but some of the things they said made sense...if you've watched it I really wanna know what you think 💙

I did actually watch it, or at least part of it! It’s a really good conversation between them; if anyone’s curious, here’s a (link). The relevant part starts around seventeen minutes in. 

What stood out to me is how despite outwardly similar situations, the things Joe and Caspar felt like were good reasons to not live together have never phased Dan and Phil. Reasons they give for moving out?  

1) The first reason Joe gives is that they wanted to buy property. Caspar had already bought a place when they stopped living in their flat, Joe was intending on buying property soon (and since then has). 

2) The next reason Caspar gives is that they were “getting older.” (Joe is 25, Caspar is 23.) 

3) Then they discuss their concerns that being annoyed with each other as roommates and then having to go to meetings together or work together would effect them too much. “It doesn’t need to, you don’t want to step on each other’s toes.”

So to summarize: they wanted to own somewhere, they felt like they were getting older, and they were wary about the working relationship if they kept living together. 

Dan and Phil talk about buying a house - together. Phil’s in his thirties now and Dan’s in his mid twenties. Dan and Phil live together, work together, vacation together, socialize with friends together, visit family together, and in their leisure time when they’re doing none of that… they’re still together, voluntarily, putting more work into their joint channel and “life things” (together) than anything else. 

Comparing the Joe and Caspar situation to Dan and Phil really just sheds a light on how Dan and Phil aren’t casual friends sharing a place together. They are co-owners of a life; everything bought is bought for them both, everything experienced is an experience for them together, every step forward is perfectly in sync - while Joe and Caspar seemed to have taken the opportunity to step back from their proximity toward each other and start living individual lives the first time it was professionally and financially viable. 

Joe and Caspar were friends renting a place together until they found their own homes. Dan and Phil have done the opposite. I don’t care if they sleep in separate bedrooms or not, this isn’t about that. What I mean is just that Dan and Phil’s attitude toward each other and where they live is home whether they own one yet or not; their approach to the whole situation is that of two people building a life together who didn’t go into this viewing it as temporary or transitory and certainly don’t view it that way now. 

Consider this...

Gabriel Reyes

  • paranormal investigator who is a necromancer
  • lives in an apartment complex for the magical and mythical

Ana Amari

  • a witch who owns a store that sells magical items and materials
  • is seeking to hire someone skilled in horticulture to take care of the plants

Jack Morrison

  • a young druid who comes to the city looking for work
  • is hired by Ana because he can talk to plants
  • who moves into the apartment complex
  • who was born in a small town in bumfuck nowhere Indiana in a town that became like the place in outlast 2 when a weird cult moved in next door and then decided kidnapping children for sacrifices to their demon god was a good idea
  • and Jack was one of these children and his parents sacrificed their lives so that he could escape the town
  • spent the rest his life on the run
  • also he’s cursed to die young because his parents stopped the ritual midway