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the best parts of the dream thieves (featuring me crying pt. 2)

part one

- “Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war” 

- Ronan’s second secret #gay

- Gansey: “i would have thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminist have big muscles?” i just want to punch him can someone please punch him

- gansey calling ronan an incredible creature #gay 

- “The elderly made ronan anxious” bitch me too!!!

- Ronan wanting to race kavinsky in the pig and adam is like dude no there is like 5 people in here we weigh too much and ronan goes: “noah doesn’t count” “Hey!” “You’re dead!” i love these nerds

- Gansey: “am I in your dreams?” Ronan: “Oh yes, baby” i hate him jsjksksk

- “Ronan sometimes dreamt of Adam, too” #gay

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Lucid Encounters

Word Count: 1,031

Summary:  Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

-Edgar Allan Poe 


The sky, the little pond that was hidden between the trees, flowers at the far back of the garden, the neatly ironed suit he was wearing…

Everything was blue.

His head was resting on his arm as he lay down on the grass. He was drawing shapes in the air with his free hand, singing quietly.

Moving farther away from the building behind, my feet carried me near him. When his eyes met mine, corners of his lips went up, and a soft smile found its place on his face.

“You are here.” He said with a sleepy voice “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

He turned his head towards the sky once again, his hand now resting on his chest, after I settled down.

We used to do this more frequently, talking for hours in the same garden, till we lost the track of time.

The first time we met, he was sitting on the top of a tree, watching me as I wandered around. When I saw his face, he had a stern expression, angry even. Scared, I didn’t introduce myself that day.

But it was a new place, one that I wanted to see again, so after a while, hoping that we might become acquaintances, I started sitting just below that willow.

He was the first to break the silence between us, just after two weeks, by offering an apple.

After a month he was sitting next to me.

He told that he was first angry because the garden was only known by him at first. Being the farthest place from the hospital building, it was a peaceful paradise.

But he didn’t mind sharing.

Sadly as the days got longer, and the nights shorter, we started to see each other less and less.

“Did you get any sleep?” I asked mimicking his posture. Just by looking at his delicate features, I could tell he was tired.

His face twisted with distaste, his smile turning into a frown. Sitting up, he dusted his clothes and started plucking little flowers next to his leg.

“I didn’t.” He answered “Nightmares taunt me whenever I close my eyes.”

When the effects of medications wore off, nightmares took over. They brought back things we tried so hard to burry. Growing more and more as we tried to hide, it fed off of our fears and felt pleasure.

“Dreams are not real.” I replied, not even believing my own words.

Sitting in that position, and the way his boyish looks expressed sadness, he almost looked like a child that was betrayed.

“Out of all people.” He laughed bitterly “How can you say that?”

Cheaters and liars, thieves and cowards… It didn’t matter who you were when you entered a world that is entirely yours. You could have been the worst of them all but if your desired to change, you could achieve it in your dreams.

You became who you wanted to be.

But it didn’t last long.

Getting up on his feet, he walked towards the small pond just next to our pond.

“We think dreams are not real just because they aren’t made of matter. But they are real.” He insisted “They are real because they are made of hopes, ideas and emotions.”

In Greek mythology, son of river god Cephissus, a man called Narcissus was known for his beauty. He was a proud man, and therefore he disdained whoever confessed to him and fell for his looks.

So he was punished.

He saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it. His love however, was short lived, as he couldn’t leave the pool, and the image he loved. He stared at his reflection until he died, and became a flower. A beautiful one at that.

And as he stood and looked at the pond, Taehyung looked exactly like him. Beautiful, almost unreal, god like but also lonely, confused and sad…

He wasn’t always this wistful.

The days that I first get to know him, he was brighter, happy. But time took its toll on him as well. His face and body never changed, unlike mine, but he became more and more hollow, reflecting my mind.

“Reality hurts.” I said “And you can’t protect yourself from it forever or hind behind your dreams.”

“Dreams are more real than the reality itself.” He replied “Because they are all a part of you.”

When I was young, it was easier to hope, to imagine.

People didn’t really care about my words, thinking it was just some childish game and that it will pass eventually. They didn’t see how I actually believed what I told and that it wasn’t just a silly play.

Age however, came with responsibilities and problems, which I learned how to hide.

To some point…


“At least here, I am not alone.”

“Is that what you are afraid of?” he asked “Being alone?”

I nodded, closing my eyes and trying to focus on his presence.

All of us are raised by people who tell us that they will be there whenever we need them, and that they will be there for us when we are alone.

That everything will be fine, and we will survive one way or another.

They tell us their love will last for eternity.

They lie.

They cheat.

