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Darker Hero Prompts

Anonymous said: Oh damn! More possessive!hero prompts plzzzz!

Anonymous said:Oooooooh! I like the role reversals where the villain is the hero’s prisoner! More prompts like that please!

Anonymous said:Some prompts about how a hero has gotten so out of control that they have to be stopped by the villain? Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said:You did a prompt a little while ago about the hero with unstable powers and how the villain found out about them; do you think you could maybe do a couple prompts about the villain either exploiting this weakness or helping them with it? Thank you for your time!

1) “Leave them,” the hero said. “I have to do this on my own.”
Most would find that noble, self-sacrificing, but from their panting vantage point the villain could see the shine of fervour, of obsession, lasered in the hero’s eyes that so mirrored their own. It would have been insulting if anyone else got involved. Not part of the game. They’d been chasing each other for so long now, playing cat and cat. This wasn’t about heroism. The only difference between hero and villain was who got to tell the story.

2) It was a sort of agony, waiting for the two of them to be left alone. The villain wasn’t quite sure when exactly they started reading ‘alone’ with the hero as a dangerous situation - once upon a time they’d laughed at the thought of the hero even being considered a threat. But they were dangerous. Their forgiveness, their salvation, was dangerous. Suffocating. There was no way to fight against mercy, to snarl against kindness, when the weight of gratitude bowed the villain’s head as heavy a ball and chain around their neck. When they knew damn well that the hero was the only thing standing between them and the retribution of a lot of furious people. The worst part? The hero knew it too. And alone, just the two of them, there was no crowd to hide in bluffing and pretending otherwise. And staying alive meant playing nice.

3) Everyone watched the hero in horror as their powers spiralled, wrenched howling out of the chest. 
The villain lunged. 
They toppled, skidded, scrabbling. Nothing dignified to it. 
“Now, now. Stop trying to take my job - take a few deep breaths.” 

4) “You have to stop me,” the hero begged. The power lurched violently out of their hands. Their shoulders shook. The magic ate at them, nibbled on them, slashed into the walls. 
The villain watched the destruction, the devastation, with a hungry and unconcealed delight. “Is this you admitting I’m the only person in the world who could get you on a leash?” They ducked the next swing of power, laughing. Really quite enamored with this savage, magnificent, thing. So sue them, they had always had a weakness for power, and the hero liked to play the role of sheep so very well normally. The villain wet their lips and moved closer, lashing out with their own equal and matching power. Much more controlled, though. Not being scared of one’s own darkness did tend to lend a certain control that frightened light didn’t. 
“This is me saying you’re going down with me if we don’t get this under control!” the hero snapped. 
But the villain heard the ‘please’ in their tone quite beautifully.

5) “Come at me.” 
The hero gaped.
The villain raised their brows and made a beckoning gesture. “Come on, you need to let some of that tension out. A way of venting. It’s why your power keeps exploding, you spend too much time trying to control it. Let go. I can handle you, trust me.”
“Trust you? I’m not that stupid.” 
“You’d rather lash out at your friends?” 
The hero faltered, and then pounced. 

6) “You can’t just keep me!”
“Why not?” the hero leaned in, and flashed a smile. “You’re the one that kept telling me to be more like you, baby.” 
The villain fumed, cheeks flushed.

7) “You’re up to something.”
“Are you jealous that I’m spending time with someone other than you?” The villain flashed a smirk. Expected to watch their enemy fluster, squirm, unable to bear any such insinuation. They didn’t expect to watch their eyes darken as the hero took several steps closer, tossing a smirk right back. 
“And what if I was jealous?” the hero asked softly. “What then?”
The villain froze. They didn’t have a plan of attack prepared for this. 

8) “I created you,” the hero murmured. They looked truly sorry about that, agonized, but there was a hint of steel. “I reckon I can uncreate you too.” 
“No one’s going to let you just - just -”
“You’re a criminal. A monster. I could break you into a million pieces and put you back together again and they would call it rehabilitation. Reformation. A success.”
The villain swallowed. Bit back the ‘will you?’ as if voicing the mere thought might give it power. “You won’t do that,” they tried for bravado. “That would make you too much like me.”
They stared at each other, each trying to puzzle where the lines were in this new world. 

Being “fake” (that’s such a cringey term. Can’t we come up with anything better?) doesn’t mean being nice to someone you don’t like. That’s called common courtesy.

Being “fake” (ugh) is treating someone as though you have a relationship that you don’t really want with them. It’s greeting them with a, “I’ve been thinking about you! When can we get together?” and then immediately complaining about them to someone else. It’s leading someone on. If you don’t want to be friends with someone, that’s fine. You can still be nice. But don’t act like you want a relationship with that person. All you’re going to do is hurt them.

I had a Night ™  so I drew Hooligum having a night

Happy go lucky pony who likes bubble gum yayyyyy

@lebazardesmondes i’m sorry don’t eat me

me, a lesbian who has dated a guy in the past: i think this character, who has dated a guy before and flirted with some before as well, is actually a lesbian - and here’s a long list of evidence justifying this, which i normally shouldn’t need, but some asshole would yell at me oth-

some asshole: [breaks down the door] but she’s dated guys before!!!!!! she constantly flirts with them!!!!!!!!!! she has to be straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: get the fuck out of my house

It’s So Much More Than Just Another Show

and i think that is why it has been so hard for a lot, if not all of us, to get over all the feelings that the show left us with, compared to other shows/fandoms we are apart of.

Like for example, other shows i would have ships that don’t get their happily ever after and ill be bummed out but ill still ship the pairings with  a huge smile on my face…

But with a show like this, that is so real, even though show aspect wise i ship Clay and Hannah as a reflex, i cant ever do so with a smile on my face like i would normally do, i can’t blatantly look past the end result as if it didn’t happen, sure its a fictional story, but it was such a intense powerful story that brought the characters to life in such a stronger sense than other shows do, ya know?