They leave.

Because nothing lasts forever.

When they realize that there is something that is wrong with you, that you are not perfect as they imagined or that you cannot hide your treasured secrets anymore, even your most beloved ones, and the ones who love you the most might leave you alone.

“If that is the reason, then know I will be there for you.”

And still, we fall for their words, believe and hope for a better future.

“Can you promise to be there even in the darkest times?” I smiled, feeling the gentle breeze on my face.

“Of course.” His voice echoed as I slowly parted my eyes once again.


The open window, folded clothes in front of a dresser, the little bookshelf, the bed, the walls of the room that smelled like medicine…

Everything was white.


“You created me after all.”


I don’t know what this is supposed to be… But hey, some Tae can never hurt.

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The Drive to Forget - Another Epilogue

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Another Story

Whoops… I did Riki first because sometimes I have feels. Without further ado the long awaited epilogue! Takuto’s will be out…. eventually…..<3


                I’ve noticed something over the past few years. I’ve noticed the overwhelming happiness that comes along in life in which you can only wish that time stops. I’ve prayed for time to last just a second longer so that a smile, a laugh, or any whisper of joy could be remembered. It could be permanently etched into my memories so they could never be lost. Every small experience that I’ve had just overwhelms me with bliss. And it’s all thanks to him.


                I could feel myself being pulled from sleep gradually. The pesky ray of light that managed to find my eyes from the sunrise and the supposedly joyful noise of birds chirping were both bringing me back into reality. I groaned as I groggily turned in place smothering my face into the comforts of a pillow. I smiled as I took a deep breath. It smelled like him.

                The final variable that brought me out of my dream world was something cold lightly touching my face. It was gone in a second almost like a timid animal testing the waters of a new environment. But it wasn’t too long until the sensation reappeared; this time more direct as it poked my cheek with a bit of force. I didn’t open my eyes but continued to appear as if I was sleeping. Once the poke came again I couldn’t help but suppress a smile and continue my fake slumber.

                “Mommy.” A reserved voice whispered. “Mommy, it’s time to get up.”

                I let out an exaggerated moan, curling up into a ball and bringing more covers to my face. “But Landon.” I groaned extending the last syllable of his name. “I don’t wanna.”

                Landon began shaking my arm in an attempt to get me to move. But I played my part well, laying there as if I was a sloth. “But Daddy said today we’re going to the zoo, so you need to get up. He told me it was my job to wake you and that he was counting on me.”

                Peeking through my blanket barrier I could see the determined look on his face. His blue eyes sparkled with willpower as he tightened his fist, but his courageous look diminished a bit from the way his dark hair was sticking up in multiple directions. I sighed as I slowly rose to a sitting position on my bed and received a great look of triumph from Landon. “You’re up!” he said while raising his hands above his head.

                I couldn’t miss the opportune moment as I quickly grabbed him and started an all-out tickle war. He squirmed in my arms laughing and squealing with one of the brightest smiles I had ever seen. “No… Mommy… Stop!” he could barely form a sentence through his laughs.

              “But I’m up! Doesn’t this cause for celebration! We’re going to the zoo! You did an excellent job at waking me up!” I said without stopping my attack.

                Landon tried his hardest to resist or get away but he had no success. The only thing that stopped me was the stern voice that came from the doorway. “What exactly are you two doing?” Riki said his arms crossed.

                Our war was over and I simply shrugged still holding Landon tightly in my arms. “Waking up, duh.” I said with a smile.

                “Yeh Daddy, duh.”

I couldn’t help but let out a slight laugh as Landon copied my tone. Riki on the other hand looked a little shocked. But the shocked look quickly turned to a bright smile and he flopped down on the bed next to me. “What have you been teaching him?” he asked half covering his face with his hand.

                Again my answer was a simple shrug but Landon decided to speak up and explain our source of fun. “We had a tickle fight Daddy! Mommy was really good!”

                “Oh I know.” Riki replied with a smirk. “I’ve been of plenty of tickle fights with Mommy, but there’s no way she’s better than me.”

                “Riki!” I exclaimed picking up on his innuendo.

               He only laughed as I tried to nudge him off the bed onto the ground. “Okay, okay I get it!” he said between laughs. “Landon how about you go pick out some clothes so we can get ready. Can you do that all by yourself?”

                “All by myself!?” Landon replied eagerly.

                Landon scurried off the bed and dropped to the floor in an instant. But before leaving the room he went around to Riki’s side of the bed and held out a fist. Riki immediately responding by touching his own fist to Landon’s small one. Landon opened his hand and made an explosion sound before running from the room and shouting “It’s show time!” through the hall.