Ugh, i gotta take another break from tumblr, and get some fresh air (not literal fresh air, but you know what i mean)

“Head space…Head space.”

The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 16)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Angst!!

Word Count – 979

Notes – Whew!!!  This part was hard to write!!  So many feels!!!  I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger at the end of this one!!!  I’ve been waiting a while to drop this one on you guys!!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


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By the time you made it to the beach, the Soldier had stopped coughing.  You looked up and down the shoreline, hoping to see a village or a boat.  Seeing neither, you turned back toward your companion.

“It’ll be wiser for us to split up and search for help,” you said as you looked at the sun in the sky. “I figure we have a couple more hours of daylight left, so it’s best if we go now.  I’ll head north, you go south.  If you find help, get a message to the team and meet me back here at sundown.”

“How do I know you’ll come back for me if you find help first?” he asked, a wary look in his eye.

You shrugged your shoulders as you turned and started walking away.  “You don’t.”


You were hot and thirsty and every single part of your body ached.  Between the fighting at the base and the plane crash, you were sure that you’d at least bruised some ribs, if not broken a few.  Your feet were screaming at you to stop walking, but you needed to find civilization.  You couldn’t stand the thought of being stranded here, especially with the Soldier. You wondered if he’d had any luck, and if he had, would he even bother coming back for you.  It would be just as easy for him to leave you for dead.  

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As a CSA survivor and someone who has worked in mental health, has a mental health certificate and as a mandated reporter, I have to say neither side is right in addressing the problems at hand. In Shigure’s defense, he had relatively stopped what was being spoken of in the call out post.

At the same time, many of those posts made me personally uncomfortable, but he toned it down, so I ignored it from there forward.

However, my thoughts on the matter is that he has never forced it on anyone, and having ‘body claims’ isn’t something I find entirely deterring. Sexualizing kids? That’s an issue, but again I’ve seen posts talk about girls and boys in manga and it’s always the girls that go unspoken of because thats ‘normal’.

Either way, I think Shigure’s shit is wrong, he needs to step up and if he’s going to do sexual shit keep it in DMs and away from others, i.e.  the posts, etc.

But if you are going to try to change someones opinions on something, you need to approach it with a level head and really, thoroughly discuss it.

One DM won’t change anything, and it doesn’t help to continue pursuing an abuser. Block them from your life, warn others on a personal level if you know them, but otherwise ‘call outs’ are a very, very bad idea.

I’ve been a victim of a ‘call out post’ that labeled me a lot of things I wasn’t, that abused the fact that no one knew me to make people hate me for 0 reasons other than because my ex was salty with me.

I can’t look at call outs seriously anymore.

So please. Try to communicate more and if you’re not in the mental state to do so yourself, please seek a mediator. I’m more than happy to be a mediator because often times they have to be unbiased and able to help each side thoroughly understand the other and force that common ground.

But stop with this thorough offense/defense, it’s not doing anything for anyone here. I was planning to stay out of this, but again, I have my opinions both ways but remain on an unbiased line. I’m the victim of abuse, near murder, you name it. Been there, done that, seen it.

I know the pain, I know the hardships, I know anxiety and how hard it is, and that’s why I implore all severely affected by this to seek either counseling, or attempt a mediation to come to terms on both sides.

Lancelot is an angsty pit but like . . . listen

Lotor would have a strangely smooth voice. Like silk feels like sand paper compared to the boys voice.
But when he see’s lance, it goes into a weird high pitch squeel.
Of course that didn’t happen at first, first he wanted to be a badass but then he found out lance was different. So he took him a prisoner, because how else can they talk? And he doesn’t do anything cruel or mean. He just talks because ruling a universe is hard, and he needs some outlet to vent to. So they keep talking and lotor finds out lance is 16?? What? That’s so young? He’s a few thousand? So lot or learns, humans die quickly thus they age faster.
So lance has the name of “baby boy”
Lance has a long list of names to call lotor like
• old fart
• disney princess
• father
• little shit nugget McGee
• Grand paps
• fucking loser
• weirdo
• fresa (He just told him it means fruit)
• Furry boi #2 ( he doesnt know what a furry is but dammit we wants to be the number one furry)
All of which are squeeled when he lotor and vice versa.


“Love…For Better Or Worse” …Pt. 4

I’m in the studio spending some time with the family. I didn’t plan on coming down here today, since we just got in from Bridgeport late last night, but my little “brothers” begged me and I couldn’t say no. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with them and I’m starting to feel like I need to be in their lives more. Shit, they look up to me. With them being teenagers and my uncle not being the easiest person to talk to, they definitely need someone else they can get advice from. We’ve been here all day, goofin around, grilling them about shit they have no business doing, and showing them the basics of how to make beats. Mitchell, as expected, was more interested in learning. He’s always had a good head on his shoulders and stays out of trouble. We didn’t find out about him until he was around nine and since he lives with his mother and step-father, he’s not tainted by this rich ass lifestyle. Micah, on the other hand, is spoiled as hell, worse than I was. His grades are good, but he has that “zero fucks given” type of attitude. I feel like he needs the most attention, so I’m definitely going to be around more. Since he decided that texting his little girlfriend was more important than learning the business, I decided to fuck with him in true older brother fashion. Just as I was going through his phone, teasing him about the emojis they send each other, the last person on earth I wanted to be around came storming through the door with security following behind. With the drama that Levi caused, quickly shut down, I figured that anybody who wanted to benefit off that shit would eventually come out the wood works. It’s no shocker that my Ex is standing in front of me. She’s always tried to slide her way back into my life when it seems like my relationship is having issues, so I know exactly why the fuck she’s here.

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