                I looked at Riki with a suspicious glare. “And what exactly have you been teaching our son?” I asked.

                Riki smiled before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me back onto the bed so we were both lying together. “Just those old legends of the Black Foxes, how they were mega cool and their leader was probably the most handsome man on the planet. He even won the heart of the one and only lady fox.”

                “You shouldn’t tell him too much.”  I said with a weak smile. “Especially how the famous group of thieves broke up.”         

                “He’ll be fine. He’s going to find out someday.” Riki said in a bland tone. “When that day comes we’re going to need to be prepared. We can’t hide him from everything.”

                I sighed as I nestled deeper into his embrace. “Isn’t that what parents do?” I mumbled.

                Riki tightened his grip and placed a light kiss on the top of my head. I could hear the deep breath he took, taking in my scent and it relaxed me. There was nowhere else I would rather be than in his arms.

                “Daddy! I just got Mommy up! Why are you both sleeping!?” Landon shouted from our doorway.

                When we finally looked at him we were both in shock. He wore a regular black t-shirt and black pajama pants which wasn’t too odd, but on his nose it was outlined in black with what looked like to be my eyeliner. “What are you wearing?” I asked as I left the comfort of my bed to look over his outfit.

                When I came to his side I realized that my initial thought was right. My eyeliner was smeared all over his face. I let out I slight sigh in good nature as I smudged some off with my thumb. “I’m a black fox! One of the greatest art thieves on the planet!”

                I shot a glare at Riki knowing this was his “legends” doing. He had a bright smile on his face and didn’t even bother trying to hide his happiness. My glare intensified saying ‘you did this, and you’re going to break his little heart by telling him he can’t be a black fox.’ He put his hands up in a defensive surrender and slowly made his way next to Landon. “You look really cool Landon, but the Black Foxes were a super-secret organization. If you wear something like that, everyone will know your identity. How about this, we keep the black top but no more fox-face or pajama pants. That way you’ll be an undercover agent! Wouldn’t that be amazing!?”

                Landon’s eyes brightened and he automatically replied with a “Yeah!” running back into the hallway, stripping from his pants and smearing his face.

                I could only smile as I slowly followed after him picking up the forgotten clothing. I glanced back at Riki who was still on his knees from the talk he had with Landon with a smile that reflected mine. We were both so happy. Everything seemed perfect.


                As we walked back home from our zoo trip Landon dragged his feet in disappointment. A pout hadn’t left his face ever since we’d been to the fox exhibit. “I can’t believe there weren’t any black foxes.” He murmured under his breath.

                “Sorry buddy, I’m sure we can find a zoo somewhere that has them.” Riki replied as he picked up Landon so he wouldn’t continue to ruin his shoes.

                I gave Landon a sad smile as he continued his disappointed attitude. He was so excited this morning and there was nothing Riki or I could do about the missing foxes. Riki slowly placed his free hand on my cheek drawing my attention to him. He reflected the same expression as me to show how he wished there was something we could do.

                We continued our walk home as the sun slowly set into a deep orange. I glanced back over at Landon only to see that he was slowly drifting into a sleep. His eyelids were bearing what seemed like a tremendous weight and his hair still found a way to defy gravity in a spiky mess. I smiled at the form in Riki’s arms.

                My attention was then suddenly brought to something else. Riki stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and with my delayed reactions I had managed to run straight into someone. Luckly the person had better reactions than me and stopped me from falling. I gasped from the impact and automatically started apologizing. “I am so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was-”

                I stopped midsentence as soon as my eyes met the ones of this so called stranger. “Takuto…” my breathy voice could barely be heard above from my own thoughts.

                I hadn’t seen him since that day at the bar. The day I remembered everything. After that, he simply never came back. At least Riki and I never saw him. Hiro, Kenshi, and Atsumu would bring him up in whispered conversations every once in a while. But after that night, the Black Foxes never stole again.

His face stayed emotionless but his eyes seemed to be sharper than a knife. I couldn’t read his expression at all, but his hands stayed at my sides from when I ran into him. We were both frozen and I didn’t know if it was possible for me to move.

                “Mommy, do you know him?” Landon’s voice brought me to my senses and I stepped away from Takuto’s touch.

                I looked back at Landon in Riki’s arms but before I could even reply to his simple question Riki’s eyes caught my own. They were no longer the bright loving blue that I had grown familiar with over the past years. They were now a dark storm that showed nothing less than extreme seriousness. “Y-yes.” I answered Landon trying to conceal any nerves that had been rattles at this sudden encounter. “He’s an old friend of ours.”

                My speech became so formal and dry. I didn’t even understand the emotions running through my head right now. Was I scared or sad or worried or what? I didn’t know how to react. We’d put off this confrontation for so long that its sudden reappearance was overwhelming. “Old friend huh.” Takuto mumbled to himself, his eyes trained on Landon.

                It seemed like he was searching for something and it took me a while to finally understand what. Takuto was searching Landon’s feature. I doubted it was out of hope or anger, but more of a reissuance. Landon’s features didn’t lie, he was Riki’s son.

                “You’re friends with my Mommy and Daddy? Do you know about the Black Foxes too!?” Landon’s voice was bursting with energy, but as soon as the last syllable of his question dropped I was frozen once more.

                Takuto’s expression softened a bit but his eyes still remained strong. “I guess you could say I was one of them.”

                “Takuto you fu-” Riki growled before he was interrupted by Landon.

                “You were a Black Fox!?” Landon squirmed from Riki’s arms and ran straight to Takuto. “That’s so cool!”

                Takuto simply shrugged. “I guess. What’s your name kid?”

                “Landon! Where you the leader? My Daddy said that the leader was the coolest ever and he got married to the girl fox!”

                Takuto paused for a moment to process his sudden conversation. “Well you see-”

                “Landon. I think it’s time we go.” Riki interrupted, his eyes still harboring a typhoon.

                “But Daddy, Mr. Takuto is a real Black Fox!” Landon whined.

                Riki ignored the whines and grabbed Landon by the hand and started walking at a fast pace past Takuto. “Awhhh, Bye Mr. Takuto. I hope we see you soon.” Landon shouted back.

                Riki paused once he was a good distance form Takuto and looked back to me. His expression wasn’t as clear as before but I could still see the vast majority of his emotions. The pain he had felt from seeing me with Takuto, not having the slightest clue about our relationship was flooding back. But even if it killed me to do it, there were still some things I needed to say to Takuto. “I’ll catch up.” I shouted. “I promise.”

                Riki’s expression wavered a bit. The worry and anger flashed in his eyes before a sense of understanding washed over him. He slowly nodded, sent Takuto a blank stare and continued to walk with Landon.

                I turned towards Takuto, not really knowing what to say. “So… how have you been?” I asked cautiously.

                My only reply was a harsh laugh that creative a heaviness in the air. “How have I been? I guess you still haven’t given up on avoiding important topics; even after all these years.” He snapped.

                His words seemed so harsh but it wasn’t like I didn’t deserve it. When we were together I totally betrayed him. Even if he did the same to me, this encounter was long overdue. “We both withheld information in our relationship. That’s why it didn’t work.” I said trying to hold a mature and cool presence.

                He scoffed at my words. “I suppose you’re right. I guess being with that asshole has given you somewhat of a voice after all.”

                I shot him a look hoping he would at least try and have an adult conversation with me. He simply shrugged and urged me to continue. I took in a deep breath before finally speaking my next words. “I’m sorry. I know that might not mean much to you, but I was in the wrong before. We both were. I wish we could have ended on better terms.”

                He didn’t say anything back to me. He simply stared into my eyes completely silent. The sharpness that he had kept through our entire conversation was starting to lessen, which eased the heavy tension just a bit. “I was in the wrong too…”

                With those words I felt a giant burden lifted off my chest. It wasn’t a thank you or I forgive you. Takuto was talking to me like and equal adult, nothing more, nothing less.

                We stayed quiet for what seemed like forever. Eventually we both started walking in the direction of my house without a single word. The silence however was no longer heavy. Instead the air felt cleared. Like both Takuto and I could move on with our lives without looking back.

                Takuto stopped a few blocks from my house and stood silently. I looked back at him just about to ask if something was wrong when he look straight at me the seriousness in his eyes seem like they were set in stone. “Your happy right?” he asked in a low tone.

                “What do you mean?” I asked confused.

                “Are you happy? With him I mean… I don’t think I can forgive myself if that asshole isn’t making you happy, I did that enough to last you a lifetime.”

                I paused for a moment. Was I happy? The sudden embraces. The squeals of trickery. Everyday leading to new memories. “Yes,” I answered “I hope you can be happy too.”

                A half smile was what I received as a reply and it was enough to say a thousand words. We both turned and went our separate ways but I know the memories that I made with Takuto and the Black Foxes will never be forgotten. The good, the bad, everything. This life of mine is truly a drive to remember.


Oh yeh gotta put the title slightly changed to show the character development of the MC realizing that memories weather they be good or bad should always be remembered. At least my Honors Language Arts class taught me something more than just standardize vocabulary. Too bad I still can’t spell to save my life.